The Fish Spa

by Valorpm


The night had gone well for me. I had only known him for a few hours but he had treated me splendidly and lavished me with attention and lots of champagne.

I did not object when his limo picked me up. He insisted on sending me ahead to his spa and after a night of drinking I could not muster up much of an objection.

We arrived at a beautiful villa by the ocean and I was ushered in by a servant . The staff showed me to a luxurious bedroom where more champagne awaited. He arrived shortly glass and we drank some more. After a few minutes of passionate kissing the buttons on my dress yielded to his groping hands. The thoughts of my slightly overweight body and loose dangly breasts washed away by the liquor, I conceded eagerly. There was a sly almost sinister smile when he reached for the closet door. Inside a beautiful mermaid costume hung. It was a long sock like garment of a beautiful thin glistening material.  He pulled me nearer the closet and dropped the fish tail on the floor guiding me to step on to its opening.  I half-heartedly tried to resist as imaging the sex games that might follow, wondering if I should not be afraid.

Reaching down, he raised the mermaid skin up, slipping it over my nude body. It started to grow tighter around my feet and ankles. When my feet were close together and I began to loose my balance and held on to him for support but fell on to the nearby bed.  I stretched my bound legs to see the remarkable transformation and the beautiful details of the two large membranous floppy fins.

The fabric was pulled to the height of my armpits and soon my large naked breasts were stuffed down into the tail stocking. All of the fabric seemed to tighten and cling to my skin. I was quite stuck inside the cocoon at his mercy and very turned on but being his in this way.

I tried to wiggle my toes but could not feel them trying to stall the numbness of what I thought was lack of circulation as he carefully worked out all the tail’s wrinkles.  My captor fixed his eyes on mine and alternated his smoothing work with sensuous caresses of my flanks and ankles.  My feet had shifted to an awkward pointed position by the time he finished fitting on my covering. They were one on top of the other with downward pointed toes, as the fabric seems to draw ever tighter. Soon it was not uncomfortable for me inside the stocking, my flesh appearing to conform into this elongated shape. 

My mind faded as the room spun around waking to feel as he suddenly grabbed my newly molded tip and fins and held it up for me to see that my legs were gone. He then dropped it heavily on the floor painfully confirming that it was all somehow part of me and very real.

Too drunk to be scared we spent some more time kissing as he managed to excite me by massaging my scale clad chest and the part of me where my thighs used to be. Whatever had been done to my torso and legs had left me alarmingly different and immobile.  My hands fumbled trying in vain to find the edge of the costume to try to peel myself out of it. It was then that he lifted me up off the chair.

Not wanting to fall, my arms clung to his muscular neck as he brought me to a lagoon just outside the door thru a small courtyard. He carried me to the water’s edge and let me go. As lost my grip on his neck and shoulders my transformed body fell tail first into the pond. My flexible fins touched the rocky bottom and quickly collapsed as my tail bent under my own weight. Franticly paddling brought me to the surface as I gasped for breath but when I finally lifted my head out of the water he was gone.

Man made walls with no ladders or steps surrounded the lagoon. I swam with my arms as best I could dragging my fish part behind and looking for a way out. The cold water had sobered me and I was beginning to panic.

 I’m not sure what happened next. When I awoke, I was under water.  At first I thought I had drowned after tiring out my arms or that I had hit something and passed out. Minutes passed until I realized that I was not dead. Fearful of drowning I tried to reach the surface. Suddenly I felt my tail move on its own as it pushed me upward. On the surface, I could not thread water with my arms but was held by the movements of my tail. The feelings of my body had changed, I felt longer and sleeker below where my thighs had been. My droopy breasts, which had been squashed in the costume, now were floating and swaying before me covered in what seemed to be scales. My tail carried me along by merely thinking about it. I had no direct control of it but merely concentrated on what I wished it to do.  Suddenly I realize in horror that my arms were not. They were gone, taken away as part of the transformation. 

As I tried to compose myself my tail brought me into a narrow cove I saw what appeared to be a net slowly closing in around me. My nervousness broke my concentration and my tail delivered me to the middle of the net. I was scared then, and tried to struggle free. My tail part became alarmed too and trashed frantically. It was powerful and uncontrollable like being sewn to a live giant fish.

The net closed around me slowly as my uncontrollable tail delivered me straight into the center of it . My tail kept trashing bruising my face against the ropes. I was not able to stop it and had no arms to protect myself and this made it all the more horrible.

The net was hoisted up and out of the water toward the near by pier .

In the net like a fish, I could see through the holes that he had fished me out of the water.  Gravity now pulled at my breasts making them sag  through the wide holes of the fishing net. Someone started to pinch and fondled me as the net was lowered. He examined me as if I were his fish catch.  The helplessness and fondling made me horny and very confused, afraid of what else could be done to me. 

The net emptied me on the slippery wood.  I hit hard on my side with a wet thud. The pain flowed thru my back and hip and my armless shoulder throbbed terribly.

My tail again started to trash and hurt as it slammed franticly against the ground.  It was scary to be like this and I could not understand why I was so aroused by all this.

My captor finally reached down with a sharp object and I felt the mermaid costume being cut away from my chest. For an instant there was short lived relief. The tail material had formed to my shape and was also strongly attached to my skin. He pulled it away much like skinning a fish stretching my breasts as if he intended to rip them off me. The pain was unbearable as my breasts were skinned and as the last inch of fish skin worked free from my own they fell heavily to each side of me. I was starting to protest at being deformed in this way when he started to skin me completely. It was the most vulnerable and helpless I had ever felt. He rolled my body over on my naked breasts as he worked the clingy skin from me.

As the last bit of the skin was removed I actually felt the fins that had allowed me to swim leave me. There was no involuntary trashing of my tail as the animated skin part was taken away.

I lay there on the wet ground a useless breasted sausage motionless but for occasional shrugging of my armless shoulders waiting to see how he was going to use or abuse further. As I lay on my side I saw how my legs had melted into a long mass that thinned toward the end. It was soft and pliable ending in a point of sorts. It had sensation but it would not move in any way.

I was uncomfortable lying there with nothing to do but stare in disbelief at my sagging tits that lay in a mass attached to my chest.

Confused, mind wondered  how all this could be possible when he suddenly returned. There was a new shorter mermaid costume draped on his arm. And what seemed to be two female mannequin arms attached to a large bra. He lifted me placing himself behind me pushing me into a sitting position. The mass of tits that lay on my lap was unceremoniously lifted and stuffed into the elongated cups of the bra with the arms attached.  He briefly fitted the arms on my shoulders and then closed the bra clasp behind me. The arms started to jerk and suddenly I realized that I could almost control them. It was again a matter of asking them to do something as I’d done with my fish tail. I could feel slight sensation from the fingers.

By now my battered breasts were sore and itchy in the unsupportive odd shaped bra. My arms dutifully started to accommodate my wishes but malfunctioned in the act of trying to fit my breasts to the bra cup. With a mindless hand firmly squeezing my right breast, I struggled to regain control and free my breast flesh from their grip. I started to get frustrated and cry.

Not having real hips or thighs I could not sit unsupported so I tried to drop back onto my elbows.  However my artificial arms required constant contact with my rounded shoulder in order to operate. If I shrugged my shoulder the contact with my shoulder failed and the arms would fall limply by my sides.  As I placed my weight on my false limbs they disconnected from the shoulder, which made them go dead and allowed me to fall backward onto my back again.  As I laid there with my breasts exposed and a pair of arms hanging around my neck he decided to drag me away by the tip of my soft boneless squid like tail.  It was an incredible feeling to have twisted around and around, strange but at the same time pleasurable as he stretched the whole rubbery thing to where it attached to my waist.  He stretched it like dough and pulled it long making several knots and then making scissor like gestures with his fingers as if signaling that he intended to cut it off me.

Being knotted was confusing and frustrating and apparently of no interest to him since he soon unknotted me and left me whole and un cut. He then started brutally pushing and massaging my lower appendage into the new shorter tail. It seemed to come alive as my soft mass filled it and it felt like I was a mermaid again but only up to the waist this time. My breasts having popped out of the bra cups dangled and swayed as the half removed bra and useless arms trashed about.

I did not understand the purpose of making me so utterly helpless when just turning me into half a fish would have been enough.  My worrying was interrupted as my bra was put on me and I was lifted up using the net and placed in the water. My tail immediately propelled my captive torso to a deeper part of the lagoon with the dangling fake arms precariously on my shoulders .

There were other shapely mermaids that were much like myself engaged in some type of game.

Suddenly a group of mermen appeared. The other mermaids seemed terrified  immediately starting to swim around vainly trying to get away as if in a game of cat and mouse. It was obvious that the mermen were greatly more powerful than the women.  The men were easily overtaking the women and subduing them. Some mermen were content to hold their pray overpowering the feeble less powerful tails. One mermaid lost her arms as her bra strap broke. Yet another seemed to purposefully remove hers as the pursuing merman grabbed them. She playfully swam off armless with her breasts dragging. The sight of some female torsos helplessly floating disturbed me as I watched this bizarre activity. 

 Not wanting to be disarmed by these fish men, I tried to command my tail to get me out of there so I would not be taken apart again. Suddenly, a powerful pull at my fins pulled me down. The next jolt slid most of my tail skin off me. The fins now hung limp at the end of the skin and the whole tail became a soft limp mass again refusing to move me to safety. Soon afterward someone undid my bra from behind me and the still useless arms sank to the bottom with the big bra acting as a parachute.  My freed breasts swayed in the water to their full length. My attacker now pulled firmly gripping the tip of my tail down toward the bottom and as I sank my breasts dragged along upward in front of my face. One of the other mermen must have wanted me also for he quickly swam down and seized me by one breast and he pulled me up. I was suddenly in the middle of a tug of war getting grabbed and pulled by my tail and my breasts. I saw myself stretched like no human would endure but somehow being out of control made it bearable.

They must have decided to share me and were obviously interested in different parts of me. One pulled, sucked and bit my breasts while the other penetrated my holes.

I could feel my tail bending and realized that I was made to penetrate myself with the tip of my own tail. The sensation was very unusual and frustratingly pleasurable.

I floated in this way stuck inside myself curved like a shrimp. The fish men toyed with me carrying me around by the waist or towing me by the breasts or hair.

There was suddenly a third figure that had legs and as he neared I recognized his face.  He reached behind me cupping my breasts and massaging the nipples at the same time. He released one breast to float freely and his hand found my front hole. His finger found my vagina hooking it and gently towing me to the surface as I came repeatedly.  My hair covered my eyes so I could only feel him sucking my breasts as they floated stretched in front of me. My buoyant body was moved carried and turned to by him for his delight. My breasts slapped my face as he towed me by the tail and I wished that I could manage to grip my nipples in my mouth. It was frustrating not having arms to touch him or myself and not being able to at least tighten my thighs to try to orgasm.

At the shore he lifted me again. The now wet naked tail draped limp over his arm like a bag full of Jell-O that was somehow a part of me. He carried me to his house on the shore.

When we reached the bedroom where I had fallen into his trap he flung me onto the bed where after bouncing, I helplessly landed face down.

It hurt at first but the bed felt good on my wet clammy tits as he dropped me on them.  I was still very turned on but very self-conscious about my mutation and about not knowing exactly what he had made of me, still being under his complete control was sensuous.

He made love to me flipping me over as he wished sometimes leaving me alone lying there like a stationary pleasure object.


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