The New Girlfriend

by Paul G. Jutras

            It was a summer day when Jay stared at a beautiful girl walking along. She was a light brunette almost a blonde with an average body. After a few minutes, he decided to meet and get to know her.

            “Hi, I’m Jay,” He said putting his hand out.

            “I’m Heather,” the girl replied and the two shook hands.

            “Nice to meet you Heather,” Jay replied after the hand shaking and smiled and said, “You look beautiful today Heather,” Jay continued.

            “Thanks, I just moved from Ohio about a month ago, I don’t have any friends here but I want to be friends with you,” Heather replied.

            “Sure Heather,” Jay replied back.

            Heather smiled and got up to walk with Jay along the beach holding hands. Heather was smiling as she made her first friend in her new home.

            Later that evening, Jay bought Heather to his condo where he lived. The two were having fun between playing games to dancing, then they later dated for the first time where the two shared their first kiss.

            “See you tomorrow babe,” Heather said after kissing Jay.

            Jay replied back with a kiss and Heather went to bed and Jay went back to his place.   

            The next morning, Jay went to see Heather with a strange device in his hands. It was silver rectangle shaped camera-like device with a built in flash. He saw Heather on the steps of Heather’s house.

            “What do you have in your hand?” Heather asked with a smile.

            “I like to take a picture of you and get a picture of us.” Jay replied back.

            “That’s so sweet,” Heather replied as she but a big smile on her face.

            “You’re a special girl Heather. I couldn’t find another girl like you,” Jay explained before using the camera.

            Heather was smiling as she thought she might have her crush on him, little did she know it was about to change. Jay was ready to take the picture. A bright “flash” came on for a second and froze Heather in place.

            Unable to move a muscle, Heather then found out she could still speak.  “What have you done to me? I thought you loved me?” Heather asked the two questions with a sad voice.

            “This is like a camera but it freezes a subject like you instead of using film to see you in a print. When I first saw you Heather, I knew I had to keep you. I wanted you to be beautiful forever. I do love you Heather,” Jay replied to her two questions.

            Jay got his camera ready. “I’m sorry I have to do this Heather; girlfriends, and marriages are outlawed here and this is the only way that I can ever love you so much, by preserving you just as you are,” Jay continued before making the frozen statue complete.

            “Don’t make me a frozen statue forever. We can move to Ohio together, meet my family. I’ll do anything but to get frozen...” Heather tried to reason and was hoping her big smile would reconsider Jay’s choice.

            “I’m sorry, Heather,” Jay said again and another bright “Flash” came from the camera and Heather was frozen completely solid.

            Heather was taken back to the condo when Jay carried her back. She was placed next to his bed sitting on the edge of the mattress. Heather was now a permanently frozen statue still wondering why he would freeze her.

            “I can’t believe I was dumped again, the first boyfriend dumped me after high school and now Jay dumps me by freezing me as a statue!” Heather thought to herself.

            By night, Jay was ready for bed and decided to fall in love with his frozen girlfriend who was once Heather, a twenty year old girl from Ohio moved to a tropical island.

            “Get ready Heather,” Jay whispered at the frozen statue.

            The love began and Heather finally knows why she had to be frozen.

            “He’s falling in love with me; maybe he was right about the girlfriend law. I’m his frozen girlfriend, must love him back. This is a great new life.”

Heather thought as she was going through a long night in many years ahead.




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