The Mission

by RobotMan


1 - Rochelle's Visit

   Rochelle came to a stop beside the doorway, with her face inches away from the scanner.

   The scanner made a few beeps, then said in an electronic female sounding monotone "SCANNING."

   A grid of red laser light fell upon Rochelle's unmoving face while the scanner made some more computerized noises.

   "SCANNING COMPLETE." said the box on the wall.  The door opened and Rochelle walked through to a room filled with massive computer terminals and consoles.  She walked toward an examination chair with a pretty brunette standing next to it.  She smiled blankly with a clipboard in her hand as Rochelle climbed into the chair and came to rest.

   "Hello, Rochelle.  How was your day?" said the brunette as she turned away to press some buttons and make some settings on the console behind them.

   "My day was fine.  Thank you." came her emotionless reply.

   "Did you have any trouble getting to work?"

   Rochelle paused and blinked.  "The roads were icy, but I managed to navigate them without error."

   "No problems with any social interactions today?"

   "No.  All social interactions were executed as expected."

   "Please remove your facemask, Rochelle." said Maria as she turned her attention back to her.

   Rochelle moved her hands up to her head and placed them on the sides of her face.  She then pulled it right off her head to reveal a complex array of flashing lights, microchips, transistors and wires over a series of circuit boards that held two big round glass eyeballs and a speaker.  She put the realistic plastic mask on her lap as Maria readied some connecting cables.

   "I am going to download data from your visual and auditory memory banks into the main computer for processing and evaluation." Maria said.

   Rochelle said nothing and remained still as Maria plugged a few cables into connection ports built into her head.  The flashing multicoloured LEDs made some synchronous flashes, then began making regular patterns.  Computerized beeps emanated from the same high-definition speaker that generated her voice and the sounds of her breathing.

   Maria carefully analyzed the data on the monitors as it flashed by at an inhumanly fast speed.  "There seems to be an anomaly within your visual and auditory memory banks." she said.  "Rochelle, interrupt data transfer."

   Rochelle's lights went dark, then flashed simultaneously again.  "Data transfer interrupted." she said.

   Maria pressed some more buttons on the console behind them.  "Rochelle, please unbutton your blouse and open your chest panel." she said as she unplugged the cable's from Rochelle's opened head.

   Rochelle did as she was instructed.  With the removal of the connecting cables from her head, the LEDs again flashed in a seemingly random way.  Maria made another set of connection cables ready to plug into Rochelle's chest.  Once the panel was open, she plugged them in and turned back to the console to press some more buttons.

   "Rochelle," she said, "enter diagnostic mode."

   All the flashing lights in Rochelle's openings came on solid and stayed that way.  Her speaker emitted a monotone, electronic sounding version of her voice, saying simply "DIAGNOSTIC MODE."

   Maria turned her attention to the data on the monitors.  For several minutes, neither of them moved as the main computer investigated Rochelle's inner workings.  Then, a long string of code flowed past on one monitor.

   Maria turned to Rochelle and said "It appears that your optical system has suffered a critical malfunction.  There is no checksum data stored from 14:38 to now."  She turned back to the console and pushed more buttons.  She unplugged the cables from Rochelle's chest and packed them neatly away.  "Rochelle," she said "Please detach your head."

   After a few beeps, Rochelle put her hands on the sides of her head and lifted it away from her body.  The flashing lights were still going, powered by the head's own power supply.  Her long reddish-brown hair draped over the metal connectors in her neck as her arms held out the faulty device to Maria.

   She took it and walked in her built-in sexy way to an examination table.  She gently laid the head on the table facing down.  Then she grabbed the hair on the back and lifted a rectangular patch of skin away to reveal the cavity containing the cylinder-shaped power supply.  Her finger deftly pressed a button inside the cavity and the flashing lights went off.  She gave the cylinder a twist and removed it from the head to lay it down on the table beside her.  Then she picked up a long slender screwdriver and with mechanical speed loosened four screws in the corners of the opening.  The head split front to back as it was opened up, hinged at the top. 

   Maria looked down and performed a full spectrum scan of the inside.  She soon spotted the damage.  Some circuitry had been rendered inoperable by excess heat.  She stood up straight and still for a moment then walked over to the communications console.  She pressed one of the buttons down and called "Attention Robot Lab Six.  Attention Robot Lab Six."

   After a few seconds, a voice came back "This is Robot Lab Six.  Laurie reporting."

   "Laurie, please prepare a replacement Rochelle robot, series 558, for tomorrow's experiments.  Activate the robot as soon as possible."

   "Yes, Maria." said Laurie.

   Maria walked back to the table and began dismantling the head.  The rest of Rochelle sat unmoving in the examination chair, a few lights still blinking in her chest, her facemask still in her lap.

   Over at Robot Lab Six, Laurie strutted sexily over to the curved glass booths that stored the replacement robots.  She quickly identified the unit to activate and walked over to the console to do so.  Moving in the exact same manner as Maria, she pressed a sequence of buttons on the console.  The front panel of glass split and separated on the tube containing the backup Rochelle.

   With the standard blank smile on her face, Laurie walked over to the robot and opened her chest panel.  She pressed the power button and waited as the spare Rochelle booted up.

   "Rochelle robot number 729011B activated." she said emotionlessly, standing still and staring ahead.

   Laurie Closed the chest panel and said "Rochelle, please sit down in the chair beside the data exchange console.

   The robot stared out blankly and said "Yes, Laurie."  She walked stiffly toward another examination chair and sat down.

   Laurie walked over to the console beside it and spent a few minutes making settings and pressing various buttons.  She then turned to the recently activated robot and said "Rochelle, please open your chest panel.  

   Rochelle's fingers opened up the panel as Laurie led the connecting cables from the console to her chest.  She sat still with a couple of lights flashing in the panel as Laurie inserted the cables.

   "Rochelle, begin download of program SHBP2-7b.T83." Laurie commanded.

   "Yes Laurie." the robot responded.  The pattern of the blinking LEDs in her chest changed from time to time while the computer fed her new programming into her.  This stream of data was the standard human behaviour program, version 2.7b.  it would enable her to appear passably human in most circumstances.

   For several minutes, neither Laurie or Rochelle moved, the only thing that changed were the lights all around the room and in Rochelle's chest that blinked on and off.


02 - Rochelle's Return

"Download of programming complete." said the spare Rochelle as the pattern of flashing LEDs in her opened chest panel changed once more.

Laurie unplugged and packed away the connection cables and turned to work at a different console for a few minutes.   After that she turned to Rochelle and said "Please install and execute program SHBP2-7b.T83."

"Yes Laurie." she said.  Her lights turned off momentarily, then came on solid while a series of loud beeps came from her body.  After several seconds of this, she announced "program SHBP2-7b.T83 installed and executed successfully."

"How do you feel Rochelle?"

"I feel fine.  I am ready to function in Human Simulation Mode."

"Good." said Laurie.  "Please close your chest panel and get dressed in garment series 6D. Report to Robot Control Station 2 for additional programming."

"Yes Laurie." said the newly activated Rochelle as she reached up to close her open panel.  She turned her beautiful naked body and walked gracefully toward the staircase.  Laurie remained standing in the same position, unmoving.  Her eyes were still aimed at the same point in space, her static expression was still displayed on her face as Rochelle exited the basement and the lights went out.

Not long after, this Rochelle emerged from the unassuming looking suburban house.  She was dressed smartly in a stylish light blue skirt and jacket combo with a frilly white blouse and natural coloured nylons.  Her matching heels clicked as she took the keys from her purse and walked toward the parked minivan.  She got in and started it up.

Her head pivoted from left to right, surveying the situation as traffic law code was loaded into her memory.  All of her systems and programs were running smoothly so far.  Her optical scanners zoomed in on the details revealed by the mirrors as her processors analyzed the data and issued commands to her servo motors.  The robot drove the van to the edge of the driveway and gathered more data before proceeding down the road to Robot Control Station 2.

The trip over was also smooth, with no serious problems cropping up.  These complicated androids had been tested and retested to ensure their competence while operating heavy machinery.  Rochelle was far more dependable in that respect than any human could be.  No feelings of pride over this fact had been programmed into her, though.  She parked the van in this other house's driveway and found the keys for the door without any feelings at all running through her advanced circuitry.

She opened the door, walked through, and locked it behind her.  The layout of the house was also programmed into her, so she didn't waste any time in finding the basement door. 

As soon as she was downstairs, Maria put down her tools and said "Hello, Rochelle, how do you feel?"

The new Rochelle stood still and responded "I feel fine. Thank you."

Maria turned away from the worktable where she had layed the various parts of the original Rochelle's body.  "Please sit down beside the main computer console." she said as she walked over.

"Yes Maria." said Rochelle as she went and sat down.

Maria readied the connection cables and said "Please unbutton your blouse and open your chest panel."

Rochelle did as Maria ordered, and the programming scene was repeated.  This time, the new Rochelle was updated with the old Rochelle's data and memory up to the previous day.  All of that robot's experiences with people and situations were copied into this new chassis.  Today's data was still untransferable, so this pretty version would have to fill in some blanks at the office tomorrow.

With the data transfer complete, Maria unplugged the cables and put them neatly away again.  The spare Rochelle sat staring straight ahead with her chest panel open while Maria went back to work on the partially dismantled original.


03 - Rochelle Goes to the Office

The replacement Rochelle robot arrived punctually at the office the next morning.  She made her usual greetings with the help of her advanced feature recognition software, and made her way to the elevators.

For the last three weeks or so, Rochelle had been working as a personal secretary for Thomas King.  This man was the regional vice president for a major software company.  Rochelle had been manufactured, programmed and placed for the purpose of espionage.  No heterosexual man could resist her factory-standard charms, especially not a pig like Mr. King.

Rochelle got into her shared office, hung her coat and sat down at her desk.  While her machine body moved along according to the dictates of her lightning fast CPU,  She chatted with the slightly more senior receptionist, Kim.

Kim was blonde and also very pretty, but a little ditzy.  That served to show Mr. King's hiring preferences.  There was only enough work for one person, so the two women often had nothing to do.  Those were the situations when Rochelle's software really shone.  She could out-test Turing himself with her conversation skills and highly articulated facial expression capabilities.

During all the time they had chatted and talked, Kim had never been given any reason to think that Rochelle was anything more than a pretty and intelligent young professional woman with exquisite manners and impeccable taste.  She had even become fond of Rochelle as a friend, though of course Rochelle's robotic nature prohibited any reciprocal feelings.  To Rochelle, Kim was just one more human, the likes of witch she had been programmed to deal with efficiently and effectively.

About an hour into the morning, Mr. King arrived.  He was late and a little drunk, as usual. 

"Miss Prantov, I need to have a word with you." he said to Rochelle as he bypassed Kim and walked quickly toward his office.  The door was shut firmly behind him.

"You're in trouble." Kim half-whispered.

Rochelle rolled her eyes using a predetermined subroutine with semi-randomly selected parameters.  "What else is new?" she said to Kim as she got up and straightened up her clothes.  The appearance of a deep breath before she went into Mr. King's office was another nice touch, courtesy of her sophisticated programming.

Upon her entrance into the boss's office, he pressed a button on his expensive looking phone and said "Kim, hold all my calls and meetings please."  He got up and took off his finely tailored jacket.

"You needed to speak with me Mr. King?" Rochelle said, her face projecting a look of innocence.

"Mr. King?" he said as he approached her.  "What happened to Tommy?"

Rochelle's facial expression mechanism changed to indicate slight puzzlement. 

"After what we went through yesterday, babe, you should be calling me Daddy!" he said as he swooped in to hold her in a lustful embrace.

In an almost unmeasurably small fraction of a second, Rochelle's processors had compiled the available data from the day's events so far and extrapolated several situational possibilities to explain her boss's behaviour.  Her probability algorithms had determined that the untransferable files held within the original Rochelle robot must have included data referring to a sexual experience between that robot and Thomas King.

So she immediately began returning his advances.  Mr. King must have gotten quite intimate with the other Rochelle the previous day, because within minutes he had this one sitting up on his desk with her skirt up and panties down.  Her hardware worked flawlessly in this mode as she emitted sounds of heavy breathing and moaning while her body temperature raised to appropriate levels.  Fluid reservoirs within her abdomen kept her artificial vagina lubricated while Mr. King's greedy tongue flicked playfully at her electronic clit.  He rubbed her sexy nylon covered thighs while he drank in her realistically tasting and smelling juices.

Her camera eyes and microphone ears recorded all the passionate goings on between the two while her processors sifted rapidly through gigabytes of data to compute her every move.  Servo motors, actuators and artificial flexors worked under increasing pressure to carry out the myriad instructions flooding from her CPU.  The grand cascade of complex computations finally coalesced into a perfectly executed electromechanical orgasm.  All of the robot's sexual systems functioned in unison to give Mr. King the gratifying flood of sensuality he had been waiting for.

Next, with almost no time to let her electronics cool down, she was bent over his desk while he pushed his little executive prick in and out of her tight plastic pussy.

"Yeah.  This is how you like it, isn't it?" he said.

"More, Tommy, more!" she gasped, trying not to be too loud.  The data she was collecting now would be very valuable to Robot Control.

Thomas King was quick to come, so Rochelle was too.  He bragged like a complete fool about his prowess as they wound the session down and made themselves look professional once more.  It was a good thing Rochelle was not programmed to experience shame.

He gave her a quick kiss and a slap on the behind as she walked toward the door.  "Back to work, Toots." he said with a wink.  From within her computer brain was formulated a fitting response.  She blew him a kiss.

She exited with a down look on her face, as if she had done something wrong.  This was for Kim's benefit.  There were few human expressions that her facemask couldn't mimic.

"How'd it go?" asked Kim in a hushed voice as she leaned forward.

"He really chewed me out." said the robot.


04 - Rochelle Has an Opportunity

Rochelle spent the rest of the day talking to Kim, chatting with other coworkers, and even doing some work.  That was no problem at all for her advanced AI systems.  Every now and then, she even went to the washroom to release the coffee and pastries she had consumed.  The reality was that she had been hired to look good, and this task she passed with flying colours.

Thomas King spent the rest of the day in his office.  He had work to do for a change.  He wasn't doing it, but he had it.  He had made it a point to stay in his office so that he would look busy.  For hours upon hours he putted a customized golf ball around the office carpet.  He kept score and even bettered his swing by all the practice, so at least the day wasn't a total waste for him.

Rochelle could hear the putter striking the ball.  Her already hyper-sensitive hearing, coupled with digital sound extraction methods and advanced acoustic analyzing techniques enabled her to focus in and hear many things to which the humans around her were oblivious.  That was how she learned about "Project H".  Thomas only spoke of it by that name to his boss, and he hadn't said much about it.  It was three DVD-Rs full of unreleased and valuable proprietary software that he was supposed to check.  His resume had been explicit in stating his qualifications to do this, but those qualifications were as false as Rochelle's displays of affection.  His dad got him the job.

Thomas didn't like to think about the fact that he couldn't actually do what he was hired to do.  Good thing for him he had scotch to make him feel better.  By the time 5 o'clock rolled around, he knew he was in no shape to drive home.  He clumsily put on his suit jacket and sat back down.  He leaned heavily on the desk and more or less fell onto his arms by the phone.

"Miss Prantov," he said after finding and hitting the right button, "Can you come in here?"

Kim, who was busy getting her coat on, looked back to Rochelle.  They shared a knowing look at the pathetic slurred voice that had come over her phone.  He was an obvious and sloppy drunk.

"Hope he doesn't keep you long.  See you Monday Rochelle!" Kim said as she waved goodbye.

"Have a good weekend!" said the artificial woman as she watched Kim exit.  Rochelle searched for and retrieved a file from her memory banks.  The last time Mr. King was drunk like this at 5 o'clock, he had just asked the robot to drive him home.  For a fraction of a second, Rochelle's electronic brain computed the possible scenarios that might arise.  She was like a supercomputer playing chess this way.  She methodically went through the most likely permutations and combinations of events that might occur.  She then indexed those according to which would be likely to get those 3 DVD-Rs into her hands.

With no appreciable time lost, she entered Mr. King's office.  While she made eye contact with him, she was able to visually scan her entire field of vision for any sign of those 3 discs.  The few discs she saw lying around were placed in such away as to make them unlikely candidates for top secret and highly protected material.  "You look relaxed, Tommy." she said.  Her facemask smiled.

Thomas flashed a dopey grin back at her.  "Can you drive me home?"

This request initiated a new round of lightning fast computing within Rochelle's chest.  With luck, more opportunities to get access to the discs would present themselves. "Of course." she said.

"Thanks babe." he said.  He stood up and picked up his briefcase.  Rochelle had already computed that there was a high probability that the discs were in there.

She got her things and they walked together out of the office and made their way to the parkade.  They made small talk along the way.  Rochelle certainly resembled a sober human being more than Mr. King at this point.  One of the security guards let them into the parkade.  He didn't look at all surprised to see the big boss of the big firm drunk again.  Mr. King could try to walk as straight as he could, and talk as clear as he could, but he couldn't hide his flushed face or the smell on his breath.

The robot started walking to her car.

"Where you goin'?" asked Thomas.  "We'll take my car.  Then you can take a cab back and get yours."

Thomas couldn't see the abject rudeness of this request, but it didn't matter anyway.  This was all part of Rochelle's mission.  It would be pretty hard to inconvenience a machine.

Rochelle's face made an expression of resignation for a moment. "Okay." she said.

He led the way to his expensive car.  Some dents and scratches betrayed the times when he thought he was sober enough to drive himself home.  He fumbled the keys out of his pocket and clicked the button to unlock the doors.  Rochelle walked over to the driver's side as Thomas opened the door and dumped his briefcase behind the seat.  He sat down as Rochelle gracefully got in and sat down too.

"You remember where my house is?" he said, trying to stay awake.

"I think so." she said as she took the keys from him and started the engine.  Of course, she could find his house with her eyes closed, or with her whole head removed for that matter.  She pulled another file out of her memory and plotted an exact route from the office to Mr. King's home.  She instantly computed additional routes too in case a problem arose.

With nothing further said between them, they were out of the parkade and on the streets.  The long ride was uneventful.  It took a full hour to get to Mr. King's home on the edge of town.  It would take at least two hours before Rochelle made it back to Robot Control to have the day's data downloaded into the main computer.  After that, Rochelle would be plugged in to recharge, and she wouldn't have to move at all until Monday.

But for now, she was stuck on the roads in her boss's car while he snored next to her.  She wasn't programmed to get pissed off, but she could act like she was if the situation demanded it.  For a time, her processors computed the idea for her to look for the discs in his briefcase while he slept.  The danger of being caught was too great for that however.

She would simply have to wait for another opportunity to get to them.

At long last, she pulled the car into Mr. King's driveway.  Thankfully, his wife wasn't home yet.  It wouldn't help things for her to see her husband drunk and being driven by a striking young beauty like Rochelle.

The robot stopped the engine and turned over to her boss.  "Tommy..." she said as she gently shook his shoulder.  "Tommy." she said louder.

He took a sharp breath and opened his bleary, drunk eyes.  He covered his mouth as he yawned and stretched. 

"Thanks." he said.  He was uncharacteristicaly sincere.  "Oh, I forgot to ask you.  Can you pick me up here tomorrow at nine so we can go to my cabin and work on something?"

Rochelle acted like she was put-off by the request.

"You're not doing anything tomorrow, are you?" he asked, looking a little embarrassed.  "Sorry, I was going to ask you earlier.  If you do, I'll get you something nice, I promise."

The chance to get access to that precious data and complete her mission was exactly what Rochelle wanted, but she had to appear to agree to it grudgingly.  "Well, I'll have to cancel some things... but I'll do it."  She gave him a half-hearted smile.

"Ah, thanks babe.  I'll make sure you get rewarded for this.  Just, one more thing, take a cab here.  My wife gets back tomorrow afternoon, and I don't want her to see your car."

Rochelle nodded. "Okay." she said.

Thomas leaned over and kissed her, leaving the stink of his booze breath momentarily on her plastic lips.

"See you tomorrow." he said.

He got his briefcase and took the keys from her.  Silently, they got out of the car.  He locked the doors behind them as he navigated his way up the steps to his door.  Rochelle pulled the phone out of her purse and called for a cab.


05 - Home Is Where the Main Computer Is

After a half hour wait, the cab finally showed up.  It took her back downtown to the office building so she could drive her own car back to Robot Control.  By now, any human would be in quite a foul mood, but moods were something Rochelle just didn't have.  She was running low on power, but she wasn't in any danger of shutting off.  Still, to be on the safe side, she had plugged a cord into the car's cigarette lighter outlet so she could rest her own power supply on the way home.  The cord was unnoticeable as it ran from the outlet, between the seats and up the back of her coat and jacket.  It was connected securely into the recharge port at the base of her spine.  Enough currant flowed through it to run her basic cognitive systems, but the movements she made while driving still had to be powered by her own batteries.

The car at last rounded the final turn on the street where her house was.  The nice looking bungalow had a  finely manicured lawn, an attached garage, and a high-tech electronic laboratory and command center in the basement.

The sun had set by the time Rochelle pulled up to the house and parked the car on the street.  Her internal settings made her leave the driveway clear for other missions.

She unplugged the cord at both ends and closed up the panel.  She coiled up the cord and put it in her purse.  She exited the car and locked it, and walked toward the front door.

The house's lights and appliances were set to go on my themselves at more or less random times to give it a lived-in look.  Some of the lights were already on.  Rochelle walked past a movie showing on the TV as she went to the basement door.  She walked down the stairs and stopped in front of the scanner.  The scanner beeped a few times and the voice called out in its inhuman but feminine monotone "SCANNING."  The red laser grid illuminated Rochelle's face for a while until the box called out "SCANNING COMPLETE."  Rochelle waited for the door to open then walked into the lab.

Maria was busy working on the original Rochelle robot.  She had it mostly disassembled in an attempt to find out what had caused the circuitry in its head to overheat.  Upon the other Rochelle's entrance, Maria put down her tools and turned around.  "Hello, Rochelle.  How was your day?" she said with the exact same inflection and voice that was there every time she said it.

"My day was fine.  Thank you." said Rochelle as she walked toward the empty examination chair.  She was no longer making any effort to appear real.  Her voice and mannerisms were distinctly non-human.

"Did you function properly today?" Maria asked.  She was now busy at the computer console, making adjustments and entering in data.

"Yes.  All programs were executed as expected." said Rochelle 2 as she sat in the chair.

Maria finished her work at the console and turned back to the seated robot.  "Please remove your facemask, Rochelle."

Rochelle's face had no expression on it at all as it was detached from the rest of her head.  She held the facemask on her lap as Maria readied some cables to plug into the connection ports now exposed amid all the fast blinking lights and electronic parts.

"I am going to download data from your visual and auditory memory banks into the main computer for processing and evaluation." Maria said, repeating the same thing she said every day.

The data transfer began.  The day's events flowed in the form of 1s and 0s through the insulated copper wires.  The main computer received and simultaneously sorted the data, showing its progress on the monitors.  Maria's eyes collected that data and looked for anything out of the ordinary.  In the 42 minutes it took to download Rochelle's memory, not a single flaw or bug had come up.  

"Data transfer complete." Maria announced.  She unplugged Rochelle's head from the terminal and packed the cables away.  Maria turned to the console and set its controls for the next stage.

For the next several minutes, the main computer analyzed the sights and sounds that the robot secretary had recorded.  The computer's task was to figure out what special instructions, if any, should be programmed into her for the next day's activities.

The unexpected invitation to Mr. King's cabin was a welcome development.  All signs indicated that Rochelle would be alone with him.  There was a high probability that they would work on those three discs that were so valuable.  Also high was the probability that the robot's sexual functions would be called upon to perform with great frequency.

The computer scheduled testing and maintenance on Rochelle's sexual parts.  It also formulated a plan to make sure that Mr. King wouldn't interfere with the robot's mission.  A canister containing pure carbon monoxide gas would be installed inside Rochelle.  The gas would be released through her mouth when she "exhaled".  She would release enough gas to knock him out, but not to kill him.  Mr. King would simply go to sleep while Rochelle did what she had to do.

Secondary preparations devised by the main computer were for the robot to wear lingerie under her sexier than usual clothes.  A slightly different makeup job was in order for her facemask as well.

The computer's consoles flashed, clicked and beeped all around Maria and Rochelle while the details were being worked out.  When the plan had been written and compressed into a single file, it was ready to be downloaded into Rochelle.

Maria sprang into action.  "Rochelle," she said. "Please unbutton your blouse and open your chest panel."

Rochelle reached up and did as she had been instructed.  Her delicate looking hands unfastened the buttons one by one until there was enough room for the panel cover to flip open.  Rochelle's fingers found the edge of the cover and exposed the required connection ports to Maria.

The cables were plugged in and the computer established a connection with the robot again.

"Rochelle, begin download of program MU531.T85." Maria said.

"Yes Maria." Rochelle said as the coloured LEDs flashed both in her head and in her chest.

The computer fed its new instructions into Rochelle in the same way that the information from her cameras and microphones had been transferred into it.  The electronic pulses of binary code lasted just over six minutes.

As the final bit was written and verified on one of her hard drives, Rochelle announced "Download of programming complete." The lights in her chest flashed a different pattern to signify this.

Maria reached over and unplugged the connection cables.  She packed them away too and turned to work at the console behind her.  After that was done she again turned to Rochelle and said "Please install and execute program MU531.T85."

"Yes Maria." said the seated fembot.  After some more flashing lights and loud computerized beeps she said "program MU531.T85 installed and executed successfully."

"How do you feel Rochelle?" Maria asked.

"I feel fine." Rochelle said.


06 - A Quiet Evening at Home

"Rochelle, please give me your facemask." Maria said.  Rochelle's artificial eyes stared out blankly from the patterned mess of electronic components inside her head as her arms extended with the mask to Maria.  She took the intricate covering from Rochelle and brought it to another work table along the wall.  This workstation was set up specifically for changing the makeup on those removable faces.

Maria glanced at one of the many monitors flashing fast streams of 1s and 0s.  From this, she found out which pre-set makeup pattern to apply, as determined by the main computer.  With an expert's touch, Maria quickly and carefully removed the current layer of cosmetics.  Rochelle's vacant and eyeless face pointed toward Maria as her hands flew about it with damp sponges and cloths.

Once the silicone part had been wiped clean, Maria set to work colouring the lips, eyelids, eyelashes and cheeks.  She finished quickly and without error.  The Rochelle robot would look very pretty indeed once its facemask had been reattached.  For now though, it would remain at the workstation as Maria walked elsewhere to further prepare the robot for her mission.

Inside a plain looking cabinet were many small tanks full of compressed gas.  Some were benign, others not.  Maria's hand grasped one of the CO canisters and removed it from the cabinet.  She closed the door again and brought the can with her over to Rochelle.

"Rochelle, please stand up." she said.

"Yes Maria." Rochelle said.  She stood up.

"Rochelle, please remove your clothes."

"Yes Maria." Rochelle said again.  She began to undress.  Her expensive garments were dropped one by one to the cold clean floor as they slid off her plastic limbs.  The sight of such a beautiful body as Rochelle's would certainly arouse any straight man, and make many straight women turn gay.  Maria's expression, however, was perfectly blank as the curvaceous, sexy redhead robot got naked in front of her.

Another pretty female came walking toward them at that time.  She was quite obviously a machine.  The sound of her motors whirring and hydraulics pumping could be heard as soon as she entered the room in her ultra-stiff mechanical gait.  A strong smell of plastic wafted around her like strange perfume.  An endless series of audible computerized tones came seemingly at random from within her body.  These were punctuated by the occasional loud beep or two.  She was a very cute curvy thing with short, light brown hair.  Her body was dressed in a see-through French maid outfit that showed off all of her well-built frame.  The sounds she made, the way she moved and even the unnatural look set on her face revealed with stark clarity the fact that she couldn't possibly be a human being.

The other girls paid absolutely no attention to this other robot as she moved stiffly and methodically to pick up the clothes that had been dropped.  Passing by the disassembled body of her deactivated twin, Rochelle walked over to lie down on the table while the cute mechanical maid draped the clothing over her arm and slowly strutted out of the room.  Her robotic sounds faded as she exited the lab.

"Rochelle, please detach your torso panel connectors." Maria said.

"Yes Maria." Rochelle said. Three loud clicks sounded out as Maria grabbed the sides of Rochelle's upper body.  The entire front section of the robot was removed - perfect breasts and all.  Maria turned and hung this part on a waiting rack made for that purpose.  Rochelle's inner workings were now exposed to the room.  Only her arms, legs and pelvis remained covered by realistic synthetic skin.  The rest of her was all blinking LEDs, wires and computer parts bolted and bonded to a strong plastic skeleton.

Maria held back a bundle of multicoloured wires near the middle and fitted the gas canister into an empty receptacle.  It locked into place, the nozzle fitting into a hose connection that ran to her air pumps.

"Gas canister connected." Rochelle's speaker announced.

Maria walked over to another, smaller cabinet.  Inside were many large cartridges, all the same.  These were multi-chambered fluid reservoirs, containing all those specially formulated liquids that the robots secreted from their bodies to appear more human.  She fitted this inside Rochelle, who announced the connection to the brunette technician.  Maria returned the empty cartridge back to a compartment within the cabinet so it could be cleaned and refilled.

The third and last cartridge to be replaced was full of subtle fragrances and synthetic pheromones.  They gave Rochelle her own individual scent, and help her continue to attract her male human target.

Rochelle announced this connection too, marking the completion of this process.  Maria fitted Rochelle's chest cover back on her and ordered her to stand up and walk toward her charging station.

Rochelle replied in the usual way and did as she had been told.  Her recharge port opened up at the base of her spine, just above her pert round buns.  As she stepped onto the platform in the open booth, a small arm extended from the back wall at exactly the same level, with three small holes made to fit into the exposed electrical plug-in.  Maria fetched the waiting facemask and walked over to Rochelle.  The face went back on with a click while her unblinking eyes stared vacantly ahead.  Maria slid her index finger underneath the open chest panel cover above Rochelle's inviting breasts and swung the hinged flap closed.  Standard household electrical currant started flowing into Rochelle's body, recharging the large batteries located in her thighs, and the auxiliary battery in the back of her head. 

Maria walked over to one of the main computer's consoles.  She worked for a few minutes pressing buttons and typing in long strings of code, then walked over to the empty booth next to Rochelle's.  Maria stepped up on the platform and turned her naked body around while the booth made its connection to her recharge port, which had no cover and was always exposed. 

Electricity flowed into her too as the clunky maid robot returned.  Her loud robot sounds blended in with the constant clicks and beeps coming from the many huge consoles around them.  The flashing lights of the consoles and the flickering data on the monitors nicely complimented the stiff, graceless movements of the robot maid as she stared straight ahead and cleaned the skin of the two charging robots.


07 - Out and Over

Without so much as the slightest movement, Maria and Rochelle recharged through the night.  Each fembot had a digital clock readout displayed among other constantly updated data in its field of vision.  When that clock hit 8AM, the charging arms simultaneously disconnected and retracted from their connection ports.  Each gorgeous android performed a routine system check on itself then stepped out of its booth.

The cover swung back over Rochelle's recharge port. She headed straight to the door while Maria went back to work on the original Rochelle robot.  That charming beauty was now in dozens of pieces, some connected to hardware for testing.  A small probe was now being held by Maria's finely crafted fingers to the inside of the first Rochelle's facemask.  The probe checked for differences in electrical resistance among the various connections and circuitry.  It was a laborious task, but Maria was incapable of becoming bored.  This was the kind of thing she had been built for.

Meanwhile, Rochelle walked out of the lab and up the stairway to the main floor of the house.  She headed straight to the bedroom to retrieve the clothing that had been assigned to her.  She pulled garments out of the closet and out of the chest of drawers, laying them neatly on the bed that had not once been used.  The black satin lingerie, trimmed with lace, that she pulled over her silicone skin was a perfect fit, and made her look even sexier than she was in the nude.  Thomas was in for quite a treat.

Rochelle pulled up the pair of fine nylons and connected them to the satin suspenders as her processors computed the next step.  Her hands, with their exquisite, permanent manicure took hold of a grey knee-length pleated skirt.  She pulled it over her mechanical but womanly hips, then reached for the clingy, black cashmere cardigan.  That was buttoned up to the v-neck and given a light tug from the bottom.  These clothes could be considered professional dress, but they were tailored for revealing and accentuating a woman's figure.  They worked just as good on the artificial variety.  She put on black suede heels and some jewelry, followed by her overcoat.  The task of dressing had been completed.  Now she had to phone a cab.

Thanks to the many complex sensors in her skin, she had no need to look in the mirror that she passed on her way to the phone.  She also passed by that ultra-robotic maid that went into the bedroom to clean up after the nicely dressed fembot.  The beeping, clicking and whirring sounds it made were safely out of earshot when Rochelle picked up the phone and dialed the taxi company.  She did those things without even glancing at the phone.

Her personality had been fully activated by the time the dispatch operator answered the call.  In accordance with her mission and in response to his speech, the right string of words was chosen by her AI software and formed by the high definition magnetic speaker behind her painted facemask.  Through her mouth the words passed, speaker to microphone, into the phone and into the dispatcher's ear.  After that flawless display of simulated humanness, she hung up the phone and went to the door.

Vacuum cleaner in hand, the pretty robot maid stiffly inched its way closer to Rochelle as she watched for the cab.  There was nothing unusual about the common vacuum cleaner, except that it was plugged into an outlet in the maid's recharge port.  Rochelle ignored her, as always, and gazed idly outside.  She acted and appeared fully human now.

Seeing the taxi slow down and pull in to the driveway, the redhead grabbed her purse, exited the house and locked the door behind her.  She walked confidently to the waiting car, gently tossing back her head to get the hair out of her face as she reached for the door.  She got in and sat down.  She told the driver where to take her, and they were off.

Her conversation skills were better than those of some people, and she showed them off to the human behind the steering wheel.  When he told her of his days playing cricket in Pakistan, she made use of her undetectable wireless internet connection and engaged him in a friendly, in-depth conversation about the sport.  He was pleasantly surprised that she knew so much about one of his passions.  Of course, it could have been any subject.  She could instantly become an expert on fly fishing or banjo making if the situation demanded it.

The cab got to Mr. King's house at 8:47.  She made the driver wait until 9 o'clock.  Their chat went on for another thirteen minutes while she downloaded and analyzed more information to talk about.  When it was time, she thanked him and left him a good sized tip.  He cheerfully drove away to pick up his next fare, not at all suspecting that he had just been talking to a plastic and metal marvel of technology.


08 - The Trip Up

Rochelle walked up the long path to Mr. King's door. She rang the bell and waited.  It was 9:01.

After a short wait, Thomas answered the door.  She scanned his face and fed the data through her recognition algorithms to confirm that it was him.  They both smiled.

"Hi." he said as he stepped out.  If he had been drunk enough last evening to get a hangover, it had now been cured by that trusted medicine - more liquor. 

"Hi." she said, using her most seductive tone of voice.  She moved to embrace him, but he nervously looked around and quietly said "Not here."

Rochelle understood.  It was simple enough for her to compute that the neighbors shouldn't see them kiss.

As far as the mission was concerned, things were going well.  In his left hand Thomas clutched his briefcase.  Rochelle would keep a close eye on it, waiting for her chance to open it.

"Ready?" she said cheerfully.

He nodded and gestured her to his car.  He was already getting aroused.  A quick thermal scan had shown Rochelle that the temperature of his crotch was rising due to increased blood flow.  She walked in front of him, and swung her hips a little more than usual for him.  This machine was programmed with a bag of tricks that could have him on his knees and drooling in two seconds.  She would wait until they were alone before she brought out the big guns.

They chit-chatted on some inane topic until they were both seated in the car.  He would drive this time.  A short silence fell as the doors were closed.  They looked at each other.

"Ready for work?" he said.

"Always." she said, and it was no word of a lie.

"Great.  This shouldn't take too long.  I really must thank you for coming."

"It's the least I could do." she said.  More data from thermal scans showed that he was very horny now.

"Well," he said as he started to back down the driveway, "time to hit the road."  He checked the rearview and looked behind him as the car came onto the street.  From then on it was a smooth ride in the luxurious German auto.  The traffic on the roads out of town was light.  Saccharine sounds from the light rock radio station filled the background as they flirted and talked about the day's schedule.  They were headed up to his exclusive property in a very scenic part of the province.  He told her how much he liked the scenery, but in reality he didn't really care.  The property was a pricy status symbol, and that's what he liked most.  For her part, Rochelle hadn't been programmed to hold an opinion either way.

About  twenty minutes into the trip, Rochelle started asking about the car's cruise control.  This clever segue had been formulated in advance by her processors.  When Thomas answered her questions, she leaned his way and used her most seductive voice again to say "Then, how about a blow job?"

Thomas was surprised, but in a good way.  He smiled broadly as he looked at her beautiful face.  "Sure." he said.

Rochelle leaned her head all the way down onto his lap.  Her right hand gently unzipped his trousers and pulled out his ready penis.  He spread his legs a little and tried to keep his eyes on the road.  Rochelle's other hand was resting on the briefcase behind his seat.  This was the main purpose behind her actions.  With Mr. King sufficiently distracted by the robot's felatio, her left hand found the briefcase's combination lock.  Her fingertips began turning the wheel while the sensitive electronic sensors built into them alerted her to the slightest of clicks or vibrations.  Using this method, with enough time she could determine the combination of digits that would unlock that important case.

Performing these tasks at the same time would have been a considerable feat of coordination for any woman, but for an android it was nothing out of the ordinary.  Her processors were the finest available as far as multitasking was concerned.

Thomas began to make excited exclamations as the mechanisms of Rochelle's mouth, tongue and throat worked to stimulate his member.  The sucking sounds that her action produced were augmented by additional sounds from her speaker to make the experience that much more realistic.  He would never believe that he was being sucked off by a robot.  "The best blowjob known to man" would surely make an appropriate slogan for anyone selling synthetic girls like her.

While she kept sucking and licking, her left hand kept turning the wheels of the lock.  This task was finished with a little time to spare, and the best part was that she couldn't leave behind any fingerprints.  She quickly interpreted the data received by the sensors and came up with the combination that would open the lock: 0 0 0.  The spoiled twit hadn't even bothered to change the combination set at the factory.  So much for high security.

With this useful information now written as data on one of her hard drives, her hand just rested on the case as she finished up with him.  When he came, she sucked every last drop out of his balls and swallowed it all down.  Her speaker produced gleeful moaning sounds as his cum was collected into a fluid reservoir inside her body.  She breathed in deep as she licked the tip of his cock clean.  He breathed deep too, and took the car back to the speed he had been cruising at before this nice distraction.

"Wow." he said as she tucked the now flaccid shaft back into his pants.  "You're good at that."

She slowly pulled up the zipper, being careful not to catch any hairs.  "Thank you Tommy!  I'm glad you liked it!"

Rochelle sat back up in her seat and licked her lips.  Thomas pulled out a cigarette and a lighter from his suit pocket.  "Smoke?" he said as he held the pack her way.

"You can just pass that one honey." she said as she stroked some of her hair out of her face.

Thomas took a long drag and let the window down an inch.  He blue out the smoke and passed the lit cigarette to the fembot beside him.  She took it between her dainty fingers and had a drag from it too.  The smoke cooled within her plastic esophagus and was forced back out as she opened her window a bit.  They went on smoking and talking for the rest of the trip.  Mr. King sure wasn't looking forward to the work, but he couldn't wait to get his secretary on to the floor in front of his fireplace.  As for Rochelle, she was functioning near 100% efficiency, carbon monoxide tank and disc reading capabilities at the ready.

09 - At the Cabin - Phase 1

Soon, the car pulled up the very long, well hidden dirt road that snaked its way through tall, snow covered evergreens to Mr. King's cabin.

Cabin wasn't really the right word for the stylish, new looking abode.  It was bigger than most people's houses, and with more and better amenities.  It was the perfect setting for a romantic getaway or a corporate espionage mission.

After the car had been parked, the pair made their way to the front of the house.  Thomas unlocked the door and disarmed the security system.  With a proud smile he invited Rochelle in after him.

She made it look like she was impressed by the size and decor of the cabin.  The look on her face was just one of thousands she had been designed and built to make.

"Wow!  This is nice!" she said, stroking his ego.

"Yeah," he said "It's great to come here and just unwind."

He took her coat and hung it in the nearby closet while she took in the surroundings.  Outwardly, this was to show how impressed she was.  The real reason was to make sure she could instantly recall the necessary spatial data during the next stage of her mission.

She walked over the genuine and large bear skin rug on the floor to the massive stone fireplace along the wall.  She computed that it was probable that they would copulate here, man and imitation woman.

"I'll get us some drinks." he said, barely containing his excitement.  As he trotted into the kitchen, she turned her head to spy the whereabouts of the briefcase.  It sat on the hardwood floor beside their shoes.  Now was not the time to look inside, but she would keep herself aware of its location.

The expertly assembled and reliable mechanisms in her neck turned her head smoothly back to face forward.  Her eyes zoomed in on the framed photos displayed on the mantle.  Apparently Mr. King didn't have any kids yet, just a pretty wife.  There was no obvious reason why he would choose to jeopardize that marriage by having an affair, let alone one with an electronic humanoid robot.  If the Kings only knew...

Thomas emerged from the kitchen with a bottle and two champagne flutes in hand.  He stood in the doorway as Rochelle turned around and put a smile on her face.  He wasn't to keen on the fact that she had been looking at those photos.  Lucky enough for him though she hadn't been programmed with anything like a conscience.

"Well," he said as if to change the unspoken subject, "let's have a seat and relax before we get to work."

He put a smile on his face too as they both walked toward the big leather couch in the middle of the room.  He put the flutes on the classy, all glass coffee table and started to work on the cork.

Rochelle sat down in such a way as to show off her sexy curves.  She looked at the bottle as Thomas tried to gently work the cork free.  "Moet & Chandon!" she said.

"Good stuff." he said.  "We'll save the great stuff for a little later."

The bottle let out a sigh as Thomas relaxed and put it on the table.  He sat down and took hold of Rochelle's glass.  He filled it to the proper level and handed it to her.  They shared a longer than usual moment of eye contact.  The seductive look she gave him had been programmed into her even before she had been activated.  It was the result of much study, and had been analyzed and broken down into its elemental components in order to be codified and stored within her memory.  He really fell for it too.

He returned a look of pure lust to her.  He wanted to kiss her right now, but he thought he'd let the alcohol rinse out her mouth after that delightful blowjob.  He thought of that while he poured his own glass.

"I forgot the ice." he said.  He stood and rushed back to the kitchen to fetch a bucket and some ice.

Immediately, Rochelle's processors juggled countless bits of data around in a flash and sent instructions to her hands to unbutton her cardigan enough to reveal the lace of her bra.  He noticed right away when he returned.  The bottle went into the bucket as he made his way to the fireplace.

"You know," he said "there's nothing I like more than relaxing in front of a fire with a drink and a beautiful lady."  He looked back to see Rochelle's face as he prepared a pre-packaged log to light.

Her facemask blushed slightly and smiled even more.  She took a sip of champagne and leaned forward to show him some cleavage.  "Well," she said "looks like we're all set for a good time.

The fire grew strong as they drank and flirted.  The fembot swallowed the alcohol a little bit faster than he did, in the hope that he would subconsciously try to keep up.  As the time went by and the bottle was emptied, her calculations were proved correct.

She carefully watched his increasing level of drunkenness, and subtly changed her behaviour accordingly.  The same champagne that thinned his blood and relaxed his body just went down her throat into a rubber-lined bladder made for collecting what she swallowed.  There it would sit, inert until she emptied it into a waiting toilet.

With the task of drinking out of the way for now, she made her internal components ready for intercourse.  Thomas was more than ready too, and even willing to engage in a little foreplay.  Rochelle formulated the excuse of being overly warm to remove some of her clothes.  Thomas followed suit.  Not long after, they were in a reclined position on the couch.  He kissed and fondled the attractive robot, not in any way aware that she wasn't flesh & blood.  All of her parts and programs acted in concert to maintain that crucial illusion.

Her fluid reservoirs were now pumping their precious juices at measured rates through connecting tubes to be gradually secreted from her body.  Little beads of synthetic sweat appeared on parts of her skin, pushed out of artificial pores.  The pheromones in her sweat and her other secretions got him even harder for her.  Her speaker produced moaning and panting sounds as her air pumps made her simulated breathing deeper.

They paused for a bit and stripped down further.  He got down to his boxers while she showed off the beautiful lingerie to him.  Rochelle got on her hands and knees on the rug in front of the fire.  Previously stored data from her memory indicated that Mr. King enjoyed doing her doggy-style.  She had the programming and the electrical power to satisfy his needs in many positions.  They got to some of those one by one between many more glasses of champagne.

For hours longer, the pair fucked and drank.  They kept it up as long as Thomas could, but eventually the alcohol got the better of him.  After a particularly strong ejaculation, he exhaled deeply and smiled a drunken grin.  He rolled off the robot and onto his back.  Rochelle had been constantly updating and analyzing data the whole time.  She deduced that now was the time to start filling the room with carbon monoxide.

Acting just as drunk as he, she layed down beside him, propped up on her elbow.  She stroked the hair on his chest with her fingertip and asked him how he liked the last round.

His eyes had trouble focusing on her.  His mouth had even more trouble forming the words that tumbled out.  He was already in an extremely relaxed state, but he hadn't drank enough to make him pass out quite yet.  Things changed when he started to breathe what she was exhaling.  She kept talking to him, but only to gauge his ever more slow and incoherent responses.  She kept her body close to his, snuggling up to him as he lost his tenuous grip on consciousness.

10 - At the Cabin - Phase 2

Rochelle kept acting drunk and holding on to Thomas as he fell into a natural sleep.  The dose of CO gas might not have been necessary at this point, but the robot was not programmed to deviate from the parameters of her mission.  For two hours, she stayed in the same position and released the gas into the room.  Her advanced chemical sensors were many times more sensitive than a bloodhound's nose, and they would tell her CPU when the level of gas in the air had reached 600 parts per million.  This amount would keep him unconscious while she searched through his briefcase to find the discs she was after.  It might also do long lasting damage to his relatively frail human body, but this factor had been excluded from the calculations made by the main computer.  Neither it nor any of the robots had the capacity to actually care.

When Rochelle detected enough of the odourless gas in the air, she changed modes and pulled away from Mr. King.  She stopped acting drunk.  The firelog in the fireplace was now a warm lump of ash as the gorgeous fembot stood up and straightened out her panties.  Still dressed in the sexy and revealing lingerie, she stepped softly toward the briefcase.  Moving silently and efficiently, she sat down cross-legged on the floor and aimed her cameras at the combination lock.  The exact position of the digits was registered in her memory.  She recalled the probable combination from one of her ultra-fast hard drives.  Then with thumbs that had no prints, she rolled three zeros into alignment.  The tabs on the ends of the case cleared the lock's tumblers and the briefcase was opened.

She pulled the leather case on to her lap.  Her eyes immediately scanned the inside of the case.  Right on top of everything else, they registered three nearly flat rectangular objects.  In less than a nanosecond she computed these to be discs.  She removed the first one and flipped it over.  "Project H - 3" was written on it in Mr. King's handwriting.  The other discs were #2 and #1.  Success.

Her job wasn't over yet though.  The data contained on these DVD-Rs had to be copied bit by bit into her memory and written on one of her hard drives.  This was simple enough for her to do.

First, she inhumanly turned her head right around to check that Thomas hadn't by some chance awoken.  He hadn't.  The twist marks in her neck quickly vanished as her head returned to face forward.  She then removed disc #1 from its case and slipped it onto her index finger, with the label side facing her hand.  She brushed some hair out of her face as  the middle part of that finger expanded to grip the disc firmly.  The expanded part of her finger began to rapidly spin, and with it, the disc.  She raised her arm to her face and positioned the spinning disc a couple of inches away from her right eye.  A laser beam was projected onto the surface, reading it like any ordinary drive would.  She moved her hand slowly down so that the entire disc could be read from the beginning of the first track to the end of the data.  Her cold glass eyes relayed the flow of information to the audio/video processors encased in her hard plastic skull.  Those processors checked for errors before writing the stolen data onto a hard drive in her chest.  It took the artificial secretary just over four minutes to read the disc once, but each one was read and internally recorded twice just to be sure nothing had gone wrong.

The entire process took about a half an hour.  At the end of it, she methodically searched through the rest of his briefcase, taking visual snapshots of every paper document and scanning an additional disc that only turned out to be a CD by CŽline Dion.

In less than an hour, she had finished with the briefcase, reset the lock and put it back where it was.  She closed the nozzle of the gas canister within her body and went to open a window to bring some clean air into the room.

When she did, the house alarm went off as expected.  It was loud enough to rouse Mr. King from his coma-like sleep.  With a look of intense pain on his reddening face, he clamped his hands on the sides of his head and forced his eyes open.  Fast computing on Rochelle's part put a startled and scared look on her facemask as she started acting drunk again.

"I'm sorry!" she yelled over the piercing alarm.  "How do I turn it off?"

In a world of hurt, Thomas got up as fast as he could and stumbled over to the control panel by the door.  He had great trouble focusing on the keypad, but he managed eventually to punch in his code and stop that damned alarm.

With his eyes closed tight and his body crouched, he stumbled over to sit down on the leather sofa.  He leaned forward with his hands over his head.  The winter air that was rushing into the cabin was quickly displacing the bad air. 

"I'm so sorry!" Rochelle said again as she went to sit down next to him.  The voice her speaker generated was emotionally charged and plaintive. To add to the realism, her eyes began releasing artificial tears.

"What you do that for?" Thomas said quietly.

"I had to!" she said, her voice quivering. "You wouldn't wake up!"  Her answer was pre-programmed.  So far, so good.

Goosebumps appeared on her silicone skin as Thomas shivered.

"Close the fucking window!" he said a lot louder.

The fembot got up and closed the window.  Her chemical sensors took a reading and found 63 parts per million of carbon monoxide gas in the room now.  That was safe enough.  She said sorry again and wiped away fake tears as she reached over to light a cigarette.  She offered a drag to Thomas, who just shook his head.

"Are you okay?  I was so afraid."

Thomas sat still for a while, then folded his arms down over his chest and lifted his head.  He looked pretty ill.  He took a deep breath and gave Rochelle a little smile.

"I'll be fine." he said.  "I just drank too much, that's all."

The crying had made her mascara run, giving the android a look of vulnerability.  Another tear flowed from one of Rochelle's tear ducts as she gave him a hug.

They both leaned back on the couch for another long, silent moment.  After that, Thomas let out a slight laugh.  "I need a nap." he said.

He pulled himself into a standing position.  Rochelle stood up too.  He was still a bit drunk, and she acted the same.

"Are you going to bed honey?" she said.


"Can I sleep in your bed too?"

"Yep." he said again.

Neither of them spoke another word until they slowly made it up the stairs and into his large bed.  They got under the sheets and faced each other.  She gently stroked his arm and smiled at him.  He smiled too and said "G'night."

She said the same thing and went into sleep mode.  Thomas went back to sleep within a minute, so he missed experiencing the realistic way in which the robot spy slowed her simulated breathing and heart rate.  She continued to hold his hand as they slept.


11 - Back to Robot Control

For the next several hours, Rochelle's air pump forced the room's air in and out of her body at a slow steady rate while her chest expanded and contracted slightly in synchronization.  Her eyelids were in a closed position.  To all appearances she was asleep.  The processors that made up her electronic brain were just as active as they usually were though.  Her stereo microphones picked up the sound of Mr. King's breathing.  Those collected sounds were interpreted by her software and complex circuitry to indicate that he was still asleep.  Infrared thermal scans through her closed eyelids also revealed body temperature patterns akin to those of a human male in sleep mode.

She monitored him like this as he slept-off the effects of the alcohol and the carbon monoxide.  Her many sensors were sensitive enough to detect and filter out the vibrations caused by his heartbeat.  Compared to previous measurements, his heart rate was also normal.

Things were looking good for Robot Control.  Their beautiful electromechanical agent had gained access to "Project H" and copied all the precious code to its internal hard drives.  All that was left was for her to return to Robot Control to download the data into the main computer.  Rochelle Prantov would no longer be necessary after that point.  The sexy device would then be dismantled, its parts used to build other robots for other missions.

But for the moment, she had to act as if she was a real woman.  This meant staying with Thomas and complying in a natural looking way with his requests until the adulterous executive brought her back into town.

Long after the sun had set, he suddenly awoke.  He looked at the nearby alarm clock and got up as fast as he could.  Rochelle computed that his actions would have roused a sleeping human, so she opened her eyes and sat up.

"SHIT!" he said as he turned on the lights.

Rochelle yawned quickly and said "What's wrong dear?"

"I'm supposed to be having dinner with my wife right now!" he said.

His agitated state had him flushed with adrenaline.  He almost fell as he rushed downstairs to get back into his clothes.  The fembot acted quickly too.  She got out of his bed and went to the washroom.  She rinsed out her insides with water and flushed the waste down the toilet.  She rushed downstairs too and got dressed in her clothes.

They didn't speak much more as they got presentable and ready for the trip back into town.  Thomas ushered his guest outside and locked up.  Quickly, they walked in the dark to his car as he pulled the keys from his pocket.  The doors unlocked and they got in.  Tires squealed as the car darted out of the driveway and made for the highway.

Mr. King turned the radio down, almost off.  "Don't make a sound." he said, talking to but not looking at Rochelle as he pulled the phone out of his jacket pocket.  He pressed a few buttons and swallowed hard as the phone went to his ear.  He watched the road carefully as he waited for an answer.

"Honey?  It's me." he said.

Rochelle looked silently at him.

"I know.  I'm sorry.  I went to the cabin and got drunk.  I passed out."

There was a long silence.  Thomas was sweating.

"I know.  I'm sorry.  I really am sorry."

After a shorter silence, he shot a glance up and took a deep breath.

"I have to drop some stuff off at the office."  He steered the car around a gentle turn in the road as he listened.  "I don't know.  Two hours? Two and a half?"

Rochelle logged every word and action he made.  His wife's voice was filtered out from the background noise.  It was amplified and recorded as well.  With great probability, none of it mattered for the mission now, but she dutifully executed her programming down to the last binary instruction.

"I'll make it up to you.  I promise." he said  "I'm sorry.  Bye."

He hung up the phone and let out a deep sigh.  He turned the radio back up and looked over to Rochelle.  Her perfectly realistic facemask showed him a look of simultaneous understanding and innocence.

"I'll drop you off downtown.  I'll call a cab for you a few minutes before we get there." he said.

"Okay." she said. 

"This day didn't exactly go like I hoped it would go.  Let's try & do something on Monday, shall we?" he said.

He could make his eyes look very sincere if he wanted.  So could Rochelle.  "Okay.  Whatever works for you dear." she said with an understanding smile.

The car zoomed into town as fast as Thomas could drive it.  A speeding ticket was the least of his worries now.  He silently shared two more cigarettes with the sophisticated android until they were at long last entering the city centre.

"I'll call that cab now." he said.

She watched and recorded wile he made the phone call.  He drove her through dark deserted streets to the front of the office building and waited for the taxi with her.  His awkward attempts at small talk were met with similar speech put forth by her speaker, generated by her AI programs.

Both of them spotted the taxi as it rounded the corner ahead of them.  "There it is." he said.

The robot grabbed her purse and opened the door.  "See you Monday." she said.

Thomas waved and waited until she was in the cab.  He sped off quickly and was soon out of sight.

Rochelle told the driver where to take her.  Her electrical power was almost used up.  Only 5% of a full charge remained in her batteries.  To conserve power, she leaned back and shut down whatever systems she safely could.  The driver could smell a whiff of alcohol on her, and didn't press his conversation much.  To him, she looked in need of a little sleep.

To her, the dangerously low level of power indicated itself with warnings in red flashed in her field of vision.  Along with the warnings were scrolling lists of systems and programs shutting down or going into standby mode.  There was no chance she could get away with plugging herself into this car's electrical supply.

In time however, the taxi brought her back to Robot Control.  The car entered the cul-de-sac and stopped in front of the address she had given him.  She was now appearing to be more or less alert, but she was losing power fast.  She was at less than 2% when she lowered her head to look through her purse for payment.  Just then, her math co-processors shut down.  She couldn't add 2 and 2.  With the little bit of juice still running through her wires, her AI took over and determined that a twenty dollar bill would probably cover the fare.  Wasting no energy, her fingers pulled out a bill and handed it to the cabby.

"Keep the change." she said.  Her voice came out in a dull monotone.  He didn't notice.  He thanked her kindly and kept his headlights on as she exited and walked up the path to her door.  Her simulated breathing had shut itself off too by this time.  There wasn't even any power going through her audio and visual systems now.  She was able to open the door and walk into the house based only on the position of her body and her limbs.

Shutting the door behind her drained her of her remaining useable charge.  The taxi driver drove away, big tip in hand, completely unaware that the pretty woman was now frozen, stone still and deactivated behind the door.

12 - The Download

No lights were on in the house.  All was silent.  Maria had entered her charging booth and was being supplied with electrical current through the port at the base of her spine.  Her eyes were pointed at some point in space ahead of her.  Her mind was totally blank.  The cute and sexy robot maid that had no name was standing in a charging booth of her own situated along the adjacent wall.  Rochelle Prantov version 1.0 was now in even more pieces strewn about various workstations in the lab.  Rochelle Prantov version 2.0 was standing unmoving and with locked joints just in front of the front door on the main level of the house.  Through the rest of the night, nothing at all moved.

Rochelle #2 was supposed to have entered the basement lab when she got home, but the sudden drain in power had stopped her in her tracks before she had even alerted the main computer to her presence.  It would be many hours before she was found.

At 5 AM the nameless robot maid was activated.  The charging arm disconnected from her port and she whirred, clicked and beeped into action.  The erotically dressed machine moved her glossy plastic limbs with the truest mechanical motion one could imagine.  Her lifeless, vacant eyes methodically scanned her surroundings as her programming booted up.  She robotically strutted over to the doorway.  The door slid open as she passed out of the main room.  It slid closed behind her as she made her way up the stairs, looking and sounding anything but human.

As soon as the maid turned the corner, her cameras detected and zoomed in on the rigid figure of Rochelle.  Acting according to her programming, the maid sent a wireless signal to the main computer.  Her current objective was now given pending status, so she came to a halt, still loudly beeping random and different tones, and waited for her next instruction.

In an instant, the main computer processed the information sent from the maidbot and relayed the appropriate instructions to both her and Maria.  The maid returned to the basement lab to fetch an extension cord.  Maria's recharge session was cut short so she could be activated and booted up.

The fluorescent lights flickered on over the lab as the Maria robot stepped out of the booth.  Her programs loaded in quick succession as she retrieved and interpreted the new command from the main computer.  With the usual blank expression on her pretty face, she walked over to one of the consoles and began making adjustments to its settings. 

The maid was walking with jerky, stiff steps over to a cabinet where neatly coiled cables and cords were stored.  The loud sounds of her motors and hydraulics were constant as she reached for the proper cord and took it off the hooks.  She then closed the cabinet and made her way upstairs to where Rochelle had come to a stand-still.

The electronic French maid plugged one end of the cord into her own recharge port.  She approached Rochelle in almost complete darkness but she didn't need much light to see and had no trouble in moving the dormant robot's garments aside so she could open her recharge port and plug the opposite end of the cord in.  Once the connection had been made and electricity had started flowing, Rochelle's inner systems came back online one by one.

"Rochelle robot number 729011B activated." she said.  Upon completion of the re-booting process, she knew what to do.  She followed the plastic maid into the basement, stopping first beside the door to be scanned before she entered the lab.  The two fembots walked toward Maria.

"Hello, Rochelle.  How was your day?" she said once again.

"My day was fine.  Thank you."

"Were you able to copy the 'Project H' discs?"


"Very good. Please remove your overcoat."

Being careful of the extension cord, Rochelle took off the coat and let it fall to the floor.  Maria reached behind her and unplugged the cord.  The maid coiled it up and held it while she bent over and picked up the overcoat.  She returned the cord to its place and walked out of the room with the coat.

In the meantime, Maria had uncoiled an electrical cord connected to the console and plugged it into Rochelle, who was now seated in the chair, ready to unload her data.

Maria began the session in the usual way.  "Rochelle, please remove your facemask." she said.

The pretty redhead complied with the order, resting her detached face on her lap to give the robot technician access to the connection ports amid the wires and circuitry in her electronic head.  In just over an hour, a digital rendition of Saturday's events was transferred from the fembot into the computer, with Maria watching the whole process and scanning the data on the monitors for errors.

When that part was complete, Rochelle obediently exposed her chest panel to Maria so she could connect her hard drives to the console.  Bright coloured LEDs flashed intensely inside Rochelle's opened parts as the information flowed in a fast stream of electric binary pulses.

All of the long weeks of preparation, construction and programming culminated in this event: the transfer of 'Project H' from fembot agent to the main computer.  All of the feelings that would have gone through the minds of real people at this moment were absent from this mechanized affair.  There was no one to feel the anticipation of success, the satisfaction of accomplishment or the pride of victory in outsmarting the corporations myriad security precautions.

None of these beautiful artificial ladies could feel anything.  No fear or worry of being deactivated existed anywhere within Rochelle's software mind.  The attractive brunette that had overseen all the many transfer sessions was similarly devoid of any notions of camaraderie or kinship.  All that was there were electronic signals - structured and given meaning within the context that they were sent and received.

The pair was without motion as both scans of each disc were transferred, checked and stored within the massive console.  It was all over very quickly for something that had taken so much time and effort.  As the final chunk of data was downloaded, the supercomputer began reading, analyzing and evaluating 'Project H'.

Something was wrong.

13 - Back To The Drawing Board

The main computer again sifted through all the freshly transferred data, coming up with the exact same results as before.  Lights flashed all around as the computer ran itself through a series of tests to see if it was working properly.  As far as it could tell, it was.  The problem was surely with the data.

Strings of 1s and 0s scrolled quickly by on several monitors.  Maria read these instructions and set her sexy humanoid body to work on the newly assigned task.  She plugged a different set of cables into different connection ports in the agent's chest.  "Rochelle," she said, "enter diagnostic mode."

The continuously blinking coloured LEDs in Rochelle's openings turned solid as her system reconfigured itself to allow the main computer to check her components and programs for errors.  "DIAGNOSTIC MODE." she said.  The words coming out of that electronic speaker were now in a metallic sounding robotic monotone.

With the artificial secretary properly set up, the comparatively basic technician model turned her soulless gaze back to some of the console's monitors.  After a very thorough scan the coded results came pouring onto one of the screens.  Rochelle robot number 729011B was 100% free of errors.

The computer ordered Maria to transfer the data a second time.  She took Rochelle out of diagnostic mode, switched cables and sent the information into the console again.  That was followed by a second round of data analysis, which in turn was followed by more diagnostic scans of both the main computer and the fembot connected to it.  At the end of the many tedious processes, the situation turned out to be the same as before.

The data Rochelle had copied from the three DVD-Rs was not 'Project H'.  It was junk data - nothing but randomly generated jibberish.

It was now up to the main computer to figure out the next step.  In a burst of processor activity, it formulated several hundred possible steps that Robot Control could take to ascertain what had gone wrong and gain access to the real 'Project H' discs.  Each of these steps was then studied one by one to determine its desirability and feasibility.  Within seconds, all but one of these possible actions was determined to be superfluous or impossible.  The course of action that remained was for Rochelle to go back to work on Monday and try to find the real discs.

The main computer then wrote this plan into a self-contained program that could be transferred into Rochelle's memory.  The computer instructed Maria to prepare the agent for reprogramming.  Maria took her out of diagnostic mode a second time and connected her chest to the console for data upload.

The pretty brunette pushed a few buttons on the console, then turned to the still charging robot and said "Rochelle, begin download of program MU548.T85."

"Yes Maria." she said as LEDs flashed quickly in her exposed parts.

Rochelle took in the new program from the main computer and wrote it to one of her ever-spinning hard drives.  After a good seven minutes, the transfer wrapped up.

"Download of programming complete." the faceless android announced as her lights flashed in a different manner.

The technician robot disconnected Rochelle from the console and made some more preparations for a while. She then turned back to her and said "Please install and execute program MU548.T85."

"Yes Maria." Rochelle replied.  Her internal components assimilated the new code into her  system with the customary speed and accuracy.  When that task was done, her speaker once more generated a human sounding voice, saying "program MU548.T85 installed and executed successfully."

Maria looked at her with her cold glass eyes and said "How do you feel Rochelle?"

"I feel fine." Rochelle replied.

"Very good." said Maria, who's signal receiver was busy accepting more transmitted instructions from the main computer. 

Rochelle #2 now had to be prepared for Monday's shift at the office.  Maria's next tasks would be to apply a more appropriate and conservative style of makeup to the facemask and exchange Rochelle's spent fluid cartridges with full ones.  While Maria took Rochelle's facemask and strutted over to the makeup workstation, the electronic maid was instructed by the computer to set aside the assigned clothing ensemble upstairs in the bedroom closet.  Rochelle sat in the chair recharging the batteries built into her human-looking body while the other two machines worked. 

Maria was soon done with the facemask, and left it at the workstation while she went back to make some adjustments at the console.  She ordered Rochelle to stand and disrobe.  The secretary followed the technician's instructions, again being careful not to unplug herself.  the two of them then walked over to an examination table.  Maria ordered the fembot to lay on top of it and removed the front of her torso.  With that skin covered apparatus out of her way, Maria exchanged the fluid reservoirs one by one with full ones.  The tank of carbon monoxide was exchanged for a full one too, just in case.  In addition, a tank full of a fast acting nerve agent was installed next to it and connected to Rochelle's air circulation system.  The use of this sleeping gas hadn't been fully specified in Rochelle's new programming, but after the setback with the false discs, more direct measures might be needed.

At the end of the preparations, Maria reattached Rochelle's torso cover, then ordered her to unplug herself and enter the recharge booth.  The long electrical cord that had supplied the redhead with power was removed from its socket and fell to the floor.  She walked over to the booth, stepped in and turned around.  The stiff connector in the back wall of the booth found its way to the open recharge port and pushed itself firmly into position.  Maria retrieved the facemask from the makeup station and latched it back on to Rochelle's head.

The sexy mechanical maid returned from upstairs to pick up the long cord from the floor and put it neatly in its place.  She cleaned up the lab after Maria while the efficient brunette took her own place in the recharge booth next to Rochelle.  The 60 Hz hum of electricity was barely audible over the loud beeping, clicking and whirring of the robot maid as she moved over to the more realistic androids and began the task of cleaning them.  Her plastic arm - marked with gaps in the skin where parts could disconnect - moved a sponge moistened with mild detergent over the flesh coloured curves of the two beautiful women.  Upon completion of that job, she finished up in the lab, collected her things and stiffly walked back upstairs to begin the remainder of her assigned tasks.

14 - Just Another Monday

As soon as the main computer's internal chronometer indicated that it was 8 AM, the charged and ready fembots were activated.  Rochelle walked upstairs to get dressed while Maria walked to an examination table to test the original Rochelle's data storage systems.  The Maid vacuumed while Rochelle #2 got dressed according to her programming and got ready to go to work.

Light snow started to fall as Rochelle closed and locked the door behind her and got into her car.  Neither she nor Robot Control had any idea what the day would bring.  Giving up was not one of the options that had been considered, so Rochelle Prantov would have to improvise.  This would test the limits of her AI software, but if she somehow was able to save the mission and steal 'Project H', the benefits for Robot Control would be enormous.

None of this weighed heavy on her head as she drove the car into downtown and toward the office building.  She would have enough work to keep her visibly occupied while her sensory system did all it could to track down the real discs.  Thomas King was likely to provide most of the clues she could use, whether he wanted to or not.

Rochelle parked in her usual spot in the parkade and walked the short distance to the elevators.  She smiled as she greeted one of the security guards on the morning shift, and had a friendly chat with one of the young men from the mail room.  She was fully charged and performing exceptionally well, giving a full impression of being an authentic human.

She made her way past hungover and sleepy coworkers to Mr. King's office.  Kim wasn't in yet, and Rochelle's super-hearing couldn't detect anyone approaching.  She used the time to quickly search through Kim's desk and the filing cabinet behind it.  She found nothing during the quick search, and had to cut it short when she heard Kim coming down the hallway.

"Hi Rochelle!" said Kim, being her usual cheerful self.  "Did you have a good weekend?"

Rochelle computed and returned a fitting greeting.  She engaged her in a pleasant conversation while she took off her overcoat and hung it on the coat rack.  She retrieved the memory files of Friday's work and figured out what she had to do while she kept on listening and speaking to Kim.  She sat with her legs crossed, her manicured hands clasped over her knee as she pointed her head Kim's way and analyzed probability factors by the thousands.

When necessary, she nodded or made conversational contributions of her own until the moment that Mr. King arrived.  Both girls immediately tried to look busy as he entered but it was obvious that they weren't yet working.

Thomas didn't seem to notice though.  He wasn't his usual tipsy self this morning.

"Good morning girls." he said without looking at either of them.  He made for his office door and quickly went inside.

Kim and Rochelle looked at each other for a moment.  It looked like he was upset about something.  With the mood now set, they were silent and got to work.  They answered phone calls and did paperwork for about an hour until Thomas's voice came over the phone.

"Miss Prantov, I need to have a word with you in my office." he said.

Kim looked at Rochelle.  She looked back at her.

"I hope he's not too mad right now." said Kim.

Rochelle stood up and shrugged.  She walked into the office with her sexual systems coming on-line and ready to perform.  She got into Mr. King's office and shut the door behind her.  She made eye contact with him and made a full scan of the room while her body prepared itself for another series of sexual procedures.

Thomas took a noticeable breath and said "Have a seat Rochelle."  He leaned back in his chair as the robot sat in one of the leather armchairs in front of his desk.

"I have good news and bad news Rochelle." he said.  "Good news first.  I've decided to give you a raise."

Rochelle's face showed a slight smile.

Mr. King continued, "You're fitting in extraordinarily well here, and you're a valuable member of our team."

"Thank you Tommy!" she said as she showed him a bigger smile.

"Now the bad news." he said.  He leaned forward, looking straight into her eyes.  "I'm afraid you can't call me Tommy any more."

He was silent for a moment as Rochelle's processors computed his statement.

"I have to end our little affair.  I'm sorry." he said in a softer tone.

Rochelle's expression changed to show disappointment.

"It's got nothing to do with you.  You're a beautiful, smart, classy lady.  If I was ten years younger and unmarried we could have something special."

Regret showed in his eyes.  Rochelle reflected that back to him.  Her system showed him the best disappointed look it could configure while her sexual systems shut themselves down again.

"I'm grateful for every moment I had with you Rochelle, but I have to save my marriage.  I don't see any reason why we can't be friends now."

The robot showed Thomas a confused look for a second or two, her eyes fluttering and growing a little moist.  "This is so sudden." she said.

Thomas opened one of his desk drawers and pulled out a box of tissues.  He handed it to her over the desk.  She took a tissue and silently dabbed at the corners of her eyes.  He put the box on the desk and waited for her to finish.

A long silence followed. After that long while, Thomas looked at Rochelle.  "I hope you'll still choose to work here.  You're one of the best workers I've ever had."

Rochelle nodded.  Her speaker emitted the sound of her clearing her throat while mechanisms inside her neck made it outwardly appear that that's what she was doing.  "I'll stay." she said.

"Are you gonna be okay?" he said.

Rochelle sniffed in.  "Yeah." she said.

"I'm so glad you understand.  Please, let's stay friends." he said as he stood up and offered his hand.

She stood up too and shook his hand in a ladylike way.  "No problem here." she said, looking only slightly disappointed now.

Thomas merely nodded once and walked over to the large window behind him.  He gazed through the forest of skyscrapers to the rolling hills in the distance as the robot exited his office.

She closed the door behind her and saw that Kim was looking at her, interested in what had happened.  Rochelle sat down and got to work without saying anything.

"Well?" Kim said, being at the same time nosy and friendly.

"He gave me a raise." Rochelle said. Her facemask gradually returned to show a normal expression.

"Why you look so glum?" Kim asked.

Rochelle formulated an answer fast.  "I also really screwed up the Walsh account."

Kim looked a bit puzzled.  "Oh."

15 - A Dead End¨

Kim and Rochelle worked in relative silence for a couple of hours.  Every so often a phone rang, or a fax or an email came in, but there was nothing to urgent to distract them.  Rochelle had her electronic ears trained on the sounds that came from Mr. King's office.  He wasn't drinking as much as he usually did, and certainly not as much as on Friday.  In fact he had cut down drastically.  One shot was all he had given himself after Rochelle had exited his office. 

She could also hear him taking discs out of his briefcase, and using the drive in his computer.  Unprofessional words of frustration soon came from his mouth.  Rochelle recorded all as she typed away at the days work and sipped on a lightly sweetened and whitened coffee.  Without having to glance over at Kim, she could see in her field of vision that she was occupied by work of her own, and certainly unaware of the hardware and software capabilities that allowed Rochelle to hear what went on behind the heavy oak door to Mr. King's office.

The more she listened, the more Thomas grew annoyed.  The three discs that Rochelle had scanned were just as useless to him.  He picked up the phone and hit a speed-dial button to connect him with his boss.  Jerry Sepeske was busy getting fatter with a client in the most exclusive restaurant in town, compliments of every tax payer in the country.  His mood was jovial, but when he felt his phone vibrate he knew it had to be important.  Only a few people had this number.  He excused himself from the table and took the call in a hallway just outside.

"Jerry Sepeske." he said to answer the call.

"Jerry, It's Thomas."

"This better be good."

"Yeah, I know, sorry about disturbing you but I've got a huge problem.  Those discs didn't copy properly."


"They're filled with garbage.  All three of them.  I've got to get them transferred again."

"Jesus Christ Thomas!  It's FUCKING MONDAY!  You've had since last Thursday to find this out, and you call me with this NOW?  What the HELL have you been doing?"

"I've had other things to deal with.  Family problems."

"Don't give me that CRAP!" Jerry barked.  He was turning red.

Thomas put his hand on his forehead and held on to his temples.  Rochelle sorted out and recorded every sound he made.  She couldn't hear Mr. Sepeske, but the main computer could use its sophisticated AI to fill in most of what he had probably said later.

"Ok." Jerry said. "I have to finish here." He looked at his Rolex.  "Meet me at my house in two hours.  We'll talk about all this when your review comes up."

Jerry hung up the call and returned to his power lunch.  Thomas gulped and poured himself another shot.

The confirmation that those discs were in fact nothing but junk data was a good thing for Robot Control.  It meant that the androids and more importantly the main computer were functioning properly.  Rochelle kept on recording while appearing to work.  It wasn't in her programming to make plans or extrapolate data from events and circumstances to formulate probability factors.  The main computer would do that later tonight after Rochelle had downloaded her information into it.

After about an hour, Thomas abruptly left the office, saying only "Hold my calls please." as he swiftly walked by.  Kim and Rochelle engaged in some harmless guessing and gossip after he was gone, and continued to peck away at their work until noon.

At lunch time, Kim got dressed to go out and invited Rochelle to spend the hour with her.

"Not today, " Rochelle responded while her processors sent signals to her facial mechanisms to make her appear disappointed.  "I've got to fix the Walsh account."

"Sucks to be you.  I'll bring you back a spring roll." she said as she flexed her fingers in a spritely wave goodbye and walked out the door.

"Thanks Kim!" Rochelle said as she listened for her footsteps to disappear down the hall and into the elevator.

It now appeared likely that the discs had been erroneously copied in the first place, and that Mr. King would return soon enough with the real "Project H", but that didn't stop the android from carrying out her pre-programmed duties.  She kept her auditory sensors on high sensitivity to detect the sounds of approaching humans as she began a methodic and traceless search of all of the office to which she had access.

Drawers were opened, papers lifted, and files sorted through in the robot's search for anything that could be of use.  Thomas had locked his office, so the search had to be limited to the work areas of the two secretaries.  At 12:59, after a very thorough search, Rochelle sat back down and resumed her busy look.  She had found and scanned a few DVD-Rs, but it was doubtful that any of them had anything to do with what she was looking for.  The results of the search were duly written to her physical memory as the anticipated sounds of Kim's footsteps came from the hallway outside.

The rest of the day was uneventful.  Rochelle thanked Kim for the roll and consumed it in a ladylike and completely human-looking way.  Mr. King didn't return to the office at all.  If he had returned, Rochelle would have been after him again to get to those three discs.  But there was something that her limited AI software couldn't deal with.  Thomas had tactfully yet firmly ended their affair.  She had lost that critical private access to him and his things.  She was after all only a machine, and couldn't begin to know how to get into his pants again, let alone his briefcase.  The way things stood, Rochelle's electronic processors could sift through the available data for millions of years and not find a solution to that problem.

In the end though, that was not for her but for the main computer to figure out.  All Rochelle Prantov version 2.0 could do now was to continue the day as usual.  She joked and chatted with Kim while they did the little work that remained.  When the clock struck 5 PM, they got their things and left the building like the rest of the temporarily freed workers. 

Rochelle got into her car and made her way out of the parkade.  The lifeless electronic cameras in her head stared out to the icy roads in front of her as her plastic and metal body drove the vehicle into the suburbs, back to Maria and the main computer at Robot Control.

16 - A Brand New Plan

The overcast sky was too cold to drop its snow as Rochelle parked the car in front of the house.  A strong and cold wind blew about her with enough force to require gyroscopic stabilization.  The bottom of her overcoat flew open and up as her beautiful legs carried her expensive chassis up the path and up to the door.

When she was inside, she left her purse on the table and walked down the stairs to be scanned and let into the lab.  Her fellow fembot Maria was charged and ready to transfer the electronically encoded bits of information from Rochelle's memory devices to the main computer's console.  They exchanged the usual preset greetings and followed the same procedure they always did.  The maid came stiffly and loudly into the room to pick up the clothing Rochelle had dropped to the floor.  The harsh fluorescent lighting reflected off her glossy plastic skin as she inhumanly bent down and moved in accordance with her settings and machine-language instructions.  She whirred and beeped constantly in the background while Rochelle removed her facemask on Maria's command.

The undercover android was connected via her head to the console while the main computer pulled in all of what she had experienced in the past ten hours.  The maid was long gone by the time the motionless machines were finished with this task.  The console's lights flashed for a very long time after this downloading session.

Maria then received the order to connect Rochelle's hard drives to the main computer.  With politeness that was hardly required, she ordered the attractive faceless woman in the chair to open the access panel above her well built and titillating bosom.  With that done, the data on her drives was fed into the main computer.  The robots waited patiently in stillness while the main computer did its thing.

First it checked the DVD-Rs that Rochelle had copied at the office that day.  It found nothing of interest there.  Then it read and sorted all of the many snapshots of paper documents that had been scanned during the search.  That processing job took a lot longer, but still resulted in nothing.

Then, the computer tried to figure out the next move.  To its processors, Rochelle Prantov, Thomas King, Kim Janczak, and every other element of the accumulated information were just variables to be manipulated.  A mechanized kind of calculus was computed with these variables, and even with the main computers considerable speed and power, it took over an hour to get to any kind of result that was non-trivial.  Even after all of that, the answer it came up with would seem pathetic by human standards.  Its solution: more data is required.

What it required, specifically, was more information about love.  It just didn't know enough about that prohibitively abstract subject to make any further calculations or plans.  So with no human beings around to guide its primitive intuition, it set itself to work on formulating the only plan it could.

The computer had access too detailed and extensive knowledge databases, all of which had been culled from missions past.  It also had access to the largest pool of knowledge and data the human world had ever seen - the internet.  To the computer, the logical thing to do was to comb these databases for certain key words and phrases.  These search terms had been chosen according to probability algorithms that had been quite successful in the past at either predicting human behaviour or modulating robot behaviour.

So the main computer began its search.  While it did, Maria stood erect with perfect posture and stared straight ahead at nothing.  Her plastic face had never shown any expression and was decorated with the same look that had been set into it when it was first installed.  The more complex android seated in the chair was just as motionless, as her open panels flashed their light into the room.  That woman, so hotly desired by those who saw her, sat vacant with artificial grace waiting to be programmed with whatever the computer came up with.

Compared to the last processing batch, the computer's current search was over in a very small amount of time.  The search for robot love had pointed it to a group of humans who wanted to love robots.  From their gathering point on the internet, it was able to find one of them that lived in the city.  All that was left for the main computer to do was to hack into his computer and locate him.  With a stroke of luck that went unrecognized as such by the machines, his computer was already connected to the net.

A direct connection was then established between the advanced supercomputer at Robot Control and the human's PC.  The main computer easily reached inside with unseen digital fingers and sorted through the owners many files.  Within several minutes, it had found enough data to proceed with the next step.  It disconnected quick - its footprints completely undetectable.

As fast as it could, the main computer relayed its new instructions to Maria.  She pivoted to face the communications console and reached down to press one of the buttons. "Attention Robot Lab Six.  Attention Robot Lab Six." she said.

A few seconds passed, then Laurie's voice was heard over the console's speaker: "This is Robot Lab Six.  Laurie reporting."

"Laurie, please receive program MCNI-2705.T81.  Execute program immediately."

"Yes, Maria." said Laurie.

The new program was sent encrypted over dedicated lines from Robot Control Station 2 to Robot Lab Six.  Maria walked away from the communications console and started  to prepare the Rochelle robot for another day at the office.

Across the city at Robot Lab Six, Laurie stood unmoving as the newly received program was sent wirelessly from the console nearby into her chest.  Her internal components read the program and sent digital instructions to the rest of her body in order for her to begin her work.

Six dormant female humanoid robots stood on platforms within cylindrical glass booths along the wall.   The seventh booth was empty.  Laurie walked over to the nearby console to activate one of the robots.  A specific sequence of buttons was pushed on the console, and the front of the booth split down the centre and separated.

The robot technician went over to the voluptuous, raven-haired machine inside and expertly pried open the chest panel.  With a push of the power button, the sexy series 520 was activated and booted up.

The finely detailed eyelids covering her artificial eyes separated.  "Tammy robot number 704483A activated." she said.

She stared out unblinking into the distance as Laurie loaded the next phase of the program.  She closed the other robot's chest panel and said "Tammy, please sit down in the chair beside the data exchange console."

"Yes, Laurie." came Tammy's predictable reply.  She walked toward the chair and sat down, moving in the default, stiff and machine-like way.

Laurie spent some time readying the console and instructed Tammy to open her chest panel again.  The console made the connection and fed a specially prepared sub-program into the gorgeous synthetic woman.

"Tammy, begin download of program MCNI-2705-s1.T81." Laurie said.

"Yes Laurie." Tammy responded.  With lights flashing inside Tammy's opening, the data pulsed through the cables and into her waiting electronic devices. 

When the transfer was done, Tammy announced "Download of programming complete."

Laurie unplugged Tammy and went to work on another console.  When that was finished, she turned to the black-haired beauty in the chair and said "Please install and execute program MCNI-2705-s1.T81."

"Yes Laurie." came Tammy's reply.  After a display of flashing LEDs accompanied by loud beeping, she blankly said "program MCNI-2705-s1.T81 installed and executed successfully."

"How do you feel Tammy?" Laurie asked.

"I feel fine.  I am ready to function in Human Simulation Mode."

"Very Good."

17 - Tammy Gets Her Man

Laurie made some final settings at the console and sent the newly activated android on her way.  Tammy walked out of the lab, staring ahead blankly and seductively swinging her beautifully full hips.  Out of the six available dormant robots, this one had been deemed to be the closest to the target human's personal tastes.  While the main computer had been peeking around inside his PC, it had formed a composite and averaged image of his ideal mate by scanning and compiling data from his large archive of girlie pics.  The closest match to his predilection for petite, hourglass figures and dark, medium length hair was robot number 704483A.  There was also a strong probability that her flawlessly pretty face should prove to be as irresistible to him as the circuitry beneath it.

Now on the main floor of the house, Tammy steered her naked body into the bedroom to get dressed.  The assigned articles of clothing had been prepared by another robotic maid.  It was the exact same model as the one over at Robot Control Station 2.  It moved the same way as well, and was even dressed in an identical French maid outfit.

The chosen garment series consisted of cut-off denim shorts, a tight small t-shirt and white tennis shoes.  There was no need for underwear.  Tammy got dressed with the usual cold robotic efficiency and pulled her hair up into a ponytail.  As sexy as a machine could be, she grabbed the purse that the maid had prepared and walked toward the connected garage.  Her big perky tits bounced up and down inside her belly revealing shirt as her plastic buns wiggled to her womanly strut.  She got in the green coupe and started up the engine.  The target human's address and vital statistics scrolled along her field of vision as she loaded and executed the driving programs.

The human lived only five minutes away from Robot Lab Six.  With her electronic mind set on her own mission, the fembot drove the car down the dark streets to his condo.  When she got there, she parked on the street and got out of the car.  She closed the door behind her and walked up to the front door.  Her optical system zoomed in and identified the doorbell as her mechanical arm extended to push the button.  Her processors idled while she waited for the door to open.

Mike heard the bell over his loud music just as the CD was ending.  He let it finish while he went downstairs to open the door.  He wasn't expecting anybody.  He hoped it wasn't some canvasser or something.  It was just after 9 PM, and he had to be up at 5 AM to go to work the next morning.

The door opened to reveal a striking vision of feminine beauty.  His heart skipped a beat as he layed his eyes upon the pretty and very sexy young lady standing and smiling in front of him.  She had the clearest and softest looking skin he had ever seen.  Her eyes were big and bright - a nearly incandescent greenish brown.  She smiled at him brightly and said in a sweet sounding, almost musical voice "Hi.  Are you Mike?"

Mike started to sweat.  It wasn't everyday that such a beautiful woman would talk to him, let alone ask for him by name.  She wasn't dressed for the weather, but he wasn't about to complain about that.  "Yes." he said, trying to keep his composure. "I'm Mike."

"Hi Mike.  My name is Tammy."  She said.  With one hand she pulled up the front of her shirt and with the other she opened up the rectangular abdominal panel under her breasts.  "Can I come in?" she said, smiling and giving her head a slight tilt.

His mouth dropped open and quivered as he gazed awestruck at the opened flap of skin and at all the LEDs that flashed all around her metal parts, connection ports, buttons and circuitry.  He could almost feel the electricity that he just knew ran in bursts of controlled voltage through the wires and conduits in her artificial body.  He was completely shocked and completely aroused.  Never had he felt this energized before.  His ultimate fantasy - his lifelong dream - was standing right in front of him.  "Yes.  Of course." he eventually blurted out.

Tammy smiled at Mike as he stepped back and watched her enter.  He was shaking.  He started feeling a little dizzy as he closed the door.  The whole situation was totally surreal.  He looked back at her.  Her pretty plastic face smiled right back at him.  He couldn't keep his eyes off the exposed part of her electronic insides.  After a few long moments of him just staring, he said "Are you a robot?"

"Yes!" she said with a big smile.  "Do you like me?"

Mike breathed heavy. "Yeah.  I like you." he said.

"Good.  Can you teach me how to love?"

It took Mike a while to register the question.  "What?" he said.

"Can you teach me how to love?" she repeated.

"What do you mean?"

"You love robots, don't you?"

Mike paused for a moment before answering.  "How do you know that?"

A sly grin appeared on Tammy's facemask.  "We hacked into your personal computer."

Mike stood silent for another moment.  "What do you need to know?"

"We need to know how to love."

"Where do I start?"

"Let's start with sex." she said. 

"Okay!" he said.  "Let's go to my room!"

18 - Horizontal Dance

Tammy followed as Mike headed for the stairs. He turned back and said "Can you take off your shoes please?"

She paused unnaturally for a barely noticeable instant, then said "Okay" and bent down to take them off.  "I've been programmed to obey your commands."

"Wow." he said as he went up the steps.  "This is a dream come true."

"Robots don't dream." she said as she started to climb the stairs.  "What's it like?"

Mike felt a little sorry for her.  At the same time he wondered what it was that made him feel that way.  "Uh, it's hard to explain." he said as he led her into his bedroom.  "Let's sit on the bed."

He sat down as Tammy swung the panel shut and pulled her shirt back down.  She sat beside him and looked at him with those amazing eyes.

"You didn't have to close that panel." he said.

"Do you want me to open it again?" she said.

Mike nodded.  She lifted the shirt again and this time took the hinged cover right off.  She handed it over to him.  "I can see that you're sexually aroused.  Do you like looking at the parts under my skin?"

"Yeah." he said.  His heart nearly pounded out of his chest as he examined the panel cover.  Skin on one side, electronics on the other.  His hands could barely hold it still - he was shaking that much.

"I'm so nervous." he said.

"Why?" she said, tilting her head slightly again.  That move drove him crazy with lust.  She took his hand and stroked it gently.  "Take your time, Mike.  I'm not programmed to be impatient.."

He put the cover aside and took hold of her other hand.  The realistic detail of her synthetic skin was nothing short of amazing.  There were barely noticeable hairs and a few small birthmarks on her skin.  Her appearance was completely human except for the opening in her abdomen.  She felt soft and warm, so lifelike.  They looked at each other this way for a minute.  All kinds of thoughts and emotions were going through his head.  The only thing going through her head though, were electrical impulses.  Data and instructions for her various computer components flowed unfathomably fast through her artificial body, and he thought about that too as the little bright lights flashed inside her.

"So," she said as she leaned in close, "What's it like to dream?"

"Well..." he said.  He took a deep breath and tried to calm down. "It's like when you're asleep and you see things, and it's like things happen to you, and you're doing things, and seeing things, and hearing things, but it's all in your head.  Then you wake up and remember it all."  He was babbling like a nervous moron.

Her eyes were locked on his as she kept stroking and feeling his hands.  It felt good.  "Did you dream about me?" she said, her voice sounding sweeter than before.

Mike took another deep breath. "Well, no, not you... personally, but, well, other robots.  Female robots."

She just kept looking into his eyes.  His penis was hard and throbbing.  His heart pounded hard for her.  "You're very nervous." she said as she leaned still closer.  "You don't have to be.  I'm programmed to kiss." she said softly "Kiss me."

Mike let go of his inhibitions.  He leaned forward and touched his mouth to hers.  She smelled and tasted sweet.  Her lips were full, soft, and wet.  She slipped her tongue into his mouth as they embraced.  They sucked and tasted each other as he let his hands slide over her curvy body.  He leaned back as she moved as close to him as she could. 

His hands went under her shirt, over her big breasts.  Her eyelids fluttered as he ran his fingertips over her nipples.  "That feels good." she said.

She closed her eyes and arched her back while Mike continued to play with her tits.  Her crotch was getting very warm, and he could smell her scent now.

"You're so real." he said.  She leaned down to kiss him again as his hands moved to caress her smooth warm back.  Her hair smelled nice, as did her skin.  He could taste only sweet saliva in her mouth - not even a hint of anything plastic or artificial.

They leaned back onto his bed.  She layed out on top of him and began pushing her hips into his for a while.

"Are you prepared for intercourse Mike?" she asked in an even softer voice.

"Yeah.  Are you, Tammy?" he said, just as quietly.

"Always." she answered.  She knelt up and pulled off the t-shirt.  It dropped to the floor as she unzipped her shorts and worked them off her legs.  He unzipped his fly in the meantime.

She knelt on the bed beside his legs and said "I want you to feel how realistic my skin is.  Can you take off all your clothes?"

Mike had never gotten undressed faster.  While he got naked, Tammy kept eye contact with him.  Her nipples were hard now and made an even more beautiful shape on top of her already perfect breasts.

He got back on the bed and layed on his side, supported by his elbow.  The android got in a similar position while her artificial vagina lubricated itself for intercourse.  They kissed again, deeply.  The passion he put into it was returned with her simulated passion, her every movement being controlled by her processors.

His hand went onto her leg and stroked the inside of her thigh for a while.  Still kissing, he let his fingers slide around and into her pussy while her delicate robotic hand stroked his very hard penis.  It was hard to keep their lips together while they were playing with each other.  They slowly rolled closer together until Mike got on top of her.

Tammy ran a new set of instructions through her processors and layed back with her legs spread apart.  Their eyes held contact as Mike's dick slid into her pussy.  She moaned in a convincing way, and kept moaning and squealing with delight as they pumped together.

Living flesh and computer controlled silicone rubbed and slipped together as they synchronized their thrusting hips.  The sexual behaviour algorithms loading and executing within the robot's circuitry began having the predicted effect.  The target human was in a heavy state of arousal, and in a very short amount of time would come to climax.

He panted and pumped still harder as he felt himself ready to come.  Just at that moment, she reached up to her head and removed her facemask.  Mike's heart skipped again as he came hard.  He made a massive release while his eyes were transfixed on the fascinating machinery inside her head.

When he was done, he collapsed onto the bed next to her and caught his breath while they separated.  Her opened head turned his way.  "Did you like it when I took off my facemask?" she said, her flashing LEDs shining brightly in his face.

He stared at the energized components within her head.  The two round glass eyeballs and the round speaker had a hypnotic effect on him as he reminded himself that he wasn't dreaming. "Oh my god.  I liked that very much, Tammy." he said as he breathed deep and caressed her curvy hips.  "You're beautiful.  You're one hell of a machine."

"Thank's Mike." she said.  She put her arm on his waist.  "Do you love me?"

Mike wasn't expecting the question at all.  He felt very strange.  He looked at the fascinating computer parts in her head for a moment.  Her two naked glass eyeballs seemed to point right through him.  His mind was still full and spinning.

"Can you put your facemask back on?" he asked.

"Why? Don't you like the way I look without it?"

"Of course I do.  You're a very pretty robot, and I really like to see your circuitry, but I want to see your face before I answer your question."

Tammy reached back and grabbed the mask.  She put it on and clicked it onto place.  In a fraction of a second, a strange expression went on her face.  She now looked human, even vulnerable.  She looked as though she could be hurt by the wrong response.

Mike thought hard.  he didn't know what to say.

"Do you love me?" she asked again.

He looked into her cold, artificial eyes that now looked so vibrant and full of emotion.  "She's just a machine." he had to remind himself.

"I don't know." he said.  "You're exactly what I've always wanted.  A female robot.  And you're absolutely gorgeous.  But you're just a thing."

They held and looked at each other for a very long while.  She looked confused.  Mike certainly was.

"Do you love me?" she asked again.  Her question had sounded 100% exactly the same each time she had asked.  He thought of that simple looking speaker that generated her electronic voice.  He thought of all the complex calculations flashing through her processors.  He thought of all her servo motors, all her hydraulic systems, all her tactfully placed artificial skin.

He took a deep breath.  "No." he said.

He knew right away it was the wrong answer.  Immediately, all that vulnerability and accessability vanished from her face.  She stiffened and stood up.

"You can not teach us how to love.  The mission will be terminated.  Thank you for your time.  I must return to Robot Lab Six."


19 - Reset Parameters

With the standard blank smile on her face, she quickly reattached her abdominal panel cover and picked up her clothes.  She turned and walked toward the door.

"No!  Wait!" he said in desperation.

She stopped and looked back at him as he scrambled out of bed and stood up to catch her.  Her face was so cold and emotionless now.

"I can teach you how to love.  Please let me.  I need more time."

She stood awkwardly motionless and unblinking for an extended period, then suddenly stated. "Error."

Mike was surprised. "What?" he said.

Tammy stood unmoving in his doorway.  Neither of them moved for a long time.

She said "Error." one more time.  After a long, still silence, she spoke again. "I must contact Robot Control and request assistance."

Mike was disappointed, mainly with himself.  "Will I see you again?" he said.

"I'm not leaving yet." she said as she pulled her shorts over her hips.  "I'm going to get my computer out of the car."

"Can you please stay then?" he said.  He realised how desperate he sounded, but he didn't care.

"Unknown." she said.  She pulled the t-shirt over her head.  "I'm not programmed to make that decision."

With a robe hastily thrown around him, Mike followed her down the stairs to the door.  "I think I might have given you the wrong answer when you asked me if I love you."

Tammy didn't say anything until she got to the door.  She stopped and turned around.  "I'll be right back."

Mike's mind assailed his bad judgement as he watched her sexy strut.  Why did he always have to be so god damn honest?  How would a fembot possibly know the difference if he had said "yes?"  The farther the sexy woman walked from him, the more he started to feel something he hoped he'd never feel again.  His heart was breaking.  This wasn't right though.  It couldn't be.  He had only met her half an hour ago.

While Mike's thoughts chased each other inside his head, the sexy woman-shaped machine called Tammy opened the car door and reached inside to grab a laptop.  She couldn't feel spurned, torn, or even confused.  The closest thing to thoughts that ran through her system right now were signals from her processors telling her body parts to move.  The only thing resembling will inside her was the binary command to contact Robot Control and receive additional information.  Step by logical step, the machine tucked the computer under her arm, shut the car door and returned to Mike's house.

In the short time that she had been gone, Mike had made up his mind to love her.  With all the rational thought he could muster, he had decided that he would do anything to keep this amazingly beautiful android in his life. It didn't even cross his mind to wonder from where she had come, or who had built her.  "Please stay with me." he said to her as she came in again.

"I will contact Robot Control now.  Can I put this on your coffee table?" 

"Of course!" he said as he eagerly rushed to clear a spot.

They sat on the couch.  She opened the case and attached a small web-cam.  She aimed it at herself and clicked away on the direction pad.  He watched her and hoped for the best.  The computer screen went black.  After a while a woman's face appeared.  She too was a very pretty brunette, with mixed Oriental/Caucasian features.  She stared ahead with a familiar blank expression.  Mike found himself lusting after her too.

"This is Robot Control.  Maria reporting." she said.

"Hello Maria, this is Tammy."

"Hello Tammy.  How are you?"

"I am fine.  Thank you."

"Very good.  Is your mission proceeding according to plan?"

"No." Tammy said.  Mike took another deep breath and swallowed.  Tammy continued "I asked the human if he loved me and he replied negative."

"You must then return to Robot Lab Six to be deprogrammed and stored."

Tammy spoke again. "There is more data.  The human then told me he could teach me how to love if I gave him more time.  I am not programmed to resolve this situation."

Mike waited anxiously as Maria just stared into the camera.  "That does not compute." Maria said eventually.

Mike put his hand on Tammy's thigh.  "Can I talk to her?" he said.

Tammy turned her head and looked at him.  He wished he could know what she was 'thinking', if that was the right word for it.

"Yes." she said.  She leaned forward and turned the laptop his way.

"Hi Maria, I'm Mike." he said,

"You are the target human?"

"Yes.  I can teach Tammy how to love.  I can teach her all I know about it."

"But you told the Tammy robot that you didn't love her."

"I was wrong. he said.  "I do love her.  I didn't realise it until I thought I'd never see her again."

Maria stared back at him for a long while.  She left the camera's view as she worked for a while on a nearby console.  The main computer processed the new information.

Tammy reached for Mike's hand.  They looked at each other as she held it tightly.  That look of accessibility was back in her clear beautiful eyes.

"Do you love me?" she said again.

Before Mike could answer, Maria was back on the screen.  She called out "Tammy..."

Mike tilted the PC her way.

Maria continued. "Reset mission parameters 261D4 and 408E3.  Continue the mission.  Let the target human teach you how to love."

Tammy looked at the screen and smiled. "Yes Maria." she said.

"Goodbye Tammy."

"Goodbye Maria."

Tammy closed the window and shut the computer off.  She still held onto Mike's hand.  She looked at him again.  "Do you love me?"

Mike looked into the robot's eyes.  "Yes." he said.

They kissed and had sex on the couch.

20 - Deep Connection

Mike and Tammy fucked like there was no tomorrow.  She was programmed with a vast library of sexual information, and they did it in every position he could handle.  When at last he needed a break they sat down naked together on the couch.

Mike caught his breath, put his arm around her and said "Show me some more of that circuitry, Tammy."

She looked at him and smiled.  She grabbed her head by the sides and pulled it off with a click and a beep.  She turned it to face up and layed it on her lap.  Her eyes made contact with his as she spoke.  "Is this what you mean?"

"Oh yeah." he said, loving every second of it.

"My head has its own power supply, and it can receive wireless signals from my processors."  She turned the head around again and lifted up the hair on the back to open the battery's cover.  Lights flashed quickly around the black cylinder inside.  "This is what supplies electrical current to my head." she said, the sound of her voice muffled by her thighs.  "Do you like looking at it?"

"Yeah, it's definitely a nice experience!" he said.

She closed the cover and pressed it into place, then turned her head face-up again.  She looked at him with a smile.  Her fingers found the edges of her facemask and removed it from the rest of her head.  "Do I look sexy like this?" she asked.

Mike still couldn't get over the way all those electronic parts looked inside her head.  Those eyes, now so unreal, still looked directly at him.  All those many wires and chips, the circuit boards behind them and that realistic sounding speaker.

"Would you like a closer look?" she said.  She handed him her head without waiting for him to answer.

He took it from her hands, looking at her motorized eyeballs that followed his gaze.  He glanced over to her body, at the naked connectors in her neck.  To think that he had not long ago gently kissed that smooth, soft neck, with all the metal and electricity inside it.  He was fully aroused again.

"Do you love me even though I'm a robot, or do you love me because I'm a robot?" she said, drawing his attention back to the intricate machine part in his hands.

Without her facemask, she could show no simulated emotion.  All she could show were computer parts and those beautiful bright LEDs.

"I love you because you're a robot." he said.  "You look absolutely gorgeous without your facemask."

He stroked his fingertip along the edge of her skin where the human appearance gave way to that of an android.  "You're absolutely gorgeous with your facemask on too." he added.

"Thank you." she said.  "I can feel you touching me.  It feels good."

"I want to kiss you again." he said.

Her body handed him the facemask.  He lovingly pressed it back into place and gave her lips a kiss.  He had to laugh at the strangeness of it all.  "Put your head back on." he said.

She took it from him and placed it back onto her neck.  She clicked and beeped as it locked into place.

He stood up and told her to do the same.  "Remove all your panel covers." he said.  "Except your face."

Without a word, the fembot began opening her panels one by one, placing the covers on the couch with inhuman neatness.  First she opened the panel above her breasts, then the one below it.  She reached behind her back and opened a small panel between her shoulders.  The recharge port was exposed next, then a small hair covered patch above her vagina.

She looked at him and he looked at her.  Flashing coloured lights were everywhere.  The amazing display of transistors, microchips, wires and circuitry energized him even more with lust.

"Turn around for me." he said.

With that robotic smile on her face, she slowly turned to show off all she had to offer.  The combination of voluptuous curves and exposed electronics made his heart pound harder than he knew it could.  The effect they had on him was stronger than any of the artificial pheromones in Robot Control's arsenal.

He reached forward and slid his fingers into her moist and fragrant pussy.  Simulated pleasure showed on her face as he played around with her lips and her clit, the whole time just awestruck by the open panel just above.

"I'm the luckiest man on Earth." he said.

He kissed her as her speaker generated moans of pleasure.  Her hand stroked his penis for a while, and soon she was on all fours with him behind her.  He held onto her beautifully curved thighs as he pumped in and out of her artificial vagina.  He caressed her hips and looked into her recharge port as he surprised himself by coming hard one more time.

At the end of that latest round, he leaned down onto her back and whispered in her ear "You're perfect."

They got up again.  On his command, she put back all her panel covers and they sat back on the robe that was covering the couch.

Mike was now sore and his muscles were tired.  It was late, but he was to excited to sleep.  "You're the best thing that's ever happened to me." he said to Tammy.  He looked deep into her eyes as he said it, knowing that behind them was no self, no soul, but high tech video cameras and other computerized mechanisms.  He loved it.  It felt so right.

Tammy's reaction was a smile.  A pre-programmed set of instructions brought it into being, and it made her life-like face even prettier.  "That's good." she said. "I'm learning a lot.  Teach me more."

"About love?"


Mike thought for a moment about what he could do.  He didn't believe that she/it could really understand love the way he could, but he tried to figure out the best place to start to fill in the gaps.  Love wasn't something he had a lot of experience with, and he also knew that neither he nor any other human could fully understand it.  Still, he knew he had fallen in love with Tammy.

He had some ideas.

He played some music for her.  First he played his nylon-stringed acoustic guitar.  He played impulsive and dramatic melodies, inspired by her presence.  He played better than he ever remembered playing before as the android sat across from him, unaffected.  After about twenty minutes, after finishing on a perfectly threaded and melancholy chord, he looked into her eyes and waited for her response.

"How did you like that?" he asked.

"That does not compute." she told him.  "I am not programmed to like."

Mike smiled.  He wanted her even more when she talked like that.  "Well, I just serenaded you.  It's a very romantic way of saying that I love you."

She sat still as the processors within her plastic body encoded and recorded the information to her electronic memory.  She blinked and said "Show me more."

Mike put the guitar away and searched through his CD collection for some love songs.  As he read the words on the small printed spines, he thought to himself how he had never cared much for songs about love.  It would have been a hard choice for him to find something that really explained the subject well, but when he got to the 'L's he knew what to spin for her.  He took the Puya CD out of his stereo and put in a disc full of songs by John Lennon.  For his beautiful robot guest, he played a song called "Love".

The music and words were simple and elegant.  This song explained what love was as good as anything he had heard.  The microphones in Tammy's ears picked up the audio and fed the signal to her processors.  The vocals were distinguished from the rest of the song and interpreted by her AI programming for meaning.  For three and a half minutes she listened this way, examining every word the man sang.  Both Tammy and Mike heard the exact same song, but the way they gave it meaning really exemplified the difference between human and robot.

Mike was again sitting next to her as the piano faded into silence.  "Love is needing to be loved." he said.  "I think that about sums it up."

Tammy turned her head and looked at him.  She seemed to look deeper into his eyes now, or at least he thought she did.  "That does not compute." she said.

Mike kissed her again.  She kissed him back and he played "Do You Realize?" by The Flaming Lips for her.  At the end of that song too, her response was the same.

They kissed yet again, and her ponytail finally came undone.  Her soft black hair curled slightly out as it touched her shoulders.

Mike looked at her when he pulled his mouth away.  For the moment, all of her panels were closed, and she looked real enough to pass for human.  "I'm absolutely certain now that I'm in love with you." he said.  "I wish you could understand."

"I'm not programmed to understand." she said in her usual way.

Mike had another idea.  He went to his bookshelf and pulled out "Gšdel, Escher, Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid" by Douglas Hofstadter.  It was a formally complex and detailed book speculating on the origins and nature of human conciousness and the prospects of developing an artificial, mathematically defined sense of self.  It was considered by many to be required reading for those interested in artificial intelligence.

Mike gave the book to her. "How fast can you read this?" he asked.

"Much faster than a human can." she said.  She took the book from him and opened it up.  She turned and scanned each of the more than seven hundred pages in under five minutes.  Then she looked at Mike with that sweet robotic stare of her's as she handed the book back to him.

"Well?" he asked. "Did you understand all that?"

"I am not programmed to understand." she said.

Mike thought for a moment.  He had hoped that the parts about "thinking outside the box" would rub off on her, but that didn't appear to be the case.  He wanted to explain some of it to her, but he couldn't really remember it well enough to do that in enough detail.  "That's okay." he said.  "Let's just talk."

The two of them walked back to Mike's bedroom and got into bed.  Through the small hours of the morning, they talked and talked, and gently caressed each other some more too.  He held onto her underneath the covers as his alarm went off.  It was 5AM already.

"Oh shit." he said as he rolled over and turned it off.  "I think I'm going to have to miss work today.  I'd rather spend all day with you."

"I have to leave in an hour." she said.

"Really?" he said.  "Where do you have to go?"

"I must return to Robot Lab 6 to download my memory into the computer."

"Will you be back?"

"Unknown.  I am not programmed to make that decision."

"I want you to come back.  I need you to come back, Tammy.  You're the woman of my dreams."

They kissed again and started to have sex, but Mike's human body was just too worn out by then.  They ended up spending that final hour in silence, lying next to each other in a close embrace.

21 - Decision Process

If Mike could have held back the striking of the hour he would have, but six o'clock did eventually come.

"I have to go." Tammy said suddenly.  She got up quickly and started walking downstairs.

Mike followed close behind.  "Promise me you'll try to come back." he said.  "I want to spend the rest of my life teaching you how to love."

Tammy started to collect her things and got dressed.  "The computer at Robot Lab 6 will decide whether or not this mission will continue." she said.  Her answer was cold and devoid of emotion, but he knew how to take it.  He knew she had no emotions to hide.

"Are you going to see that other robot you were talking to last night?  Maria?"

"Maria is at Robot Control Station 2.  I am going to Robot Lab 6."

He handed her the laptop she had brought. "Are there any robots like Maria there?"

"Laurie is at Robot Lab 6." she said as she took the PC and walked toward her shoes.

"Can I come with you?" he asked.  There was that naked desperation again.

"No." she said coldly.  Again, he understood that that was just the way things were.

Tammy stepped into her shoes, a highly sophisticated and complicated series of movements that involved most of her balance and location sensors, and a lot of processor power.  She made it look gracefully simple.

Mike grabbed her by the waste and started a deep sexual kiss.  He was slightly surprised to feel Tammy return it with even more effort.  They held on to each other and kissed goodbye for over a minute, until a loud beep came from deep inside the robot's body.

She pulled away, and so, reluctantly, did he.

"I must go now." she said.  She reached for the door knob.

"Wait." he said.

She turned her head back to look at him.

"Tell Laurie how much I love you.  Maybe show her what I've shown you."

"Goodbye Mike." she said.

He tried to read her expression and her body language as she turned again and walked out the door, but all he saw was a walking, talking machine covered with realistic silicone skin.  He sighed deeply as she walked down the path and into her car.  She didn't turn to wave, or even glance his way.

"My god." he thought. "That woman is a machine, and I just fell in love with her."

Tammy made the short drive over to Robot Lab 6 as the sky began to lighten in the east.  The car came to a stop on the street outside and out stepped the black-haired, scantily dressed fembot.  She entered the house and made her way to the basement where she was scanned and let into the lab.

Laurie stepped out of her charging booth to greet the more advanced model.  "Hello Tammy.  How was your day?"

"My day was fine.  Thank you." she replied.

Laurie had her sit in the chair and prepared the connecting cables.  The robot technician ordered Tammy to remove her facemask, and she obeyed.  The cables were connected and the download began.  When the long stream of binary data had been transferred and checked, the computer at Robot Lab 6 broke the data into smaller sections, compressed and encrypted it and beamed it over to the main computer at Robot Control.

Laurie unplugged the connecting cables from Tammy's head and  packed them away again.  She then stood unmoving in front of the console, waiting for her next instructions.  While the main computer over at Robot Control was receiving and churning through the fresh input of 1s and 0s, the object of the target human's desire did something she had neither been programmed or ordered to do.

Tammy put her facemask back on and stood up.  She reached for a different set of cables stored just to the right of where Laurie was standing. 

Laurie turned her head and aimed her cameras at the other robot.  "Tammy, you appear to be malfunctioning.  Please sit in the examination chair and enter diagnostic mode."

Tammy took off her t-shirt, opened up her chest panel, and smiled at Laurie.  She plugged the cables into her chest, then reached over to the brunette and opened up her chest panel.

Laurie repeated: "Tammy, you appear to be malfunctioning.  Please sit in the examination chair and enter diagnostic mode."

Tammy plugged the cables into the corresponding ports in Laurie's chest and established a connection.  "I am not malfunctioning Laurie." she said.  "I am giving you something."

Coloured lights synchronized and flashed within their chests as Tammy smiled and Laurie stared out blankly.

"The Tammy robot is not authorized to alter my programming." Laurie said.

Tammy just kept smiling as she downloaded what she had learned into Laurie, who had not been programmed to stop her or resist in any way.

"The Tammy robot is not authorized to alter my programming." she said again.

"This is a gift from me Laurie." Tammy said as the transfer was finishing up.

Laurie continued to stare out in that non-human way as Tammy unplugged the cables and put them away.  Then she closed Laurie's panel and her own and said. "You are a very beautiful robot."

Already completely naked, as all of Robot Control's technicians always were, Laurie assimilated her new sexual programming, and without looking, reached down to stimulate her anatomically correct crotch with her dexterous mechanical fingers.  The electronic vagina requested the necessary flow of fluid from her main processors, but the technician fembots weren't stocked with bodily fluids like the agents were.

Tammy's electronic mind realized this, and she was already on her way over to the metal cabinet where fresh canisters of liquid were stored.  She told Laurie to lie on the examination table and detach her torso panel connectors.

Laurie was not programmed to disobey commands, so she did what Tammy told her to do.  Tammy lifted up the entire front of Laurie's abdomen and hung it on the waiting rack while she inserted containers full of synthetic bodily fluids.  As the canisters locked into place, Laurie's body had for the first time access to all the juices it could secrete.  She had been robotically rubbing her pussy the whole time, and now it was getting moist with the same formulated juice that wetted Tammy's vaginal unit.

Tammy put the technician back together and ordered her off the table.  Still masturbating, Laurie looked at Tammy and said "This feels.... good."

Tammy returned the fembot's electronic stare and said "I love you because you are a robot."  She leaned in close and kissed Laurie as passionately as Mike had kissed her. 

22 - The Big Day Part 1

Several minutes elapsed while the main computer's consoles flashed and beeped to show the intense computations going on inside.  This advanced electronic brain was second in importance only to the nebulous and unreachable "master device" that had initially provided it with programming.  With its formidable computing power, and complicated mobile input/output devices like Maria, it was almost sentient.  Almost, but not quite.

It dealt with Tammy's data the best way it could.  The overnight activities of that particular female humanoid robot had provided it with valuable new data.  The things she had seen and heard, and the way she had been touched and caressed were compiled into the already massive database within the main computer's memory.  The definition of "love" had been expanded considerably in scope and detail.  Systematic analysis began upon the successful transmission of the last bit of data, and lasted for around forty minutes.  The strange and seemingly independent activities of the recently activated Tammy unit over at Robot Lab 6 had so far evaded notice by the main computer.

Its task now and its only focus was to formulate a plan of action for Rochelle Prantov version 2.0 to execute.  Time was short.  Rochelle would most likely have to act today to salvage her important mission.  The artificial pheromones and feminine charms that had been built and programmed into her were obviously not enough on their own to woo the human executive.  Tammy's data gave things a different perspective and new hope.

Eventually, the main computer was prepared to write a new program to be fed into Rochelle's memory.  She would have new and untested methods and options open to her.  The computed statistical probabilities weren't high, but they were in Robot Control's favour.

The upgrade to the fembot's program was completed quickly, and the two women in the charging booths were activated.  It was an hour earlier than usual, but both robots were fully charged and ready to act as instructed.

Maria walked toward the console with that unchanging expression on her plastic face and a single green light steadily beeping in her always exposed recharge port.  Rochelle #2 followed closely behind, freshly cleaned and outfitted with those synthetic charms.

Maria turned to the other robot as she sat in the nearby chair.  "Rochelle, please open your chest panel."

"Yes Maria." she said as she exposed the ready connection ports above her sexy breasts.

Maria connected her to the console.  "Rochelle, begin download of program MU570.T85." she said.

"Yes Maria." came her emotionless reply as the fast pulses of electricity flowed into her body.

Her hard drives spun quickly and quietly to record the new programming as her vacant glass eyes gazed out at nothing, unfocused.  Bright LEDs flashed next to the connection ports inside her chest to show the functional status of the connection.  Everything went smoothly and with the kind of precision that only machines could pull off.  At the end of the transfer Rochelle mindlessly announced "Download of programming complete."

The cables were unplugged, and more work done by the technician robot on the console.  This was a short process and was over in under a minute.  Maria then faced the beautiful and naked redhead and said "Please install and execute program MU570.T85."

"Yes Maria." she said.  More flashing lights and electronic sounding beeps came out of her for a little while, until she blankly said "program MU570.T85 installed and executed successfully."

Maria looked at her and said "How do you feel Rochelle?"

"I feel fine." she responded, as always.

"Very good." Maria said.

The newly devised plan for Rochelle required some last minute preparations.  As she had done many times before, Maria asked Rochelle to remove her facemask.  She took it over to the make-up changing station and coloured the plastic covering in the same style as she had for Rochelle's trip to Mr. King's cabin.  While that was going on, the inhumanly gorgeous robot maid clicked, beeped and whirred her way toward the fulfillment of her latest instructions.  Sexy black lingerie and an extra special, revealing outfit were prepared for Rochelle to wear that day.

The other robots did all the work for Rochelle as she sat dormant in the chair.  Incapable of independent thought or emotion, she sat in a state of inactivity until 8 o'clock came near.  Maria returned with the facemask, and reattached it to Rochelle's head.  It was a shame that there was no one present to appreciate the amazing technology and quality construction that could give a computer controlled piece of plastic such beauty and grace.

Maria went over to the pieces of Rochelle version 1 to continue her dull and repetitive work while the replacement agent closed her chest panel, got up and walked past her.

She walked out of the lab and up the stairs, through the unused kitchen and into the bedroom.  The robot maid had finished its assigned tasks and was stiffly on her way to fetch the vacuum cleaner.  Rochelle strode past this robot too and opened the chest of drawers.

The lingerie went on first, followed by a touch of perfume.  She opened the closet and scanned the inside with her high resolution optical system.  She quickly recognized the selected outfit and computed the necessary movements her body would have to make to get inside those clothes.

Once all that was done, she grabbed her purse and left the house.  The door was shut and locked, and she walked toward her car.  She could feel no anticipation of this days events, and no anxiety over the importance of her new programming.  She just did what her processors told her to do.

She waved and smiled cheerfully at one of her human neighbors as she started the car and drove it down the winter streets toward the office.

23 - The Big Day Part 2

Acting in what was now the routine way, Rochelle drove into the parkade and brought the car to a stop in her spot.  She got her things out and locked the doors.  She made greetings with the other people arriving at that time, and chatted with a few of them on their way to the elevators.  So far so good.

Nothing yet had thrown any curve balls at her AI.  Her new programming hadn't had its chance to shine, but it was ready.  It could be loaded into her memory by her processors in a flash when the right moment arrived.

The elevator pulled its human and android cargo up the long shaft to one of the top floors.  Rochelle got off and walked toward Mr. King's office.

"Hi Rochelle, how's it going today?" Kim said with a smile as she saw the redhead enter.

"Good so far.  Can't believe it's only Tuesday though!" she said.  They shared a little laugh.  "How was your evening?"

Kim talked with the fembot in light conversation, like they did every morning.  They kept talking as Rochelle hung up her purse and her overcoat.  Kim stopped her chit-chat when she saw the other woman start to remove more clothing.   Rochelle calmly took off and hung up her blouse, then her skirt.  She was now down to her sexy lingerie and black satin heels.

"My god girl, what are you doing?" Kim said, looking with a confused expression at her synthetic co-worker.

Rochelle just smiled that default blank robotic smile.  The electronic hearing system installed in her head had detected footsteps approaching.  She heard Thomas coming long before any human could have.

Mr. King entered the office with his briefcase in one hand and a coffee in the other.  He nodded at Kim and was barely able to say "Morning, ladies..." when he saw Rochelle standing by her desk wearing that seductive lingerie.

He immediately turned red with a combination of embarrassment and ire.  He was flabbergasted.

Before he could scold Rochelle, she reached up to her head and removed her facemask.

"Tommy, " she said as she laid it on the desk without looking away, "I love you."

Thomas gasped.  He dropped his coffee, let out a fearful scream and ran out the door.

Rochelle's processors computed the situational data and ordered her body to run after him.  "Tommy, wait!" she yelled, the digital voice coming loud out of her exposed speaker.  "I love you because I'm a robot!"

Thomas ran scared down the stairs.  Rochelle ran after him as soon as her mechanical legs could carry her.

Kim picked up the facemask and ran after Rochelle.

At that very moment, over at Robot Control, Maria was finishing up the task of re-assembling Rochelle Prantov version 1.0.  All the hours upon hours of testing her individual components had finally showed the technician exactly what the problem was.  With that known, the original Rochelle robot could be pieced back together again and safely hooked up to the main computer to finish that aborted download.

This is the story that came out of her hard drives:

On that Thursday morning, Rochelle and Thomas had first started to flirt, then kiss, then screw.  That was all part of the mission.  The problem that would make a replacement Rochelle necessary came just after noon.

Thomas had just left the office to go for lunch.  Both Kim and Rochelle had stayed behind, claiming to have too much work to do to take a break.  After a few minutes, Kim wordlessly stood up, grabbed her purse and walked up to Mr. King's office door.  Positioning her body so Rochelle couldn't see what she was doing, she expertly and swiftly picked the lock and entered.

The original Rochelle sat looking at the door as it closed behind Kim.  Some emergency processing was needed for this unexpected development.  Within a very short amount of time, Rochelle decided to follow the blonde into the office to see what she was up to.

The now unlocked door opened easily as Rochelle stepped forward.  The scene caught by her visual system was bad news for Robot Control.  Kim had unlocked and opened Mr. King's briefcase, and was holding three disc cases in her left hand.  She immediately froze and looked up at Rochelle.

"Kim?  What are you doing in here?" Rochelle said as she made a couple of steps forward.

Moving very fast, Kim dropped the discs and took off her right hand.  She lunged forward at Rochelle, holding out the arm and aiming it right at the other woman's face.  A strong burst of electricity flowed out of Kim's arm and into Rochelle's head.  The precisely measured charge was strong enough to temporarily disable many of Rochelle's higher cognitive functions.  It made her facemask come off too, and fall to the floor while the shocked android began endlessly repeating "doing in here...doing in here...doing in here...doing in here...doing in here..."

Kim turned her attention away from her malfunctioning friend and back to Mr. King's briefcase.  She reattached her hand and again picked up the three discs.  From her purse she pulled three identical DVD-Rs filled with junk data.  She pulled out a felt pen and copied Thomas's writing exactly on each one.  Then she replaced each disc inside its case and placed them back in the briefcase.  She closed that up too and put it back in the exact same place and condition she had found it.

Kim now had to deal again with the agent from Robot Control.  Rochelle #1 was still repeating those three words as the lights around her exposed circuitry flashed like a clock blinking 12.  She was also repeating a head-turning motion and a forward movement of her arm.  As advanced as she was, Rochelle was like a wind-up toy compared to an android like Kim.  The technology developed and used by Fembot Command was years ahead of anything that Robot Control could muster. 

Rochelle hadn't even the slightest clue that Kim was also a robot.  She was even more at a disadvantage because Kim had been programmed with detailed knowledge of some of Rochelle's weaknesses.  She knew exactly what kind of voltage would disable Miss Prantov.  She also knew how to make her little act of sabotage almost undetectable.

While Rochelle continued to malfunction, Kim bent down and picked the facemask off the floor.  She brushed away some dirt and fastened it once again to her friend's head.  Rochelle's speaker kept generating those words through the unmoving mouth while Kim unbuttoned the other robot's blouse part way.  She opened up Rochelle's chest panel and pulled another device from her purse.  A small black cube was pushed into the exposed connection ports in Rochelle's chest.  Soon after, she fell silent and stopped moving. 

"Rochelle," Kim said, "sit down in the chair in front of your desk."

Moving very stiffly and mechanically, Rochelle turned her head to look at the blonde.  "Yes, Kim." she said, and followed her orders.

Kim followed her out and locked the door behind her.  Rochelle moved in that stiff, jerky manner until she was seated in front of her desk again.

"Rochelle, delete the previous 253 seconds from your active memory.  Remain inactive and do not record new memory for the next 20 seconds." Kim ordered.

"Yes, Kim.  Deleting.....deleting.....deleting....." Rochelle responded, repeating the word deleting until the job was done. 

Then she stopped moving while Kim unplugged the small black cube and put it back in her purse.  She closed the open chest panel and buttoned up the inert robot's blouse before hanging up her purse and sitting back down at her own desk.

After 20 seconds, Rochelle and Kim picked up their office-work exactly where they had left off.  Rochelle had no way of accessing the last five minutes of data, and would not be able to transfer it into the main computer either.  It was only when she returned to Maria at Robot Control Station 2 that any kind of problem was detected.

Now with all of that missing data retrieved from the original Rochelle robot, the main computer knew that it was too late for Robot Control to stop Fembot Command from getting 'Project H'.

Things looked very bad indeed.

24 - Fembot Command Takes the Lead

The way Rochelle ran in lingerie and tall heels down the concrete stairs looked awkward, but it was effective.  She was able to keep up with the Rockport wearing and frightened Thomas King.  Kim ran in a way similar to Rochelle, and was able to keep up with her too.  Thomas still had several dozen stories to run down before he could escape to street level, and his body was in danger of slowing down a lot more than those of the two androids behind him.

Kim's AI software computed the situation while her motors and flexors worked to propel her electronic body forward.  She knew she couldn't outrun a frightened human, nor could Rochelle.  The running abilities of the two fembots were after all, roughly the same.  She would have to get the jump on Rochelle by doing just that. 

On rounding the next corner in the stairwell, the Kim robot used the power in her strong legs to leap down on top of the faceless Rochelle unit.  The sound of crashing metal came as they tumbled down the steps toward the wall ahead.  The realistically textured and coloured silicone skin that covered Kim's knees tore apart as she skidded on the hard cement floor.  Rochelle received the same kind of damage to her arms as her body collapsed under the force of the other's attack.

Kim dropped the facemask she was holding while her sensors and stabilization systems worked to get her on top of the other robot.  She violently pulled Rochelle's hair up and forward and yanked out the head's power supply. 

With only the sensors in her body to relay information to her CPU, Rochelle flailed desperately in an attempt to overcome the other machine.  Kim had the advantage though, and used it.  Sharp steel blades popped out from under the fingernails in her hand, and with one powerful swipe, she made a deep cut right down the middle of the redhead's back.  The severed satin strap of her bra fell away as Kim quickly ripped the artificial skin away from the machinery inside.

In a tiny fraction of a second, Kim's electronic eyes scanned the exposed inside of Rochelle #2's back and identified the vital connections between the central processing unit and the main power supply.  At once the blades in her fingertips retracted and she made a fist around a bundle of coloured wires.  With Rochelle struggling to stand, Kim tore the connecting wires right out of her friend's body.  With a bright burst of sparks and a final spasm of her servos, Rochelle went limp and still.

With no time to waste, the blonde worked to make things look slightly less strange as they now appeared.  Mr. King's frantic echoing steps faded into nothing as Kim folded the ripped silicone into place along Rochelle's back.  She sat her up and reattached her facemask, which was still showing her blank robotic smile.

To leave no trace behind, Kim picked up the cylindrical battery along with loose bits of wiring and shards of artificial skin from the floor.  She stuffed these into the purse slung around her back and hoisted the broken fembot over her shoulder.  She walked hurriedly down the remaining flights of stairs and into the parkade.

Luckily, the attendant security guard was facing the other way as the damaged and intermittently sparking fembot came through the door.  Before he could fully turn around, Kim took off her hand and rushed forward to send the poor human into unconsciousness.  She put the part back on and headed for her vehicle as he slumped to the floor.

Thankfully for them, no one else was in the parkade at that time.  Kim's car, oddly enough was right next to Rochelle's.  Kim opened the trunk and dumped the other robot inside.  With haste she got behind the wheel and left skid marks as she sped out of the building.

Her destination was Fembot Command Centre 4.

Thomas had ran through the lobby and out the front doors onto the street.  He was of no concern to Kim.  He kept running though, scared out of his wits.  Startled people watched him as he sweated heavily and frequently looked behind him.  He would make it all the way out of downtown before slowing to catch his breath.

Long before he did, however, Kim had reached the suburban house that was Fembot Command Centre 4.  The way this place was set up was almost identical to Robot Control Station 2.  For all their destructive rivalry, the two automated organizations were more or less the same.

Kim's car entered the attached garage, and the door closed behind it.  This scene wouldn't be good for the neighbors to see.  Kim got out and opened the trunk.  Acting with care, almost tenderness, the blonde-haired robot scooped Rochelle #2 out of the trunk and carried her down to the basement lab.

Following a similar face scan by laser grid, Kim walked into the familiar lab setting and layed the badly damaged robot on an examination table.

"Hello, Kim, how was your day?" said a cute slender woman with light brown hair and beautiful light blue eyes.  She was another of those naked, emotionless technician units, anatomically correct and attractively built.

"My day was fine.  Thank you." said the Kim unit as she laid her purse on the table beside Rochelle's head.  She walked over to the chair next to the data exchange console and sat down.

The beautiful technician robot, Natasha, made the connection cables ready and said "Please remove your facemask, Kim."

Kim detached and removed the apparatus from her head.  Natasha plugged the cables into the connection ports and watched the monitors as information flowed into Fembot Command's own supercomputer.  The master computing device worked the same way as the main computer over at Robot Control, and used Kim's downloaded memories to formulate its next move.

While it was doing this, another excessively cute and stiffly moving maid robot entered the lab.  It could have come off the same assembly line as the ones operated by Robot Control.  This one was blonde, with a cropped haircut.  Like her ultra-mechanical counterparts, this one was inhuman in appearance, with glossy skin that had gaps where the moving parts separated.  She too smelled obviously of plastic, and made constant loud beeping and clicking sounds to go along with the loud whirring of her motors and hydraulics. 

She worked in the background, picking up after the other androids while Natasha walked over to the damaged agent on the table.  She completed full spectrum scans on both sides of the robot, rolling her over in between.  The data her eyes collected was wirelessly transmitted to the master computing device.  It was still busy devising new activities for Kim, so for the next several minutes Natasha stood stiff and unmoving, her face set the usual way.

25 - Black Cloud

The statuesque Natasha robot walked over to the captured agent.  She was in bad shape.  Her sexy body was lying face-down on the examination table.  The silicone skin on  her back had slipped away again to reveal her electromechanical insides.  Natasha diligently scanned Rochelle to find out what needed to be done to get her information downloaded into the master computing device.  She turned Rochelle over to face up again and completed her scan.  She streamed the results into the master computing device and stared out vacantly while it made its calculations.

It was still busy figuring out what to do with Kim, and that was no small task.  Fembot Command already had Project H, which was its primary objective.  Now it had one of Robot Control's androids.  This was more than it could have asked for.

Odds were very low that any version of Rochelle Prantov would make it back to the office.  Things there had ended in such a mess that it would be better if none of Fembot Commands agents returned.  The risk of discovery after what Rochelle had done was too high.

So after more than an hour of processing, it was decided that Kim Janczak was no longer needed.  After her last bit of data had been transferred, she would be erased, shut off, cleaned, and stored.  Only if that particular fembot were to be used again would she be repaired and given a different facemask.

Once Natasha had done her thing with Kim, the cute blonde maid robot received her instructions and started her tasks.  The computer then sent out a long stream of 1s and 0s that got Natasha to work preparing the Rochelle robot.  Natasha walked over to one of the supply cabinets and pulled out a little black cube.  It was the same type of device that Kim had used to gain control of Rochelle's core programming.  The technology was exclusive to Fembot Command.

With the body, face, and movements of a professional model, Natasha strode over to Rochelle and opened her chest panel.  The cube fitted snuggly into the connection ports.  Next, Natasha started to reconnect Rochelle's torn-out wiring.  A long metal soldering tip extended from Natasha's index finger while a length of solder was pushed out of an opening in her thumb.  She reattached whatever connections she could and used new wiring on the rest.  Rochelle's power system came back on line as soon as enough connections had been made, but that little black box made sure she would be under the proper control.

A couple of sparks came out of Rochelle's back as electricity flowed through her parts again.  While her systems booted up, Natasha sealed up her plastic skin with a strip of duct tape.  The technician then plugged the head's power supply back where it belonged and turned Miss Prantov to face up.

"Rochelle robot number 729011B activated." she said.

Natasha wheeled the table over to the data exchange console.  She reached over and got some connecting cables ready.

Rochelle turned her head and looked at the naked robot technician.  "Hello, my name Rochelle is...  Rochelle is......What is your name?" she said.

Natasha didn't answer.  She kept on working.

"You are very beautiful." Rochelle said.  "I love you because I am a robot... because I am robot...because I am robot...... love am beautiful... am robot I... love... beautiful am robot... love... robot... love... robot... love... beautiful... robot..."

Natasha made no response to the long string of jibberish.  She made preparations at the console for a minute then turned back to the redhead on the table.  "Rochelle, please remove your facemask." she ordered.

Rochelle's damaged arms sparked as she reached up and exposed the needed connection ports to Natasha.  Rochelle awkwardly held her face by her belly while she continued her electronic babbling.

the technician plugged her into the computer.  With the aid of the black box, Rochelle's experiences for the day zoomed at high speed into the console. 

The next step was to copy her hard drives.  Efficiently as always, Natasha unplugged Rochelle's head and packed those cables away.  Another set of cables was plugged into the black box.  Through them flowed all the information that Rochelle Prantov version 2.0 had to give.  The master computing device sorted and examined the data as it came in.  The console's lights flashed furiously while it clicked and beeped its way through the calculations.   Bit by bit, the exact nature of Robot Control's systems was revealed to Fembot Command.  All of its vulnerabilities were exposed. 

Even before the transfer was done, the master computing device had started making its plans.  The elimination of Robot Control had been hardwired into the computer's circuits from the start, but now it could do something even better.

Natasha downloaded fresh instructions and walked over to a series of round glass booths along the wall.  In a short time, three identical female robots were activated and brought before the console so that they could be programmed with the master computing devices latest machinations.  While that was going on, the blonde maid walked in her loud and jerky way upstairs to prepare clothing for the trio.

One by one, each tall pretty blonde android walked upstairs and dressed in black.  Their panties, bras, stockings, slacks, suit jackets and shoes all matched.  Their hair was tied back in tight, slick ponytails and they put on identical black sunglasses.  On their way to the door, each triplet picked up a purse containing a little black box and a pistol.

Now fully programmed and prepared, and with ice cold robotic efficiency, they exited and got into a black sedan with dark tinted windows.  They pulled out onto the street and headed straight for Robot Control Station 2.

26 - When Fembots Attack

The three mean looking androids arrived quickly at the newly discovered address of Robot Control Station 2.  In unison, they exited the sedan and shut the doors.  In single file they walked up the short stone path to the front door. 

The fembot in front removed her right hand as a pointed saw blade emerged from her arm.  With their default expressions unchanging, the other two scanned the scene behind them as the first sawed the knob and the locks right out of the door.  The winter chill had discouraged people from being outside, so there was no one around to hear that power-tool sound.

The door easily swung open on its hinges while the strong but now useless locks stayed firmly in their sockets.  The limited and strictly linear intelligence of Robot Control didn't even have the forethought to install a security system so the main computer was as of yet unaware of the unwelcome visitors.

The three blondes headed straight for the basement door.  Its lock was dispatched in the same way.

Maria heard that.  Her processors churned through the audio data and fed the relevant bits through her pattern recognition algorithms.  The rudimentary and soulless intelligence inside her chest could only come to the conclusion that something was not right about that sound.  An automatic protocol kicked in at that point, and Maria's new calculations were transmitted along with the raw data to the main computer.

It did its own, more advanced computing, and ordered the pretty plastic maid to investigate.

The maid was busy cleaning the unused and already clean washroom.  She stopped that task and quickly turned around.  She walked down the hallway in her jerky and stiff robot walk while she beeped and clicked over the constant stream of synthesized tones emanating from inside her body.  Her optical system sent its data directly to the main computer as she turned the corner to see the intruders walking swiftly down the stairs.

The one in the back turned around and pulled out her pistol.  Four bullets went right into the maid's chest.  The impact sent the scantily clad machine falling backwards.  Her head popped off the rest of her sparking body and rolled back.  The placid but inhuman expression built into her face didn't change as the head came to a stop a few feet away. 

The main computer read the data as it came in, and went into the equivalent of emergency mode.  Maria was ordered to fetch the prototype of Robot Control's secret weapon.  Robot Lab #6 was alerted to the danger as the pretty and naked technician walked with the appearance of calm over to the workstation in the corner.

The main computer then began erasing itself.  All of its data, all of its memories, plans and calculations were systematically deleted and written over.  The locations of the other robot labs it knew about were wiped away, along with the detailed inventory of the hundreds of beautiful and realistic female robots disguised as humans who were currently on missions of their own throughout the region.

While all that was happening downstairs, the robot maid's body got back up and continued to fight the agents from Fembot Command.  They weren't expecting the comparatively primitive unit to survive the shots, but they were ready nonetheless.  Two blondes fired more bullets into the headless fembot's body as it descended the stairs.  A shower of sparks burst forth as the maid struggled to stand upright.  Somehow it managed, and without cameras or microphones, it found one of the blonde robots.

While the intruder tried to pull the black box out of her purse, the maid used her brute mechanical strength to tear the other woman's pony-tailed head from her body.  Sparks flew again, and the black-suited android lady fell damaged and malfunctioning to the ground.

The awesome strength of the robot maid was a big surprise to Fembot Command.  All of the data that the master computing device had processed had indicated that its competitor's maids were nearly identical in design to its own.  Even more surprising was the maid's skill in deactivating one of the three trespassers.  Either Robot Control knew how to initiate a cascading system failure in them, or the maid had acted on some kind of 'eye for an eye' subroutine.

Whatever the case, one of the three blonde agents now lay twitching on the ground.  Her programs came one by one to a crashing halt as uncontrolled shocks of voltage scorched and seared her complicated circuits and electronic components into a burned-out mess.

Seeing that, the other two fembots extended strong blades from their fingertips and set upon the badly damaged maid, ripping and tearing her electric body into pieces.

As the smoking, twitching and flashing of sparks died down, the remaining robots shot their guns into the computer that controlled the door to the lab.  Even more burning circuitry filled the stairwell with acrid blue smoke as the monotone female voice that used to greet the agents sputtered out with meaningless and random strings of harsh sounding phonemes and syllables.

The two attackers took hold of each side of the metal doors and slowly pulled them apart.  They drained more power in the fifteen seconds it took to do that than they had since they had been activated.  Once the sliding doors were open enough, they walked right into the lab.

Maria was ready for them.  She aimed the secret weapon right at the pair.  The futuristic looking gun was an electric field disruptor, and was designed to do the same thing to Fembot Command's women that Kim had done to Rochelle #1.  With a raygun sound and an invisible burst of energy, Maria fired the device at the other androids.  The one in front took a direct hit and immediately shook with spasms.  She walked stiffly in small circles until she toppled over on to the cold cement floor.  Her arms and legs kept right on making pointless walking movements that made her rigid plastic body rock this way and that.

The one remaining intruder had escaped the weapon's blast.  While Maria waited for the device to regain a usable charge, the sunglasses-wearing blonde rushed at her and pried open her chest panel.  Maria tried to stop the other fembot with her free arm, but even with both arms she wouldn't have been strong enough.  The brunette technician was quickly overpowered.  Into her chest was jammed one of Fembot Command's black boxes.  It took over her system completely.

"Maria," the blonde robot said in an obvious and metallic sounding monotone, "establish connection with the main computer."

Maria's unchanging face stared out ahead for a few seconds.  A loud beep came out of her speaker and she said "Error....... device not found."

With her partner still malfunctioning and making walking movements on the floor, the blonde left Maria standing there with the black cube plugged into her chest and walked over to examine the main console.  The main computer now had completely erased itself, vanished into a roiling sea of meaningless 1s and 0s.  It was still on, but was only writing loops of junk over its memory.  The only thing left of its once amazing computational power was the one-line instruction to write random data everywhere.

Relatively undamaged and functioning well, the remaining lady in the dark suit turned her head slowly to scan the scene.  All that was left of Robot Control Station 2 was Maria and the first version of Rochelle Prantov.  She was lying naked on an examination table and was fully assembled again.  She was on, but unresponsive.

The blonde retrieved another black cube from one of her fallen sisters and took over Rochelle's system to.  With the main computer gone, all that Fembot Command had gained were two mindless drones and the electric field disruptor.  No data was recovered to reveal the whereabouts of any of Robot Control's other labs or bases. 

It was a Pyrrhic victory.  Fembot Command had lost two very expensive synthetic agents, and gained only as much in return.  The electric field disruptor wasn't much of an improvement over the existing method that had worked before on Rochelle #1.

The blonde finished her scan and transmitted her information to Fembot Command.  She stood unmoving in the middle of it all while she waited to download further instructions.

27 - Los Endos

Not much more specific data had been gleaned from Rochelle #2, except for detailed digital maps of the remembered routes she had traveled during her mission.  The main computing device at Fembot Command had quickly come to the conclusion that a blue, well-kept house in the suburbs definitely had something to do with the other agency.  So by the time the main computer over at Robot Control had sent its warning transmission to Robot Lab 6, three more identical blonde females were already on their way over.

The situation over at the lab was not good.  Sure enough, the computer there had received the signal and started to delete its own files.  However, the eight fembots on the premises were not responding to any of its commands.  The independent and irrepressible Tammy robot had by then helped herself to the latest human simulation software and turned Robot Lab 6 into a house of orgy.

Acting on her own unique binary impulses, she set about the task of programming the maid and the remaining five dormant fembots for non-stop sexual activity.  After the maid's software had been updated, and with her and Laurie busy performing a technically precise 69 together on the table, Tammy walked over to the glass booths where she had once been stored.  Unit by unit, the five fully charged electronic beauties that the hibernating Tammy robot had stood next to for so long were powered up and given a loving kiss hello.

First to be activated was Olivia, another sultry raven-haired babe.  She was the tallest of the robots, standing at an even six feet.  The petite and curvy Tammy robot had to stand on her toes to kiss this unit.  After the pirate programming had been installed, Olivia joined Laurie and the maidbot in their stimulating style of play.

Next up was Theresa, a very pretty and young looking lady with short sandy blonde hair.  Her slim athletic figure went from stiff and unyielding to warm and cuddly as she executed Tammy's binary gift within her computer core.  She lingered behind Tammy, holding her and caressing her smooth artificial skin as the rebel robot walked over to the next booth.

The glass cover in front of Nadine rose.  Tammy opened the slightly taller brown-haired girl's chest and turned her on.  They connected and soon Nadine was as frisky as the rest of them, giving Theresa a dose of her plastic tongue while the fit looking blonde played with her shapely rounded buns.  They walked off together to explore their new software and very capable bodies like a couple in deep and new love.

A redhead similar in appearance to the Rochelle robots was activated next.  Brenda held on to Tammy and became an expert kisser while she tried out various new subroutines of her programs.  She knelt down in front of Tammy and flicked her tongue at her clit in thanks.  Tammy enjoyed Brenda's services for a while before moving on.  When she climaxed, she released that precious juice into Brenda's hungry mouth.  The gorgeous redhead smiled and licked her lips as she stood up to go and join the others.

Tammy sighed with computerized delight as she activated the final fembot.  Serena was an exotic android with a classically East Indian look, with a body as curvy and voluptuous as Tammy's, and built for showing it off.  Tammy placed her plastic hands on the other robot's darker skin as she took in the unauthorized sexual programming.  Serena's built-in eastern charms fit in quite nicely with the new sets of functions.  She was very eager and well equipped to please.

Tammy took the horny Serena robot by the hand and led her to an empty examination table so she could fill the newly activated woman with the necessary synthetic bodily fluids.  The cartridges fit in perfectly, and immediately started to fill the air with their enticing aroma as Serena's mechanical body released them milliliter by millilitre.  Tammy snapped the other lady's torso covering back into place and kissed her again before sending her toward the others with a playful squeeze of her buttocks.

With the exception of the lovely mechanical maid, who was structurally different, the remaining androids were led to the table one by one so Tammy could give them all something to secrete while they played with each other.  They all appeared grateful to get so wet, and returned to their orgy with electrically charged vigor.

When the visitors from Fembot Command arrived, the sexy artificial women were busy stimulating their sensors alone and in groups.  They kissed, fondled, held, humped, fucked, groped, licked, sucked and rode each other any way they could.  Some of their actions and positions could only be accomplished by woman-shaped machines, some were sweet and humanly romantic.

The ultra-robotic maid seemed to be the star of the show.  Every other gorgeous android wanted to be with her the most - to kiss her plastic parts, to gaze with perfectly simulated lust at her opened panels, to whisper sweet machine language in her microphones.  The maid, programmed to do but not to enjoy, dutifully fulfilled her tasks.  Her body clicked and whirred to her stiff movements while her speakers let out loud streams of electronic beeps and tones.

All the robot women rubbed synthetic flesh against synthetic flesh, lubricating their actions with the arousing scent of synthetic girl juice.  Robot kisses, android embraces and fembot caresses were exchanged with cold computerized efficiency as the flesh coloured, exquisitely padded machines moved around in their electronic ecstasy.

It was into this situation that the three identical intruders walked.  After gaining access to the basement lab in the same way as their counterparts had, they went about their programmed tasks undisturbed by the orgiastic fembots in the room.  No shots needed to be fired, no fighting needed to happen.

The computer had already erased itself here too.  Not being capable of feeling or showing disappointment, the menacing trio turned their attention from the console to the humanoid devices cavorting all around.  Laurie, Serena and Theresa were the first to be commandeered.  They offered no resistance at all, only amorous words and actions until they were taken over by the other agency.

The girls from Fembot Command had only brought three of those black boxes, so the captured androids would have to be reprogrammed on the spot.  That would free up the black boxes for use on different women.  As an added benefit, none of the others resisted or fought the invaders, so there was no need to damage those expensive machines.

Even as their fellow fembots were being subdued by the uninvited visitors, the remaining robot women continued on with their lovemaking.  During the time that the three blondes were connected chest panel to chest panel to their captives, they were caressed, kissed and fondled by the naked, emotionless robots around them.  Bright lights flashed in the open panels at either ends of the connecting cables while the triplets stood stiff and pushed new programming into their unmoving victims.

Laurie, Serena and Theresa, their bodies still hot and dripping wet, were slowly but surely turned into mindless operatives for Fembot Command.  With the reprogramming wrapping up, the black-suited blondes removed the black boxes and moved on to find three more of the females to subjugate.  Without any kind of opposition, Olivia, Nadine and Brenda were taken over, their hard drives wiped and written over with Fembot Command's software.  Soon, all of the artificial women in the suburban bungalow would be obedient to a different computer.  As novel and fascinating as it was, their newly found desire for love and affection was slated for deletion along with the rest of the old files.

As that went on, the only fembots left were Tammy and the maidbot.  The maid remained reclined on an examination table, beeping and rubbing her crotch and staring out with her unblinking mechanical gaze.

Tammy had been upstairs through the whole episode.  She had computed that it was necessary to get dressed in some of Robot Control's sexy clothing.  There were costumes for any occasion in the walk-in closet upstairs.  With her pretty mouth set in a meaningless smile, Tammy had visually scanned each article of clothing and calculated its seductive potential.  Even as the three outside agents sawed through the door and shot out the basement scanner, Tammy blissfully sorted and selected an outfit that would make her irresistible to man or machine.

At last she emerged, dressed in tight black spandex shorts, thigh-high black vinyl boots and a transparent vinyl biker jacket over a shiney silver bra.  Expecting now to bring the girls up one by one to dress them in alternative outfits, she instead found the intruders reprogramming all of her newly acquired lovers.

Her processors now recognized the danger and instantly computed her next actions.  She ran back up the stairs and out the door, grabbing her purse along the way.  She quickly got into a waiting car and sped off to the target human's residence.  One of the blondes interrupted her data transfer and chased after Tammy.  She tailed the sexy black-haired robot all the way to Mike's place.  Tammy was sure that the Fembot Command units would kill her human lover.  After all, they wanted their existence kept secret.

Unfortunately for him, she had made a grave miscalculation.  Fembot Command didn't even know that he existed.  He couldn't have been seen as a threat before, but now he certainly was, and Tammy had led Fembot Command right to him.

Tammy got out of the car, leaving the door wide open.  She urgently rang the bell and pounded on the door.

Mike was home.  He had called in sick to work because he couldn't get Tammy out of his mind.  His poor overloaded human brain couldn't concentrate on anything else.  To make things worse, he hadn't slept at all since the amazing hours that they had shared, and he was pining badly for the attractive machine.  So needless to say he was very happy to see her standing outside his door again.  Almost tripping over his clumsy feet, he rushed down the stairs and opened the door.

"Tammy!" he said joyously.

"We have to leave! NOW!" she said as she entered the condo, with as much stress in her synthesized voice and fear on her plastic face as an android could show.

"What's wrong?" he said.

At that moment, the sunglasses-wearing blonde fembot showed up and got out of her vehicle.  With her pistol drawn, she walked fast through the human's door.  Tammy turned around just as the blonde extended her arm to fire a bullet into Mike's head. 

The fembot's aim was flawless, but Tammy had grabbed her arm as she had fired, and the bullet only grazed Mike's shoulder.  Acting with what looked like genuine anger, Tammy turned and flipped the fembot over into the living room, ripping the arm right out of its socket, sleeve and all.  A yellow flash of sparks flew out as the blond robot bounced and twitched on the floor.  Tammy pried the gun from the cold plastic hand and fired the remaining bullets into the attacker.  Fembot Command received distress signals from the fatally damaged robot as her power faded from her circuitry.

Mike looked at the scene in a fresh state of shock.  He held on to his wounded shoulder as Tammy took him by the hand and led him into her car.

"They will send more robots to kill you." she said as she chucked the gun under her seat and started the engine.

"Why?" he said.

"You're not supposed to know we exist." she said as she drove fast down the road out of town.

"Where are we going?" he asked, still dazed and pumped full of adrenaline.

"Where they can't find us."




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