My name is Enod and for the last six years I have been apprentice to the great Merlin. Master wizard to King Arthurs court. I have always loved magic in any form and as a child longed to learn of its secrets. Merlin had always said that one day he would teach me a few tricks but with times being what they are he was always too busy. The king would always call upon him to do some form of magical feat. One day he would be called before his majesty to produce gold from thin air or the next day simple tricks like making birds vanish. These were always to keep the queen, the lady Guenevere amused. As he was entertaining the royals I would pass my time cleaning up around the little work room that I lived in, or dust around Merlins chambers.

On the top most shelf in Merlins massive room is a book. From the faded leather of its cover I could only quess as to its true age. This particular day as I was dusting around it I accidentally hit it and the huge voluminous book tumbled to the floor with a resounding thud. Fearing it was damaged I quickly ran to the spot but was pleased to find it unscathed. I knelt before the book and started to lift it but found it was too heavy. I bent my knees and tried with all my might to move the thick clumsy text and at the last of my strengh the huge book began to move.

Suddenly however the binding of the aged book gave and the book tore in half. I cried in terror as visions of Merlins face entered my mind. Would he be forgiving? In reality it was an accident? Or would he be mad and strike me for distroying one of his priceless volumes. I thought things over for several seconds and decided that maybe there was some magic spell that could repair the book inside. I started to leaf through the book and found several spells. Hundreds to be precise. After about an hour of reading I had all but given up hope on finding a helpful spell when suddenly I found what I thought was the answer. It was a spell for animating inanimate objects. I figured that if I brought the book to life it could repair itself then all I would have to do was reverse the spell. This I was to learn was not as easy as I thought.

I followed the directions in the spell book and luckily Merlin always kept his work shop well supplied with all the ingredients needed for any spell. I combined the powders into a small vial and went to the huge book. I read an incantation that was in the book and was ready to throw the powders onto the book when suddenly a large black bird flew into the room. I was startled by the strange creature and missed my target. The cloud of magic dust sprayed across the room and hit the end post of Merlins bed.

The bedpost was made of the finest teaque and was hand carved in the image of a beautiful life-size woman. She was posed from life. With a handsome face that had high cheekbones and an exqusite aquiline nose. Her hair was cut in a long flowing mane that had fine lines to distinquish the layers of it. Her legs were strong looking and well defined, and added to an already shapely propotioned body. She was narrow of waist and had wide firm hips that flattened on the sides. Her breasts were large with twin nipples that stuck out like pinpoint knobs. Her stomach was flat but slightly rounded, and she had a little round belly button gnawed into her body. One smooth graceful arm was draped to her side, while the other was bent slightly. Her hand resting on her left breast. The artist had not left a single detail out of the figure and at the junction of her long legs was a pretty little pussy carved like a delicate flower. Above her hard wooden sex she even had small curly knurl cuts that resembled pubic hair. From head to her finely carved feet and toes she was the perfect image of woman.

The dust cloud dissapated over the carved woman and the image began to glow faintly. I shivered in my little pointed shoes because I knew that now I was really going to get it. The figure moved her hand away from her breast and pulled herself free of the bedpost. From behind she was even more lovlier. Her ass was round and very tight and now the details of her body were becoming more realistic. Her skin had originally had fine grainy lines to it from her being made of wood. As I watched the lines began to fade and she started to become flesh and blood. Her hair had changed from wood also and was now a rich flowing stream of jet black. It went straight down her back, and curled just above her narrow waist. Her hands were exploring her body everywhere. She had started to fondle her breasts and soon they worked their way to her now glistening sex. She began to insert her fingers into the little wet hole between her thighs. First one then two. I was awestruck by the transformation before me. I found that I could stand it no longer and soon I found myself grabbing my penis and rubbing it. The now living bedpost soon reached her own orgasm and I came at almost the same time as she did. She fell to the floor panting. Her hair was damp with perspiration, the small droplets oozed from her newly found pores all over her body. I finished myself and walked over to her. She looked up at me with the most incredibly deep blue eyes. I had not noticed when she was artificial that the artist had painted her eyes. But now that they were moist and full of life, I noticed them right away. She looked at me and her eyes got very wide as they noticed the bulge between my legs. I felt slightly ashamed that I was getting a hard on so quickly. I reached down and helped her to her feet. As she rose up my gaze wandered over her now now supple and warm body. She seemed to have been born for sex and immediately began to remove my clothing. When she finally pulled away my silken pants my member was now at full attention and the wooden girl took it fully into her moist mouth. She started slowly and began to pull me in and out of her mouth and would take me deeper and deeper into her throat. I grabbed two handfuls of her magnificent hair and pushed her head back and forth increasing her rythum even more. I reached my peak in moments and pulled her free of my engorged member and shot a load of hot cum across her face. She blinked at first but then rubbed the gooey white into her face. She reached down and using her fingertip wiped off the remaining drops of my cum and licked it into her mouth like a child eating the last drops of whipping cream from a bowl. I leaned down again and spread open her legs and licked into her wet little hole and soon it was sopping wet. I then stroked my penis and brought it to an erection. Then I slowly inserted it into her wet inviting sex. She made a small whimpering sound at first, and she was incredibly tight. I pushed a little harder, and hit an obstruction. It was then I realized that I was the first to have her. The magic had created her entirely, so she was still a virgin. I again entered her and after a few delicate pushes I broke her hymen. She screamed in ectasy as she and I continued to buck away. I must have made love to her for several hours, for when I was through the sun had begun to settle. I rolled off her hot body, and began to collect my clothing when sudddenly she grabbed me. To my amazement she wanted more. I had made love to her all day and had not eaten or slept and yet she was still hot. I tried to explain but then she started to get violent and started to tear at my clothes. I yelled at her to stop but she would not listen. She started to chase me around the room. On her face a mixture of lust and hunger. Finally I had enough and grabbed a small hand axe that hung upon the wall. I yelled for her to stop or I would use it. Then she charged me and started to rip away at my clothes biting and clawing me like a cat in heat. I closed my eyes and swung the axe. The last I heard was a small sceam and then she charged at me again. I paniced and just started swinging away with the axe. I crumpled to the floor and grabbed my face in my hands. I could not believe that I had killed such a loving creature. Even though she had gotten violent it really was not her fault. I got up and prepared to clean up the mess when suddenly the room was filled again with the strange eerry glow. Before my eyes a miracle was happening and at first I was awestruck by it. The body parts of the girl began to glow and soon several "clones" of the bedpost girl emerged from the remnants. I was soon surrounded by hundreds of wooden beauties and then they noticed me. They all started to converge upon me. On their faces the same look of hungry lust that the original had. I screamed in terror for I knew that I had no chance of satisfying this hoard of sex hungry women. They lunged at me and several began to tear away my clothes. I ran to the one remaining corner of the massive room and started to pray. Then the army of naked wooden women started to advance upon me. The front most line were already sopping wet and their hands were pumping into their pussies. I prayed harder now and tore away the last of my clothes and readied myself to be killed by sex. Then suddenly the wooden women just froze and became like an army of mannequins. I looked around wondering what had happened when I saw it was Merlin who had saved me. He spread his bold arms and the room was suddenly emptied of the wooden figures all but one. Then he pointed back to his bed post and said a chant and then the lone wooden girl returned to her place as the bedpost. She resumed her pose as if nothing had happened and then returned to her original state as a carving of wood. I picked up the fragments of my clothing and the duster and prepared to leave the masters chamber. He made a small smile so I knew he was not mad. I smiled back and turned to go, as I was going out the door he hit me in the ass with the broom.

The End