Still Life 2

by Paul Jutras

(Note: This is an experiment of sorts. The story so far is only the middle. EHY did the beginning and it will be up to others to do the end.)

    Danielle took Elizabeth to the many racks of clothes. Cubby holes had boots, hats and other items to pose with. Elizabeth picked out a pleated navy mini skirt that would barely hide their underwear, a pair of knee high two inch platform boots with five inch spike heels. She also picked out a strapless halter top and matching vest. 

     "Excellent choice." Danielle said as Kim left the shower and smiled with approval of the choice in clothes. The special lotion she used  had allowed her body hair; except her eye brows and that on her head, to be washed off. This included her pubic hair. "Looks like the shower is all yours, Kim.

    "Ready to get yourself dressed?" Danielle asked Kim.

     Abby never had shaved her pubic hair before and it made her feel even more naked that ever before. Goosebumps caused her to shiver as she stepped out of the shower and modestly wrapped a towel around herself.  "Is this place always so chilly?"

     "The room temp is kept at a modest 70 degrees." Danielle assured her newest model. "You're just not use to being so totally naked. You should hear some of the comments our male models give use when they first lose all their body hair."

     Abby couldn't help but blush. She didn't know if it was for her own situation or the thought of seeing men like her ex- boyfriend, Roger, without body hair.  She then blushed even more when she saw the outfits that Elizabeth had  picked out for them. She never thought of wearing something that like so out of date. What Elizabeth chosen was like it was from some bad 1950s Science Fiction movie.

     "We're to dress in that?" Abby asked.

      "Now come on, Abby." Kim teased. "We've already signed the forms to agree to be models. "I would say that it is now too late to back out. You know we'll stick by you throughout the whole thing if you truly need us."

     Abby just let out a sigh and nodded her head in agreement. She then turned toward Danielle with a distant smile on her face. "What's the next step?"

     "Next we make you look more like your average still life model." Danielle said as she took the girls through another room beyond a green door.  "Better known by the term of living mannequin."

     "I've heard of that." Abby said, feeling more assured. "I never figured how any of them could hold still for so long."

     "Here at Still Life, we make that part easier." Danielle assured her as she asked Elizabeth to step upon a circular platform while Kim and Abby got into line behind her. "You're about to find out what exactly I mean about that."

     "Don't worry," Elizabeth assured her friend. "You're going to love this part."

      Abby watched with interest as the platform she was on started to slowly rotate. Spray guns hit her with a liquid that looked like it was awfully cold. She could see Elizabeth's nipples perk up until they were completely covered and non visible. Like that part of a real mannequin. The spray also covered her feminine slit and made her appear totally sexless while every freckle and other imperfection was also obscured.

     "Next." Danielle said as Elizabeth stepped down off the platform and walked stiffly  to an oven like chamber to dry a little. Kim looked over at a Abby and saw how nervous she was at Elizabeth's slow movement away from them.

    "I'll go," Kim reassured Abby as she took off her towel. "I told you that Elizabeth and I have done this before. They're nothing to be worried about."

     Abby was nervous as she watched her friend Kim step up onto the platform and undertake the same spray as her friend Elizabeth before her. She noticed that the spray had also caused the girls nails to match the same color as her new skin tone as well as give the appearance of their toes being fused together.

     "Come on, Abby," Kim turned back to her friend as she walked down from the platform. "It's easy and fun when it hits the pleasurable centers of your body."

     Nervously, Abby handed Danielle her towel and walked up to the platform as Kim walked down the opposite side.  As she watched the oven door closed, she knew she'd soon be joining her friends. That last chance to back down was now. She opened her mouth to utter a protest, but no sound came out.

     Then the spray hit her. It wasn't like anything she had expected from watching the others. The spray wasn't cold like she expected, but it did fill her with pleasure. It was like every erogenous zone on her body was being affected at the same time. There was no way a man's touch or even a dildo could be this wonderful to her.  She couldn't help but wonder if it felt this good just standing still, what it would be like to in the closer-experience area of the private room.

      "You're done." Danielle said as she stepped off the platform and felt more stiff that she had expected from seeing her friends step away. Though she should of known that since they'd done it several times before, that they'd be use to the feeling.

      "Now that the make up is done and slightly hardened on you, we can set up with the pose." Danielle said as the girls got up on a extra large platform big enough to hold all three of them. "I figured with your friend being a first timer that you'd dress like that instead of underwear or bathing suit. Holds a little mystery for viewing. Let the patrons really want to know what's under there before taking you to the private rooms."

     "There is one more thing." Danielle said with a wicked smile at Abby. "As your friends already know from past visits, the monitor devices also have a dual function. While you're on display it also stimulates your crotch. Even through the plastic cover. Believe me when I say you won't get bored while waiting for a man to touch your frozen self."

     It wasn't long after the girls where on display that the patrons that entered through the parking lot entrance. Abby was already half lost in her private pleasure zone world when she felt a hand running up and down her leg. It sent a pleasure wave that seemed a thousand times more intense than she had ever experienced before through her.

     "Told you you'd like this." Is what Abby imagined Kim and Elizabeth saying to her. Even though in their immobile state they really couldn't say a thing. She wanted to moan. To cry out in the pleasure that she felt.  She too couldn't speak. She wondered if she'd remember how to speak when her visit was all over, or if she would ever want to be freed of her state for that matter.



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