The Role

by Vectyr57

Stefani was excited when she got the call from her agent.  After long months of trying to land a job in the movies or on TV, and getting nothing, she was finally going to get a role.  Stefani was a tall slim girl with a beautiful face, nice figure, and great legs.  She had come to Hollywood last fall expecting to get a job right away, but it had not happened.  Now, however, her first opportunity presented itself.

Stefani’s agent said that the role was a non-speaking part, but it was a good role for her and it would give her exposure to the people who could help her career along.  She was to arrive at the studio at 8:00 am on Monday morning.

Right on time, Stefani met with Jonah, the producer, and he told her a little about the role.  She was playing a female robot.  The dialogue for the robot would be generated by an electronic system and would not use her voice so there would be no lines to learn, only actions, stage locations, timing, etc.  The role would require fairly extensive costuming and special effects, so they would need to get started, even though the filming was several months away.  As of today, however, she would start being paid.  Jonah told her to go onto the web and google “asfr” to read more about female robots in order to prepare for her role.  He also sent her to Daniel, who would be in charge of her special effects, and instructed her to go to his office.

As she entered Daniel’s office door she was surprised to discover that it was more like the cross between a workshop and a lab.  There were all manner of strange items that had been used in previous roles: masks, weapons, tools, etc.  Daniel was an elderly man with a slightly stooped appearance, but his warm friendly smile immediately took away Stefani’s apprehension.  They began to discuss the role and the requirements of the extensive costume that she would be wearing.  Daniel explained that she would be playing an “asfr”, a fetish robot, and the costume would require her to practice her movements well in advance in order to perform it well.  The first and most important part was the fact that she would be wearing extreme ballet boots with nine-inch heels.  These had to be custom made for her feet and this would require some time.  Daniel asked if she ever wore high heels, and was pleased when she said she owned several pair, including a pair of five -inch stilettos.  He then had her hop up on an examination bed, while he straightened and bent her feet.  He was pleased that she could point her toes straight down like a ballet dancer, as this would really help her to get comfortable in the boots for the costume.  He then said he had to make casts of her feet to use for the boots, which would be custom fit to her feet only.  When Stefani made a comment about if she lost one, prince charming would be able to find her, Daniel laughed and said that if she lost one of these boots, she would have to lose her leg also.

Daniel brought out a bucket of warm water and a box of plaster rolls, and told Stafani to point her toes straight down while he wrapped her feet in plaster bandages.  She could feel the warmth of the plaster setting and the snug feeling of her immobile toes and feet, and was a little disappointed when Daniel said it was time to cut the casts off.  After they had washed up the plaster mess and the casts were put in a box, Daniel said that he would like to see her on Monday morning in two weeks time for a fitting of the boots.  He wished her well and she said goodbye.

The two weeks passed quickly, and since Stefani had received a pay advance she was able to do some shopping.  She stocked up the apartment with groceries, and bought a few outfits she had been wanting, and signed up for a cell phone.  When the Monday arrived, she hurried off to Daniel’s office.  As she walked in she saw Daniel there with a smile a mile wide across his face, and a pair of knee high silver leather ballet boots that really did have 9-inch heels.  Daniel asked her what she thought of them and she asked if he really thought she would be able to walk in them.  Well let’s see, he said, and directed her to the bed.  She sat on the bed with her legs over the edge and held up one foot.  Daniel opened an almost invisible zipper on the inside face.  He slipped the boot over her extended foot and zipped up the zipper.  They both smiled as it fit like a glove.  The second boot was a perfect fit as well, and they felt really comfortable.  Stefani had tried a pair of ballet boots once before, and the pain in her toes made sure she would never be able to walk in them, but these were different.  Her toes did not touch the bottom end of the boots.  They were such a snug fit around her feet and legs, that when Daniel helped her to her feet, or should I say toes, she could feel the boots taking all her weight with no pressure on her toes at all.  The downward force was mainly on the underside of her heel. Daniel instructed her to walk around and she realized that it would actually be quite easy to walk in these boots as they had a steel spine from the toes and heels all the way up the back.  Walking on them was a bit like walking on stilts, but having toes and heels gave her a bit more stability.  At least she would never be able to turn her ankles in these boots.

When Daniel was satisfied that they were right, he took them off her, put them in a long cardboard box and sat her down to talk.  He said that until the producer called her for the filming, she was to practice wearing the boots.  He wanted her to only use them in private as they were movie props, but she should start with one hour per day and every fourth day add another hour.  She should wear them around the house and if possible spend some time in them in the yard or on other uneven surfaces.  By the time of the filming he wanted them to be second nature to her, and by then she should be able to wear them all day long with no problem.  Then she would be ready for the filming.

Stefani hurried home with her box.  She was anxious to try wearing them.  She put them on and again was amazed how snuggly they fit.  Just like the casts.  She easily got up to her feet and walked around the house for an hour.  She had set the oven timer and was disappointed when it went off, as she was really enjoying walking in the boots.  She knew, however, that she must follow the protocol, or she might get blisters, so she sadly took them off.  Next day was the same and by day three she was longing for the fourth day so she could add an hour.  After a couple of weeks she received a telephone call from Daniel who was checking her progress.  He was pleased to hear that she could wear them six hours per day, and he told her she could now wear them as much as she wanted, but remember no public exposure.  She would have loved to have worn them to the nightclub, but knew the rules and behaved.  She now could wear them all day without any problem.  To test them on rough terrain, she took a drive out onto the desert and walked around on the rocks and sand with them.  They seemed indestructible on the rocks with the steel toes and heels, but she did find that they bogged down in the sand with so little flat surface on the bottom.

Stefani was lazing around the house one day, wearing her boots and reading over the script, when her phone rang and she heard Jonah’s voice on the other end.  Filming would start on Tuesday and she was to come in Monday morning for make-up and costume fitting.  He explained that she would be required to stay in costume for several days, and would be able to stay in a suite at the studio.  She did not need to bring anything with her, and he would see her Monday morning.

Stefani was feeling excited as she pushed open Jonah’s office door.  She was carrying the box with her boots in it and couldn’t wait to show everyone how well she could walk in them.  Jonah welcomed her and asked for a demonstration.  He was very impressed that she could wear such boots, that they didn’t hurt her feet at all, and mainly that she could walk in them as if they were her natural feet.  This plus the fact that the nine inch heels made her well over six feet tall helped confirm that he had picked the right girl for his robot.  He had her take the boots off again and directed her to Jennifer in costumes.

As she entered Jennifer’s office, she was reminded of Daniel’s, more of a workshop/lab than office.  On the table in the centre of the room were a large pile of what looked like different sizes of stove pipes, a large hair drier, and a silver folded garment.  Jennifer said that for her role she would need to cut her hair, and since she had waist length natural blond hair, Jennifer would collect the cuttings and have it made into a wig for her.  It will be ready when you are finished the filming and will be yours to keep.  She directed her to a shower room in the back of the office, handed her a jar and told her to rub the cream over her whole body, including her head.  When she was done she was to call to Jennifer who would start the timer and then let her know when to enter the shower.  When Stefani asked what this was she was told it was hair remover.  Body hair might cause irritation under the costume, and this would solve that problem.  Stefani did as she was told and when the process was complete she was standing in front of Jennifer without any clothes, and with no body hair anywhere, no even on her head.

Next Jennifer handed her the silvery garment.  Stefani recognized it as a Zentai suit made of lycra.  It was a glistening silver that shone in the light and looked like it was made of metal.  When Stefani asked if this was her costume, she was surprised to be told that it was only the foundation, or undergarment.  Unlike some zentai suits that cover the face completely, this one had openings for the eyes, nostils, and mouth. It also had two small zippers in the crotch that could open that area for using the bathroom.  Jennifer helped her into the suit and smoothed out any wrinkles.  The head covering was not pulled up yet.  She was then told to put on her boots.  She could see herself in the several full length mirrors in the room, and was excited by the way she already looked like a robot, but there was more to come.  Jennifer set her down on the table and had her hold up one leg.  She slipped a piece of “stove pipe” over her leg, feeding the heel of her boot through a hole on the side.  She positioned the pipe so the top was just below Stefani’s knee and asked her to hold the edge in place.  She then turned on the hairdryer and heated the pipe.  Stefani’s eyes widened as the material shrunk until it perfectly conformed to the shape of her leg.  The zipper of her boot was no longer visible and the surface had a pure chrome plated appearance.  She did the same to the other leg and then asked Stefani to try walking.  No problem, it felt the same as it did with the boots.  Jennifer was pleased.  The next piece went over the thigh, starting just at the knee and ending quite close to the hips.  The warmth of the dryer was quite exciting and Stefani began to fantasize about really being a robot.  She felt the material on her leg and realized that as it cooled it hardened again and felt and looked like chrome-plated metal.

Another test walk, and it was on the to main body pieces.  The first was shaped like a boy’s Speedo swimsuit, only again it went on loose and tightened when heated.  It had a hole above the zippered flap to provide access.  The next piece looked more like a trash can than costume, and before it could be put on two large plastic domes were taped to the suit over the breasts.  The “can” was then lifted over, the arms exiting holes on the sides.  Jennifer asked Stefani to stand up and hold herself very straight with her shoulders back, her chest out and her stomach tightly pulled in. “We don’t want our robot to have poor posture, do we?” she said.   She then heated and shrunk this part of the costume.  It allowed a small cloth strip around the waist for movement, and held the upper body quite rigid.  Did Stefani ever get a surprise when she looked down her front!  The domes were now her breasts and she was very large.  Everything was perfectly covered by chrome-plated material that looked like shining metal.  A high collar pipe was shrunk around her neck, holding her head high, but still giving two material rings for movement.  The same treatment was done to the upper arms and forearms, making them feel like hard shining metal also.  A pair of gloves were put on her hands, and heated so they fit exactly.  They, however, were not hard, but were pliable and allowed complete hand and finger movement.  She was surprised to discover that two-inch chromed steel fingernails were built into these hand coverings, and when she tested them she discovered that they were very strong.  She knew she wouldn’t break a nail, but would need to get used to them before she could do anything intricate.

Jennifer explained that the head was the most complicated part of the costume.  It required two small clear domes that resembled swim gobbles to be stuck on around her eyes with a light adhesive.  A piece of oval shaped plastic tubing was put in her mouth, and two short pieces of tubing were put in her nostrils.  Small hearing aids were placed in her ears and they made everything seem really loud.  The head covering of the suit was then pulled up, and adjusted to make sure everything was properly in place.  The headpiece was then placed over her head, and the mouth tube and nostril tubes fed through holes in the material before it was heated.  Once it cooled, the tubes were taken out and Stefani could breathe through her nose or mouth, but the tight shaping of the material around her face prevented any movement of her jaw.  She now noticed that her hearing had returned to its normal level, the aids compensating for the material over her ears.  As she looked in the mirror she realized that her eyes were just bulges on the chrome surface of her head and assumed the material was like silvered sunglass lenses.  Her bald head and only slightly visible ears, combined with the small oval opening for the mouth made her truly look like a robot.

She got up and walked around in front of the mirrors.  The tightness of the costume felt great. The limited openings between sections on her upper body forced a somewhat unnatural limit to her range of movement, but did not in any way restrict her ability to walk about.  She tried to talk to Jennifer and discovered that it was difficult, but not impossible, and she was able to make her wishes known.  She was thirsty and hungry.  Jennifer got her a plastic water bottle with a built in straw and she was able to sip it through the opening for her mouth.  When she looked at the clock on the wall that now said 2:30, she realized that it had taken most of the day to get her into her costume.  It was obvious that she would be in it until the shoot was done, as there was no provision for taking it off, and putting it on again would require starting over from scratch.  Jennifer made a telephone call, and a few minutes later a worker came in with a different looking container.  It was like a small thermos bottle with a curved spout on the top.  The spout fit the opening of her mouth exactly, and when she used it like a straw she tasted warm delicious pureed soup.  This would be her diet during the shoot as she could not remove her helmet and could not chew.  She fantasized that the fluid was charging her batteries. 

As she sat there sipping on her soup, she began to survey her costume and how it made her feel.  The posturing for the upper body had had a strange effect on her.  The pulling in her tummy tightly and then having the material shrink around her, had left the feeling of being in a tight, but perfectly fitting corset.  This was also accentuated by her greatly increased breast size.   The backward pull of her shoulders, and the neck collar made her want to hold her head high.  The impersonal shaping of her head and face made her feel truly robotic.  The shiny chrome surface of her costume plus the nails and boots made her feel positively sexy.  She was ready for the filming.

Jennifer walked with her to the suite where she would be staying.  It was basically like a nice hotel room and it had a king sized bed.  Stefani thanked Jennifer who said she would wake her in the morning.  Once alone, she climbed up onto the bed and stretched and moved about to get the full feel of her costume.  She lay there for several hours before getting up for a stroll around the room.  She turned on the TV, but found nothing she wanted to watch.  She was in her own drama, much more interesting than what was on TV.  She checked out the fridge, and discovered it well stocked with drink bottles with straws.  Each was labeled, and had different types of juices, milk, and soups.  The directions for putting the soups in the microwave were also on the bottles.  After a soup and a drink of juice, Stefani decided to try to sleep and crawled between the covers on the bed.  Sleep, however was not going to happen this night as she found herself completely turned on by her situation.

There was a knock on the door and Jennifer walked in with a smile a mile wide.  Stefani did not feel so happy, but her face was never going to show it.  She wished she had been able to get more sleep, and hoped she would get used to the robot suit and how it made her feel.  She hoped it would not keep her awake every night.  She opened the flap to use the bathroom, and was then ready to go with Jennifer.  Her first day as a film star!

As she walked into the studio, she realized that everyone who was chatting immediately stopped, and as she looked around she saw that everyone in the room was staring at her.  The leading man broke the tension with a loud wolf whistle, and everyone began to cheer and applaud.  She knew it was as much for the costume and make-up people as it was for her, but it filled her with excitement to see how they approved of what they saw.  She made a stiff bow and then stood straight upright and froze into a fixed position. Stefani was well prepared for her role.  She had reread and studied the script many times during the past months and although she would not actually be speaking, she knew everyone’s lines including “her own”. She knew that there were long parts in the film when her character was shut off, or standing with her boots on a “charging” base.  She had practiced for a long time being perfectly still, like a mannequin, so she could play these parts.  She did not realize that the plan was to film her standing still for a short while and then replay it in a loop when editing the film.  When Ron, the director, saw how well she could freeze pose, he decided right then to let her do that whenever she was on the set in shut down mode. 

The first part of the filming had already been done, so her part started when she arrived at the lead actor’s home in a large cardboard delivery box.  Scene by scene the plot unfolded, and over the next few days the filming continued.  She played her parts so well that she didn’t cause one retake, although some of the “human” actors did, and there were several retakes needed due to gremlins in the camera equipment.  After long days of filming, Stefanibot, as she began to think of herself, looked forward to a nice container of soup puree, and her new favorite, a milkshake.  Each evening she had different flavors of each, and then usually went straight to bed.  She was sleeping better now, but it still took her an hour or so to quell her arousal and nod off. 

On Friday afternoon, Jonah came to her with a very concerned look on his face.  The filming was taking longer than planned and she would have to spend the weekend and part of next week still in the costume.  He wanted to know how she was doing and was she still ok with wearing the costume.  If not, he would have it removed so she could be free of it for the weekend, but there were a few problems if she did.  There would be a delay in the filming while new materials were assembled, as the shrunken “stove pipes” would have to be cut off, and new ones custom made.  There was also the risk that the new ones might not look exactly the same and that might not be good for the overall appearance of the film.  Stefani mumbled through her small mouth hole not to worry.  She was still feeling fine in the suit, did not have any serious itches, and fortunately was a person who hardly sweats at all, even when working out.   In fact, secretly she was overjoyed that she would be able to wear the suit longer, as it was really feeling a part of her and she did not feel bothered or encumbered by it in any way.  She also loved the way it turned her on.

On the weekend she could sleep in and lounge around the suite to her heart’s content.  She was not allowed out in public, of course, but Jonah had given her permission to walk around outside near the studio buildings.  She went on a short self-guided tour of the sets and studios, and loved the looks she got from people as she passed by.  “Oh! wow!”  one young worker said to his friend as she passed.  “That’s the sexy robot from the film that’s shooting in studio three.  They say it is going to be a huge hit, and now I can see why.  She is the star of the show, and nobody has ever heard of her before.  Wouldn’t you love to own a robot like that?”  His friend didn’t answer, but reached down his hand to the front of his jeans to make some rearrangements.

Monday morning finally came and the filming continued.  By Thursday afternoon, the filming was done and Jonah approached Stefani to direct her to Jennifer to get the costume off.  As Jennifer got out the shears and was about to start cutting the costume off, Stefani stopped her, and asked if she could keep it on a little longer.  She confided in Jennifer that the whole outfit was a real turn on to her and that she loved feeling as though she really was a robot.  Jennifer said she didn’t think it would hurt to keep it on, as long as she didn’t go out in public, and was sure to come in to the office for its removal, if there was any discomfort at all with the suit.

Jennifer arranged for a studio limo to take Stefani home to her apartment.  Stefani settled into life in her apartment. She ordered in pureed soup and milkshakes from the local restaurant, watched TV, and slept.  The weeks passed and soon the film was ready.  She was sent an email inviting her to the premiere, and she replied to ask if they could send the limo to pick her up.  You can imagine the surprise of everyone except Jennifer, when up the red carpet came the beautiful, sexy chrome plated female robot.  Stefani was still in costume and loving every minute of it.  Jennifer and Daniel came up to her later and quietly said that they had figured out a way to install nearly invisible zippers into the costume material.  If Stefani came by the shop, they could modify the suit so that she could take it off and put it back on again.  She realized that this was probably a good idea as she had been feeling her fingernails and toenails pushing against the boots and gloves.

The next day she went and had her costume removed.  Everything went well until she took off her boots.  Her toenails were long and curled, but she could not bend her feet.  She had the toenails cut and then decided to wear the boots home.  She would try to work her feet free slowly at home. Daniel had said that the modified suit would be ready in a couple of days, and he would drop it off for her.  She dressed in the clothes she had brought and the limo took her home.

The film was a smash hit, breaking all records for low budget films of that genre, and bringing in far more income than the studio ever expected.  Stefani received a huge bonus, as the studio realized that it was her robot character that sold the show.  A year later a sequel was made that did just as well, only this time Stefani had a seven figure salary for the film.  The sequel included a male robot, who was as much an attraction for the audience as she was.  Stefanibot and Michaelbot were lovers in the film, and soon also became so in real life. 

They used their earnings to buy a large secluded mansion in the “Hills” above Hollywood, and every day the delivery boy from a local restaurant drops off two large containers each of pureed soup and milkshake to the guard at the gatehouse.  Every so often, he catches a glimpse of two shiny chrome robots strolling arm in arm through the garden.


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