Reaping the Rewards

by Tek


Red Rogue, Monday Noon

            It was another slow day for Trina Goldworth, as Mondays were typically her slowest day of the week. For that reason, it was also the day she decided to take all her lovely new mannequins and re-dress them for the week. Her good friend, Jamie Noi, wife of Chloe Noi, had given them to her as gifts. She didn't know where they came from, just that they were of superior life-like quality.

            She left her small crew of four to handle the storefront while she was busy attending her wonderful mannequins. Standing in a row, left to right, were Mona, Jane, Janna, and Vicky; the last two being her newest additions, while Mona and Jane had helped to create a buzz for her shop. The addition of Janna and Vicky stirred even more business, though ultimately did nothing to end the slow Mondays her employees had to endure.

            "Ah, my dear you look fabulous!" Trina cooed in her faked high-born accent as she gestured with the lipstick brush she was using to apply a crimson red color to the mannequin once known as Jane Crazyeagle. The tall Native American was now dressed in a matching red evening gown, a stylish design having a vertical swirl twirling down from Jane's midsection to the hem of the dress. She wore long-sleeved satin gloves with matching satin high heels, adding more to the already tall woman's height.

            "My, my, if you were a real woman, all the men would fall head over heels for you, my darling!” the delighted shop owner said, as she grabbed a can of fixative, giving it a good shake before she sprayed the close-eyed Jane's face. While the mannequins looked beautiful naturally, Trina decided to enhance their looks with makeup, but found it smeared too easily while they were on display and was trying fixative to help with the problem. So far it had worked out fine.

            Oh, my dear Mona, don't be like that!" Trina jokingly replied as if Mona had spoken; the Irish mannequin stood at attention, dressed in a emerald green party gown, her face lightly made up with green color in her eye-shadow. She wobbled a bit from the tap the shop owner gave her. "You all will be belle of the ball!" Trina said in her fake accent.

            Moving to Vicky, a slim blond-haired figure that was still nude save for a pair of earrings, Trina was still deciding what to dress the pretty mannequin in. She figured that maybe doing her makeup first would help inspire her clothing choices. Picking up a cinnamon colored lipstick brush, she started work on Vicky just when she heard the door slam open.

            "Ms. Goldworth, we got a problem!" shouted Jeri Heike, a young woman in her twenties with long dirty blonde hair and blue eyes, as she stormed into the room. Wearing a shoulder-less blouse, faded jeans and matching sneakers, Jerri currently was attending U of H for her masters' degree in business. The young woman had barged in with a worried look as she interrupted Trina's focus, causing the shopkeeper to smear lipstick all across Vicky's lovely face.

            "Ahem," Trina cleared her throat, hoping her employee didn't hear her fake accent, "What is it Jeri?"

            "It's those girls again, they're making a scene." The young woman said, turning her head to look behind her, as the shouts drew her attention again.

            "Argh; alright, I'm coming," grumbled Trina as she sat down the lipstick brush. Cleaning of Vicky's face could wait.  Mannequins were patient...

            Trina entered the front of her shop as she spotted the group of women in question causing a scene. The trio had ganged up on Trina's other employee, Tia Walters, a young deaf woman. The strawberry blonde saleswoman wore a pink top with capri pants, along with matching low heel boots. The frightened clerk was backing away as the three women picked on her with scowls, pushes, and shouts that only Trina and the rest of the crowd around them could understand.

            "Hey stupid girl, why aren't you helping us!" shouted the girl in the centre named Emma Vargas; she was a runaway Latina girl that had turned to gang life. She was smaller then Tia, with shoulder length black wavy hair, pouty lips, and wearing a nose ring. She wore a camouflage tank top with baggy cargo pants and a pair of black army boots. Her arms were covered in gold bracelets. She continued to harass Tia, despite being a few inches smaller then the deaf woman.

            "That's right whore, why aren’t you helping us!" said another girl, backing up the Latina. Briar Haines was much taller than the other two women, but knew when to fall in line. She thought she had a thing for flair as she had chosen to paint on a lighting bolt on her face, making the blonde woman's forehead stand out next to her hooked nose. And much like Emma, she was dressed in the same way, only with wilder colors to add to her sense of flair.

            On Emma's other side, a short Japanese woman was also shouting at the poor woman. Her heart shaped face looked almost cute, masking a mean and devilish man-eater, who had joined the gang to earn more cash and rep. She was dressed in a low cut top and a leather skirt, with combat boots as well. Her brown hair bounced as she helped bully the young employee.

            "Get away from her!" shouted an enraged Trina as she stormed between her besieged employee Tia and the gang members, "What's wrong with you three?"

            The three gang members slightly backed off, with Emma confronting the shop owner, "Your posh girly here didn't help us when we asked her to," the leader challenged, giving Trina a toothy evil grin, "Maybe you should fire her ass for being stupid."

            "Leave now, before I call the cops!" retorted Trina, not even bothering to acknowledge the accusation. She pulled out her cell phone. But before she could dial, the girls backed way.

            "Alright, alright... ladies, it's time to go!" Emma said, snapping her fingers. The two other girls followed suit as their leader strutted out the store. Trina, tracking them with her eyes, felt something was up; they had given up too easily.

            As soon as the gang members were out of sight, Trina turned her attention to Tia, who looked shaken up from the encounter. She tried to comfort the young woman as best she could and sent her home, asking Jeri to stay longer and cover. Settling things up front, Trina turned her attention back to her work. She stepped into the back and was greeted with an empty workroom.

            "Oh no..." she gasped as she looked around and noticed that the rear door had been pried open. The four lifelike mannequins were gone and she could guess who had taken them. Telling the cops about the theft wouldn't help, but she knew someone who would.


Spy doll HQ

            It was the middle of the morning, for Chloe Noi, who put in the time on an extra project she had been working on since waking up. The short Korean woman stood in the lobby reception area that separated the offices. Standing in a life-size glass case next to her was the former bounty hunter, Billie Waters. The tall black woman was being displayed nude, save for a few pieces of gold jewellery on her wrists and ankles.

            Chloe had arranged the woman's arms with one bent at the elbow, away from her chest, holding a prop spear in that hand, the other held just mere inches from her toned thigh. Billie's face had been done up with some dark colors highlighting key features of her face; her black hair had been combed out and teased to look wild and untamed. Thanks to some thoughtful planning, she’d been sprayed down with a glossy finish that made her skin look slightly wax-like to those looking at her.

            "Almost done..." she said as started arranging Billie's face to have a stern look as she stared at the wall across from her, "There; that's better." Chloe remarked as she patted the motionless woman's womanhood before adding the two piece leopard-skin bra and loincloth to the well toned bounty hunters body.  She teased Billie's hair one more time before closing the glass case.

            Chloe headed back upstairs to see what Jamie was doing when her chipped sister in law, Rebecca, came walking by. "Hey Chloe!" she blurted out as the short Asian entered her room. Dressed in only a towel, the red haired twin was in the process of getting herself ready for the next business day, as today Chloe and Jamie decided to stay closed on a whim, with business being both good and slow enough that they could afford a day off.

            "Going somewhere?" Chloe said with a smirk.

            "Not really Chloe, just thought I be a little prepared, given how things work around here." Rebecca said as she slipped on a nice skirt bottom, adding a matching button-up blouse and vest, her hair still wrapped in the towel, "Just cause you two decided to take the day off doesn't mean crazy takes a day off."

            Drying her hair a bit more, Rebecca sat down on a chair that had been set up in what was basically a storage closet with enough space for a few pieces of clothes, a make up mirror/desk and her chair, "How do I look?" said red haired woman as she twirled around a bit.

            "Like you're ready to get it on." Chloe shot back as she watched Rebecca dab some ruby red lipstick on.

            "Well, let me know when duty calls." Rebecca said, as she closed her eyes to go into a sort of screen saver trance mode, looking like she went to sleep, but really wasn't.  For all the work put in, Rebecca's persona was still limited to what the chip could do based on what Jamie had programmed in. Still wasn’t as if she really needed more sleep to begin with, it was just easier to hide her in the closet then give her an actual room.

            "I'm sure we won't, Rebecca." Chloe said upon closing Rebecca's closet door, hopeful that crazy also decided to take a break, Chloe thought but knew better.

            Entering the vault, Chloe could hear some muffled voices as she came to the second set of doors that acted as a screen for the vault's main area. Placing her hand on the scanner, she opened them up to see her loving wife sitting at one of the main programming consoles for the Spydolls. Beside it was none other than their maid, Fiona Diaz, Chloe's former roommate. The young Latino woman had discovered that her classmate Tucker Holmes could freeze time and was planning to expose him and his magic to the world. Something Chloe thought both Tucker and the world weren't ready for.

            "Hiya!" Fiona said in a loud, almost perky, voice, a bright smile flashing briefly before returning to a neutral expression. Jamie shook her head as she did some more clicking at the computer terminal that helped created the personality that her sister in law now used.

            "You're gonna burn a hole in the monitor if you keep staring it at like that babe." Chloe said as she moved over to the nude maid doll. "Ha, ha, honey, it took forever to recreate my sister's behaviour; Fiona is just getting a whole new one, but less perky then last time." Jamie said, remembering the first time they tried giving the maid a personality. That effort resulted in the poor maid being frozen and de-bugged more then a few times in the last two months.

            "Hello!" greeted Fiona, bowing instead of waving her hand before returning to her neutral position.

            That's more like it!" Jamie puffed with a sense of victory, Chloe just smiled as she pulled a chair next to her wife, trying to make heads or tails of the system they used to make the dolls act more like people. While Ryoshi's battle tactical program was a lifesaver, it didn't do much for meet and greets. Mostly for the two most active dolls that did most of the support work, Rebecca and Fiona had become more like appliances than people now. While it slightly bothered her, Chloe knew that those two didn't need to be running around free, especially with what they knew.

            Before Chloe could say anything, a loud buzzer went off, indication that someone was ringing the office front door. Normally Rebecca would see who it was, but the moment she was in screen saver mode. Before she could get Rebecca activated to do it, her cousin shouted over the intercom, "I GOT IT!"

            The couple winced as the intercom cut off. Downstairs the young step cousin, Kyla Abonde, raced from the downstairs garage, knocking over a few things along the way to the front door of the office area. Upstairs, Chloe and Jamie looked at who was waiting outside via a monitor in the vault room. "Oh no... not her..."

            Standing at the front door was Annika Ostergard, an older blonde woman around her thirties; she wore a French cut business suit with white stockings and black pumps. Her hair was wrapped in a French knot as well; she had a pair of wide shaped sunglasses on her face.  She was looking around, waiting patiently at the door.

            "Who's that?" Jamie asked, sitting back the console, "And why don't you like her?" she followed up with, knowing when her wife was upset about something just from the sound of Chloe's voice.

            "She's my mother..." Mumbled Chloe, crossing her arms and sitting back down in the chair.

            "WHAT!" Jamie said as she hit the wrong button, causing her hours of work on Fiona to be deleted, "Crap!" Jamie said as she tried to retrieve the deleted settings.

            Back downstairs, before Annika could other a word, Kyla hugged her aunt tightly, as the young blonde was a big support of family bonding, hence her reason for coming to stay with her cousin Chloe. "Nice to see you Auntie Anni!" exclaimed the young woman as she let her aunt in.

            "Now Kyla dear, why do you keep insisting on calling me that," the older woman said as she walked in the door, "My, what a big place you and my, ah, 'daughter' have made here." Annika said as she looked around.

            "Well, uncle Duke did most of the work, but I did help build some of the stuff downstairs!" Kyla said in delight, practically dragging her aunt to the elevator. She yanked the protesting woman into it, hitting a button; the two descended to the basement area, and exited to where a waiting Aisha stood.

            "I'm ready for the test, Kyla." The tall black woman said, walking up to the pair as they got off the elevator. The former officer currently wore the new and hopefully improved impact armor Unlike the smaller torso vest protector, the new armor was a full body set, modded to fit the wearer. Although it looked like its older sister, the new impact armor mark two featured improved flexibility, more resilience to harsh weather, and had increased protection against larger calibre rounds.

            "Okay then, watch this Auntie Anni!" offered Kyla, leading her aunt off of the elevator. "Aisha, prepare to execute test three-seven-nine."

            "Really dear, Aunt Annika is fine," insisted the oldest woman present as she was dragged to the test site. Aisha had moved to stand at one end of a sort of corridor, a blonde at the other end of the range bringing a sub-machine gun at the bear. In front of Annika and Kyla was a long counter that served as a divider, the other side having a padded floor. Lumps of rubber rested on the counter along with various other tools Kyla would use, from guns to measuring devices.

            "Okay, now observe how the armor stands up to training rounds!" exclaimed Kyla, then focused on a microphone. "Test three-seven-nine: Mina, Aisha, execute!" On cue Aisha started running towards Mina, who in turn started firing bursts at Aisha as she moved. Training rounds, specifically darts with no Type-7 loaded into them, were fired and did hit Aisha as she moved but she barely slowed down, soon managing to reach Mina and touch her chest, causing both women to freeze in place.

            "Full bursts from a P90 using training ammo and she barely missed a step!" exclaimed Kyla, crossing her arms and grinning ear to ear.

            "That's very... impressive," managed Annika, casually moving up beside Kyla and secretly pulling a piece of the rubber off the counter as she did. "I can see this being a great step for Noi Industries..."

* * *

            Two Hours Later...

            "Thanks for meeting me down here," remarked Jamie as Chloe and Kyla both arrived at the lobby of Spydoll HQ, its reception desk currently empty since Rebecca was still upstairs enjoying her fantasy program. Annika had come and gone, getting a brief tour of the place and Jamie barely managing to stop her wife from freezing her stepmother. The whole situation about Annika had also better been explained to her, with Chloe seeing the woman as nothing more than a gold-digger and Kyla not putting up much of a defense other than Annika being a successful retired model, thus she'd done alright for herself before meeting Duke Noi. After Annika's departure, which had really come off like an obligatory family visit, Chloe had taken some personal time and Kyla had run some more tests on her new armor. Now however Jamie had gotten an important phone call and asked the others to meet with her.

            "What's going on?" asked Kyla, looking very annoyed. "I'm about to do an inventory and see just how much of the new armor I can make before I need more raw material."

            "I got a call from Trina; she'll explain, she should be arriving any minute," revealed Jamie, then she glanced at Chloe, who was also frowning. "Still mad about your step-mom showing up?"

            "That bitch can marry my dad, but that doesn't give her the right to show up here anytime," fumed Chloe, her arms crossed and clearly still agitated in spite of having had some fun with Toni Waters up in her room.

            "Can we not call her a bitch, Cho Li?" pleaded Kyla, frowning at her cousin. "Vapid, empty, shallow... these are all more appropriate words."

            "Fine, fine," grumbled Chloe as the door to the lobby opened and Trina Goldworth entered. The blond, who owned the boutique where Spydolls Inc. donated anyone they wanted to retire from duty and thus had turned into a living mannequin, looked a bit shaken, her normally full-bodied hair flat and slicked back, her clothes were a simple denim jacket and jeans, both blue and a bit ragged, a faded designer red tank top underneath and short black heels on her feet.

            "Jamie, Chloe, thanks for seeing me," offered Trina, sighing as she spoke before focusing on Kyla. "I'm sorry, I don't think we've properly met. Kyla, right?"

            "Kyla Abonde, scientific genius, at your service!" exclaimed Kyla, her voice getting so loud Jamie winced. Kyla and Trina shook hands.

            "Great," offered Trina after finishing the handshake. "Look, I have some bad news... I was robbed yesterday."

            "Robbed?!" exclaimed Chloe, exchanging a glance with Jamie. Jamie nodded, confirming to her wife that the news was going to go exactly in the direction she thought it would.

            "Yes, I'm afraid some street hooligans broke into my boutique and stole those mannequins you gave me," sighed Trina, her eyes looking a bit damp.

            "Shit," muttered Chloe. Jamie was about to cut in, but Kyla spoke up first.

            "Oh no, if they discover those display dummies are really alive they could get some really bad ideas!" exclaimed Kyla, immediately causing Jamie's eyes to go as wide as saucers. There was silence for a moment as Trina glanced at everyone, her eyebrows raised at the thought. A moment later she grinned.

            "I knew they were real!" gasped Trina, those being the only words she managed before Jamie saw Chloe step into action, snapping her fingers. Trina was instantly frozen on the spot, wobbling a bit as she'd just been about to put her hands on her hips, a smile on her open mouth as her eyes glanced slightly to the right where Jamie was standing.

            "Oh—" managed Kyla before she went next, as Chloe snapped her fingers again. Kyla had been taking a step back with her right, her arms raised and her eyes wide. A word was frozen on Kyla's lips, Jamie thinking it was 'my.'

            "Don't you dare freeze me too!" cut in Jamie, but Chloe waved her off.

            "Relax; just wanted to give Kyla some punishment for shooting off her mouth and be able to discuss this with you in private," Chloe promised her wife, facing her. "Look, Trina seems happy to finally know they're real, but can we trust her with this knowledge?"

            “You know what...” trailed off Jamie, touching her frozen friend's face as she spoke, “I think we can. Maybe don't tell her about the ring... but I think we can tell her about Type-7 and what we do.”

            “It could be a bit much to tell her that magic is real while showing her some crazy advanced science,” agreed Chloe, focusing on Kyla rather than Trina. “I still want to punish dingle-nuts here though for blabbing. Wanna just lie and say we froze her with Type-7?”

            “Works for me; we can just leave her here for a bit,” nodded Jamie, pausing to give Trina a quick peck on the lips before moving away to stand back where she'd been before Kyla and the blonde had been frozen. “Okay, can you unfreeze her?”

            “No problem,” confirmed Chloe, raising her fingers to snap them. “Love you.”

            “Love you too,” echoed Jamie as Chloe snapped her fingers, Trina immediately finished putting her hands on her hips.

            “So now that the cat's out of the bag, spill,” insisted Trina, not noticing anything was off until she glanced at Kyla’s motionless pose. “What's with her?”

            “A little live demonstration of the Type-7 sedative,” explained Jamie, indicating Chloe's frozen cousin and even putting her hands on Kyla's rigid shoulders. “This is what happens when someone is dosed with the sedative. In addition to instantly rendering a person unconscious, it freezes their muscles and all basic bodily functions into a sort of metabolic stasis, at least until the last of the drug passes through their system.”

            “So you guys have some kind of super tranquilizer,” realized Trina, waving a hand in front of Kyla's blankly staring face while Chloe just stood by. Jamie figuring her wife was letting her take the lead, as Trina was her friend whom she'd just vouched for. “So the mannequins you gave me... they were all dosed with this Type-7 stuff?”

            “Overdosed, to be exact,” expanded Jamie, even pushing Kyla backward on her heels a bit and letting her wobble as she spoke to show just how unresponsive the stiffened Swede was. “If a dose is given to a person that will last more than a week that pretty much crosses a threshold and the person will never come out of stasis unless the drug is flushed from their system using a counter-agent. We've found it’s a good way to penalize people who are definitely criminals but when getting them arrested and such could become a legal nightmare.”

            “You know, I did wonder who Mona reminded me of, and wondered if she'd just been modeled on that Mona St. Claire who'd dropped out of the local news not long ago,” recalled Trina, now poking Kyla's rosy cheeks and getting no reaction whatsoever. “So you guys use this drug of yours as a non-lethal way to dispense vigilante justice?”

            “Well... that and have some fun from time to time,” added Chloe, shrugging and grinning.

            “Well legally you’re probably in the black, but morality-wise...” mused Trina, now going so far as to turn Kyla's head slightly to the left, chuckling as she did. “You know what, I really don't care, this is amazing!”

            “There's more to show you,” revealed Jamie, guiding her friend's hands off of Kyla and gesturing deeper into the building. “You should get a better understanding of what exactly the Spydolls are.”

            “I thought it was just a cute nickname,” muttered Trina as she allowed Jamie to lead her onward. Jamie noted that Chloe was following a bit distantly behind, leaving Kyla as a statue for now. Jamie did hear a clattering noise however and as the trio got into the elevator to go to the basement Jamie noticed Kyla had fallen over, now laying on her back, staring at the ceiling.

            “She'll be fine,” insisted Chloe as the elevator closed. Moments later the three arrived at the basement and moved quickly to Kyla's workshop, where her favorite Spydoll, Aisha Reynolds, was currently standing just outside the testing area, clad in a black jumpsuit with her arms raised to shoulder height, not moving a muscle as they approached.

            “Meet Aisha, a Spydoll,” offered Jamie, leading Trina and Chloe over to the frozen woman. “Type-7's ability to suppress neural processes allows for the possibility to turn someone affected by it into a sort of drone. It isn't mind control per se; it’s probably closer to being in a deep trance.  A new personality can be super-imposed over the suppressed one, with the added effect of a state of extreme suggestibility that makes the person a puppet.”

            “Don't know if I quite follow all that,” commented Trina, looking a bit embarrassed while at the same time impressed. “Lets start with this puppet thing... So people who are frozen can then be told what to do?”

            “You need to use a device called a chip, but yes, they effectively act like someone who's been hypnotized,” confirmed Jamie, snapping her fingers in front of Aisha to show there was no responsiveness. “The chip is put on the back of the neck, to thus efficiently let signals reach the brain and function properly.” Jamie then went to a nearby table and picked up a remote. “A special remote can then issue signal commands to the chip. This can range from just making them obey your every order like a robot, freezing them like Aisha here is now, completely turning the chip off and let them continue as if nothing's different, activate another pre-programmed personality, or even just control them remotely as if you were in their body.”

            “Wow...” breathed Trina, understanding it better. “Wait, program a personality? Isn't that hard? What about battery life? Or the Type-7 dose running out? Or reading their mind—?”

            “Whoa; slow down!” exclaimed Chloe, seeming to just want to remind the other two that she was there.

            “Well to answer in order, yes the programming is hard, especially since you can't just copy the person's existing personality after it’s been suppressed,” answered Jamie. “If you were to chip someone and then have them meet a close friend, chances are they'd notice something odd unless the meeting went fast and the person was programmed well. Power, well, thanks to the connection to the human body that isn't an issue. Type-7 running out isn't an issue either as while excess amounts can be flushed out, that happens naturally, but with an overdose there's always just enough kept inside to keep a person controlled. As for reading someone's mind, no that isn't really possible. Like I said, a person's mind is suppressed, so while you could maybe get someone who’s been chipped to do something on instinct, they can't just answer questions about things they know. At best you're getting muscle memory.”

            “Okay... I think its time to see this in action,” declared Trina, nodding in satisfaction.

            “Well, hang on; actually there's something you should probably experience first,” interrupted Chloe, getting Jamie and Trina's attention away from Aisha. “Seems fair that you should get a chance to understand what it's like to be frozen by the drug, and also see it work on someone.”

            “That's true; I didn't see what you did to Kyla, just the result,” nodded Trina, shrugging a bit. “Okay, how are we going to do this?”

            “You can spray me with this bottle, then Jamie can do the same to you,” revealed Chloe, holding up a sprayer that contained Type-7 solution. “It'll give you a feel for how fast it acts and what its like to go under.”

            “Fair enough, thanks for volunteering!” exclaimed Trina, holding the sprayer up in line with Chloe's face after taking it. “So should I just go?”

            “Yes, and-” began Chloe, only to be cut off as Trina pressed down on the handle, resulting in Chloe immediately stiffening up as the vapor spray reached her. Chloe stood with her left hand on her hip, her right hand raised to be beside her head as she gestured aimlessly with it, her lips firmly closed.

            “Oh wow, that’s fast; I caught her mid-blink!” laughed Trina, touching Chloe's shoulder and shaking her, getting no reaction from Jamie's now-stiffened wife.

            “Before the formula was perfected I heard there was a short interval, but now it seems pretty much instantaneous,” commented Jamie, finding the pose her wife in to be quite cute. “So may I do the honors now?”

            “Okay, but maybe unfreeze me first afterward; I'd to play a little with Chloe's pose,” agreed Trina, handing the bottle to Jamie. The redhead tried not to grin too much as she realized her friend would be willingly frozen, something that excited Jamie at a primal level.

            “Sweet dreams,” quipped Jamie as she sprayed Trina, who'd apparently decided to be in mid-motion when she froze. As Trina was sprayed she'd had her hands at hip level, flicking her fingers open and closed while leaning her head from side to side with her feet shoulder-width apart. Trina promptly stopped with head leaning to the right; her fingers spread wide open and her lips parted to allow breathing.

            “It's always fun when I'm the only one not frozen,” chuckled Jamie, putting down the sprayer and moving over to her unmoving wife. “Thank you so much for volunteering, nice to see you supporting my decision.” Jamie then gave Chloe a lingering kiss, parting her lips to do so.

            “And now for you, my beautiful mannequin,” declared Jamie, moving to focus on Trina. Jamie was starting to feel very warm and no sooner than did she lock lips with Trina that she knew she couldn't stop, though she needed to show some discipline. Quickly grabbing Aisha's remote, Jamie unfroze the Spydoll.

            “Come here – I need some tension dealt with,” moaned Jamie, stripping as Aisha moved to comply. Aisha was quickly shed of her jumpsuit and the pair got down on the ground, with Jamie on top and having Aisha stimulate her as they kissed and rubbed one another.

            “Oh... that was a group effort,” groaned Jamie a few minutes later, having successfully gotten a dazzling orgasm. Not wanting to let too much more time pass, lest Trina become suspicious, Jamie quickly had Aisha clean up and get dressed while she did the same, deciding she could live with not showering for a few hours. Once Aisha was back as she'd been and Jamie had frozen her, then the redhead raised Trina's arms a bit and then carefully let some counter-agent trickle down her throat.

            “... I don't feel any-oh,” commented Trina, looking in surprise as she realized her arms had moved. “Wow, I didn't even feel the change for a second there. You just seemed to appear out of thin air! That's really something.”

            “That's the magic of Type-7,” grinned Jamie. “So why don't you play with Chloe's pose while I get Aisha ready to demonstrate?” In truth Jamie would just need a moment, but wanted to see what Trina would do with Chloe, so she stalled as she played with the remote, watching her friend experiment. Chloe's eyes were opened, showing them to be glancing a bit off to the right, and her casual gesture with her free hand was adjusted to look more like how a mannequin would be posed, rigid-like. Even Chloe's stance was adjusted, moved to lean a bit to the right. Jamie was stunned; while she knew her wife’s look well, with just a few adjustments Trina had managed to make her appear far more like a mannequin than a person.

            “You have no idea how tempting it is to put her in a display now, but then we'd both miss out on the rest of her tour,” remarked Trina, with Jamie understanding since she frequently felt the temptation herself.

            “Okay, here's a quick demonstration...” announced Jamie. “Aisha, stand at attention.” Trina's eye lit up, Jamie saw, as the Spydoll immediately obeyed the order, going from a T-shape to looking like a soldier.

            “Wow,” whistled Trina, shaking her head. “She's like a robot. Do you think you guys could give me a couple of those chips, assuming we can get my mannequins back...?”

            “Afraid we only have a few and can't get more,” Jamie told Trina, telling the truth, as while they knew how to make Type-7, the chips had eluded them and there had been no real effort to rectify the situation for a number of reasons. “Want to see her dance?”

            “Aisha, strike a pose!” Trina suddenly ordered instead, causing the Spydoll to spread her legs shoulder-width apart and put her hands on her hips, tilting her head slightly forward and giving her face a bit of a more intense look.  “Now, freeze.”  On that command, Aisha turned waxwork-still.

            “Nice!” chuckled Jamie. “I'd love to demonstrate more, but I think we'll get a chance later. We should probably start talking about your missing mannequins, and how to get them back...”

* * *

            An hour later, inside the Spydoll RV...

            As the RV roared down the freeway, Trina stood in the Spydoll prep area of the RV, poking the face of Crystal Barnes; who at the moment was dressed in her new Spydoll bodysuit, looking forward sightlessly alongside her fellow immobile dolls, Irene and Rene. Both were similarity dressed, sans the helmet that finished the suit.

            "This is so weird," Trina said as she continued to poke Crystal's cheek, "I didn't know you girls had one of them with you."

            "Well, we really didn't bother to check what gang she was from, just that she did a bunch of bad things before joining them." Jamie said as she zipped up her personal Spydoll ops jumpsuit. The suit had the feel of a vest; more like a second skin then a hunk of weight. "Don't worry Trina; they won't be bothering anyone anytime soon," she said as she snapped on the gun belt over her waist, locking the leg strap around her left leg.

            "This contact of yours found them pretty quick," Trina said, sitting down in one of the chairs next to the built-in consoles, turning to look at Aisha, who was also dressed for combat, driving the RV toward Trina's store. "You sure he can be trusted?"

            "Sneakers? Well if my wife trusts him, so do I," declared Jamie as she holstered her Glock.

            The RV came to a halt in an alley just a half a mile from the where Sneakers had the gang members ID'ed and located. Jamie and her Spydolls got off the vehicle, the dolls lining up in order, their P90's strapped across their chests, ready for deployment. Jamie got down last, and was inspecting her dolls.

            "You getting a kick out of this, aren't you, Jamie?" smirked Trina as she peered out from the door of the RV.

            "I have no idea what you're talking about." Jamie said with smile as she put on her helmet. It was dark for a few seconds until her helmet's built-in monitors came alive, giving her a good feed, displaying small stat panels of her dolls and a mini map of the building Kyla had programmed in before they left. "Wow, Kyla may be a blabber-mouth, but can she build cool stuff!"  Jamie thought as she went through the check-out.

            Turning to look at her dolls, she took a breath and then spoke, "Alright dolls, here is the plan: Aisha and I will take the rear of the building, Rene, you come from atop, Crystal and Irene, you flank them, try to get the targets alone if you can. Is that understood!"

            "Yes mistress!" Shouted the dolls.

            "Then lets go get us some mannequins back!" Jamie said as she started for the building.

* * *


            “No I've found the side-door; we're good, Sneakers, thanks,” Chloe told her friend over the phone before hanging up. Chloe was currently sitting in her Dodge Charger in the side parking area of Triangle Security Services, a private military contractor and security consulting company. The company had locations in San Antonio, Austin, Dallas and Fort Worth as well as Houston, so it was a sizable organization; Chloe actually fairly certain Noi Industries provided their firepower. Still, Chloe had other reasons for being at the building, that also being one reason why she hadn't gone with Jamie and Trina to deal with the Reapers.

            “Okay, I'm into their network,” announced Kyla, who sat next to Chloe, using her CyPad to get into the building's security grid. “You'd think a PMC like this would have better security...”

            “Might be more you than them,” pointed out Chloe, getting an embarrassed smile from her cousin. “Let me know when you spot her...”

            “Already done; I've got her on the elevator,” revealed Kyla, holding up her tablet computer to show Chloe. On screen, Annika Ostergard rode in an elevator, a plastic bag held in front of her.

            “Looks like she's headed for the top floor,” observed Chloe, watching the screen. “Do we have sound?”

            “No, but I should be able to follow her visually,” remarked Kyla, frowning. “Look Cho Li, I know I said it couldn't have been anyone else, but...”

            “Kyla, my step-mother, your aunt, just stole Noi Industries secrets, and it looks like she's going to sell them,” insisted Chloe, shaking her head. “I mean we know Trina didn't steal the armor sample; she didn't have anywhere to hide it.” Soon after Jamie and Trina had left Kyla had realized a sample of her new impact rubber was missing and, given Kyla had specifically demonstrated it to Annika, she was their prime suspect. Sneakers had helped them get a GPS tracking signal on her car, which had brought them to where they were now. The pair in the car were alone and wearing the rubber-lined jumpsuits, with Chloe having her ring while both had SIG P229s loaded with Type-7 darts. Chloe just wanted confirmation before doing what she was thinking about doing.

            “Okay, she's getting off, headed past the cute secretary...” narrated Kyla as she watched the screen, Chloe also watching as she shifted in her seat. A brunette with blonde highlights was sitting behind a desk with a high ponytail and a black business dress, barely looking up as Annika went by.

            “So she's been here before,” observed Chloe as the scene continued to unfold, with Kyla switching from camera to camera to get a better look at things. Annika next entered what looked like some kind of outer office where two other women waited; one had on a teal business dress, the other a black business suit; both were wearing white blouses. The one in teal looked Asian; Chloe pegged her as Korean though she wasn't sure, while the other one was a blonde Caucasian. Annika handed them the plastic bag before saying a few words and then moving onward.  The two women looked excitedly in the bag before reaching in to pull something out.

            “Bingo,” breathed Kyla, seeing the Asian woman pull out the missing impact rubber sample. “That's it. They've got it. We going in?”

            “Hang on; keep following Annika,” insisted Chloe, wanting to see a bit more. Kyla complied and the screen jumped to show Annika was now in a larger office where a black-haired man in a suit greeted her, at first with a smile but then, to Chloe and Kyla's audible disgust, a big kiss.

            “That bitch...” gasped Kyla.

            “No one cheats on my dad,” hissed Chloe, opening her door. “Freeze the camera footage, we're going in.”

            “Done!” exclaimed Kyla, a bit too loudly for Chloe's taste as they headed for the side door. Two men in security uniforms were idling inside, but before they could even glance in Chloe's direction she snap-froze them, casually walking by through twin motion-sensing doors and passing through a short hallway to an elevator. To make sure they wouldn't be caught, Chloe also snap-froze the doors that connected to the lone hallway as the pair entered the elevator, immediately taking it to the top floor.

            “You realize that punishing her now means giving your aunt a place in our growing collection of statues, right?” Chloe told Kyla as they rode the elevator up.

            “Yes, but if you can find a place to keep her that isn't in the office or even with Trina, that might be better,” nodded Kyla, looking sad but determined. “I do love Auntie Anni, but she betrayed us, she betrayed the family. Freezing her instead of turning her in is being kind... but I don't think I could look at her frozen face every day.

            “It would probably get to me too, seeing a constant reminder of something I could never tell dad,” sighed Chloe, as an idea then struck her. “Luckily... I happen to know some other people who collect human statues...”

            “You do?” asked Kyla in surprise as the elevator suddenly stopped, the doors shushing open.

            “I'll tell you later,” promised Chloe, stepping out and glancing around. “Ah!”

            “Can I help you?” asked the secretary, standing up from her L-shaped desk. The nameplate read 'RAEGAN MORRIS', and as spotted on the cameras she was a brunette with blonde highlights in a black business dress with a white blouse.  Her figure was as dazzling as her carefully made up face.

            “Appointment; Kyla Abonde,” announced Kyla.

            “I'll check with Mr. Reinhart,” replied Raegan, picking up a corded phone and placing it to her left ear. Chloe then finally got around to snapping her fingers, her conversation with Kyla having made her instincts temporarily take a time-out until she realized someone had spotted them. Raegan was standing slightly bent at the hip, her right hand at her side with her left holding the black phone to her left ear; her lips were slightly parted to show a hint of white. Looking at the secretary, Chloe found her pretty cute.

            “You in there?” asked Kyla, waving a hand on front of Chloe's face. Shaking her head, Chloe realized a lot of time had already been lost as she fantasized about Raegan and who to send Annika to after she was captured. Deciding to show Kyla that she was 'in there,' Chloe snapped her fingers again, freezing time. Kyla stood frozen with her left hand raised in front of Chloe's face, her fingers spread as she also looked to her left, concern on her face.

            “Never question me,” warned Chloe to her frozen cousin, heading over to Raegan. The secretary had seen them, so Chloe knew she couldn't risk her staying around, especially after Kyla had given her real name. Removing the phone from the secretary’s stiff hand, Chloe picked Raegan up by her waist and carried her horizontally into the elevator, purposely bumping into Kyla as she moved past so her cousin toppled onto her back.

            “We'll find you a nice home; we could always use a back-up secretary for Rebecca, or you could become a nice bath statue,” Chloe told Raegan as she stood the secretary up in the elevator and leaving her there until later. Moving back, Chloe headed into the outer office area, passing through a closed door next to Raegan's desk.

            The Korean and the blonde were both, as expected, frozen in time, the latter currently holding up the lump of impact rubber while the former trained her camera phone on it. The two L-shaped desks in the room made clear the women were Canella Kim and Darcy Keibler; framed photos on the desks making it clear Canella was the black-haired one while Darcy was the blonde. Canella held her phone straight ahead with both hands, a small smile on her lips with her legs shoulder-width apart, the red pumps she wore making Chloe think she looked Christmas-y. “Nice curls,” complimented Chloe, feeling the other woman's loose hair with one hand while the other plucked the phone from her hands and threw it roughly against the floor. “Don't think I need to keep you, but you should probably be punished for stealing from me.” Snapping her fingers, Chloe ensured Canella wouldn't unfreeze when time did.

            “That goes double for you,” Chloe then told Darcy. The blonde was holding the white plastic bag in her left hand while her right held the rubber lump aloft, a bright smile on her lips with slightly parted teeth. Darcy wasn't wearing heels but still looked like she had at least a half-foot on the other woman in terms of height. Plucking the rubber from Darcy's rigid hand, Chloe snapped her fingers, ensuring the blonde would remain the same as Canella: time-stopped until Chloe chose otherwise.

            After carrying Canella and Darcy out of the office in the same way as Raegan, leaving them both in the elevator, and then putting the rubber sample put back in the plastic bag, Chloe returned once more to storm into the main office, which the nameplate announced belonged to CEO Gabriel Reinhart. As it happened Gabriel was frozen behind his desk, facing out the large windows to the streets of Houston below, while Annika stood idle next to him with her hands clasped in front of her, a bright smile on her face. “There you are you bitch,” snarled Chloe, ready to snap away Annika's clothes before remembering that transporting her into the car might draw more attention if she was naked. “Fine, no stripping, but I can still do this!”

            Getting in Annika's face, Chloe happily started slapping the human mannequin's face left and right, the frozen woman’s head turning awkwardly each time. Chloe followed the barrage up with some kicks to the shin, though since she had been frozen in time Annika wasn't going to show any physical damage from the hits. Satisfied, Chloe then snapped her fingers, permanently freezing Annika as well.

            “Oh right, you,” observed Chloe, looking over at Gabriel and his impressive office. Glancing quickly across the massive C-shaped desk, Chloe singled out a humidor and snapped her fingers, making it suddenly vanish. “I'm already taking your whore, so I figure no need to punish you more than that,” explained Chloe, then getting around behind Annika and starting to drag her on her heels. “Wave goodbye, Annika!” As Chloe moved her frozen step-mother she raised her right arm and made it wave.

            Arriving back in the elevator, Chloe stood Annika up and went to grab Kyla, dragging her cousin into the elevator without bothering to stand her up. Once everyone was in Chloe finally unfroze time and pressed the lobby button. “Oh!” exclaimed Kyla in surprise as she found herself lying on the floor. “I guess you were in there after all, huh Cho Li?”

            “Really gotta watch that mouth of yours, Kyla,” Chloe told her cousin with a smile. “So meet our new ‘guests’.”

            “They're all quite pretty,” observed Kyla as the elevator went down. “Sample's in the bag I see... So what are we going to do with all of these lovely ladies?”

            “I have a few ideas,” grinned Chloe.

* * *

            Rooftop of Reaper Hideout...

            "I don't know about this Kara," mumbled Pattie "Poodle" McDaniels as the slim dark-skinned woman twiddled her slender fingers, looking down at Kara's toenail painted feet, "You think we should tell my cousin we're together?"

            She watched as her lover got up from the stool they had placed there. Her brown-gold long curly hair was hitting her shoulders, she wore a white and blue tank top with some faded blue jeans. Poodle was the opposite of Kara, wearing a dress slack pants and button top, her ears adorned with white diskettes. Poodle lowered her head in thought as she could hear the sound of Kara's heels click on the surface of the rooftop.

            Kara lifted Poodle's chin, staring into her slightly younger lover's puppy dog eyes, "We don't have to tell her now, you know." Running her hand through the woman's frizzy, poodle-like hairdo, "It can wait until we have the money to leave together!"

            The two hugged before sharing a kiss, which seem to linger more than even the two were planning to, as the former cat thief turned Spydoll Rene walked up slowly to the now frozen pair. Two darts now decorated the right side of their necks. She quietly separated the two and laid them down before pulling them to the door entrance of the roof.

            "Reapers one and two down, mistress," declared Rene softly into her helmet microphone. As she quietly opened the door, the Spydoll made a quick scan of the room beyond before proceeding to drag in her two frozen prey.

The second floor...

            Kami Mori lay out on the broken down couch the gang had found on the street; it wasn't the best furniture around, but it beat lying on the cold floor most times. Although the building had no electricity to speak of, a couple of stolen generators helped to provide basic needs such as her 720 Console and her fucking big screen T.V.

            Sitting on the armchair across from her was the bored and lonely Sasha McDaniels, her latest attempt to get a man failing after he found out she was a gang member. The young man, not wanting to lose his college scholarship for dating a gang member, had broken it off. "Fucking dick..." she mutter to herself as she watched her fellow gang member mindlessly play what she considered a pointless hobby.

            Brushing her long wavy hair, the young black woman wondered what others were doing. She saw her cousin head upstairs earlier with Kara, figuring those two were getting it on again. Poodle was many things, but a good liar wasn't one of them; Sasha had those two figured out a long time ago. Getting up, she dusted off her baggy jeans and shirt combo and started for the staircase to the third floor.

            "Hey Kami, I'm heading upstairs to see what Emma’s doing with those damn mannequins; you coming?" Sasha said, already regretting asking.

            "Nah, I'm good; you guys can play with your sex toys all you like!" shouted Kami, still glued to her game.

            Shaking her head, Sasha turned to head up stairs, "Yeah, they are fucking weird, whoever heard of..." was all she could say before coming to a complete halt on the staircase, her hand grasping the rail keeping her from falling over as her right foot was barely touching the step. Moments later, Kami's game-over declaration played out, but no cursing could be heard.

            After a few seconds, two figures came out of the shadows from either side of the room, scanning the area for more hostiles. After assuring themselves no one else was present, the two lowered their weapons and reached for the now frozen Sasha and Kami.

            Irene took the controller from Kami's rigid hands and placed it on the floor; she closed the open mouth of the young gang woman and stood her up, placing her at attention and then dragging her by her heels to the middle of the room, meeting with Crystal who finished peeling Sasha off the second step and had also adjusted her to an attention pose. The two dolls laid down their motionless targets, both whispering in unison, "Reapers 3 and 4 down, mistress, proceeding to 3rd floor."

The Third Floor...

            "This is crazy!" Exclaimed short haired black woman, Callista Hart, as she poked the face of Mona St. Claire, who was currently still a frozen mannequin and sitting with her legs spread wide, showing her naked womanhood for all to see. "Are you saying this, this, thing was – is – a person?" Trying to comprehend what she was hearing, the curvy woman stood up, straightened out the mini skirt she wore (she was just getting back from a singing gig she was trying out for and had figured a little skin could hurt) as she placed her hands on Mona’s waist.

            "That's what I'm saying, she looks like that broad we had Crystal try to take for some cash!" said Emma, tossing a bed sheet over Vicky Sandrosi.

            "Maybe that's what happened to Crystal!" retorted Briar as she looked over the still figure of Jane Crazyeagle checking for something wrong, but not finding anything weird other than she appeared to look like a real person that could not move a muscle or even blink. "Maybe that crazy bitch did that thing to them, you know!"

            "Oh come on girls, you're jumping to conclusions," piped Rose, trying to be the voice of reason as she passed her hand thru her pageboy haircut, all the while trying to think of a logical reason for these replica women to look so real, "Maybe those women modeled for some company that makes mannequins; they do that, you know."

            "What company puts a realistic pussy on a mannequin?" shot back Callista as she forcibly opened Mona's legs wide enough to show more of the older woman's pussy, "she even has a shaved pussy hair!"

            Rolling her eyes, the other woman replied, "And men haven't made realistic fuckdolls with vagina's?" As Rose placed her hands on her jeans at her hips, her babydoll shirt slightly stretched to the woman's movements.

            "But what about Crystal?" insisted Briar, turning to the girls and looking at Emma, then holding her position long enough for the girls to notice something was wrong.

            "Briar? Come on Briar, you know that shit isn't funny..." said Callista as she placed her hand on the unmoving blonde woman's shoulder. She then noticed the red dot on her own shoulder, "what the hel..." was all she could muster before a dart tagged her, leaving the woman a frozen statue like her friend.

            "Callista!" shouted Rose, turning slightly before quickly joining her friends as a frozen statue, leaving Emma remaining to defend herself. She quickly went for the little dresser next to Mona, pulling out a small revolver.

            "Whoa, whoa, calm down, girl," came a new voice as the room suddenly filled with women dressed in odd uniforms. "Lower the gun, no one needs to get hurt..."

            "FUCK YOU! What did you do to my friends!" shouted Emma as she pulled back on the hammer. A slight ‘whap’ noise could be heard as Emma failed to see thru on her plan to fire her weapon; her stiffened fingers could not budge the trigger.  A Type-7 dart had found its way into the shapely butt of the now frozen Latina woman.

            Jamie put her hands down as the last of the Reapers was frozen from behind, with Rene being the first and last doll to fire her weapon. Jamie removed the revolver from the frozen gang leader’s hand, putting the hammer back in and emptying the gun. Her helmet monitor gave her details on how to safely unload the weapon.

            Good job, dolls!" Jamie said, taking off her helmet and surveying the frozen scene in front of her, "Now get them all packed into the RV and ready to go in 20."

* * *


            “I really am thinking towel rack, though I do reserve the right to change my mind,” answered Chloe as she pulled her vehicle up on a deserted stretch of the Interstate just outside of Houston. Chloe and Kyla had spent most of the drive talking about what to do with Annika, but for the last couple of minutes they'd been talking about Raegan. The road was empty, save for the occasional passing semi-truck. As the Dodge Charger was put into park, Chloe glanced in the back, grinning ear to ear, to where Darcy and Canella sat in frozen silence,.

            “I want the Korean!” announced Kyla as the pair got out of the car and opened up the back.

            “Alright, just don't say anything weird, like she reminds you of me,” agreed Chloe, shaking her head as she pulled out Darcy and hefted the tall blonde up on her shoulder. Kyla had a bit more difficulty with Canella but by the time Chloe had circled around, the other frozen captive was out, though thanks to how Kyla had pulled her, she was now sitting down.

            “Drip just enough Type-7 down there so they won't unfreeze for about an hour,” Chloe told her cousin as she herself pulled out a small vial of Type-7 and leaned Darcy against the car's hood. The blonde sprawled out on top of the vehicle from the waist up and Chloe pried open her lips, uncapping the vial and letting some of the liquid in. As Chloe finished she saw Kyla had just tilted Canella's head back while she was in her seating position.

            “So naked right, not just underwear?” confirmed Kyla as she started working on Canella's clothes.

            “Yes, but I don't think I'll be destroying their outfits, give them a chance to have some dignity if they wake up before they're picked up,” decided Chloe, standing Darcy upright and aggressively pulling off her upper clothes, not tearing anything but popping a couple of buttons. Chloe wasn't paying too much attention but noted that Kyla was being more careful, even taking the time to fold the items of clothing as they came off.

            “I do wonder if I should keep you... but I really shouldn't get greedy,” mused Chloe as Darcy's chest was bared, her bra falling to the side as Chloe took a moment to kiss and grope the frozen woman. Kyla didn't pipe up but Chloe could feel her cousin staring at one point as she continued to massage Darcy's body while continuing to strip her, in particular sending a lot of time in the blonde's crotch area.

            “How about that, I beat you,” remarked Kyla a couple of minutes later, with Chloe turning in surprise. Darcy was down to just her underwear but Kyla had apparently already removed and folded Canella's, leaving the Korean grinning with a full flash of teeth as she stood posed almost like a doll in display packaging.

            “I got distracted,” grinned Chloe sheepishly as she snapped her fingers, causing Darcy's panties to vanish instantly.

            “I thought you said...”

            “She can go commando, she's got the ass for it.”

            “Right, lets get these ladies posed,” chuckled Kyla, rolling her eyes a bit as she widened Canella's stride after turning her to face oncoming traffic. Chloe moved Darcy over to be in front of Canella, but they were still angled so both would be visible.

            “We really should do this more often; loads of fun,” giggled Chloe as she posed Darcy. The blonde was made to have her legs shoulder-width apart, her hips swayed to her right, right arm out with her thumb sticking up while her left hand was on her hip, a giant smile molded on the woman's face. Turning around, Chloe saw Kyla had nearly done the same thing, though Canella's left hand was placed behind her head and pushing up some locks of her hair in a sultry kind of way.

            “See I think we both found the right pose for our respective dolls, so no winner here,” declared Kyla as she stepped back, admiring their work.

            “Agreed, reluctantly,” nodded Chloe, snapping her fingers again. Darcy and Canella were freed from the magic of the Ring of the Haetae, but with amount of Type-7 in their systems, neither executive would be moving for at least an hour.

            “Okay, ten bucks says they end up on the news,” offered Kyla as the pair returned to the car, their work done with the naked women's combined clothes in a pile between them.

            “You're on, but I get the feeling whoever finds them, if anyone does, won't be calling the news...” remarked Chloe with a smile.

* * *

            Red Rogue...

            It had been a few days since Trina had learned from her best friend, Jamie Noi, the secret to the amazingly realistic mannequins was that they were at one time real women who had done bad things to good people. While she didn't know the depth of their crimes, Trina was happy that they were off the streets, along with her newest additions, the captured gang members that she was now posing. Existing mannequins Mona, Vicky, Jane and Janna stood next to the still figures of Callista, Poodle, Kara, Sasha and Kami. There were three other gang members, Trina knew, but Spydoll had had taken them for themselves, which Trina didn't object to since without Jamie and Chloe she wouldn't have any realistic display models at all.

            While Trina's existing mannequins were still dressed the same as they'd been a few days ago before being taken, the new five were now ready for display. Callista was in sort of a sun dress that nonetheless hugged her hips, with the left shoulder strap dropping off, her bangs perfectly straight as she stood like someone who'd just relaxed from being at attention. Poodle was dressed in a white one-piece outfit that was business-like, having a collar and V-neck with black buttons despite being sleeveless, almost like a business blouse and skirt all in one. The Reaper with the uniquely curled hair was posed with her left hand on her hip, her right hand held up by her head as if talking on a cell phone, her hips swayed to the right. Kara had been placed in a more traditional hands-on-hips pose, her hair in a low bun and her dress long and elegant, a V-cut around back nearly reaching her waist before closing and the front cut nearly reaching the bottom of her bust. Sasha was displaying a black cocktail dress and Trina had even decided to use a prop for her, placing an empty cocktail glass in Sasha's right hand as her left gestured, seemingly to order a fresh drink. Sasha's hair was styled in a low ponytail wrapped to the right of her head. Her dress, while black, also had hints of gold lining. For Kami, Trina had considered giving an Asian-style dress but instead went for one that resembled a towel wrap, being a golden yellow with a big clump of fabric in the center of the chest as if a knot in the towel. Kami's hands were resting above her knees and she looked a bit sheepish.

            “Just about closing time,” commented Jeri Heike, approaching Trina. “No one's here; you mind if I head home?” Trina looked at her employee, who had a tight body and was currently wearing her usual faded jeans but with a left-strap red top, her hair resting in front of her shoulders and blue shoes on her feet. To make Trina feel a bit more secure and accepted, Jamie had given her a spray-bottle full of Type-7 as well as another one containing a counter-agent, though it had been explained to her that the reversal drug wouldn't work on her designated mannequins. Since the store was empty, Trina wondered about seeing how Jeri herself would be if frozen.

            “Okay, Tia's running a delivery but she can help me clean up,” agreed Trina, lying a bit as Trina had allowed Tia to go right home after delivering a little thank-you basket to Jamie and Chloe for her.

            “Cool,” nodded Jeri, turning to go, but Trina promptly pulled out her Type-7 bottle and spritzed the unsuspecting young woman. Jeri froze in mid-step, her right arm and left foot forward. Seeing her employee freeze so easily, Trina couldn't help but let out a small giggle.

            “Oh this is amazing,” chuckled Trina as she walked around Jeri, poking the blonde a bit before starting to pose her. Jeri soon went from being in mid-step to swaying to the right, her right hand on her hip while her left was up and gesturing beside her head as if holding a pair of invisible scissors.

            “Don't worry, you're a good girl, I’m not going to leave you like this,” Trina assured a silent Jeri, patting the blonde on her shoulders. “Still, good to know that in a pinch that you don't made a bad mannequin... I wonder what Tia will be like.”

* * *

            Spydoll Inc...

            Jamie moaned in pleasure as she sat naked in the bathtub, Chloe frozen on top of her. Wanting to have a quiet bath, Jamie had borrowed the ring and frozen her wife, then climbed into the tub, using Chloe's head to stimulate her underwater without a fear of needing air. Jamie moved Chloe's head up and down on top of her snatch, feeling her wife's frozen tongue work its magic. As Jamie climaxed, she let out a loud gasp and opened her eyes, smiling dreamily as she glanced at the statues she'd recently added to the room.

            The tub was in the center of the room and three women in light blue togas were posed around it. On the left and right were two blondes, each with their arms crossed in front of them to act as a towel rack, their hair loose but pushed behind their shoulders. Both women, Raegan and Briar, had big, tooth-filled smiles on their frozen faces, Jamie having even put laurel wreaths around their heads. Behind the bathtub was Rose, who was wearing a circlet with wingtips by the ears rather than a wreath, and was posed holding a silver tray covered in bath products, her face blank. On the edge of the tray was a glass of red wine, which Jamie now reached for as she casually pushed Chloe up so she was sitting upright. Chloe was posed as if on all fours so her arms were up almost as if in alert, her eyes closed and her tongue sticking out.

            “There's a Christmas card,” smiled Jamie, taking a sip of wine. It was then that the bathroom door suddenly opened, Jamie had never bothered to lock it, and in came her twin; only she wasn't alone. Rebecca had been dressed in a formal purple business dress with white blouse today, her hair in low twin ponytails, and she was dragging a woman Jamie couldn't identify at first. The girl was young, a few years junior to Jamie, and a strawberry-blonde with green eyes; she was clothed in dark blue jeans and a red tank top, with black low-heel boots; her ginger hair spilled out all over the place. The mystery girl had been frozen standing, as if holding something round between her empty hands, a look of confusion still on her face. As she looked at the strawberry-blonde Jamie realized the girl was Tia Walters, one of Trina's staff at the Red Rogue.

            “Sorry to interrupt, but we had an intruder,” announced Rebecca, standing Tia upright and stepping away. “She came in with a basket and ignored my questions.”

            “She's deaf; must not have been able to see your lips,” sighed Jamie, a bit annoyed that Rebecca had just frozen an innocent girl. “Basket, huh? Please go get it.”

            Rebecca left and Jamie climbed out of the tub, grabbing a towel from Briar's arms and wrapping it around her naked chest. Approaching Tia, Jamie noted the girl was quite cute and decided she'd remedy the situation a little later, figuring Tia had no where to go but home at this hour. Tia's arms were raised above her head and her top was pulled off, revealing her rose-colored underwear, the bra fairly basic though once Jamie got to the bottom part, she found while it wasn't a thong it did still leave little to the imagination around the back. Soon Tia was naked, Jamie having a great deal of fun examining the girl's freckles, and then dropped her into the bubble-filled tub. Whistling to herself, Jamie posed Chloe to be eating Tia's snatch and leaned the deaf girl back, putting her arms on the sides of the bathtub and closing her eyes, putting a large smile on her lips. Rebecca then returned.

            “Oh nice, a gift basket,” observed Jamie, taking the basket from her sister. “Thanks sis, go back to your desk.” Rebecca left and Jamie look a quick look at the basket, noting it included some Merlot and lavender bath candles, two things Jamie really loved. Reminding herself to thank Trina later, Jamie put down the basket and tapped her finger, unfreezing Chloe.

            “Hey!” exclaimed Chloe a moment later, emerging from the bath with a splutter and looking at Jamie in confusion. “You know I could tell she wasn't you just by where my tongue was, right?”

            “I didn't realize that was one of your superpowers,” laughed Jamie. “That's Tia, by the way. Works for Trina. She showed up with a gift basket before Rebecca got carried away and froze her. There’s a thank-you card too, I think Trina likes the new mannequins.”

            “That's good; so do I,” noted Chloe, glancing around the bathroom. “Dunno if the blondes should be smiling so much though, ideally if they're gonna be Greek-style statues they should be more like Rose...”

            “She's got a point,” added Kyla Abonde, suddenly arriving in the bathroom through the door that Rebecca had left open. Kyla was dressed all in black, with a long-sleeved black shirt on top and a pencil skirt below, fuzzy black slippers on her feet with her hair in a half up-do.

            “So what do we owe this interruption to?” asked Jamie with a frown, pulling off the ring as she spoke and tossing it to her wife.

            “It's been a few days and you still haven't told me what your plans are for Auntie Anni, or that Emma woman,” pointed out Kyla, crossing her arms and making a comically large frown. “You still haven't punished me either. What does it take to get chipped?”

            “Well don't worry about those two, I know how to make sure they're out of the way,” Chloe assured Kyla, slipping the ring back on. “As for you, well, I did mess with you a bit earlier, but, since you insist...”

            “You're gonna do it?!” exclaimed Kyla, her face lighting up. Chloe promptly snapped her fingers, freezing Kyla on the spot with that elated expression on her face.

            “You really want to chip her?” asked Jamie with concern, looking at her wife.

            “Of course not, but we're going out of town for a while and Kyla needs a sitter,” revealed Jamie with a smile. “Think Trina could find a place to watch her until we get back?”

The End


Trina Goldworth – Elisha Cuthbert

Mona St. Claire –
Leslie Mann

Jane Crazyeagle –
Mizuo Peck

Janna Brinwells –
Kiera Knightley

Vicky Sandrosi –
Kristen Miller

Jeri Heike –
Spencer Locke

Tia Walters –
Katie Leclerc

Emma Vargas –
Christina Aguilera

Briar Haines –
Stefani Germanotta

Kami Mori –
Mai Kuraki

Chloe Noi –
Jang Nara

Billi Waters –
Venus Williams

Rebecca Mosley –
Kendra James

Fiona Diaz –
Josie Lauren

Jamie Mosley –
Kendra James

Kyla Abonde –
Alexandra Dahlstrom

Annika Ostergard –
Valeria Mazza

Aisha Reynolds –
Aisha Tyler

Mina Janssen –
Becki Newton

Crystal Barnes –
Nicki Minaj

Irene McNeil –
Carole Flury

Rene Pierre –
Cecile de France

Raegan Morris –
Anna Paquin

Canella Kim –
Gail Kim

Darcy Keibler –
Stacy Keibler

Gabriel Reinhart –
Josh Brolin

Rose Fame –
Robyn Fenty

Callista Hart –
Jennifer Hudson

Poodle McDaniels –
Janelle Monae

Kara Sanchez –
Kat Deluna

Sasha McDaniels –
Melanie Hallim


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