by Sonya Esperanto

It was a cool night. The bitchy actress Cortessa Hespaniola was bitching around. MTV reporters gave a bad review about her. “Fucking putas,” screamed the beautiful Mexican-American actress, who looked no different from the really beautiful Mexican American actress from the hit TV show “Desperate Housewives”.

She threw her shoes (both of them) towards the television, damaging the monitor, although not hard enough for it to ignite and burn. “I am the most beautiful actress in Hollywood. How come I am not number one”, complained Cortessa. Her dark eyes had an evil look. It was not only an arrogant and proud look, but one that can intimidate men far taller than her. She really was evil, snobby, bitchy, selfish and made J-Lo look like Mother Teresa.

It was that actress Britney Kempton. Cortessa had an evil plan.



Supergirl flew into the air. Her long beautiful blonde hair, red cape, blue shirt with red mini skirt, were a sign of her presence. She was on the trail for the police. She was looking for the missing MTV reporter Britney Kempton.

On the ground, she had spotted some other superheroines whom she knew. She flew quickly down and met up with them. The other superheroines were all on news and told the police that they would try their best to look for the missing famous reporter.

Supergirl said to the rest of them, “So I take it that the informant has news for you gals too. Is this informant coming here by the way?”

Wonder Woman replied, “Yes, she is. We are just waiting for her and she is 5 minutes late.”

The other superheroines were Wonder Woman, Donna Troy, Batgirl, Power Girl, Huntress, Jesse (female Flash), Black Canary and Hawkgirl. After a while, a Volkswagen showed up. They all walked towards it and their informant came out. She was a nerdy looking girl.

The girl said, “I am Samantha. I was the one who tipped you all off about who I think is behind this.” Samantha continued, “I have seen Britney Kempton last in the resident of Cortessa Hespaniola”.

The heroines were so shocked. The actress? Could she have kidnapped the reporter? Wonder Woman said to Sam, “Why didn’t you call the police?”

Sam said, “I have noticed that many people whom I have seen come to her place, have all been reported missing in the news.”

She listed the names and Wonder Woman’s eyes went wide open.

The superheroines had set off for Cortessa’s mansion. The gate kept unwanted people out and it was far bigger than Wayne Manor. Wonder Woman and the rest of the superheroines managed to leap over the high walls and started rushing for the trees that surrounded the mansion, so as not to get caught. The Guards did not manage to catch sight of the nine superheroines. Little did they know, that there were cameras that were eyeing them, knowing why these superheroines were in Cortessa’s property.

The nine superheroines split up. On the right side of the house, the Birds of Prey managed to climb up the windows. Huntress, Batgirl and Black Canary managed to get the window opened up and they stealthily walked in.

Wonder Woman, Donna Troy went towards the back of the mansion. There, they noticed a smaller house. A cabin, more like it. Wonder Woman said to Donna Troy, “I bet they are inside the cabin.” Donna Troy nodded and followed her to towards it.

On the left side of the house, Hawkgirl managed to get a window open and Jesse followed her in.

Supergirl and Powergirl were flying around the house, at super speed but so far their X-Ray could not penetrate through the walls. It must be magic, they thought. Supergirl and Powergirl followed the others inside the house, through the opened windows.

Inside the cabin, Wonder Woman and Donna Troy managed to burst the door open but with less noise impact. It was dark. They searched the cabin.


There were lots of statues inside. Huntress and Batgirl were amazed at the lifelike statues. Black Canary said, “ She sure must have good taste”. Batgirl looked closer at one of the statues and it was the missing reporter Vicky Vale. Batgirl said, “Oh my God. It’s Vicky Vale.” The former reporter was like a stone being, arms on the air and her reporter outfit looked as if she was just carved from stone.

Before any of the 3 heroines could turn around to see who it was that was looking at them, they all blacked out.


Hawkgirl, Jesse, Supergirl and Powergirl were walking on the carpeted corridor. There were vases and statues everywhere. Supergirl said to the rest, “She sure must have good taste.”

The four superheroines then spotted a shadow ahead of them, as the lights in this part of the house were dim. Before any of them could react, they all blacked out.


Wonder Woman and Donna Troy were checking room by room. By the time, they finished checking, there was someone to greet them. Before Wonder Woman could use her lasso, she and Donna Troy blacked out.


The nine superheroines were all sat together on a sofa. They were all unconscious and not even tied up. Cortessa was smiling at them. Her maids were passing by, doing their work and knew very well what evil powers she had possessed. They dared not quit, fearing that she would not be understanding of that.

A Filipina maid held a bucket of water, as well as a Thai maid. It was cold water, enough to wake all nine superheroines. Cortessa was stood before them and in her hand, was a wand that had a skull on its top. She had bought it 2 years ago in Mexico, from a shaman. He was desperate for money and so sold it off to someone like Cortessa. Its holder only had to think, and then things happened.

The maids splashed the cold water over the heads of Wonder Woman, Supergirl and all the others. They woke up ice cold. After they got their consciousness back, they all stared at Cortessa. Cortessa pointed the wand at them and suddenly, none of the superheroines could move a muscle.

Powergirl shouted, “Let us go.” Batgirl screamed, “You monster. You turned Vicky Vale into a statue. Is that what happened with Britney Kempton too?”

Cortessa laughed and said, “Not as if you super putas can do anything about it!” She pointed the wand to them and commanded, “Now stand up.” All nine of them stood up. Cortessa then said to them, “Kneel before your mistress.” All nine superheroines automatically knelt down, no matter how hard they tried to fight it. She could see the anger on their faces, trying to fight her magic.

Cortessa was inspecting them. She looked at Wonder Woman. Raven-haired with blue eyes. Tall and tanned. Fantasy of men’s wet dreams everywhere. She wore a red leather top, blue pants, red boots and a tiara and a lasso on her waist.

Cortessa then inspected Donna Troy. She looked like Wonder Woman but with a different costume. She wore a one-piece costume that reflected the stars. She had 2 silver bracelets on her wrists. She too was not bad to look at.

Cortessa then inspected Huntress. She was a brown-eyed Brunette, wearing a purple lycra leotard, purple boots and a mask that covered the surroundings of her eyes.

Batgirl was a redhead whose costume was similar to Batman but looked a bit like a 1-piece Bat swimsuit.

Hawkgirl wore a yellow suit with green long pants and had artificial angel wings along with a helmet. Her orange hair was laying out from behind. No doubt whoever was underneath the mask, was a pretty orange-head.

Supergirl was an attractive long haired Blonde, with a blue shirt that had the S emblem on it, with a red mini skirt, red cape and red boots. Men wanted to fuck her and actresses were jealous of her.

Powergirl wore a white lycra with a circle cut on the bosom part and had huge tits. She had short Blonde hair. Also attractive and sexy.

Jesse was dressed like a Female Flash except that she only wore a mask to cover her eyes but not her long Blonde hair.

Black Canary wore fishnet stockings, had a blue jacket, was a tough looking Blonde with black boots and green belt to go with her.

Cortessa told them all, “You superheroines have made the mistake of coming here. In the real world, people look up to you and think that you are all high and mighty. In Cortessa’s world, you will be nothing but whatever I want you to be. Look now!”

All nine superheroines were shocked when Cortessa pointed her wand towards her two maids and turned them instantly into golden statues. Cortessa could hear Jesse and Hawkgirl gulp really loud.

“I always wanted to own superheroines. You are beautiful and get all the attention. Looks like you won’t be getting attention anymore. In fact, there were always fetishes I always wanted to carry out.” She pointed the wand at the nine with an evil grin on her face.



Weeks had passed. Cortessa woke up. The sun was bright and she was just rich enough to worry about work. “Ahhh, this is the life,” she said to the air.

Cortessa went inside her bedroom toilet and it was very large. Her toilet basin was as large as a woman’s toilet in a hotel. As she opened the tap and washed her face over, she took a towel and wiped the water off her face.

On opposite sides if the basin were two shrunken, marble-like statues, statues of naked women. They were as small as the sitting buddhas one could have bought in a china town. On the right was a marble statue of Wonder Woman sitting crossed legged. Cortessa looked at her new small statue. Smaller than yoda in Star Wars. Cortessa looked at it and smiled. The Wonder Woman sitting statue’s legs were still not close together, so as to hold her favourite toothbrush.

On the left, was the small marble statue of Donna Troy. Donna Troy was cross legged, enough to cradle the toothpaste, which Cortessa took out from it. After she finished washing her mouth and gargled into the basin, she washed her mouth.

She put the tooth brush between Wonder Woman’s legs. She put the toothpaste back between Donna Troy’s legs.

She walked out of the bedroom. When she was strolling in her corridor, she saw her four new stone statues. These statues were set on the window pavement and from their asses, stood only 3 feet tall. They were naked stone statues of Batgirl, Hawkgirl, Jesse and Huntress. All four of them had their legs and feet stretched behind their heads, like yoga monks. Their breast nipples stood out sharply and all their pussies were now pubic hairless holes, that had flowers stemmed on their stone cunts. They were shrunken vases now.

Cortessa enjoyed the view. These heroines were beautifying her home.

Later, Cortessa was having breakfast. The plate she was eating her Mexican Pasta from was shaped like the upper portion of a woman’s body, without hands. It was like a plate. But its breasts stood out and if the plate could talk, it would scream at Cortessa, for having turned her into a living plate. The face was that of Black Canary.

After breakfast, Cortessa was watching TV and her feet rested on a light plastic foot rest that was in the shape of a naked women positioned on all fours. Cortessa drank a fruit juice and looked at her new furniture. “You make a lovely footstool, Supergirl”. The plastic sculpture that was Supergirl was just posed there, stiff and silent, with an expression of surprise frozen in her features. Her naked body would have been a ravishing sight for men.

Cortessa went to another part of her living room, which had her large aquarium. In fact, this was a new aquarium which many of her friends admired, especially because underneath it, behind the glass, was a stoned statue of a naked woman. On top of the statue were fake grasses and mini trees while fishes swim over it. Power Girl was now the floor of an aquarium.



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