The Dolly Dildo

by Verina Du'Arden

        “You have to be joking!  I mean... there isn't any such thing as 'magic', not for real anyway!” I insisted as I stared at the three life-size dolls sprawled back on the built in sofa in the semi-sunken 'conversation pit' and the odd looking dildos laying on the coffee table taking up most of the middle of the conversation pit.  The details of the naked dolls' were amazingly life-like, and they were posed in the most lewd ways, as if they were in the middle of masturbating themselves to orgasm.

        Jenny casually entered the conversation pit and plopped down beside one of the lewd naked dolls as she said, “Oh, no, I'm not joking, Debbie.  These things really are magic dildos, and they really do turn girls into sex-dolls...” as she picked up one of the five colorful dildos, a bright blue one.

        Jenny paused and just stood there a few moments just staring at the dildo in her hand, apparently lost in thought.  Then she seemed shake herself when I stepped down into the pit and asked as I pointed at the lewd naked doll lounging on the sofa next to her, “Are you saying this use to be real girl, and those dildos turned her into a life size sex toy?”

        “Ah, well, no... the dildos on the table didn't turn her or the other two into dolls...” Jenny replied as she reached down, moved the hand of the doll away from its crotch, and pulled a wetly slick dildo from its shiny wet rubber pussy, “... this is the one that turned her into a sex-doll, Deb.  The dildos they used is still in their pussies and are the ones that turned them into sex-dolls.” then she held up the one she pulled out of the doll's pussy next to the one she got off the coffee table as she asked, “You see how dull this one is compared to the ones that haven't been used yet?”

        I saw what she meant about the difference in the two dildos, but I was more interested in how life-like the sex-dolls were and took a closer look at the one she took the dildo out of.  I was amazed by the detail and how really life-like that part of the doll looked, and giving in to my curiosity I discovered that part of the doll also felt almost totally real.  The slick wetness covering the doll's crotch, thighs and fingers as if it had really just finished masturbating even smelled like a girl's sex.  But, it was still obvious the dolls weren't alive, and no matter what Jenny said I really couldn't believe they had never been alive.  Each doll was different, and not only did they have different size and shaped breasts, figures, faces, hair styles, color and textures, the details of their pussies were also different.  All three of the dolls looked very sexy... just the kind of big boobed looks most guys seem to really like.

        I was still examining the details of the amazingly life-like dolls when I glanced over at Jenny and was startled to see her taking her clothes off.  I could only stare in surprise a moment or two befor demanding, “Jenny!  What the hell do you think you're doing!?”

        Slipping off her bra and tossing it atop her blouse laying on the clothes already piled up on the coffee table Jenny gave me a shy excited smile and replied, “What does it look like I'm doing?”

        Dropping my voice low I said in exasperation, “Okay... I see you're taking your clothes off, but why are you doing that?  What if someone comes in and catches you like that?”

        “Well...” Jenny said as she slipped her shorts off, “I really don't care...” then paused to take her panties off before continuing, “...if someone comes in, Debbie.  I'm taking my clothes off because I'm going to give this magic dildo a tryout...”

        I exclaimed in surprise, “What!?” and demanded, “But, but... I thought you said that is what it will do... turn you into a doll just like, like these other dolls!  If you really believe that thing can really do that, then why the hell are you going to messing around with the thing?”

        Jenny finished undressing, adding the last of her clothes to the piles and lounged back on the sofa beside one of the dolls before explaining, “Oh, I don't just 'believe' this can turn me into a sex-doll, I know it can do that because I saw Bethany and Karen using them yesterday...”

        I couldn't believe Jenny really meant what she said as I interrupted to demand, “But if you really Know that thing will do that to you then why are you going to use it?  Do you want to be turned into a big sex-doll like these other girls?”

        Jenny got an almost dreamy look as she began caressing herself with that blue dildo that now seemed to be almost glowing as she continued as those I hadn't interrupted, “It was the most amazing thing to see them turning into sex-dolls.  From all the moaning, groaning and gasping they were having one obviously super orgasm after another until they finally turned all the way into dolls.  When Bethany noticed me watching she managed to tell me it felt better then anything she ever felt before.  Even after they saw they were changing they didn't stop until they had finished turning into big sexy dolls.  They looked a whole lot sexier, and both had bigger better looking boobs and really sexy bodies after they turned into sex-dolls.”

        I just stared at her after she said this until I finally asked rather sarcastically, “So, because it's suppose to feel so great and you might get some bigger boobs you gona turn yourself into a rubber sex-doll?”

        While rubbing the almost glowing dildo back and forth against the nipples of her small A-cup breasts Jenny giggled and said, “Sure, why not?  Especially since some of the girls working here told me the transformation is only temporary.  They said after a girl spends up to five years as a sex-doll they are 'exchanged' and changed back into a real person, but they keep the bigger boobs and better figure.  I think it'll be a blast to be a sex-doll for a few years, just laying back and getting fucked by whatever horny guy that buys me.”

        I'm not sure why I grabbed up one of the remaining dildos, a fluorescent green one, but when I did I felt a pleasant electric like tingling all over my body, especially down in my crotch and around my nipples.  My nipples and crotch continued tingling in that pleasant erotic way as I found myself staring at the dildo I had picked up as Jenny giggle again and said, “Mmmm... feels good, doesn't it?  Debbie, why don't you take off those clothes and join me?  I bet you'll be a very sexy doll...”

        I tore my attention from the warm glowing dildo I held to stared at Jenny as she lay back on one of the sofas next to a motionless sex-doll and began rubbing the tip of the blue dildo up and down against her already wet slit.  While Jenny was obviously enjoyed what she was doing I just stood there watching her and caressing myself with that warm tingling dildo.  I was more then a little astonished, and really turned-on by how shy mousy Jenny was actually doing such a lewd sexy thing right there in front of me.  Jenny was soon moaning, groaning, gasping and shuttering in raw naked sexual delight.  Despite what was obviously a totally mind-blowing experience she managed to gasp, “Oh goooood gwaad!  This, this, this... ffeeelss sssooo fuckin goooood!!”

        Jenny must have been going at it non-stop for at least a good twenty minutes.  I found I couldn't take my eyes off her the whole time and I was barely aware of removing my top and bra so I could better caress myself with my dildo.  About this time I suddenly realized Jenny's many freckles had all faded or had blended together into a really nice overall tan.  Then I also noticed all the little scars on her knees and elbows she had acquired from growing up as an over-active tom-boy had also all disappeared.  Even as I watched I could actually see Jenny's skin changing and taking on a soft barely noticeable plastic sheen, looking more and more like the sex-dolls' soft silicone rubber skin.

        Jenny also obviously noticed the changes and between orgasms managed to gasp, “Oh yessss... it, it's really happening!... Oh yesssss... feeeelsss ssoooo goood, ssoooo fuckin gooood!”

        Then her rather small but large nippled A-cup size breasts began to visibly grow bigger and bigger with each orgasm.  At the same time her slim hipped tomboyish figure began taking on a noticeably curvier, sexier shape... a very curvy sexy shape as she continued pumping that bright blue dildo in and out of her squishy wet pussy.  Then she suddenly gave a long low breathy moan and got a really sexy expression on her face as all movement suddenly slowed to a stop with the dildo pushed almost out of sight in her pussy.

        I had been caressing myself all over with my dildo when I finally noticed Jenny hadn't moved or even blinked after a what seemed like a long time I very reluctantly stopped rubbing myself through my soaking wet panties to see if she was okay.  I was amazed to find myself getting turned on even more then I already was as felt Jenny's now D-cup size boobs to find they as well as the rest of her soft living flesh had actually turned into the soft flesh-like silicone rubber of a very life-like sex-doll.  It really happened, just like she said it would, she had turned into a sexy life-like sex-doll, just like the other dolls.  Like she had said about Bethany and Karen, Jenny the sex-doll really did look much, much sexier then Jenny the girl had... with big soft boobs and a super-sexy figure like a sex-doll should have.

        I found myself sitting on the sofa across from Jenny-the-Sex-Doll, caressing myself with my own dildo while thinking about how really sexy the idea of being a sex-doll like Jenny was and how super turned-on the idea made me.  My nipples were all hard, almost painfully stiff, my pussy had to be literally dripping wet since my panties were soaking wet.  I couldn't keep from wondering what would feel like turning into a sex-doll like Jenny had done as I almost eagerly slipped off my soaking wet panties.  Caressing myself again with my warm green dildo felt so very, very good, especially when I caressed my nipples and breasts, and my belly and thighs.

        As I lay back on the sofa between two sexy sex-dolls I ran the tip of my glowing dildo between the folds of my slick wet slit against bare flesh and triggered the one of the most fantastic orgasms I have ever experienced.  When I slowly drifted down from the peek of that first great orgasm I found I had shoved almost all of my glowing green dildo deep way in my squishy wet pussy.  I began to slowly pump the warm throbbing magic dildo in and out of my pussy, making a really lewd squish-squishing sound and causing my pussy juice to run down the crack of my ass from my hot wet slit.  Pumping the dildo in and out faster and faster it was only a minute or two until I had another fantastic orgasm, and then another, and another super orgasm.  As I got to the edge of cumming a fifth time I shoved the glowing green dildo as deep as I could in my pussy and triggered the most fantastic orgasm yet.  I Knew the dildo was going to turn me into a doll, just like Jenny's dildo turned her into a sexy sex-doll, and I found myself agreeing with her about how good it will be to spend a few years as some horny guy's sexy sex-doll... and anyway the magic dildo just felt to good to stop.

        I lost track of time as well as how many times I came and I barely noticed the slight tingling sensation all over.  A few moments after the tingling began I just happened to be looking down at my freckled boobs and saw the freckles and all the other little blemishes just fade away as my skin took on an almost plastic like sheen.  Then I felt a weirdly erotic sensation of pressure in my boobs as I watched my skin take on the same too-smooth look of the sex-dolls sprawled back motionless beside me.  Pumping the wonderfully warm throbbing dildo in and out of my pussy I watched in an orgasmic daze as my boobs swelled bigger and bigger with each orgasm until they were huge, at least 'DD's or maybe even a full 'F' or 'G' cup.  Before my boobs stopped growing bigger it felt my whole body was being squeezed and massage and shaped by huge powerful invisible hands, being molded like clay or, or silicone rubber into a much sexier, curvier, fuller version of myself, like Jenny's body had changed at the last, but different too.  Giving in to a sudden powerful urge I drove the warm tingling dildo as deep as possible into my sopping wet cunt and surging pulsating orgasms gripping my body exploded into the most powerful orgasm yet, forcing a long gasping shuddering moan from me.

        As awareness returned as I slowly came down from that last fantastic mind blowing mega-orgasm I felt so good it took a while for me to realize I couldn't move, I couldn't even blink, and I was pretty sure I wasn't breathing either.  Then I suddenly realized It had really happened!  The dildo had really turned me into a sexy big boobed sex-doll, just like Jenny and the other sex-dolls.  I was now Debbie-the-Sex-Doll, and it felt ssoooo very good.  I was sprawled back motionless on the sofa in the same kind of lewd sexy pose as the sex-dolls on either side of me, frozen motionless staring down over and between my huge stiff nippled tits at Jenny sprawled back in a similar lewd way on the other sofa.

        I was bit surprised I was still able to wonder about anything, or that I was still so aware of my surroundings, and I was just as surprised by how good, how... 'right' it felt to be a sex-doll, like this is what I was always meant to be, a sexy sex-doll.  I found myself wondering a bit about what happens next, but I really didn't much care as long as someone used me and fucked me.  It will be so good to have a warm stiff dick fucking my cunt, or my ass, or my mouth and be used as I should be used.  I didn't really care which of my fuck-holes is used just as long as some stud puts me to use and fucks me.

        Some time later I was imagining myself in the middle of a orgy, being used over and over again when I became aware three young women had entered the room.  When they examined me and the other dolls I discovered just how fantastically good it feels to be touched, to have my boobs held and squeezed, my thighs caressed, my cunt fingered.  I really wished they would continue playing with me, but it wasn't long before all three of the girls had picked up a dildo.  Soon after they picked up the dildos it was obvious the three young women was becoming more and more aroused until first one, then the other two began adding their clothes to the pile on the table.  They were soon masturbating and fucking themselves with their dildos.  They didn't stop until they had also turned into three more sexy big-boobed sex-dolls sprawled back on the sofa.  All the dildos had been used and there was eight sex-doll waiting to be put to use with the patiences of the life-size rubber dolls they obviously were.

*   *   *

        Nothing else happened for a while until two older looking black women came in the room.  They were both at least in their fifties, who maybe have been more attractive in their youth, but who were now rather plain looking, overweight older black women.  The women gathered up the pile of clothes on the table and stuffed them into a plastic trash sack.  Then they went around collecting the used dildos from the doll's cunts and put them in a wooden box carved with weird looking symbols before giving each sex-doll's crotch and thighs a quick washing.

        As the women were washing the crotch and thighs of the sex-doll one asked her companion as she finished cleaning up a sexy black sex-doll, “Lissa, yea ever think of usin one of these dildo things?”

        Lissa, paused to give her companion a curious look before asking in turn, “Why you ask that?  Mary... you not thinkin of shoving one of those up your pussy, are you?”

        Mary didn't reply as she began washing another of the now nameless sex-dolls, then she paused and sighed before saying, “Yes Lissa, I am.  I have no family, and I'm sure not getting any younger...”

        As she finished cleaning up the doll she was washing Lissa asked, “But why would yea want to turn yourself into one of these sex-dolls?”

        Mary sounded mildly annoyed as she stood next to her friend, looking around at the sprawled naked sex-dolls and said, “Why?  Look at them.  Look how damn sexy they all look!  None of them looked that good before, and some were down right homely girls...”

        Looking at her long time friend Lissa asked, “So, you want to be turned into a sex-doll because you'll be a sexy lookin sex-doll?  You do know all these dolls want now, all they can want now is to have some guy shove his dick in one of their fuck-holes.  They just expensive sex-toys now!  Is that what you want to be?”

        After a long pause while she continued looking at the motionless sex-dolls Mary finally nodded and said, “Well... yeah, I guess it is.  I, I've been thinking about this a while now, and I think I'll be slippin back in here when these are recharged this time...”

        Lissa sighed and said, “You'll not be the first to do it, and from what I heard I doubt you'll be the last.  You know, just last week I heard most all the women workin here, the ones who knows about how the sex-dolls they sell are really made ends up shoving one of those things up their pussies...”

        Mary looked around to Lissa as she said, “Oh, is that so?  I hadn't heard anything about that...  You think they made them do it?”

        Lissa shook her head and said, “No, I don't think so.  I think it's just the idea it's possible works on a woman until she finally give in to the urge to do it.  I also overheard one of the supervisors talking about always having to find replacements for the dumb broads who turned themselves into sex-dolls.  He sounded really annoyed, and I heard two other complaining about girlfriends who turned themselves into sex-dolls.”

        Mary looked back to the sex-dolls with a sigh and said, “I think I understand why they do it... But you know, if a girl was causing trouble I bet instead of being fired she would end up with one of these dildos stuffed up her pussy.”

        As workmen carried the first packing crate into the room Lissa picked up the bag of clothes and said, “Yeah... maybe, but I have to admit I've thought of doing it too...”

        Mary smiled as she followed and said, “Oh, really?  Then why don't you do it with me next time?  I bet we'd make a pair of very sexy sex-dolls”

        Lissa and Mary paused to watch a few moments to watch as one of the now nameless sex-dolls, which use be a girl named Debbie was picked up by the burly workman.  The workman took extra time to fondle the dolls big soft breasts, full round buttocks, and puffy lipped pussy as he folded the limbs of the doll so it fitted in the form fitting depression of its form lined shipping and storage crate.  Lissa and Mary knew that once they were packed away in their shipping and storage crates the new made sex-dolls would be taken down to the storeroom where they would kept until they are eventually sold and shipped out to their new owners.  Lissa and Mary always wondered why there had never been no fuss about the girls who got turned into dolls.  It was as if as far as anyone outside of the building was concerned anyone transformed into a sex-doll never existed as anything else other then newly made expensive sex-doll.

        Since Mary knew Lissa knew the transformation was permanent as well as she did, she a bit surprised in the break room a little before the end of their shift when Lissa said, “Mary, I don't know if you know this, but I've heard they can turn sex-dolls back into real people if they want to.  They don't do it because all the sex-dolls they have changed back into real people turned themselves back into sex-dolls the first chance they got...  I figure yea can't get a better endorsement then that.  So... If you really going to shove one of those things up your pussy I guess I'll do it too...  Like you, I really don't have anyone to miss me.”

        Mary gave Lissa a hug and said, “Oh, I'm so happy to hear that because I didn't want to do this alone.”  Then Mary got up and headed out of the break room, pulling Lissa along with her as she excitedly said, “They'll have the lounge setup for tomorrow, but we don't have to wait until then... We can do it now!”


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