The Board Game

by Mr. T


 Anna, Clarissa, Tammy, and Molly were four attractive, intelligent high school seniors. Anna was tall and slim, with long, shiny brown hair. Clarissa was short and petite, with curly blonde hair and blue eyes. Tammy was of more moderate height, with deep brown eyes and large breasts. Molly was almost as tall as Anna, and she had flaming red hair. They had all been friends since middle school, and did everything together.

On this particular night, the four pretty girls were gathered at Clarissa’s house, as her parents had gone out of town for several weeks. Needless to say, the girls enjoyed this situation very much, as they listened to loud music and talked about the cutest guys in the high school…

"Hey, Clarissa? Can we see that new skirt your mother got?" asked Tammy. Clarissa’s mother was a very trendy woman. "Sure," said Clarissa. "I’ll go get it." Clarissa left the girls in the living room and went upstairs to the master bedroom. She opened the closet and flicked on the dim light. And noticed something. Up on the very top shelf, tucked into the corner, she could see a large, flat box. Her curiosity aroused, she reached as high as she could and just managed to retrieve the box from its lofty perch. By the light of the closet lamp, she could see that it was some kind of board game. The lid depicted a group of girls racing through a shopping mall, carrying huge bags of merchandise. It was called "Mall Madness".

Clarissa carried the box downstairs, the skirt forgotten. The girls rushed to her, thinking the box contained the skirt. "What is THAT?" asked Anna. "I found it in my mom’s closet," said Clarissa. "Mall Madness," said Molly, reading the box. "Let’s play it!" "Why?" scowled Anna. "It’s just a stupid board game." "Oh, come on," exclaimed Molly. "I bet you’re just afraid you’d lose." With that challenge, Molly grabbed the box and set it on the coffee table. The girls, curious, sat down around it. Molly opened the box. It contained a brightly colored board with a twisting path of squares, a deck of game cards, four playing pieces, a pair of dice, and a booklet.

Tammy picked up the dusty booklet. "Mall Madness," she read. "A challenging game of timing and luck. Roll the dice and move your piece. Be the first shopper to reach the exit and win! But beware! You will have to draw cards along the way, and they may help or hinder you! Your enemies may even draw cards that they can use against you! So beware!" There was nothing else written in the booklet. Clarissa was already setting up the game. She shuffled the deck of cards and gave each girl a token.

Anna got to go first. She rolled the dice. "Six," she said. She moved her piece and read the words on that space. "Draw a card." Her card read, "You were first in line! Move ahead one space." She did. Molly rolled the dice next. "Twelve! Oh yeah!" She moved to the twelfth space, which was blank. Now it was Tammy’s turn. She rolled a five and advanced. The space indicated she should draw a card. It read, "Send an opponent of your choice to the fur salon!" "Umm.." said Tammy. "I guess I’ll play this on you, Anna."

As soon as those words escaped Tammy’s mouth, the board glowed with a faint pink light. The girls all stared at it in amazement, and, suddenly, Anna gave a startled cry. She stood up abruptly. "What are you doing, Anna!?" said Clarissa. Anna’s only response was to walk stiffly to the center of the living room, where she stopped. As the girls watched in horror, Anna’s clothing faded from sight, revealing her tall, sexy body. Her face bore an expression of shock and terror as a thick pink glow enveloped her. The glow coalesced over her shoulders and breasts, and Anna was immediately garbed in a thick, full-length silver fox fur coat, complete with belled sleeves and a puffed-out fur collar.

Anna managed to gasp, "Help…me.." as her body took on a seductive pose. Her feet spread apart slightly, while one arm moved to her hip. The other hand held open her coat just enough to reveal her breasts and a glimpse of her pussy. Then Tammy screamed. Anna’s bare feet were changing. Her toenails had become the same color as her skin…and her feet themselves were taking on a shiny, plastic appearance. This change spread rapidly up Anna’s long legs, leaving little hinge lines at her ankles and knees.

The girls could only watch in horror as the wave of change swept up Anna’s body, plasticizing her pussy and turning her breasts into mounds of pale plastic with little plastic nipples. The effect shot under her furry sleeves and froze her hands into place, with hinge lines on her wrists. Finally, her face twisted and solidified into an expression of pleasure and sexiness, with her lips puckered and one eyebrow raised in a provocative manner. Her eyes became lifeless glass. Her gleaming plastic face was still framed by her long brown locks, now carefully styled.

The girls were silent for a long moment, staring at the fur-modeling mannequin that Anna had become. Then Tammy started to cry. "Oh my God, what have I done!? This can’t be happening! Oh, Anna!" She tried to snatch up the game board and shove it into the box. When her fingers grasped the board, the terrible pink glow instantly exploded into being over her hands and wrists. She yelped in fear and dropped it. The glow vanished as quickly as it had appeared.

"I…I guess we have to keep playing," said Clarissa. "That must be the only way to help Anna." The three girls were painfully aware of Anna’s stiff visage gazing at them. Clarissa rolled the dice, her hand shaking. Eleven. She moved her piece to a blank square, and the girls sighed in relief as one. Molly picked up the dice and rolled a three. Her piece stopped on a space that read, "Draw a Card." Everyone watched her as she grabbed a card from the stack.. It said, "Sale in Lingerie…You Look Marvelous!"

Clarissa and Tammy screamed and clutched each other as Molly stood up with a pronounced stiffness and stalked over to stand next to Anna. The evil pink glow flowed into existence over her body. Molly’s jeans melted over her skin like butter and re-shaped themselves into lacy red stockings held up by a racy red garter belt. Her feet were suddenly inside red stiletto-heeled pumps. Her exposed breasts were coated with an almost-painted on red lace bra, and her hands were thrust into little red silk gloves.

A forced smile crossed her face as her left hand moved jerkily into position behind her head, showing off her beautiful red hair. Her right hand rose in front of her mouth, balling into a fist with her index finger extended and inserted slightly into her mouth, with a risqué look of pleasure on her face. The maniacal game wasted no time initiating her transformation, as the wave of shiny, peach-colored plastic slithered up her stockinged legs, conquering her pussy and then her breasts, and locking her arms into their sexy pose. As with Anna, little black hairline seams marked her joints. Her lips solidified around her gloved plastic finger, and life was snuffed from her eyes as they became glass.

"C-Clarissa? I’m really scared now," stammered Tammy. Her voice was shaking and her eyes streamed tears as she took in the spectacle of her two mannequinized friends. "Tammy, I don’t know what’s going on, but we have to help them. And the only way I can think of to do that is to keep playing. There MUST be some reversal cards in there somewhere." That said, Clarissa rolled the dice. Eleven. She quickly moved her piece forward and read the words on the square. "Draw a Card." With respectable courage, Clarissa snatched the next card and read it aloud. "Send an opponent to the Sex Shoppe for an erotic change!"

Tammy sat dumbfounded at hearing the words. "Please! Please Clarissa, don’t do it! Please don’t use it on me!" "I most certainly will not, Tammy. This has gone far…" Clarissa broke off in mid-sentence, and her face took on a rigid stare. She began speaking again, in a harsh monotone: "I-play-this-card-on-you-Tammy." Her face then seemed to return to normal. "Huh? What did I say??" gasped Clarissa. Tammy started screaming hysterically as her body stood up stiffly of its own volition, then her mouth snapped shut, and she could only whimper as she too marched to the center of the room.

As with the other girls, her clothing glowed brightly and began reshaping itself. Her sweatshirt and jeans plastered themselves tightly over her body as they transformed into a skintight, black latex catsuit. Her legs and feet were encased in thigh-high heeled boots, and her arms and hands in black latex gloves. Tammy’s bulging breasts pressed hard against their latex sheath. Out of nowhere, her right hand was clutching a long black whip.

Her body began to pose itself, with her feet slightly spread apart. Her right hand held the handle of the whip, while her left hand clutched part of its length. Tammy’s face took on a provocative look, displaying an evil, yet erotic smile. The pink glow could be seen faintly under her catsuit as it flowed up her legs and over her body. Her only exposed flesh, her sumptuous visage, suddenly was immortalized in shining plastic as the transformation reached her head. Underneath the catsuit her body was undoubtedly stiff plastic as well.

Clarissa sat alone with the game and her three mannequinized friends. She was shaking and crying. She stood and ran for the front door, hoping to find help. She grasped the doorknob, and her hand immediately began glowing pink. She jerked it away. Next, she tried the window. No glow accompanied her opening the latch, and she started squeezing through the narrow frame. She was almost out when she felt a pair of strong hands grab her ankles and yank her back inside!!

She sprawled on the floor, gazing up at her friends! The mannequins were standing over her! Anna reached stiffly for her, her glass eyes gleaming. Clarissa screamed and rolled away, sprinting for the back door. She suddenly felt a stinging lash wrap around her left foot, and she fell flat on her face!! Tammy had caught her ankle with a well-placed whip strike and was holding tightly to the whip. The mannequins stiffly strode over and scooped up Clarissa in their strong plastic arms, and carried her upstairs to the master bedroom.

They dropped her on the king-sized bed. Before Clarissa could move, Tammy and Molly seized her arms and held her down on the bed. Anna tore her clothes away with stiff, robotic-like movements. Then, Anna began rubbing her furry sleeve over Clarissa’s breasts and vagina. Clarissa moaned with fear and pleasure as Anna gently inserted a plastic finger into her pussy and stroked Clarissa’s G-spot. Clarissa screamed louder and louder as Anna stroked harder and harder.

Just before Clarissa climaxed, the pink glow began flowing over her. Clarissa’s body quickly became hard, peach-colored plastic. Her beautiful blue eyes froze into glass, and her mouth was locked open in a scream of ecstasy. Her plastic legs were spread apart. Anna removed her finger from Clarissa’s plastic pussy, and Molly and Tammy let go of her arms. They remained stiffly out to the sides.

Just then, the doorbell rang. The pizza the girls had ordered earlier had arrived. A pretty, young pizza delivery girl stood smiling on the porch. The three standing mannequins hesitated for only a moment before proceeding stiffly out of the bedroom and down the stairs. After another moment, the naked, blonde mannequin got up and followed them.

If there had been anyone around, they might have seen the front door open, and seen the pizza girl be jerked inside by her collar……………..

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