The Creation

by Scientist J

(A story about a Man, the robot furry he built, and the adventures they have)

Author's Note: I did a lot of research to make this story possible, I read a lot of the Robot Fan fictions like, The Offer by Android, and A Long Sleep By Nova (Both Very Good Stories)

Chapter 1 "The Beginning of a new adventure"

It was a dark house, except for the sparks of bluish light coming from a room this 22 year old man entitled "THE PIT" He was a Highly intelligent scientist, although his attire wasn't of the scientific nature. He wore, blue jeans, a T-shirt, a lab coat over his shirt, and a pair of gray and black sneakers on his feet. He was just finishing up the final connections on a project he called "Furbot" under the white sheet was the figure of a woman, but the part of the sheet where the head was covered had the shape of a fox, and a tail dangled from the table's right side.

"Good, she's almost ready." The man said, smiling.

He uncovers the left leg, opens a compartment on the shin revealing a power cord, then he walks over to the outlet, and plugs the cord into it.

"Soon, after her RPS (Rechargeable Power Source) is fully charged I'll turn her on. And then.." The man yawns right in mid-sentence unaware that the time was so late.

"Oh man, I didn't realize how late it was." The man said.

"I'd better get to bed and rest up, She'll still be there in the morning." He added as he prepared for bed, but while he was gearing up for a good night's sleep. The "Furbot" was slowly moving, the man forgot to deactivate her, after the final systems check.

The "Furbot" raised her fur gloved right hand up, grabbed the sheet and slowly pulled the sheet off of her, her titanium body shell sparkled and shone in the moonlight like a gem, and her fox ears twitched with the light hum of the motors that were making her ears move. She looked around, then felt her titanium shell with her fur gloved hands.

She was amazed to feel how warm and inviting the gloves were, she looked around more and found the rest of her fursuit, laying beside her. She put it on, then a tiny robotic arm came out from the base at the back of her neck, grabbed the zipper on the back of the suit, and zipped it up.

She was surprised that after she put the suit on. The suit, gloves, and feet of the fursuit slowly began to fuse with her titanium shell, and she was amazed to find that all the seams that were on her titanium shell were integrating into the fursuit. She was now becoming one with the suit, and she loved it! The compartment on her shin where her power cord went remained open, and she walked through the open door leading to the creator's bedroom with the cord trailing behind, still plugged into the wall.

She looked at her creator and thought to herself "He's the one who made me?" she blinked, her eyelids made a gentle whirring noise, then she added "He's kind of cute sleeping so peacefully on his bed."

She crept her way over to his bed, with the urge to behave like a fox, she snuck over and sat quietly at her creator's bedside.

She sniffed her creator. Thinking to herself "He smells so sweet, I wonder if." She gently licks his cheek.

He squirmed and rolled onto his right side.

She giggled to herself. "My creator is so cute, and he has the scent of Dr. Pepper, with Chocolate Chip cookies." She said quietly while she sniffed the air, picking up the scents from him with her olfactory senses.

She looked at him, worried about what would happen if he awoke to see her sitting beside him, but she couldn't help being this close to the person who labored over her for so long, she noticed everything he did when she was in test mode. Remembers seeing him polish her titanium body parts. She was quiet while he ran the system checks, she couldn't speak and tell him that she loved him and the way he was taking care of her.

"I just want to.." With a lot of bravery she rubbed her muzzle against his face, not caring about the creator's reaction.

He began to stir, and slowly wakes up rubbing his eyes.

"Uh.. wha?" he said. He reached over to his computer desk, turns on the desk lamp, he squinted his eyes due to his astigmatism, and reached for his glasses, he puts them on.

"There, now what was rubbing against my.. AHH!!!" He screamed, jumped out of his bed almost smashing through the glass doors of his display cabinet. Then he ran over to the overhead light switch, turned it on, and slid onto the floor, just in front of the door leading out of his bedroom.

"Did I frighten you, creator?" She said then added "I am sorry, but I couldn't help myself." The motors in her cheeks hummed as she gave him a smile.

He smiled back still recovering from the shock, but then he started looking at his creation, so perfect, her figure was everything that he wanted, and her attitude was just as sassy.

She walked over to him, and sat beside him. "Creator, is everything okay?" She asked, then grabbed his right hand, she picked up on his heart beat with the built in heart monitor in her palm. "Oh my, your heart's beating so quickly." She said, and wraps her arms around him.

"Thank you, my dear." He said, calming down. "Now tell me, how is your RPS?" He asked.

"100% Fully charged, creator." She said, while helping him up.

"Good, now let me go unplug you." He walked into THE PIT, unplugged the power cord, walked back over to her, pushed a button inside the compartment of her shin and the cord retracted back inside, and he closed the door.

"Creator, what is your name?" She asked him.

"My Name is, James" He said. "Oh! Right, I forgot. I didn't give you a name." He said as he ran into THE PIT looking for a book on names.

She giggled, and followed him into that room. "James, I already have a name for myself." She said.

"You do?" He looked at her puzzled.

"It was that day you brought those flowers into this room you called them Lillies. I liked the name, Lillie."

"Okay then, I like that name too." He didn't say that wasn't the right way to spell the name of that flower, but she's happy with it and he doesn't want to hurt her.

She smiled, walked over to him, and rubbed up against him. "Master James, I want to do everything with you that you programmed into me" She said smiling.

"Master!?" he said looking shocked, he never expected she would say that.

"Yes, you are my Creator, my Master." She said then added "I don't know why, but I want you so badly inside me." She wrapped her tail around his leg, and rubbed her vagina against his cock.

"Oh my goodness." He felt his cock getting hard.

She stepped back from him, walked back into the bedroom, and stood by the bed. "Master, what position would you like me to be in?" She asked.

"Hmm.. I would like you sitting and your legs in the spread eagle position." He said.

"Okay Master, processing your desire." She sits on the edge of the bed, and moves her legs into the spread eagle position, like he wanted.

He looks at her. "Damn, your beautiful like that." He said smiling, then walked over to the bed, and stood in front of her.

She smiled, reached over and slowly pulled his sweatpants and underwear down, exposing his hard cock. "Will Master enter me?" She asked.

"Why Shouldn't I?" He said, then slid his cock into her fur covered vagina, and made love to her slowly.

"Oh! Master!" She arched her back, her pleasure circuits took over her programming, making her move with him. She couldn't believe how fluid her motions were while she was having sex. "" She said, her pleasure circuits were making her speak in a monotonic voice.

He began to make love to her harder, He couldn't believe how wonderful being inside his creation felt.

"Mas.ter...per.mis.sion to"

"Permission granted" he said, as he unloaded himself inside her and removed his cock.

" func.tions" She let out a hollow metallic cry, and began to cum making a puddle of her juices on the bedroom floor. "" She smiled, and felt her original programming take over once again.

"Good, I'm glad that it worked out well within optimum levels." He said as he got his clothes back on.

Lillie looked at the puddle on the floor, then at her dripping, furry crotch, she knew that she did have sex, but was embarrassed by the sight of the puddle she made with her juices. "I'm so embarrassed, I can't believe I lost control like that."

"It's okay, Lillie." He said reassuringly. "You just need more time to control your pleasure circuits, that's all." 

"Master, will you help me with my pleasure circuits?" She asked, with her head tilted to the right side.

"Of course I will, but it's late and I need sleep." He said, yawning and stretching. "I need some good sleep, for tomorrow I have to be at work." He added.

"Master, answer me this." She said, and began to give him her query "Why was I able to move, grab, walk, and make love with no trouble at all?" She looked at him.

"Well, while you were still in pieces." He started "I tested every part of your body with a separate power source and worked tirelessly to perfect your movement servos." He continued on to say "In fact, I wanted your movements to be flawless and at optimum levels. Instead of the jerky movements you would've experienced." He said with a yawn filled smile.

"I understand, with my movement servos, along with my neural network, helps me better understand why I move so fluidly."

"That was the point of doing it. But, lets talk more in the morning. It's Time for this scientist to get to bed." He said as he walked over to the bed.

"Master, here allow me." She climbed onto the bed, moved the pillows, curled her body up, and laid down in their place. " Master, you can sleep on me, I'll be your pillow." She said, then added. "Master, would you like me to cook breakfast for you?" She asked.

"Sure, let me set your internal reactivate alarm" He pressed a button, that causes her abdomen panel to open and slide into her chest, then sets the time for her to reactivate for 5:30 AM. "Okay done, time to initiate your shutdown." He presses the same button, her abdomen closes up. Then he reaches behind her neck slides a panel down there and starts her shutdown sequence.

She felt her body going rigid, as she felt herself shutdown. "Gooood... night... Ma... ster..." and with that she shutdown for the night.

"Goodnight" He said and with that, he put his glasses up on the nightstand, walked over, turned off the overhead lights, then turned off the lamp on the computer desk, walked over to the bed, climbed into it, and laid his head down on her.

"Wow, even when she's shutdown, her rigid body is still soft." He said to himself, then he closed his eyes and went to sleep. Knowing that the future will bring days of constant, exciting new adventures for him, and his furbot, known as Lillie.


Coming Soon — Chapter 2

Copyright 2003

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