The Display Girlfriend

by: Commodore

Hello, my name is Andrea and thanks to my current boyfriend Bryan IÕm able to tell you just what happened to me, although because of it I will stay this nice-looking 22 year old forever. For the reason why,  IÕll have to take you back about four years when my life was very different and I was at that time just like you, or anyone else for that matter.

                  It all started when I had been working at the local mall as one of those live mannequins; by then I had gotten very good at being able to hold a motionless pose for a long time. Those of us in this line of work would strive to be able to remain in position for as long as possible, with some of them being able to hold perfectly still for up to four or five hours, which is pretty good with everyone watching you.  But me, I had gotten so good at getting my mind set I could go up to seven - maybe even eight - hours before I had to move again! When IÕm posed like that, I get so focused – almost like in a trance - that IÕm no longer able to even notice people looking at me or know what is going on around me due to my zoning out on totally everything.

Well, one time while I was mannequining at the mall, modeling a bikini in the window; I had already zoned myself out when a man named Murdock came by and saw me just standing there, still as a statue in the window. After staring for a time, he came up closer to the window and started to check me out. After a while longer, he came into the store and felt my body up! What a pervert, yeah, though while staying stiff I didnÕt notice a thing. The only way I knew about him is one of the store clerks saw it happen and asked him to stop and leave the store, but she told me 3 weeks after the fact.

                  Since that time Murdock always came back almost daily to the window where I was posing and checked my figure out; a couple of days after he first saw me start moving at the end of the day, he knew I was real.  He figured out that the front of the store was the only way in or out and so he waited for me when I came out after the store had closed.  Murdock came up to me and said ÒYou make a really great mannequin!Ó which for people who do this sort of thing is always a great compliment to hear; he then asked me if I would like to get a bite to eat. Being a bit hungry after all day standing still in the window, I said sure and we went to the food court and got something. He was sweet, if kind of shy and he didnÕt say much.  IÕm not sure why, but after a week I actually looked forward to seeing him at the end of my shift and eventually let him talk me into coming over to his place, where he would encourage me to show my living mannequin techniques for him.  I went along, proud of my motionless zoned-out perfection, though thinking back I know that he did do something to me while I was in my trance.  At first when I came out of it, some of my clothes didnÕt feel the same as they were before, as if someone had removed them and then put them back on me. But the real proof was the morning that my co-worker told me just what Murdock was doing to me during that day when I was a mannequin; that when he was stopped, he was touching my boobs, which made me angry at his casual rudeness.  After I cooled down and changed back into the bikini they still needed me to display, I went up to ÒmyÓ window and struck the same pose I been holding every day for the last weeks  As I let myself zone out, IÕd decided that when I next saw him I was going to break up what ever it was we had.

What I didnÕt know was during the night before, while I was posing for him, he had undressed me completely and treated my body with something that could change me into a rigid mannequin by day, but at night I would come back to life again. Well, when I assumed my display pose and everybody was getting ready to start the workday, the sun came out and that was the last thing I remembered. Suddenly, I found myself back at his place, wondering just what had happened and how I ended up there.

                  When I walked out of some empty room, I found him watching T.V. and asked ÒJust whatÕs going on and how did I end up here?Ó He looked up at me and said ÒYouÕre awake; good.  Stay for a while.Ó My first intuition was to escape, even though all I had on was that same bikini, but something – curiosity maybe – made me stay. The thing that had me truly concerned was why IÕd appeared in his apartment just now, why was it already night out, and mostly why did I feel as though I needed to stay with him.  I sat on the couch and we just talked; he kept saying how beautiful I was and how I should stay that way without answering my questions directly.  After a while, he told me that the night before he noticed how I seemed to enjoy posing as a mannequin so much that he decided to have me pose for him one last time.  While I was zoned out and stiff as a board he had removed all of my clothes and sprayed me with a experimental formula that would allow me to become a mannequin by day but a real person by night!

When I heard this, I didnÕt want to believe it and told him that and finally stepped to the door, bikini or no.  That was just as the sun was coming up and I started to have a hard time thinking clearly; my body was stiffening in position. When he asked me just what I wanted him to do to prove to me he was telling the truth, I only stated, ÒRemove my left arm when IÕm a mannequin and have me come to life with it gone.Ó The last thing I heard him say was ÒOkay,Ó then time seemed to blur.  Apparently I did change into a mannequin for the day, because the next thing I know IÕm standing around in a different place in his apartment with a stub where my left arm used to be and a mannequinÕs left arm (with my shade of polish on the nails) just laying on the table in front of me.  ThatÕs when I heard his voice saying, ÒThere, you got the proof you wanted; your arm is removed!Ó  But I was still not convinced and when he asked ÒWhat else do I need to do?Ó I definitely told him, ÒIf I do change back into a mannequin tomorrow, reattach my left arm and remove both of my legsÉÓ  ThatÕs when he asked that if he did this, would I believe him at last and I just nodded my head yes.  ÒBut, weÕll have to wait until morning; would you like some dinner?Ó  I nodded again.

                  But throughout the night I couldnÕt shake the ÔphantomÕ feeling, as if that left mannequin arm was in fact my missing arm, even though it felt hard and plastic.  He had me stand in front of the window so the first rays of sunlight would reach my eyes. Shortly afterwards I must have changed to a mannequin again and he attached my left arm and removed both of my legs, so when night came I suddenly found my left arm connected to my body again but this time I was missing both of my legs!  These turned out to be the smooth pale plastic mannequin legs sitting next to me, which convinced that I did change into an actual mannequin and, even though I only was a dummy by day, I still felt violated by the notion that he could touch me anywhere he wanted and I could not do anything about it.  Over time, I also found out that if IÕve been completely disassembled and kept that way until nightfall, I wouldnÕt come to life until I was all together again at sunset, so he could keep me as a mannequin and even after he put me back together at night I would remain a lifeless figure of myself.

                   Well, one day he must have gotten tired of me and did just that – waited until I was a mannequin and disassembled me.  According to my boyfriend, Murdock kept me in pieces tossed in a box; finally Murdock asked him to take the box I was in and sell it with me trapped inside. Thanks to Bryan being nosy and looking inside the box and seeing my disassembled body – though IÕm not sure if he recognized my face – he instead decided to take the mannequin parts to his place and put them together.   Of course, when night came, I was able to come to life again.

When he saw me standing there naked, his first reaction was to ask where had I come from and where was the mannequin that had been standing there a minute ago?  When I told him the truth, he didnÕt believe me; thatÕs when told him that ÒIf you are is still awake when the sun comes up, youÕll see for yourself that that I am your missing mannequin.Ó  He looked at me with concern, but he agreed; sure enough, just as the sun came up while I was holding a glass of water in my right hand, I changed into plastic. 

Now, I donÕt know what his first reactions were, due to the fact that during the day I am nothing more than a lifeless display figure, trapped in whatever pose I happen to be in at the instant of change, but I can happily say that I have found someone with whom the notion of his touching me – either as a mannequin or as a real person – makes me overjoyed and loved.  Another thing we discovered by accident is if we happen to be having sex right at daybreak, even though IÕm totally unaware of anything while in mannequin form, when I do change back at night, my sex drive is doubled. Another plus is he will set up something for a date together in the evening and he dresses me while IÕm still a mannequin in clothes he picks out.  I just LOVE and his taste in fashion and style; itÕs perfect from my point of view; I couldnÕt ask for a better boyfriend and window dresser (someone whom dresses mannequins); from time to time he even lets me dress and undress him, even though IÕm the mannequin.

                  From time to time if something comes up and he has to be away, he will ask me if I want to come to life without him around, which typically I donÕt, so I tell him that after I change into a mannequin to just take me apart and place me somewhere safe.  So when he comes back, he takes my parts out and puts me back together again; when I wake up itÕs as if no time at all has passed.  Though from time to time if itÕs going to be a long trip, heÕll disassemble me, put me in a big suitcase and check me in as luggage.  When we get to where heÕs going, he unpacks and puts me together, so I can come to life to make his trip a more pleasant one.  I do love him for giving me both alternatives.


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