The Wizard 4 - A Collection requires Careful Research and Shopping

by Anthyrax

The Wizard's escapades continue. Click here to read the first part of this serial saga.

Months had gone by since Wes had collected Beth, the last addition to his troupe of living dolls, and almost a year since he had visited Heartbreakers.  After some work to improve them, he had finally sold Melissa and Shannon to a couple of extremely rich business types, both of the girls absolutely convinced that they had their hearts' desire.  Some adjustments to their fingerprints and facial features completed the final steps of their complete removal from their former lives, as well as the possibility of their discovery by anyone who still looked for them.  Janice too had been removed from his collection.  He had spent months working on her, removing the tendency she had toward drug addiction, making some minor alterations in her features, changing her fingerprints and programing her to accept her new identity as 'Leah' and setting up household for her.  Vitality and youth potions restored her health and reduced her physical age from 33 to 21.   With the help of one his clients, she had started a singing career and was likely to soon become a star.  

He still had Michelle, Jennifer, Vanessa, Vivian, Kristi, April and Brandi.   Michelle and Vanessa now spent much of the time in the office wing of his home now.  Michelle handled accounting and various general office duties, while Vanessa handled organization of his files. Both also handled the phone and greeted visitors.   They spent about four days a week active, with another day for play for each, and their remaining time was in storage.   Kristi was under training as an assistant with his art.  She now could help in the lab, and was learning some simple spells to renew some of the more exotic conveniences in the home.  She remained aloof from the other girls, with some clear jealousies, but she now was more relaxed after she realized she was secure.  She generally spent the same amount of time awake as Vanessa and Michelle. Jennifer and April now ran the household portion of his staff.  Jennifer, as it turned out, was a master cook, while April really enjoyed being a maid.  They now generally spent three days’ awake each week.  Vivian and Brandi, generally spent only a couple of days awake each week.  Vivian did the shopping for the girls, while Brandi and her wonderful hands provided massages, as well as keeping everyone entertained when she was at dinner. Even Kristi laughed and seemed to enjoy her company. 

Beth was still in his care as well.  Now totally devoted to him, she spent much of the week awake, using her MBA to provide him with the information he needed to deal with the high-powered business types that made up most of his clients.  Her father had never capitulated to the demands of the client who had hired Wes to kidnap her.  Eventually, in a bitter and secret struggle, Wes had been hired to destroy him after he tried to have his client killed by gunmen.  The news still occasionally ran stories about the terrible and mysterious fire and explosion that destroyed his hanger and private jet, along with a number of his aides, one morning as he had been preparing to fly to New York.  It had taken days to identify the remains.

Now, since her usefulness as a pawn was done, Wes had decided to keep Beth for himself.  She made an excellent executive assistant, and ultimately, he might just produce her to take control of the remainder of her Daddy’s fortune.  He didn’t really need the money though, so he wasn’t in too much of a hurry for that just yet.  

He continued to enjoy them, and when the time came for them to go into storage, he continued to experiment with all kind of poses and clothes (or not) for them to wear.  Vivian would help the girls pick out their outfits for the day they went into storage, then the girl would surprise Wes with her own getup when her time came to be transformed.   Jennifer generally went for lingerie, while Michelle and Vanessa preferred evening-out type dance wear.  April liked to be nude as much as possible, as while Kristi loved bikinis.  Brandi went for just about anything, and seemed to have the most eclectic tastes, while Vivian loved to play dress up, particularly in evening formal wear.   Beth, who it seemed had a wild side, loved to dress in daring lingerie or even dress as a stripper whenever possible, but occasionally liked to wear power suits or evening wear.   The girls spent their storage time as plastic dolls, ceramic or porcelain figurines and occasionally as life-sized mannequins or stone statues.  The only day that all were in storage was Saturdays, for on those days he wanted his solitude for thinking and planning.  Sometimes he would spend hours just enjoying looking at his lovely girls, posed and transformed into perfection.  


He still wanted a couple of more girls for his staff, and a few others might come in handy for cementing alliances and favors.  The girls wanted a hair stylist, and another personal assistant would be handy as well.  He also would like someone trained medically, just in case, for even to heal someone, he needed to know what to look for and training someone else with simple healing spells would be handy to have in case he was ever in need himself.  A bodyguard would be handy, not so much for protection, but for extra eyes and ears and to meet expectations.  An interior designer would be useful now too, as he needed to expand his home and the girls would want to have their own space more and more for the days when they were awake.   He decided to use a personnel service, someone trained and experienced in hiring others seemed ideal, and frequently their staff had a number of attractive women as well. 

Calling up a personnel office in another town, he talked to an extremely pleasant and vivacious young woman named Sarah.    After discussing what he was looking for (a hair stylist and nurse) he set up an appointment with her.  

The following Tuesday he met with Sarah.  She was petite, fair skinned with a sprinkle of freckles on her cute nose, extremely kissable lips, long brown hair, big brown eyes, a wonderful smile, petite features and in her short skirt showed a great pair of legs and really nice ass.   She had a great laugh too, and was very good company.   Buying her lunch, and with a little subtle charm spell, he got her to tell him all about herself.   She was recently divorced, was 28, and her husband had managed (due to his wealth and a nasty bit of temper during a fight by her) to gain complete custody of their children.  She clearly was in pain over this, but had not given up yet.  She had a number of sisters, all married with their kids, and she felt that loss sorely.  But Wes was impressed by her resilience, and decided she was perfect for his staff.  He would make sure ultimately that she got her kids back too when her time with him was over.  Carefully, he explained his staff needs to her, and in her subconscious mind she knew now that she needed to find a nurse, police officer, interior designer, and a hair stylist for him that not only were skilled, but pretty enough to be worthy of collecting.

When lunch ended, Wes ended the charm.  Sarah only remembered having lunch with a charming client, who she wouldn’t mind seeing socially actually.  She was looking for a nurse for him, while deep inside, the post hypnotic command would take over when she found the hair stylist, interior designer, and police officer he wanted.   She had already recommended her own hair stylist, a nice smart unattached young woman named Kim who would be perfect for his needs.  

Sarah returned to her office and got right to work looking for the nurse and interior designer.  Meanwhile, Wes decided he needed a haircut and made an appointment to see Kim.  That afternoon, Sarah left a message with Michelle reporting that she had found a couple of possibilities for the nurse position and wanted to set up an interview.  More interestingly, she had also found a computer researcher for him, which he had not even considered that he needed yet, but when he thought about, could be very useful.   

The first appointment was with Cindy, a computer information specialist.  She was 33, with long (somewhat unkept) blonde hair, was tall at about 5'8, with blue eyes and had nice cheekbones and clearly needed more time in the sun.  She was not dressed well for an interview, wearing tight bell bottom jeans, flip flops and a white cotton blouse.  Only a touch of makeup, a little lipstick, colored her face, and she was wearing gold rimmed glasses.  But she was pretty, and with some effort, could be beautiful.  Her resume was impressive though, with a number of dotcoms, search engine companies and some public sector work, but little college.  Clearly a computer geek who had worked her way up he thought.  After the initial introduction, Wes had her sit down in an interview room at Sarah’s office.   

Cindy wondered about the man in front of her.  He was dressed in a nice suit and seemed relaxed, but he didn’t seem like the usual guy looking to start up a dot com and he sure wasn’t with one of the big players.   Sarah had mentioned that he did a lot of research, so maybe he was a lawyer or something.  Well, bills were piling up, she had dumped her lazy boyfriend a week ago, and she needed a job, so even a lawyer would do for now.  He seemed nice enough, but something about his eyes, they made him seem a LOT older than he looked.  

“Sarah recommended you to me, Ms. Patterson” he said looking at her resume, then meeting her eyes, “I actually wasn’t looking for an information systems type, but you do have some interesting previous work history.  Can you do online investigations?” 

To Cindy that seemed like an easy enough task, although sometimes kind of interesting, but it usually didn’t pay all that well.  “Yes I can, that's pretty easy stuff though, I can do a lot more than that,” she said.   

“Good, because I also need a solid database manager, and some security and investigation programs written as well.  Off the shelf stuff just isn’t meeting everything I need,” he said with a smile.  “The pay for this you will find more than commensurate with your previous salary.”

Cindy’s heart jumped with that. “Now that sounds like a very good deal” she thought, “even if its another dot com bust in a few months, at least I will be able to pay off everything and be out of debt when the next real job comes around.”   She smiled and then, “When do I start?” she asked eagerly.

Amused by her enthusiasm, Wes smiled.  “She must really be in financial hot water, well, the second interview will find out more,” he thought.   “Well, I want you to see the facility first, and make sure you will fit into the rest of the organization and staff,” he said.  “How about a second interview?  I am in somewhat of a hurry to take care of this myself, so..“ He pulled out a day planner, opened up a page, then nodded, and pulled something out of his pocket.  She wondered why he was holding what looked like a wand when he waved it and spoke a command that made no sense to her.  

“What the heck was that all about” she wondered, then she felt strange.   He was asking her to look in his eyes, and suddenly, she realized just how important that was.  She felt suddenly peaceful, relaxed, and this wonderful man was telling her something important.

“Cindy, you want this job, very badly, and you have already agreed to start.  You are excited that this job will take you out of town for several months, and you need to get everything of yours into storage in the next week,” he ordered.  Giving her several hundred dollars in cash, and a Visa Platinum card which oddly, was in her name, he ordered her to put it in her purse. 

“This will allow you to settle all of your affairs for now; you have $10,000 in credit, and $900 in cash now.”  He said, “Get yourself a nice haircut and get everything moved into storage.  Use movers for that, then drive to the 39th Street Grill next Tuesday at 7 and meet me with what you need for a business trip.  Do you understand?”

She smiled at him, and nodded, then said “Yes Sir”, and stood up and hugged him. “Sit back down Cindy” he said kindly, “I have more instructions for you.”  She sat back down, and looked at him expectantly.   She wondered about some of the things, but it suddenly wasn’t important now.   She listened as he explained that this was secret, that she was just to tell friends and family that she got a job with the government, and would be away for a few months.  Everything sounded so mysterious, but she couldn’t wait to get to it. 

“Now, Cindy, this part of the interview, you are going to just put down in your mind.  You will keep everything about what I have told you the last few minutes a secret, except what I told you to tell others.  Understand?”  He commanded.

She understood, then when he told her, awakened and looked at him more normally. 

“I can’t wait to start Mr. Meyers, I am really looking forward to starting work” she said.   Her face was lit up with a happy smile, her eyes glowing with enthusiasm and Wes observed just how pretty she really was.  She left, practically skipping. 

After a few minutes with Sarah, and some magic to make sure she remembered everything he wanted her to, he left for his appointment with Kim.   

Sarah, working at her desk, and calling some of the nurses she had collected resumes from who were looking for a change, was in a great mood.    She managed to persuade Wes have dinner at her place, and she couldn’t wait until next week.  Sarah smiled again to herself, “I can’t wait until next Wednesday, I am going to make him a meal he will never forget.” After a long afternoon, she finally found a nurse who met what Wes was looking for.  Cheryl, a young RN, with a couple of years experience in emergency care, was single, burned out from hard shifts, newly divorced and ready to move.  She seemed perfect for Wes.


Meanwhile, Wes met Kim and got his haircut.   She was very pleasant, pretty, and was fun to talk too and was very bright he discovered.   She was the assistant manager at the shop where she worked, was taking classes at night, newly divorced, and no kids.  She was tall, about 5 ft 9, had short well cut brown hair, hazel eyes, a nice smile with big dimples, and was wearing jeans and a tee shirt that showed off her long legs and what looked like 36C breasts, along with a nice ass, very well.  After he was done, he asked to use the bathroom when he finished paying in cash.  Going inside, he pulled out the stopwatch, and smiled, set the timer, and the world suddenly froze in mid-breath.  Walking back into the main part of the shop he looked around.   Kim had just swept up, and was standing with her back to the shop cleaning her scissors.  The other stylist was concentrating hard on a perm she was doing, with that customer, an older woman, sitting in the chair with her eyes closed.   The receptionist / cashier, a cute teenager, was standing with her back to Kim and talking on the phone.  

Wes grabbed Kim and took her into the bathroom.  Stripping her of her clothes, he was very impressed with what he found.   Except for a little spread in the hips, Kim had a nearly perfect body.   She was perfectly tanned, having clearly used the sun lamps available in her salon.  Going back into the shop, Wes gathered up her purse and brought it back into the bathroom where the frozen Kim stood.   Gathering her clothes and purse into a bag, he then stood behind  Kim and cast a spell.  

Time resumed just as he finished and his new spell went off just as Kim, realized she was standing in the bathroom and behind her was Wes, her last customer.  She looked in the mirror and her eyes grew wide in shock and she tried to scream as she realized she was naked.  

“Oh MY GOD” she thought, trying to scream for help.  “What is he doing?  How can I be naked, I was just in front of the sink a second ago?” she thought in confusion and tried to struggle.  She realized that she couldn’t move, her limbs felt like they weighed a million tons, and she couldn’t make any sounds come from her mouth.   She watched in panic and confusion as he pulled what a necklace out of his pocket, then placed it around the neck.   Suddenly, she felt strange.   The little red gem in the necklace started to glow, and her panic disappeared suddenly, like it had never been, and she felt calm.  

Wes whispered in her ear, while nuzzling and kissing her and stroking her lightly on her back, then her stomach, lightly brushing with his fingers her breasts and then her sex, then stroking her more in the back and then her ass and upper thighs.   She relaxed and after a few minutes, her body started to respond, a flush creeping across her while she began to feel wet.   As she began to realize that she was becoming turned on, which seemed completely strange, she also realized as the charm continued to wear her defenses down, that she wanted this man.  

She couldn’t move however, and she wanted desperately to kiss him now.   Meanwhile, Wes and begun to pose her, arranging her left hand so it touched lightly her sex, while her right hand he moved up so it lightly touched her nipples.   He could feel her, now practically on fire, as he continued to touch her.   Aware that someone was bound to come along eventually to use the bathroom, it was time to finish her up.  Pulling out the little plastic doll that made up the focus for his capture spell, he touched her lightly as the heat of her passion began to build toward an orgasm.

The touching, along with the charm, was rapidly overpowering Kim.   The rush of sensations, building quickly, so overpowered her that even though her eyes were open, she lost focus for a moment.   Then she sensed something was different somehow.    A pink glow was surrounding her, and suddenly, she felt peaceful, calm, relaxed and she felt like she was falling into a deep feather bed.   She could see herself as the glow faded, and as her eyes glazed and her vision faded she watched her tattoo above her left breast fade away, and her skin reflected light, like it had been dipped in baby oil.   As she slipped into oblivion, Wes was lightly touching her breast and sex again and just as she was about to complete the transformation, an orgasm rushed through her, sensations that would last her for the next several days, wiping out any possibility of other concerns as she passed into suspension.  

Wes looked her over and enjoyed the view for a moment, “She responded well” he thought, “she may adjust very quickly to her new life.”   Taking a few minutes to shrink her down, Wes then put her in his briefcase, pocketed his focus, and took another moment to put her purse in his briefcase and transform her clothes into towels.   Satisfied, Wes turned out the light, walked out of the shop, smiling at the cashier on the way.  She smiled back, unaware that Kim was gone or that anything was amiss.  


 Wes checked his pager, and saw the email from Sarah that she had found his nurse.  He smiled, and walked down the street, ready for his next appointment.  

He called Sarah the next morning, and set up an appointment for the nursing position.  The interview went well. Cheryl was a short, petite young woman, about 5 feet tall, about the same size as Sarah, with dark red hair, light tan skin, big blue eyes and a cute pixie type haircut.   She looked a little tired, but was clearly smart and well experienced, having spent the last two years working in a busy county hospital emergency room.   She quickly warmed to him as the subtle charm he was using helped bring her out.   She was shy at first, but within a few minutes was telling him her life story.   She had no boyfriend, being too busy and usually ending up losing their interest when she never had time for them.   She wasn’t ready for kids or marriage, and she was 25 and ready for something different for awhile.  She had already given notice at the hospital, and her last day was tomorrow, so she was looking for something pretty quick.  

Wes realized she was perfect, and after arranging for her to prepare her own disappearance just like Cindy, he concluded the interview.   Cheryl left with a smile, convinced that she had an exciting new job.   

Wes spent some more time with Sarah, taking her to dinner that evening after work.  They had a good time, and Wes avoided using any magic on her that evening, content to let things move naturally between them that evening.   After he walked her to her car, Sarah gave him a quick kiss on the lips, then blushed and got into her car.  Wes smiled, and watched her drive away, looking forward to dinner with her the following week. 

For now though, it was time to return home and take care of some work, as well as his collection of ladies.  Catching a flight at the airport, within hours he was home; the little doll that was Kim secure in his luggage.   


A few days later, Wes flew back into town to pick up his next three girls.   At home, his collection was all posed in their display case.  Joining them now was Kim, a beautiful light tan plastic display figure about 20 inches tall.   She was standing, her back slightly arched, her eyes wide open with a big smile, wearing a Hawaiian shirt, a short shorts and sandals.  Both hands were on her now slimmer hips, her beautiful hazel eyes looking out into the distance. 

Wes smiled as he remembered the two days he spent with her, for she was smart, passionate and had pampered him as he had pampered her.  She had adjusted with only a little struggle to her new life and role, and had looked forward to her new duties as hair stylist for his girls as well as helping Vanessa around the office.  She would replace Michelle, who would now be helping Beth with her research and planning duties for his investments and information gathering on clients. 


The Wizard's escapades continue as the new staff arrives...

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