Collaring the Kitten

by Tek and FreezAntix

Spydoll Inc. Building, 3AM

            The figure was tall and clad in dark blue that blended them into the night. The indigo-hued outfit was form-fitting, showing off the figure's sensuous curves exhibiting the figure as a female. The outfit covered the woman from head to toe; her eyes were masked by slim fitting night vision goggles. The suit was streamlined, aside from the small bag that woman carried on her back. The woman looked up at the two story building known as the Spydoll Inc. headquarters, home of one of Houston's new private investigations and security firms. With cat-like movements she silently makes her way to the building's walls. As soon as she reaches the wall she is up on it, crawling towards the second floor. The palms of her gloves and the underside of her shoes were covered in tiny micro fibers that allowed her to climb up concrete. Even with the gloves and shoes, the task of climbing vertically up a two-story building was no easy task yet the dark-clad woman ascended effortlessly.

            Within in moments she is right outside her destination, a large tinted windowpane. She climbs beside the pane and reaches over with her left hand; using her gloved fingers she silently sides the windowpane open. The motion is completely silent. The woman opens the window just enough for her to fit her tall frame inside. She slips in quietly, not making a sound, at least any sound a human ear could pick up. Inside, she sinks down into a crouch and looks around the darkened room. It is silent aside from the hum of the A/C unit and the sounds of gentle snoring. The room is spacious. The floors are covered with thick plush carpeting. Two heavily cushioned loungers sit at one corner of the room surrounding a glass coffee table. Another corner has a shag rug under a colorful love seat. The two other corners hold a hand carved letter desk and cushioned stool and a small reading area that contains two bookshelves filled with Greek literature. The far end of the room has a large sixty-inch wall mounted flat screen with an entertainment cabinet under it. The other end of the room features a circular king size bed that could easily fit four people; on this particular night there were only three residents.

            The dark clad woman peers around the room once more in her crouched position. She takes a long look at the occupants on the bed before she begins to stalk towards it. She moves slowly – inhumanly silent – until she reaches the bedside. Slowly she rises to her full height and peers down at the three sleeping women below. They are covered in a silky thin blanket, with only their heads and shoulders exposed. Two redheads and an Asian girl sleep soundly. They are unaware of the intruder and her watching eyes. One of the redheads has flowing long hair, she sleeps curled in a comfortable embrace with the Korean girl, her head resting on the girl's shoulder. The other redhead has a short pageboy hair cut and is sleeping on the opposite side of the Korean girl on her stomach with her hands under her pillow and head turned to the right.

            The intruder reaches down and gently pulls the blanket from the sleeping trio. The silk material slowly slides away, revealing that all three women are nude. The dark clad woman lets the blanket drop to the floor and looks at the three women as if contemplating her next move. Moving around to where the shorthaired redhead lays, the woman leans over the naked beauty and slowly drags her body off the bed. She does this slowly and silently, not even stirring the other two women. Soon the shorthaired woman is leaning inertly against bed with head thrown back sensuously. Her lips are slightly agape with arms limp at her sides. Her naked long legs stretch out in front of her.

            With a space open on the large bed, the mysterious woman reaches into her backpack and pulls a small PDA device from it. The device has two thin wires with rubber suction pads connected to it. With the device in hand the woman climbs gracefully onto the bed. Amazingly the bed does not shift and sink under the woman's weight thanks to her exact and delicate movements. She then leans over the sleeping Asian woman and places the suction pads gently and carefully on the corners of her forehead. The slumbering woman only continues to snore quietly, unaware of the cables that are now attached to her. As if it senses the cable’s connection, the PDA device in the woman's hand activates and begins to collect data.

            Exactly four minutes later the dark-clad woman is off the bed and the shorthaired redhead is back in her place. This time she was lain face up however. The masked woman then picks up the sheet and covers the three women again. She then slinks away from the bed and in another minute she is climbing back out the window silently. Seconds later the windowpane is silently closed as the dark-clad woman vanishes into the night.

Spydoll Inc. Building


            "I'm busy Jamie, why do I have to do this?" Kyla whined as Jamie pulled open the vault-like door that led into the storage and ready room containing their dolls. The room was called the ‘Vault’ by the girls simply because of its door. The room was a new addition to their building and was one of the largest rooms. Before the room where the dolls were stored in was in a different area and their ready room was in a separate small room, said room was now expanded to serve as a storage space and ready area. Inside the spacious room, aside from the four dolls that occupied it currently, were workbenches, wardrobe racks and shelves, weapons lockers and several other storage spaces for other articles of stealthy gear. There was also a computer workstation featuring two large flat screen monitors that were used for programming and managing the chips. The four motionless women stood at attention and looked straight ahead with vacant expressions in their eyes. There were two blondes, a strawberry blond and an African American. The first of the blondes was Janna Brinwells, a former British art student who had a thing for Chloe, a bad thing. Standing rigidly next to her was Mina Janssen, a former Dutch drug dealer and brothel receptionist. Next to the Dutch treat was Vicky Sandrosi, a former boutique owner who had tried to scam money from Chloe and at the time of her capture was scamming money from someone else. Finally there was the short haired, dark skinned Crystal Barns, a former gang leader and mind-controlled prostitute.

            "Doing what?" Jamie asked grabbing two nearby handcarts. She wheeled one over to the short blond.

            "I'm working on a new program…" Kyla replied, taking the cart. "How come Chloe can't do this?"

            "Because she needs to sleep, we have a contract today with Colt Brothers Financial. We're supplying extra security for one of their client's art shows. It's a big transaction and it should help us with business. Trina's friend hooked us up too, so I don't want to screw it up. I need Chloe and the dolls at their best," Jamie explained as she moved the handcart behind Vicky. She then leaned the former boutique owner backwards and dragged her on to the cart. "Get Mina, would you?" She asked as she secured Vicky to the cart.

            "Fine…" Kyla sighed moving behind the blond. "Can I go back to work after this?"

            "What? You have to help me dress them and get their gear ready!" Jamie scowled.

            Kyla angrily stomped her feet and crossed her arms. She looked at Jamie and pouted, "I don't want to."

            "Kyla…if you don't, I'm going to take away Aisha," Jamie said seriously.

            "Fine," Kyla grumbled and roughly leaned Mina backwards on to her cart.


            Chloe licked her lips in comfort and slowly opened her eyes. The sun was just peeking through the blinds, giving the large room soft relaxing lighting. She looked around her circular bed and saw it was empty and she was naked. She smiled to herself, thinking back to the night before, and the little party she and Jamie had along with new doll Irene. Irene McNeil was a tough lady and a former employer of a brothel that Chloe and Jamie had brought down. In her past life she was a feared woman; in her new life she would become anything Chloe wanted her to be. Chloe now had complete control of the Irishwoman, thanks to little microchip that the redhead had been wearing for a couple weeks now. Sitting up on her elbows she smiled upon glimpsing Irene sitting with her long sexy legs crossed on the love seat across the room. The redhead was dressed only in white teddy. Her normally spiky red hair was flat and pixie short. "Good morning," Chloe greeted.

            "Good morning mistress," Irene greeted with a sexy grin. "How did you sleep, mistress?" she then asked. Jamie and Chloe decided to keep the woman's natural thick Irish accent even though the chip could eliminate it. They thought it was sexy.

            "I slept very well… tequila can do that to you," Chloe replied sitting all the way up and letting the blanket fall from her naked breasts.

            "Mistress Jamie has required me to pleasure you. You have a job tonight and she wants you fully rested," Irene said standing up and walking over to the bed. She then slowly stripped off her teddy, rendering her utterly naked.

            Chloe smiled and lay back down. She put her hands behind her head and spread her legs wide. "I'm not going to argue with my wife; pleasure away Irene." The redhead smiled seductively, something that the natural Irene McNeil never did. She then slowly crawled onto the bed and settled over Chloe, their sexes mixing as she began to lick and kiss Chloe's neck. Chloe started to moan silently as Irene worked up and down her body. It wasn't long before they were both moist and their lips were locked in passionate embrace.

Two Hours Later…

            Kyla, barefoot and dressed in green track shorts with a white tank top, sat atop a workbench busily stuffing nine-millimeter bullets into SIG magazines. It was promised to be the last of her chores for the morning. In front of her were four sets of two-way radios with low-key sleeve microphones and undercover ear buds. Next to the radios were four holstered SIG P229s loaded with a full magazine and one in the chamber. Each SIG would be complimented with two extra magazines of thirteen rounds each. Finally, at the end of the bench were four belt-clipped holstered extendable ten-inch steel batons. "Almost done!" she cheerfully called over her shoulder.

            Behind the workbench about ten feet away stood the three mannequin-still dolls that were chosen to partake in the night's mission. At first Jamie had picked out Vicky and Mina but decided to add Crystal as well for an extra touch. Jamie wasn't sure about Janna's health as she had been hurt a few weeks back during the Crazy Eagle case. Mona and Jane were two other dolls but they were now gifts to Jamie's friend Trina and were currently on display at her boutique. Ashley Tisdale was unchipped at the moment and was only to be kept frozen and used as anything but a Spydoll as she was too dangerous if unchipped. She was instead stuffed away naked in the closet at the moment like an unused toy.  Aisha was Kyla's and had not been seen in some time, Fiona was out cleaning the building and Rebecca was staffing the front desk in the lobby. The final doll, Irene, was still being a pleasure doll at the moment as Chloe was crazy about her. This left really only Crystal as an additional member to the detail.

            All three girls were going to be dressed in tailored black pants suits with the Spydoll INC logo over the right pocket and booted black high heels. Kyla's new Impact Rubber body armor would be worn underneath. Jamie had taken the responsibility in dressing the girls in tactical gear since Kyla had wanted to dress them schoolgirl outfits in homage to her favorite Kill Bill character. At the moment only Vicky was fully dressed, with her strawberry blond tresses pulled back into a tight bun. Mina was only dressed in her trousers and heels. Her blond hair was still loose and falling to the middle of her back. The lacy strapless bra that Jamie had dressed her in was covered by the skin-toned Impact Rubber armor. Crystal stood next to the blond; the former gang leader was only dressed in a matching black satin bra and panty set. Her legs were covered in tan thigh-high stockings and she stood in a pair of high-heeled pumps that seemed to make her already ample backside look even bigger.

            Jamie was putting Mina's coat on when Kyla suddenly hopped off the bench and darts off. "I'm done!" she cheered once she was out of the room and away from Jamie's grasp. Jamie only smiled and shook her head. It was like living with a little kid, super smart kid.

            "Morning sweetie," Chloe greeted from the doorway.

            "Morning," Jamie replied, turning around and smiling at her wife. Chloe was dressed only in an oversized t-shirt. Her hair was a mess and she held two mugs of coffee in each hand. "How was your morning?"

            "It was great!" Chloe exclaimed, walking over to Jamie and handing her a mug. "Irene is freaking awesome. Hard to believe she was feared."

            "Where is she now?" Jamie asked taking a sip from her the mug.

            "Taking a shower.  Once she's finished I told her to stay in the bedroom. I think I may want to visit her again tonight…" Chloe said, wiggling her eyebrows.

            "Chloe, I'm still sore from last night…" Jamie whined, leaning against the bench.

            "Too bad, we're celebrating this new gig," Chloe said, walking up to the three dolls and looking them over. "We have to dress up for this?" She asked as she eyed Vicky's suit.

            "Yeah, it’s important function and its downtown we need to make a good impression especially because we're only one of four firms hired for today. I have your suit in the closet."

            "Man… do I have to?" Chloe whined, sitting down hard on nearby stool. "Let's just put Vicky in charge and I'll sit in the van?"

            Putting down her mug, Jamie went over to check out Crystal's suit. "We need a human out there Chloe… these chips don't have instincts."

            "They could now!" Kyla shouted in victory from the doorway.

            "Stop yelling! We're indoors," Jamie scowled, looking over at Kyla as she stood in the doorway with her fists on her hips and her head cocked up looking at the ceiling. "What's wrong with you…?" Jamie muttered silently as she got back to work.

            "What's going on Kyla?" Chloe asked, drinking her coffee.

            "I scanned your brain and now we have a real Cho Li AI," Kyla replied.

            Chloe spit out the coffee she was drinking, "What?!"

            "I hacked your chips, found the software on them was absolutely great, but it was lacking a human-like AI. So I've created a program that could upload and integrate an AI system to the current tactical suite. The only downside is it's not perfect and not completely human but it's better than nothing. Space is also an issue, but I just loaded the AI into it and the chip still works. Needs some more testing but I think it'll be good for the field and it should compliment your talents well, Cho Li," Kyla explained without taking a breath.

            "You scanned Chloe's brain? How? When?" Jamie asked with some anger rising in her voice.

            "Oh… a few weeks ago when you guys got drunk after the brothel case and then again last night after your little bedroom party," Kyla answered innocently. Looking at Chloe she added, "Cho Li, for a girl that likes alcohol you sure pass out from it quick when you have your fill."

            Chloe shook her head, "Kyla… you can't go around scanning people's heads without their permission, its rude."

            "Cho Li, it was for a good cause and it's not like I found out your secrets or anything. The scans basically copied your instincts and I converted it to computerized data," Kyla defended.

            "Kyla!" Jamie shot, her hand on her hips as she looked at the short blond girl. "She didn't give you permission."

            "Sorry… Cho Li… but Aisha is really good now better than before… even invincible," Kyla said whispering the last line to make a point.

            "Is she?" Chloe then asked, curious about Kyla's new invention. Kyla's stuff was always good. Chloe couldn’t ever remember Kyla creating something bad.

            "Chloe! Don't encourage her," Jamie warned.

            "You can spar with her, I remember you told me you beat her up the first time you fought her. How about a re-match with the new Aisha?" Kyla asked energetically.

            "Fine," Chloe replied with a shrug.

            "Chloe! Keep in mind the last time you fought her you ambushed her and she wasn't chipped with a tactical chip," Jamie pointed out.

            Chloe simply shrugged, "Should be interesting…"


            As soon as Chloe saw Aisha dressed in the black boxer trunks and tank top she had a sinking feeling that she had made a mistake. She was dressed in her trusty Muay Thai shorts and a red sports bra. Her hair was tied back in a small ponytail. Both she and Aisha were barefoot as they stood on the sparring mat in the gym located in the basement of their building. Jamie, Fiona and Irene stood by inertly on the side behind Chloe while Kyla stood behind Aisha.

            The tall milk-chocolate-skinned former LAPD detective stepped to the center of the mat, "Mistress," she said expressionlessly with nod. Chloe stepped up to face her and for the first time she felt nervous and a bit intimated. Aisha was their most trusted doll for a reason. The woman was physically fit and was decent fighter unchipped. She was almost a head and a half taller with longer limbs to match.

            "Fight!" Kyla shouted, a little too loud for indoors as she got Jamie to jump and frown at her.

            Aisha snapped into a fighting stance as soon as Kyla shouted. Not long after the attack started. She launched forward with lighting fast punch and kick combos. Chloe was able to dodge and block about half of the shots as she staggered backwards. A kick landed on her inner thigh that felt like she had just gotten hit with a baseball bat and a follow-on punch snapped her jaw, making her dizzy as a result. Chloe circled and unleashed her own volley of punches and kicks. Aisha dodged all of her punches and while two of Chloe's kicks landed they didn't seem to faze her opponent. Not backing off, Chloe lunged forward with even faster punches and a few elbows. Aisha easily blocked every single shot as if reading Chloe's mind, she then countered with a leg kick that knocked Chloe off balance. Before Chloe could recover Aisha locked her in a clinch and swung her about like a rag doll. Chloe fought to break the clinch but Aisha's fingers had interlocked behind her neck so she had full control. Chloe was just wearing herself out, she tried to slam her knees up but her legs were too short. Next she worked the inside with jabs and elbow but that didn't seem to work either. Aisha suddenly started throwing knees. The first one took Chloe's breath from her lungs and the second one turned her limp. Finally Aisha came in low and Chloe could see the knee strike coming but she was done. She saw red and felt a flash pain on her face before everything faded to black. She heard Jamie yell her name but it sounded hundreds of miles away.


            Chloe jumped as if she had just woken from a bad dream. She found herself lying on Jamie's lap with Kyla looking over her with a worried smile. "What happened…?" Chloe croaked. Her head was ringing and lungs were burning.

            "You got knocked out," Jamie whispered, "but you're okay now."

            "How long?" Chloe asked closing her eyes. She wanted to just lay there for forever. Never had she been beaten up that badly. Of course she never fought anyone that big either, nor anyone who seemed to know her every punch and feint beforehand. "Was it bad?"

            "You've been out for like two minutes," Kyla replied. "It wasn't that bad… but Jamie froze Aisha with the ring to stop the match even though it's my fault," Kyla pouted. "She should have frozen me… and chipped me too."

            "Shut up Kyla, it won't be a punishment if you like it. You're such a weirdo," Jamie shot back. She then looked down at Chloe, "Is there anything I can get you sweetie?"

            "You and Irene: making out?" Chloe asked, her eyes closed but a smile on her lips.

            "You didn't have to freeze Aisha… there's nothing wrong with Cho Li. She's still the same," Kyla pointed out.


Museum District

12 Midnight...

            The Houston Museum of Art had long since closed its doors after the unveiling of its newest item, The Diamond Heart, a rare large diamond somehow loosely resembling a heart. It's exact origins were unknown, even though it was discovered in a rumored area of The Amazon. The diamond was being exhibited as a rare treasure for all to see, but to Rene Pierre it was hers for the taking, as she darted across the rooftop of the museum, her slender frame masked by the all-black jumpsuit she wore. A pair of night vision goggles were strapped to her short cropped dirty blonde hair, with unusual gadgets hanging from her waist and a mini back pack rounded out the thief's kit as she approached a glass window situated near the diamond.

            Having come prepared, the dirty blonde placed a small device on the window, pressed a button and watched it go from a blinking red light to a solid green. The woman smiled as she quietly opened the window and attached another unit to the window frame, anchoring a wire loop, and attached the line to it. As she entered the building, she slipped on her goggles to see in the darkened museum, slowly descending to the floor below, making sure not to make a sound.

            Rene quietly tiptoed toward the display case housing the new diamond, glancing around for security cameras or detectors.  Pulling out a tiny spray bottle from her belt, she sprayed the glass case a few times. Soon the glass began to crack where the spray landed. After a few seconds, the cracking had stopped, leaving the case weak enough for her to reach in and snatch the diamond.  As the expected alarms went off, the thief quickly slipped the diamond into a pouch in her backpack as she ran back to her line.  Grabbing another device from her belt, she placed on the line and zipped back up to the window. By the time the guards made it into the room moments later, the French thief had disappeared, leaving behind her tools.


Spydoll Inc. Building

A few days later…

            The job with Colt Brothers Financial had been uneventful and good for the most part. Chloe had led her dolls, a little banged up from the fight with Aisha earlier that day. She was in no shape for action and was glad that the Art event was boring to say the least. She felt her dolls did an excellent job of blending in and no one noticed anything off about them considering that fact that they were mostly Type-7 chipped criminals. Once everything was said and done, Spydoll Inc. got a nice check and a ‘we'll be sure to call you next time we need you' agreement.  As planned and against Jamie's protests, Chloe and she had some fun that night with Irene.

            Dressed in a pair of cargo shorts and a baby doll t-shirt, with her hair gathered in a small ponytail, Chloe was a having a bit of her own fun. Walking around in a pair of flip-flops she moved around her latest art project, inspecting it with a keen eye. "Alright, now for the final touch!" Chloe proclaimed to herself.  Lifting a small rounded glass tabletop, she gently placed it on her latest project, and then grabbed a level and placed it on top to see if everything was balanced, "Perfect!"

            "Chloe?" asked a voice from the open door of Chloe's small but well equipped art studio. The studio was located on the basement level next to the large garage area and Kyla's workshop. The space used to be where the dolls were stored before they moved them upstairs into the vault. Sharing the space with their many storage rooms, the studio was located in the basement mainly so when Chloe painted she didn't stink up the whole building since the basement ran on a separate ventilation system. It was also the only place where Chloe could use flammable materials as well. The Korean girl turned around just in time to see as Jamie's chipped twin sister Rebecca entered the studio. The redhead was dressed as usual in a sharp form fitting skirt suit. Today the suit was blue and her long legs were covered tan hosiery. She stood on a pair of blue heels that made her long legs and backside look great. Rebecca's hair was pulled back in a business bun while her green eyes gazed from behind a pair of fashionable black-framed glasses. "Oh, hey, you finished your project!" Rebecca observed with genuine enthusiasm. Jamie, with the help of Kyla, had programmed her sister to be a better version of the real Rebecca’s personality. Chloe didn't know how the real Rebecca was originally but she thought the program was dead-on as she couldn't even tell the girl was chipped aside for some movements and expressions that still seemed a little robotic and not fully human.

            "Yup, I think I should put her in the library, makes a nice place to put a lamp on." Chloe explained, staring at the artwork that was once the evil woman known as Ashley Tisdale, now nothing more than a beautiful table. The woman had been cover in textured gold paint and placed on her knees that were spread apart for balance. Her back was arched a bit to push out her breasts, her forearms held up in a ‘X’ cross with her palms facing up to hold the glass table top she would be supporting for quite a while. Her head had been tilted back a bit with a look of serenity expressed on her gold-painted face.

            To make her figure look more like she was carved and molded out of something, Chloe had constructed some special effects pieces that covered the hair on Ashley's head, giving her a more cartoonish look, Her real hair was tightly tied back to fit the faux hair piece on, which took basically the same style as her real hair only was much more solid and had no loose strands of hair poking out. Chloe enjoyed turning the evil woman into something more useful than just a doll, stuffed in the closet like an unused toy. This time around she decided to make Ashley Tisdale into an elegant piece of furniture. Chloe figured she'd keep the former mad scientist that way until she got bored with the table pose and wanted to do something else with the permanently frozen woman.

            "My sister wants you in the office. The client from Monday's job is here," Rebecca informed.

            "Colt Brothers Financial?" Chloe asked, more to herself than to her chipped sister-in-law as she started walking towards the studio doors with Rebecca leading the way. "They sure held up on the 'we'll call you when we need you' part."

            Upstairs in the main level of the building, which was where the business end of Spydolls Inc. was located, were tastefully decorated office spaces and conference areas. Rebecca directed Chloe to the main conference room before returning to her desk in the lobby of the building. The room in question was decked out in oak paneling on the walls. A matching large round inlaid wooden table was surrounded by red leather arm swivel chairs that sat over tan carpeting. The room was mainly used for meeting clients; there was a similar presentation room down the hall that featured a little more technology such as a large wall mounted flat screen monitor for video conferences and small control stations at the seats on the table.

            Chloe looked out of place as she entered the room in her casual clothes. Her wife Jamie was dressed in a purple blouse tucked into a pair of black trousers. A pair of purple heels concluded the outfit. Her hair hung loose, falling just under her shoulders, with the tips curled slightly inward. The other woman in the room was an African-American woman with stylish close-cropped hair, dressed in a sharply tailored black skirt suit with sheer black pantyhose and matching heels. Her whole manner was very uniform and corporate. The woman stood along with Jamie as Chloe entered the room.

            "Chloe, I'd like you to meet Ms. Gail Lynd," offered Jamie, beginning the introductions. "She's the private contract manager for the Colts Brothers. Ms. Lynd this is my wife and co-owner of Spydoll Inc, Chloe Noi."

            "Pleasure finally meet you Ms. Noi," Gail greeted in a sweet Texan accent as she extended her hand.

            Chloe accepted it and smiled, "Nice to meet you as well and thank you again for giving us a chance to work that event for you back on Monday."

            "Oh it was no problem; in fact you performed admirably. That's actually the reason why I am here today. Shall we get started?" Gail asked looking at both of the women to get the business moving along.

            Jamie looked at Chloe who simply shrugged. She didn't like the woman taking control of the meeting since this was her office after all. She smiled politely and gestured the other two women to sit, "Let's."

            Chloe took a seat next to Jamie with Gail sitting a couple of seats away. Though the three women sat on the same side of table they all could see each other with Jamie and Chloe facing Gail, who started to speak as soon they were settled. “First off I want to say again that y'all did a great job with that job on Monday. But I have to confess that job wasn’t just a normal job.”

            “What do you mean?” Jamie asked, confused. She was still new to the business but she didn’t like surprises, especially ones that involved sending her wife into trick jobs with ulterior intentions.

            “Now, now; it wasn’t a dangerous job or anything like that. It was just the job was a test to see how good of a firm you were. We didn’t mean to pull a ruse if you would call it that but we needed your firm to think it was just another security job and not a test,” Gail explained.

            “Well… I guess we did well then,” Chloe chimed in with a grin and shrugged.

            “You did great; of course that is why I am here. As you know we hired four other firms, one being the regular firm that we normally contract, Triangle Security. In all honesty Triangle Security hasn’t been living up to our expectations since they chose to enter the private military arena. So we decided it was time for a change and we parted ways with them. Of the three other firms we hired Monday, we were very impressed with Spydoll Inc. We like the fact that you mostly utilize female agents as it is a rarity in your industry and they seem very competent and focused the whole time. In fact we didn’t even notice them doing anything other than the job at hand and you all followed it to the letter.”

            Chloe couldn’t help but grin as she and Jamie looked at one another. Their girls have been focused on nothing but the job because that was only what they had been programmed to do, thanks to their Type-7 chips. Gail didn’t seem to notice the gesture as she continued. “As you already know we’re an insurance firm that specializes in covering big ticket and priceless items. We mainly cater to the very rich, along with corporations and museums. Just so you know, our two biggest corporate clients are Stone Enterprises and Stilton Corporation. Perhaps our most important client is the city of Houston itself as they use our services for national landmarks and nearly all exhibits on display in the local museums. That brings me to our current issue – and opportunity.”

            Gail opened up the leather briefcase in front of her and handed a file to Jamie. Jamie set the open folder down between her and Chloe as Gail explained. “Early this morning there was a theft at one of our client sites, the Houston Museum of Art. If you turn your attention to the photograph in the file, the stolen item that you are looking at is The Diamond Heart. Attached is a brief history of the gem and some general information about it. It is valued at over 6.3 million dollars.”

            Jamie couldn’t help but whistle as she looked at the photo and read some of the information. “This sounds like a police matter, why are you coming to us?”

            “The police have not been notified yet. At the moment the museum has a decoy on display while we sort out this out,” Gail replied. “We need the recovery of the Heart handled privately and quietly, which is why we are coming to you instead of the police. With the police things tend to get out in the open even when discretion is requested.”

            “Yeah, and you can’t have that,” Chloe pointed out as she looked over the file. “If you had gone to the police they would have opened a report and with that report the museum is required by law to file a claim to your company. Said claim would cost you millions and you can’t have that.”

            Gail smiled, “I’m glad you understand the tight spot that we are in. That’s why we have hired you,” she said as she pulled another file and slid it towards the couple. “Our private investigators looked into the theft already, to rule out fraud. They have collected some evidence, which my firm will send you by day’s end. That file has their full report and contact information if you require any aid in your search.”

            “Why can’t your investigators handle this?” Jamie asked after glancing over the new file and then sliding it over to Chloe.

            “Our investigators only specialize in fraud. They could look into this but that would require us to draw upon our police sources as well and that would not be ideal for us at the moment, as your wife pointed out.”

            “What’s our time frame? Surely the museum can’t keep that imitation on display for a long time,” Chloe asked after reading over the notes.

            Gail stood up and closed her briefcase. “They have given us three weeks to recover it. If we can’t by then, they will go public and file the claim,” Gail replied, then extended her hand to the couple who had to stand quickly to accept her gesture. “It was a pleasure to meet you both; congratulations on making the cut and I personally wish you good luck as well on your hunt. I hope to hear from you soon on your progress. Feel free to call me or any of our investigators if you have any questions or requests,” She added as she turned to leave. Stopping at the doorway Gail turned and flashed a corporate smile, “It is your best interests to find the diamond quickly. We’re a very big company with lots of important clients. I would hate it if word got out that Spydolls Inc. couldn’t recover the diamond in the time allotted,” With that she nodded farewell and left the room.

            “What the hell?” Chloe asked. “What was that? It sounded like we’ve been hired by them for years or something.”

            “Yeah, you picked up on that too? She really didn’t ask us if we wanted to the job... and what was up with that threat at the end?”

            “It was rude, that’s what it was,” Chloe said and snapped her fingers.

            “What did you do?” Jamie asked wide-eyed, noting that the hand that Chloe used to snap her fingers was the hand with her ring.

            “She was rude,” Chloe said, standing. “I think we should have a little fun with her before we get serious.”


            “Oh come on Jamie! You didn’t like her the minute she took control of the meeting. I saw the look on your face.”

            Jamie was silent for a moment and then smiled slyly, “Fine let’s go,” she said hopping up from her seat.

            Gail had not made it that far when Chloe had promptly frozen her in place. They found her in the lobby a few paces from Rebecca’s desk. She was posed in mid-stride with her briefcase in her right hand at her side. Her left hand held up a CyPocket at chest level. While her gaze was emptily fixed upon the device’s screen and there was a slight grin on her lips. Rebecca had gotten up out of her seat and stood next the unmoving Colt Brothers Financial executive. The redhead was poking the woman’s cheek and shoulder as Jamie and Chloe approached.  Mina Janssen, the assigned Spydoll on guard duty for day, was posted at the main entrance of the building. She was dressed in a form fitting black short-sleeved top and with black military fatigue pants and boots. A hard holster carrying a SIG P229 was strapped to her right thigh while she held a P90 in her gloved hands. Black Impact armor with Spydoll Inc. logo covered her torso while yellow tinted ballistic glasses masked her blue eyes. Her blond hair was tied back in a simple ponytail. Concluding the uniform, in her left ear was a low-key ear bud that served as a receiver and transmitter.

            Mina approached the frozen woman just as her mistresses arrived. “Is there a problem?” she asked, looking at the three moving women while not caring for the one that was statue still.

            “No problem Mina, return to your patrols,” Chloe replied. The blond former drug dealer simply nodded and returned to her task.

            “She’s a statue, just like that!” Rebecca exclaimed with joy. “Do you want me to call Kyla to have her moved to vault for storage?”

            “No, Becks, we’re not keeping her,” Jamie replied looking at Gail up and down before ruffling up her styled short hair with a chuckle.

            “Oh what a pity… I wouldn’t mind a relief receptionist every once and while,” Rebecca pouted.

            “Relief? Why do you need relief; you’re chipped you don’t feel tired,” Chloe asked as she pried Gail’s CyPocket from her stiff hand and played with the device.

            “So very true… but work is work; I’d much rather be on standby,” Rebecca answered, tapping the tips of her index fingers innocently. Just then the phone rang at her desk. “Ah…” she sighed. “Duty calls. If you excuse me, ladies,” she said turning from group to return to her desk.

            “Her programming is really good,” Chloe noted as she watched her sister-in-law head back to her desk and take the call.

            “It should be, Kyla and I spent weeks getting it right. That new AI program of hers is works wonders,” Jamie said waving her hand in front of Gail’s empty eyes. “So what do you want to do with her?”


            She had been getting ready to call her friend Halle for a quick brunch since she wrapped up her meeting with the new security firm so fast. Suddenly Gail found her CyPocket missing from her hand and as she took two steps into Rebecca Mosley’s reception area she nearly lost her balance. Rebecca looked up at her smiled. “May I help you Ms. Lynd?” she asked politely.

            “I’m sorry about that...” Gail muttered and smiled embarrassingly. “I was just leaving, how did I?” she then asked, visibly confused.

            “Sometimes it’s a hard place to leave... it’s so cozy,” Rebecca replied with a sly smile.

            “Right... I’ll see you then, Ms. Mosley,” Gail said with nod and turned to leave. As soon as her right foot came down she almost lost her balance again and nearly fell. She stumbled and looked to see what her heel had stepped on. “My phone!” she gasped. Kneeling down, she picked it up and whimpered silently seeing that the screen was completely shattered.

            Rebecca had gotten up from her seat and moved around to see what had happened. She sucked air between her teeth and winced at seeing the damaged phone. “I hope you had a warranty on that? I hate it when I step on my phone.”

            “This has never happened to me...” Gail grumbled, standing up, “Ms. Mosley, I would truly love to stay and chit-chat but I have to...” she started to say but stopped suddenly, feeling a strong breeze wash over her body. She looked down and her eyes went wide seeing that she was completely naked, only holding her briefcase and phone. Gail quickly dropped her items and let out a blood-curdling scream as she covered herself up.

            “Ms. Lynd, are you alright?” Rebecca asked worriedly as she knelt down to pick up Gail’s dropped items. “It’s just a phone, there’s no need to be so upset.”

            Gail suddenly felt warm and she looked down to see that she was fully dressed again. “What in the world...” she breathed, checking her clothes; it was like she had never been naked but she was sure she was only a moment before. Looking around, she noted that the blond security guard was looking her way. Chloe and Jamie had emerged from the conference room with worried looks on their faces.

            “What’s going on here?” Chloe demanded.

            “I don’t know Chloe; Ms. Lynd just dropped her things and screamed,” Rebecca answered. She then looked at Gail, “Are you all right, do you want me to call someone?”

            Gail smiled nervously and grabbed her things from Rebecca. “No, I’m fine,” she replied and quickly rushed out of the building.

            Jamie and Chloe watched and waited until Gail was out of sight. They both let out a laugh as Chloe pulled a pair of pink panties and a black bra from her pockets. “You forgot these, Gail!” she called out before continuing to laugh.

            “That was fun; the look on her face right before she screamed was priceless. You’re right, I did enjoy that and I feel better now,” Jamie admitted. “Now on to the case...”


            Kyla Abonde had spent most of day finishing up tying up loose ends regarding some of the Spydolls, mainly Aisha, Janna, Vicky and Fiona. The task was decided by Jamie simply because she didn’t want people to come looking for the four women that Chloe had abducted; though she had good reasons, it was still illegal and the absent ladies would no doubt be missed eventually. The other Spydolls were criminals so that issue didn’t really apply to them and Jamie didn’t really care about them. Kyla being very busy with her random projects and so was slow to start the tasks, but when she finally got going she found it fun and challenging.

            She first started with Aisha, since the chipped former LAPD detective was her assistant. Kyla first called Aisha’s family and speaking through the mindless woman via a Type-7 Chip explained that she had a nervous breakdown and decided to backpack across the continent. She made a call to the LAPD and explained the same thing, citing it was the stresses of her job that had gotten to her. Her boss in the police department was not very happy and even threatened to charge Aisha since they had wasted a lot of time and resources looking for her. In the end, her captain just told her she was never welcome back and this was the end of her police career in LA as far as he was concerned.

            Next up was Fiona; using the same method as she had with Aisha, Kyla called Fiona’s folks and explained that she had gotten a top secret job with the government and was unable to explain anything more at the time and was very sorry for that. She told them that she was being stationed somewhere in Mexico and it was only now that she had been finally allowed to contact them. Her father was not very happy as she put her mother through a lot of grief. Her father and her mother soon took turns lecturing and bitching at her for a while, as Kyla just played online Sudoku. After all the angsty drama, both parents just seemed glad that their daughter was safe. Kyla even promised through Fiona that she’d call every once and a while to check in, when the job permitted it of course.

            Tying up Fiona and Aisha had taken the longest, nearly the whole day. Kyla started early that next morning, bracing herself for another long day. She started off with Janna first and found the Brit to be the easiest so far. Her ‘family’ consisted of a foul-mouthed dock-working father who didn’t even know she was missing. In fact, he thought she was calling to ask for more money that he didn’t have. He gave her speech about her going to school in the states and not being able to afford it and how he knew she would call for money or come crawling home sometime. Kyla had enough of his thick and hard to understand accent and disconnected the line. Obviously the girl wasn’t going to be missed or looked for by that man.

            When Chloe and Jamie walked into the Vault they found Vicky standing stark naked near the programming station. The strawberry blond held a telephone in her right hand against her ear. She bore an empty look in her face as Kyla spoke through her mouth via a headset hooked to the computer. The Swede sat in the big leather seat behind the terminal dressed in pink cotton shorts and a white tank top. Cute pink ankle socks covered her feet. The girl’s white sneakers were nearby. “Yes mother I’m fine, I’m in Hawaii at the moment. Trevor takes care of me very well. We have a big house on the beach…” Vicky’s voice said into the phone.

            The workstation where Kyla was currently working on was in the center of the Vault. The system had two flat panelled monitors and was powered by two very powerful state of the art computers. To the left of the computer workstation were several clothing and shoe racks along with a workbench that contained make-up and other beauty supplies. On opposite side of the room had four workbenches that contained various type of ammo, both lethal and non-lethal, along with an assortment of electrical equipment, bugs, and other gear. Glass cases held various handguns, knives and batons while two large metal lockers held the larger weapons such as rifles and machine guns. On the door side of the room had a mix of more gear, such as belts, vests and body armor stored in lockers or on racks.

            The largest and most important section in the room was in front of the terminal and consisted of an open space along with a shower area. The shower area was divided off from the rest of space and the room by a frosted glass door.  The area was used to store and clean the Spydolls. When the dolls were not in service and in standby they were kept naked, standing frozen at attention. This is so they would conserve energy for when they were used. Being chipped, they didn’t need to really sleep but the human body still needed rest. Currently Irene McNeil, former bodyguard and muscle woman for a brothel and Janna Brinwells, former art student and homophobe, stood in the nude, shoulder to shoulder. Their expressions were blank with their lips slightly parted and eyes staring aimlessly ahead. Irene’s short red hair was slicked back and spiky obviously wet from the shower she just had. Aisha Reynolds, Kyla’s assistant, was drying down the tall Irish woman. The dark-skinned former LAPD detective was dressed in a navy-blue school girl uniform with shiny black loafers and white knee high stockings. The hem of her frilly uniform skirt was quite short, stopping just under her white panty covered crotch. Her long lush dark hair was styled in dual pigtails. Currently she was kneeling in front of Irene with a terry cloth towel, patting the unmoving woman’s red landing strip patch covering her womanhood.

            Standing next to Janna was a Crystal Barns, a former gang member and enforcer. She was the only doll that was dressed at the moment. The dark skinned ex-gangster was dressed in tight black leather pants tucked into a pair of matching knee high, spiked heeled boots. Her torso covered by a black tank-top. She stood at rigid attention like the other two dolls with her gloved hands at her sides. Crystal had close cropped kinky hair that was at the moment covered by a pink straight-haired wig with the faux tresses falling to the small of her back. She held a slight grin on her frozen lips with blank eyes behind yellow tinted ballistic glasses. On one of the benches in the weapons section of the Vault lay a hard shell thigh holster with a SIG P229, a P90 and a Spydoll-logoed black Impact armor vest. At midnight Crystal would automatically activate, don the rest of the gear and begin her tour as security guard. Mina would return to the Vault and freeze in idle mode, to be stripped down and cleaned the next morning by Aisha. The next guard would then be suited up, and so on; it was one of the daily tasks for the former cop.

            “What’s going guys?” Kyla asked after Vicky hung up the phone, her cover story having been completed, and robotically walked back to the storage area taking her spot next to Crystal, then stiffening into immobility.

            “We got a big assignment,” Chloe replied as she handed her cousin the two files. Kyla eagerly looked through both. Aisha, having finished drying Irene, moved behind Janna with a handcart and leaned the unmoving Brit backwards onto the cart. She then wheeled the cart into the walk in shower. A moment later the water started.

            “This looks like something better left to the police or even the FBI,” Kyla replied as she continued reading the files.

            “No argument here, but not only was it really pushed on us but also been suggested that our reputation could take a hit if we don't follow-through,” Jamie chimed in.

            “Well that seems pretty low,” Kyla said putting the files aside. “Even so, why agree?” Chloe explained to her cousin what had happened during the meeting with Gail Lynd. Afterwards Kyla thought for a moment before speaking. “I mean, I'm not saying we can't pull this off, but do you guys know anything about investigating a theft?”

            Chloe and Jamie looked at each other and both shrugged. Just then the shower stopped and a moment later Aisha emerged, wheeling a wet Janna on the handcart. She was placed back in her spot and Aisha began drying her off in the same fashion that she had done with Irene. Jamie thought while they watched Aisha work and said, “We need a backup plan. I think we should split up, having one team working on this assignment and the other team doing something else. That way if we stuff this job up we won’t lose everything.”

            “That’s good idea; what would the other team do?” Chloe then asked. Aisha finished drying the Brit, who was left standing at attention with her blond tresses slicked back as Aisha moved with the handcart behind Vicky.

            “Well, Becky and I have brainstormed other jobs that a firm like ours could handle. We just haven’t looked into them yet. I think its good time to do so. So, as one team works this diamond assignment the other team could do these other jobs. So we’ll make money and keep our reputation a float.”

            Chloe thought for a moment in silence as the water turned on in the shower. “Sounds like a plan, what are these other jobs you thought up?”


Golden Spur Hotel

Two weeks later...

            Toni Waters looked between the blinds of the motel room, glancing out into the nearly empty parking lot. There were only two cars there aside from their black Chevy Tahoe. The motel was just outside Houston’s city limits and was considered an out of the way establishment, good for private dealings and discreet trysts. The Spur, as it was called by the locals, was built in the seventies and had changed owners three times with a single renovation in the late eighties. It was not exactly run down but it was getting there, it had just enough business from less reputable patrons to survive. Leaving the upkeep lacking since only a single housekeeper took care of the place in the daytime, there always seemed to be something that needed repairing or cleaning. An outside contractor would come in once a week to try to fix the many problems that the suites had, really touching only the most serious issues, some of them; sometimes.

            “Where the hell are they?” Toni asked, turning to her older sister Billi who was seated at a simple circular table located between the suite’s two queen-sized beds. The table featured two cheap cushioned wooden chairs that matched with the old twenty-six inch TV in front of the far room of the room. “The sooner we get out of the place the better,” she added, looking disgustedly around the ageing room.

            Billi looked at her watch, “We still have time; patience,” she said, going back to typing on her CyPad. She was always the patient one, the brains, while her younger sister Toni often wanted to rush into things and be over with it. Toni was talented physically though and things usually seemed to work out for her even if she just charged headlong into them. She was built like an Amazon, being tall, curvaceous, and very muscular – more so than some men. Billi was slightly slimmer, thus more feminine-looking and a little taller. Together they made a formidable team with Billi being the brains and Toni the muscle.

            The Waters sisters owned and operated Waters Investigations. They were one of many small firms in the Houston area that specialized in private investigations and bail enforcement. The competition was high in their business, but for the last four years they made out pretty well, being one of the better firms. Billi, who was just a year older than Toni, did most of the client meetings and general investigations that they were hired for. She had a law degree and had been a police officer with the Houston Police Department for a short time. She left the force to make more money. Being a former cop, she knew how to run an investigation and navigate the system. Toni, a former Marine helicopter crew chief, handled the bail jumpers even though it was Billi who actually tracked them down. Billi simply told Toni where to go and who to get; it was simple as that. Toni loved the hunt once she got her marching orders and was relentless in catching their bounty. Their split system worked and they made good money. Waters Investigations had most of their competition beat.

            Everything was going fine until a new firm appeared in town. The firm had a more corporate appearance and was bigger than its competition. At first the newcomer, who was called Spydoll Inc, didn’t really do much from what anybody could tell. They took minor jobs that were mostly guard work, but having a bigger firm with employees, the new firm added security as one of their services. Then two weeks ago they began to hunt for bounties and they proved to be rather good at it. Having multiple bail enforcement agents helped and they brought in a record amount of bail jumpers in just one week, the biggest one being a dangerous suspected bank robber whose capture netted Spydolls nearly two million dollars.  It was rumored that one of their agents was even injured in the take-down but the company was back in full force the next day. In their short time in business Spydolls Inc had already forced many of the smaller firms to close shop; they simply could not keep up with the new kid on the block. To make matter worse, Spydolls was also investigating some priceless thefts as well, the same thefts that Waters Investigations would have been contracted by the rich clients to investigate instead.

            The art theft recovery payoff was huge if Waters could find the gem first, and Billi needed help, so she had Toni assisting her on this one. They usually worked together on big or dangerous jobs. The case so far had taken up all their time and Toni couldn’t hunt bounties down. Not that it mattered as Spydolls seemed to be hogging all the bounties. Bottom line was that they were losing money on the whole matter and word on the street was the new firm had a good lead on who the thief was. Not only did this new firm have the personnel to work multiple jobs at once but they seemed to have very good investigative resources as well. With a concerted bit of digging around and a few bribes, Billi was able to figure out the thief’s next target. She just didn’t know what the thief looked like and with only she and Toni on this case a description and bio would help greatly. If they lost this case and since they hadn’t been able to work on bounties, their financials was going to take a major hit, a hit that they were not sure they could recover from, given this new competitor.

            In a desperate move, Billi devised a plan to slow down their competition and to gain the needed information to win this new contract. She contacted Jamie Noi, who was listed as being one of the owners of Spydolls Inc, and was also the agent that was heading the investigation as well. She offered to help them with some of their information in return that they got half of the credit and had access to the info that Spydolls had gathered. Of course she wasn’t going to do anything of the sort. No way was she helping out a corporation that was killing the small businesses such as her own. Billi’s scheme was to give them false leads that would send their agents and the investigation out of town. With the new information and the competition distracted, she and Toni could capture the thief and win the finder’s fee for the missing gemstone. The money from the payoff would keep them in business, she expected, giving them time to recover. They could then figure out how to beat their new competition but if this plan worked out that might not be so hard. In their line of work, one should never trust their completion and this Jamie Noi sounded too nice and trusting. The only problem that Billi could see was that if Jamie was doing the investigation, who was working the bounties?


            Rebecca had kept Chloe and Kyla busy in the last two weeks as Jamie worked on the diamond case. She sent Chloe out on bounties while she gave Kyla easy security and surveillance jobs. All the dolls were put to work every day aside from the three support dolls and the assigned security guards for the day. Jamie and Kyla would usually use one doll each for their tasks while Chloe would use one or two depending on the bounty. The bounties she chased and caught were easy for her; thanks to her ring she was able to catch people in record time. She had fun doing it too as it was an adrenaline rush. She was obviously a natural at it. The only snag she hit was when she underestimated a suspected bank robber who proved to be extremely dangerous, hence the high bounty for him. Chloe had Janna and Mina with her for the job. During the take down the robber shot Janna through a three-story window with a shotgun. The Impact Armor saved her life but she had broken four ribs and fractured her hip. Chloe felt horrible about the whole incident and had almost killed the robber. At the moment Janna was back at headquarters, resting and healing. Chloe had given her the ring to help her healing along. With the magic of the ring, Janna should be good as new in a couple of days. This left Chloe without her precious ring, so Jamie didn’t allow her to go on any bounties for the time being. Chloe knew she and her dolls were fully capable to catch bounties without the ring but Jamie felt it was far too risky to go without a safety net, which was what the ring mostly acted as.

            Jamie had teamed up with Sneakers for the most part as well as doing some footwork herself, looking over crime scenes with a doll in support. It was a learn-as-you-go experience; she was lucky that she was a fast learner. Sneakers had guided her using Internet research on what she should do first. They decided on profiling the thief by looking through various media sources, information blogs and rumour forums, with Sneakers tackling the very risky business of going thru federal databases and other intrusions. Their hope was to piece together enough facts to add a face to their mysterious thief.

            "Jamie, are you there?" piped up Sneakers from one of the remote terminals, startling the red head so that she nearly tossed all her papers down.

            "Don't do that!" Jamie snapped as she turned to the static-filled screen the computer hacker was communicating from. "Geez, you could give someone a heart attack doing that."

            "Sorry, I followed up on the Waters sisters’ claims." Remarked the computer hacker as more rapid typing could be heard.

            "And?" She said, looking back at her papers.

            "Bogus.  Totally one hundred percent crap."

            "I knew it!" Jamie said, "It was too good to be true? And Chloe?"

            "I got a hold of her, told her what's up and then I think she turned off satellite receiver."

            "That girl," Jamie sighed, "One of those days... Alright, how about the other lead?"

            "The meetings been set up for later today, I'll give you the address."


            It seems like days instead of hours later when Billi Waters saw their bounty roll up into the hotel parking lot. The couple got out of their beat up pick-up truck, hoping today was their lucky day. Once they had checked in, they went to the room that the sisters always used to dupe their bounties into checking into.

            "Alright, Toni, you got the long way and wait for my signal, I'll go confirm that it is them." Billi said as she stood up, loading her service arm.

            "Finally! Don't take too long we don't want another runner like last time." Toni said as she also was getting ready to deal with the bounties.

            The two quietly left the hotel room, each darting off in a different direction. Toni had gotten used to this plan, which was to simply dupe the bounty into thinking someone was helping them skip town. Using fictional names to lure their intended targets to their location of choice, thus, making it much easier to spot and arrest them. Billi would observe from her area, pretending to be texting, while Toni herself would pretend to be on the phone. The setup would allow one sister to tip off the other as the targets passed by, and then after a minute or two they could pounce.

            Toni didn't have long to wait until the bail jumpers showed themselves. George Walker, a man a couple of years over thirty with short, curly hair, came up the steps to her right, with a woman in tow. The woman was Nicole Walker, better known just as Cole, George's wife, who was a very cute-looking younger woman with blue eyes, light brown hair and a decent pair of sweater puppies. The married couple were a lawyer and his secretary respectively; their crimes included evidence tampering and jury manipulation. George seemed to still have some visible assets as we was wearing a fairly nice black suit with a maroon tie on top of a white shirt, though the shirt looked extremely cheap even if very little of it was visible. Cole meanwhile was wearing a black and white striped shirt and khaki pants, her hair loose and going a bit past her shoulders. Cole was dragging a red case behind her as her other hand held George's. Neither person batted an eye at Toni as she spoke quietly into her phone, pretending to be on a call.

            Waiting a few moments, Toni lowered her phone and sent a text to her sister. Now it was just a matter of minutes until the bounty would be theirs, and then Toni and Billi could get a nice pay-day... Toni's last thoughts were on how to spend the reward money when she heard a snapping of fingers and followed by a strange breeze. The dark skinned woman looked down to see that she was now dressed only in her bra and panties. "What the hell!" Toni screamed in her mind as she looked around for her clothes.

            Finding them a few feet from her, she quickly went to get them. As she bent over to pick up her missing garments she heard another snap and found herself back to where she was moments before, only this time with nothing on. "Oh hell NO!" she screamed as she tried to cover her womanly parts.

            "Hey!"  Was all Toni heard as she turned her head and then darkness.


            Chloe smiled as she looked at the woman she'd frozen, the second of the two sisters that had tried to mess with her and Jamie. Toni Waters was looking to her left while leaning against the wall, naked and holding her right hand over her crotch while her left was over her breasts. A minute or so ago Chloe had frozen Billi as well, though she hadn't stripped that one in case she was going to be frozen for a while before being collected.

            "Why hide it?" questioned Chloe, glancing and Toni up and down before pulling the stiff woman away from the wall and dragging her sideways down the hall. A little information gathering had revealed what the sisters were up to at the hotel, so Chloe figured she'd nab their targets as well as the competition, though with the bail jumpers she'd just turn them in.  For the Waters sisters, she had other ideas.

            Leaning Toni against the wall just outside the hotel room, Chloe proceeded to knock. Much to her surprise the door opened a moment later, revealing a man in a cheap wrinkled suit looking at Chloe in confusion while further inside Chloe could see a cute-looking woman laying on the bed with a case next to her. "What's going on?" asked the man, whom Chloe remembered was George Walker and with him his wife Nicole, just before her fingers snapped and the couple became as stiffly frozen as the Waters sisters. It was then Chloe decided she should probably freeze time, too, so she could secure the naked Toni and her other new guests without being noticed.

            With George holding the room door open, Chloe decided to start with Toni and Billi, picking up the former and carrying her to go see the latter. Billi was also leaning against the wall, looking down at her phone with her thumbs on the buttons, a smile pasted on her face. "You got off easy before," commented Chloe, snapping her fingers to render Billi as naked as her sister, her phone also gone so she grasped only thin air. "Much better." Chloe then managed to get both sisters up on her shoulders, balancing proving easy since they'd both been leaning against walls.

            Upon arriving at the parking lot Chloe took a moment to put down the sisters, leaning them against her Charger while she looked for their car. Spotting it, Chloe considered taking it to add to her motor pool but then realized she'd probably just vaporized the only keys for it earlier. "Ah well, spilt milk," muttered Chloe, snapping her fingers and grinning ear to ear as she watched the Tahoe vanish.

20 minutes later...

            The Waters twins were hidden in the Charger's trunk, after which Chloe headed back upstairs to deal with the Walkers. However upon returning to the hotel room Chloe was starting to feel a bit tired and was uncertain if she should rush now, having dealt with ones she needed to already. Deciding to give herself a chance to rest, Chloe unfroze time and entered the room, pulling the door handle from George's stiff grasp and letting it close. "You keep watch, I need a bit of time," remarked Chloe, patting unmoving George on the shoulder as she moved to the bed. Nicole's hands cradled her head as she lay just below the pillow for some reason, her eyes looking at the door while her head still looked straight up, her right ankle crossed over her left.

            "I need a little rest before I drop you two off, want to help me out?" asked Chloe, moving to sit on top of Nicole. Chloe nearly snapped her fingers to instantly remove Nicole's clothing before remembering that it would mean she'd have to find a way to cover up the exposure, and sadly there didn't seem to be any extra clothing, even in the suitcase.

            "Fine, we'll do this the old-fashioned way," sighed Chloe, getting off of Nicole and sliding her half off of the bed feet first, then proceeding to peel off her tight pants, followed by her shirt and underwear. The cute brunette was then left naked, at which point Chloe raised Nicole's arms above her head before pushing her back down onto the bed, then uncrossing her legs. Wanting a different pose for her soon-to-be lay of the day, Chloe shifted Nicole's legs so the soles of her feet were pressed together, her heels thus up very close to her groin. Next Chloe took Nicole's hands and did the same kind of thing, pressing her palms together with her arms resting above her head on the bed, looking like an awkward prayer.

            "So I'm thinking a little foreplay, a little fun, a nap and then I take you both in, sound good?" asked Chloe as she started to strip herself. "Yeah, I thought so." With that Chloe was naked and pounced onto Nicole, working on the girl's breasts with her hands while giving her a few big kisses.


Stilton Hotel

7 PM

            Jamie had settled in nicely, sitting on the bed in the room dressed in black pants and a short-sleeved purple blouse. Having checked in at four, Jamie had even taken the time to use the extra-nice bath before setting up, preparing for the sting to capture the diamond thief. Mina was to be the ‘dealer’, having been dolled up by Jamie while she was bathing to look sleekly elegant, clad in a white V-cut dress with long Egyptian-style earrings, her hair left loose but given quite a bit of body. Crystal was to pose as Mina's bodyguard, dressed in a dark business suit with her hair up in a bun and even sunglasses, the outfit purely black and white and including leather gloves.  She had a tell-tale bulge inside her jacket where a weapon was holstered and she wore a small but obvious ear bud. A small computerized safe was brought in and placed on the desk in the room, containing wads of counterfeit money, as well as diamond-appraising materials and tools. Irene, dressed like Jamie but with a red blouse and her hair in a ponytail, would be sitting in a lounge chair by the elevator, pretending to read an issue of Main Street. With Jamie in her room, which was right next to the one Mina and Crystal would be in, were Janna and Kyla. Janna was dressed like Crystal, in a black suit and tie with a white blouse as well as sunglasses and gloves, Kyla meanwhile was dressed as usual, sporting a white T-shirt that showed her midriff, blue jeans, green sneakers and a grey hoodie, which was zipped open.

            "Don't do that, it's going to go off," warned Jamie, glancing at Kyla while monitoring her setup. Sneakers had helped Jamie tap into the hotel security cameras and she herself had planted a few others in the room with Mina; the feeds from all of those were on the screen of her laptop. Additionally, Jamie had a full remote-control setup for Mina, including direct voice and body control if needed. Holding down the 'V' key on the keyboard would allow Jamie to speak directly though Mina’s lips while just speaking orders when control was enabled would make Mina obey her every command. What Kyla was doing that was distracting Jamie was that she was idly playing with her P229. Everyone, even Mina thanks to a purse, had access to a dart-loaded pistol equipped with an industrial suppressor, the kind that actually worked like the movies suggested all silencers did. Kyla was spinning her gun on her finger and such, treating it more like a toy than a real weapon.

            "Relax, what's the worst that could happen?" Kyla assured Jamie as she went so far as to toss her gun in the air before catching it. "The safety is on." Kyla tossed her weapon into the air a second time and this time caught it awkwardly, her index finger just getting inside the ring and pressing down on the trigger. The gun's barrel was pointed at Kyla's left arm as the weapon abruptly fired, since apparently the safety wasn't on after all.  Unexpectedly, a Type-7 dart had imbedded itself just below her wrist. Kyla instantly froze in mid-gasp with the gun still dangling from her stiffened right index finger, her arms were held forward with her left hand open as if to catch something, her eyes wide in surprise as she looked down at where she'd caught her weapon, her body also bent at the hip.

            "That will teach you," chuckled Jamie, deciding the girl was better off left frozen and out of the way for the moment since there was little she could do to help. On screen meanwhile Jamie could see that their target had possibly arrived, as an interesting-looking woman was getting off the elevator on their floor. The woman looked to be around her mid-thirties, had very short blonde hair and was wearing a black leather trenchcoat over what looked like a powder-blue hoodie, a green T-shirt being visible under that. The woman was also wearing black fishnet hose, stiletto heels and had a small tan purse with her, one however big enough to contain and conceal the diamond. Jamie smiled in anticipation as the woman approached and knocked on the door to Mina's room.

            "Let her in," ordered Jamie, sending a command to Crystal. The former gang-member obeyed her mistress's command, opening up the hotel room door and letting the unknown woman enter after a cursory check. Mina stood up by the desk where the safe was with her hands on her hips.

            "Thank you for coming," Jamie said through the direct ‘V’ connection, greeting their visitor. "Move casually, indicate for the woman to go to the bed," she then commanded. Mina did as Jamie ordered, the redhead being glad Kyla was at least expert at improving their chip software. The unknown woman obliged, moving to the bed and dropping her purse on it.

            "What can I call you?" asked Jamie through Mina.

            "The Fox will be fine for now," declared the stranger, glancing around. "You didn't search me?"

            "You have no reason to attack us until that is open," pointed out Jamie through Mina, having her point at the safe. "I assure you that, if we can make a deal, you will be watched very closely when it is appropriate."

            "Fair enough," muttered the Fox, Jamie catching a French accent on that one. "Okay, get ready to see something amazing..." Reaching into her purse Jamie watched the woman pull out an item wrapped in black silk, then opening to reveal a large white gemstone. Quickly glancing at her reference photos, Jamie was certain it was the Diamond Heart.

            "Ah, yes. I definitely think we can make a deal for that lovely item," remarked Jamie through Mina, gesturing at the gem. "Do you have an asking price?"

            "Wait; no inspection, no search?" muttered the Fox mostly to herself, frowning. "You know what, I think I'll pass. This is one gift horse I'll only look in the mouth, thank you." Jamie suddenly panicked as she watched the Fox quickly stuff the diamond back into her purse and start for the door. The Fox was moving quickly, forcing Jamie to scramble her troops.

            "Deploy, stop the short-haired blonde!" shouted Jamie into the computer, activating all of her Spydolls at once. Crystal and Mina went for their guns but the Fox managed to be on the other side of the door before they could fire, the pair then moving to open it. Janna was getting ready to head into the hall but the Fox was sprinting for the elevator. Luckily Irene had activated on command and was waiting for the woman as she got close, firing a freeze dart that just missed the diamond thief. A second shot seemed to hit the Fox but Jamie saw it was caught in some loose leather folds of the jacket and hadn't actually hit skin.

            The Fox had turned back, towards the stairs, and that was her mistake. Mina and Crystal were both in the hallway already and Janna had moved to join them, Irene meanwhile following from behind. Just as the Fox stopped and turned to look, her arms raised up by her sides in alarm, several weapons fired at once and the thief became as stiff as the diamond she'd stolen. The Fox had been trapped!

            "Everyone go to Suite 2 and freeze," ordered Jamie with satisfaction, putting the laptop down. Suite 2 was the code name for Mina's room, so the four Spydolls headed there while Jamie went out into the hallway, grinning now as she saw the dart-riddled thief standing there like a surprised ballet dancer, her left foot raised with her arms out, her mouth open and her eyes wide.

            "The Fox... right," chuckled Jamie, pulling the purse off of the immobilized woman’s arm and looking closely at the dazzling diamond inside. Certain she had the right gem, Jamie reached into her pocket and pulled out a chip. "You may have gotten caught, but your speed and cunning should be a great asset... welcome to Spydoll Inc."


The Red Rogue

The Next Day

            "Oh, I like this one too!" exclaimed Trina Goldworth as she opened the second box that Chloe and Jamie had brought for her, the one containing Janna Brinwells. Earlier that morning the couple had returned the Diamond Heart to Gail Lynd and had also decided that Toni Waters and the Fox, her true name having been revealed to be Rene Pierre, would become their newest Spydolls, thus allowing Janna and Vicky to be retired from active service and instead serve as mannequins at Trina's boutique. Vicky had been opened first and was now, ironically, already in the window, the blonde posed with her hands on her hips while swaying to the right, wearing a violet strapless dress Trina had picked out for Vicki after lifting her living mannequin out of the box.

            "We had you in mind when we picked them up," remarked Jamie, happy to see Trina grinning ear to ear as she pulled the underwear-clad Janna from the box, this mannequin figure already wearing simple and tight black underwear with her hair free and loose.

            "Any more you can get me, I'll happily take them!" laughed Trina, running off to look for an outfit to go with Janna.

            "You think we should have given her Billi too?" Chloe asked Jamie as they watched Trina check the racks around the store, spotting Mona St. Claire standing stiffly nearby on a pedestal. Mona was posed with her hands up at head level, a pink feather boa on her shoulders while she wore a black corset-style dress. Chloe in particular noted the woman had very short hair now.

            "No, she'll be a good emergency Spydoll if we need one," Jamie told her wife, shaking her head. "Besides, she makes a great statue right now. After you turned Ashley into a table I figured you'd want another statue for ambiance."

            "That's true," nodded Chloe, seeing Trina nearly come back with a green sundress before appearing to change her mind and head back to the rack. "Hey you think we've got time to find where Trina keeps her gold?"

            "I really should unfreeze Kyla soon," mused Jamie, shaking her head. Back at headquarters Kyla was standing in Jamie's office, currently posed to make a peace-sign with both hands while on her knees, a big smile on her face.

            "She'll probably be happy we left her like that so long," insisted Chloe, waving her hand. "Well, she'd prefer being chipped maybe, but..."

            "No, not today!" insisted Jamie, crossing her arms. Chloe glanced at her wife and then at Trina. Jamie had her hair up in a French twist and was in a yellow business dress with a white blouse underneath, even wearing pantyhose, while Trina was wearing a conservative fully-strapped red dress and had her hair spiked low, giving her incredible blonde bangs. Trina's smooth, slightly tanned skin and pink lips also made her look like she'd make a good mannequin.

            "I'll owe you," declared Chloe, snapping her fingers. Jamie froze, her arms still crossed as she looked at her wife to her right, frowning with furrowed brow. Trina was just returning with a Chinese-style white dress, one possessing a high collar, no sleeves and a golden flower pattern on it, but with a snap she was frozen too. The boutique owner stood holding the dress out in front of her, her vacant eyes looking up at Jamie and Chloe in joy with her lips parted, a smile on her lips. Trina's left foot was in front of her right, which was raised slightly and showed that her black heels were a bit loose as the shoe was starting to fall off.

            "Let me just..." muttered Chloe, hurrying to turn off the sign that said the boutique was open to show the ‘closed’ side. Finally Chloe froze the doors closed and passed her unmoving wife, removing the dress from Trina's hands and hanging it on Janna's shoulders. "Okay, lets see what make's your Rouge so Red..." suggested Chloe, putting her arms around Trina's neck. "I think this is going to be a good day..."

The End


Kyla Abonde - Alexandra Dahlström
Chloe Noi - Jang Nara
Jamie Mosley - Kendra James

Janna Brinwells - Kiera Knightley
Mina Janssen - Becki Newton
Vicky Sandrosi - Kristen Miller
Crystal Barnes - Nicky Minaj

Irene McNeil - Carole Flury
Aisha Reynolds - Aisha Tyler

Fiona Diaz - Josie Lauren

Rene Pierre - Cecile de France

Ashley Tisdale - Constance Zimmer

Rebecca Mosley - Kendra James

Gail Lynd - Halle Berry
Toni Waters - Serena Williams
Billi Waters - Venus Williams
George Walker - Sam Witwer
Nicole Walker - Nicki Clyne
Trina Goldworth - Elisha Cuthbert

Mona St. Claire - Leslie Mann