Maggie's Clock V – Maggie's Palace

by Zero

These are all tales of hijinks that Tucker has with his magical gizmo, which take place in what will be known from now on as the 'Tuckerverse'. You may want to read more of Tucker's tales from the beginning, or catch up on the latest chapter before continuing; the lead characters are introduced in the first story. There is also a chronological index to the series as well as a comprehensive Tuckerverse Wiki! [Ed.]

Authors' Note: We hope you've enjoyed the Clockwork and Tucker series' so far and hope you will continue to do so in the Tuckerverse!

            "Now where did I leave that top..." muttered Maggie Yen, searching around her mess of a room for the shirt she'd picked out for her lunch with her sister. Since Madison had crashed a party Cindy was throwing and explained her feelings, Maggie had begun to get closer to Madison; for the first time in quite a while the sisters were going to share a meal that didn't also include their parents. Maggie had been a bit nervous, since she'd assumed Alana would be there too, but luckily Madison's better half and Maggie's ex was working a shift at the hospital and thus unable to make it. To treat the event right Maggie was actually trying to dress up a bit, picking out a skirt she liked as well as donning pantyhose and a nice pair of flat shoes.

            "Oh here it is," sighed Maggie in relief, finding the ironed yellow blouse resting on the head of her currently frozen friend Martha Cassidy. The previous night Martha had come over to visit Cindy and Maggie and, upon revealing she had few plans until the next afternoon, Maggie had elected to use her magic clock to freeze Martha overnight. The young British brunette was standing in the white business outfit she'd worn last night prior to being played with, consisting of a knee-length skirt, somewhat low-cut blouse and light jacket with short sleeves that stopped past the elbows. Maggie and Cindy had even taken the time to do Martha's hair the night before, putting it up in a carefully done bun. Martha currently stood with her arms raised at the elbows, her palms up and open as if to gesture in puzzlement or surprise with a frown on her face.

            "Thank you dear," offered Maggie, giving Martha a kiss as she pulled the blouse off of the mannequin-like young womanÕs head. Maggie was getting anxious as that morning Kansas had stopped by, having decided to skip softball practice in favor of taking a day for herself and asked to borrow the Tempus Clock as well as the Lancer. Maggie had agreed but demanded Kansas return it before she left for lunch at eleven thirty. It was past that time now and no sign of Kansas yet. Before leaving, Kansas did mention visiting Lisa Collins, whom she'd befriended at Cindy's party previously, but it was supposed to just be grabbing coffee for maybe a half-hour.

            "Don't worry, if she shows up I can always stop time to make sure you get home," Maggie assured Martha, giving the frozen woman a pat on the shoulder while putting the blouse on. With that done Maggie decided to make a quick call and headed downstairs, picking up her portable phone and using the intercom function.

            "Morning lover, aren't you supposed to be heading out to see Madison by now?" greeted Cindy on the other end of the line, up in her own house.

            "Kansas is running late with the clock," revealed Maggie, glancing again at her watch. "I still need to return Martha but would you like someone else to play with today?"

            "If you can manage that it would be great, just leave them in my kitchen," giggled Cindy. "Oh hey, I just saw your car appear out of nowhere. I think Kansas just pulled up." Just a moment later there was a knock at the door.

            "Yeah, seems to be," confirmed Maggie. "Take care, I'll see you later."

            "Love you," offered Cindy.

            "Love you too," replied Maggie, hanging up. Putting down her phone, Maggie opened up the front door of the guesthouse to reveal Kansas, though surprisingly someone else was with her.  Someone who remained stiff and silent, not reacting to MaggieÕs presence in the least.

            "Sorry about the delay," Kansas said immediately, carrying the second person inside. Kansas's dark curly hair was now spilling over her shoulders, she having started to grow it longer a few weeks ago. The young softball player was wearing her usual orange vest over a white T-shirt, the shirt having the logo for Main Street news while below that Kansas had on some worn blue jeans.

            "I know her; Kelly, right?" observed Maggie as Kansas moved the frozen woman inside. Kelly Creek, a woman Maggie had used a few times as a model for T & M Productions, was frozen with her arms crossed and a smug grin on her face. The black-haired and blue-eyed beauty was wearing a white blouse and black pants, which was essentially her uniform for the cell phone store she worked at.

            "This bitch sold me a stolen phone and when I complained she threatened to report me for theft, since the phone didn't have a paper trail," revealed Kansas, Maggie noting that between the dark skin and white eyes were traces of tears. Kansas seemed more angry than upset so Maggie figured they were tears of rage, if there were indeed tears.

            "What happened to the phone?" asked Maggie, giving her friend a small hug in response to the story.

            "I threw it into the ocean after removing the battery," explained Kansas, returning the hug for a moment before ending it. "As soon as she threatened me I froze her and then time. I managed to use her ID to get me a sweet deal on a new phone then had her terminate her contract with the store, locking it up as we left. After throwing away the phone I came straight here. I'm sorry about being late but my yelling at her took a while..."

            "I can understand that, but you are still late," nodded Maggie, taking back her magic clock and car keys from Kansas as she now offered it. "Still, we can deal with that in a moment. So Kelly has now quit her job. What do you want to do with her?"

            "Honestly, I don't think we can unfreeze her without her finding stuff out," mused Kansas, shaking her head. "You told me once that you had permanently frozen people before for being crooks... think Kelly here could be one of them?"

            Maggie bit her lip, thinking about the suggestion Kansas had just made. In the past Maggie had, along with Tucker, frozen a few people that they felt were better off in their collection than running free. Kelly, according to Kansas, was a phone crook, but was that serious enough a crime? Maggie then realized she didn't care; too keen to start her own collection now that she'd cut her ties with Tucker. "Sure. We'll keep her here," declared Maggie. "You skipped practice so this is pretty much your day right?" Maggie then asked, changing the subject.

            "Yeah, I was just going to..." began Kansas, never finishing as Maggie chose then to activate her clock, stopping time. Kansas froze with her hands in her pockets, her shoulders shrugged up with her lips pressed together while looking down.

            "Thanks for the present," laughed Maggie, giving Kansas a kiss before focusing on Kelly. Maggie wanted to keep Kelly but knew that if Cindy found out there would be trouble. Maggie would need a place to keep Kelly permanently, and she wondered about checking out Kelly's apartment after she finished lunch with Madison. For now, however, Maggie needed to make up the ten minutes Kansas had delayed her, so with a whistle Maggie carried Kelly upstairs, returning shortly with Martha.

            "Now for your punishment," remarked Maggie, flicking a bell on her clock to freeze Kansas. Maggie wasn't that careful with how she picked up Kansas, purposely having the other girl's chest rub against hers before finally holding her properly by the waist. Whistling once again, Maggie took Kansas outside and then headed into Cindy's house, leaving Kansas in the kitchen as promised.

            "I'm sure Cindy will be thrilled, I think she's got a crush on you," giggled Maggie as she left Kansas to go and retrieve Martha.

* * *

            "Good... noon, Michai," greeted Maggie as she arrived at the desk of Madison's secretary at Foster & McBride. Not every attorney at the law firm had a secretary but since Madison had managed to garner quite a bit of seniority in a small amount of time, thus Michai Roberts had worked for Madison pretty much the entire time she'd been with the firm. Michai was in her mid-thirties, possessing very dark brown hair and skin that had always reminded Maggie of caramel, since Michai was a quarter-east-Indian on her father's side. What Maggie liked the best about Michai however was the fact that she had a London accent.

            "When its a few past twelve you can probably just say 'afternoon' Maggie," pointed out Michai, not smiling but carrying a hint of humor in her voice. Maggie's only met Michai a few times, given that until recently Maggie never really visited her sister at work, but Maggie had picked up that in spite of not exactly appearing warm Michai was very patient and not without humor. "Your sister's on the phone but she said you could just go in when you get here," revealed Michai, glancing at her phone before nodding at Maggie. "Have you met Loni yet?"

            "I'm afraid I don't know who that is," confessed Maggie, shaking her head.

            "Your sister recently decided to get a clerk," explained Michai, going back to typing on her computer as she spoke. "Mr. Foster had only budgeted the firm to allow for senior partners to have clerks and secretaries, but Madison found a way to get someone cheaply."

            "How cheap?" asked Maggie, a bit curious now.

            "If I hadn't told you, the question would probably arise during the meeting," offered Michai, Maggie sure there was a hint of a smirk on the secretary's lips as she continued to type. "Go on in, it's fine."

            "Thanks Michai," concluded Maggie, moving past Michai's desk and into the gorgeous corner office Madison had managed to attain. Around a year ago Maggie had learned that Madison had more or less slept her way to the top, more than likely having been with a few of the senior men with the firm and, given the fact that Madison was currently involved with a woman, possibly even a couple of females as well. While Madison did also have an impressive client list, the most notable being Erika Stone, Maggie knew it had taken both that and her sleeping around to more or less guarantee her a senior partnership within the next ten years.

            "I understand Erika, I'll look into what they'd want to give you tenant control," Madison said into her phone, casually waving at her sister all the while. At around five months pregnant Madison was still finding outfits that fit, wearing a white blouse that covered her enlarged midriff perfectly as well as a black blazer that fit perfectly on top. Given her belly situation Madison wasn't wearing a skirt and pantyhose, instead opting for loose pants that matched the blazer but still sporting black-leather cone heels. Maggie also noted that Madison's hair was in a more conservative bun than usual, Maddy usually at least went for Japanese-style buns when she put her hair up like that.

            "Okay, I'll have Michai set up a time to call him while I'm at lunch and hopefully I can have this done this afternoon," continued Madison, getting her legs off of her new oak desk, it being larger than her old one, and spinning to look out the full-wall windows at the city below. "Yes, lunch with my sister for a change. I'll be sure to tell her. Bye, Erika." With that Madison spun back around and placed her phone on its cradle, then looking up at Maggie with a smile. "Good timing, Erika Stone says hello," revealed Madison.

            "That was nice of her," nodded Maggie, glancing around the office. "I heard you'd gotten a new desk, but it seems like more than that..." Madison's office seemed to have double the filing cabinets it had before, all pressed against the walls away from the window. There was a small secondary desk near the window, Madison's old one, with a second computer hooked up and a small coffee maker resting on the free corner. A side table near the window held Madison's laptop and CyPad, both plugged in to charge, and besides the two chairs in front of her desk Madison now had a full white-leather couch. A few random trophy-like items also decorated the office, including a model ship atop some of the filing cabinets and a set of Japanese swords on the wall.

            "Well you haven't been here for a couple of months," pointed out Madison, standing up to approach her sister. "After I hired my new clerk I figured I'd get her to help make some renovations during her downtime." Maggie and Madison then hugged, that also being when the office door opened.

            "Oh, um, bad moment?" came a voice. Maggie let go of her sister to turn and see who it was. A gorgeous blue-eyed blonde was standing there with the door open, a few documents held in her right hand. The blonde looked to be eighteen, possibly nineteen, and was dressed in a darker-teal V-neck top with a white skirt, black stiletto heels on her feet while her hair spilled down to near the bottom of her breasts and, presumably, the small of her back. Maggie figured the girl was the dictionary reference image for the term 'ditz', and then assumed she was the new clerk Michai and Madison had mentioned.

            "Not at all Loni," offered Madison, gesturing to the blonde. "Loni Jaspers, this is my sister Maggie."

            "Oh, niced to meet you!" exclaimed Loni, hurrying over and actually giving Maggie a big hug. Maggie was stunned, not expecting the young woman to be the hugging-type or actually say 'niced.'

            "Ah good, the contract," remarked Madison, taking the papers from Loni as she broke the hug on Maggie, then placing them on her desk. "I'm going to head out for lunch now. Loni, can you get Michai to call to Mr. West at Victoria Towers?"

            "Sure thing!" Loni practically shouted, then heading right back out of the office, leaving Maggie to stare at the closed door for a moment.

            "She was cheap," commented Madison.

            "So I'd heard," replied Maggie, shaking her head. "Don't you need at least some understanding of law to be a clerk though?"

            "She took some summer courses after she graduated high school last year and even did some work as an intern," revealed Madison. "She's a bit... out there, but she's sort of a law savant. I think the term is 'bunny ears lawyer.'"

            "All I know is she gives good hugs," noted Maggie, having enjoyed the part where Loni's large breasts were pressed up against her.

            "No argument there," chuckled Madison, then heading for the door. "Come on, Fifi's has a reservation for us. Only hitch is Alana is on-call so it'll just be the two us today."

            "That's fine," shrugged Maggie as the sister exited the office, causing Loni and Michai to stop talking and look up.

            "I'll arrange that call right away," offered Michai, referring to what Madison had asked Loni to tell the secretary. "Enjoy your lunch."

            "Thanks a lot!" replied Madison, giving her staff a wave. The sisters were halfway to the elevator when someone else approached them.

            "Oh, is this Maggie?" said a green-eyed brunette that approached the siblings. The brunette was much taller than the sisters; Maggie figured her to be around five-eight, with her slightly curled hair down at shoulder-length. Maggie took a moment to admire the woman's outfit, which was a tailored dark navy business dress with yellow lining and a white blouse underneath as well as pantyhose.

            "Mags, this is Tiffany Cross," explained Madison, indicating the brunette. "She's Kylie McBride's clerk."

            "Maddy told me once you went to Decker State College," commented Tiffany, shaking hands with Maggie. "My aunt works there as a tutor."

            "Piper Cross?" suggested Maggie, remembering once seeing an attractive tutor by that name during a frozen adventure at her campus.

            "That's her!" confirmed Tiffany. "I think she usually tutors athletes right now though..."

            "Yeah, I don't know her personally," confirmed Maggie, as she herself sometimes tutored students in math thus she did occasionally speak with others who did the same. Piper, however, was an actual member of campus staff thus their interactions were non-existent.

            "Well, be sure to watch your sister today, I've caught her at least once consider ordering wine!" chuckled Tiffany, causing Maggie to cock her head in confusion. Connie Soyer and Belinda Frazier were Madison's main friends at the firm, so since when had she started to hang out with a clerk?

            "Don't worry, I haven't done that in months," insisted Madison, then giving Tiffany European style cheek-kisses. "I'll see you later Tiffany."

            "You'd better!" exclaimed Tiffany, offering Maggie a wave before walking off.

            "Are you two close?" asked Maggie as the sisters resumed their walk to the elevator. "I don't remember you ever mentioning her before..."

            "Being a senior partner's clerk she's just around a lot," explained Madison, but Maggie wondered if her sister was leaving something out. This became clear when the siblings reached the elevator and saw Connie and Belinda, Madison's supposed best friends at the firm, waiting for another one. Madison said nothing and got cold stares from both women.

            "Look Connie, itÕs the lawyer with a pending lawsuit about two inches from her ribs," muttered Belinda, Maggie easily able to hear it, Madison presumably as well.

            "Now now, Madison's not the kind of attorney to sue these days," Connie replied to Belinda, muttering but also still loud enough for the sisters to hear. "I'm starting to think that's not a baby, its some kind of parasite that sucks the fun out of people."

            "Or maybe its just the thing to give the hooker that ever so precious heart of gold," suggested Belinda, causing the two women to snicker. Maggie glanced at Madison, confused since her best friends were now being total bitches not ten feet away. Madison didn't seem troubled in the slightest, neither frowning or smiling.

            A moment later the elevator arrived. "Lets take the next one, don't want to be in the same one as old wide-load," remarked Connie, causing another audible snicker as Madison and Maggie got onto the elevator.

            "I didn't think lesbians could have babies," added Belinda, and it was then that Maggie had had enough. As Madison and Maggie turned around and Madison reached for the ground floor button, Maggie reached into her purse and with the press of a button, stopped time. Madison's right index finger was an inch from the button and aside from that she was pretty much standing at attention, her gaze straight ahead since she knew the elevator by instinct.

            "You might not be saying anything, but I'm going to give these bitches a little payback," declared Maggie, patting her frozen sister on the shoulder before putting her purse down and heading out of the elevator.

            Belinda, the shorter of the two, was wearing a burgundy V-neck shirt and jeans, a bit odd since from what Maggie had seen lawyers usually dressed more formally in the office. Connie meanwhile had a respectable one-piece black dress on with a purple blazer on top of it, pantyhose and black heels down below. Both women had their arms crossed and were standing in front of each other, Connie leaning a bit to the right with a big smirk on her face while Belinda was flashing teeth and was bent very slightly at the knees. "Guess you haven't learned your lesson from that time I left you in the window," noted Maggie, remembering and event that felt like years ago in which she'd left the pair, along with Madison, naked in the show windows of Bean There. Maggie considered doing something like that again before dismissing it, figuring it was a good a time as ever to just have some fun in the law firm.

            "You're coming with me," declared Maggie, getting around behind Connie and dragging her by the waist over beside Belinda, then dragging them both back into the office. The maneuver was a bit tricky but Maggie didn't see a cart so it was the best she had, lacking the upper body strength to lift two women and carry them.

            Maggie knew the two biggest offices belonged to the senior partners and that McBride was a woman, so Maggie headed towards her office with the two rude lawyers dragging along. Sure enough Kylie McBride's office was massive, having the best view of any Maggie had seen, and it included a couple of couches as well as a bar. "You could hold staff meetings in here, which I bet you do sometimes," commented Maggie as she stood Connie and Belinda up near one couch, a red leather one. Seated at her desk was Kylie, the redhead wearing a green business dress with a white blouse and currently on the phone. Kylie was using her left hand to touch a stray lock of her just past shoulder-length hair, a smile on her lips as she held a cradled phone to her right ear.

            "No personal calls!" chided Maggie, chuckling at her non-joke as she removed the phone from Kylie's grip and wheeled her on her black leather desk chair over by the lawyers she'd brought in earlier. "No, if I'm going to do this I need to go all-out," decided Maggie after looking at the three immobilized women.

            Practically skipping out into the office, Maggie quickly found Tiffany. The brunette was standing near her desk outside Kylie's office, handing a manila folder to a woman with similar hair. Tiffany practically looked like she was trying to make the act look sexy, her left hand on her hip, which was swayed, as her right held out the folder to the other woman, who was trying to grasp it two-handed. It took Maggie a moment to remember who the other brunette was but placed her as being Kelly Lloyd, who'd been Levy Foster's secretary as long as Maggie could remember. Kelly was in a pants suit; something Maggie didn't expect too many female legal types to wear unless they were in a situation like Madison.  KellyÕs was black with a dark blue blouse underneath. Maggie also noted Kelly possessed a beauty mark on her right cheek, right around the middle of it.

            "I guess you're both invited," grinned Maggie, quickly moving the folder to sit on Tiffany's desk before doing as she did with Belinda and Connie, grabbing Tiffany first and then Kelly before dragging them both by their waists into Kylie's office.

            "Now letÕs say farewell to clothing, shall we?" suggested Maggie, quickly stripping right in the room before moving over to Kylie. "Don't think you can sit this one out," warned Maggie, proceeding to carefully remove the woman's shoes, pantyhose and skirt to reveal black silk underwear. Kylie's upper body was next, Maggie leaning the redhead forward and raising her arms to get off the jacket and top with ease, only then removing the pearl necklace. The black bra was then slowly removed to reveal her impressive B-cup breasts, her pink nipples the first thing Maggie licked before moving up to give Kylie a kiss and rest on top of her in the chair.

            "You're so comfy I should sue," moaned Maggie, then reaching down and into Kylie's underwear. "Not much a shaver, are you." Satisfied, Maggie got up off of the chair and moved to strip Tiffany next, wanting to examine something since she was a brunette with green eyes.

            "I knew it, you're a natural blonde!" exclaimed Maggie, having pulled down Tiffany's skirt, pantyhose and panties while she remained posed as if handing someone a document. Unlike Kylie, Tiffany did seem to wax, though she left a little strip around her fun spot. Tiffany's body hair was distinctly blonde, though a darker honey kind instead of a vibrant kind. "Why do women with such great natural hair colors have to dye it all the time?" mused Maggie, noting that she knew redheads that went blonde as well as black-haired women who went blonde. Maggie did think the brown hair suited Tiffany but couldn't help but think her natural hair would look better.

            "I'm staying down here, up there is nothing but a lie," mocked Maggie, proceeding to kiss and massage Tiffany's groin for a bit. Maggie was starting to feel a bit stimulated but then realized the woman she wanted to finish with hadn't been collected just yet.

            "Don't go anywhere," Maggie told Tiffany, rising up and giving the dyed-brunette a peck on the lips before walking out, ignoring that the force of the kiss actually caused Tiffany to fall on her back woodenly like a mannequin. Maggie practically sprinted to Madison's office, passing Michai and smiling at the sight of Loni. The blonde had a filing cabinet open and was shuffling through it, her fingers spread out over the folders. Loni wasn't much taller than Maggie and was standing on a stool, which had the nice effect of framing Loni's cute rear end for Maggie to get a good look at it.

            "You and I... we need to talk," Maggie told the blonde with a seductive tone in her voice, moving over to stand next to the statuesque woman. Loni's face bore a relaxed smile and her breasts looked about ready to spill out of her top, the F-cups of her bra not enough to hold them in. "You're just too sexy for this workplace, itÕs a distraction," Maggie told Loni, grabbing the blonde's rear and getting a nice squeeze in. "You and I... we need to resolve this sexual tension." Carefully positioning her arms, Maggie kicked out the stool and had Loni fall backwards. Caught in her arms, Maggie held Loni and brushed some shaken blonde hairs out of her face. "I just saved your life... I think you can handle one kiss," insisted Maggie, lifting up Loni's face to meet with hers. As the lips locked Maggie was lost, lowering Loni the ground and making quick work of her outfit. Maggie almost had an orgasm just seeing the perfectly sized tan-colored nipples on Loni's breasts, and before long Maggie was done and drifted off while using the blonde's bust as a pillow, tired from stopping time twice already that day.

* * *

            Maggie went back and forth on the idea of taking Loni or someone else with her, but ultimately she decided just the sexy fun was enough. After finishing with Loni upon waking up, Maggie had redressed the blonde and returned her to as she was, though it was hard to leave with her ass perched in such a way. Michai had been frozen while on the phone and unlike Kylie Maggie knew it was important so she'd just taken the chance to steal a kiss and a grope, vowing to get a better look at her another time. After returning to Kylie's office, Maggie decided to make a tableau, stripping Connie and Belinda and putting them on their senior partner's knees. Maggie then sat between the pair and just enjoyed being sandwiched between three naked women on a chair that probably nearly broke.

            "Oh, you've got magic fingers," gasped Maggie, now laying one one of Kylie's red leather couches with an equally naked Kelly, the brunette's right index finger down Maggie's snatch. Kelly's body hadn't been much to write about, save having a clear complexion and some okay B-cups with cute pink nipples. Sure enough Maggie had her second orgasm moments later and moaned in pleasure, lifting up Kelly and moving her to a good cuddling position.

            "You know, besides Loni, I don't know how to rank you all," noted Maggie, stroking Kelly's hair as her head was nuzzled against Maggie's left shoulder, her arm sprawled across her body. "I mean, Kylie's a redhead but doesn't exactly take care of herself, Tiffany hides her real hair color, your body is nice but lacks that little something extra, Michai I didn't get a look at... Connie and Belinda I just can't rank." Smiling, Maggie looked at Kelly's blank face and have her a kiss before sitting both of them up.

            "I should really get everyone cleaned up and start time again," mused Maggie, casually using her right toe to rub the nearly still-fallen Tiffany's snatch as she thought and talked. "I guess first order is..." Maggie trailed off when she noticed that her purse, which bore a signature golden crescent moon image on it, was sitting nearby. Maggie didn't remember bringing it with her, instead leaving it in the elevator, but upon opening it her magic clock was inside.

            "Is there... more to you than just your time magic?" wondered Maggie, looking at the clock with curiosity. Maggie had enchanted the clock herself using the Book of Tempus, an authentic book of spells that had ended up at Persephone's Books. The original design had been based on a sundial however and Maggie had been forced to improvise when making the clock. It was now that Maggie wished her former best friend Tucker hadn't locked up the book since it would probably explain just what was going on. Maggie's suspicion was furthered more when she remembered that back in February she hadn't seen the clock for almost a month when she'd seemingly put it in her purse by accident the day of a test.

            "I'll figure you out another time, if you'll pardon the pun," decided Maggie, putting her purse down and getting to work. With a great deal of speed Maggie was able to redress and repose everyone, leaving Connie and Belinda for last. Kylie had the phone returned to her hand, Tiffany and Kelly were back to exchanging the folder and then finally the two lawyers were dragged back to just outside the elevator where Madison still stood idle. Maggie's stomach growled and she realized it had probably been over two hours since she'd stopped time, plus she'd been hungry before she'd done so.

            "That will teach me," noted Maggie, then looking at Connie and Belinda again. Maggie wanted to make the pair pay for their remarks, but humiliation at work hadn't done the trick before so she doubted it would again. Instead Maggie remembered she knew where Connie lived and, if she wanted to make a house visit, just needed Belinda's address. Unfreezing Connie's phone, Maggie searched her database and found Belinda's address, recording it onto her own phone.

            "Don't think either of you have gotten away with this," warned Maggie, then giving each woman a kiss Maggie meant to be a sort of kiss of death. "See you soon," laughed Maggie, moving to stand next to Madison. With a breath, Maggie restarted time.

            "Don't worry about them, they're just mad we haven't hung out much lately," explained Madison as the elevator doors closed, unaware of just how long she'd been frozen. "I think they're also mad I've been getting the royal treatment since they found out about my pregnancy."

            "Fair enough, they're still bitches though," commented Maggie, shaking her head. Whether Madison was quick to forgive her so-called friends or not, Maggie wasn't going to let it slide.

* * *

            "I have missed this place," remarked Madison as she sat down in the booth across from her sister, Maggie nodding in agreement.

            "I was here last week but itÕs nice to keep coming back," concurred Maggie, then flashing a smile at Tabitha Lemier. Tabitha was one of Fifi's more authentic additions, being half-French and possessing a bit of an accent to back it up. The brunette waitress returned Maggie's smile; since Maggie had started coming to the restaurant more and more frequently they'd built up a quasi-friendship, Tabitha being Maggie's regular server. Tabitha wasn't aware that Maggie had purposefully started this bond after using her in a calendar project last April, nor that Maggie frequently asked if Brooke Li was in the kitchen for the same reason.

            "Good to see you again Maggie," greeted Tabitha, tipping down low as she handed menus to both women. Maggie noted the purple blouse was hugging Tabitha's chest a bit tighter today, making Maggie guess she was wearing a new bra and possibly having back problems because of it.

            "Likewise Tabitha," returned Maggie, glancing at the menu for a moment before focusing on the waitress. "Is Brooke on today?"

            "No, she called in sick, but she agreed to pull an extra to make up for it," revealed Tabitha, frowning for a second before continuing a tooth-filled smile. "Given who is back there today anything that involves bread might not be a good idea, he tends to toast it too much. He does make good omelets though."

            "Probably go with the sausage and pepper one then," noted Maggie, having gotten good at remembering what was on the menu. "Still for now a chocolate soda and a lemon water will be great."

            "And you for you?" asked Tabitha, looking over at Madison. Madison was glanced at the waitress before giving Maggie a look, then focusing on the menu.

            "Lemon water sounds good," offered Madison, Tabitha then departing to deal with the drink order. "What was that?" asked Madison once the waitress was gone.

            "What was what?" replied Maggie, shrugging.

            "You were flirting with the waitress," Madison said in a matter-of-fact tone. "If Cindy were here..."

            "I would have acted exactly the same, we're friends," insisted Maggie, trying not to flash a knowing smile while dismissing Madison. "I've been coming here for a long time after all."

            "Keep telling yourself that, maybe you'll believe it," sniffed Madison, not buying Maggie's claim. "How's the fois gras?"

            "Delicious," offered a new voice, causing the sisters to look up. A woman in her mid-forties with greenish-blue eyes and light brown hair that showed signs of blonde dye was standing at their booth, smiling as she looked at Maggie. "Good to see you again, Maggie," offered the woman.

            "Rosette, nice to see you too," greeted Maggie, then indicating Madison. "This is my sister, Madison."

            "Ah, nice to meet a member of her family at last!" exclaimed Rosette, shaking Madison's hand. "This is my restaurant. I'm Rosette DuBois." Maggie took a moment to look the older woman up and down, noting she still pulled off the purple blouse and black skirt that was the restaurant's uniform. Rosette's main departure from the standard uniform was that she was wearing fishnet stockings instead of typical pantyhose and was the only woman on staff wearing her hair down, letting it spill over her shoulders.

            "Was Fifi a relative?" asked Madison, referring to the name of the restaurant.

            "My dear departed mother," nodded Rosette with a sigh. "I made this place in her name. We immigrated here and she always missed not having quite the taste of home she wanted in the local food." Rosette then shook her head, focusing on Madison. "I don't know if Tabitha told you but I recommend not ordering a sandwich today, our current chef has been having problems getting the toasting level just right. He's a master with eggs though."

            "Yes, I was thinking the sausage and pepper omelet," confirmed Maggie, having had the dish before and finding it quite delicious.

            "I heard you mention fois gras, and we do have an omelet with that as its contents," revealed Rosette, turning to Madison. "Quite affordable too, considering. My meat suppliers are able to get me great deals on exotic items."

            "If they have a store for the public, find me their number," chuckled Madison, glancing at the menu. "Thank you, that sounds wonderful."

            "Well, I'll leave you both in Tabitha's hands," nodded Rosette, waving at Maggie again as she headed off.

            "Nice woman," remarked Madison. "I gotta say sis, I'm a bit surprised you can afford to come here so often."

            "I make do," answered Maggie, not feeling like explaining her financing secrets to her sister. Maggie had school expenses, which were not cheap but thanks to living with Cindy, funds earned though creative marketing that involved her clock, a job with a world-renowned photographer and the occasional collection of a few extra twenties at the bank after stopping time, Maggie was doing quite well. Maggie currently had fifteen thousand dollars to her name, a fully paid-for car and some small investments that would hopefully help her retire young.

            "No question there, I do like that you work for one of my clients," commented Madison, referring to Charlene Masters. "You know she got a job offer from Models Inc?"

            "She didn't mention it," replied Maggie, a bit surprised. Models Inc was a company that had, until recently, been run by Zoe Hollander. Miss Zoe had recently retired from the public eye, something Maggie would have to ask Tucker about if she ever spoke to him again, and her assistant Kathryn Summers had taken over. Maggie had met Kathryn before and thought she was alright but had been skeptical that the company would even continue without Miss Zoe. Maggie was now eating crow since Models Inc was possibly on the road to becoming even bigger.

            "Well, as far as I know no deal was made just yet," Madison assured Maggie, knowing that Tucker's roommate and ex-girlfriend Haley Leone worked for Models Inc. "I bring it up because the agency's new talent agent is a few tables down, and it looks like she's chatting with someone interesting." Madison gestured as she spoke, causing Maggie to turn and look. An Indian woman was sitting across from a gorgeous blonde a few booths away, the two appearing to have a lively conversation of some sort.

            "Never seen her before, but the blonde looks familiar," commented Maggie, trying to hold off the interest to get a better look at the blonde, whose very skin seemed to gleam in the restaurant.

            "Sashi Rao is the name of the agent, the model is Audrey Burke," explained Madison, putting down her menu. "I haven't met Sashi since Connie works for Kathryn and not me but Charlene complimented her. Audrey's been in a couple of big fashion magazines this month." Maggie turned back just in time to see Tabitha arrive with the drinks.

            "Here you go," offered Tabitha, placing the drinks on the table. "Are you ready to order?" Maggie and Madison proceeded to order as planned, Maggie going with her omelet and Madison taking Rosette's advice on her own. "Alright, I'll put that in right away," nodded Tabitha. "Oh, and Maggie, before I forget I was going to go check out Sting tomorrow." Tabitha then flashed Maggie one last smile as she turned to head off. Sting was a popular club that Maggie knew a few people at. Last week Maggie had recommended the club to Tabitha and it seemed now she was going to go, also seeming to hint that perhaps Maggie should join her.

            "Maggie..." began Madison, but Maggie wasn't about to hear it. Maggie was growing close her sister again, but when it came to her love life Maggie didn't want the advice, having had to help force Madison and Alana together in the past, though it had mostly been Tucker's doing. Reaching into her purse, Maggie once again stopped time.

            Madison sat with her right elbow resting on the table, her index finger mostly extended save a bend and her lips parted. "Looking forward to your opinion..." muttered Maggie, then she glanced around. Tabitha was a few steps away, an empty tray held up by her shoulder atop her right hand, her left foot forward and a smile on her face. Rosette was behind the restaurant's bar, frozen in mid-conversation with the male bartender, her arms raised at the elbows with her fingers spread wide open. Rosette's lips were parted but her teeth were together, making it look like she was flashing a bright smile.

            "If it wasn't for the kid inside you I'd be slipping you one of my special pills right now," Maggie told her frozen sister, referring to her special sleeping pills. Maggie didn't know if her sleep aide would have any negative effects on Madison's baby but didn't want to risk it, now wishing her clock could put people to sleep like the Wand of Kronos could.

            Getting up from the booth, Maggie moved past Tabitha, giving her rear end a squeeze as she did. Sashi Rao was dressed in a light-violet blouse with a pressed collar, a dark navy blazer and skirt on the outside, her long hair all behind her shoulders as she sat with her hands gesturing towards Audrey, her elbows on the table. Sashi looked young to Maggie, maybe having two years on her, but the fact that she was able to talk with a model that, according to Madison, was going to be big deal pretty quick, was impressive.

Audrey was stunning, her blonde hair spilling around her head like a golden stream, her blue eyes seeming to sparkle even with time frozen. Audrey's outfit consisted of very tight-looking black jeans and a top that clearly showed she wasn't wearing a bra, it being a not overly tight tank top, which was a mix of dull bronze and gold, riding low enough to show most of her cleavage. A long necklace with amber orbs on it rested around Audrey's neck. The model's left side of her mouth was curled up and her hands were on the table, clasped together in front of her while her elbows were off the edge. "I think I'll start here," decided Maggie, placing her hands on Audrey's shoulders and running them down her arms, admiring the model's smooth skin.

            Maggie then grabbed the chair and dragged it from the table to get some extra space. Audrey kept her pose as if she was still seated at the table, the blonde only wobbling a bit due to the movement. After getting the model away from the table Maggie then raised the woman's arms up over her head and then pulled the tight fitting top up and off her body then her arms. Letting the top drop to the floor, Maggie eyed the suspended woman's naked bust, capped with pink pointed nipples. Maggie proceeded to grope the breasts, smiling and noting that they were real and were near, if not totally, perfect. Maggie kissed each of the orbs before she started to work on Audrey's jeans. Maggie had to move the blonde to the floor in order to peel the tight-fitting jeans off. With Audrey on her back while still holding her seated pose with arms over her head Maggie removed the tan heels with the jeans following right after. Maggie wasn't surprised that Audrey had nothing on under the jeans, as they were too tight to have anything under them. Audrey's crotch area was shaven clean except for a sliver of dark blonde hair over her sex. "SexyÉ" Maggie muttered as she straightened out the unmoving woman's legs so she could stand her up. Soon Audrey was standing at attention, still holding the same facial expression she was frozen in. Audrey seemed more naked since Maggie elected to leave the necklace on.

            Maggie circled the frozen woman, eagerly taking in her nakedness before dropping to her knees in front of the blonde. Maggie proceeded to eat out Audrey's snatch with her lips and tongue as her hands clutched the unmoving woman's perfect backside. Maggie could feel her own sex begin to moisten under her panties and quickly stood, nearly ripping her own clothes off. She was naked in record time and now Maggie was beginning to regret being dressed so formally since stripping out of her normal casual clothes never took much time. Naked now, Maggie was about to go at with Audrey in full force but stopped, catching Sashi in her peripheral vision. Rubbing her nipples Maggie smiled at the young Indian woman. "Didn't mean to ruin your meetingÉ but I think you could join to make things upÉ" Maggie said to the unhearing woman with a chuckle as she moved around the table.

            Sashi was stiffly stood up and dragged to stand next to Audrey's naked frame. The Indian woman's blazer was then jerked off her body, followed but her blouse, which resulting in showing off the white lace bra holding up her breasts. The skirt was removed next with the heels following. Sashi didn't have pantyhose or stockings on so she now stood in nothing but a white lacy bra and a purple g-string that barely covered her trimmed groin. In her own right Sashi was pretty attractive, Maggie thought as she removed the bra and panties. However since Sashi was standing next to Audrey there was really no contest, unless the judge was only into women of a certain ethnicity regardless of additional qualities.

            Both ladies were now naked and since Maggie didn't bother changing their facial expressions they actually looked odd, standing there in the middle of the restaurant at attention, as if being naked wasn't odd enough already in the first place. Maggie was about ready to burst when she first knocked Audrey to the ground and mounted her. Soon the silent, frozen restaurant was filled with moans as Maggie rubbed her breasts against Audrey's and worked her sex. Maggie was able to organism twice with Audrey and after a short break lowered Sashi to the ground and did it once with her. With the Indian woman Maggie moved her moist going over the woman's face and then pried the unmoving woman's tongue free, pulling it between her lips,  then proceeding to move her sex back and forth while she ate out Sashi's own.

            After her fun with Audrey and Sashi Maggie took a small nap using their naked bodies a mattress. The Chinese girl woke a while later, feeling a little refreshed and was debating on going again with both ladies but changed her mind, seeing Tabitha a few paces away. Stumbling to her feet, Maggie patted over to the waitress. "It's been a week since I last visited youÉ" Maggie said as she knelt down in front Tabitha and pulled up her skirt, exposing the white panties the girl had on under her dark hosiery. "But I feels longer than that," Maggie added, standing back up with a smile as she then removed the tray from the waitress's hand. Tabitha looked ahead indifferently with blank eyes as Maggie began unbuttoning her blouse.

* * *

            Maggie was surprised she still had something left. It was probably the nap she figured. She had gone two rounds with the waitress before redressing her and putting her back into her pose. Audrey and Sashi were both redressed and were seated their table once again. Maggie reposed them as they were right before she stopped time. For fun though she swapped their seats and opened Sashi's blouse a little more showing off the woman's cleavage. It was a little more that any businesswoman would show though. Both women's hair were a little of a mess due to Maggie's fun and she decided to keep it that way to make their lives interesting. Sitting back down at her table she turned her sister's head more towards her so that Maddy wouldn't notice the seat change between Sashi and Audrey. With that done she started time. 

            " should really think before you accept that invitation," continued Madison, unaware of what had transpired. Madison continued to talk a bit but Maggie glanced over her shoulder, smiling as she saw Sashi and Audrey share looks of confusion before starting to sort themselves out.

            "Are you listening?" asked Madison as Maggie returned her focus to her sister. "Look, I'm just saying that Cindy seems like she'd get jealous if you went out, even as friends, with another woman."

            "You're probably right," shrugged Maggie. "Thanks sis." Maggie gave Madison a smile and got one back but the reality was Maggie didn't really care about Madison's opinions on her love life. Family was important, but relationships were one area Maggie still had no respect for her sister on.

            Madison started to talk about a film she's recently seen but MaggieÕs mind was on autopilot, her thoughts primarily on Connie and Belinda. The two lawyers had essentially been Madison's entourage for at least a year but since Madison was getting all the praise, practically being set up to become a senior partner, and they were not so highly respected, in spite of their impressive clientele, they really seemed to have become bitches to her. Add in the terrible remarks about her sexuality and her pregnancy and Maggie knew she had to punish them, even if Madison had told her to ignore them.

* * *

            Maggie's original plan had been to have dinner with Kansas around five before perhaps paying a visit to Malibu State College. Kansas having been eager to prank their softball team sometime soon. Instead, since Cindy was playing with Kansas, Maggie elected to get the payback she wanted on Connie and Belinda. With Kelly Creek silently reminding Maggie of the possibility of keeping someone frozen for good, Maggie decided it was time for the two catty lawyers to retire, and that she was going to make it happen.

            Sitting in her car, Maggie played a game on the CyPad she'd impulsively bought that afternoon while she waited for Connie to head for her own vehicle. Maggie was in the underground parking lot below the building that held the Foster & McBride law offices, having missed Belinda leaving but having her address thanks to driving her home once nearly a year ago. Now it was a bit after five and, according to Michai and Tiffany, Connie usually left around then. When talking with Tiffany earlier upon returning from lunch Maggie had made sure to ask about her hair but got no reply.

            Finally after waiting for almost an hour Maggie heard heels click against the parking lot pavement and, glancing up, saw the silhouette of Connie heading out. As soon as Maggie saw the brunette pass by her car, conveniently in a blind spot, Maggie stopped time and hopped out of her Lancer, using the bell to keep Connie frozen as she did.

            "BMW; nice," commented Maggie, collecting Connie's keys as she stood in mid-step, right foot forward with her left arm holding her purse at her side while her right arm had been raised at the elbow, her index finger twirling her keys. Using another of the clock's bells to unfreeze Connie's car, Maggie quickly moved it from her parking space to a handicapped zone, ensuring it would be towed.

            "If you think that's bad, you have no idea," laughed Maggie, returning to Connie and taking a moment to caress the lawyer's hips before lifting her up and carrying her to the Lancer. With honed skill Maggie easily posed Connie so she'd be seated in the passenger seat, putting a smile on her otherwise blank face and making sure to include her eyes in the face sculpting. Maggie then put Connie's left arm at her side and rested her right on the door, making her look as normal as possible since Maggie did need to drive at least a bit with time not being frozen.

            "I'll turn on the radio, but no singing," Maggie warned Connie as she unfroze time, then taking her car towards the garage's exit.

* * *

            "Oh, this place is a dream!" exclaimed Maggie, pulling up to Belinda's house in Century City. The house was built on a grass-covered half-acre with a six-foot fence around it, though there was little on the other side that Maggie could see besides the house itself and the brick path leading to it. The building itself was two stories with a visible wide deck up on the second floor, glass panels acting as a railing. Maggie also noted a chimney and a very nice set of sturdy wooden doors at the main entrance, which was framed with white flowerbeds. Maggie had been to the house before but never really examined it so it was a nice change.

            "Lets go pay your friend a visit," Maggie suggested to Connie, giving the frozen woman a gentle nudge with her right elbow before once again stopping time with her clock. Exiting the car, Maggie retrieved Connie and carried her over her shoulder into the house. The gate was unlocked, having a dead bolt that Maggie figured was triggered electronically inside, and the front doors were open as well.

            The entry foyer of the house featured a sitting couch to the immediate right and a shoe rack to the left. There was a large auburn mat atop gray tiles and a hallway that headed down all the way to a set of double sliding glass doors, which in turn headed back outside. A stairway was also visible in the hallway, there being several openings on either side leading up to it with only the exit being beyond it. Maggie sat Connie down on the couch, putting her still-posed right arm on the armrest, before starting to explore, kicking off her shoes as she did.

            "That was easy," laughed Maggie, taking her first right and immediately finding who she was looking for. The room Maggie had entered was clearly the living room, possessing nice beige carpet, a large window that looked outside, two shelves full of books, a wall-mounted television with accessories in a cabinet below it, photos of Belinda with celebrities on the wall, a large coffee table, multiple end-tables with lamps, two couches and two loungers. Sitting frozen in a corner area of the couches with margarita glasses were Belinda and a woman Maggie didn't know, though she was a cute-looking redhead. Belinda was still dressed like she'd been at work, jeans and all, and was reclined with her right hand behind her head while her left held her half-empty glass aloft, a smile on her lips as she looked at her companion. The redhead, who was a bit pale and had a decent shapely body, was also reclined, her right knee on top of her left with her left arm resting on top the couch as she held her margarita to her lips, glancing at Belinda with a smile of her own. The redhead's black skirt went just past her knees and she was wearing a sleeveless sky-blue blouse. Near the back wall of the living room was another archway leading into what appeared to be a high-end kitchen.

            "Nice digs," whistled Maggie, getting a look at Belinda's fifty-inch television. Maggie's gaze then wandered to the pink purse on the coffee table, so she opened it. Inside the purse Maggie found a wallet that informed her that the redhead was named Trish King. The woman was twenty-nine according to her ID and if her day-planner was anything to go on she was a struggling actress, having notes about auditions for commercials and nameless roles on television shows.

            "Looks like no one will miss you Trish, well, no one except Belinda," observed Maggie, putting the purse and its contents down. "You'll make a great addition too." Reaching into her own purse, Maggie flicked the bell to freeze Belinda and Trish before unfreezing time. Sure enough the blonde and the redhead remained as they were, chronologically frozen while time continued again all around the two immobilized figures.

            "Better deal with those drinks before they spoil," observed Maggie, moving to sit next to Trish. Carefully prying the margarita from Trish's stiff fingers, Maggie proceeded to quickly drink the half-finished beverage before returning it. "Yummy," remarked Maggie after swallowing. Glancing at Trish, Maggie noticed her hair was up in a rather tight bun. "No no no," insisted Maggie, promptly removing the band that held the actress's hair in place. The redhead's hair spilled down onto her shoulders, Maggie, after making sure none was in her face, gave her a kiss on the cheek.

            "You are extremely cute, I'm not sure why you haven't found work," remarked Maggie, then patting Trish's breasts before moving to sit next to Belinda. Once again Maggie plucked a glass free from a woman's hand, quickly drinking Belinda's margarita. Now feeling a bit drunk, Maggie took her time to put the glass back while leaning on Belinda's lap, her head nuzzling against the woman's breasts.

            "That really is good," moaned Maggie, finishing with the glass and proceeding to give Belinda a kiss with her arms wrapped around the blonde's head. Feeling intoxicated, Maggie lost herself as she continued to make-out with Belinda, only stopping when the doorbell rang.

            "More company?" questioned Maggie while looking at Belinda, then getting up with a sigh. "Don't think I'll be sleeping with you again now." Stumbling a bit, Maggie passed Connie, still posed patiently on the couch, as she made it to the front doors, then taking a peek outside. A taxi was driving off while a perky brunette who looked familiar to Maggie glanced around, most likely watching for signs of movement inside. The woman was attractive; looking like she was in her early thirties with green eyes and her straight hair going a short was past her shoulders. She was wearing denim, namely jeans and a matching blue jacket, with a dark green T-shirt under the jacket and a white purse slung over her right shoulder. The woman's skin was also a bit on the light side; Maggie liked the look.

            "Good evening," greeted Maggie, opening the door.

            "Hi, um, who are you?" asked the brunette, looking confused. Maggie then realized she'd forgotten to bring her purse to the door with her, only to then feel something familiar when she moved her left foot.

            "Maggie, you're here for Belinda's little evening right?" asked Maggie, reaching down and, sure enough, finding her clock inside her purse.

            "Yeah, I'm Dana," confirmed the guest, entering as Maggie opened the door wider. "Maggie... Maggie Yen, right? Don't think if you recognize me but I work at the registrar's office at the college. Dana Callahan. I processed some course requests you filed last week..." Maggie was only paying half-attention, getting ready to freeze the woman, but Dana meanwhile had spotted Connie on the couch.

            "Oh, hi Connie!" greeted Dana, reaching out with her right hand but getting no reaction. Dana's smile had just faded when Maggie froze her, her hand still extended with her left holding her purse to her shoulder.

            "Ugh, thank goodness this thing seems to have a mind of its own," groaned Maggie, glancing at her clock as she returned it to her transported purse. "Now, what to do with you?" asked Maggie, looking at Dana. Opening the coat closet next to the shoe rack, Maggie removed Dana's purse and threw it inside. Closing the closet, Maggie then wrapped her arms around Dana and dragged her on her heels, causing her slip-on shoes to come off, leaving her barefoot.

            Maggie dragged Dana past Belinda and Trish, bringing her into the fancy kitchen. The floor had blue linoleum tiles while the cabinets were a mix of a light brown wood and mirror-like silver metal, there being far fewer personal touches in the kitchen than in the living room. A glass table that seemed to serve as a breakfast nook was in one corner while several major appliances were placed around, including a toaster oven, an under-counter dishwasher, a cappuccino machine, two microwaves, an extra-large fridge with a big freezer section, a six-element oven, a rotisserie and what looked like a trash compactor. A high-end blender was sitting on an island in the middle of the kitchen with some more margarita glasses and a tray covered in salt. Maggie dragged Dana over to the island and propped her up against it.

            "Oh, you've got a cute smile, lemme see it again," insisted Maggie, contorting Dana's face so her lips were curled up, her eyes then following. After shaping Dana's face, Maggie left her hands against her cheeks and began to kiss her, quickly lapsing into a full-on make-out session. Eventually Maggie repositioned Dana's hands to wrap around her own waist and got more passionate, tipping her to the right at one point.

            "I wonder what you'll be like when you loosen up," giggled Maggie, ending the kissing after a few minutes. Lifting Dana's arms up above her head Maggie moved to the blender and poured herself a margarita, not bothering with the salt. Returning to Dana, Maggie parted the woman's lips and poured some of the cool liquid inside, then closing her lips before it could drip out.

            "Good huh?" commented Maggie, quickly drinking half of the remaining glass before returning to kissing Dana, repositioning her arms to rest on Maggie's shoulders though still fully extended. Just as Maggie was considering stopping time to see what Dana was like in bed the doorbell rang again, breaking Maggie out of her buzz.

            "I'm just going to stop time, deal with whoever that is, and then we'll take this party elsewhere," declared Maggie, patting Dana on the cheek with one last kiss before leaving her once more, posed stiffly with her arms still extended in front of her.

            Returning to the door, Maggie was surprised her clock had somehow reached her from back in the kitchen, vowing once again to figure out how it was doing that. Just as the doorbell was pressed a second time Maggie pressed her clock's magical button and the world came to a standstill. Thankful for the silence, Maggie opened the front door and then proceeded to have her jaw drop. A voluptuous redhead was at the door, dressed in a shimmering purple dress while her right index finger was extended to press the doorbell. The redhead's hair was in a low ponytail and her right hand held a black purse to her chest, the strap off of her shoulder. Almost as impressive as the redhead's mounded breasts were her blue eyes, which combined with a lighter complexion, made Maggie practically want to orgasm just at the sight of her.

            "Who are you, who are you?!" exclaimed Maggie, grabbing the woman's purse and quickly checking her ID. "Saffron Westlake? Welcome, now lets get you comfortable!" Throwing the purse aside, Maggie pulled the redhead into the house and practically ran up the stairs, heedless of injury.

* * *

            Saffron Westlake was completely naked under the blue blanket and tan sheets that covered Belinda's queen-sized bed. The redhead was currently posed to be looking up at the ceiling, her hair spilling around her like she was a shampoo model, her lips parted with her arms fully extended from her sides. Maggie was nuzzling against Saffron's large and practically perfect H-cup breasts, looking up at the ceiling as well as she smoked a joint. Maggie had never smoked before, not even tobacco thanks to how strict her upbringing had been, but upon finding a stash inside the cabinet of one of Belinda's nightstands Maggie figured after sex with Saffron it was the perfect time.

            "You were good Red, but I was better," chuckled Maggie, sitting up and looking down at Saffron. Maggie wanted to keep the redhead forever, as well as pretty much everyone in the house. Originally Maggie's plan had been to just freeze Connie and Belinda for a while, taking them home with her, but after realizing how much of an opportunity she had the plan had changed. Downstairs Belinda's purse awaited, inside keys to her house as well as information like the code to her security system, Maggie having found it earlier that day when confirming she hadn't moved since last time. With Belinda's place paid off and having only one resident meant it would be easy to manage, Maggie realized she could use the house like a sort of storage for people she wanted to keep permanently frozen, people like Kelly Creek as well as all those already in the house.

            "I don't know, collecting people like this could be risky," mused Maggie, taking a deep drag of her joint as she thought. "What's that Saffron? I should do it anyway? Aw, you're right. Thanks Red." Giggling to herself, Maggie leaned down to give the shapely redhead a big kiss before deciding to head back home for now, wanting to visit Cindy and later bring Kelly. Nonetheless, Maggie planned to take care of a few items before she left, just to make sure her bold plan would work.

            After getting dressed, Maggie headed downstairs, her first priority being use her clock to freeze Saffron for good. Next, Maggie finished the last of the already-mixed margaritas and left the blender to soak. Dana was posed with a copy of Main Street magazine held up in front of her, the big smile still on her face with her vacant eyes not properly looking at her reading material. The frozen womensÕ purses were all placed in the coat closet, Maggie making sure to turn off their cell phones and collect their keys, even using some sticky notes Dana had brought to label them. Finally, Maggie unfroze time to set the alarm, locking up as she left even though she'd stop time again for the drive home. It turned out Belinda had a remote for her front gate, so Maggie used that to deadbolt it after passing through. Noting where Saffron and Belinda had parked and what they drove, based on their keys, Maggie then entered her Lancer and got ready to head home.

* * *

            Maggie walked into Cindy's house and found her sitting naked on her couch, with Kansas equally naked with her head resting on Cindy's lap. Cindy's right arm was on the armrest while her left groped Kansas's right breast, both of them facing the television. Maggie noted an episode of Paragons was on as she carried in a present for Cindy. On the way home Maggie had spotted a familiar short-haired blonde running down the sidewalk in a red jogging outfit and decided to collect her, just casually throwing her into the back of the car after freezing her so she'd keep her pose. The blonde, cultural reporter for Global News Agency Wendy Hayes, had her hair up in dread-lock style spiked tips, her face blank with her left arm raised up in front while her right was up behind, her right foot forward with her knees bent.

            "She will love you," commented Maggie, having already taken the time to make sure Wendy wouldn't unfreeze when time did. Sitting down next to Kansas's feet, Maggie dug into her purse and restarted time.

            "Hello love," greeted Cindy, glancing over at Maggie as she used her left hand to mute the television. "Have a good day?" Cindy had gotten used to Maggie appearing out of nowhere so she didn't seem to even flinch when she unfroze.

            "You'd better believe it," nodded Maggie, then indicating Wendy with her thumb. "Brought you a present. She was jogging in the neighborhood so I figured I could nab her for an hour or two."

            "It'll be fun to be the Asian center in a black and white cookie," grinned Cindy, checking out the new statue. "You going to join me?"

            "Not right away, but I'll stop time again so we can eventually all hook up," explained Maggie. "I just need to do a couple more things and then we can get to that."

            "Okay, just don't forget to-" began Cindy, cut-off in mid-sentence as Maggie stopped time once more. Cindy had turned most of her body to face Maggie but was still resting her hands on Kansas's right breast, her lips parted.

            "I never forget you," insisted Maggie, getting up and giving Cindy a big kiss before also giving one to Kansas. "I will get to you, I just need to do something else first..."

            Heading back outside the house, Maggie opened the trunk of her car to reveal a woman lying on her back while completely naked, a black garbage bag containing her clothes and accessories acting as a cushion for her hair. The woman's gaze was blank as she looked out at Maggie, who was grinning ear to ear. "I told you I'd get to you eventually," Maggie told the frozen Michai as she moved to lift the secretary out of the trunk.


The End - until The Contest...


Maggie Yen - Yin Chang
Martha Cassidy
- Pippa Middleton
Cindy Vu
- Jenny Chu
Kansas Wilkins
- Ciara Harris
Kelly Creek
- Katy Perry
Michai Roberts
- Rhona Mitra
Madison Yen
- Julia Ling
Loni Jaspers
- Madison Welch
Tiffany Cross
- Cassidy Freeman
Connie Soyer
- Amber Tamblyn
Belinda Frazier
- Kristen Wiig
Kylie McBride
- Alicia Witt
Kelly Lloyd
- Sophia Bush
Tabitha Lemier
- Lauren Mayhew
Rosette DuBois
- Emmanuelle Bˇart
Sashi Rao
- Aarti Mann
Audrey Burke
- Nicky Whelan
Trish King
- Ellie Kemper
Dana Callahan
- Michelle Monaghan
Saffron Westlake
- Christina Hendricks
Wendy Hayes
- Brea Grant

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