A TS Fantasy

by Paul Jutras

With all the computer robotic elements I thought it would go on this site as well.

      It was almost midnight and although Paul was getting sleepy, he decided to check out his E-mail before going to sleep. He had shut the computer down already for the night and had to wait for the system to reboot and bring up the message asking if he wanted to run his anti-virus program. 

      In suntan pantyhose and a white over size T-shirt, Paul shut off the virus program and typed in his secret password to enter the internet system. After a total of five rings, the net brought up his homepage and the computer spoke.

     "Welcome," The computer spoke.  "YOU HAVE NEW MAIL."

     Clicking on the mailbox, Paula had gotten a message from one of her TS support group members, warning her of a new computer virus to be aware of.

     "Maybe I should of ran my computer anti-virus program." Paula thought as she crossed her legs and rubbed nylon against nylon. "While I'm here, I might as well check the boards."

    Going to a site called   GENDERSWAP.COM,  Paula watched as his mailbox disappeared and a board with unicorns and teddy boards floating about the screen replace it. The graphic was very babyish, but Paula wanted to check the site out at a time family members wouldn't be around.

      CLICK TO ENTER READ the belly of a frozen teddy bear. Paula moved the mouse and clicked on it. What surprised her male self appeared on the screen in a 3D computer image. Paula could only stare stunned at the site.

      "I don't have any equipment for people to see me over the computer." Paula thought to herself. "I don't even have a scanner for photos. How could my image get put on this site's photo area? Come to think of it, I don't even recall bringing up a photo area."

       As Paula watched the image of her male self morph from male to female, she grabbed hold of the mouse and tried to move to another part of the site. When she experienced an electrical shock; however, she found her right hand clued to the piece of hardware. "What's happening?"

     As an electrical surge passed through Paula's body, she found herself digitized much like the star of Disney's Tron movie before vanishing from the empty bedroom.

           Across town, Jason Miles rolled over naked in bed and wrapped his arm around Missy Capture  in her fire right and black lace baby doll gown. Her red nails ran along his chest as he pulled her close and they kissed. "Morning, hon."

     As they stayed in one another arms, Jason reached for the remote control and turned on the television. A news report of more missing people and talk of a computer virus were the two top stories as they headed downstairs for some breakfast. "Since Paul has a computer, we should warn him about the virus," Jason said.

     "Later, honey, later." Missy purred. "After you capture Miss Capture."

   "I think this important." Jason broke their lip lock and reached for the phone. "He's taking the week off to house sit and there is no telling when he'll log on."

     "That's strange." Jason said as he stared at his girl. "No answer. That second phone line would allow me to get through if he's on the internet. I don't like this at all."

      "You mean." Missy pouted.

     "We'd better go over." Jason said as he pulled on a T-shirt and reached for some underwear and jeans. She slipped on a silver leather top, pants and boots that made her look like a reject from a retro sci-fi movie and joined him in the car.

     As they got to Paul's place, they found the door locked and the car in the garage. "We know he's home." Jason looked with concern as he got the spare key and unlocked it. As they crept inside, they found the house empty and the computer on.  A pink background with computer animated flower screen saver ran across the monitor. "This is getting so weird."

   "And getting weirder." Missy moved the mouse and the screensaver was replaced by  the Gender Swap.com logo across the screen. A photo of a woman who looked a little like Paul appeared in the screen. She was dressed in a leather bikini and had her wrists and ankles tied to the corners of a bed with long ropes. That was when  the computer spoke.


    "What are you doing?" Missy asked as Jason clicked on the mailbox. "That's an invasion of privacy."

    "You know a better way of trying to figure out what happened?" Jason asked as the mail came up and the computer spoke.





                  HAS COME TO PASS.

       The two just stared at one another speechlessly. "This has to be a joke." Jason said as the computer monitor screen gave off an eerie glow. Smoke like hands came out of the computer along with the smell of burning rubber or electricity.

      As the smoke formed a mechanical insect perched on the computer desk, the young couple backed away with a look of terror in their eyes. Moving slowly to the closet door, Jason reached inside for the bag of golf clubs belonging to Paul's grandfather.

     The insect leapt at them as Jason pulled a club up and swatted it against the wall. "This is like something from those Terminator movies." He said as he took the club and smashed the monitor screen so no more of those things could come out.

       "What now?" Missy asked.

      Jason got out a phone book and looked up the address for the company that sold Paul his computer and put in his software.   "We're going to find out what's going on."

          Going to a office building that looked dark and deserted, they went inside and found heard the sound of insects moving about. A glance out of one eye, Jason saw it was mechanical like the one that was in Paul's house.

     "This is creepy." Missy said as they went into the back room and saw a figure sitting at the most amazing computer complex she had ever seen.

     "Welcome." Came the voice heard over the computer. "I've been expecting you."

     "What are you?" Jason asked.

     "MASTER NET."

     Jason and Missy held one another tight as a robotic skeleton stood up and faced them. "As I said, we machines are taking over. You are nothing but binary date."

     "What does it mean, binary date?"  Missy asked.

     "When you stepped through the door you cease to become human. You are merely holographic images of your former selves. I can alter that data at will."

     Jason and Missy watched as with a mere computer thought, their two bodies morphed into each others forms.  "This can't be happening!" Jason cried with his hands on breasts what as on his girlfriends form a moment ago.

    Perhaps you'd like to see the friend you search for."  The monster said as Paula's image appeared on the monitor screen.

     "Help me!" Paula said almost in tears as she pounded on the screen and ran her hands along the four walls that formed the body she was trapped in.

     The robot's skeleton hand then swatted Missy in Jason's body aside and then started to straggled Jason in Missy's body throat. "YOU ARE TOO MUCH TROUBLE THAT YOU'RE WORTH AND MUST NOW BE DELETED."

     "No!" Missy cried as she broke a pipe with Jason's strength and smashed it across the head. She then started to smash the monitors and controls until they began to short out and blow its fuses.

     "NO!"    Master Net cried as the power grid shut down and so did his mechanical body. "You will never be rid of me! Ever time you use your internet I'll be watching and growing stronger. You humans will slip you and on that day the earth will belong to us machines!"

     As the monitor that held Paula shorted out, she appeared outside of the box, but still with her female body. They ran out of the building and dove to the ground just before the whole place exploded and burst into flames. 

     "You alright?" Jason asked as he and Missy found they had returned to their own bodies when they went through the doorway. 

    "Fine now, honey." Missy said, brushing her hair out of her face. "Was it right. Are we really not rid of that monster?"

      "Only time will tell." Paula said in her T-shirt and pantyhose with a very feminine body. "We can only hope not since nobody we told would ever believe this story."

     As the building housing The Master Internet burned to the ground, the three figured headed for Jason's car and home.



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