Taking Care of Business

by Northern Chill

Crossposted with permission from the Yahoo group . Image by M_B_CZ


Juanita was reveling in sexual bliss as she and Bill writhed together in bed in the middle of yet another love making feast. She had been a secretary at Accessories Inc. for about 1 1/2 years and had been assigned to Bill specifically for the last six months. When they first started working together, it was strictly business but as they got to know each other they found a mutual interest in each other quickly developed. The fact that Bill had been married for twelve years didn't bother Juanita too much after Bill started to tell her how his wife Gina had turned a cold shoulder towards him emotionally over the past two or three years.

After a short period of time, the two found their friendship blossom from after work dinner dates to romantic trysts at out of town hotels. Bill was so emboldened that he suggested to Juanita that she join him at his house while Gina was out of town visiting old friends from her high school. The auburn haired beauty hesitated at first but with Bill assuring her repeatedly that Gina would be long gone and wouldn't be within miles of the place, she agreed to his proposal.

However, her initial fears came back to her primary thinking quickly as she heard Bill's cell phone, sitting on a table next to the bed, start to ring. Bill pulled his right arm free from their tender embrace and answered the call with a smile which quickly turned to a frown when he realized who was on the other end.

Sitting up in the bed with a bed sheet partly covering her, Juanita realized to her horror that the caller was Bill's wife Gina and, judging by the sound of Bill's voice, she had come early from the trip to see her friends ! A few seconds later, Bill put down his cell phone and stood up from bed clearly agitated.

" Your wife's back ? How long before she gets here..half an hour...45 minutes ? " Juanita said as she pulled the lower half of her body to drape over the edge of the bed and she looked around for her clothes, which were scattered all over the floor.

" No ! She's at the convenience store just around the corner and she'll be here in about 5 minutes or so. Lucky for us, we came here last night together in my car but it still presents a problem for both of us. There's not enough time for you to get dressed and out of here before Gina drives in. I gotta think...." Bill muttered loudly as he hurried around the room stopping in front of the closet.

" Well, I can hide somewhere for a few hours and sneak out after she's gone to sleep." Juanita said as she was standing now with her stockings hurriedly pulled on and her white high heels slipped on her feet. She was reaching for her whisper thin pink panties to put on as Bill rummaged through the closet in a frantic manner looking for something in particular.

A few seconds later, the dark haired man stood up and walked quickly over to where Juanita was standing clutching in his hand what looked like the end to one of the display stands Accessories Inc. used for creating it's mannequins from ' volunteers'. Bill looked into Juanita's eyes with a serious look " The only thing I can think of to explain your being here is by temporarily turning you into an inanimate display mannequin like the type we sell and process at the main office. My wife has been bugging me to get a display dummy for her to use when she alters or fixes some of her dresses and she'd never met you before so she'll believe you're that item." he said firmly while simultaneously shoving the dildo like object in his right hand into Juanita's anus.

"Whaatt...?" Juanita said opening her mouth slightly before the transformation started to rapidly sweep through her body and her ability to talk vanished.

Her hands froze pointed outwards with the thumbs hooked around the edges of her pink panties. Juanita's skin quickly changed from warm flesh to tan colored plastic devoid of any imperfections or flaws. Joint lines quickly became evident on her wrists, ankles, torso and left leg as one would normally see on a mannequin. Her breathing ceased as her chest quickly began composed of the same material that the rest of her body was becoming made of. Juanita's breasts, which she loved to show off to Bill in one of the many sexy outfits he had bought her recently, quickly became nothing more than two mounds of plastic devoid of areolas or nipples as they jutted outwards quite seductively.

The transformation quickly swept over the remainder of Juanita' body as her pussy smoothed over and disappeared while her anus seemed to form a long narrow tube for the insertion of a display rod and capped by a silver metal plate. The change finally engulfed her head as her mouth locked in place with a slightly seductive look to it. The change finished with her eyes, which still had a look of surprise in them, into colored glass.

"Sorry, Juanita, but this is just a temporary change I assure you. Once I get out of this little wife-y predicament, I'll make arrangements to get you transformed back to your normal self. Until then, I have to make it look like you look just like any other mannequin from my company's inventory." Bill said as he quickly assembled a tripod base with a long metal support rod in the center. After removing the panty out of the mannequin's hands, Bill picked up the mannequin that Juanita now was and gently lowered her onto the display piece with the metal support smoothly connecting with the dildo that was already lodged in the inanimate figure's anus.

"It better be just temporary, Bill.... I don't want to wind up some figure being used to display Accessories, Inc. latest products.... I have to admit that it feels pretty good with the support rod shoved in me though I was looking for something else there....." Juanita thought as Bill flicked her hair back before draping a drop cloth that he retrieved from a hallway closet over her inanimate form.

No more than a second or two after the cloth had settled, the sound of the house's back door opening echoed through to where Bill was. Bill turned his attention to the bedroom doorway where, a few seconds later, his wife Gina appeared carrying her suitcase as well as several shopping bags. The brunette threw her stuff down by the closet before giving her husband a big hug.

" I can't believe just how many pounds Cecilia packed on since our high school days... and Jill... she wound up marrying that water treatment guy Jack and they built this big house atop the hill near our old school. Did I mention Gretel's appearance since she got into that 'earth magic' has gone to hell ? I would have....what's that ? " Gina said before stopping upon noticing the cloth figured standing next to the bed.

" Actually, I was hoping to surprise you with this when you got home tomorrow. Remember how you've been bugging me to bring home a mannequin from work that you could use when working on your dresses ? Well, here it is ! " Bill said he pulled back the cloth with a dramatic gesture.

The look on Gina's face changed from one of puzzlement to an expression of joy and delight as she walked quickly over to the mannequin that was just a few minutes ago a woman named Juanita. " Wow ! This was just what I was looking for. Was it made from scratch or did you have a ' volunteer ' help in the process ? " Gina asked while running her hands along the smooth plastic surface of the figure. She knew that the company her husband worked for often created mannequins from living women though Bill assured her that it usually involved terminally ill or death row inmates who willingly underwent the process.

" Well, this one was a transfer from our European division....she apparently drew the wrath of one of the department reps for refusing to pose for modeling purposes for the mannequin makers of the company and well....what do you think ? " Bill said with a trace of nervousness evident in her voice.

If Gina picked up on Bill's shaky tone, she never let on as she slowly circled the inanimate display form in admiration of the piece. She had seen pictures of the numerous pieces offered by the company but this mannequin looked so realistic in every way. As she peered intently at Juanita's face, she started to speak as if she had a question for Bill that seemed important but she fell silent again.

Turning to her husband, Gina embraced her husband as she looked into his face happily. " Honey, this is just what I was looking for. With that big party we're going to attend in two weeks, this will give me the perfect chance to make my alterations to the dress I'm going to wear to it." she said before kissing him deeply on the lips.

Bill returned the kiss with as much passion as he could muster as the two embraced in front of the nude mannequin. Though the display figure was silent like anything that was made of plastic and metal, Juanita fumed mentally at the scene that was unfolding before her.

" Damn that Bill ! When he turns me back, I'm going to demand that he choose between his wife and me once and for all !!! " Juanita thought to herself as she stood watching the couple continue for a period of time that seemed to drag on forever.

The couple's embrace was finally broken not by mutual consent but by the sound of Bill's pager going off. Sighing, the brown haired man stepped back and plucked the pager from his side. " Damn, it's the European division again. Those guys are so fussy with deadlines at times......makes me wish I had taken that job running that internet porn company based in Beaverton, Canada....if only they offered real money instead of ' my weight in maple sugar, hockey pucks toothpicks every month'..oh well... " Bill muttered as he went over next to the bed and grabbed his wallet and watch from an end table.

" All right, honey, I gotta go into the office for a bit. I shouldn't be too long. If you want, you can start pinning up your party dress on the display form while I'm gone. Don't wait up though if I run late...you know how the bean counters are at the office..." Bill said in a nonchalant voice while glancing towards the mannequin Juanita now was. Silently vowing to change his lover back after the party, the executive kissed Gina on the cheek and headed out of the bedroom.

A minute or so later, Gina looked out the bedroom window and saw her husband pull out of the driveway and drive down the street in his customized SUV. Once she could no longer see him, Gina stepped back from the window and looked over at the mannequin that stood next to the bed waiting to be dressed.

Humming out loud, Gina moved over to the bedroom closet where she pulled out a bright red dress that was bare at the shoulders with a daring hemline. Walking over next to the mannequin, she held the dress briefly in front of it before setting the dress on the bed.

" If I'm going to put the dress on this form, the stand has definitely gotta go. I'll take it out and put it back in once I get the dress on it. " Gina muttered out loud as she moved over and started to loosen the stand's main support rod.

" Shit ! If she removes the stand, I'll revert back to human right in front of her and create all sorts of problems. Hopefully, she'll put it back in before I completely change back and she notices..... " Juanita thought as she felt herself being tilted slightly sideways by Gina. A few moments later, the mannequin felt a rush of cool air where her anus was as the rod was removed and she felt the stand being taken out from between her legs.

" Shoot ! I forgot my pins...they're in the spare bedroom... " Gina said in frustration as she hurried out of the bedroom in a huff. Behind her, the mannequin was already showing the signs of no longer being connected to the stand as spots of pink flesh were appearing on Juanita's arms and legs.

" Hurry the hell up ! I don't want you to come back and find a naked woman with a very familiar voice standing in your bedroom... " Juanita thought as she felt her hands twitch slightly as did her feet with her rapidly returning humanity. She could feel her breathing return ever so slightly and noticed her chest was moving up and down ever so slightly.

" I think twelve pins in all should more than adequately do the job... " Gina said as she returned to the bedroom barely glancing at the mannequin, whose face had softened noticeably. Juanita held her breath and hoped Bill's wife wouldn't notice the changes while slipping the dress on.

Moments later, Juanita felt her legs being lifted up as Gina slipped the dress over the lower half of her body and started to pull it upwards. Gina paused momentarily when she pulled the dress snugly over Juanita's impressive breasts and Juanita feared that the moment of truth was at hand as she felt her breasts "give" slightly under Gina's ministrations.

However, Juanita's mounting panic quickly subsided as Gina never let on she noticed the changes to the mannequin's appearance. After making sure the dress was on properly, Gina retrieved her box of pins and started to put them in where she wanted to do the necessary alterations. Luckily for Juanita, the places in question were near areas that had not reverted as of yet so the pins lightly scraped against plastic and not flesh.

"Ooops..almost forgot.... you need a stand, don't you?" Gina said smiling as she walked briskly over to the bedroom closet once again. Juanita was puzzled why the woman didn't just slip the old stand back in but she maintained her silence and let herself think about being in Bill's arms once again soon.

Juanita's happy thoughts were interrupted as she once again felt a smooth metal rod (with soft rubber dildo on top) slide into her like before. Juanita's body, which had almost completely changed back to her normal human form, started to change into the plastic mannequin it was before.

"Yes, that looks very nice.... you'll model that dress or any dress I put on you for the rest of your existence, Juanita!" Gina said with an evil smile on her face as she stood in front of the mannequin.

"Whhaa..." Juanita hissed out loud in surprise and anger as she heard the finality in Gina's tone.

She desperately tried to move herself off the rod but found it was too late. Her legs had taken on the artificial look like before and her breasts had frozen into twin mounds of rigid plastic. Her delicate hands froze as they pressed tightly against her thighs with the familiar lines of a mannequin appearing once again.

"Did you and Bill really think I'd buy this whole set up? I heard about you two having an affair behind my back a couple of weeks ago from my neighbors. In fact, my 'trip' I just took wasn't to see my friends but to hire a hitman to take of you two; permanently.  However, now that you've been forever transformed into a mannequin, I won't have to do that. In fact, with you standing stiffly around as a reminder of his infidelity, I think Bill will be a much more devoted husband than he has been ever before." Gina said as she flicked aside a lock of Juanita's hair.

"PERMANENTLY A MANNEQUIN !..... YOU BITCH..... I HOPE BILL DOES THE SAME TO YOU, YOU COLD EVIL WOMAN!!!..." Juanita thought to herself as she stood in silence like any department store fixture.

Several hours later, Bill arrived home and, after exchanging pleasantries, was ushered to the bedroom by Gina where she showed him the dress she planned to wear currently displayed by her dress form. Bill's eyes widened in shock/horror when he saw the type of stand under Juanita but said nothing out loud. Internally, though, he was seething...

"So, Gina, you think you've won this round. Remember what they say about vengeance... it's a dish best served cold.... like the plastic Juanita is now..." Bill thought to himself as he looked on at the sight of his lover, now just plastic......

Never to move again...



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