New Outlook for School Staff

by Northern Chill

    Author's note : This story is a continuation of the story by Doctor Robo titled  ' The Robot Teacher '
                         and builds off the sequel ' Student-Teacher Relationship'.  There are scenes of sexuality, nudity, and
                         some mildly profane league so if this offends you, please move onto another web page. 
                            Otherwise, enjoy!

       If a person saw Al Bentley up close as he drove down the street on his way home, they would have concluded that he was a VERY agitated person at the present time.  As if to emphasize this, every time he slowed down for traffic or a red light, Al would bang his right palm on the steering wheel in a sign of frustration.

        " How the hell did that little bastard figure out what I did to Sara?  It's not like I left a bunch of paperwork lying around for him to look at.....damn!  Damn, damn, DAMN!! "  Al thought angrily to himself as he turned right and onto the street leading to his home.  For him, it seemed like just yesterday he had fulfilled a dream never dared be spoken by most men: he had transformed Sara Robinson, a beautiful fellow teacher, into an obedient human robot named Sara Fembot with improvements that made her perfect in his eyes.  Sara Fembot was amazing in every way and he looked forward eagerly to each and every time he spent time with her.  However, that happiness was shattered just a few hours ago.......


          " All right, Mr. Ingram, I'm here.  Now, where is Sara and what's this foolishness about Project Fembot? "  Al exclaimed as he walked into Sara's house and hung his jacket on a nearby coat rack.

           "Oh, Mr. Bentley, you don't have to play dumb with me.  I know all about you little helmet and your changes to Sara.  Speaking of her, why don't you go into the living room and I'll ask her to come and join us? "  Tim said smugly as he gestured towards the entryway to the right.  Before Al had a chance to reply, the student turned and left the room with a soft chuckle coming from him as he left.

           Shuffling into the living room, Al was worried that his posture wasn't succeeding in convincing Tim that he was mistaken in this Fembot stuff.  He was reasonably sure that when Sara came into the room, she and Al would be able to convince the student that he had leaped to conclusions that were without foundation.  Unfortunately for Al, this momentary sense of confidence quickly dissipated when he saw Sara and Tim enter the opposite side of the room.

            " Well, Mr. Bentley, here's Sara.  I think she looks pretty good.  Don't you agree? "  Tim said upon re-entering the room.  When Al saw what he was talking about, his heart sank as he realized he had underestimated his student a lot.

            To the right of Tim, Sara stood silently with her arms dangling loosely by her sides.  Her eyes focused straight ahead though there was a blank look to them that Al was all too familiar with.  She was wearing what looked to be some sort of form fitting white briefette (a piece of lingerie used by women in the 50's and 60's) that accentuated her large breasts and slender waist line.  There was a slight breeze in the room from an A/C unit running in a nearby room and Al noticed that Sara's nipples had hardened as a result to the point that they were poking against the surface of the lingerie.

            " Ummm, uhhh, look, Tim, you might be unaware of what I've done.  Let me explain....."  Al started to say before being motioned to be silent by Tim.

             " Sorry, Mr. Bentley, but you can't talk your way out of this one.  You see, I not only know about your secret work but I've made some personal modifications.  In case you don't believe me, why don't you ask your Fembot to do something for you? "  Tim said smoothly and with no hesitation evident in his voice.

             Al figured that is time to drop the pretenses once and for all.  Besides, he secretly had always wanted to show the wondrous thing he had achieved but thought he never could for obvious reasons.  This was the opportunity to impress someone who only knew the scientific side of his process and not the physical results.

             " Sara Fembot, please walk over to me and pleasure me, "  Al said confidently.

             Sara remained completely still and showed no sign that she had heard Al whatsoever.

             " Sara Fembot, pull down the top part of your outfit, "  Al intoned with a sign of worry creeping into his voice.

             As before, Sara stayed motionless and made no motion to follow Al's request.

              " Sara Fembot, this is your master!  Obey my request! "  Al exclaimed in desperation but was met with no response at all.

              Tim smiled as he witnessed the teacher's growing desperation.  " I see you've noticed that I've made a few modifications to your project.  Let me demonstrate:  Sara Fembot, turn and face me, "  he intoned.

               "Yes.  Master. "  Sara intoned in a robotic tone that was very familiar to Al.  The blonde woman pivoted on her feet and faced Tim with no flaw in her motion.

               " Fembot, please pull the lingerie you are wearing off your shoulders, down to your waist and hold it there, "  Tim said with the smile broadening on his face.

                " Yes.  Master. "  Sara said as she stiffly raised her arms to her shoulders and looped her fingers under the two straps.  As she pulled down the briefette, Al could see how her large breasts jutted outwards upon being freed from their cloth prison and there was faint drops of breast milk visible around the stiffening nipples.

               Reaching out with his right hand, Tim briefly caressed the human robot's right breast and Al could see a very familiar trembling in Sara's body as she reacted to the pleasure from the caresses of the one she considered her master.

               " Ok...ok...OK!!!...ENOUGH!!!!  I get the point!  Now, how do I get Sara back and make sure you don't start blabbing about this to your friends in the neighborhood and at school? "  Al yelled in frustration over seeing his dream..his fantasy being pulled away from him by some snotty brat.

               " I figured you might see things in that way, teach.  Tell ya what, if you can find me another member of the school's faculty that will look almost as good as Sara after you've performed your computer transformation on the subject, I'll agree to return Sara to you.  How does that sound?  "  Tim said as he turned and faced the irate teacher with a look on his face that showed he knew the answer to his proposition already.

                Al's shoulders slumped and he dropped his head slightly.  He had no choice.....

End flashback......

"....22.50 all together.  Twenty five....and here's your change.  Thanks and have a good night! "  the clerk at the convenience store said cheerfully as he handed the bag containing the items Al had purchased, along with his change, to him.

                " Yeah, yeah..... "  Al muttered as he grabbed the bag and walked quickly out of the store and to his car.  Tossing the bag onto the passenger seat, Al got in and resumed his journey home with his thoughts focusing on who would be the future ' acquisition'.

                " Hmmm...lemme think...who would be a good subject?....there's Lindsay Martin, the biology teacher...nahhh, she's had two marriages and, I think, three or four kids from those....Sandy in English?.....she's getting breast reduction done so my work would be a bit obvious...hmmm....think...think....who?...WHO?....... "  Al thought to himself even as he pulled into his driveway and turned off the car engine.

                For several long minutes, Al sat in his car mulling over the choices he had before suddenly sitting up as if hit by the proverbial bolt of lightning.   " Of course!  She'll be perfect though it'll require a little bit of paperwork and hacking into computers.  I think I'll give Tim a call now to get things started..... "  the teacher said as he reached for his cell phone and started punching in the student's phone number.  As he did, he started pondering other options that might better define his future conversations with Tim.

                Options in his favor...........

Several weeks later.......... at school late one day.......

                Tanya adjusted the rubber cap that was covering her head as the brown haired woman prepared to go swimming in the school's pool.  Glancing at a nearby wall mirror as she moved towards the door leading to the pool area, Tanya saw that the one piece blue Speedo swimsuit she was wearing showed no visible signs of wear and tear from the year she worked as the school's swim coach.

                " It's nice, for a change, to be able to swim by myself without having to tell a teenager what he or she are doing  wrong in their stroke or reassure them after a bad meet.  Oh, and the parents...geez, I wish I could forget them..... "  Tanya thought to herself as she pulled open the change room door and stepped out into the pool area.  As she did, she thought that she saw the door for the room belonging to Ed the janitor swinging shut at the far end of the area.

                " Hmmmm.....I  thought Ed wasn't going to be in for another hour or so...maybe I'll wait a few minutes to see if he wants to do some work on the pool water before I go for a swim.... "  Tanya thought as she walked over next to the pool and waited in silence to see if Ed was going to come back out.  As she stood and waited, Tanya's mind flashed back to the conversations she had with other members of the staff.  She had mentioned to more than a few of them that she was thinking of quitting at the end of the year and moving out west to teach at a different school.  For most of the staff, they greeted the news with complete disinterest with a few of the older staff members telling her that she'll feel better after a few weeks into the summer break.  A few listened and nodded in sympathy but they seemed preoccupied with their own interests like Al Bentley, the science teacher, who seemed to be hopelessly obsessed with Sara Robinson, another member of the faculty.

               " Al is probably a fan of women with big boobs...lucky for me, I guess, that I'm not in Sara's class...hehe..... "  Tanya thought to herself as she glanced down at her own breasts, which were barely big enough for a B cup sized bra.  After a few minutes of standing around, Tanya concluded that Ed wasn't around after all and she could start her swim right away.

               With a small splash, Tanya entered the pool and started swimming laps of the pool with her speed increasing as she got into the rhythm of her strokes.  Around the fifth or sixth time across the pool, Tanya paused ever so briefly as she thought she tasted something odd in the water.  Looking around, she saw nothing visibly wrong with the color of the pool water and after a moment or two, Tanya resumed her swimming with no further thought given to what she had tasted.

                Thirty or so minutes later, with weariness working its way into her limbs, Tanya decided that she had done enough swimming for now and moved towards a ladder to climb out of the pool.  As she reached the top rung, she felt a momentary pang of dizziness and almost tumbled back into the pool.

                " Ooooh...must have worked out a little too much today....better take it easy when I get home..... "  Tanya muttered out loud as she steadied herself before moving towards the change room once again.  She tried to remember something that had happened while she was swimming but her mind seemed a little fuzzy at the moment.  In fact, as she entered the change room, her mind seemed to growing fuzzier by the second.

                " Whoof....I really pushed myself tonight....I better....mmmm...better sit down and catch my breath...oooff... "  Tanya gasped as she sagged to the bench in front of her locker and pulled the cap off her head.  After sluggishly toweling herself off, Tanya went to open her locker to begin the process of changing her clothes but found the strength rapidly draining from her arms and legs.  She slumped back down on the bench and found her vision was growing cloudier by the second.  As she toppled slowly onto her right side and her mind faded into darkness, Tanya thought she heard a noise in the change room as if someone else was there........

                Ten or so minutes later, Al and Tim were carrying Tanya's unconscious body out through a side entrance of the school and into the mostly deserted parking lot.  After putting Tanya lying on the back seat and covering her up with a blanket, Al motioned for Tim to put Tanya's clothes and gym bag into her car before beckoning him over to his car.

                " Well, that chloroform additive that I had you add secretly to the pool water prior to Tanya taking her swim certainly did its work.  I'll leave first and I'll be taking the back way to my place.  Wait five or so minutes and follow along the same route to my place.  My home has a two car garage so you'll be able to park Tanya's car inside with nobody seeing you.  Oh, and make sure you bring Sara along with you and she has to be in fembot mode before you get her in the car.  Is that understood? "  Al said as he pulled open the door to his car and prepared to get in.

                " Ummm, yeah, sure, I guess.  Hey, Mr. Bentley, uhhh, Al, shouldn't we be worried about that video camera set up to monitor the parking lot after school hours?  I don't want to be hauled off to the police station in a couple of days to answer questions that might be a bit difficult to answer, "  Tim murmured as he motioned towards the object mounted high on the wall to the left of the entrance they had just exited.

                 Al laughed softly upon hearing the student's nervous inquiry.  " Don't worry about it.  That camera broke about a month or so ago and they won't be replacing it until the fall semester.  They hired a private security guard to keep an eye on things until then and he isn't due by for another couple of hours. Unless you plan to wait around and see him or her, this shouldn't be a problem whatsoever.  Now, let's get going!  We both have goals we want to achieve before the end of the night, "  he said with a faint smile appearing on his face for the first time in days.

                 With that, both men got into their respective cars with a renewed sense of purpose in their minds.  For one, however, there was a certainty in his mind that the steps taken secretly before by him would ensure a change in how things worked after that night.....

Roughly an hour later...........

                 The lights in Al's basement flickered brightly as the teacher started to turn on the appropriate equipment he would need for the forthcoming work.  Draped over a chair in the far left of the basement's main area was the swimsuit belonging to Tanya with a bundle of clothing piled neatly below it.  Another chair next to it had Sara's clothing draped over it although these garments weren't quite as neatly arranged as the others.

                 As for the owners of the garments, the two were in the center of the computers and machines Al had set up for his work.  However, the perspective on where they were varied considerably between Sara and Tanya. For Sara, who was dressed in a skin tight black latex catsuit that hugged her body from the neck down, she was staring straight ahead and waiting silently for the next command from her master.  As for Tanya, she was lying naked atop a steel table with her wrists and ankles secured by bindings that had been used once before.

                 " Uhhh....what....what's going on?  Why am I strapped down naked to this table?  Where am I?  Alan Bentley?  What's going on?  What are you doing?  Let me fucking go!!!! "  Tanya said somewhat groggily though her voice became sharper as she realized the situation she was in.  Looking to her left, she saw Al fitting what looked to be some sort of helmet over Sara Robinson's head though she wasn't protesting in the slightest.

                " Calm down, Tanya.  There's no need to screech or scream for the simple reason that my basement has been completely sound proofed so your cries for help will go unanswered.  Of course, in a relatively short amount of time, your cries will be a lot more docile, "  Al intoned as he picked up several needles and quickly inserted them into Tanya's arms and legs.

                " What are you talking about?  What are you doing?  Leave me alone!  Sara!  Sara, wake up!  Sara, look around!  Let me go! "  Tanya implored as she felt a similar helmet to Sara's being secured around her head followed by more needles being injected into her nipples.

                " No, no, no, we can't be doing that, my dear.  If it's any consolation, your part in my work is not something I had planned until recently.  Of course, after my nanites are doing their reshaping of your body and mind, I don't think that will matter much, "  Al intoned with an almost sadness evident in his voice.

                " Noooooo.....!  "  Tanya cried out as she felt the first tingle of what seemed like electricity start to flow into her body.  As the seconds ticked by, the sensation spread to every inch of her body from head to toe and caused her to twitch and writhe in both pain and pleasure.  Al looked at a nearby monitor and noted that the nanites had completed entry into Tanya and were setting about their preprogrammed tasks.

                " This is going to take a bit longer than Sara took.....Tanya's breasts are smaller to start so the nanites will have to work longer in that part...there is also a bit of programming I've added.... "  Al thought to himself as he saw the image of Tanya's brain start to appear on the monitor screen.  After a short period of time, he turned off the electricity and watched as Tanya's body stopped writhing except for her breasts, which were still gyrating slightly and increasing in size incrementally.

                " this....? "  Tanya gasped as she tried to think coherently through a haze that seemed to be permeating her mind.  For her, it felt like every fiber of her being was being changed by something foreign but this alteration was also becoming a natural thing......

                " I'm getting your body ready for the programming that will turn you into a human robot.  Once the data is downloaded, you will be ready to accept orders from your new master! "  Al said excitedly as he saw that Tanya's pupils were starting to dilate and her struggles against her bonds were growing weaker by the minute.

               " Yes...ready for programming...accept orders..."  Tanya intoned in a monotone that sounded like she was already well on the way to just such a state.

               " Yes!  A human robot that will be as close to perfect as possible....! "  Al exclaimed as he returned his attention to his keyboard and started typing in the commands to start up the next phase of his work.

                " No...must resist...this can't be happening......must...resist..... "   Tanya said with a voice that was growing softer by  the second as the programming started to flow into her altered mind.  At the same time, her breasts grew larger in size until they were just shy of Sara in terms of size and sensitivity.  If she had been walking down the street with her new physique at that moment, Tanya would have turned more than a few heads.

                As the data flowed into her, Tanya's protests grew fainter as it flowed.  " Accepting data...processing....processing....processing.... "  she started to say in a tone that was growing more artificial sounding as times passed.

                " Yes!  You are well on your way to becoming a perfect robot.  I just need to make a few last minute arrangements to make things perfect, "  Al said as he motioned towards the area near the stairway leading upstairs.

                A minute or so later, Tim walked up next to the teacher and handed the bespecled man several CD cases.  " I got into the school computers and entered the data that you wanted put in.  I gather this is the point where I do the instructions for Tanya as you wrote before, "  the young man said quietly with his gaze lingering on the swim team coach's newly enhanced bosoms.

                " Everything should be fine as long as you keep things simple.  While you're doing that, I'll restore Sara to...IDIOT.  Didn't you think to remember to make sure Sara wasn't wearing anything metallic BEFORE I started my work with her?  Will you tell her to stand up, walk to the far end of the room, undress and remain there with me? "  Al hissed as he fingered the metal zipper on Sara's catsuit even as he removed the helmet on her head.

                " Yeah, yeah, I'm not dumb or anything.  I just thought she looked hot in that outfit.  Sara, stand up and walk to that corner over there.  Once there, take off your outfit and remain there until I give you further orders, "  Tim said as he gestured towards the corner the teacher had indicated.

                " Yes.  Master. "  Sara intoned as she stiffly stood up and walked in a mechanical manner to where Tim Had indicated.  Al followed behind her a second or two and shook his head slightly as he walked behind the woman.

               After making sure Sara was out of earshot, Tim turned his attention to Tanya.  " Tanya, this is Tim Ingram.  Open your eyes and listen to what I have to say to you, "  he said with a voice that was clear but already showing signs of anticipation in his voice.

                " Yes.  Tim. "  Tanya intoned as she opened her eyes and stared blankly at the ceiling.

                " You are no longer Tanya Matheson.  You are no longer a human woman, "  Tim said as he looked down at her with a growing sense of eagerness evident in his face.

                " I am no longer Tanya Matheson.  I am no longer a woman. "  Tanya replied.

                " You have been roboticized.  You have been turned into a human robot, "  Tim exclaimed as he recited the words he had practiced more than a few times.

                " I have been roboticized.  I have been turned into a human robot. "  Tanya intoned.

                " Yes!  You are now Tanya Fembot!  Your master is Tim Ingram!  You will hear and obey my commands! "  Tim proclaimed as he gestured towards Tanya and himself for emphasis.

                " I am Tanya Fembot.  My Master is Tim Ingram.  I will obey his commands. "  Tanya said without blinking an eyelash.

                " Oooh, yes, yes!  Tanya, I want you to keep repeating what you have heard out loud over and over for the next two or three minutes while I attend to something on the other side of the room, "  Tim said as he fidgeting somewhat to hide the growing bulge in his pants.

                " Yes.  Master.  I am Tanya Fembot.  I am a human robot.  My Master is Tim Ingram.  I will obey his commands.  I am no longer a woman. "  Tanya started to intone repeatedly even as Tim edged away in a very reluctant manner.

                " Ok, Tanya is all set.  Sara, walk back to where you were before and sit down in the chair again, "  Tim said to Sara, who had stripped off her outfit and was standing at attention.

                " Yes.  Master.  I obey your command. "  Sara said before stiffly and somewhat mechanically walking back to where the chair was located.

                " Hmmm, everything is going excellent, Mr. Ingram.  I want you to go upstairs and retrieve the outfits selected for the two women to wear home tonight.  I also want you to double check that all the data you entered in earlier has been accepted with no chance of it being questioned.  After you've done all that, you can come downstairs and get Tanya ready for...umm...whatever you want for tonight, "  Al said with the same even tone he had used the entire evening.

                 " Ummm...ok....but I won't be upstairs for more than ten minutes so try and finish your stuff quick, ok? "  Tim muttered with his gaze lingering in Tanya's direction for several seconds.

                " Snotty brat.....good thing I did a little private work with the program before this work tonight....if everything goes according to plan, I'm not going to have to worry about that little bastard blackmailing me again!.... "  Al thought to himself as he attached the helmet once again to Sara's head and disconnected the one on Tanya.

                Humming to himself, Al started up the program to change Sara's focus so she would once again regard him as her master and obey all his commands.  Once that part of the program was done, he walked over and put the helmet back on Tanya though he left Sara's on for now.

                " Yes.....he'll get what he wants....and I get no more hassles.... "  Al thought as the machines hummed and the two women started to chant the same words at the same time.

                " Processing....processing....processing...... "  Sara and Tanya said in unison as the new data flowed into their bodies.  When the programming finished, the two women's existence would be changed forever.........


Roughly three months later...................

               The school staff had settled into the fall term at the school and when they were on their coffee breaks in the teacher's lounge, a few of them discussed the changes in staff that had occurred with the start of the new school year.  The swim team coach, Tanya Jackson, had resigned and left town as quietly as when she taught at the school.  For most of the staff, Tanya's departure warranted barely a passing mention though Mr. Bentley stated that he thought the swim team might be better with a new coach.

                The other staff change was the arrival of a new vice principal, Ms. Veronica Andrews.  The red haired woman was quite popular with both staff and students as Veronica gained a reputation as a tireless worker and a tough, but fair, disciplinarian.  A few of the teachers thought Veronica bore a resemblance to the departed swimming coach but others pointed out the differences in hair and eye color the two had.  In addition, Sandy Douthwright, the English teacher, noted ( rather snidely) that Veronica looked to have undergone breast enlargement surgery and looked completely opposite to the rail thin athletic types that worked with the swim team and such.

               Snide comments aside, Veronica volunteered to chair a four person student-staff committee that would meet twice a month to discuss general school activities as well as any other issues dealing with student/teach interactions.  Staff members Ms. Robinson, Mr. Bentley and student Tim Ingram rounded out the committee and the four arranged to meet twice a month after school hours in a private conference room in the school.

                " Ummm, Mr. Bentley, I was thinking of something after the last meeting.  I happen to know several women who used to be cheerleaders at the high school and are in their freshman year at the university.  Perhaps when they come home for the holidays, we can, ummm, put them in the proper holiday mood, "  Tim said as a nude Tanya perched on his lap and stared blankly at his face.

               To Tim's surprise, the teacher didn't protest in the slightest.  " Oh, I think I can accommodate you, Mr. Ingram.  Now, Sara, pleasure me! "  Al said as he unbuckled his pants and exposed his hardening member to his obedient fembot.

              " Yes.  Master.  "  Sara intoned as the large breasted woman fell to her knees and  prepared to please the man she looked forward to obeying for the rest of her existence.

              As was Tanya for Tim......

               And Al?....his plans for peace and enjoying the fruits of  his labor would expand in the future...with no more threats from Tim, if he had his way......

To be continued.....?

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