Maggie’s Clock VII: Promotional Material

by FreezAntix

These are all tales of hijinks that Tucker has with his magical gizmo, which take place in what will be known from now on as the 'Tuckerverse'. You may want to read more of Tucker's tales from the beginning, or catch up on Maggie's latest chapter before continuing; the lead characters are introduced in the first story. There is also a chronological index to the series as well as a comprehensive Tuckerverse Wiki! [Ed.]


            Maggie moaned loudly as she worked her hips. She had on a twelve-inch dildo strapped around her waist. The sex toy was double sided and sported a six-inch counterpart on its opposite side that was currently inserted into Maggie’s own sex. As she worked the business end, she was being pleasured at the same time. Erika Stone lay between Maggie’s legs. Her blue eyes staring blankly up at the ceiling while her mouth was open, giving the billionaire a surprised look. She was frozen into a living sex toy and had been for a few days now ever since Maggie had abducted her and her friends from the blondes’ penthouse apartment in downtown Malibu. Maggie had initially just wanted to visit the eccentric billionaire since she was in the area, but then decided to add her to her palace collection, aka Belinda Frazier’s mansion, whose number of statue-still occupants was growing every time she visited. Since kidnapping someone like Erika Stone would alert the authorities, Maggie figured if she took the woman’s friends as well no one would notice. Thus far she had been correct as a few days had passed and no missing-persons stories involving Erika or her friends had made the evening news yet.

            Erika’s naked form was posed under the Chinese girl with her arms folded under her head and her blonde tresses a mess as a result of the paces that Maggie had put her through since she was added to the palace. Erika’s naked long legs were straight and parted wide, giving Maggie full access to her sex. They were currently on Belinda Frazier’s king size bed. Maggie took two more thrusts, reached yet another tumultuous climax, and eventually fell beside Erika. The dildo made an odd pop as it left Erika’s womanhood. The Chinese girl smiled with her eyes shut as she let her body recover from her orgasms. She was just as naked Erika except for the strap on. “Whew that was fun,” she said, breathlessly and in ecstasy. “Much better than attending class, that’s for sure!” she added, sitting up and eyed Erika’s naked goddess-like body. She had skipped class that morning to go to the mall to look for some used video games. She then ran into two models though and promptly froze them on impulse. She had meant to stop by at her palace anyway for another matter, but with the two frozen models she decided to stop there as soon as possible. As soon as the models were posed and stored, she just had to revisit Erika Stone, as she was the hottest woman in the palace at the moment.

            She looked over to the other side of bed and smiled at Saffron Westlake’s naked body. The redhead was easily Maggie’s favorite and was second only to Erika. She was busty and tall, yet surprisingly she was shorter than Erika Stone. Erika had many elements that made her attractive; her height was never considered as one them, but the fact of the matter was the blonde was pretty tall. After Maggie had stripped her naked on her first night in the palace she found that billionaire was taller than the redhead. Finding measuring tape she found that Erika stood just couple inches less than six feet, barefooted. Another thing that Erika had that no one seemed to really notice and Maggie had only noticed since the woman was frozen and in her possession was that she had light beauty mark just under the left eye.

            Saffron was currently posed on her knees and elbows with her backside arched upward as Maggie had taken her from behind before she had attacked Erika. Her head was angled forward, looking at the headboard with her eyes closed and mouth hanging open. Maggie crawled out of the bed and unclasped the strap-on from her hips. She then plugged the business end of it into Saffron’s rectum. “Not sure if you like it that way… but since you’re not complaining I’ll leave it there for now,” she said, smacking the redhead’s backside before padding out of the room.

            Maggie entered the hallway bathroom and was welcomed by the sight of Mary Hamilton. Like her lover Erika, she was naked as well. Mary was leaned over the sink with hair dangling in it. Her hands held the edges to balance her frozen body in the unbalanced pose. “The dye job looks complete and dry,” Maggie observed, running her hands through Mary’s dark and dampened hair. “Let’s get you up and see how it looks,” she then said as she stood Mary back upright. She looked in the mirror and nodded her approval. Mary’s face bore a closed lipped smile and her blue eyes gazed out blankly. Her once red hair was now dyed a dark brown. Maggie had decided that there should only be one super-hot redhead in the house and that was her Saffron.

            Hooking her arms around Mary’s waist, Maggie dragged the new brunette out of the bathroom and down the hall to one of the three guest rooms. She then posed Mary to stand with one hand cupping her chin while the other hand ran through her newly dark hair. A supermodel’s pout was then given to her lips and her naked legs were set wider apart. “Perfect,” Maggie remarked after stepping back from the woman. She noticed Mary’s red patch of pubes covering her sex and made a note to take care of that later. “I’ll ride you later, I’m kinda sexed out at the moment.”

            “Time to finish up some business,” Maggie announced as she entered the next-door guest room. Amanda Burns, who Maggie had picked up earlier at the mall, sat with her legs crossed at the knees on the queen size bed that occupied the room. Her body was leaned back with her hands supporting her. Her dirty blond hair hung loose behind her head as she was tilted backwards so her face was looking at the ceiling. Her eyes were shut and her lips bore a neutral expression. Like the other three women on the floor, she was naked. On the ground at the foot of bed was trash bag filled with her clothing. Maggie had been collecting all of the palace’s residents clothing in trash bags and tossing them in a coat closet downstairs.

            Standing next to the bed was Chene Francois, who like Amanda was a model for Models Inc. She and Amanda were collected that morning at the same time as they were shopping for shoes. Chene was a blonde French woman. Her hair was cut short, falling just under her chin. Her green eyes stared emptily ahead and she held a blank expression. She was still standing at attention as it was easier for Maggie to transport frozen people that way. The French woman was dressed in a loose-fitting short sleeve open neck sweater. The sweater was long and fell over her crotch; a thick leather belt with a silver buckle circled over the sweater and around her hips. She wore a mini leather skirt while black leggings covered her legs as she stood frozen in black ankle high-heeled boots. Finishing her stylish look was an assortment of jewelry, bracelets on both wrists, rings on a few fingers, a diamond necklace around her neck, and gold hoop earrings.

            “You’re not dressed right for this party,” Maggie said as she moved the trash bag that was already filled with Amanda’s clothing to Chene’s feet. She removed the jewelry first and then the belt. Once these items were added to the bag, Maggie raised Chene’s arms up over her head and stripped off the sweater, tossing it in the bag as well. She eyed the black satin push-up bra the French model wore as she moved behind her to remove it. With Chene topless, she was lowed to carpeted floor and her heeled boots were removed, rendering her feet – which were still posed as if she were wearing the boots – bare. The leggings and mini skirt were then removed, followed by the white lacy panties that covered Chene’s snatch.

            Maggie smiled eying the sliver of dark blonde hair that covered Chene’s sex before standing the model up and flattening her stance. She then moved the French woman to sit at the corner of the bed, next to where Amanda sat stiffly. Maggie spread Chene’s thighs apart so she was straddling the corner and placed her calves tight against the bed with her feet standing on her bare toes. Chene’s hands were then put under each of her breasts and arranged to make it seem like she was squeezing each. Maggie arranged the model’s face to have a slight grin with eyes half open. “Perfect for now,” the Chinese girl said as she looked over Chene’s pose. Picking up the garbage bag full of the women’s clothes and throwing it over her shoulder, Maggie glanced once more at the two naked models and added, “I’ll see you ladies in a little bit; I’m not done with you yet.”

            Still naked, Maggie made her way down the steps of the house back to the main level. At the bottom of the stairs was the foyer of the entrance where Iris Brendon sat rigidly on the small sofa near the door. Iris had seen Kansas using the clock at her bank and was promptly frozen to hide the clock’s secret. Iris was a great addition to the palace, once her work clothes were removed. She sat in the center of the sofa, completely naked with her legs spread wide, revealing her bushy covered sex. Her arms were spread wide over the top the sofa with both hands giving a thumbs up gesture. A drunken smile was molded on the bank manager’s lips with her eyes barely open. Nearby, Maggie opened main hallway’s coat closet and tossed the garbage bag in. The closet was already filled with purses and clothing from the other women who occupied her palace so far. Maggie had to even kick some of the contents around to close the door properly. With the closet door securely closed, Maggie moved down the hall and headed into the living room, bellowing, “Hello ladies!”

            The spacious living room featured the bulk of palace’s residents thus far. Nearly all were more or less naked. There had been two tall brass lamps in two of the corners of the room. Since the room already had more than enough lighting, Maggie thought she would replace the two lamps with something that was more attractive to look at. Trish King the aspiring actress and one of the first residents of the palace occupied one corner. She stood at attention with her legs tight together and her arms tight at her sides. The redheaded actress was completely naked, save for a lampshade she wore over her head covering the upper half of her face, leaving only her chin and toothy smile visible. In the opposite corner was Friday, a blonde haired girl who was a classmate of Maggie’s. Maggie had picked up Friday recently on an impulse. Like the actress, Friday was naked save for the lampshade over her head as she stood at frozen attention. Maggie had leaned the lamp shade back a bit to reveal Friday’s blankly staring blue eyes and bright smile. Naturally Friday didn’t smile that often, so Maggie thought it was nice to see the girl’s smile.

            Dana Callahan was one the ladies that had also recently come to the palace. From her ID, Maggie had learned that the brunette worked as a registry clerk at her college. Maggie had even stopped by Dana’s office while on campus a few days back and found that another person had taken the woman’s place. She figured that Decker State College had released Dana from employment thanks to her being part of the palace. Dana certainly did not look like she cared that she did not have a job anymore as she was smiling woodenly. The brunette was only dressed in pair of black thigh-high stockings. She was posed standing next the lone coffee table that was in the center of the room. Dana stood with one arm bent forward at the elbow while the other arm held a wine glass up high as if toasting.

            Standing next to Dana in a similar pose, but dressed white stockings instead of black, was former cell phone sales woman Kelly Creek. The dark haired, blue-eyed girl stood with a beaming smile, her gaze locked on a blonde standing across from her. Courtney Valance was the woman’s name according to her ID. She had been one of Erika Stone’s maids. When Maggie had picked up Erika and friends, she had also found two maids that she had to take as well. Lucky for Maggie, both women were gorgeous and thus fit in perfectly with the other residents of the palace. Courtney, like the other two women, bore a smile and was posed toasting a wine glass. Her slim legs were covered in thigh-high pink stockings. The other maid was named Talieya Antzas; a tanned Greek with long dark lush hair once it was pulled free of the bun she usually wore it in. She stood in a toasting pose across from Dana, dressed only in fishnet stockings.

            The final lady in the room was one of Erika’s friends and employees. Monica Stein was posed in mid-stride, heading towards where the other four women were posed. She was the only one in the room who wasn’t naked. Monica was dressed in a high-hemmed, tight-fitting dark blue French Maid’s outfit that included a little white frilly apron. Her legs were covered in dark fishnet hosiery while she stood on plain black heels that looked to be a size too big for her. She held a silver tray in front of her at waist level containing three wine glasses a bottle of wine. The outfit had belonged to Talieya but Maggie thought that since Monica was now a resident of the palace, some role reversal was in order. Monica’s dark hair was tied back into a conservative bun to complete her look. The travel agent also bore an empty smile on her lips with her unblinking eyes fixed on an unseen object that made her look very mannequin-like.

            Maggie walked around the living room, inspecting her women and making small adjustments here and there before padding through the next room to check on some of the other residents. A few paces from the living room Maggie reached the kitchen and poked her head in, eyeing the two women that were posed there. Caitlin Trafford was Monica’s wife and also another Stone Enterprises employee. From what Maggie knew through the tabloids, Caitlin was a former British socialite but she had lost all of her money during the whole Paradise Foundation incident. She then moved to the states and married Monica Stein. She and Monica were actually Erika’s roommates, which was why they were taken along with the billionaire. For Caitlin’s appearance, Maggie played the role reversal card once again and dressed the red-haired Brit in Courtney’s maid uniform. The uniform was a little less skimpy than the one that was currently being worn by Monica but would still be categorized as French Maid’s outfit. It featured a light blue short-sleeved uniform dress, white apron, fishnets and heels. Like her wife, Caitlin’s tresses were tied back into a conservative bun. She stood with a feather duster, next to a work counter with one hand on her hip with the other held the duster over the counter. Her head was turned toward the entryway of the kitchen and she bore a wink and a smile directed at whoever would enter the kitchen. The other motionless woman in the room was blonde-haired Sally Richardson, a men’s clothing store clerk. The green-eyed blonde was completely naked with her hair tied into a loose bun under a white chef’s hat. She stood smiling in front of the oven. Her arms were bent forward the elbows with each hand holding a kitchen utensil, a whisk in the right and a spatula in the left. Maggie gave a quick thumbs-up to the scene before ducking out.

            On the other side of the living room was short hallway that led to a guest bathroom and the doorway to the garage. The hall also contained Belinda’s office. It was a decent-sized room decorated with red Berber carpet; the wood-paneled walls were lined with bookshelves containing leather bound legal journals. A big oak desk dominated one end of the room. Behind the oak desk sat Celeste Green, another classmate of Maggie’s. She had been picked up on the same day as Friday. Maggie had found the two talking out in the parking lot and couldn’t resist. Celeste was dark skinned with long luscious black hair; she sat naked in the big throne-like seat behind the desk, posed with her hands running through her hair and her chest thrust outward to show off her perfect round breasts capped with small dark nipples. She held an orgasmic look on her face with her eyes closed. Standing in front of one the bookshelves were Belinda Frazier and Connie Soyer. Both women were naked and stood at attention with their eyes closed and mouths open. Maggie had stored the pair of lawyers who had originally come with the palace, one of them the original owner, in this office simply because she had run out of ideas. Celeste she had planned to place behind the desk, but for Connie and Belinda, Maggie wasn’t sure about so they would stand there until she figured something out. Maggie looked at the three frozen women and nodded, “Everything looks good in here.”

            Maggie had parked the Lancer in Belinda’s two-car garage for ease of transporting the two frozen models. The other cars belonging to Saffron, Dana, Trish and Belinda were parked neatly in the wide driveway. Opening the door that led from the house into the garage, Maggie stepped into a pair of faux leopard fur slippers and walked over to the back of the Lancer. She then opened the trunk, which she had left unlocked since arriving at the palace earlier. Curled inside of the small, cluttered trunk was Maggie’s former supervisor and nemesis, Calista Suvari. The blonde Greek had been Maggie’s real reason to make a stop at her palace today, before she had picked up the two models. Maggie had picked up Calista the night prior from the woman’s apartment. The Greek had her hair in a ponytail and her eyes were closed with lips slightly agape. She was dressed a big pink t-shirt over pink panties and fuzzy knee-high socks. Maggie had taken the Greek as she slept and she still would have looked to be peacefully sleeping if she hadn’t been magically frozen and then contorted awkwardly to fit in the trunk. “Let’s get you in the house and out of them clothes,” Maggie said with a giggle as she reached to pull the Greek out.

            As Maggie leaned into her car she heard a muffled buzzing that she recognized was her phone. She was puzzled at first at how her phone was even working when time was stopped. Then she remembered time wasn’t stopped. She had to restart it to activate the gate and the garage opener. “Damnit,” she cursed, walking around to the passenger compartment of the car. Opening the driver’s door she noted her clock sitting securely in the front passenger seat where she left it when she started time and evidently forgotten to stop it again. She grabbed her cell phone from the middle console and saw that she had missed nearly thirty calls. “Crap that can’t be good…” Maggie sighed and then checked to see who had been trying to reach her. There were a few from her sister, her mother, and her aunt and then the rest were from Cindy. She was about call back when she noted there was a text message as well. She checked the text message and decided not call back. It was from Cindy and she seemed pissed or panicked. The message had said ‘Where the hell are you!? Stop time and come home now!’ “Yup, not good,” Maggie said, grabbing her clock and then stopping time.

            “Better get you inside and then see what this is all about,” Maggie said to the unhearing Calista, gesturing at her cell phone before she reached in and started to pull the frozen Greek out of her trunk.


            Calista was soon stored upright next to Belinda and Connie in the office. She was stripped naked so she would fit in with the naked lawyers before Maggie hunted down her own clothing. Once Maggie was dressed in her mini denim skirt, which was a designer-labeled gift from Cindy, a black baby-doll t-shirt, and a pair of yellow flip-flops she made her way home. She individually unfroze certain items just so she could lock up the house and get out the gate and garage. Once back out in the road her clock did its thing and she cruised on home. She was use to driving around with the world frozen around her and could actually manage to do it naturally.

            Problem with driving with the world frozen was that it was slower as there were more obstacles and things tended to take a little longer. Eventually Maggie made it back to Cindy’s residence, a converted carriage house that Maggie lived in the back of. Cindy’s driveway was occupied by her white Civic with a lowered red 1998 Toyota Supra ragtop on big wheels parked behind it. The Supra was Tina’s car, from what Maggie remembered. Out on the curb Maggie pulled in behind a Dodge Charger LAPD black and white cruiser, which she figured was part of Cindy’s emergency. There was a maroon Lexus GS330 that was parked in front of the cop car that was a familiar car to Maggie.  The silver Audi S4 parked directly in front of Cindy’s place was a mystery however.

            Sighing, Maggie gathered her things and tossed her clock into her messenger bag. She exited the Lancer and locked it up, taking her normal route of walking up the driveway and around the side of the house. Opening the six-foot-tall wooden privacy gate, she entered the back yard where the pool was, along with her place. Out by the pool she spotted the frozen figures of Tina Ly and Denise Ortega, two of Cindy’s closest friends. Cindy’s pool was usually empty with a canvas covering. A few days ago she had it filled on the request that some of her friends wanted use it. Cindy was a good friend like that. It was one of the many qualities that Maggie loved about her.

            Tina was laid out on one of the poolside seats that was reclined to act as a bed. Her body was covered in sun tanning oil and glistened in the sun like polished bronze. Maggie always thought the stripper looked like mannequin – in a sense she was one at the moment with time frozen and all that oil making her look painted. She was dressed in dark brown two-piece bikini. Her dark brown hair with blond highlights was tied up in loose bun while her eyes were covered in big round sunglasses. Her lips were glossy and parted slightly, showing white teeth underneath. One arm was under her head while the other rested limply at her side. Her right leg was straight while the left was raised up and bent at the knee. A table nearby held what appeared to Tina’s things: a bag, towel and magazine. There were three glasses of colorful drinks on the table. Maggie also noted that two pool seats looked to have had occupants in them as well.

            Embedded in the jelly-like substance that was time-stopped water was another person dressed in a one-piece white swimsuit. She was frozen while swimming, the frozen splash around her looked odd and interesting at the same time, almost like an ice sculpture. Judging by her body structure Maggie knew the swimmer was Denise. Where is Cindy? Maggie thought, looking around the empty yard and then noticing that the sliding back door to Cindy’s house was open.

            Maggie made her way inside and after a little bit of searching found the rest of party in Cindy’s foyer. As she suspected the Lexus out front belonged to none other than her mom, Ling Yen. Her mother was exactly half a century old but for the most part was considered rather a MILF. Maggie didn’t think so but others around her had mentioned it. The senior Yen was dressed in a light blue business skirt suit with white trimming. She stood in pair black sensible heels and her legs were covered in tan hosiery. Ling’s hair was pulled up in a conservative bun, which was how she always wore her hair. A pair pearl earrings and a matching necklace finished up her look. She held a scowl on her face that Maggie thought was natural and stood with her arms crossed. Her gaze was fixed on another Asian woman who Maggie never met before, probably the owner of the Audi she guessed.

            The unfamiliar woman had brown hair with highlighted streaks in it, giving her a youthful look, though Maggie could guess she was older. She had a pair of sunglasses pushed up on her forehead and was dressed tan light jacket over an open-necked shirt underneath. Stone washed tight fitting designer jeans hugged her legs but flared out over her feet, which stood in a pair of wicker wedges. With her wedges on, the mystery woman was still a little shorter than Ling, but well proportioned from what Maggie could tell. A ponytail in her long hair and her sheepskin purse over her shoulder completed her look. She stood with her hands on her hips with her mouth held open as if saying something just as time stopped and her eyes were staring back at Maggie’s mother.

            The cop car that was parked outside belonged to Maggie’s aunt, Naomi Yen. She was Maggie’s dad’s younger sister and her favorite aunt. Maggie even lived with Naomi before she moved with Tucker. Naomi looked good in the dark blue uniform though she was short; all the Yen women were all the same height. Officer Naomi, who Maggie affectionately called Auntie N, stood biting her lower lip with a worried gaze at her sister-in-law. Her hands rested on her heavy gun belt. Her black hair was pulled back in tight regulation bun. A pair of dark aviators hung from her left breast pocket, which really made her look like a cop instead of Maggie’s loving aunt.

            Cindy completed the group standing next to the mystery woman. She was dressed in Maggie’s Voltron t-shirt that no doubt hid her bikini underneath and stood in brown flip-flops. Her hair was tied in a loose bun and large hoop earrings hung in her ear lobes. Cindy had a worried look on her face as she gazed at her cell phone that she held in her hands.

            Maggie moved behind her frozen girlfriend and looked over her shoulder; as she suspected the message displayed on the cell phone was the urgent text she had sent to Maggie just before time stopped. As she stood behind Cindy, she took in a whiff of the girl’s tangerine-scented sun block and smiled, feeling warmness settle over her. Cindy had loads of clothing and looked hot in almost everything; she was a fashion model after all. Maggie did find it hottest when Cindy was dressed simply in jeans and a t-shirt. However when Cindy dressed in Maggie’s clothing she was off the scales hot.

            “This won’t do…I’m going to have to remove you from this Asian pool party…” Maggie whispered huskily into Cindy’s ear before wrapping her arms around her girlfriend’s waist and dragging her away.

            Along the way the flip-flops on Cindy’s feet were slipped off, a prelude of things to come. Once they reached the living room, Maggie soon had Cindy’s stiff body on the sofa and quickly stripped the t-shirt off her girlfriend followed by the white two-piece bikini she wore under it. Cindy Vu was completely naked in less than thirty seconds and not many seconds later Maggie was also sporting her birthday suit as well.

            Cindy blinked and jumped, realizing what had just happened. It took her another second to figure out that she was naked on her sofa with Maggie sitting over her. She couldn’t help but to smile at Maggie’s cute smile as she held her magic clock in her small hands. “Hey babe…” Cindy breathed.

            “Hey yourself,” Maggie said putting the clock aside and leaning down to kiss her girlfriend. “You’re so hot, I’m so lucky to have you,” she then said while fondling Cindy’s breasts.

            “Right back at you, how long?” Cindy then asked getting comfortable between Maggie’s naked thighs.

            Maggie shrugged, “An hour at best. What’s going on out there?” Maggie asked gesturing towards the foyer.

            “Well your mom came… used that cop in there to track down where you live. They wanted to talk to you. I told them you weren’t home and your mom insisted in waiting at your place. I wasn’t about to let her in there, but she’s stubborn. Then my aunt showed up and that’s when things got ugly... my aunt wanted your mom off my property. I really thought the cop was going to say something… but she just stood there,” Cindy explained.

            “Well the cop is my aunt… didn’t you read her name plate?”

            “Wasn’t really paying attention, she’s the law so I was only eying the badge and the big gun on her hip.”

            “So the hottie in the highlights and fancy pants is your aunt? Figured as much,” Maggie chuckled, “You come from sexy blood.”

            Cindy couldn’t help but to chuckle at the corny comment. “She’s my dad’s sister and sort of my guardian… my parents asked her to look in on me once a while. She owns one of my parents' stores.”

            “I was wondering why she was here… my aunt is a cop.”

            Cindy laughed and sat up so the two women could cuddle, “Duh!”

            “Sorry about them ruining your day with your friends,” Maggie said gesturing outside. “My mom is evil but Auntie N has to listen to her since she’s my family’s matriarch.”

            “Actually Mags… I don’t think she’s that bad. She’s mean as hell and scary, I’ll give you that. I would have let her hang out in your place if you didn’t have that frozen actress stashed in your room. We were about to settle on a compromise when my Aunt Thuy showed up and it just went downhill from there. I don’t know how you don’t see it, but your mom loves the hell out of you. She was here because she was worried. You are clearly her favorite.”

            “You know…” Maggie thought for a second and continued. “I don’t see that.”

            “Of course you don’t… you don’t see a lot of things… you didn’t see how much your sister loves you, you don’t see that you’re hot to the point that both men and women want you and don’t see that you have a mom who is overprotective and loves you to death.”

            “And here I thought glasses were supposed to help me see things…” Maggie grumbled crossing her arms and puffing her cheeks out.

            “It’s right in front of you Mags, just look,” Cindy said giggling caressing Maggie’s cheek with the back of hand. “I’m here to help you figure it out.”

            “Fine… so what do you want to do now?”

            Cindy shrugged, “we could dress back up and restart time and I can start showing you how your mom cares about you… or?”

            “Or… please tell me the ‘or’, the first option doesn’t sound fun at all.”

            “Your mom and aunt are kinda hot…” Cindy said biting her lower lip innocently.

            “Eww… gross!” Maggie remarked in disgust.

            “Hey! You called my aunt a hottie, you hypocrite!”

            “Fine, you got me, what’s this ‘or’ option then?”

            “I get to know your aunt and mom through the magic of frozen time and you get to know my aunt?”

            “Sounds like I get the short end of the stick.”

            “How so? My aunt could have been a model if she hadn’t jumped into the family business.”

            “You get two women and I get one…” Maggie pointed out and then added. “Give me your friends, too?”

            “What? Then you get three and I have two? That sounds real fair…” Cindy chucked, but with a frown.

            Maggie thought for a moment and smiled at her girlfriend, “You get Kayley.” Kayley Wu was on a personal hiatus that no one was supposedly knew about, so Maggie had frozen the actress a few weeks ago and had her favorite movie star stashed into her room ever since.

            “Deal!” Cindy blurted without a thought and extended her hand. Maggie instead just kissed her, which turned into a four-minute make-out session before the pair separated.

            It was decided that Cindy would use the carriage house since Kayley was already there and Maggie would get the house. Still naked, Cindy and Maggie both went outside and moved Tina and then with some effort pulled Denise from the jelly-like pool and placed them in Cindy’s bedroom. Cindy’s Aunt Thuy followed suit afterward, joining Cindy’s friends. Maggie mom was then moved into Maggie’s room in the carriage house, the two lovers carrying the mature Chinese woman who remained in her pose as if she was a piece of furniture. Ling was then placed upright to stand next to Kayley Wu, who stood dressed in coconut shell bra and grass hula skirt next to Maggie’s bed. The Hawaiian actress looked stunning even though she was in her forties; she had been posed as if frozen while hula dancing.

            Naomi for some reason proved to be the heaviest. Maggie blamed it on them being unfit and tired. They did after all they had just moved four statue-like women around, up flights of stairs and out of a jelly filled pool. Cindy however deviously thought that Naomi’s clothing and gear made her heavy. Maggie only rolled her eyes before assisting her girlfriend in undressing the suspended policewoman. Cindy removed Naomi’s shirt, feeling the thrill of undressing a cop. Maggie took off her aunt’s gun belt and then undid the belt that held her aunt’s pants up. Cindy stripped off Naomi’s Kevlar vest off next, followed by her plain t-shirt. Maggie pulled down her aunt’s pants down to her ankles and then removed her boots and socks to pull the pants off the rest of the way. Naomi soon stood in only a pair of plain-Jane dark blue cotton panties and matching sports bra with her arms raised over her head. She still bore the worried look on her face. Cindy started tugging at the sports bra but Maggie stopped her.

            “I’m not going to see Auntie N naked,” Maggie said seriously. Leaving out the fact that she had stripped her sister and mom naked before. Auntie N was always nice to her and was considered her cool aunt.

            “Fine…” Cindy pouted. “Let’s move her then.” Cindy slipped on the pair of aviators over Naomi’s eyes before the pair leaned her back and lifted her up, leaving her clothing and gear in a pile in the foyer. Contrary to Cindy’s theory, she was still heavy; they still had to take several breaks moving Naomi out of the house, across the backyard and up a flight of stairs. By the time the nearly naked cop was in Maggie’s bedroom, both girls were beat.

            Maggie left Cindy to her three women as soon she got her wind back. She left just in time too as Cindy had started pulling Ling’s and Naomi’s hair loose. Back in the house she groaned as her leg muscles still burned after she climbed up the flight of stairs back to Cindy’s room. “I have returned,” she announced, standing in the doorway hands on her naked hips surveying the scene in front of her.

            Since Tina was lifted and carried in her pose, she was placed on the bed lying as if she was still in the beach seat. Denise stood at attention; she was in a really weird pose when they pulled her from the pool. The attention pose was the easiest to carry her in. Her face still bore an odd expression though, with her mouth open awkwardly and eyes squinting. Her dark hair was matted to her head. Finally, Cindy’s Aunt Thuy stood in the same pose as if still in the foyer next to Denise. Maggie stepped up to Thuy and looked her up and down, “I think you’re a little over dressed,” she looked over at the two other women and asked, “Don’t you think so?”

            With a nod answering her own question, Maggie removed the purse from Thuy’s shoulder, with the jacket following. Thuy’s arms were then raised and Maggie slipped off her top, revealing the satin bra underneath. Maggie then molded Thuy’s face into a more serene expression with gaped lips and sleepy eyes before she was stiffly lowered to the bed. Thuy’s lower half rigidly hung off the edge of bed as Maggie removed the wedges followed by her tight fitting jeans. Cindy’s aunt was then stood back up, clad only in a black thong and white bra. “Cindy’s right, you could have been a model…” Maggie observed looking the older Vu up and down. With the wedges off, Thuy was actually shorter than Maggie; it made her feel kind of funny, as she was not taller than most people. “Okay, now that we’re on the same page let’s get naked!”

            Naomi Yen was stark naked and lay out on Maggie’s bed, hair long black hair fanned out under her. The aviators still covered her eyes but her mouth hung wide open. Her legs were straight while her arms were posed under her head. Cindy took in the naked woman, admiring her pink-capped round breasts and her nicely trimmed womanhood. She let her gaze shift over and smiled at Kayley’s naked frame lying in pretty much the same pose as Naomi. Cindy licked her lips and looked back over at Maggie’s aunt, “I’m sorry, it’s no contest; Kayley is hotter… don’t get me wrong, you’re still hot by default since you are related to the love of my life.”

            “As for you, Mrs. Yen I think it’s your turn to come at last,” Cindy said, crossing her arms under her own naked breasts as she walked over to the elder Yen. Ling now stood at attention; her hair had been let down and fell like dark silk to the small of her back. The scowl that she had worn in the house was gone and replaced by an unnatural bright smile with blank dark eyes. Cindy stood in front of Ling, looking her up and down appreciatively. “You’re a gorgeous woman; your daughters are hot too, especially my Maggie,” she rubbed Ling’s cheek with back of her hand and then moved south to start unbuttoning the suit jacket. “I’m so glad you’re hot…” Cindy mumbled as she opens Ling’s suit jacket, revealing the top half of the one-piece cream-colored silk slip that the older Chinese women wore underneath. Cindy could clearly see Ling’s nipples through the thin fabric. “Now I know Maggie will just be as hot down the road,” she commented, moving behind Ling and pulling the jacket off the older woman’s shoulders and letting it fall to the ground. Moving back in front of Ling, Cindy removed Ling’s necklace, earrings and gold watch. Putting the jewelry aside Cindy moved back behind the older woman and unzipped her skirt, letting it fall freely off Ling’s hips after a slight tug. Ling’s arms are then raised up and Cindy peels the slip off her unmoving form.

            Cindy drops the slip and moves to stand facing Maggie’s mother. Ling’s breasts were small but not flat and angled outward slightly. They only sagged a bit and were capped with dark nipples. Ling had a little gut over her womanhood that was out of control to say the least, with a mass of black curly hair covering it. Her legs were covered in thigh-high nude stockings. Cindy couldn’t help but smile that Ling didn’t wear any panties. Seeing her in buff did downgrade her looks a bit. “Well you are old…” Cindy winced, eyeing the hair-covered snatch and gut. “Still hot…” she grunted, lowering Ling on the bed between Kayley and Naomi. “Well kinda…” she amended taking off Ling’s heels and then peeling off her the hosiery. “Perhaps I should make you over before we unfreeze you?” Cindy asked the unhearing Ling as she ducked under Maggie’s bed. Moments later Cindy emerged, holding a massive dildo. “As Maggie would say… time for spin around the block.”

            Maggie didn’t know how long she had been asleep but from the feel of it was a while, as she felt well rested. She sat up, yawned and stretched looking around her. The Chinese girl smiled at seeing the scene around her and remembering what she had been doing before she dozed off. Next to her on the bed was Cindy’s good friend Tina, who was naked and posed on all fours, with her front half resting on her elbows elevating her backside up high. The stripper’s face bore a closed-eye look with her lips slightly parted. Her lush brown hair was a mess. On Maggie’s other side was Cindy’s aunt Thuy; the Vietnamese woman was on her back, with her hands underneath her head. Like Tina, her hair was a mess as well. Thuy’s face bore a sleepy-eyed look with her lips wide open. Her body was stiff and straight with her naked legs spread wide, allowing easy access to her cleanly shaven snatch. Finally, due to the lack of space, at the foot of the bed was Cindy’s other friend Denise. The Latina was posed in a seated position with thighs wide and her hands up over her head. Her head was leaned back, resting on the edge of the mattress. Like the other two women, she was naked. Her face bore blank look with her lips held in the shape of an ‘O’, giving her the appearance of a sex doll.

            Feeling the urge to see what Cindy was up to, Maggie climbed out the bed after carefully moving over Thuy’s frozen body. As she left the bedroom she heard some sounds down the hallway. She was puzzled and surprised for a moment but then realized it could only be her girlfriend since they were the only people unfrozen. Maggie bounced happily towards the noise, which was just down the hall, beyond Cindy’s guest room. There were two guest rooms on the second floor that Maggie knew about. One them was next to Cindy’s room and faced the front yard while the other faced the back of the house. There was third room on that same side that was for storage according to Cindy. That room was at the end of hall next to the main bathroom and linen closet. Maggie found the door, which was usually closed, opened it and peered in.

            The room in question was the size of one of the guest rooms and had a window looking out the back of the house down at the pool. It was carpeted with maroon carpeting with matching colored walls and white trimmings. There was a single size bed up against the right wall where there was the room’s walk-in closet as well. On the wall with the window were a desk and a short two-drawer metal filing cabinet. The right wall was covered with calendars and posters. There were a few clothing racks in front of wall as well. In front of the wall that contained the door was a long rectangular wooden shipping crate standing upright that was just about foot from touching the ceiling.

            Cindy, dressed in a pair of Maggie’s PJ bottoms and a white tank top, was in the middle of the room with Maggie’s mom who to no surprise was still very frozen. To Maggie’s astonishment her mother was dressed in an authentic Japanese schoolgirl uniform. The uniform included a dark colored blazer with a logo over the right breast pocket, a white blouse with a dark tie, a plaid mid-thigh ruffled skirt and dark knee length stockings into brown loafers. Ling’s hair was pulled into dual pigtails and she stood with her hands together at her crotch. An unusual toothy smile was on the Chinese woman’s face. Her dark eyes looked emptily ahead as Cindy applied some light make-up on her face.

            “Hey you,” Maggie greeted her girlfriend from the doorway.

            “Hey yourself,” Cindy greeted, turning around to eye Maggie’s naked form. “Sexy,” she said with smile as she continued, “I know you won’t admit it but your mom is hot too,” Cindy remarked, stepping aside so Maggie could see the complete look. “I mean look at those legs.”

            Maggie eyed her mother. The wide smile was creepy as her mom never smiled, but in the overall look her mom looked younger. She had to agree with Cindy, her mom did have nice looking legs. They were nice enough for her to wear shorter skirts if she wanted to, which she never did. “Eh,” Maggie simply replied, walking up to her mother and Cindy. “How’d you get her here, must have been a bitch…”

            “Not really; made her straight and carried her, she’s only a little heavier than you. Only took breaks at the stairs.”

            “Why you’d bring her here?”

            “Well I thought she needed a makeover and I wanted to spend to some time with the mother of the love of my life,” Cindy explained, wrapping her arms around Maggie. They separated and she added, “Plus I was sexed out for the moment.”

            Maggie looked around the room and noticed that the posters and calendars hanging on the walls were all T&M Productions products, mainly her work, to be exact. “What is this place?” Maggie asked in awe as she examined her old works hanging upon the walls.

            “I call it Maggie’s Cave,” Cindy replied with pride as she continued to add make-up to Ling’s face. “I’ve been working on it for a while. I’ve got most of your stuff in here, aside from your clothing, which I have in the bedroom… and the other half you still have.”

            “So this room is for me?” Maggie asked as she started to go through the various items in the room. Sure enough, the costumes on the rack and in the closet were hers. Also in the closet was loads of photo shoot equipment too. She and Tucker used to share equipment, but once they made enough they each had their own set.

            “Yeah Mags, it’s for you… I’ve been trying to get you to move in since we got serious,” Cindy answered, finishing Ling’s look. She moved to stand next to Maggie, “I hate video games but I bought that PS3 that’s downstairs; who did you think I did that for?”

            Maggie turned to her girlfriend and held her, kissing her on the lips, “I love you Cindy Vu,” she said breathlessly when they separated a minute later, still in each other’s arms.

            “Well, the feeling is mutual Maggie Yen,” Cindy said with giggle. “Does this mean you will move in?”

            “I’ll consider it, but I’m leaning towards yes.”

            “You mean it?” Cindy squealed.

            “You put too much work in,” Maggie gestured at the room, briefly frowning in confusion at seeing a tall crate and separated from Cindy but finished her statement, “for me to refuse.” She walked up the human-sized crate and looked it up and down. Turning back to Cindy she asked with a raised eyebrow, “When did I get one of these?”

            Cindy chuckled, “It came this morning, and it’s from Texas. I signed for it and had them take it up here. What did you order?”

            “I didn’t order anything,” Maggie shrugged as she examined the crate. “You have something we could open this with?”

            They used a crowbar that Cindy kept under her bed for security purposes to pry the crate open. Since it was standing upright, once the lid was removed thousands of packing peanuts fell to the floor, revealing a beautiful dark-haired woman. “Is that a life-sized doll?” Cindy asked, looking the unmoving figure over. The woman’s long dark hair was free flowing and fell to the middle of her back with a slight curl in it. She was fair skinned with bright blue eyes; her shapely body was athletically toned. At the top of her head sat short black and gold trimmed pillbox hat with a sheer black veil that descended from it, masking the lower half of the woman’s face. Her torso was covered by an open necked, short-sleeved, black top. The bottom half of the top was a made of sheer black material that hung loosely over her midriff clearing showing her belly and the large jewel in her navel. Her legs were covered in black transparent baggy pants that left her legs clearly visible, along with the gold thong that covered her sex. Finishing the outfit was a pair of gold sandal high heels. The woman stood with her arms crossed in front of her bust but not touching her body, with her right hand resting on her left elbow while her right elbow rested on her left hand.

            “It’s a genie,” Maggie answered incredulously as she grabbed at the rolled-up piece a paper that stuck between the genie’s breasts. Unrolling the paper, she grinned as she read,

Dear Mags,

I hope you are well. I was in town and learned from Gloria that you have left the store. I wanted to visit you but figured you were going through some personal issues and thought it was best that I let you sort that out. I did think you might appreciate a gift, an acknowledgement that I know about the secret that you and Tucker share and approve, despite us no longer being together. Her name is Emma Vargas. I trust she’ll have a good home.

Always with love,

Jamie Noi

            “Who’s Jamie?” Cindy asked peeking over Maggie’s shoulder, “and what secret?”

            “Jamie is my ex-girlfriend; she was my first serious relationship… and the secret is the clock,” Maggie replied, half truthfully, figuring that Jamie was talking about Tucker’s Wand.

            “How come you never told me about her?” Cindy asked, crossing her arms.

            “I did… she was my bad relationship that made me not want to jump into another one. You know, the kind where I didn’t know what was going on most of the time. Basically the one that I learned from, I know I told you bits and pieces of it,” Maggie explained though her attention was clearly on Emma Vargas, standing stiffly in the crate with a mound of packing peanuts at her feet.

            “You never told her name though… was she hot?” Cindy asked, her good mood at Maggie’s moving in starting to fade. She had no idea who this Jamie woman was and why this woman sent her girlfriend a frozen dark haired beauty.

            “She was kinda stunning, long red hair and tall… she’s in one of these calendars,” Maggie answered too casually, moving over to wall where the calendars were hung.

            “I don’t have anything to worry about, do I?” Cindy asked in a suddenly serious tone.

            Maggie was still getting the hang of the whole ‘serious relationship’ thing but was confident that she could read Cindy’s moods pretty well by now. At this moment she sensed that something was out of place. She turned from the calendars and faced the Vietnamese girl, who was frowning. Maggie flashed an innocent smile that made Cindy’s frown fade. Walking over to Cindy, Maggie took hold of her hands. “Jamie has nothing on you babe; I’m yours – no worries – and before you ask, I’m sure Emma is just the note says, a gift, nothing more.”

            “Good,” Cindy simply said, feeling the worry fading. 

            “Jamie is married these days anyways…” Maggie said, smiling coquettishly.

            “Maggie!” Cindy pouted, dropping Maggie’s hands.

            “Relax Cindy, you’re still my only love.”

            “Prove it,” Cindy challenged crossing her arms.

            “Seriously?” Maggie asked, still smiling. Her smile faded though at seeing the serious look on her girlfriend’s face. “Fine I’ll move in.”

            Cindy grinned, suppressing the full smile that she wanted to flash. “That’s not enough Maggie; your hot ex sent you a gorgeous genie. For all I know she’s trying to tempt you.”

            “What? You’re just talking crazy now. Jamie and I are history; she’s happily married and in a different state,” Maggie pointed out.

            “That’s not enough, you’re easily seduced, Maggie Yen. I need proof... as in a special date,” Cindy said with a wink, hinting with a glance to the wall at what she wanted.

            Maggie thought looking around the room and then the idea finally hit her. “You want to make a calendar?”

            “Like what you and Tucker used to do?” Cindy asked eagerly.

            “Yep,” Maggie replied, rummaging through the clothing racks and then heading over to the large closet and looking around at the boxes that were stacked neatly within. She finally found what she was looking for and emerged from the closet cradling a large cardboard box.

            “What is that?”

            “Super-heroine costumes; never used before,” Maggie said putting the box down with a grunt at Cindy’s feet.

            “So you want to make a superhero-themed calendar? Cindy asked, looking down at the box and then added, “We’re going to need more models…”

            “Yeah we are, but I wasn’t thinking about only using who we have here. Are you still mad at Martha?”

            “Not really… wait a minute you want to go to VIP Promotions and use them as models?”

            Maggie only smiled, “You’ve been there a lot, so you know who is who and who is hot.”

            Cindy thought for a moment and then grinned, “I like it.”

            “I knew you would – we just need some extra help… and I think I know who to call.”


            Cindy smiled at the sight that was on her bed. Not only was she feeling excited about her date with Maggie and the fact Maggie was finally moving in, the spectacle on the bed was just flat out erotic. The pillows were cleared off of the queen size, leaving only Cindy’s fluffy purple comforter covering the mattress. Sitting rigid against the headboard was movie star Kayley Wu. The Hawaiian was stark naked, sitting with her arms outstretched across the headboard. Her trademark smirk was on her lips and her brown eyes stared emptily ahead as if she was a wax figure. Her long dark hair with brown highlights hung free and was tucked behind her ears. Kayley’s bare legs were crossed at the ankles in front of her. Sitting on the actress’ right was Cindy’s friend Denise Ortega, who was also in the buff. Denise sat with her head resting on Kayley’s right arm. Her face was turned towards the actress with a close-eyed smile. The Latina’s left leg was draped over Kayley’s legs while her right leg was wide and bent at the knee with her bare foot resting on the bed. Denise’s right hand sat over her sex while her left hand rested on her left thigh. On Kayley’s left was Cindy’s other friend Tina, who was like the other two women on the bed, completely naked. She sat facing Kayley on her knees, with one hand touching one of the actress’ breasts and the other touching one of her own. The Vietnamese stripper bore a seducing grin on her face while her blank eyes stared at Kayley.

            Once the plans were made official, Maggie restarted time with her magic clock but left the six ladies in the house frozen. She made a call to her best friend Kansas, who she knew was in town finally getting a car. The softball player made the decision after borrowing some money from her older sister Lida. The car in question was used and didn’t cost much, so Lida was willing to loan out the cash for it. Kansas was done with business and was also free so it was arranged for her meet the couple at Cindy’s place. With time still moving in order for Kansas to make her way there, Maggie and Cindy moved the remaining frozen women from the carriage house into the main house as a prelude to Maggie moving in. It was decided that after the shoot was over, they would celebrate with a sex buffet of sorts. Kayley, Tina and Denise were posed in the master bedroom while the aunts each occupied a guest room. Maggie’s mother was not included in the buffet and would remain frozen in Maggie’s Cave while dressed as a schoolgirl.

            “You weren’t kidding when you said you took half of my clothes,” Maggie said as she emerged from the walk-in-closet that was in Cindy’s bedroom. “I thought I lost these pants and t-shirt,” she added as she adjusted the studded belt holding up her brown corduroy trousers. Also part of the outfit was a black t-shirt with a giant yellow bird on the front of it. A pair of black and white Chuck Taylors finished her look.

            Cindy cringed and jumped back, seeing what her girlfriend was wearing, “I’ve should have thrown them away…” she muttered looking over the outfit; she thought the only thing that looked good was Maggie’s face.

            “Whatever… they’re comfortable,” Maggie said as she tied her hair up into a ponytail.

            “You should really change into something nicer; we’re going on date after all,” Cindy suggested. She was dressed in a short blue sundress with white sneakers. Not exactly her best look but she knew Maggie liked it when she dressed down.

            “Oh come on Cindy, I don’t look that bad and no one is going to see me either, just you and Kansas. Everyone else is going to be frozen.” Just then there was a knock at the door. “Finally, Kansas is here, let’s get the stuff!” Maggie said excitedly, rushing out of the bedroom.

            “Me and Kansas seeing you is already embarrassing enough… come on Mags, change your clothes,” Cindy whined, following after Maggie.

            “You bought a rapist van?” Cindy asked as the three girls considered the black panel van parked behind Tina’s Supra. The van was a 1983 GMC Vandura with black Mag wheels to match its exterior paint job. There was also front brush guard that made the van look menacing. It had no rust for its age and looked to be well taken care of. 

            “How come the back doesn’t have any windows?” Maggie then asked slyly.

            “It is not a rapist van!” Kansas shot back and then added quietly, “It doesn’t have any windows in the back cause there is a bed in the back…”

            “Oh my God, this so a rapist van,” Cindy pointed out.

            “Shut up, you want a ride or not?” Kansas demanded.

            “We have several other cars here that we could use…” Cindy said gesturing to the cars that were parked around her house.

            “Why don’t you take…” Kansas began, but was stopped by Maggie.

            “Come on guys, let’s get along! Cindy, we need Kansas’s muscles and the van is the only car here that can carry all of the photo shoot stuff easily,” Maggie explained.

            “Fine… but it’s still a rapist van,” Cindy muttered, crossing her arms.

            “Photo shoot? My muscles? And how come there is a police car parked here?” Kansas then asked.

            “Long story. Let’s get my stuff first and we’ll explain everything,” Maggie said, heading back towards the house.

            “You gonna tell me why you got those ugly brown pants on too?” Kansas asked, following Maggie.

            “Yes, Maggie, do tell her why you have those ugly pants on…” Cindy added, following the other two girls. Cindy noted that Maggie’s buddy was dressed in a nice tan mini skirt under a black short sleeve buttoned shirt. Her athletic legs were bare and she walked on zebra stripped ankle-height heeled boots. The boots matched the leather hair band that held Kansas’ long black tresses in place. An odd look for Cindy’s tastes but Kansas looked better than her girlfriend at that moment.

            “Shut up about the pants already! They look cool!” Maggie shot back, entering the house. Kansas and Cindy both looked at each other, shaking their heads.

            Once everyone was in the house, Maggie stopped time again. With Kansas’ help they loaded her van with three big cardboard boxes containing everything they needed for the photo shoot. With her clock securely in her bag, Maggie climbed into front seat of Kansas’ van while Cindy sat in the back on the bed, a disgusted look on her face. The bed in the back of van had no bed sheets on it and was questionably stained. Kansas fired up the van, which had muscle car sounding engine and backed out of the driveway, then they were off. Maggie explained everything as they picked their way through the frozen streets towards downtown LA.

* * *

            VIP Promotions as headquartered in the six-story glass and marble building a few blocks from the Staple Center. Maggie was very familiar with the location as it was where Madison’s office used to be before they merged with the main office in Santa Monica. VIP Promotions was actually a floor under where the old Foster and McBride offices had been. They occupied the fifth floor of the building. Being that time was frozen, Kansas found a great parking spot right in front of the four heavy glass doors that served as the building’s main entrance.

            The girls hauled the boxes from the van and made their way inside of the building. Cindy was glad to be out of the creepy van and led the way. In the lobby they spotted about half a dozen people dressed in business wear, all frozen around the spacious lobby in various activities as if they were part of a flash mob performing a time-stop theme. They also spotted a deliveryman dragging an empty handcart behind him. Getting an idea, Kansas relieved the man of his cart and then loaded the boxes on to it. The softball player took command of the cart as Maggie unfroze the elevator and the trio rode up the fifth floor.

            The elevator opened up to VIP Promotions main reception area and the three girls stepped off with Kansas dragging the loaded cart behind her. The space had a half-circle counter sitting over blue carpeting. The walls were white with overhead spotlights illuminating various framed pictures of the company’s clients, from company logos to actual celebrities that VIP represented. There were plush black leather loungers and sofas scattered throughout the wide room, accented with a couple of glass-topped coffee tables over black bases.

Sitting behind the counter and in front of the wall-mounted VIP Promotions logo was a blond woman striking enough to be mannequin. She was dressed in a white short-sleeved blouse tucked into a brown pin-stripe knee length pencil skirt. Nude pantyhose and black high heels with red soles finished the outfit. The woman’s hair was styled in broad waves and hung loose to the middle of back. Her blue eyes looked blankly at the flat panel monitor on the counter while her lips were slightly parted. Her right hand held a phone to her ear while her left sat over a keyboard.

            Maggie walked up the counter and picked up the nameplate that sat on the counter. “Darcy Mason,” she read putting the plate back. “We’re here for the photo shoot, where do we go?” she then asked with a giggle. Darcy remained silent as a waxwork as Maggie leaned over the counter. “She’s pretty,” she then said over her shoulder.

            “She’s a part-time model,” Cindy informed, leaning next to Maggie and reaching over to play with Darcy’s hair.

            “Looks like we got our first month covered,” Maggie declared, standing back up, “But let’s first look for a place to shoot first; since you’ve been here, you lead babe,” she suggested brightly. Cindy stood and nodded and made her way towards the hall that led into the office area with Maggie and Kansas in tow.

            Cubicles filled the majority of the floor space while offices and other meeting rooms with glass walls surrounded the area. Like the lobby, the area was filled with business attire clad people. Most of VIP’s and staffers were females with a handful of males here and there. A cluster of women stood motionlessly around a single man who seemed to be in the middle of joke as all the women were suspended in laughter. Employees were frozen at desks working on their computers or talking on phones. A more mature woman was stationary with her backside inches away from her chair while holding a folder open, her gaze locked on its contents. There were a few people standing next to worktables, frozen in conversation. Two men were seated on the edge of their female co-worker’s desk; the woman had an annoyed expression on her face while both men looked to be laughing. Others were suspended in midstride between cubicles. A young-looking male staffer was suspended while pushing a mail cart between the cubicle aisles while a woman stood unmoving to one side with a coffee cup to her lips.

            “All the important people have offices; everyone else has a cube,” Cindy explained as Maggie and Kansas looked at the motionless scene before them. “There’s a boardroom on the other side,” she continued, gesturing towards the far end of the workspace.

            “Who is this?” Maggie then asked, moving up the woman that was frozen with the coffee mug to her lips. The woman was pale, but dark haired with dark eyes. She wore her hair in simple conservative bun and had dressed in a sleeveless pink wool loose turtleneck over a grey knee-length skirt. A pair of black knee-height heeled boots completed her stylish look.

            “I like the top,” Kansas observed, looking the unmoving woman up and down, “and the boots.”

            “That’s Penny Gingrich, she’s one of the promoters her office is next Martha’s,” answered Cindy joining Maggie and Kansas. “Another calendar model?”

            “Sure,” Maggie said, running her hand down Penny’s backside, “She looks like one.”

            “This is the main boardroom,” Cindy said, opening the two double oak doors. Like the lobby the boardroom had blue carpeting but had faux polished wood walls. At the head of the room was a 70-inch wall mounted flat screen monitor used for presentations. A table sat at the opposite end, holding beverages and pastries. A room-length glass panel window served as one of the walls of the room. Currently blinds were closed over the window, keeping the LA afternoon light out of the space. An oval glass table sat in the center of the room, surrounded by about sixteen wheeled black leather arm swivel chairs. At the moment a little more than half of the chairs were occupied, six by women and three by men.

            “More models?” Kansas asked, pulling the handcart into the room and then leaving it at the door as she walked up the table. All three of the men at the table were in their mid-twenties or early thirties and good looking. This of course was an interest to Kansas as she examined the three. “They have my approval,” she cooed, running caressing one the men’s cheeks with the back of her hand.

            “Not them, but the other five sure,” Maggie said looking at the five women and then to her best friend. “Kansas get rid of the dudes…”

            “With pleasure,” Kansas said rubbing her palms together. She then grabbed hold of the closest man’s chair and started to drag it towards the door. The man was blond and held his pose as if still seated at the table as the softball player wheeled him out.

            “Cindy, introduce me to our new models,” Maggie asked, walking up the nearest woman. She was seated on the long side of the table, facing the covered panel windows. She looked to be in her late thirties and her facial features bore strong Italian features. The woman had dark roots, though her hair was a shade of strawberry blond that she wore loose in light curls just under her shoulder blades. She was dressed in a blue dress shirt with a white collar and cuffs tucked into gray slacks. Black high heels completed the woman’s ensemble. She sat with her legs crossed at the knees and both of her elbows resting on the table. Her right hand was under her chin while her left held a pen to a notepad that was in front her. There was a slight grin on her lips with her eyes cast downward at whatever she was writing on her pad.

            “This Jacklyn Moreno, she’s one the senior promoters,” Cindy introduced, walking to stand next to Maggie. “From what Martha told me, she’s from a big Italian family, she used to work for a major promotions firm in Italy before coming here.”

            “So is she from Italy?” Maggie asked as she removed Jacklyn’s pen from her stiff fingers and cleared some hair from the woman’s face.

            “Nope, she’s from Long Island, but she fluent in Italian and Spanish,” Cindy replied.

            “Not that that’s going to matter for what we have in store for her,” Maggie chuckled and moved on to the woman sitting next Jacklyn. She was a little older than Jacklyn but was still a looker. She had shoulder length blond hair that she wore in a ponytail and had blue eyes. The woman was dressed in white silk open neck short-sleeved top tucked into a tan skirt. A thick shiny leather belt with a gold buckle was wrapped around her waist. Her legs were sheathed in tan hosiery while brown leather heels covered her feet. The woman sat with her legs crossed; her left hand held a coffee mug inches from her lips while her right arm rested on the table with her hand holding a pen between her fingers.

            “That’s May Troughton, she’s another senior promoter and she’s deaf,” Cindy introduced.

            “Deaf?” Interesting, though I don’t think we’ll notice…” Maggie said as she removed the coffee mug from May’s stiff grasp and placed it on the table.

            “She’s one of the older promoters though; she has three kids from what I hear,” Cindy added, playing with May’s ponytail.

            “Three?” Maggie asked in awe as she looked over May’s trim body and nodded in approval before moving to the next woman who sat at one of the heads of the table. As Maggie and Cindy started to move towards her, Kansas re-entered the room and dragged the second male from the table. Maggie took note that her friend seemed to be having fun moving the men out of the room and it had taken her a little longer than expected to return.

            “This Marcie Huxley; she’s the vice president of VIP. She’s married to Hadrian McBride, a Stone Enterprises board member who is a couple decades her senior and they have two children… that May-December thing is kinda gross if you ask me,” Cindy introduced and informed. Marcie, like the other women in the room, was a looker. Maggie saw that she was about May’s age as well. She was however a little thicker than the deaf blond but also possessed blond hair and blue eyes. Marcie’s blond locks were long and wavy and she let them cascade to the middle of her back. Her face was round, giving her a cute look. The vice president was dressed in a pink dress shirt tucked in black knee length slim-fitting skirt that hugged her thighs and hips sexily. Her legs looked to be recently waxed and were bare of any hosiery. A pair of pink open-toed heels finished the executive’s look. Marcie wore thick-framed fashion glasses over her blue eyes. She sat with her legs crossed. Her hands were posed in a gesturing motion as she looked like she was the one that was talking when time froze. Marcie’s mouth hung open awkwardly and it was impossible to tell what the blond was saying.

            “Some women…” Maggie simply said, leaning next to Marcie and removed her glasses. She looked down Marcie’s shirt, which had the first few buttons unbuttoned to show off her decent cleavage. “She’s not wearing a bra!” Maggie exclaimed in mock shock.

            “Doesn’t surprise me,” Cindy said with shrug, joining Maggie in looking down the woman’s shirt. “Martha told me she was sort of a slut in her younger days.

            “She’s a MILF now; perfect for our calendar,” Maggie remarked as the moved to the next woman.

            According to Cindy the woman who sat across from May with her back towards the window was named Tamera Philips. She was also a senior promoter. By this point they had figured out they had interrupted a senior staff meeting of sorts. This woman exclusively handled promotions for Stone Enterprises. Tamera was dark skinned with dark brown shoulder-length hair. She seemed to look around Jacklyn’s age. The dark skinned woman was dressed in a grey skirt suit with fishnet hosiery over black high heels. She sat, turned slightly, looking in Marcie’s direction with her eyes closed, obviously caught in mid-blink when time was stopped. One hand held a pen to a pad on the table while the other held a CyPocket on her lap. The CyPocket was removed and Tamara was stiffly spun around in her seat. The woman was left at an odd leaning pose as the couple moved on to the next woman.

            As Maggie and Cindy looked over the woman that sat across from Jacklyn, Kansas returned to the room, looking a little flustered but smiling from ear to ear as she removed the last of the males from the room. Maggie and Cindy only looked at each other and shrugged. “So who is this cutie?” Maggie then asked, turning her attention to the brunette before her. The woman looked to be the youngest of the group so far. She had dark shoulder-length hair that she wore in a loose ponytail and blue eyes against a fair complexion. She was dressed in a white pants suit with a blue blouse underneath. A pair of blue heels completed her attire. Her attention was focused on the laptop in front her. She sat, gazing at the screen, as if there was no one else in the room. “She looks to be in her own little world,” Maggie observed.

            “Her name is Krista Todd. She’s the executive assistant to the president, probably the unofficial third boss of the company, given her responsibilities and duties. She graduated from your school I think,” Cindy explained as she waved her hands in front of Krista’s vacant blue eyes.

            “Cool; a Raptor alum,” Maggie said poking Krista in the cheek. “If she’s the assistant to the president…” Maggie then said, turning her attention to the woman seated at the other head of the table between Krista and Jacklyn. “This must be the president.”

            “You are correct babe,” Cindy replied as they moved to stand behind the last woman in the room. “This is Chelsea Jameson,” she introduced and added, “The big honcho herself!”

            Chelsea was the oldest woman and person in the company, being two years shy of sixty but she had aged well and still held her own with her employees. She had been with the company since its foundation and was the only one left from that group. According Cindy, under Chelsea’s leadership the firm had seen its highest profits. Chelsea was currently dressed in a blue business skirt suit with a purple dress shirt underneath. Her crossed legs were clad in nude hosiery while shiny pale purple heels cover her feet. The executive’s blond hair was cut to shoulder length and curled at the tips. She had bright blue eyes that were currently empty at the moment as they stared straight ahead at Marcie. The firm’s president bore an approving grin on lips that told anyone that didn’t know her that she was in charge. Chelsea sat slightly leaned back in her chair with both elbow resting on the chair’s arm rests. Her right hand touched her chin lightly as if in thought while her left hand sat relaxed on the other armrest.

            “Probably the best looking geezer I’ve seen,” Maggie remarked, kneeling down to have a closer look.

            “Your mom is hotter I think…” Cindy chimed in, kneeling across from Maggie.

            “My mom isn’t a geezer yet…Ms Jameson is a little older,” Maggie said tracing the wrinkles around Chelsea’s eyes with her finger. “She’ll be my oldest model yet,” Maggie added tapping the tip of the unmoving woman’s nose.

            “So, how many is that now?” Cindy asked, standing back up and counting in her head. “Eight?”

            Maggie thought for a moment, standing to meet her girlfriend’s eyes, “Yeah eight; so we need about four more, but we have flexibility as we can double up for a month or two.”

            “We have a lot of choices. I mean there are a quite a few good looking women out there,” Cindy said gesturing back outside of the boardroom.

            “Well we can’t use that many; I wouldn’t have enough costumes… how about we just use people you know?” Maggie suggested.

            “Works, shall we gather here, then? I think we have enough space in here to shoot,” Cindy asked and then looked at the large space that was between the wall mounted flat screen and the conference table.

            “Yeah, the space works… where is Kansas?” Maggie asked, noticing the third member of their party was no longer with them.

            Leaving the boardroom, Cindy and Maggie found Kansas just outside. As Maggie had guessed, her friend had gotten a little too eager with the senior male staffers that were in the meeting. They found all three men standing at attention naked while Kansas made out with the second man she had dragged out of the room. There was a mess of clothing on the floor.

            “I can see why she’s your best friend; she works just as fast as you and is just as eager,” Cindy observed crossing her arms.

            “Kansas… we still have some work to do,” Maggie then said, clearing her throat, looking over her friend’s handiwork.

            Kansas only smiled sheepishly, turning her attention to the other two women, “What can I say? I’m a lonely girl… and there are these gentlemen I have at my disposal – I couldn’t resist.”

            “Okay Kansas, I know how you feel, how about you help us set up first and then you can have at it them?” Maggie suggested.

            Kansas smiled; “Sounds like plan, let’s get set up!” she said with enthusiasm and headed back into the boardroom.

            Maggie had Kansas assemble and set up the green screen in front of the large wall-mounted flat screen, along with a couple of light stands. Maggie and Cindy rolled the remaining senior staffers that were in the room to one side. They all maintained their poses as if still seated at the table. Jacklyn had to be adjusted slightly as she was leaning on the table. Cindy organized all the costumes, laying them out on the table with Maggie’s guidance in matching what belonged to what. Maggie set up her laptop and camera. Within fifteen minutes of their time, everything was set up. The conference table was covered in costumes while the front half of the boardroom looked like a photo studio.

            “That’s it?” Kansas asked, eagerly awaiting to be released from her duties.

            “Looks like it,” Maggie said, looking the room over. “We can use this handcart to transport the other chosen models,” she then added grabbing the empty cart.

            “There are office chairs around too,” Kansas pointed out, “They make moving people easy too.”

            “Sounds good, shall we start?” Cindy nodded then asked, eager herself to jump into making the first calendar where she was not a ‘volunteer’ model.

            Before Maggie could answer, Kansas asked, “Before you start… Cindy, you mind telling me where I could find another large room to play in… unless you guys want me to have fun in the hall… I’m fine with that too.”

            “Cindy you have another room in mind?” Maggie asked seriously.

            After a quick thought, Cindy replied, “The break room?”

            The break room was just around the corner from the boardroom. It was about half the size of the larger room and contained about half a dozen round tables that could fit five persons each. There were sofas against the walls as well a TV mounted in one the corners. Along one the walls was a small kitchen counter and sink that had a coffee maker and toaster on it. There was also a large fridge that sat next to the counter. As the three girls looked into the room, they counted five occupants; three were women and two men.

            “You guys take the women and then men are mine?” Kansas asked, looking at the two men sitting at one of the round tables, their lunches before them. “They don’t look as good as the other three but once their clothes are off that may change.”

            “I only know two of the women…” Cindy said, pointing at one woman who was dark haired and sat by herself and at an Asian woman sitting with an unknown blond who was pretty but on the chubby side.

            “We’ll take two,” Maggie declared, “Kansas you’re gonna have to take care of the third.”

            “Fine…” Kansas sighed and moved toward the blond woman. The woman was dressed in a grey business coat over a black skirt and sat holding a sandwich. Her gaze turned at her Asian companion. Kansas roughly stood the woman up and dragged her towards the door. “I’ll have you stand guard while I get my fun on,” Kansas said with smile into the unhearing woman’s ear.

            Maggie, with the cart, followed Cindy towards the Asian woman who now was alone. She sat with both her elbows on the table and held a plastic bottle of water in both hands under her chin. Her head was turned towards the vacant space where her companion once sat. Her mouth was open, frozen in mid-conversation with her gaze empty. She had jet-black shoulder-length hair that she wore in a high ponytail. The woman had elfish features and it was difficult to tell her age but Maggie guessed she was at least in her thirties. A black v-neck short-sleeved dress with a knee length hem covered her petite and slender frame. Her legs were bare and she wore red heels.

            “This is Stacy Lee, she’s a promoter, and she’s gotten me some jobs a few times. She co-owns an apartment building in Korea Town with her small time real estate mogul fiancé,” Cindy introduced.

            “So she’s kinda rich?” Maggie inquired, moving the cart next to the Korean-American promoter. She then removed the bottled water from the woman’s stiff hands. “Help me stand her up and on to the cart.”

            “Well let’s just say she doesn’t have to work. She has a master’s degree in marketing though and gets bored easily, so sitting at home is not her thing,” Cindy answered as she assisted Maggie in standing the unmoving woman up. Together they posed her to be standing at attention before sliding her up onto the cart stiffly. Just then Kansas returned to the room, pushing a chair with a naked man seated on it.

            “You can use this chair to move your girl out,” Kansas said as she pulled the frozen man from the seat. “I’m gonna start collecting, if you ladies excuse me,” she added and left after seating the man in one of the empty chairs.

            “Okay, who is contestant number two,” Maggie said, wheeling the newly empty chair over the last woman in the room. The woman was dark haired and had Italian features, though softer than those of Jacklyn. She also had a lighter complexion.

            “This is Adele Oriolo, she is another one the promoters. She’s a couple years older than Jacklyn but she’s has been in the business for that long. From what Martha told me she’s slated to be getting a senior spot under Jacklyn’s guidance. Adele is from Italy and has actually been in the country for only four years. She has a really sexy accent,” Cindy introduced and pointed out.

            Adele was dressed in an orange open-collared dress with the hem just sitting under the knees. Orange open-toed heels and a white business coat finished her look. She wore her hair in loose bun. The Italian promoter sat with both elbows on the table holding a burger in her hands. The burger had a few bites out of it and Adele’s mouth shows signs of being full, her eyes were closed and she carried the expression on her face of delight.

            Maggie pulled the burger from the motionless woman’s hands, “She has something in her mouth… we have to take care of that, but let’s get her out of here before Kansas gets busy.”

            Together Maggie and Cindy lifted Adele up and moved her to the wheeled swivel chair. The frozen woman rocked slightly as Cindy wheeled her out the break room. Maggie leaned back the handcart that Stacy Lee was on and followed her girlfriend. Back in the boardroom, Adele was wheeled to next to Krista while Stacy was removed the cart and left standing next to the Italian. With the handcart in tow, Maggie and Cindy left the room that was quickly filling up to collect the rest of their models. Next Penny was lifted off the handcart and placed standing next Stacy while Darcy was wheeled in on her own chair, then parked next to Chelsea.

            Debbie McNeal, a secretary that was assigned to Martha, Penny and Stacy was found in the copy room. She was a brunette with brown eyes and was dressed in simple but tailored black business skirt suit over a maroon blouse. Her legs were clad in dark hosiery and she stood in black spiked heels. Debbie was standing in front of a copy machine with one hand holding the lid up while the other held a document over the glass panel underneath. Oddly, the woman had a smile on her lips as Maggie and Cindy slid her on to the handcart and wheeled her out of the room. Luna Gonzalez, the human resource boss, was next. Cindy had only met Luna a few times but knew that she was close to Martha. They found the Latina in her office behind her desk. Her light brown hair was tied in a loose ponytail and she currently held a phone to her ear while her eyes were locked on a file that she held in her free hand. The woman was dressed in a white half-sleeved open collar top tucked into a brown skirt. The rest of her outfit consisted up tan pantyhose and brown heels. She was simply wheeled out the room and was in the boardroom moments later.

            “The star of the shoot,” Maggie announced as they reached their last destination, “Martha Cassidy,” reading the nameplate outside the office’s entrance before entering. “Oh; she’s not alone.”

            Martha sat unmoving behind her desk, dressed in red v-neck top under a navy cropped business jacket. Her lower half was wrapped in a dress mini khaki skirt that showed off her nude pantyhose-covered legs. A pair of black heels finished the promoter’s attire. Martha’s hair was tied back into a conservative bun as she sat leaning forward over her desk with both hands clasped together. She bore a smile on face and her gaze was directed at the other woman that sat across her desk. The woman looked to be a little older than Martha by a few years but also possessed long brown hair.

            “Oh, this is Gretchen Fox, she’s going to be my boss for the tour agency thing. She’s the VP of marketing for LA Tours,” Cindy introduced after joining Maggie in the office. Gretchen sat leaning back in her cushioned chair with her tooled leather handbag on her lap with her legs crossed. Her brown hair was loosely curled and hung free just past her shoulders. She was dressed in a short-sleeved blouse tucked into black wide-legged trousers. Gretchen stared emptily at Martha and also had a smile on her lips.

            “It’s a smiling contest?” Maggie asked, looking at both women. She figured when she stopped time it had been right when one of the ladies were between words in their conversation.

            “We take both? I don’t know Gretchen that well but she’s going to be my boss for few months… not sure if I want to see her naked yet,” Cindy said, looking at both women.

            “No, we only take Martha; we already have thirteen,” Maggie replied, moving behind Martha’s chair. “Alright Marty, let’s get you to the shoot,” she then said, pulling Martha back from her desk. In doing so she forgot the Brit promoter had been leaning forward when frozen and she still fell forward, slamming her head against her desk. Cindy and Maggie both let out a gasp, looking at each other shock.

            “Is she okay?” Cindy asked worriedly.

            “She’s frozen, she doesn’t feel a thing…” Maggie replied sitting a stiff, wooden, Martha back upright in her seat.

            “Alright if you say so,” Cindy said and then asked, “We have thirteen?”

            “Yeah I have an idea for double shot,” Maggie replied, moving Martha around her desk. “I’ll explain back in the boardroom.”

            Cindy cringed as she removed the mangled bit of hamburger from Adele’s open mouth. As nasty as the act was, since time was frozen the meat didn’t feel like how it should. Either way though, digging in another woman’s mouth for food was not a something she wanted to do. She had lost the paper/rock/scissor match against Maggie. They had already decided on how to do things: she was going to pick the order of the women for the calendar while Maggie picked the roles. They then would undress and redress their ‘models’ in the chosen costumes. Cindy was then in charge of hair and make-up, using downloaded photos from Maggie’s laptop. Maggie was in charge of the poses and taking the photos themselves. Since they had an extra model for one month, January as decided by Cindy, would contain two models. Representing the first month of the year were Adele and Jacklyn the two Italian women of the group. Maggie had selected the heroines Ice and Fire; Jacklyn would be Ice while Fire was Adele. According to Maggie, both were characters from DC Comics, as were all the characters the ladies from VIP Promotions would represent. Ice and Fire were duo of sorts and since Adele and Jacklyn had sort of partnership, Cindy thought the selection worked.

            “Gross…” Cindy mumbled as she tossed the chewed up hamburger bits into a waste can and then proceeded to wipe her hands with some napkins. The act felt unnecessary since her hands weren’t really dirty thanks to time being frozen, but it still made her feel better.

            “It would be a lot worse if time was moving,” Maggie said as she pulled off Jacklyn’s dress shirt, revealing the woman’s toned abs and fit arms. Jacklyn’s breasts were covered in a purple satin bra with pink ribbons. The woman still held her slight grin and downward gaze, unaware that her clothing was being removed. Jacklyn stood more or less at attention next to Adele in front of the green screen.

            “Oh yeah, then how come you didn’t want to do it?” Cindy asked as she peeled off Adele’s coat from her shoulders and tossed it aside, revealing the short-sleeved dress in its entirety underneath. She then pulled the woman’s hair from its bun and then unzipped the back of her dress. 

            “Because it’s gross,” Maggie replied with a chuckle as she unbuckled the belt that Jacklyn wore and then unbuttoned the trousers. With a jerk, Maggie pulled the trousers south around the woman’s ankles. Jacklyn only wobbled stiffly in protest before she stood showing off her purple lace panties and matching garter belt. The garter was attached via thin silk straps to pair of dark thigh-high stockings.

            “You bitch…” Cindy chuckled to herself, shaking her head, as she pulled the dress off of Adele’s shoulders and let it fall to her ankles. Adele’s breasts were covered in a simple cotton bra and her lower half concealed by a pair of red French panties. “So you get to remove the coffee in Penny’s mouth,” Cindy then declared as she moved behind Adele and removed her bra.

            Maggie looked over her shoulder at Penny, who stood frozen next to Stacy. The dark haired girl still held the coffee mug to her lips. “Ugh…” Maggie grumbled.

            A few more minutes both of the promoters were naked and absent of all jewelry as well. Jacklyn now stood with a blank look on her face. Her body had an even tan all around; though her brown tipped breasts sagged outward slightly, the woman looked pretty good in the buff and had an athletic build to her body for a woman her age. There were signs of aging here and there but overall it was minimal. Her sex was covered in a neatly trimmed mass of curly dark hair. Adele had a fairer skin tone and her body showed less muscle tone as it had softer features in general. Being the younger of the two, her body showed fewer effects of age as her breasts were not angled out as much. Her sex was neatly shaven to a dark landing strip. Though she still had an odd open-mouthed expression on her face, Cindy and Maggie thought the woman was still hot. They thought both were hot; in fact Maggie even snapped a few shots of the two nude ladies for the hell of it.

            Following the pictures on Maggie’s laptop, Cindy dressed Adele in green loose fitting leather pants held up by thin brown belt and added a green tube top. A green wig, along with green gloves and boots, finished the look of Fire. Jacklyn was dressed in tight-fitting blue body suit that nearly covered most of her body from the neck down, leaving only her head and hands visible. Fur-lined white boots were pulled onto her feet and shoulder high fingerless white gloves were pulled onto her hands and arms. A white sleeveless top that really only covered the top half of her torso was put on last, along with a white wig that turned Jacklyn into Ice.

            Maggie put Ice/Jacklyn on her knees with one hand placed on the ground with the other held up and outward if catching something. She was leaned back a bit with her head tilted high, facing her outstretched hand. Her lips were molded into whistling shape. Fire/Adele was moved to stand behind Jacklyn with her hips swayed to her right and her head turned to left. Her right arm was bent at the elbow, palm up while her left arm rose to shoulder height with her palm up as well. With their poses done Maggie snapped some pictures and uploaded them to her laptop to save for later when she and Cindy would pick out which photos to use. Graphics would be added next to give the heroines an authentic look.

            After Jacklyn and Adele done, they were posed to stand at attention and moved to the side of the room. For February, Cindy selected Tamara Philips as the model and Maggie selected Vixen as her character since Vixen was the only African-American super hero of the bunch costumes she had. Tamera was stood up from her seat and carried over to the green screen where she was posed to stand at attention. Cindy unbuttoned, then removed the woman’s jacket, revealing the dark bra that held her breasts. She then removed the woman’s jewelry as Maggie worked the skirt off Tamara’s hips. Under the skirt the frozen woman had on fishnet pantyhose with nothing on underneath. She was then leaned backward and her heels, skirt and pantyhose were removed, rendering her naked. Her breasts were round – nearly perfect – tipped with dark nipples. She had a little bit of belly, but it was nothing her clothing couldn’t cover up. Her sex was mass of dark curly hair that needed some serious work, both Maggie and Cindy thought as they looked over their naked model.

            As for January, Cindy used a photo on Maggie’s laptop to put together Vixen’s look. Red lipstick was first applied to Tamera’s lips along with faux gold hoop earrings in her ears. A novelty leopard tooth necklace was placed around her neck. Her tight fitting orange high-collared jump suit was pulled on next, followed by a leopard tooth belt put around her hips. Finishing the look were a pair of elbow high orange gloves and high-heeled orange boots that blended in seamlessly with the jump suit. Maggie put Vixen into a running pose with one hand outstretched as if clawing an opponent, with the other hand held back ready to strike next. A determined look was molded on Tamera’s face before Maggie took the photos.  

            Tamera was then placed to stand next to Jacklyn; then Debbie was selected next, portraying a favorite to Maggie: Batgirl. Debbie was placed in front of the green screen and Cindy pulled her hair out of her bun before starting on her jewelry. Maggie opened the administrative assistant’s jacket and pulled it off her shoulders, the top going soon after, thus leaving Debbie in a bright red set of underwear that didn't reveal too much but was still quite sexy. “Naughty, yet a bit conservative,” remarked Maggie as the underwear came off, revealing that Debbie was a shaver and a good one unlike the model before her.

            The reference photo Maggie had on her laptop showed Batgirl standing with her left leg up on something, but neither Cindy nor Maggie liked anything around the office for that prop so it was nixed. The costume was all dark blue rubber with bat logos where the tops of thigh-long stockings would be as well as around the breast area, with tall stilettos for the heels. Three curved spikes were on the backs of the full-length gloves and the character’s cowl was similar to a diving one, but the mask on top of it had small curves just below the cheekbones and very tall points at the top. The cape was layered and stopped just above Debbie's knees. Debbie's left hand was placed on her waist while shaped like a fist, her right raised and gesturing away with her fingers spread, a sort of majestic look on her face. To get the cape flapping Maggie used a fan, blowing towards Debbie's right. The pose set, a photo was taken.

            Krista Todd had been Maggie's choice for Mia Dearden, AKA Speedy, who in comics was the sidekick to the Green Arrow. Krista had a cute body but as the executive assistant was stripped, getting down to her grandmother-like white underwear with the easy removal clasps, both Maggie and Cindy were in agreement that the woman’s shape was good but her overall skin tone seemed almost too pale. Maggie did get a small chuckle out of the woman's belly button piercing, which just had a basic barbell stud in it because it looked like Krista had been indecisive about having the thing.

            The main part of the Speedy costume was a red bodysuit that Cindy had a little bit of trouble slipping Krista into due to its zipper not going as low as she would have liked. A yellow arrowhead logo was on the chest, right at breast height, and matching boots were slipped on after as well as armbands, the bodysuit having molded-in gloves. A yellow cloak that only reached Krista's knees was next; Cindy noted that quite a few capes seemed to stop right there. Krista's hair put into a low ponytail that went over her right shoulder, with a large strand of her hair on the left let hanging. The final parts of the costume were a red domino mask and the bow and arrow, the yellow bow going into Krista's left hand while the arrow was placed in her right. As per a reference photo, Krista was posed with a sort of amused smile; her hips swayed to the right and her left foot even turned inwards slightly. Krista's right hand held the arrow around waist level while her left held her bow behind her back horizontally.

            “And that's it for April, whew, hard to believe we're only a third of the way done,” breathed Maggie after the photo was taken and Cindy dragged Krista to position her next to Debbie; there were now five super heroines standing at attention in a row. “Huntress is next and I’ll like Stacy,” confirmed Maggie, grabbing the Asian promoter. Her arms were then raised over her head and her dress removed, leaving just a wraparound white and black bra and no underwear. Stacy’s bra and her red heels were removed, quickly revealing the promoter in her birthday suit. The suspended Asian woman’s body, aside from her head, seemed virtually hairless, Maggie only finding small patches of colorless fuzz as she ran her hands over the naked bare figure.

            “Small boobs, but cute body for sure,” noted Cindy for a moment before she began dressing the Korean-American. The costume was complex, starting with a black spandex bodysuit that covered virtually no part of the character’s legs and had a bare square from the waist to just under the chest. Next came the purple-buckled boots, gloves and accessories, the heavy boots going up to Stacy's knees while the gloves reached her elbows. A pair of hand-held crossbow holsters, also purple, were strapped on just above Stacy's knees, and a sort of a gunslinger’s belt minus the pistol holsters was placed snugly around her waist. The cape was next, it rested atop her shoulders as well as going around Stacy's neck, decorated by a pair of inward-facing yellow boomerangs where the shoulders met the chest; the actual cape was long, nearly reaching Stacy's ankles. Last came the V-shaped mask, which went over the woman's eyes and part of her lower jaw. Per Cindy's reference photo, Stacy's legs were posed a shoulder-width apart, knees slightly bent and hips swayed to the left. Stacy's left arm was held slightly away from her body with her hand open and her fingers spread, her left hand in a fist with the elbow bent up at her side. Stacy's head and gaze were turned to her right with a small cocky smile placed on her lips, her hair was hanging loose behind the mask.

            “Okay, June, and I think it’s time to see what the head of the company looks like,” announced Maggie, putting Stacy aside at attention and grabbing Chelsea. Chelsea was an older woman, so Maggie wasn't super keen to spend too much time with her naked, but upon rendering her so, she was pleasantly surprised. Chelsea's skin had a consistent tone, most likely due to years of careful tanning, and while her body hair was discoloring Maggie didn't find it bad to look at all. What surprised Maggie the most was that Chelsea's breasts were still fairly firm, the sag levels fine as they were uniform, bulging out as well as down with some nice pale-pink nipples.

            “Man, if she was a grandmother, this would really be surreal,” muttered Cindy as she got to work dressing Chelsea up. It was an odd choice, Maggie knew, making Chelsea Super Girl, but as the costume was applied Maggie knew it would work with her. A tight blue long-sleeved T-shirt with the famous red and yellow logo was put on first, followed by a V-shaped yellow belt and red skirt next as the costume was actually in two separate pieces. The red cape was also Velcro-attached, reaching down to just above Chelsea's knees. Red boots were last, pointed toed ones with a small V-cuts on the sides that stopped only a couple of inches below the knees. Per the reference photo, Chelsea was stood up on her toes to look like she was floating, with her left arm bent forward at below waist height with her palm open facing down. Chelsea's right arm was raised up and away from the right side of her body, and her left knee was bent in towards her right. A fan was used to make Chelsea's cape and hair blow to the right as the photo was taken.

            “Not going to repose her?” asked Cindy as Maggie put Chelsea aside, but away from the existing row of a half-dozen costumed women, also leaving her as she'd been posed for the photo.

            “I'm thinking cover, though not the center,” explained Maggie as she picked out the next woman from the group that had yet to be dressed up who would serve as July. The fair Darcy Mason was very quickly rendered nude. “I've been waiting for this one,” admitted Cindy as the last of Darcy's underwear was stripped away, along with the young woman’s pantyhose, showing just how remarkably even the part-time model's tan was.

            “Yeah, no way should she only be part-time,” declared Maggie, tickling Darcy's thin but still-existent bush while Cindy had homed in the blonde's belly-button piercing.

            “I saw her smile once, it looked kind of off; might be why she can't do it all the time, hard to have a bad smile and get work,” noted Cindy, running her fingers between Darcy's nice breasts and pinching her tan nipples before stepping back. “Okay, I should probably dress her up before we get other ideas…”

            “Kind of a shame we went with Wonder Girl, but Chelsea as that super heroine would make even less sense,” sighed Maggie as she laid out the costume for Cindy and turned the laptop around so Cindy could see the reference.

Cindy started dressing Darcy, making sure to draw it out so Maggie would get a show. Red jeans with a black belt and black half-high boots went on Darcy's legs, with silver bracers for her arms; over her chest was the well-known red halter-top, whose bottom was cut in a V-shape with the Wonder Woman logo on it. Darcy's hair was put into place by a hair band, and after that a lasso was put in her hands. Darcy's left arm was raised right above her head, her right placed beside her hip, her legs spread beyond shoulder-width and the lasso looped, going around her back. A confident smile was the last touch to Darcy’s appearance before Cindy was done and Maggie took her picture; Cindy then reluctantly dragged the blonde aside and added her to the row that stood at attention rather than with Chelsea.

            “Look on the bright side, May's a great choice for Black Canary,” remarked Maggie as they got to work on the next blonde, the older deaf woman who possessed a key quality that the Black Canary would need: great legs. Maggie was a bit disappointed to find that May's personal areas weren't entirely up to appearances, her crotch hair running wild, plenty of ugly tan lines and even her nipples looked slightly off, one hard and pointy the other not.

            “I think this is one lady that could use a new man in her life; the current one apparently isn't treating her right,” mused Cindy as she got to work putting the costume on May. The outfit was classic Black Canary so it was all black leather, from the strapless bodysuit to the halter jacket with the rolled up sleeves. Ankle-high boots, wrist-length gloves and even a choker were all applied, with fishnets naturally covering May's legs. Finally, the costume had come with a V-shaped mask like the one for Stacy's Huntress but minus the cheek coverage, a small black elastic band held it onto May's head. Per the reference image, May was put on her knees with her body facing mostly to the right, her head and hips turned to face the camera with her right hand on her right knee and her left hand on her left stiletto heel. A sort of blank look was put on May's face though her teeth were also revealed, and after using the fan to apply a small gust of wind so the tips of her hair were lifted to the right, the photo was taken.

            “Yeah, cover for her works,” nodded Maggie as Cindy placed May with Chelsea, intending for her to serve as the second woman on the calendar cover. Luna was next; while Maggie admired how shapely the human resources Latina looked in the buff she nonetheless felt the urge to speed things up a bit. Luna was dressed as Zatanna, getting the magician’s white low-cut blouse, a long black tuxedo jacket with tails, Speedo-like bottoms that matched the tux, white gloves, black bow-tie, fishnet stockings and black heels, and finished off by a top hat on her head. A classic black magic wand with white ends was placed in Luna's right hand so she held it at her side, her left hand pulling down the brim of her hat with her eyes closed and a smile on her lips. Maggie then turned Luna's upper body slightly to the left, keeping her legs a shoulder-width apart, and placed a fan on the lower right so her tux’s tails would blow to the left. With the posing done, Luna was ready; like the others, Maggie snapped a few photos.

            “I can't wait to see how this one looks,” smiled Maggie after putting Luna over with the row of dressed women at attention, next going to retrieve Penny. As agreed, Maggie had to remove the time-stopped coffee from within Penny’s mouth. It was as bad as the food that Cindy had removed earlier from Adel’s mouth, as the coffee’s consistency was similar to Jell-O; brown smelly Jell-O. Penny had a strong-looking body with sexy features, so it wasn't hard for Maggie to peg her as Wonder Woman.

            “Oh those are some nice abs,” offered Maggie as Penny was soon reduced to her underwear, red thin-strap bra and panties, with Cindy even temporarily putting the model’s hands on her hips.

            “I know, she's got that fit look without looking overly-muscular, which is kind of what you'd expect the woman who is supposed to combine beauty and brawn effectively,” agreed Cindy, being a Wonder Woman herself, taking a moment to run her fingers over Penny's firmly toned stomach before plucking off her underwear and putting the iconic Wonder Woman costume on her. The classic bodysuit was a bit gaudy, but slid on nicely, making Penny look like she was wearing a bling-covered bikini. The red leather heeled boots were next; their peaked front tips nearly reaching to Penny's knees. The tiara and bracers came last, after which Cindy placed a golden lasso in Penny's left hand. Per the reference photo, Maggie had adjusted the model so Penny's right hip was swayed outwards, making her body lean to the left. Penny's fists were more or less posed at her sides, though they were turned out a bit. Penny's hair spilled her onto right shoulder but tucked behind the left and she was given a blank but alluring look on her face, after which the photo was taken.

            “Center of the cover, easily,” commented Maggie, with Cindy nodding in agreement as Penny was placed in between Chelsea and May.

            “Nearly done; this is great,” laughed Maggie, as she and Cindy lifted Marcie the vice-president from her seat then carried her to the green screen and stood her up. Cindy removed the woman’s heels while Maggie stripped off her blouse to reveal the woman’s naked bust, which looked a little too perfect to be real. Maggie then removed her skirt while Cindy plucked off the woman’s jewelry. “No underwear too!” Maggie exclaimed, eyeing Marcie’s shaven mound.

            “Figures, she was a slut back in the day… people can’t get rid of old habits,” Cindy added, looking at the now naked executive. Her body was freckle-covered, which gave her a unique look. She and Maggie both agreed that she was the best looking older woman in the room.

While Marcie had a great body, Maggie was now looking forward to just finishing the calendar, perhaps fooling around with the women after they were done shooting the last two months and the cover. She had selected Marcie to become Hawk Girl and given how delicate the character’s wings were, the reference photo was very simple, just an angled side shot with the model turned about fifty degrees to stage left. Cindy had dressed Marcie in green pants with yellow heeled boots were first, then a yellow and green turtle-neck halter top, which held large beige wings open at forty-five degrees. Wrapped armbands were placed over Marcie's hands and on her head went a hawk mask, with great brown feathers crowning out the back. A mace was placed in Marcie's right hand and with that Maggie took a few photos before Marcie was placed with the others in the line.

            “December!” exclaimed Maggie with glee, grabbing Martha’s stiff figure and dancing with her for a moment before starting to strip her. “After this we really need to celebrate...” Since it was the last month, Maggie decided to dress Martha while Cindy played photographer.

            “What have you got on this weekend?” asked Cindy, not focusing too much on the now since she was hoping to get Maggie’s moving in done with.

            “I did make plans with Tabitha...” admitted Maggie as Martha was stripped down, and a star-spangled sleeveless jump suit was being pulled up over her body.

            “Wait, what?!” exclaimed Cindy, feeling a bit betrayed now as she found out her girlfriend had made plans with someone didn’t approve of. “What are you and Tabitha up to?”

            “I don't seem to recall it being your business,” sniffed Maggie as she continued to work. Martha's sparkling outfit was smoothed in place and the white ankle-high heeled boots were placed on her feet; now a silver clip-on belt was being placed around her waist with a lasso attached to the right side. Martha was angled ten degrees camera right.

            “You know I don't like her!” insisted Cindy, stunned that Maggie was acting like it shouldn't be a big deal.

            “Yeah, but I do,” shrugged Maggie, placing silver bracers on Martha's wrists and crossing them above her head, putting a bright smile on the promoter's face. “Okay, I'm done, take the photo.”

            “Ugh,” grumbled Cindy, taking a photo of Martha, clearly not enjoying her first time as photographer.

            “Don't worry, you're still my girlfriend and I'm still moving in with you; no need to get so jealous,” insisted Maggie as she moved Martha aside. “I mean, there's really-”

            Cindy had heard enough, and thus as Maggie walked in front of the camera she reached down to where the clock had been sitting and flicked a bell, freezing her girlfriend on the spot. Maggie's left foot was strutting forward with her right arm raised the same way; her other limbs were opposite while her motionless face held a very blasé expression. “You are not getting away with this one,” declared Cindy, annoyed at how ignorant Maggie could be of her feelings, though Cindy was aware she was being quite jealous. Cindy moved Maggie over to stand with the row of heroines and did the cover photo shot by herself, placing Penny in the middle, May to Penny's left and Chelsea to her right, taking a photo minus any fake wind.

            “Just for that, no playtime right now; I'm cleaning up and leaving you frozen so you can think later about what you're doing,” announced Cindy, getting in Maggie's face. Maggie remained as motionless as statue, even when Cindy then smiled and gave her a big kiss before walking off, clock in hand.

            “Kansas!” called Cindy as she arrived at the break room. From inside the room, Kansas quickly emerged, clad in a half done-up dress shirt and some hastily pulled on dress pants, both of which were men’s.

            “What is it?” asked Kansas, looking a bit sheepish as she put her hands behind her head; her hair was a bit tangled up and the open buttons of the shirt bared her midriff. Cindy was going to say something but instead discreetly flicked the bell then and there, freezing Kansas as she stood.

            “I was going to say we need to clean up and stop somewhere, but I think we can do that after a little fun,” giggled Cindy, moving up to the now waxwork-like Kansas and starting to undo the remaining buttons on the shirt.


            First she played with Kansas for a while, doing her over a desk. Cindy didn’t know how long the play lasted, but by the time she was finished she concluded that she loved Kansas as a statue. She then left the naked softball player folded over the desk and, still in the buff, reentered the conference room. Maggie was then stripped naked; she made it point to cut away her clothes so they were not of any use to her girlfriend anymore. Cindy went at it with Maggie for what felt like a day before moving on to the other occupants of the rooms. She made it part of cleaning up as she stripped them all naked once again. Already feeling a bit sexed out from Maggie and Kansas, Cindy only played with a handful of the models, and with Darcy and Penny being the two from the handful that she spent the most time with.

            With costumes and the photo shoot equipment stowed away, Cindy dressed herself back up and redressed Kansas back in her clothes painfully retrieved from the room of naked men. She then unfroze the athletic girl and claimed that she had only frozen Kansas in order to speed up redressing her in her own clothing. Kansas was skeptical but decided to take Cindy’s word for it, for if what she figured had happened really happened she didn’t want to think about it. It was obviously time to go, that being the reason why Cindy had called Kansas away from her fun in the first place. Kansas cleaned up her mess in the break room but left all the men naked while seated at the tables. She had nearly taken all the male workers in the office, so some stood against the walls and counters of the room. Their clothing was left in mixed piles on the table. Kansas wished she could be around when time was restarted she mused, looking at her handiwork before leaving the room.

            Cindy was a little more lenient, redressing her ‘volunteer’ models back in at least their underwear and heels, though some of women did not have underwear and they were left naked with just their footwear on. All the women were brought back to where she remembered they were and reposed as best as her memory offered. Their clothing, though, was hidden throughout the office. She felt a little bad for Martha, ending up nearly naked in front of her client. Cindy considered stripping Gretchen down a bit too, so Martha would not feel so bad but then decided against it, thinking if Gretchen were to get so upset the deal was called off then she would be out of her first long gig with the agency. In the end, only Martha was left in her lingerie.

            Maggie had dressed in a pink and black lace bra and black thong. She was currently dressed only in those, along with her own shoes and studded belt, the rest of her clothing having been destroyed and thrown away. Kansas unsure why Maggie was frozen too but figured, correctly, her friend had said something stupid or insensitive again didn’t question the matter. As Kansas drove their handcart loaded with their gear out of the building to her van, Cindy followed happily dragging her immobilized girlfriend along. Maggie was sloppily stowed in back on the dirty mattress along the photo shoot gear and the now stolen handcart.

            Outside, the world was still frozen. After a quick stop at a convenience store, where Kansas grabbed a few snacks, which Cindy felt she had to leave money behind for, they were off to the next destination. While Kansas had grabbed her snacks, Cindy had looked through the phone book and found what she was looking for. With the phone book page she’d torn out, Cindy directed Kansas towards the address on the page, promising it was going to be their last stop before heading home.

            An hour of navigating through frozen traffic, Kansas’s van was soon double parked outside a four-story narrow bricked apartment building wedged in between a garage shop and a Chinese carryout place. The building was conveniently located just four blocks from Maggie’s favorite restaurant, Fifi’s. The pair exited the van and entered the building after climbing the half dozen steps to its double glass outer doors. The lobby of the building was narrow as expected and featured a couple of potted plants over its tiled flooring. The walls were covered in advertisements and flyers while a row of wall-mounted mailboxes occupied the wall closest to the main entrance. The back of the lobby led toward a hallway and, according the signage, the hallway connected the laundry room, landlord’s room and manager’s office. Dominating most of the space in the lobby was a staircase that headed up.

            Cindy looked at the mailboxes and confirmed what she read from the phone book page she held. “We’re going up to the third floor,” she said to Kansas before making her way to the stairs, the softball player following suit. The floor plans of the apartment were odd, being that each floor only containing a small hallway and three rooms. Judging by how the building looked on the outside, Kansas and Cindy figured that only two of the three units would have windows, the ones in the front and back, while the middle unit would have nothing.

            “Holy crap it’s Chet Powers!” Kansas exclaimed when they reached the landing for the second floor. Chet was captain of the DSC men’s swim team. The swimmer was brown haired and well muscled. He was currently dressed in a white dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up at the elbows. Khaki cargo shorts and brown flip-flops completed his look. Chet bore a smile on his face with his gazed turned to the stunning blond that was next to him. Said blond had her hand in his hand. She was dressed in a orange spaghetti top over a brief denim skirt that was an inch away from being deemed inappropriate. She was frozen in mid-stride standing in wicker wedges. “And his girlfriend Stephanie Kinloch…” Kansas added with annoyance, eyeing the beautiful blond who seemed to have perfect wavy hair and bright blue eyes, which were currently blank at the moment. Stephanie did bare a bright smile that looked lively even in her currently frozen state.

            “Who are they?” Cindy asked eyeing the blond. Before Cindy had met Maggie, she had gone out with blond girl, so she always had a special place in her heart for blondes.

            “Well, Chet here is the number one hunk in the school and Stephanie is well… his girlfriend; that’s about it,” Kansas explained, rubbing the back of her hand against Chet’s cheek before letting her fingers drift down to his chest. “Can we?” she asked, looking over at Cindy eagerly.

            “Not now; we have a mission,” Cindy replied as she headed for the next staircase.

            “I don’t get why? It’s not like we’re short on time,” Kansas grumbled as she followed the other girl.

            The third floor hallway was empty as Cindy read the numbers on the door. The room that she was looking for was the third unit on the floor that faced out the back of the building. To her surprise the door was ajar slightly. Cindy couldn’t believe her luck. The timing of the time-stop earlier had been perfect, even though this extra visit wasn’t planned.

            “Jackpot!” Cindy remarked as she opened the apartment door the rest of the way. It took a little effort as there was a frozen person standing behind it. The unit was a studio, with a bar counter that divided the living area from the kitchen, which also featured a washer-dryer combo. In the small entryway were two doors to left and right that led to a bathroom and closet. The room had hardwood floors with white walls covered in posters featuring both male and female models dressed in very little clothing. A large French flag, doubling as drapes, hung over the back windows, a sign of national pride. There was unmade queen-size bed in the far corner of the room that only rested on a spring box. A mixed, unmatched living room set occupied the middle the room along with a small flat screen TV and its stand. There was also a coffee table with a laptop on top of it that sat between the sofa set and TV. Exercise equipment occupied another corner with a cabinet in another. Like the rest of the small apartment, the kitchen was a mess covered with dirty pots, pans, and dishes along with empty take-out food containers. Clothing and trash seemed to be in the majority of the contents visible in the small space.

            Kansas peeked around and looked over Cindy’s shoulder. She cringed, “I thought Mags was messy…”

            “Yeah, this is pretty gross, but I don’t care; I came for her,” Cindy said, taking a glance around the room before stepping in all the way and peeking behind the door. She smiled at seeing Tabitha Lemier. The brunette French waitress stood suspended in time behind the door, caught in mid-stride with one hand holding the doorknob while her other dug in her purse. Her brown hair was tied back in a high ponytail while her eyes were covered by big sunglasses. Her lips were pursed slightly but her expression was generally neutral. The waitress was dressed for work under a light brown thin leather jacket, her outfit consisting of a purple blouse, black knee length skirt, dark hosiery, and black heels.

            “What do you plan on doing with her?” Kansas then asked stepping into the room. “She’s the one that hits on Mags right?”

            “Yeah,” Cindy answered, pulling the purse from Tabitha’s shoulder and tossing it aside. “They have plans this weekend. Not sure what I want to do… maybe strip her naked and bring her to her job; maybe she’ll get fired and be too depressed to hang out?”

            “Sounds kinda far-fetched to me,” Kansas replied as she wandered around the studio. “If she’s into Mags she’ll hang out anyways and you know how Mags is, she’ll probably just go along with it…” she was looking around Tabitha’s bed when she noticed something. Kneeling down, she picked up a small stack of photos. “Uh oh, we might have an issue,” Kansas said, flipping through the photos.

            “What?” Cindy asked from the entrance, where she had moved the waitress away from the door in preparation for her plans. Tabitha was hot, so stripping her naked seemed like a good idea despite whatever else she planned to do.

            “You better come here and have a look,” Kansas replied, holding out the photos.

            Cindy walked over to the softball player and took the photos. She started to flip through them and with each flip she started to feel a certain panic. The photos, all taken from a distance with a zoom lens, contained Maggie as she went on with her day, while at work and also at school. There were even some pictures with Cindy in them, taken in front of their home. “This is crazy… she’s stalking her!”

            “Yeah looks, that way,” Kansas sighed, kneeling back down and picking up another stack of photos. She flipped through them, finding the same results, though this time Tucker was in some of the photos. “She’s been at it for a while,” Kansas concluded, handing the newly discovered stacks to Cindy. She looked down and spotted another stack. “There’s more…”

            “Fuck, fuck, fuck!” Cindy shot, “What are we going to do?” she asked, looking through the incriminating photos. “She’s obviously not going to stop stalking Maggie.”

            Kansas looked around the room, thinking. Eyeing the flag, the idea hit her. “Let’s keep her frozen and take her.”

            “What?” Cindy asked, looking up at Kansas. She had knelt down to collect the other photos.

            “Maggie has taken two women for me and kept them, one was a thief and the other caught me using the clock. You also have that new woman someone gave to you as a gift… I think you should keep Frenchy, here,” Kansas suggested, gesturing at Tabitha.

            “Whoa, whoa, back up; what do you mean two women that Maggie kept?” asked Cindy, confused.

             “You didn't know?” remarked Kansas in surprise. “Then again, she said she was keeping them someplace special...”

            “So seriously, she has two women frozen with no intention of ever letting them go?!” exclaimed Cindy, though a good chunk of her outrage was superficial. The girl that had been sent to them earlier, Emma Vargas, Cindy loved already in spite of its source, but to discover Maggie had been keeping a secret was a new surprise.

            “Call it karma; both weren't exactly likeable people,” insisted Kansas with a shrug. “Besides, regardless of how you might feel about that, Tabby here is clearly cuckoo for Cocoa-Pops, stalking the love of your life. There's no way that ends well. Freezing her would be a public service.”

            “But...” muttered Cindy, looking at the photos in disgust and seeing Kansas's point. Cindy tended to be a bit cynical when it came to the police and crimes like stalking, not believing that justice could always be served. However, Cindy also wasn't sure if Tabitha just disappearing would make sense, and she knew such disappearances were taken seriously. It was then, however, that Kansas pulled something else out from under the bed.

            “Passport,” announced Kansas. “She is originally from France; could cover it up by having her be deported or something. She had to leave in a hurry and could only leave a note...”

            “... Screw it, lets ice this bitch,” declared Cindy, holding aloft Maggie's clock and flicking the bell, ensuring Tabitha wouldn't be able to move again. “You write the note; I'm going to destroy some of these photos.”

            “No problem, I actually know a little French,” agreed Kansas, quickly finding a pen and paper near the bed and beginning to write. Cindy meanwhile gathered up the photos – there were a lot of them – and carried them into the bathroom. The room was small, but there was a toilet; that was all Cindy needed. The photos were dropped into the toilet bowl, Cindy then chasing them with some bleach and toilet cleaner Tabitha had in her bathroom. Using the clock, Cindy unfroze the toilet and watched the pictures become useless husks of waste, feeling a little better.

            “Done, I'll just leave this by the door,” announced Kansas as Cindy returned from the bathroom, the pair heading straight for Tabitha. Seething a bit, Cindy casually pushed Tabitha over, her sunglasses and keys both clattered away from her as the mannequin-stiff woman hit the floor.

            “These are too nice for your pervert eyes,” hissed Cindy to Tabitha, putting the sunglasses on her forehead and lifting the waitress up onto her shoulder, Kansas taking her keys and locking up. The apartment finished with, the duo started down the stairs. Kansas stopped when they once again encountered Chet and Stephanie.

            “Hmm...” muttered Kansas out loud.

            “Fine, both of them,” sighed Cindy, too angry now to argue.

            “Awesome!” exclaimed Kansas in glee, moving to grab the happily frozen couple.


            “Crap…” Maggie muttered, realizing it was dark outside and she was back at her new home, Cindy’s house. “I did it again?” She mumbled looking down at her toes. She was barefoot and standing naked in the room deemed as her cave. Cindy, in the same state of undress, stood in front holding the clock.

            “You bet,” Cindy said, moving around Maggie and placing the clock on the desk. “You pick up on these things so slowly…I know you don’t mean to hurt me and you have keen sense of how I feel… yet you still do things like this.”

            “I’m sorry,” Maggie replied as she and Cindy embraced. “I’ll cancel my plans with Tabitha this weekend… unless you want to join us?” She then asked, expectantly.

            “Hold that thought,” Cindy simply replied taking hold of Maggie’s hand. “I want to show you something,” she said as she led her girlfriend out of the room.

            The lights were dim in the hallway, giving a romantic feeling. “I restarted time as you can tell. I also returned our aunts… took my aunt home and posed yours in her police car a few miles from here. Kansas helped me with that,” Cindy explained as they headed down the hall towards the master bedroom. “Haven’t heard from them since time was restarted, so I think we have time to come up with a story later. Kansas will be spending tonight in the carriage house… she has a guest.”

            “A guest?” Maggie asked as they reached their bedroom door.

            “Well a reward of sorts, with you frozen she did help me out. I think we’re getting closer. We even have a coffee date planned for next week to just hang out.”

            “Ah, that’s good,” Maggie nodded. Cindy was sort of the jealous type and even though Kansas wasn’t into her like that, Cindy still felt that way. With them hanging out without her, Maggie felt that their relationship was getting better.

            Cindy pushed open the door to their room and stepped aside so Maggie could have a look. Like the hallway, the bedroom was cast in dim romantic lighting with the added touch of some scented candles. Next to the large walk-in closet that Maggie and Cindy now shared was the realistic purple haired wax figure that was a souvenir from their date in the Fetishist Wax Museum. The figure usually served as a coat hanger but was currently dressed in a purple see-through teddy. The figure also usually occupied its spot next to the closet alone but at the moment was flanked by two frozen women in the form of Denise and Tina. Denise stood to the right of the mannequin. She was dressed in pink lace panties with a matching spaghetti strapped midriff-baring top. She stood with her hips shifted to the right and her hands running through her dark hair. Her face bore a closed eyed expression with a soft grin on her lips. To the mannequins left Tina stood with hands on her hips and bore a blank smiling expression on face. Her hair hung loose and covered her bare breasts. She stood in a pair black spiked heels with a black leather g-string covering her sex. Nearby at Cindy’s make-up desk, seated on the padded stool, was Kayley Wu in all her greatness, dressed in a green bikini and pair of sandaled heels. The frozen actress sat with her legs crossed at the knees and her hands under her chin. She bore a seductive blank smile that was aimed across the room. Standing in the center of the room was Maggie’s mom, Ling. The elder Yen was still dressed in her schoolgirl uniform from earlier and was left in the same pose from earlier, creepy unnatural smile and all. Finally on the bed were three women, all fully clothed, and just as frozen as the others. They all were posed the same way, sitting upright against the backboard with hands resting on their knees. Their faces were blank and even though the women looked different, their faces carried an eerie sameness. From left to right were Tabitha, Emma and then Stephanie. Tabitha sported her waitress uniform sans her heels; Emma was in her genie outfit while Stephanie was bare footed and in her denim skirt and orange top.

            “Interesting…” Maggie said with a smile, walking up to the bed and eyeing the three women.

            “Part of the celebration,” Cindy said, walking up to next to Maggie. “I figure we first start on them first and then work up to the others. I’ll take your mom… for obvious reasons… unless…”

            “No. You can have her… I’ll stick with Stephanie the cheerleader for while more; it’s been a while. Where’d you pick her up?”

            “Picked her up along with Kansas’ reward; couldn’t just leave her and take her boy toy.”

            “Right, and Tabitha?” Maggie then asked, turning her gaze to the unmoving French waitress.

            “Found out that she was getting deported… she was going to break her plans with you anyways so I figured I’d freeze her for you. Jamie got you Emma, I think my getting you Tabitha is an equal or better gift,” Cindy explained, leaving out the true reason why Tabitha was really there. She figured it was better this way. Maggie didn’t have to know that she had been into a crazy woman.

            “So we’re keeping her?” Maggie asked eagerly.

            “Yes,” Cindy simply replied and smiled as she watched Maggie give the waxwork-like French woman a hug.

            “She’s the best gift ever! I can’t wait to get her naked; though I have before, this time is special,” Maggie said as she started unbuttoning Tabitha’s blouse.

            “Hold on baby,” Cindy said seriously putting her hand on Maggie’s shoulder. “Before we have fun, I want to know about the other women you have frozen and kept. Kansas told me and mentioned you have a secret location too.”

            “Oh… so now you know?”

            “Not quite yet, you want to tell me?”


The End?


Maggie Yen – Yin Chang

Erika Stone –
Blake Lively

Saffron Westlake –
Christina Hendricks

Mary Hamilton –
Sarah Lancaster

Amanda Burns –
Amanda Bynes

Chene Francois –
Kate Ryan

Iris Brenden –
Amy Poehler

Trish King –
Ellie Kemper

Friday –
Amanda Seyfried

Dana Callahan –
Michelle Moynahan

Kelly Creek –
Katy Perry

Courtney Valance –
Emily Rose

Talieya Antzas -
Evelina Papantoniou

Monica Stein –
Shiri Appleby

Caitlin Trafford –
Jewel Staite

Sally Richardson –
Leah Rene Cudmore

Celeste Green –
Amerie Rogers

Connie Soyer –
Amber Tamblyn

Belinda Frazier –
Kristen Wiig

Calista Suvari –
Brooklyn Decker

Cindy Vu –
Jenny Chu

Thuy Vu –
Betty Nguyen

Ling Yen –
Joan Chen

Naomi Yen –
Lucy Liu

Tina Ly –
Kim Loan

Denise Ortega –
Alexa Vega

Kayley Wu –
Kelly Hu

Kansas Wilkins –
Ciara Harris

Chelsea Jameson –
Jean Smart

Marcie Huxley –
Connie Britton

Luna Gonzalez –
Nadine Velazquez

May Troughton –
Marlee Matlin

Tamara Philips –
Tamala Jones

Jacklyn Moreno –
Jennifer Esposito

Adele Oriolo –
Carla Gugino

Penny Gingrich –
Erica Durance

Martha Cassidy –
Pipa Middleton

Stacy Lee –
Linda Park

Krista Todd –
Casey Wilson

Debbie McNeal –
Amanda Crew

Darcy Mason –
Lauren Conrad

Gretchen Fox –
Erin Karpluk

Tabitha Lemier –
Lauren Mayhew

Chet Powers –
Zac Efron

Stephanie Kinloch –
Cassie Scerbo

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