Peril's in Pantyhose
                             Part Five
                      The Trouble With Tanning
                            By  Magnus

Author's note, All characters within are fictitious and products of My wicked imagination.
Anyone who may find these stories offensive, DON'T READ THEM, NO ONE IS FORCING YOU TO LOOK AT THIS!!! Any coincidence to actual events would be inceadibly amazing if it were true.
Thanks for your patronage.

"Get the darkest tan at Ace Tanning", was what the flier read as I was going through My mail.
"First visit free, with purchase of Ultra tan tanning oil.
Hmmm, I thought , I just might have to give this a try.
I had never really gotten anything like this in the mail before, just them letters from Ed Mc Mahon.
"You may have already won ten million dollars".
Which would be nice if it were true, but if you don't buy anything your entry gets filed in the trash along with every other poor sucker who thinks they can get something for nothing.
This place is new though, it's only been open for a few months it said.
I've been to tranquil Tan the other salon in town a few times, but was never really satisfied with their service.
It was ran by this really weird guy who I always thought was watching you as you would change into you bathing suit.
"Open till Ten", it said.
Hmmm, I think that's the plan for the evening, I've got nothing else going on.
I went and grabbed a suit and checked the answering machine.
No new messages.
After I get something to eat, I'll go over there.
I arrived at Ace Tanning at 7:30 pm, it was a nice place in a good location at the mall.
"Hi, can I help you"? said the receptionist as I went up to the counter.
Yes I received a flyer in the mail for your shop today and I'd like to try out your services.
"Sure!, Just fill out this membership app and we'll be right with you".
"My name is Sandi, I'll help you when your done".
"You may take a seat over there".
The receptionist was a very nice brunette, she looked as if she could model.
I took a seat off to the side of the reception area that Sandi had directed Me to and began to fill out the app.
Name: Kim Carter
Address: 32465 sycamore lane
Age: 29
Ht: 5'8"
Wt: 125
Measurements: 36" 23" 35"
That's funny I thought, I've never seen questions like these before, I wonder what the deal is?
Hair color: Blonde
Eye color: Blue
Sex: Female
These where some pretty far out questions for a tanning service, they wanted to know My marital status, who to notify in case of emergency.
Some of the questions where pretty general and I didn't mind answering them, but dress size and shoe size?
You got to be kidding me.
I finished the membership app and went over and gave it back to Sandi, and paid her for the tanning oil.
"All done"?
Yes, but I was wondering why all the personal questions?
"We are a national chain, and occasionally we give away trips, clothing, etc, just a formality really, we want to give our costumers the best".
Wow, you give away prizes?
"Yes, every now and then we get a new promotion going and give away items to our members".
That's great!
"If you'll take your seat over there someone will be with you in a few minutes or so".
I took My seat, but didn't have to wait long before another woman came out to greet Me.
She was a very attractive blonde, she was wearing a white sweater, black leggings with boots.
"Hi, My name is Kelly, right this way please".
"Here's the bottle of Ultra Tan tanning oil you bought".
She led me back a corridor with many doors, each of them had a number.
We stopped at the thirteenth one.
"Here we are room thirteen".
She opened the door and we went in.
It was a very nice room, it had a sizable changing area to the left complete with a bathroom and shower.
To the right was the tanning booth, it was a stand up model which I haven't used in years.
Very nice rooms you have here, almost like miniature hotel suites you have here.
"Thanks, all our rooms here are like this, only the best for our members".
"I'll leave you to change, just press the button by the door here when your ready, and I'll return and show you how to use the tanning machine".
With Kelly gone I stripped out of my clothes and put them on the bench, I grabbed the bottle of "Ultra Tan" and started to read the directions.
"For best results apply generously over entire body", Simple enough I thought.
I squirted some out in my hand , it was oily and clear like baby oil, except that it was thicker.
I started with my feet and worked My way up, generously applying the oil, I even rubbed some into my pussy.
While applying the oil I noticed a slight tingly sensation, but it soon faded after a while.
I squirted more into my hand and massaged the oil into My breasts, the tingly sensation perked them up as I slowly became aroused.
OOOOOOOHHH!!!, I think I'm going to have to buy some more of this.
When I had covered as much of Myself as I could, I put on My bikini and pressed the button to call Kelly back in.
Within a minute there was a knock at the door.
I opened the door to let Kelly in,"Are you ready"?, she asked.
Yeah, but I was wondering, could you put some of this on My back?
"No problem, you'd be surprised how often I do this".
"I've never seen a customer who could do their own back".
She put down a bag she was carrying and opened it and produced a pair of latex gloves.
"Don't wanna get this stuff all over me ya know"?
Yeah I know, it's kinda tingly.
"That's from a special emollient in it, when the uv hits it , it keeps your skin from drying out and burning, and it feels good too", she said as she was applying the last of the oil to My back.
"There, all done".
Help Me into the booth?
"Yes, put first you'll need some eye wear".
"We have a revolutionary kind of contact you'll wear, so that you won't look like you were wearing those old goggles your used to".
"their really neat".
She pulled a contact lens case from the bag and opened it.
"See, their clear, but they work like sunglasses, when the lights of the booth come in contact with them they darken instantly".
That is really neat!
"Well if your ready, lets put them in and get you into the booth and start you tanning".
I bent down so Kelly could put the contacts into My eye's.
"How's that"?
Ok, but they sting a little.
"That's typical, I had the same problem when I first tried them on, you'll get used to them the longer you wear them".
"Now let's get you into the booth"!
She went over and opened the door to the booth.
It was lined with ultra violet lights and had a small pole stand for Me to rest on that was adjustable.
I took one last look in the mirror and adjusted My suit, so the tan lines would be where I wanted them.
Ok let's go.
I got in and Kelly adjusted the pole so that it came in contact with my crotch, when I leaned back on it.
"Ok, I'm gonna set the timer for one hour, I'll be back in 30 minutes to check on you though".
Alright, great then.
"Would you like some music to listen to"?
Sure, thanks.
"See you in thirty",she said as she closed the door.
Within seconds the lights came on and the contacts darkened and I could see nothing.
I could feel the warmth from the light and hear the gentle sound of a soft rock station as well as a fan circulating the air over My head.
I began to relax letting the soft sounds of the music permeate my brain.
Ten minutes into the session and the tingly sensation returned.
OOOOOO!!!, I thought, an added bonus.
The sensation started in my feet and soon spread throughout My body, making me feel very aroused and relaxed.
My mind was wandering as the sensation increased in intensity.
Sexual tension built as I became aroused even more.
My clit throbbed as an orgasm came suddenly with intensity and I shuddered.
This is incredible, I know I'm going to be back as a regular customer for sure.
I began stroking myself as I came and came and came, but something was different?
My movement was getting slower!
What's this?, i could feel a My arms stiffen!
My skin felt like it was hardening!
What's happening!!??
I can't move My arm anymore!!!
I tired to move My legs, but they would not respond.
What is this, I thought?
Somebody please help Me!!!
Then I felt a sudden whoosh of cool air, the door must be open!
Thank god kelly's here to help Me!
Kelly you've got to help me!!, I tried to say, but the words never got to My lips.
"I see the hardening is coming along nicely".
What hardening process?
What are you doing to me??!!!
"You're probably trying to speak to me right now, only to find that you can't".
"All mobility is lost to you as well".
"You see Kim the tanning business isn't very steady, and when it becomes that way we send out flyers to beautiful women in the area offering them a free membership with the purchase of a bottle of ultra tan".
"What you didn't know is that ultra tan is actually a polymer based compound that turn flesh into plastic"!
"You also failed to read the fine print in the membership app, cause if you did you would have seen the clause that allows us to do what we will to you as long as you are here".
"That's also why we asked you for your measurements and dress and shoe size".
"When the hardening process is complete you will be a shinny new Mannequin"!
No! that's not right! you can't do this to me!
I'm human like you, not some department store dummy!
How can you do this to me!
I felt the strings  of My top being undone, "You won't be needing this anymore".
Kelly had removed My bikini top and I was powerless to stop her.
"Or this",she said as she cut away my thong bottom.
"Just a couple  more things to do Kim and you can go back to tanning".
What's this?, I could feel hot wax being smoothed over My bush!
I screamed mentally as Kelly apparently ripped out all My pubic hair.
The area stung like hell.
"Sorry Kim, but that's the best way I know of removing pubic hair".
Best way? Sure hurt like hell!
I felt kelly move in closer and lower the seat I was resting on, leaning me to the back wall.
My god,I can't believe this is happening to Me!!
What's she doing now?
What's this?
I can feel something, penetrating me?
It feels big!
"This will keep you company for years to come"!
She's pushing a dildo up in me!
I could feel it more now, Kelly was grunting to work it up into Me.
It expanded my sex, pushing My clit and labia back up inside Me/
I couldn't help but moan.
"There now, isn't that better"?
She must be done, cause now i felt incredible fullness between My legs, and it was making Me feel very hot!
"You like that"?
Uh huh!
"wait till I turn it on"!
Turn it on?, It vibrates?
"Just as soon as I place the support rod in the hole in the bottom, you'll feel pleasure like you never felt before".
Then she leaned me forward, and I felt her impaling me on the stand.
The vibrating began instantaneously.
"Know you like it"!
What I wanted didn't matter anymore, as wave upon wave of pleasure exploded from My pussy to My brain, washing me in endless orgasms.
"Now I need to get you some shoes", she said and I felt myself being raised off the floor.
I felt her bend my feet and put them in what felt like high heeled shoes.
As soon as she was done a felt My feet touch the floor again supported by six inch heels.
"There, all done".
"Now you can go back to tanning, don't worry though, it'll soon be over and you'll be fully Mannequinized".
The contacts had begun to clear as she shut the door, but then the light came back on and the lenses darkened once again.
I could feel my self slipping into an endless pattern of orgasms.
Each one steady and flowing, threatening to send Me over the brink of extasy.
Through the orgasms I could feel My bodily functions cease, breathing, respiration, digestion, all had stopped.
I began wondering why I was still alive!
Cycles of pleasure continued to wash through me, I lost track of time and before I knew it Kelly had returned and shut down the booth.
"Your hour is up, how are you doing"?
"Kelly, you know she can't speak, why do you always ask that"?
"I don't know, habit I guess".
the other girl sounded like Sandi.
"You're right Sandi, Kim's gonna make us a lot of money".
"I know that's why I sent her the flyer".
"Too bad only half the people respond to them though".
"That's kind of a good thing though Sandi, I hate having to relocate the store every year, I'm getting tired of it".
"I know I wish we could stay here longer, but were almost near our limit".
"Sooner or later someone's going to get wise to our operation".
"Yeah, we've been doing this for eight years, and we haven't been caught yet, as long as we stick to the system, what makes you think that things will change"?
"Besides we already have this one sold to the costume shop in the mall".
"Yeah Kell, you're right, the guy who sold us the system hasn't had any trouble yet, why should we worry".
"I've got to go back out front, we have another customer".
"Get this one ready, the costume linda sent over is in the back, after closing we can take the new Mannequin over to Masons Costume Boutique".
"Sure thing partner".
I heard Sandi leave and after the door closed Kelly moved in and lowered the rod and removed Me from the booth.
"Sorry, but I have to remove the you from the stand".
"You'll get another one soon, right now I need to install some pegs and sockets so you can be posed, get you dressed and you'll be ready to be put on display"!
Kelly picked me up by My waist, from her easy movement I felt as if I weighed twenty pounds.
The contacts had now cleared and I could see, but only what was in front of Me.
Kelly had popped Me up in front of the door to the tanning booth and left the room, I could see myself in the mirror and I was shocked!
What I saw in the mirror was Me, but shinny, plastic, Mannequin looking.
My entire body now had a shine to it, I no longer had any blemishes or moles on me and My tatoo on my ankle was gone.
My breasts looked firm and unnatural, like I had plastic surgery, the areolae were gone, all that was left were vague points that used to be nipples.
My face had a far away wistful expression to it, as if I was waiting at the train station for some long departed lover to return.
My belly button was only a slight indentation.
The wax Kelly had used to remove My bush had earlier had left no hair, the area was now smooth and sexless like a Mannequins.
I'm a Mannequin! A fucking Mannequin!!
My mind began to ponder the things that had been forced to give up by becoming a Mannequin.
Things like eating, walking, talking, friends, and sex!
Well maybe not sex, but making love is more like it.
All these things were stolen from me.
I tried to look on the bright side, I would be beautiful forever, never grow old, never die, never have to watch my weight.
I would always be looked after and still desired by men and women alike.
I would be dressed in the latest fashions and never have to buy them.
Then maybe someday some collector would buy me and put me in a place of prominence in his or her home.
Kelly returned with a new rod stand and the costume I would wear.
"I'm back, got you a stand and your first outfit you'll wear at Masons".
"Linda from Masons said they wanted you dressed as a female super hero so she sent over this".
She held up the out fit it was a black bustier leotard, strapless with a thong back, it had a waist coat that also was black, the outfit was completed with a pair of shinny black pantyhose and fishnet pantyhose and a pair of cuffed six inch high heeled boots.
"Black Canary, is what you'll be linda said, I remember her from reading my brothers comics when I was little, she was very sexy and always seemed to be in danger".
"Fitting for you, the costume also came with a blonde wig, but since your already blonde we won't need it".
She put the out fit on the bench and laid me down on the floor.
She began to disassemble Me with some sort of hot knife, making cuts at My wrists, shoulders and just below My waist.
She then took my legs and slipped them into the black pantyhose and then the fishnets.
I became so aroused as she was doing this, the feeling of the pantyhose being pulled up My legs shot orgasm after orgasm in Me.
It was incredible, I always hated wearing pantyhose, but the feeling I got from them now excited Me.
Kelly then placed My lower body on the rod stand and the pressure from being impaled in it nearly caused me to black out from the intensity of the vibration returning.
Soon hardware was installed and I was fulled reassembled, except for My arms, and I got a better look at myself as Kelly was pulling up the bustier on Me.
I looked incredible standing there, like Black Canary ready for action.
Kelly then put on the boots and the coat, first placing My arms in the sleeves and finally locking them in when the coat was on.
"There all done and ready for crime fighting"!
Kelly then left the room again, probably to see when I could be moved.
I began to feel excited, not only from the orgasms, having accepted My fate I was now enjoying the prospect of being put on display.
The out fit I was wearing felt great, what I could feel of it, once I had it on I could no longer feel much of it, if I didn't see myself in the mirror I'd swear I was still naked.
I really filled it out, the bustier was showing off My cleavage a little more than I would.
One thing troubled Me though, it was My crotch area.
Having the support rod in My sex, the cotton panel of My pantyhose was showing.
Oh well, maybe they'll fix it later, I could just think though of the men getting off seeing Me like this, and it excited me even more.
Kelly came back in, this time with Sandi behind her.
"See how beautiful she is"? said Kelly.
"Yeah, I really think you've outdone yourself this time".
"Oh come on, it was easy, all I had to do was get her in the booth".
"Ok, better take her over to Masons, Linda said she'll be waiting out back of her shop".
Kelly placed me on a cart and started wheeling me out the back of the shop though the service corridor, we didn't have far to go, cause Masons was only five stores down.
Linda was waiting for us in the back, she was a strikingly beautiful brunette with blue eye's and a lovely smile.
"Hi Kelly, Wow she really looks great in the Black Canary costume, excellent!
"Thanks Linda, Sandi wasn't sure, but what does she know"?
"She must be blind, here bring her in, I have her pedestal all ready".
Kelly wheeled Me into the store, I had been to masons before to rent a halloween costume, they specialized in rare and exotic costumes,
The place was decked out in all kinds of themes, Horror, sci-fi, fantasy and super heros, the section I would be displayed in.
Linda pointed to that area and Kelly maneuvered Me there.
There were seven other Mannequins spread  around the store, there was an Elvira and a wolf beast and Frankenstien, also one of the Borg from Star Trek the next generation.
"I think Kim's gonna love being a super heroine, after a while I might change her costume".
"How are Patti and Sammi doing"?
"Oh their fine, I couldn't be more happy with them, the costumes they wear are some of the most rented.
Linda pointed to the Horror section where the Elvira and the Bride of Fankenstien were.
"Good, I'm glad they worked out for you", said Kelly.
"Think you could have two more for me next week or so"?
"I need a brunette and a red head, I am thinking of expanding the heroine display".
I'd like to add a Wonder Woman and Batgirl to the tableau".
"Sure I'll get with sandi and see what we can do".
"Here, let me help you with her Kelly".
They lifted Me up onto the pedestle, from this height I had a full view of the store, by the sound of Linda and Kelly conversation I wouldn't have long to wait before I had company.
"Thanks Linda".
"No, thank you Kelly".
They then walked off leaving me on display.
Guess I'm gonna have to get used to sleeping with my eye's open.
I wasn't long before sleep did come as I was lulled in to it by the pulsing of the vibrator imbedded in Me.
A week went by and what a week it was, Masons was very popular store around halloween and was very busy.
Women would walk by with their husbands and I would catch them looking at me lustfully.
A couple of times one of them would even grope Me, heck I was almost knocked over by two women fighting over a scarlet witch costume.
After the store closed that night, Kelly returned with Linda and two more Mannequins.
Linda cleared a space to the left and right of Me.
"Hi Kim, or should I say Black Canary"!
"So how do you like being a Mannequin so far"?
She knew I couldn't answer, but I said fine anyway.
The brunette and the red head were stunning dressed up as Wonder Woman and Batgirl, I couldn't believe they actually found someone  who looked like Linda Carter.
"Kim, this is Linda and Alice", said Linda pointing to the brunette first and then to the red head.
"I think they'll look fabulous next to Kim".
They then placed them next to Me on the pedestle, Linda the Wonder Woman on My left and Alice the Batgirl on My right.
I became excited having company with Me, even though I knew these women didn't "volunteer" for the job.
Linda the shop owner and Kelly looked at us a bit admiring the job Kelly did on the new Mannequins, then they turned and walked out the back.
I kinda felt more like a heroine standing there with My new companions.
Time went by and more Mannequins came, after a year there fifteen of us on display in the store.
Linda was very good to us and took excellent care of us, dusting us and talking to us as she did.
I had become quite used to being a Mannequin, looking back I don't think I would have it any other way.
                               The End