The Collection – Roommates

by FreezAntix

The characters in this story are all based upon the appearance, attitudes, and names of actual adult film actresses, who retain full rights to their personas. This story is a work of parody.

FADE IN: Ext. Suburban single level house, across the street, Morning

Front door of the house opens and ANGELIQUE, a buxom tanned woman with shoulder length red hair with curled tips, emerges. Angelique is dressed in a tight pink hooded sweater that barely masks her bust along with a pair black thigh high running shorts. She stands for a moment on the patio, stretching, before taking off across the lawn in a brisk jog.

: Int. Suburban single level house, dining room

LISA, a slender woman with round breasts and long curly dark hair falling to the middle of her back, having breakfast. Lisa is dressed in a light blue pair of pajama bottoms and a Hello Kitty pink t-shirt. She sits at the table eating some toast and reading the paper. NIKKI her roommate, a slender woman with attractive features and long straight blonde hair, enters the kitchen. Dressed in a navy business skirt suit with nude nylon and black shiny pumps, she walks past Lisa and tosses her briefcase on the counter and pours herself some coffee.

Nikki takes a sip from her coffee cup

Are you doing anything today?

Lisa focuses on the paper


Nope, nothing planned today. I got the day off.


Good, I got the cable company coming by today to look at the internet. I need someone to let them in.


What time are they going to be by?


Why does it matter - you’re going to be home all day?

Lisa glares back at Nikki

Lisa (annoyed)

Just because I’m off doesn’t mean I’m going to be home all day.


Ok jeez, calm down, just tell Angelique if you leave or leave a note or something I don’t really care; the internet has to get fixed.

Nikki puts coffee her cup down and walks to brief case and goes through it

Nikki (continuing)

It’s becoming a pain in the ass to work with the connection coming on and off.

Looks at watch

Nikki (sigh)

Shit, I’m running late. Again…

Gather things and leaves the breakfast room

Nikki (O.S.)

Don’t forget, Lisa!

Lisa reading the paper as door slams



: Ext. Driveway, day

Nikki briskly walks to car and unlocks it with her remote. She climbs into the car.

Nikki POV: Seen in review mirror, a gray van backs into the driveway, parking right behind Nikki’s car, blocking her in.

Nikki (annoyed)

What the hell…

: Int. Van, seen through front window

There two people in the van; one is CLYDE, in the driver’s seat, and the other is GIA, in the passenger seat. Gia has dark long black hair tied in a pony tail under a gray cap and her body clad in a cable repair uniform light grey shirt and dark pants. Her uniform looks great on her shapely body. Clyde is dressed the same as Gia though not as hot as Gia in uniform but he could hold his own.


Remember this is quick job – in and out – there’s only three of them.


Yeah I got it.

Gia begins to open the passenger door

Clyde grabs her arm


Quick job Gia, I mean it no kinky stuff this time. Save that stuff for later.


Yeah, Yeah I got it.

Gia rolls her eyes as she steps out

: Ext. Driveway, view of both car and van as:

Nikki is walking towards Gia looking at her watch


Hey guys’ great timing, but I’m really late for work you think you could move your van out?

Gia POV: Pans up from Nikki’s heels, legs and body to her face. She’s a hottie!


No problem ma’am…

Gia smiles and removes a pair of dark sun glasses from her shirt pocket, and then a small digital camera.

Nikki (confused)

What are you…

Gia slips on her glasses, then holds the camera up



There is a white flash.

Close-up on Nikki’s lovely face for a beat, then Pan Down. Nikki stands frozen and stares blankly ahead. She hasn’t quite closed her mouth yet.

Clyde emerges from the other side of van and opens the double back door and then comes to stand behind the suspended Nikki, who still hasn’t moved or blinked since the flash.

Clyde looks Nikki up and down, slowly. Whistles.


She’s a hot one; great job, now go get the others.

Gia takes off her glasses, walks up to Nikki, and then rubs the side of her face


I love blondes…

She is licking her lips and looking Nikki up and down


You can look at her all you want later, but you have to get the others.


Yeah, Yeah; don’t get your panties in bunch.

: Int. Suburban house, Kitchen

Lisa continues to read the paper; there is knocking on the front door makes her look up.

: Int. Suburban house, front door

Lisa walks up to the front door and opens it


TJ Cable works, you have an issue with your internet?


Yeah, it’s not working. Great timing, come on in I’ll show you where the router is.

Lisa turns and walks back into the house Gia follows and closes the door behind her

: Int. Back of van

Overhead Shot of Nikki laying down on the van floor, her body stiff and posed in the same standing position it was in from earlier. Her blue eyes blankly stare up at the ceiling of the van with her pink lips slightly parted.

Clyde buckles her stiff body to the van floor with leather straps he rubs her legs and gropes her breasts through her suit jacket before stepping out of the van.

: Int. Suburban house, basement

Lisa enters the basement. Gia is following her, face masked in her dark sunglasses and the slim camera in her hand.

Lisa turns around


Well this is where…what the hell?

There is white flash.

Zoom In on Lisa’s face, frozen as a picture, and camera Pans Down to her bare feet.

Gia walks around Lisa, looking her up and down. She puts the camera away and removes her glasses as she circles Lisa, who remains as still as a statue. She takes off her cap and stands face to face with Lisa and then kisses the suspended woman full on the lips. Gia continues to kiss and lick Lisa. Lisa stares blankly as Gia works her way south. Gia now sits on her knees to undo the drawstrings holding Lisa’s pajama bottoms. Gia slowly starts to slide off Lisa’s bottoms, along with the white cotton panties underneath.

Zoom in on Lisa’s face as she stares blankly ahead.

: Ext. Driveway

Clyde, leaning against the van, looks at his watch


God Damn Gia, what’s taking you so long; there’s just two of them.

Looks left to right

Clyde POV: Angelique jogs towards him from down the sidewalk. Pan Up from her full, jiggling bust to her face

Angelique stops in front of Clyde


Hey, what’s going on here?


TJ Cable; here to look at the internet.

Angelique (puzzled)

How are you looking at it if you’re out here?


My partner is inside.

Angelique (sarcastically)

That’s sounds fair, what are you doing out here?


Enjoying the weather?

Looks up at that sky; nothing to see there



She rolls her eyes and turns around

Clyde puts on his sunglasses and pulls out another slim camera. He takes a look around.



Angelique turns around

There is a white flash that fades slowly, masking a Dissolve To: Int. back of van

Overhead Shot of Angelique’s suspended form is slid into view next to Nikki. Both of their eyes stare blankly at the ceiling. Clyde moves over Angelique and fastens her to the floor of the van with leather straps. He feels up her crotch and then fondles her large breasts through her sweater before backing out from view.

: Int. Suburban house, basement

Close Up on Lisa’s rigid face staring, then slowly Pans Down as her t-shirt is rolled up over her round breasts. Crane Up to Overhead Shot as Gia comes into view, sitting between Lisa’s legs and licking her womanhood. Gia’s hands move up and start to twist Lisa’s nipples.

Gia moans


Oh my sweetie, you taste so good, even though you’re stiff as a board…

Clyde enters, wearing his sunglasses and his camera at ready


Jesus fuckin’ Christ, Gia!

Puts camera away and grabs Gia

Clyde (continuing)

I fucking told you – no more kinky shit!

Gia giggles, looking down at Lisa


My bad…


Fuck, well let’s hurry up and get the hell out of here. Grab her legs!

: Int. back of van

Overhead Shot as Lisa’s nearly naked body slides into the van next to Angelique and Nikki. Clyde comes into view and buckles Lisa down. He squeezes her breasts before sliding her shirt over them. He gets out and slams the doors shut. Pan Over the three suspended roommates’ motionless faces; all three stare with empty eyes at the ceiling with fixed expressions.

Clyde (O.S.)

I told you, Gia, none that shit today; that’s like the fifth time you’re slowing us down.

Gia (O.S)

Hey, don’t worry about it; we still finished the job.

Clyde (O.S.)

No thanks to you.

Gia (O.S.)

Give me a break, Clyde. A girl gotta do what a girl gotta do.

Clyde (O.S.)


: Int. Secret location, underground lab, night

Morgue-like room lined with four large glass cylinders with large tubes running through the tops of each cylinder. The room is cluttered with other equipment such as compressors and questionable drums. There are boxes of all sizes placed everywhere in no particular order.

Lisa stands at attention in front of one the cylinders; her eyes are now shut and her long hair tucked under a shower cap. Her body is nude and bare of any jewelry. Gia, now dressed in baggy green scrubs with an oxygen mask, holds a spray wand and walks around Lisa’s stiff body, spraying a clear air substance over her. Lisa begins to shine like plastic in moments.

Pan Left to where Angelique stands at attention too, with her eyes shut and her hair under a shower cap. Her body is also completely naked and already shines like plastic. Close Up on her face and slowly Pan Down to her feet.

Steamy air hisses out from one the cylinders. Clyde, dressed in green scrubs, moves into view and in front of the cylinder. He opens the glass door and more steams billows out. He steps into the steam and is out of view for a second. He emerges holding Nikki around the waist. Nikki is fully dressed in her navy business suit, but isn’t moving. Her face is still bears the exact same expression from earlier. Clyde puts her down upright on the floor and then arranges her body so she is standing at attention. He thumbs her blue eyes shut, along with her lips. Clyde begins to unbutton the suit jacket. Gia moves behind Clyde to watch him pulling off her oxygen mask.

A speaker crackles to life.

Voice in Speaker

Gia please report to my office

Looks up in annoyance


Damn that old man; what is it now?

Clyde opening Nikki’s jacket


You better go – he hates to wait.

Gia pulls off her gloves and puts her mask aside


Yeah. Hey, could you wait for me to come back to strip this bitch down? I really wanna see her naked.

Clyde stops and sighs; he’s heard this before


Yeah, whatever… I need a cigarette anyways

Clyde exits out the door off to the corner of the room while Gia takes an elevator up.

Zoom In on Nikki standing with her jacket open with her eyes shut and then Pan Right to her naked roommates wearing shower caps.

: Int. Secret Location, main office, night

POV the door as it opens and Gia enters, closing the door behind her. She walks up to the desk and stands in front of it. The high-backed chair is turned away from her.


You wanted to see me, boss?

Boss (sitting in the chair, hidden)

Ms. Divine as you are well aware, the operations we run here are strictly illegal and secretive.


Yes, boss, I’m quite aware.

Boss (sitting, hidden)

And you are also aware that speed is of major importance in order to maintain the integrity and security of these operations?


Clearly aware, sir.

She smiles; Gia’s heard this before, too

Boss (firmly, a little sadly)

Your actions do not speak for you, apparently.

He is wearing sunglasses and holding a slim camera. Her smile fades abruptly


Boss, I can explain… No! Not..

There is white flash. Gia’s voice cuts off.

: Int. Secret Location, underground lab, night

Clyde opens the outer door and enters, yawning loudly.

POV of the fourth cylinder loaded up with steam, covering whatever is inside. There is a scrub clad figure (KITTY) stripping off Nikki’s clothing.


Hey, you couldn’t even wait for me to come back?

KITTY, a naturally tanned Asian woman with long full black hair tied into a pony tail, turns to face Clyde.


Hi Clyde; I’m Kitty Young. I’m you’re new partner.

Kitty extends her hand

Clyde shakes it and looks at the steam filled cylinder curiously


Yes, I’m afraid so. Ms. Divine is no longer with us.

Clyde shakes his head


I told her not to be so kinky with the collections… jeez I would have been more forceful if I knew this was going to happen to her. That’s too bad…

Rubs the back of head

Clyde (continues, bummed out)


Kitty smiles warmly and touches Clyde on the shoulder

Kitty (motherly)

Some people just don’t listen, there’s nothing you could have done about it. It’s not your fault Clyde.

Clyde looks up at her, smiles and nods


Does he have a plan for… her?

Gestures towards the steam filled cylinder


The clothes that he wants her to wear are in that box over there.

Points towards a box on the counter


You think I could take care of her?

Kitty smiles warmly


I don’t see why not.

Looks at her watch

Kitty (continues)

She won’t be ready to pose for another couple of hours; how about you introduce me to these new editions and we could work on them first?

Clyde smiles and moves towards Lisa


This is Lisa Nobel; she’s some kind TV producer or something.

Moving left. Follow Shot


This is Angelique Dupree. She’s a human resource specialist. Kinda bitchy in person though.

Kitty from POV of Angelique’s large breasts


With breasts like that you could act however you like.

Moving over to Nikki Follow


Totally agree, and last we have Nikki Steele; she’s like an ad exec or something along those lines. Note the sharp suit and designer shoes.

Kitty looks Nikki up and down


Well, since we’re all nicely introduced, now shall we get to work?

MONTAGE as Rolling Stones’ Paint it Black plays

-       Clyde and Kitty both strip Nikki naked as her clothes fall into pile at her feet

-       A shower cap is placed on Nikki’s head and Clyde begins to spray her

-       View of her curvy back and behind as Nikki gets shiny

-       Lisa and Angelique’s shower caps are removed and their eyes are opened

-       Kitty applies make up to all three girls; they’re looking really artificial now

-       Clyde and Kitty dressing all three girls, Close Up so we don’t see exactly in what

END OF MONTAGE - Song fades

Lisa is now dressed in a strapless black sparkling evening dress with sheer black nylons and strappy high heels. Her face is made up and she stares straight ahead. Her hair is pulled back into a fancy bun.

Angelique is clothed in a hot pink sun dress that barely contains her large bust. She stands in a pair of white heeled sandals. Her shoulder length crimson hair is tucked behind her ears and her face has been made up; she stares ahead with blankly with a slight grin.

Nikki’s blue empty eyes stare forward and her face bears a bright smile. Her long blonde hair is tied into pigtails with blue and white ribbons. Her shapely body is now clad in a blue and white cheerleader outfit and she holds matching pom-poms in each of her hands.

Pan from Left to Right of the blankly staring ladies in their new outfits. They look like mannequins from some fancy boutique or department store

Kitty (admiring)

Well, these new ladies look great; worthy for the boss’s collection now, I think.

Looking at the rows of statuesque, fleshy figures

Steams billows out of the last cylinder with a hiss.

Kitty and Clyde look over


She’s ready. Are you sure you want to do her?

Clyde smiles and nods


Yeah, I was her partner for almost a year. I think I should have the pleasure. You can go home; I’ll take care of the rest.


Well, I’m not going to argue with you. I’ll see you tomorrow.


Yup. Good night.



Kitty leaves; Clyde follows her with his eyes for a few moments

Clyde opens the last cylinder and steam billows out, covering the room. He steps into the cylinder and then emerges holding Gia around the waist. Gia’s hands are frozen in front of her in her last position of surprise; her eyes and mouth are opened wide and suspended in horror. Clyde sets her down.

Looks at her sadly


I warned you over and over to don’t play around like that. Now look at you.

Close up on Gia’s frozen face and her doe-wide glassy brown eyes.

Clyde (sighs)

Well, now I have to get you ready for the collection. It’s been fun, Gia.

He straightens out her arms and raises them over her head


Let’s get this scrub top off of you. I have to say, I’m a bit curious to see you naturally.

He grins as he pulls the top off of her

Clyde’s POV of Gia’s tanned breasts wrapped in a silk black bra. They are full round globes.

Clyde touches them and looks up at Gia’s face

Close Up on Gia’s eyes and a reflection in them of Clyde looking at her smiling.

: Int. Secret Location, Collection Room, day

Pan Across A large room; dark and without any main light source. Scattered throughout of the room are display cases with halogen lights in their ceilings that provide the room with its minimum amount of light. Standing in each display case is motionless woman; there are over a dozen cases. Each woman is dressed elaborately. The women vary in size, height, ethnicity, hair color, and body type. Each is posed differently but all have the same empty looks in their eyes.

FADE TO: Nikki standing in her glass display case with both of her arms raised over her head with a pom-pom in each hand. Her blues eyes stare vacantly out beyond the glass while her lips are posed in bright smile showing white teeth. She stands on one leg, which is raised and bent at the knee. Her exposed skin shines like smooth plastic in the overhead lighting of the case.

Pan Right to the next case: Lisa stands straight upright with her hands together over her crotch, wearing the black evening dress; her legs visible through slits in the skirt. She looks through the glass with empty eyes and a flirtatious smile. Her skin glistens in the light of her case, giving her a waxy, artificial look.

Pan Right to the next case: Angelique stands, legs together crossed at the knees, with her hands behind her. Her head is slightly tilted to the right and she sports a playful expression. Like the others, the strong lighting of her display case along with her coated skin make her appear like a life size doll.

Close Up on a sexy high-heeled right foot, clad in sheer black hosiery.

Zoom Out and Pan Up to reveal: Gia as completely naked, save for a lacy purple garter belt around her hips. Her shapely legs are clad in sheer black thigh-high hosiery that is attached to the garter belt. She stands with both legs together with her left foot standing on its tippy-toe and the right one flat. Her hands are running through her luscious dark hair with her head tilted back. The expression on her face is one of erotic satisfaction, with eyes shut and lips pressed inward as if moaning. Gia’s body shares the plastic shininess of the other women that surround her in their own glass cases. She is part of The Collection.




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