Stoned Kelly

by: Commodore


            A young woman walked on by named Kelly Allison Sommers, believing that her  life was so hard that the only way out was to kill herself. But then she bumped into a man; when he looked at her sad condition he saw that she was thinking about killing herself. When he saw this he thought that it would be a waste of a beautiful woman; a young woman he could use. After seeing this he had asked her what is the problem, that is, when was she going to end her own life?  Kelly said as soon as possible, before anything gpt any worse. That’s when he decided to offer her another choice; if she was really willing to go through with what she had planned, that this would help. He told her his idea.

            Kelly instantly jumped at the chance and went with him to his studio where he was several different statues of women on display. He asked if she wouldn’t mind taking off her clothes; he handed her a red top and silvery tight pants to wear. With her decision to end it behind her, Kelly did as she was asked. She got undressed; then the first thing she put on was the pants, which were a little tight but she did not mind. Then came the red top, which to her surprise seemed form-fitted for her; it ended an inch below her boobs, which really showed them off well. When she walked out of the dressing room and looked in the mirror, she saw the outfit she had on truly showed off her figure, something she had not expected. And when Kelly was about to leave the dressing area, she noticed a glass of liquid that looked like water along with the note saying:

When you are  done, drink this whole glass
then walk out into the studio. Once you have drank
your refreshment, there is a pedestal waiting.
Walk to it and stand there to let me get a good look
at you; To see if the outfit I have picked out for
you fits just right for you.

            Not thinking much of it, she did as the note stated; once she was done drinking the glass, she set it down on the table and walked out in the main area, but what Kelly did not know was the glass was full of a chemical that after three flashes of a special light would turn a person into a solid stone statue.

The way it works is the first flash: Slows you down. The second flash: Makes you pose-able. And the third flash is the one that turns your body not your clothes  to stone..”

            When she first walked out, she was hit with the first flash and without knowing it she was then only moving at half the speed she would normally, though from her point of view her new benefactor was now instantly zipping from one place to another as if by magic. When she got  to where she was told to go after drinking her water she saw a sign saying:

Stand up here.

            And when Kelly did and had turned around on top of the pedestal to look back the way she had come, she was hit with the second flash, which slowed her down to a stop from everybody’s point of view. That’s when he went about posing her, first by spreading her thighs a little more apart and shifting her stance to put her left leg a little bit out and up front. Then he turned her body about forty-five degrees to the right, placing the palms of her hands towards her ass but have them stop about an inch away from it. Then he turned her head about thirty degrees to the left and turned her eyes the rest of the way to look straight back the direction she had came and slightly parted her lips.

            But before he hit her with the last flash, he decided to lift he boobs up a little as well as check out how they felt before he turned her to stone. They were as he had hoped, smooth yet firm, just what you would expect from someone in her twenties. Then he hit her with the third and final flash, turning Kelly Allison Sommers to a solid stone statue forever.

And this is the end result of his assisting the death of Kelly:


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