The Magic Camera

by Tek


Main Character- Young Man

Boss Lady

Bus Girl

Shop Lady

School Girl 1

School Girl 2

School Girl 3

Pretty Girls



Office Lady 1

Office Lady 2

Office Lady 3

Office Lady 4

Office Lady 5

This is a spec script for a video that could be produced, so take the scenes that follow as inspiration for what might be.



The movie starts off at an office building a young man loses his job for something that is really minor. He gets yelled by his boss, who is a gorgeous bitch of a bossy woman. He leaves and wanders down the street thinking what he is going to do next.


He stops and looks up at the sky vowing vengeance. When he starts to walk again he notices a camera at his feet. Picking it up, he examines it and notes that it looks like an ordinary camera and in decent condition. He tests it out on a nearby stray cat. A photo negative effect fills the screen. When it subsides, the cat is frozen in place. The man is shocked and pokes at the cat cautiously. It is statue like. He steps back in amazement and looks at the camera. He aims it again and takes another shot. The camera flashes normally and the cat continues on like nothing has happened. He looks again at the camera mystified, finally putting everything together. He looks back up and smiles deviously.

Segment One:

EXTERIOR – SIDEWALK, DAY  (continue, same street as in Intro)

He wanders down the street smiling ear to ear. A female college student waits at a bus stop reading a book and listening to an MP3 player. The bus stop is in front of a pottery shop. The owner, another woman, looks out her shop window as she organizes some pots.

The man ducks behind a small trash bin that can barely hide his body. He giggles uncontrollably as he takes aim with the camera and presses the shutter. A photo negative effect fills the screen.

The girl at the bus stop frozen in place, reading her book as a bus approaches. The man keeps his distance as the bus comes to a stop and people leave. No one notices the frozen girl; the man laugh from his hiding spot.

The woman inside of the shop looks up and notice the girl hasnŐt moved as the bus drives off without her. She is curious and walks over to her shop window to look just as the man appears.

The man admires the frozen young woman, looking her up and down. He takes the book away from her. She stands unmoving. He reaches out and gropes her breasts. Suddenly he stops as the shop owner comes out her store and scowls at him. He pulls out his camera and smiles at the unsuspecting woman.

The photo negative effect fills the screen once more. When it subsides the shop owner is left stuck in her pose of anger. The man laughs and looks over at both of the suspended women, noting that they are both attractive. He smiles evilly as he wraps his arms around the bus stop girl.


We now see that the shop is closed. Deep in the back room of shop the man has now moved both frozen women, they stand side by side in their poses. He walks around the two women, looking them up and down, marveling at their stillness. He stops in front of the angered shop owner and arranges her limbs a bit and then changes her facial expression to a goofy one. He moves over to the bus stop girl and does the same, posing the girl into different poses and laughing at her.  Back with the shopkeeper, he strips off her apron and puts her in sexy pose with seductive look on her face. Feeling the sudden bulge in his pants, he looks at both women.

Moving back over to the bus stop girl he quickly strips her of all her clothing until she stands before him smiling and naked. He admires her naked body, groping her intimate parts. He leaves her standing there naked and smiling as he moves over to the shopkeeper again. She is stripped with the man laughing at her and is soon naked, a seductive look placed on her face.

He eyes both naked ladies as he strips himself down. He first takes the shopkeeper and then the bus stop girl. (Sex scene)


Back at the front of the store, both women are still naked and are now posed in front of the store window. The both stand smiling with her hands behind their heads and naked chests thrust forward and pressed against the glass. The man is now dressed and stands in front of the store with his camera. He smiles as he snaps the camera.

Both women blink and look around. They are shocked and let out screams of horror as they retreat into the back of the store. The man only laughs and casually walks away.

Segment Two:


Three school girls (18 year old seniors) are hanging out at the park. They are dressed in school uniforms. They chat happily while smoking and text messaging on their cells phones. The talk about how awesome it is to skip school and not do anything.

The man is watching them from afar, listening in on their conversation. He looks at his camera and smiles as he walked towards them. He tells them that he is photographer to taking pictures of people who hang out at the park. He asks if he could have their pictures. The girls agree and they gather around a park bench.

School Girl 1 sits flanked by her two friends. She holds a cigarette between her fingers looking as adult as she can. School Girl 2 sits to her right and smiles brightly, School Girl 3 is on the left of School Girl 1 and she smiles confidently. The man takes a step back and aims his camera.

The photo negative effect fills the screen. The man laughs as the effects subsides. The three School Girls are all frozen stiff in their poses.

He looks around the park and spots nobody. There is a large bush nearby. He grins at the bush and looks at the three unmoving School Girls.


The three girls are now naked now and laying on the grass side by side. He rubs his palms together and smiles down at them. Their faces still hold their smiling expressions. He takes his clothes off before kneeling down and exploring the three School GirlsŐ naked bodies. (Sex scene)


The School Girls are still naked are kneeling on the park bench. School Girl 1 has her hands covering her mouth, School Girl 2 has her hands covering her ears and School Girl 3 has hands covering her eyes. The man looks over their naked body and their poses once more before taking the picture.

He acts shocked as the three girls scream out in horror and hug each other. The yell at him and he runs off; once he out of sight he starts laughing.

Segment Three:


The man is back on the streets, looking around and smiles as he happily walks among other people. He checks out some Pretty Girls that passes him and even nods at a few. He then turns down an alley to take a short cut to his office. A Thug comes out of the shadow and threatens him.

In a panic the man fumbles with the camera, unknowingly turning a dial on it. Before the Thug could hurt him he snaps the camera. The photo negative effect fills the screen. Once it fades the Thug is suspended in a menacing pose, but he is frozen. The man laughs and kisses the camera. He steps away from the Thug and moves to the end of the alley before turning and snapping the camera.

He smiles broadly ready to taunt the Thug before running. He smiles fades as he notices the Thug has not moved. He cautiously makes his way over to the Thug and pokes at him. The Thug is still frozen. He looks down at the camera and notices the turned dial. He snaps another picture of the Thug, nothing happens. He laughs wickedly and runs off.


Back at his old job, a receptionist dressed professionally looks up to see him enter. She politely smiles and stands telling him that he has to leave. He turns the dial back to normal mode on the camera and snaps a picture. The photo negative effect fills and fades revealing the receptionist is now frozen, a smile stuck on her face.

Inside the main office there are five Office Ladies busily working, all dressed in nice business attire. He enters the office and announces his presence. No one looks his way. He begins to snap the camera. The photo negative effect flashes on the screen like explosions in this repeat succession of shots.

Once he is done looks over his work and laughs and jumps in victory.

Office Lady 1 is seated her desk eyes glued to her computer monitor with hands over her keyboard. Office Lady 2 and leaned over her desk with pen in hand with her other hand holding a phone in mid-air. Office Lady 3 is smiling with eyes shut, her hands are on the arms of her chair she is half standing and sitting. Office Lady 4 has a phone up to her ear, her other hand frozen as she turns a page of a book, her eyes looking down at the book and a grin on her lips. Office Lady 5 is standing by the copier with the copier lid held up, her face carries a calm look and her eyes look at nothing in particular.

The man walks among his former co-workers, grinning and looking over their stiff bodies. He cops a feel from Office Lady 3 and Lady 5. He moves towards the back of the room where his bossŐs office is. He turns the dial on the camera and knocks on the door.


The Boss Lady looks up as the door opens. She stands up in outrage, seeing the man standing in the doorway. Before she can say anything the negative photo effect fills the screen. The Boss Lady is frozen in anger with mouth halfway opened. The man laughs at her and wags his finger, saying that it is his turn to punish her now. He then excuses himself with a grin, saying that there are some other ladies that require his attention. He leaves closing the door behind him. The Boss Lady remains standing motionless, looking angrily at nothing.


The man goes back out to the front of the office and wraps his hands around the Receptionist and drags her back in the main office. Once there he closes the door and locks it.

Turning his attention to Office Lady 1 he stands the woman up pulling and strips her down to her underwear. He fondles her while he makes out with her. Once he is finished with her he strips her naked and has his way with her. (Sex Scene)

He is now naked as he moves over to Office Lady 2. He pulls her pen out her hands and tosses it away. He stands her up and strips her naked tossing her clothes everywhere and ripping her pantyhose. Leaning her over the desk he takes her from behind. (Sex Scene)

With his member still erect and dripping he moves to Office Lady 3 and kicks the chair from under her. She ends up on the ground in her pose, still smiling. He stands her up and cuts her clothing off with a pair of scissors. (Sex Scene)

Office Lady 4, already stripped naked, is laying out her desk with legs spread as the man pumps her. (Sex scene)

Office Lady 5 and Receptionist are then moved to stand side by side together as he strips both them naked. They are the lowered on their knees where he introduces them to his member. (Sex scene)


Soon the man is dressed again as he wheels in a dolly with some empty boxes into the office. He smiles seeing his former co-workers posed all around him. Office Lady 1 is only dressed in her underwear, standing atop her desk with big grin on face and her mouse stuffed down her panties. Office Lady 3 is laid out on the floor completely naked with her hair a mess and body shiny. Office Lady 4 and the Receptionist are posed on all fours on top of one another, naked. Office Lady 5, also naked, sits on top of the copying machineŐs panel. The copying machine on and printing out copies. Office Lady 2 stands at attention and naked in the closet with a flirtatious expression on her face; which he closes the door and locks it as he walks by.


            The man leers at the fact his Boss Lady is a frozen puppet for him to play with, he looks her up and down, taking in her figure. Straighten her out, he changes her express to that of a playful one; he stands back and thinks to him that this is the first time he has seen her smile since he worked here. He slowly strips his former boss of her clothes, taking his time to take in the sights of his bossŐs bodyÉ finally he takes off his clothes for the last time today and (sex scene)

            After having his way, he puts his and her clothes back on. He places her on a dolly and places some of the open up boxes over her and stops to place wet kiss on her lips before placing the last one to conceal her.


            On his way out he, looks back one more time, pulling out the camera, making sure he can get them all, setting the camera on wide scan, he readies the camera.

* Flash*

In an instant, the Office Ladies and Receptionist awake from their frozen slumber, screaming and panicking, scrambling to cover themselves. Amiss it all, the man laughs and he turns and leaves with his prize. While the one of the frighten girls opens the locked door of closet Office Lady 2 is in.

Fade out/Fade in

Caption: A few days laterÉ


The man comes into his home, happy with his new job, he walks over the former boss, who is now dressed in a costume, frozen, smiling happily with her arms and hand pose to hold his things.  He places his briefcase in one hand and a hat in the other. He taps her on the nose, telling her he has a surprise. Walking back to his front door, he wheels in another dolly, and removes the box to reveal the Shopkeeper from Segment one is now a frozen doll as well.

Fade out.


To Be Continued?

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