Tales of the Tuckerverse XVIII.V: Life Intimates Art

by Tek (edited by Dmuk)

Sequel to the previous Chloe story, Tucker’s Wand XVIII:  Curious Fiona, where Cho Lee finds ring of freezing.


               Chloe had been slacking off for a while in playing with her magical freeze-time ring, deciding she wanted to find a really good model when lo and behold she came across one in the athletic form of Britney Summers; as of now she had become a temporarily frozen model.

The young woman was currently posed with one hand slightly off her left hip, with her hips shifted to her left, her head turned to the right, sporting a “come here handsome” expression giving a nice closed smile and her right arm raised, bent at the elbow with her hand posed as she was beckoning someone.  Her motionless stance was eye-catching and very sexy.

               All this would be more noticeable… if not for the fact she was covered from head to toe in a thick layer of plaster.  Chloe, having discovering that when her victims were frozen, nothing seemed to hurt them, even being dropped, she for the most part just slapped the goopy plaster molding compound on Britney’s stiffened body as is, no need to worry about her womanly parts; well, with the exception of her hair being covered in a skullcap for the duration of the molding session. 

               Dividers acted as the separators of the casting, so when it was done drying, the mold would become easy to take off, for Chloe felt excited all over about the notion of turning this girl into a lovely piece of Chloe art!  Giving Britney a once over, she backed up, touching the ring, pausing to reflect on her newly discovered trick, the ability to age things quickly; well other than anything that was actually alive, since the last time she tried it on a roach nasty things happened to the little bug.

               The ability was quite useful for sculpting, although it did take some time to get used to it, she had more than enough times destroyed her own castings by mistake. Even so, it was good for aging castings of models, making holes in the girls’ washroom, and dropping bits of ceiling on an inspecting pest… last thing that bug ever saw was a Chloe shaped ceiling piece drop on it for sure.

Taking aim, she took in a breath to focus…


And like clockwork, the mold casting began to age, appearing as it would about 9 hours later without having to actually take that long; the sound of hardening plaster could be heard as it conformed to fit the model’s athletically built body, segmenting at the designated joints and plane lines so that it would lift off easy from Britney’s body.  In less than a minute, the plaster turned from a dark grey to a almost white shade of lighter, harder, grey.  Chloe knew she had got it right this time, she let her focus go, so the aging stopped at a just-dry point before the mold could crumble.

               Chloe slowly and carefully started removing pieces from Britney, enjoying the skin-revealing reward she saw as she removed additional parts; the more skin she saw, the hotter she got until finally she reached Britney’s wonderful ample breast, jiggling back into place as the body pieces peeled away with ease.  She had set down the latest body piece and took a look at those wonderful breasts.  Although the firm globes were a little grey from the molding, she still let herself explore the frozen model’s private parts. Resisting the urge to “do” her right there, she reminded herself she had to finish doing the molding.  Pouting to herself, she reluctantly got back to work. Completely frozen, Britney wouldn’t have known one way or the other.

               While she assembled the mold pieces from a now complete nude Britney, Chloe thought back how she had first met her lovely model. Well at least the parts she was familiar with, that is. It kind of began a few days ago, the day she started her first MMA club meet to be exact; she had gotten a sanction from the school to use part of the gym during evenings, so long as her activities didn’t disrupt the soccer team or the school’s other teams for that matter.

               She was just entering the gym when she ran smacked into the most ample breasts she ever had the pleasure of contact with. Most of her past lovers were a wee bit smaller, on her own size to somewhat less in size, granted that Chloe herself had fairly big NATURAL ones. While she was not particularly a breast lover, she did enjoy the contact with this set of bountiful breasts right up until her ass hit the floor.  It was just so that that Brit, too, had fallen as well, bringing much laughter to the scene.  Her friends, if one could call them that, teased her for being so clumsy. Britney seemed more embarrassed by their reaction than by bumping into each other.

               Still, they gave each other a warm smile and arranged to meet later; from there on it was heavenly.  She hadn’t realized such a timid thing could be an actual tiger in bed!  Britney certainly had the vigorous drive, especially with all the stuff they broke in the process; heck they even broke the bed – how that happened would remain forever a mystery. Right now, she made a perfect statue; Chloe was tempted to keep her that way just to have a nice looking statue in the apartment. Probably not a good idea since Britney was on the soccer team and would surely be missed.

               After assembling and standing the mold cast up with support beams and securing the parts together, Chloe was ready to create the replica.  She gently poured hot wax into the mold, filling it all the way to the near top of the pole coming from wax Britney’s head.  That support was something she’d remove when she made the hairpiece for the finished wax statue. Making sure there wasn’t a mess on the floor of her studio, she quietly walked back to her frozen model, about ready to unfreeze her when it dawned on her that Britney needed to stay that way for a few hours longer to compare with the casting when it had cooled; after all wax doesn’t take that long to cool and it was the weekend.  She wouldn’t need to go to class yet.

               Kissing the motionless Brit lightly on the lips, Chloe leaves her in half darkness via the turned down studio lights.  Heading up a floor to the main living area of her home, she wondered why it was called a penthouse even if the structure is over 5 stories tall, not even counting the separate garage, which was as huge as most houses on its own. Then there was the land around the mansion; she wondered sometimes why her father went out his way to give her a place outside of town – a HUGE dwelling to boot – almost a downright fortress.  He must have had his reasons.

               Moving on, she walked into her bedroom, turning on the lights; she was greeted by the friendly but forced smile of her newest doll, Vicky Sandrosi, the now former owner of Vicky’s and a past lover of Chloe’s. Their relationship at best was a fluke, at least on Vicky’s end; Chloe on the other hand thought they had something going on. Well, that was until Chloe found out that Vicky was only staying with her for her cash and power.

               Chloe wasn’t amused with the fact the woman had tried to get her to sign a document buying out the other half of the store, but in Vicky‘s name. Needless to say that pretty much ended the relationship real quick. Oddly enough she once again, by luck, stumbled into what would become her new doll (as she referred to them now) some weeks after the pair had split up.  She had written off Vicky as a never speak-to or see again; of course the world sometimes doesn’t agree with you. Luckily by dumb luck, Tucker had used his wand again.

               It was a strange thing to see the world stop around her, and thanks to the ring Chloe had a feeling of when it was going to happen so she could react.  Based on Fiona’s notes, Tucker had to tap the wand 5 times to freeze everything. Luckily this pre-feeling gave her enough time to stop what she was doing so as to not hurt herself. Vicky, oddly enough was at a gas station, a mere second away from blitzing Chloe as she drove up; not noticing her former lover as she was paying attention to her action and not the road.  Tucker had used the wand to avoid a serious accident, but he had also given Chloe the chance she needed to encounter Vicky again.

               Which leads us back to the scene in the bedroom where the busty, strawberry blond now lay across the bed, immobilized into a poseable doll, her left elbow supporting her weight while her legs were bent at the knees with her thighs spread wide, showing off her bare womanhood to the world; her crystal blue eyes stared into the beyond as her left hand was busy holding the flood gates open.

               “You’re very sexy, Vicky!” Proclaimed Chloe, striping herself of messy clothes she had on.  “You should have been a fucking porn star; I’m sure they could’ve used a pit-viper whore like you!” she continued as she took off her own baby-doll-T, tossing it to one side, letting her bare breasts hang freely.  She kept up her insults of her former lover as she bared herself down to nothing.

               Chloe then climbed into bed, pushing the stiffly posed doll just enough to tip her onto her back. Time-stopped permanently, Vicki had no idea whatsoever what had happened to her or that she had become her former lover’s plaything.  Moving her hands, Chloe took in the luscious view of the doll’s exposed privates. Brushing her hand along the slit, she looked up at the rigidly smiling face of Vicky, still staring off into the void.  Her rigid body remained somewhat flexible at the joints and could be posed to hold that position afterward.  Soon, one of Vicki’s hands was deep into her own smooth crotch, twiddling her clit, while the hand other groped her left breast.  She now was looking up at the ceiling with an expression of absolute ecstasy mimed on her face.  It was a pose from the cover of a video that seemed appropriate. Too bad you’re not actually feeling that joy, you conniving slut, her captor thought.  Smirking, Chloe went back to what she was doing.

               “I think it’s time we had that talk, Vicky; hope you’re ready.”  Vicki didn’t say a word.


The Next Morning

               Chloe woke to the sound of the doorbell going off one too many times. Rubbing her eyes, she took a minute to realize what was going on. Looking over her shoulder, smiling at the open-mouthed love doll pose she’d put Vicky before she went to sleep, Chloe was glad she decided to keep Vicki frozen for good. She loved that she could do anything she wanted her new doll, still it didn’t beat a moving partner; someday she’d find that one that wouldn’t want to backstab her like so many before.

               The doorbell went off again; with a sigh, Chloe got up; wrapping the messed-up bed sheet around herself, she went to the door, just not before the damn thing went off again and again.

               “Alright, what the hell do you want!” shouted Chloe as she opened the door to her house. Greeting her were two of Britney’s so called friends, the Vaughn twins. Looking briefly at each other, the girls wondered if this had been such a good idea after all.

               “Um, we’re looking for Brit; is she here, we kind of need her for something?” Kat asked with Julie nodding in agreement as both girls shared an awkward look, trying not to stare at Chloe’s hard nipples poking thru the thin silk bedsheet.

               “She still asleep; come back later!” Chloe shot back, not wanting to lose her lovely model at this moment. She wasn’t done with Britney yet and the wax figure itself should be cooled and ready for finishing now.  The girls had gasped as Chloe had just realized she had nothing else on when she decided to move her hands to her hips in protest. Instead of cursing herself, she snapped her fingers, freezing the two girls in mid-surprise.  Keeping the magic ring on did have its advantages.

               Rather then pick up the errant sheet, clothe herself, and tell them to fuck off, Chloe had a better idea:  she could have some fun instead with the frozen pair.  Taking one of their hands from their mouths, she placed Julie’s hand on her right breast, while she took Kat’s hand and moved it to her womanhood, focusing, she snapped her fingers again. The look on the girl’s faces was… priceless.

               “Well girls, if that’s how you feel about me, then I think you two need to step in,” she said, giving the girls a dirty angel smile and letting the sheet slip the rest of the way down to her feet. With that the girls not only backed off, but ran to the car waiting for them. Watching the car come into view and then drive off into the sun, she couldn’t help but laugh the whole time.

               Closing the door, she went back to her room, tossing the bed sheet on Vicky, covering her slightly she then entered the bathroom.  Turning the shower she greeted her first doll, Fiona, who at the moment was acting as her bath toy.

               “You’ll never guess who I scared off this morning baby…” she spoke, wrapping her arms around the doll’s supple waist, letting the water come down on them both.  Chloe gave Fiona a deep kiss before starting their baths.

               After the long bath, the day went by quickly as Chloe worked on her wax figure of Brit, who was still frozen. Making sure the paint on the replica matched her skin color, then finding a wig that looked much like Brit‘s hair, inserting glass orbs that matched Brit eyes, Chloe continued her painstaking work. After a few hours, she had finally finished all the paint and makeup design; all that was left was the costume and that would be here soon. Not needing the real Britney anymore, she revived her frozen model, faked Brit’s having a “hang over” and took her home.



               It was a breezy day at the DSC campus, which did Chloe very little good since she was wearing her jean skirt again. Tough girl or not, the breezy air eventually led to goose bumps. Class had just ended for her and the next one didn’t start until later that night, since the professor enjoyed basking in the moonlight as a source of inspiration.

               She roamed the campus, looking for Brit, hoping for a little afternoon sex. Hopefully she’s free, Chloe thought, since she really didn’t know the college girl’s class schedule and all. After an hour she finally found Brit walking alone in the hallway, looking all sad about something or another.

               “Heya,” she said, walking up beside her, leaning a little over to see if she was ok. “Something wrong Brit?” Chloe calmly asked, not really sure if it was a good idea; having Brit being in the dumps probably meant no booty tonight.

               “No, just disappointed about today’s class,” the athletic blond grumbled, glancing over at her, “you seem eager about something Chloe?” Noticing the dirty angel look she was wearing, those jade green eyes of hers that you could get lost in, Britney sort of guessed what was on the other girl’s mind. Chloe leaned close to her ear, letting Britney hear her plan; Brit looked shocked as she tried to wrap her head around the answer she had been given. “Oh, my…really?” Brit said with a quizzical look on her face. Chloe nodded her head in response. A big smile on Brit’s face suddenly appeared during her deliberation of the proposed plan for the afternoon.

               “Try not to think too hard girl; you might get wrinkles, and we don’t want that,” she said, bumping Brit’s hips with hers.

“DEAL!” Brit proclaimed as she redirected Chloe to her apartment then to the study hall. A few minutes later, after some small talk about the wax statue being presented tonight, they made it to Brit’s apartment, a nice place out by the beach.  The place was a bit more expensive then she could actually afford, but her soccer scholarship was paying for most of it. So she got a nice view of the beach; you could see a good sunset from here if one waited for it.

               No sooner then the door had closed that Chloe immediately started kissing Brit, forcing her into a wall across from the door, dropping her keys.  Brit let her secret lover explore her body, moving a hand there, another there, kissing her neck her mouth, everywhere that was kissable. Lost in the moment, they moved without looking and started breaking things trying to reach the bedroom; lamps got knocked over, glass cups left out got smashed in their wake.

               Eventually they made it to the bedroom where Chloe proceed to rip off the button-up blouse Brit was wearing, pushing her to the bed; she peeled off her own shirt, proudly displaying her braless breasts to Brit, who by now was so flushed with thoughts of sex, that she forgot about the things that had gotten broken. Pouncing on Britney, Chloe continued to disrobe and caress her lover, piece by piece, nipple by nipple, kiss by kiss.

               Two hours had passed since they entered the apartment; now snuggled up to each other, they purred at each other in bliss. Chloe was absentmindedly resting her head on Brit’s ample cleavage, not that Britney minded. She had just spent almost two hours having the best, most intense sex she ever experienced; even better than with Maggie Yen, she dared to think.  Her hair was totally a mess, soaked with sweat, and the smell of sex lingered on it. Closing her eyes, they both drift into sleep, not knowing the danger that lurked nearby.


A Few Hours Later…

               Chloe, for all she did that day, still managed to arrive earlier then her other classmates. As they all came in, she was busily preparing to show off her new piece. This class had been a great idea to sign up for; in just a few short weeks she had learned a lot about how molds and wax figures were made. The night looked like it was going to go well, too, until trouble came.

               Although Chloe was obviously talented, there were others that believed she was merely paying the school off to give her praise and passing grades. Which wasn’t the case, since Chloe’s father was the most honorable and honest man she knew. He’d make her take a class over again just to prove a point. So no go on that plan; still there are those that didn’t see it like she did and would do anything to make Chloe’s life go wrong.

               The person in question, Janna Brinwells, was a six-foot-tall with brownish-red hair. A British woman, she was 27 years old and had quite a comely face and a modest breast size that fit her trim body nicely. Her stylish clothes and fancy designer eyewear reflected her dedication to the arts and the latest fashion. But as far as her personality was concerned; the woman was a total bitch to everyone. She hated Americans, even though she was going to school there, and naturally assumed she could do better than them all. Why she was here rather than at some posh college in Britain, Chloe would never understand.

               Still it would be safe to say Janna despised her more for being rich and talented; to disprove the latter she’s tried (to no end) to prove that Chloe’s a fraud. Not that Janna’s talent was less, it was more that her subject matter bothered her and everyone else. Showing your homophobia in your work kind of didn’t help her cause either.  Janna was always skating a little close to the thin patches.

               “WHY are you here, Chloe Noi!” barked the loudmouth woman. “This is an advanced class; you shouldn’t be here at all, you little lesbo!”

               “Good evening to you too, Janna, ho---”

               “Its Ms. Brinwells to you, whore, and what in bloody hell is that offal you brought to class!” she said, pointing at the clothed wax figure. Just then as everyone stared at Janna, she stared right back at them, “What?” she barked again, not really caring what they thought. Luckily the Professor arrived, just in time to quell the problem. The first half of the class went smoothly, right up to the unveiling of Chloe’s ‘Wild West Brit’ sculpture to the class.

               “WHAT THE HELL IS THIS SHITE – IT’S THAT SOCCER GIRL, BRITNEY!” shouted Janna, jumping up.  “Why are you pawning off this… window dummy as an assignment?”  She was about to topple over and destroy the wax figure when Professor Lang, who was normally a calm person, yelled at the top of his own lungs.

“That’s quite ENOUGH!  Ms. Brinwells, you’re excused from this class tonight; if you ever pull that kind of stunt again in my class, I will personally have you suspended!” For the first time in years, Professor Lang raised his voice at anyone. The class was stunned indeed; even Chloe had to do a double-take at this show of anger.

               “Now… remove yourself at once!”  The British woman was stunned; she opened her mouth to object, but the Professor cut her off.  “This is not open for debate, Ms. Brinwells; go now, and do please take your horrid excuse of an assignment too,” he demanded, pointing to small tableau piece meant obviously to show hate toward gays and lesbians.

               The dismayed shock on Janna’s face was priceless; the cheering of the rest of the class at her humiliation was extra, like whipped cream on top of ice cream. Chloe couldn’t help but smile and wave as the bitch from London was leaving with her tail between her legs. Which pretty much left the class drama-free for the rest of the evening that is until afterward when Chloe’s cell went off, reading the caller’s I.D.; it was Brit, calling? Curious, she answered the phone outside of class.

               “What’s up tiger?” Chloe greeted, her cheerfulness suddenly changing to concern when she heard sobbing at the other end. “Brit, what’s wrong.”

               “S-She knows, C-C-Chloe…”

With a puzzled look on her face, Chloe asked, “who knows what, baby?”

               “Shhh… don’t talk so loud; you really want fucking people to know our damn business?!?”

               “Brit, calm down. I’m outside and what the fuck are you talking about?” she demanded.

               “Some crazy woman named Janna called,” she replied, then lowered her voice, “She said she knows I like you, so she wants you to drop from your art class now or she’ll spread my secret to the whole campus. She said for me to meet her in one hour by your bike.”

               “That… BITCH!”


               “Sorry; I’ll go deal with her now, you stay put.”

               “G- Give her hell baby…” She hung up the phone; Chloe was furious at this attack on someone innocent just to get at her, and for what? Some stupid class that doesn’t mean much in the grand scale of things, she reflected. That cowardly bitch; she’ll get hers, thought Chloe as she headed to the chosen location.


An Hour Later

               Janna knew the class had ended 45 minutes ago; she decided to make sure that no one would see her blackmailing the little lesbo whore. She may not be able to do it to her directly, she knew, but getting to her girlfriend on the other hand, was brilliant. Tonight was going to be a bloody good night for her. She would finally do away with her archrival, and in the most wicked fashion possible.

               To add insult to injury, she was leaning on Chloe’s prized motorcycle, slightly tilting it, to make it look like she might accidentally push it over; once she heard the words she wanted to hear, she’d seal the other woman’s defeat by trashing her bike. A very fitting end to a rivalry, she thought; it was ironic in a way to Janna that Chloe’s downfall would be her love for someone of the same sex. It kind of added to her delicious revenge that was that American saying she thought of, the one about “Killing two birds with one stone.” In this case, she considered she had actually killed three: ending a bitter rivalry, ruining an unholy relationship; and getting back at a bloody impertinent American for thinking they were so much fucking better than us.  “Good, Oh!” she crowed to the night air.

               A few minutes later Chloe came marching up with an iron determination and after much personal debate before coming here. She bravely approached the British woman. Watching Janna uncross her arms and lay her hands on her prized euro-touring bike made Chloe even more sure about what she was about to do. Thanks to Janna’s so-called meeting at an out of the way location, there was no one to see her do what she was about to do.

               “Well it’s --” Janna began her triumph.


In an instant, the once-mobile Janna Brinwells had become now another time-frozen statue to Chloe; the cruel woman had very little right or reason to threaten Britney, nor make any of those other outrageous claims, but it was attacking Brit that was the final straw.  They weren’t even dating, really, it was more a fling then anything else; if this bitch had thought about that first she would not be frozen stiff right about now.

               Wasting little time standing around, Chloe quickly closed Janna’s jaw, took off her silver-framed glasses, posed her rigid but flexible body on the back seat of the bike and placed her second helmet on the time-stopped woman with the visor closed so no one could tell she was frozen, let alone who she might be. Chloe got on the bike, then adjusted the woman’s arms to grasp around her waist so she would not fall off, and for kicks made it look like Janna was pushing up on her breasts some. Take that, you homophobe! Starting the bike, they rode carefully off into the night.

               “Yikes!  You’re heavier than I thought,” Chloe complained to the still-frozen Janna the better part of an hour later when they’d reached the sprawling estate house the student artist called home.  There had been a couple close calls along the way when the mannequin-like figure almost slipped off the back seat of the motorbike in a turn, but they made it.  Now Janna was standing upright in the courtyard, stiff as a board, looking almost like a life-sized lawn elf.  Chloe has thought about leaving her there for a moment as she went to fetch the handcart but she had different – more intimate – plans for the brash foreigner.

               In the bedroom, Janna looked overdressed in her suede jacket, matching miniskirt and ribbed top.  Nearby, Chloe’s other two frozen dolls stood patiently, one clad only in a transparent robe that hid nothing of Fiona’s figure underneath and the other in a pink feather boa for Vicki that matched her pom-pom-topped backless pumps.  The time-stopped former shop-owner was naked otherwise.

               Chloe herself had changed out of the clothes she’d worn to class; they had been smudged in places anyway with Janna’s make-up.  She now wore a loose midnight-blue silk slip over her nudity, not for any reason of modesty but because she liked the way the smooth cool fabric felt against her bare skin.

               Picking up a pair of shears, she approached Janna’s immobilized body, a sly smile on her delicate features.  “Let’s see what you’ve got for me,” she cooed as she slipped the jacket off Janna’s shoulders.  Next to go was the top; Chloe had no patience as she snipped the fabric from the taller young woman’s torso, followed soon after by the remains of her designer-tagged lace bra.  Janna’s breasts were very firm and well proportioned, almost too much so.  A few feels later confirmed Chloe’s suspicion: fakes, but excellently performed.  “These must have cost you a pretty penny, or how do you say it there, a few extra shillings?” Chloe chuckled as she taunted her frozen rival.  Janna, of course, said nothing nor lifted a finger as she stared out into the room vacantly. 

Her leather shorts were, like the jacket, were too nice to cut up; Chloe carefully undid the side-zipper closure, tugged the tight-fitting garment over Janna’s hips enough so they slid down her long legs and crumpled into a heap around her leather-booted feet.  “Well, hello, there!” gasped Chloe as soon as she saw the British student wasn’t wearing any panties.  Maybe she had planned something for after class or maybe she just liked flashing Lang for kicks.  Whatever the intention, she’d made Chloe’s task a little easier as the Asian student gave Janna’s smooth sex a long caress and a wet lick that was merely an appetizer for later.

The boots Janna wore were European and looked expensive; Chloe didn’t cut these away, but carefully tipped the doll’s rigid body first one way and then the other so she could unzip and remove them properly.  To keep the immobilized girl from toppling over, she slipped on a pair of her own high-heeled mules that were too small but at least had the same heel height.  Janna wouldn’t be caring about a little discomfort, not as a doll.

Her expression came last after her body had been undressed; Janna’s surprised sneer was easily molded into a more attractive come-hither smile that seemed to fit her current nakedness better.  The bed was nearby; all it took was one push from Chloe and her former foe was ready to perform her new purpose as a live-in love doll.  Chloe snuggled up and began to caress and stroke her in a horizontal ballet that would last most of the night.   “MMmmm, revenge can be sweet…”


A Few Days Later…

               Yeah babe; I don’t think she’ll be trying shit like that ever again,” Chloe spoke happily to Brit who in turn was happy with the results. “I doubt anyone is going to miss her very much, Britney, she’s not exactly a very friendly sort.” She smiled again as Britney asked her something, “Sure babe, I’ll replace it, I got lost in the moment,” she replied while walking to her large walk-in closet, “No babe, trust me; I don’t think we’ll have to worry about that again. In fact, we can go out again tonight, oh ha, ha, seriously, that movie? Oh right, I’ll meet you there at six.”  Turning on the light, she hung up the phone as she was looking in her wardrobe for something decent to wear.  Hmm, my leather jeans or her leather shorts? she thought, than asked “What do you girls think?”

               There before her were her live-in dolls, Fiona, Vicky, and now Janna, all posed standing proudly in rigid stances like a series of realistic mannequins, displaying their naked bodies to Chloe.  Walking up to Janna, she smiled as she let her jade green eyes scan down the trim figure of her former rival and newest doll again. She’d replaced the British girl’s glasses, which made her ice-blue unblinking eyes look even larger.  “Not a bad deal getting you here Janna; you have potential, maybe some day I’ll do something good with you and the rest of my dolls.” Grabbing her leather shorts and a baby doll-T, she gave the living dolls one more look before turning off the lights.

“Well, girls, I’m going out tonight – don’t wait up on me!!!”  Giving them a kiss goodbye, she closed the closet door on her problems for the rest the day.



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