The Girls Get Even

by Dreamwriter

   Mike was outside during his lunchtime. All the kids were having a good time in the sunlight. He watched Angie as she stood with some other girls. She was wearing a white dress with blue pin-dots and pantyhose.  The bright sunlight behind her illuminated her silhouette , and her white bikini panties could be seen. Truly a beautiful sight to behold. She was not wearing a slip obviously.

  Later in art class, Shelly was standing near the table Mike was at; she was wearing her cheerleader uniform. Mike purposely knocked his eraser off the table and it landed near Shelly. Mike went to pick it up, the eraser made no sound being made of rubber. Mike knealt behind Shelly, pausing a few seconds to look up her skirt. He was only a foot away from her ass. If she farted or backed up Mike would have caught it all and no doubt would die from embarassment. Nobody noticed, or so Mike thought.

 Later Angie told Shelly that Mike spied up her skirt for a few momments. Shelly was furious upon hearing this.  All the girls were becoming angry that boys were always trying to look up their skirts and dresses.

 Well Angie had a plan to get even and was now ready to set in it motion. Before school let out for the day, Angie asked Mike if he would like to walk home with her and study at her house. "Sure," Mike replied, he could not pass up a opportunity to study with one of the prettiest girls in school. After school let out, Mike and Angie met near the front of the school and started walking to her house it was only a few blocks away. As they walked, Mike carried Angie's books for her. They were discussing a upcoming test. Angie told some of the girls about what she was planning and told them to come by in about a hour to help her.

 They arrived at Angie's house; it was empty. Nobody would be home for hours she said. As they entered the house, Angie thanked Mike for carrying her books and kissed him on the cheek. Mike's heart skipped a few beats.

"Would you like cold drink," Angie asked.

"Yes, thank you," Mike replied.

"Please have a seat on the couch," Angie said, bringing in two glasses of iced tea for them. She gives Mike a glass and he says thank you. Mike takes a drink; they begin to study for the test while sitting on the couch. Angie places her legs up on the coffee table, she knows Mike would glance at them.

Mike takes another drink of the tea and said, "good tea".

"Thank you," she said and suddenly she got a cramp in her thigh. "Ow , Ow"

"What's wrong?" Mike asked.

"I just got cramp in my thigh - will you massage it for me?"

"Of course," Mike replied.

She knew he would not refuse her. Angie laid her legs on couch and pulled up her skirt showing her thigh to be rubbed. Mike took another drink and knelt down along the couch and started to massaging her thigh, looking at her crotch as he rubbed.  Her panties looked so soft, the touch of her pantyhose in Mike's hands was heavenly to him. Angie knew how this would effect Mike.

"Nice legs, Angie," Mike told her.

"Thanks," she replied as she brought his hands up close to her crotch. "UUMMMM that feels good," Angie says.

Mike gets dizzy and his head falls into her lap and his nose lands right at her cotton panel on her pantyhose. Mike didn't know the cramp was a fake and the tea was drugged; it was all part of her plan to trap him and it had worked perfectly. The other girls walked in the door.

"He just passed out a couple of minutes ago," Angie said. "Give me a hand and drag him downstairs."

Four girls, each one taking a arm or leg, carry Mike downstairs. They lay him on a short table. In his unconcious state, Mike had no idea what was happening to him.

"Let's get his clothes off, all of them," Angie said.

Shelly asked what are we going to do with him. "We are going turn him into a girl," Angie replied. They all laughed as they began to undress Mike. In a few minutes he totaly nude. The girls were gigiling as they had never seen a teen age boy naked before. "Ok, let's stand him up here against this," Angie points to a platform with a clear acryllic support for his back.

They put him onto it, Angie covers his body with another piece of acryllic. It fits his body, leaving his face uncovered. Angie goes to her computer and presses buttons. The pieces of acryllic fuse together and holding Mike immobile. Angie places a mask over Mike's face, this will read his memory and we can watch it like a movie, she explains. She starts the program, the memories started to appear at the point where he just passed out and went backwards. The images - clear as day - appeared on a tv screen. Shelly was again angry but happy as revenge was at hand. Then Angie saw the memory of her image outside earlier in the day. I had no idea the sun did that to me she remarked, blushing. As this was going on Mike's brainwave patterns were displayed so they could see what he was thinking about.

As they watched this play on, the girls noticed Mike puts a lot of effort into looking up dresses. At school, church, and everywhere women and girls were wearing skirts and dresses, Mike was there trying to sneak a peek.  They had seen enough now, and Angie removed the mask from his face.

Mike then became alert and said "What's going on here?"

The girls all started to laugh at Mike, naked and unable to do anything about it.

Angie said, "You have been naughty always looking up skirts."

"Why do you do it?" Shelly asks.

Mike replies, "The way I see it, you want boys to see how pretty you look underneath your skirts otherwise you wouldn't wear them."

"We also know you've been having wet dreams about looking up our skirts," Angie continues. "We're kind of flattered that you think we are pretty but you must be punished for your sins against us."

"So what are you going to me?" Mike asked

"Well, we are going to transform you into a girl so you will know what it's like to be one of us. You will be beautiful when I'm done with you," Angie says. "Well now, let's begin."  As Angie presses buttons, a mechanical arm with a syringe gives Mike a shot of estrogen. "Now we will take care of your penis and testicles," Angie said. Soon tears flow down his cheeks. "Crying won't help you now," one of the girls says as Kathy kisses his cheek. Then some breasts begin to form.

"Wow, you're really taking shape," Shelly said.  Now with b-cup breasts nice and firm, a vagina begins to take shape.

"OOOHHHHH!" Mike begins to moan as his body begins taking female form, his DNA is being rewritten to that of 13 year old girl now. His or her facial structure changes somewhat.

"You're almost done now , I think we will call you "Michelle" now," Angie comments.

The girls gather some removal cream for her legs and underarms.

"Michelle your transformation is complete now," Angie says as she opens the acryllic shell that held her creation.

Michelle falls to the floor, the girls help carry her to a shower begin removing her unwanted hair. Angie went to get a bra and panties forMichelle as the girls worked on their new friend. They finished cleaning her up and began drying her off.

"Here you are Michelle," Angie hands over a pretty pink bra and panty set with lace. Michelle puts on her new lingere and gets familiar with her new body. Angie gives Michelle a nightgown to wear, soft and satiny. All the girls give Michelle a kiss goodbye as they leave and say see you tommorow.

"Angie, what happens now; I can't go home like this?" Michelle asks.

She replies, "You will stay here now, my parents and 2 sisters won't mind. You will sleep with me in my bed."

"Thank you," Michelle said as she kisses her new best friend on the lips. Bedtime comes and they go to sleep together. In the morning Michelle knows she can never use the toilet standing up again. After she showers, Michelle asks Angie what she will wear to school today.

"Here, wear this dress," Angie says as she is laying it on the bed. "Here, you will need this slip as well and some pantyhose," she continues, giving Michelle a unopened container of "Leggs"

"Thank you, you're so kind to me."

"Stay close to me," Angie said. They left for school, meeting the other girls there. They were in awe when they saw Michelle and said how nice she looked. Thanks, Michelle said. All the boys were checking out the new girl now.

Angie said to Michelle "Do as I say or I will tell them who you used to be."

"Ok," Michelle said.

Walking upstairs, Angie drops her book and tells to Michelle to pick it up. As she does the hem of her skirt rises and some boys are right there to look up her skirt. Michelle will always wear skirts and dresses with pantyhose or tights covering her legs and the boys will always be watching her walking upstairs and outside everywhere.


The End

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