The Bakery

by Venus Redscare

Claire was running down the street trying to get out of the downpour. She was soaked and dove into the first store she found. A bakery. She sighed and knew this would ruin her diet. She walked up to the counter and looked over the baked goods. She would have to buy something to make it seem as if she was not here to avoid the rain. Although the place was empty, she was in no rush to have anyone behind the counter assist her. The rain continued to fall outside and the bakery lay empty, or at least the front did.

Claire spent this lone time looking into the case and the treats that lay inside. They seemed on the higher end of baked goods. They all had a sense of art about them. The cupcakes were perfectly uniform in their icing. Not one little flower on top was off center or misshapen. The cookies all seemed to have an equal number of chocolate chips. Claire could not count them all, but none seemed empty and none seemed too full. Even the cheesecakes had a perfectly round swirl on the top. She was impressed. Of all the bakeries to stumble upon, she stumbled into a pretty good one.

Clank. A cry of indignation as Patricia was spilt onto the floor. The din of metal on metal. Should the girl look past the counter; through the small window above the ajar door, she would see two women - One dressed in a sleeveless apron that did little to hide her voluptuous, large breasted form. The other was a pink haired woman with a look of contentment on her face as she lay down, smothered in a thick layer of chocolate. The device she was lying in dominated a small area of the large room yet was large enough to hold the entire woman, who closed her eyes, her stomach and rounded womb full of whipped cream filling that the naughty chef continued to scoop at with a finger, savoring the taste as the woman tried to stay still. Sprinkling her with chopped nuts before cleaning up Patricia, letting the woman with the chocolate on her set slightly, walking out of the windows sight range as she went to retrieve her culinary equipment for the next job.

"Chocolate and nut coated cookies with a cream center…yummy," the pink hair girl cooed as she continued her job. The voice, combined with the small crash, was enough to lure Claire to the bakery door. It was a sight to behold.

Claire was shocked at what she was seeing, so shocked she walked right into the room staring at the woman. She forgot about the chef and just looked to the woman who seemed to be alive yet in a state where she could have been food. The girl was clearly trying not to move, but could not help looking over and smile to Claire as if nothing was wrong or out of place. Even with the filling oozing from her vagina, she was content with her place in the room. Claire was speechless but she had to ask. There was no way her stunned mind could continue wondering without some hard answers. "What the hell is going on here?"

Hearing the demanding question, the Chef turned around with her white coat billowing open to reveal her silk stockings and high heels. Beyond those, she was as naked as her ingredients. Pushing a tuft of pink hair from her eyes, the Chef tucked the oversized rolling pin under her arm, barely though given its size. Turning to the rude one, the chef replied "Making Cookie over there into Chocolate nut cookies with cream filling," she paused and looked down to 'Cookie'. She ran a finger over the girl's distended belly and continued, "when she's been rolled, folded, baked and cut you can have a sample." She stopped and walked backed toward Claire with a sultry sway. Her apron was still open in the middle showing a quite revealing display of cleavage. "But if you want to stay in my kitchen, you'll have to lose those soggy clothes. Look, you're tracking dirt, mud and such through all over my bakery. Then go in this shower behind the freezer room. Oh, and make sure you're as clean as possible. My kitchen must be kept as clean as possible." That said, she continued the drag the rolling pin to 'Cookie's' table.

"I have to see this," Claire said as she began to remove her jacket and boots. She placed them on a table and looked back to the table. The Baker almost had the rolling pin ready; she would have to hurry. "Wait for me to get back," she said.

The Baker gave an annoyed look while Cookie giggled. "You're not getting off that easy. And neither is she," the Baker whispered the last part as she bent down and kissed her dough's mouth.

Claire walked across the room only wearing her jeans and shirt. Her bare feet making a soft tapping on the floor, the opposite of the Baker's clacking heels. She turned back to the woman before she reached the shower. "Do you have a coat or something I could wear?" she asked as she kept moving toward the shower and once inside tossed her clothes over the side. She washed for a few minutes and then looked over the side. "Can I get that jacket now?" she called out across the room. She could still see the two on the baking table.

The chef replied, "no, but its warm in here, so its fine. Just us girls... well...sort of..." giggling as she hefted the rolling pin onto the table and lightly dusted the woman with a large container of caster sugar. That done, the chef fixed one end of the pin into a roller mechanism and began the rolling process; soft gasps of almost pleasure rising from the ingredient as her body began to flatten, her breasts areola spread out far. The woman's soft pants not abating as she lay there. Even while she was folded in half before her extremities were folded to the main block. The Chef repeated the process twice more, oblivious as to the intruders' location. Now all that was Cookie was a pile of dough. Yet with all the rolling and folding, the filling seemed to magically stay inside the dough. It was as if it was magically held inside.

Claire walked over to the table. Her face was complete shock. How could she believe that this woman just crushed another woman into cookie dough? She stood watching in awe as the pink haired Baker seemed to find nothing wrong with this predicament. She looked like she was enjoying it. Claire definitely was not. She crossed her arms over her nude chest and took a step back. There was no way 'Cookie' could still be on the table. The dough was pressed far too thin and the table below was just opened air. It clearly was not an illusion although the other option was impossible to believe. Claire turned to the Baker forgetting their nudity. " did you do that? Is she alive or… what the hell happened to her?"

The Baker merely tapped her own nose as if saying "its my secret" before turning fully to the questioning intruder. She walked up to her and looked into Claire's eyes as she took her hand. She closed all but a finger and after kissing it, pressed it into the dough-woman precisely where Cookie's sex had been. The dough yelping in shock and delight, unable to move before the chef answered "Still alive...take it from me, the dough loves to be rolled into a stick and used...playfully. That's why my girls are always quite happy to become cookies and such; as they all secretly desire such an ending." The Baker turned back to the dough, pausing a moment, thinking of all the girls who had come through her bakery. "Chocolate melting in a lovers sex, cookies crumbling as their special cream flows down their lovers throat. It's the ultimate in erotic food," smiling as she prodded the dough once more. The Baker tore off a chunk and rolled it into two balls. Popping one in her mouth, she offered the other to clear as she finished, "I love raw cookie dough."

Claire felt the dough and looked up to the Baker. She was shocked at how warm the dough felt. How it felt as if it pulsing, as if life was still flowing through it, but this only made her feel it a little more. She paused for only a moment as she put the ball of dough into her mouth. She did not chew out of a little fear, but that only made it taste and feel all the better. She had to admit it was very good and she could swear it wiggled a little in her mouth. Claire let out a small yummy sound before swallowing. "I guess you can turn a woman into cookies.... weird place...." she said as she continued to stare down in awe at the cookies. She did not believe what she just said, but the dough was clearly not normal dough. Claire was confused now, very confused. The question was hard to ask, but she had to know, "who was she...before she.... well...became dough..."

The Baker chuckled, "a friend-cum-lover. She decided that for my birthday, she had offered her body to me. I accepted of course and here we are." The Baker smiled and ate a little more of the dough before slapping her own hand before turning from the questions and pulled a lever. The table disappearing from view as the roof of the contraption dropped down. A pattern of many cookies began to roll down a conveyor belt and onto several large trays before the Baker lifted the cover and scooped out the doughy remains. Smiling to the questioning woman as she molded the remnants by hand into a penile shape. She dipped the shaped dough in a thin batter and tossed into some boiling oil. Seconds later she pulled the smooth, crispy shelled shaft from the oil. Drying it and presenting it to the woman as a souvenir to eat or play with. The Baker returned to the cookie trays and began setting them into the large ovens dominating the side of the room, the chef whistling as she went.

Claire took the deep fried dough and looked at it before she looked back to the woman .She saw the logo on her jacket and realized she wondered into such a bakery, but it was a weird one. She just turned a living woman into a pile of dough. She shuddered and without realizing it was biting down into the penis and enjoying it. The dough was still be wiggling and massaging her mouth as she moved it around her mouth. She could even feel the fried penis in her hand still throbbing as if it were real. These were after thoughts for Claire though as she stared at the Baker as she filled the oven. "What happens to her after she is eaten?" the woman asks continuing her questions. The dildo was already half gone.

The Baker raised an eyebrow "Hmm, well most end up as however much manure as they desired. While some become part of their lover. I had one case where one girl ate another girl as a cake. Supposedly, the girl grew her breasts overnight to match the D cup of her consumed friend. Another time a man claimed that the prudish girl who ate an exhibitionist girl overnight was taking anything he gave her." The Baker tailed off looking into space. She turned back to Claire smiling before she continued, "either way though, their forms before cooking are finished." Noticing the fact the dildo was almost gone. The Baker smiled and sat by her asking, "You know, you'd make a wonderful chocolate statue or cake. If you're interested...or we can make you (silent 'into') something really yummy," the Baker's eyes misted over as she tried to decide what to make of Claire.

Claire gave an uneasy smile and munched on the dildo. She looked at the woman and thought about what was just said. There were several interesting things how this was all done and what was brought about by it, but Claire was not even going to consider becoming anything herself. Being here made her uneasy, although that did not stop her from eating the fried cookie dough dildo. "No....thanks. I like being human and alive," she said as she looked around the kitchen. She felt so alone in this place and she was naked. Why did she get naked? She bit off another piece of her dildo and looked to the woman. This Baker seemed to enjoy her work. She shook it off again, thoughts of trying this not good. It was probably the remains of Cookie in the dough.

The Baker saw a little glimmer of desire in the girl's eyes and she could see that she was fighting the unnatural urge to say yes. Deciding to be crafty (while also deciding that whatever was made would be just for her), the Baker stood up and walked to the pantry, removing her coat and dropping it into the washing tub before returning. She stated, "I'd gotten oil and batter all over the front of my apron. Besides, this feels so much better." Smiling as she seductively walked back to the table. Her hips swaying, she walked past Claire with a fragrance of sex and violets. The Baker opened the cupboard and removed a lean, sexy female who stood up voluntarily and climbed down.

This new girl sat on the table next to Claire. She asked the Baker, "Did you decide what to make of me?" eagerly as the chef nodded.

"It's a surprise so I'll blindfold you once ready, but I'll need some help. So will you help, err...?" The Baker smiled and looked at Claire. "What is your name dear and will you help me by first getting the utensils, bowls and pans ready? Then you can help me turn this sensuous morsel into something really tasty."

She looked at the girl and then gulped as she went and did as she was told. "Claire.... My name is Claire," she said. Claire was surprised that women were just kept in the cabinets like that. She was not sure how she was going to handle this, but she would watch the woman do it. She was not going to do it herself so the closest she could get would be to watch this woman being turned into something. Claire also thought about how she was going to learn how it was done. She still wanted to know if it was all just a cute trick, or some kind of real magic. She watched with fascination as the blind fold was put on the girl.

"And my name's Sandy. Nice to met you. I use to work across the street at the gym," the now blind folded girl said. She giggled and continued, "I came here a lot and eventually the temptation got to me." The girl seemed to sense the doubt in Claire's head with that statement. Claire wondered if she would be able to fight the temptation in her head. Could this place really pull her in like that? Claire did not want to think so.

The Baker pointed silently to the extremely large glass bowl set on rollers that was revealed when she opened a roller door. It revealed the greater portion of the kitchen. Claire pushed this to the center of the room. The Baker retrieved the cooking utensils, a large crate and a large pipe marked custard. She whispering to Claire that she was going to make a trifle. The Baker retrieved a stepladder and climbed into the bowl, affixing the ceiling pulley system to the bowl inside the large bowl. It was large enough to fit the woman none the less. Taking a hose and plugging it into the feed on the larger bowl, this bowl began to fill as the heating element began to warm up the water needed to melt the jelly cubes. The Baker of course left the bowl before she herself could be affected by the magic. Returning to sit down, she revealed a selection of fruit, asking Claire to, "Pick a flavor."

"Vanilla," Claire says as she backs away. With her part of the help done, she can now watch and learn how this form of baking was done. She looked to the smiling, blindfolded girl next to her. The girl seems happy enough that this will happen. Claire is beginning to think that it might be interesting to try, but she puts it into the back of her mind as she stands in the back of the room simply watching the two nude ladies go to work. The temptation is starting to eat away at her. It is natural for a person to be curious, but even when they were so close to never existing again. It was something that Claire wanted to put away in the back of her mind. She could not live with the idea that she wanted to end her life for the sake of sexual gratification.

Sandy picking strawberry, the Baker smiled and retrieved the pulley controller. Lowering the inner bowl to the floor with a click, she helped Sandy off the table and put her inside the bowl. A small echo could be heard as Sandy sat in the giant bowl. The Baker gave her a simple instruction. "Sandy, I want you to eat as much of the ingredients as possible," she paused and turned back to Claire, "Helps fill her with flavor." Sandy selflessly ate as many strawberries and vanilla essence as she could before groaning. She fit as many strawberries and vanilla pods as possible into herself causing her belly to distend slightly.

Looking at the notes and seeing the trifle was for Ann Summer's party, she knew no kids would be around. This caused the Baker to begin pour several bottles of brandy over the woman's body and hair. The ice-cold alcohol bringing Sandy's nipples to fruition near instantly. This done, the Baker walked over to the crate and, indicating to Claire she would like some help. They took the jelly blocks and began to pour them into Sandy's bowl eventually burying the woman to the depth of her neck. A brief sprinkle of some more strawberries and vanilla pods leaving only the top of Sandy's head showing, the eager pants as the woman's deepest fantasy came to fruition were easily audible.

Smiling at the noises, the Baker turned to Claire and spoke softly, "I never harm those who wish not to participate, but I offer a thrill no man nor female nor machine ever could." Passing Claire the controller "Press the button and then all we have to do is wait, maybe fix a little snack if you like."

Claire hit the button and watched as the machine went to work. She was still silent in awe as she could hear the moans. She was shocked how something like this could really work. She looked to the Baker and then the bowl. "I don't... think it's best. I have finals next week and my parents have to see my grades," she said as she looked at the bowl as the moans got softer and softer.

"Oh a college student. I get a lot of those," the Baker cooed as she turned to the bowl. Knowing the jelly, and Sandy were slowly dissolving, changing and reverting to a thick, almost primordial goop that would the be heated to liquid and cooled to set the strawberries and vanilla pods inside it. Settling where Sandy was lying perfectly outlined her beautiful human form.

The Baker smiled and sat by Claire, looking into her eyes as she placed her hand on Claire's naked thigh. Their nipples so close that it was a wonder they had not touched. "Why care about the finals? Why would you care about them when you could," she took a guess at Claire's sexuality, "have a females lips caressing each part of you. Stroking the surface as they gained pleasure, lowering their teeth into the succulent morsel you had chosen to become, juices dripping down their satisfied faces and chests as they enjoyed you. Your crumbs rolling over their flesh and into the deepest levels of intimacy. Your taste so delectable that they spend hours picking every remnant of you from their flesh. Your taste turning them on without a clue as to why." The Baker's words soft and sensual, she smiled and looked into the girl's eyes wondering if her case was being heard in her mind. Although it did sadden her, wondering if she could have thought this girl the art of transmutive cookery.

"Yes... I guess... I can give it a try," Claire said forgetting it was permanent. The speech had worked her up and practically erased all the doubts she had out of her head. She was so horny she would probably do anything this woman asked. The Baker was an excellent persuader, or seducer however you wanted to look at it. She looked around the kitchen and wondered what was going to become of her. "Why not make me that chocolate statue you mentioned before. That way you can turn me back later," she said smiling as the idea was actually turning her on. She smiled and looked to the now silent bowl. She was horny...very horny and hungry. Sandy was silenced, but Claire's own defenses came up and thought of an idea to make herself feel safe, even if the Baker did not do it.

The Baker nodded before asking "Hold that thought." As she climbed up the ladder and looked at the cooling trifle. The woman was gone but for her silhouette. She dipped a finger into the wobbling mass. It tasted great. Getting the bowl down and into the cool-set freezer, the Baker returned to her new ingredient and smiled softly, nodding, "Hmm... How about we make it a really erotic pose of you sitting on a nougat chair, covering you in caramel, nuts and finally lots of chocolate?" The Baker licking her lips as she thought of how good that would look in the cold of the storage room and tasty it would be. The Baker, once the go-ahead was given, taking her hand off Claire's crotch, as she had been talking, the higher her hand rose eventually making it to Claire's soft, wet crotch. Smiling, taking her by the hand into the storeroom to retrieve all that they needed for the chocolatification process. The Baker beginning to wonder if maybe a double pose would be better then deciding not to. She could always add the second later. Maybe put in a special trigger in Claire's soon to be chocolate pussy to give who ever ate it a nice surprise with their meal. The Baker grinned as all these thoughts traveled through her mind.

Claire was aroused now from that hand on her vagina. She let out a sigh and looked to the things she was going to get. Her mind was yelling at her as it never did before. You're a person. You're not an ingredient. Get your clothes and run you fool. Don't stick around. Those thoughts were pushed to the back of her mind as her pussy still dripped from the speech she was given. She turned and looked to the door, which she could barely see from the kitchen. She realized she was set up for this the second she walked inside the bakery. The stripping and the shower, this woman never saw another woman only an ingredient. Claire was a mark, but for some strange reason, that made her hornier. Claire watched the nude Baker lead her into the freezer. "Umm.... sure? I guess… that sounds good."

Little did Claire know that apart from the occasional spillage of cum, the Baker was a hygiene freak. Although it was easy to see how thoughts could perceive this. The nougat quickly mixed and beaten thanks to the immense electric beater in the corner of the room. The Baker dropped the block onto a deep tray, just above the ankle, and began to mould the nougat into a chair shape. Her palette knife skillfully etching shapes into the goo as if she had done this a thousand times. Eventually though, the throne was complete and the Baker walked over to the merrily simmering caramel and chocolate pots. Each so big that they were equipped with plunger-pump, spray hoses and the ability to wear the pot on the back. She then set up a collapsible slope to a height where the Baker could easily drop the chocolate and caramel over Claire's head.

The Baker finally looked to Claire from her work. She asked, "Make a really sexy pose, something that a lover would remember for years fondly, arousing them each time."

Claire looked at the chair and gulped as she realized she could have run all this time but instead she stayed to sit on that nougat chair. Maybe it was the rain outside. maybe it was the fact she was curious on how it felt to made into that perfect treat that the Baker talked up. Maybe it was just she wanted to do it and that deep down maybe she knew it was right to become a tasty treat. She pushed her hair back and let her pony tail fall out. She sat down onto the chair. Her arm wrapped her one breast holding it up and the hand on the other, gently holding it with her fingers in an O shape over the nipple. Her legs were open, of course, and her hand just above her pussy. Her pinkie pushing inside it opening it up just enough. Her head tilted to the side. "Is....this alright?" Claire asked.

The Baker nodded, a lusty smile signifying how goof the pose was. The Baker wanted at least to play with this one before turning her to chocolate, but it was too late. The nougat was already fusing to her skin. Shaking her head off side to Claire, she climbed the slope with the pot and pumped up the pressure. She started the caramel flow that first pooled on her scalp before dripping, miraculously, in a uniform style. The warm goo sticking and clinging, the heat the same as sex juices, the goo slowly making its way down her form and over the throne. The caramel also, ignoring gravity, flowed up and inside the ingredient. The caramel leaving her eyes and her nose uncovered but not her mouth, unless she panics and ruins the look. The caramel clinging to her skin, picking out every curve on her body from her aroused nipples to her innermost folds. The heat hiding the fact that the nougat had slowly been consuming her from the back while the caramel was doing the same, converting her body to either substance. Stepping around to the front to look at her, the Chef was uninspired to see the caramel-sculpted smile. The Baker was hoping for something sultrier, but it would do. She knew the feeling would be everything she expected and more.

Claire was too busy enjoying the feelings to panic or realize the finality of what she had done to herself. She could only see from the corner of her eye the Baker enjoying this. Claire felt orgasmic as her body was changed into the two substances. It would not be long now before the third covered her body. She could not describe the feeling, but that nagging voice told her that this was bad. That her life was over, but with the feeling, she would now think this was the beginning of something much better. At least it would be a better life until someone decided to eat her.

She talked to her as the chocolate slowly dripped over the caramel and finally plunged her into darkness. The Baker knew that her essence would remain locked in the chocolate. Purring softly as the chocolate began to hug her contours, the Baker looked into the seemingly alive chocolate eyes of her statue. She could feel her still there as she did all her recipes and remarked, "You look as good in chocolate as in life. So much so that I might keep you." The Baker sighed and began to wheel the statue into storage. She talked to the chocolate statue and stroked its breasts and cheeks perversely, "I do wish I got to see what you tasted like. Now all I would taste is caramel and chocolate. Oh well."

Before laughing, wondering how she was going to outdo herself next time, she turned to the statue. It was sitting alone and cold in the walk in fridge. She added one last part. All her true lovers had to know her real name after all and the Baker definitely knew that Claire could still here between the spike of pleasure she felt. "By the way sweetie, the name's Erica and thanks for visiting my Bakery," she cooed and closed the door leaving Claire alone and in the dark.

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