The Dancer Model ad

by DreamWriter

  Margie was in between shows for the ballet company. She was looking to make some money during the down time. Then she read ad in a dance magazine for someone to model costumes.

 The ad read as follows:

Dancer needed to model costumes.

Must have ballet exper. on pointe.
If interested please send resume and
photo with measurements to :

The Ballet Costume Shop
555 Dancer Way   NYC 02600

You will be contacted by mail, phone and/
or email. Thank you.

 A couple of weeks pass before Mike the owner of the shop is reviewing the applicants. He reads Margie's.

"Wow! She is perfect; beautiful body lines, face, the works," he says out loud. Mike contacts her and sets a date for her to come to the shop for the photo session. Margie arrives at the shop and is greeted by Jane the receptionist with a warm smile.

 "Hi , I'm Margie Lake. I'm here for the photo session."

 "Margie is here for her photo shoot," Jane said on the phone.

 "Yes of course Jane," replies Mike, "Thanks, go ahead and send her down the hall to the studio." He said.

 Jane points the way down the hallway; Margie says thank you.

 Mike greets Margie at the door. "Hello, Margie, I'm Mike - the Owner here at Ballet Costume shop." After shaking hands , Mike tells her "Your photos will be great. You have a beautiful face and smile."

 "Thanks, You're too kind," Margie replies.

 "Let's get started shall we?" Mike shows her around the studio. "Here is a dressing room for you.  I have everything you would need. Tights, pointe shoes and make up; the works. If there is anything you need please ask."

 Whoa, Margie thinks as she says Thank You.

 "Margie, We have a new 3D body measuring unit that just came in the other day. It gives exact measurments on a person's body using safe lasers. It a only a few minutes. How would you like to try out for us?  I Think you'll be impressed with the results. Mike shows her the demonstration video.

 "Ok," Margie says.

 "Margie, just stand here on the plate. It will slowly turn 360' a couple of times. You must nude for it to work.

You will not appear naked on the display though as you saw on the video. Ready, I'll let you get undressed - Just yell out when you're ready , I 'll hear on the other side of the wall here, OK?" Mike goes and readies the unit for use. Margie does not notice that there are a few cameras so Mike can watch at his workstation.

 I'm ready Mike, Margie said. Margie stands still on the plate as begins slowly turning. Ok Margie just one more turn and we're done. The plate stops and she steps off it.

 Margie, help youself to some tights and leotards there in the dressing room while the computer compiles the data. Just come out when you're done. Margie goes through the racks looking for her size. Margie comes out wearing white tights with a camisole tan leotard.

 See Margie the results are done and we can compare them with the measurements you sent. We will then select the costumes for you. You will be modeling some ones coming up in our next catalog. We have some new tutu designs I think you will like. Your measurements are pretty close.

 Margie, go ahead and put on some make up as if you were onstage and wear your pointe shoes. I'll have your costumes in a few moments.  Mike knocks on the door: Margie your costumes are this rack outside the door. The numbers on the top of the hangers is the order. There are various colors and designs of tutus. Margie opens the door and Mike helps her slide the rack inside. Oh , they're beautiful Margie said.  With you modeling them for us, are sales will be excellent Mike tells her. You see the full length mirror for you to check yourself. The steel plate here in front of the mirror is a static free device. It will reduce the static electricty when you stand on it. Just come out when you're ready with the first one ok.

 Margie comes out and they begin shooting the photos. Margie holds a number of ballet poses for each costume.  Mike is watching Margie change costumes on the monitor. It is time for the last one, a beautiful blue and gold tutu with military design to it. Mike watches as she pulls up the zipper in the back. Margie stands on the static free plate. With her hands on her hips and a beautiful smile on her face, Mike presses a button at his workstation. Instantly Margie is held in place.

There is electrical charge sent through the plate. The charge travels through her shoes and the rest of her body. Her central nervous system is frozen.

 Mike enters and sees Margie standing statue like. Margie thank you coming, I did'nt tell you that I need a mannequin for a upcoming trade show for costumes. You will be the centerpiece in my display. I'm so sorry I had to do this to you as you are so lovely. But you always be forever lovely now. You will not be missed. The new measuring device we used earlier collected data so we can produce a robot twin of you. She was being made while we were shooting the other costumes , she will join us in a few minutes. I want you to see her, nobody will ever know what happened. She has your entire memory of your life, knows everything you know and do.

 So Margie I will just touch up a few things on you. Mike kneels down at her side smoothing out her tights. Mike's hands come to her tutu bottom and slides his hand into the front part of her panty. Margie, enjoy while you can for in a few hours you won't ever feel anything again. Stroking her tights about her vagina, tracing the crotch panel. Mike can feel that Margie is enjoying this. Margie cannot speak. Mike then slides his other hand into the butt part. MMMMM such beauty he says as he smooths out any wrinkles around her butt. Very nice Margie, I sure made the right decision in selecting you.

 Mike stands up and stands behind her, pulls down the zipper slowly. Margies thinks that she will be penetrated from behind. Margie, I'm not going damage my creation by screwing you. I just want touch your beautiful body before you become hard. Pulling the straps of her shoulders, Mike strokes her body. For Margie it feels like a sensual massage. Her perfect breasts, nipples erect. Mike kisses them. Mike still notices some eye movement. Well let's get you back in order ok. Mike pulls up the straps over shoulders. Mike then pulls up the waistband of her tights a little and pulls the zipper back up.

 Margie, it's time I gave you the pill. Mike opens Margie's mouth and puts a large pill in the back of her throat. This begin the actual transformation into a mannequin by liquifying your organs and evaporating through your mouth, nose and ears. Your bones will harden and your muscles will become a hard polymer. The hair on your head and eyebrows, lashes will remain preserved with my help. Your skin will look and feel hard like any other mannequin's. I will not take you apart though. You will remain like you are right now in this position forever. I will now form the smile in your face. Your make up is touched up. I'll put spray some chemical on your hair to preserve it. A similar chemical will be sprayed on your face to give your a nice sheen on your face.

 Margie, you should begin to feel a orgasm coming on now followed many more. Your vagina will soon seal itself up followed by your anus. It will be smooth as a mannequin. Now that your hair should be set I have a hat for you to wear. Mike places a hat that matches her tutu. A diamond necklace now adorns her neck.

 In comes Margie's twin. Margie meet Margie Lake. In the nude she looks exactly like Margie. Mike kisses her and begins to make love to her. The new Margie soon has a orgasm. Margie still has enough of her senses when she sees and hears this. The new Margie goes and cleans herself up and dresses herself in Margie's clothes. Margie watches as her twin walks out into the world to take over life she now leaves behind. New Margie picks up her paycheck from Jane and says thank you and exits. Mike is getting himself cleaned up as well.

 Well , Margie you should be about done now. Mike comes to Margie , lightly touching her body starting at her legs and working up. Yes , you are completly hard on the outside as he strokes her pretty face. Inside however the process is continuing for a few more days.

 Mike takes her to a spot and a glass tube round at the top comes down around her. Slowly her breathing will stop, feeling no pain at all. She is having orgasms.


 A few weeks pass, the time for the costume trade show arrives. Margie is in her glass tube which she is transported in. Before the show , Mike raises the tube and places Margie on a box to be displayed for all to see. Soon people arrive at the show, Margie is held in place with magnets in her slippers so nobody will knock her over. Many people do touch her. One little boy whom was there with his mother looks at her touches the ruffles on her tutu panty bottom. The boy's mother scolds him. Mike said to his mother, please don't be angry with him. She's beautiful everybody wants to touch her. Everybody says that Margie is the highlight of the show. Many people from ballet companies make some orders on the spot. In a surprise visit , Magie's twin is there and alot do ask for her autograph and want their photo with her. The show was huge sucess.

 After the show , Margie is on display in Ballet Costume shop showroom.



                                                              The End


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