Twisted Terror

by  Paul Jutras

    High over the jungle did the small plane go.  Inside, Missy Green looked worried as she rechecked her map and thought back to the mad man dressed as a witch doctor on the morning news. The scientist was a long arch foe of her secret agent dad. Since both her parents died in their last undercover mission they couldn't be traded for the hostages.

    "Hope he'll take me instead," Missy thought as she knew the home she was staying at during her 17th year until she could be legally on her own. 

     What she didn't notice was an invisible beam shooting from one of the scientist's secret weapons and causing her engine to get knocked out. All she could do was try to keep the nose up and scream as she went in for a crash landing in the jungle. As series of trees softened the crash, that kept her from passing out. A large branch poked through the radio meant she wasn't going to be calling for help anytime soon.

      "Glad I dressed for the jungle," She thought in her cut off tank top and jeans so tight they were like a second skin. "Though these platform sandals weren't the right idea." She thought as she went barefoot toward a village that looked like something more Hollywood than real.

     As she started to examine the native huts, a dart hit her in the neck. Her muscles tightened right off, causing her to topple over and lay on the ground stiff as a board.  "Quick girl," A voice said.  "Who are you and where is Agent Green, missy?"

    "How did you know my name is Missy?" Missy asked. "I'm Agent Green's daughter. Both my parents are dead now and I hoped you'd take me in exchange for the hostages."

     "Never mind. I will tell you that there are no hostages," The scientist glared. "It was all a ruse to trap and dispose of my greatest foe. But I can't let you follow in your dad's footsteps and become a new adversary."

     "This is what I get for using a voice changer to call the airport and have them get a private plane ready for me,"  Missy thought as she realized that pretending to be her late dad was a bad idea.

    "I was going to turn your dad into a display figure and sell him to some store, but I rather like your showing up much better." The scientist said as he pulled out a sausage-shaped piece of plastic and a pair of pantyhose. He then forced the plastic into her sex with the base making her look sexless. "No good mannequin can have, sex you know. They also have their toes fused together. We'll take care of that now."

     Having the tight hose pulled over her legs made Missy feel she was wearing a second skin from the waist down.  He picked her stiff body up and set her back on her feet. From out of nowhere, her sandals were replaced with high-heeled pumps. Special cup supports over her breasts made her top half look more like a mannequin as he sprayed a liquid plastic of his own design on her from head to toe.  As it coated Missy, all her body hair including that on her head washed away. In seconds the plastic hardened, freezing her into her sexy mannequn pose forever.

     "Now to get you packed and shipped," the strange man said as he removed his witch doctor disguise. Her frozen eyes watched the scene before her darken as the crate closed and was nailed shut.  She had no way to tell time passing but  every bump the crate made while shipping sent a surge of pleasure to her most erotic parts.

     She expected to be in some shop's storeroom when the crate was opened. Instead she found herself by an indoor pool.  The one who opened it was the scientist himself. This time he was fully dressed in a three piece suit and white lab coat. "Surprised to see me?" He laughed knowing she couldn't answer.

     "I thought of selling you," he continued as he laid her on her back.  A mechanical arm with a cork screw at the end removed the dido from inside her while he pried open her mouth. A laser then penetrated her and she found her hard insides softing. "Then I got a better idea. .."

     "Am  I going to live?" Missy thought frantically as she tried to move, but couldn't.  He snickered as he sensed  her panic inside.

     "No you're not going to live." The scientist picked her up and she found she was not only light as a feather, but floated in the pool she was tossed into. "Not in a human sense anyway. You're going to be my love toy in both my pool size bath tub and in my bed."

     Sad feelings welled up inside her as she floated to the side of the pool/ tub and felt him touch the side of her neck.  With a hissing sound, she began to deflate. "I forgot to tell you that you were going to become a blow up love doll that can be deflated and slept with under my pillow even.  You learn to love me. Not that you'll ever have a choice in your bed partners ever again. Ha, ha, ha, ha."



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