The Garden

by Dede


The flower was the most beautiful one she had ever seen!

That’s what Denise’s first thought was as she first laid eyes on it.  She hadn’t visited the garden in her small town’s park for quite some time – she spent most of her summer off from teaching working in her own garden.  When she wasn’t on her knees in the soil pulling weeds and planting bulbs, the 39-year-old high school history teacher spent her days in her backyard pool, or laying out in the hot sun, reading and working on her tan.

This hot, sunny day in July had started much like all the rest for Denise; she got up, made herself coffee and breakfast, then she went out into her garden for a while.  She had flowerbeds in the front and both sides of her Cape Cod-style house, and a garden in the backyard, with sunflowers, lettuce, tomatoes, carrots, and other vegetables as well.  It made her proud anytime someone driving or walking past her house would slow down or stop to admire her work!

After lunch, Denise changed into her favorite blue bikini and, her latest favorite book in hand, went outside for a couple of hours of sunbathing.  She was always very careful to use sunscreen and not to burn, but due to the many hours she spent outside, she had quite the all-over tan.  The blonde highlights in her shoulder length, dark brown hair were accentuated by the amount of time she spent in the sun.  She truly looked forward to summer like nothing else!

She finished her book and spent a couple of hours swimming in her backyard pool – if there was anything she liked more than being in the sun, it was probably being in the water! She had been a good swimmer since she was a little girl, and spent her high school and college summers life-guarding at the local public pool.  She had always prided herself in her fitness and toned body, and swimming was probably the most responsible for that!

She fixed herself an early supper, because she wanted to take a walk down to the park that evening, and look at the garden there, to look for new ideas she could use in her own garden!  After she finished eating, she slipped a pink t-shirt and a pair of short khaki shorts over her bikini, donned a pair of flip-flops, and walked the several blocks it took to get to the park of her small town.

The park was empty except for a few older people walking.  Denise made her way to the garden, which was about halfway into the park, and was immediately amazed by what she saw.

There were rows of bluebells as she first entered the large, round garden area, flanked by hydrangea that had still yet to bloom.  There were begonias, roses, cannas, and even a few orchids, as well as tall sunflowers and black-eyed susans.

Denise made her way past the wall of tall sunflowers and stepped into a small clearing, and her eyes widened and her jaw dropped.  Standing before her, a few feet away, was that flower, that most amazing and beautiful flower.  It looked a lot like a calla lily, except taller, with much larger flowers, the top one in particular, which stood easily four feet off the ground.  And as she moved closer, the beauty of the flower, the silkiness of the petals, became more and more clear to her.  She knelt down in front of the flower for a closer look.

As she did, she felt her knees and calves sink a bit into the soft earth underneath her.  ‘This plant was just moved here,’ she thought to herself, ‘and they didn’t pack the soil back very well.’  She didn’t really mind though, the feeling of the rich soil around her feet, calves and knees was something she was used to, and not unpleasant at all.  She looked up, face to face with the large, incredibly beautiful flower.  She stared at it, her eyes taking in all of its breathtaking beauty.

“Wow,” Denise breathed, “where did you come from?  I’ve never seen a flower quite like you…” and she reached her right hand out to it, to touch the soft petals.  Just as she did, a slight breeze came up, and without warning a large amount of pollen was blown out of the flower’s center, straight into her face!  Denise started coughing as she involuntarily swallowed a mouthful of pollen; some flew into her eyes, making them sting.

Finally the breeze subsided and so did the pollen.  Denise’s coughing finally stopped, and she decided she needed to find somewhere in the park to get some water, before she started working.  She put her hands on the ground on either side of her, and began to try and stand up, but as she did, she realized to her shock that something had wrapped itself around her calves and knees, preventing her from moving!  She tried again, grunting as she pushed even harder, but it was no use, something in the soil had snagged her legs!  She tried to look back, to figure out what it was, but her stance made it impossible to see.  “Hello?” she finally shouted.  “Hello, can somebody help me? I can’t move!! Help!”

The garden seemed suddenly very quiet, except for the sound of her shouting.  After a couple of minutes, Denise went quiet, and resumed her struggle.  Whatever had hold of her legs, it felt like it was grabbing them, and the more she pulled the tighter their hold was!  Her hands were free, so she tried to reach out again and grab the beautiful flower in front of her, thinking she might be able to use it to pull herself up and free.  Just as she was about to touch the flower’s tall, thick stem, it released another blast of pollen into her face.

“Ohh!” Denise gasped as she reached up towards her face in vain, trying to block the pollen.  Something was different about this blast, though…as she pulled back from the flower, Denise felt a sudden wave of dizziness, and then, before she knew what was happening, she blacked out completely.

When she finally regained consciousness, it was morning.  The first sensation Denise felt as she opened her eyes was water hitting her body, then stopping… an automatic sprinkler.  It felt like a cool shower on her face, her shoulders, her tummy, her legs… and then she realized she wasn’t wearing her t-shirt or shorts anymore.  She tried to move her head, to see if her clothes were nearby, but her neck was stiff.  So were her arms…she could move her hands still though.  She could feel the fabric of her bikini still – she breathed a silent sigh of relief that she was still wearing THAT.  She could feel her legs, but they were still trapped, and the soil that had been soft around them the night before was now packed in tightly around them.

“Hello?” she tried to scream, but her vocal cords were stiff too, and all that came out was a loud whisper.  “What’s going on? Help me…” She felt the water from the sprinkler again.

Denise looked up, at the flower that was still in front of her.  The stem itself was right where it had been the night before, but the flower seemed a lot closer now, only inches away from her face.  She hadn’t really realized before how large the flower was – it seemed to be as big as her whole face!  She glanced down, and gasped again as she saw that the other flowers on the plant were also closer to her than before.  Two of them were positioned directly in front of her bikini-covered bosom, and the third was hovering near her sex.

“What…what do you want from me…?” Denise breathed as she looked back at the large flower in front of her face.  “You’re just a plant… a beautiful flower, but nothing more, is somebody out there messing with me…?” 

Of course, the flower didn’t respond, and Denise felt quite silly for even attempting to engage the plant in a discussion.  She tried once again to move, but it was no use, as the sprinkler made another round and wet her down again.  ‘Maybe,’ she thought, ‘the pollen I swallowed, is some kind of toxin… that’s paralyzing me, keeping me from moving… somebody will find me soon and this will all be over!’

She felt a tickling between her legs, and looked down, shocked to see that the flower nearest the ground was now touching her there.  She glanced up enough to see the two middle flowers falling against her full C-cup breasts with only the fabric of her bikini top between them.  ‘This is crazy!’ she thought, as she looked back up again, just as the largest flower closed over her face.

“Huh…mmmmm!” Denise gasped as the large flower clamped itself tightly over her shocked face.  She couldn’t see a thing, and she couldn’t breathe, either, but she could feel air being pushed into her open and covered mouth somehow.  She felt something pulling at the straps of her bikini top, as well as the bottom, and to her added shock, she felt them pulled completely off of her immobilized body.

Denise was still trying to struggle, but there was nothing she could do to make any of the four flowers release their grip of her.  Then, to her amazement, she felt some of her movement returning.  ‘Maybe it’s finally wearing off!’ she thought, as she cold feel her head and shoulders start to move.  Her back arched as the flower over her face pushed against it, thrusting her face and chest skyward, even as her arms continued to dangle towards the ground.  To her horror, she realized that the flower was posing her!  And then, almost as soon as she had felt movement return, it was gone again.

“Mmmm!” Denise whimpered weakly as the gravity of her situation began to sink in.  This was no ordinary flower!  It was some kind of predator… and she was its unsuspecting prey!  She felt a strange sensation on her now-bare breasts as the flowers clamped over them tighter, releasing some kind of sticky substance.  She could feel it as it penetrated her skin, causing both her breasts to tingle.  The flower on her face moved a bit, and pushed itself into her open mouth, spraying the inside of her mouth with the same substance.  It tingled as well, and the tingling spread, into her brain.

‘Oh God,’ she thought, ‘what’s happening to me…?’ 

And then, she gasped as she felt the fourth flower moving, opening up her own thick petals gently, but firmly.  She felt a sudden euphoric rush as something soft penetrated her, and then, sprayed the same substance into her vagina.  Her whole body shook as the tingling commenced again, this time more powerful than before.  Then she felt something else, something small, pushing around, probing, until it found its target… her clitoris.

‘Ohhh God,’ Denise felt the waves of pleasure as they rolled through her tingling head.  ‘It’s…trying to make me come…!’  She somehow knew that if she did, it might be the end for her, and so she resisted, with what little willpower she still had.  She had a brief moment where she remembered that this was a flower doing this to her – ‘it’s trying to pollinate me?’ was the last clear thought she had, and then her body could resist no longer, as the mind-blowing orgasm hit her, like nothing she had ever felt before.  Her body trembled and shook for several minutes, and then… went still.

The flowers slowly, deliberately, released their grip of her and returned to their normal positions. Denise’s face was looking straight up, into the sky.  She felt the warmth of the setting sun, and her only thought was ‘sunlight’.  The sprinkler made another round over her, and the only thought she had was ‘water’.  The orgasm had triggered the last part of her mental transformation; the physical one was just beginning.

It had been a couple of days since her pollination.  Denise was still frozen in the same pose she had been placed in by the flower, which was still in its place a couple of feet away. 

It had been a quiet two days for her.  She could no longer see, but her eyes could feel the warmth of the sun.  She could still feel, and hear, though.  She was aware of the sun’s warmth on her, she was aware of the water, which was being sprayed over her every minute by the sprinkler.  She could hear the birds chirping, and occasionally she could feel one land on her.  She could feel a warm, dull, tingling sensation in her mouth, in her breasts, and in her vagina, the four spots where she had been pollinated.  She could feel, and sometimes hear, the occasional breeze blowing over her.  And she could feel the soft sensation anytime a butterfly, or bee, or other insect landed on her. 

And now, as she remained planted in the soil, she heard something she hadn’t heard in days…the sound of footsteps.  Two sets of them, approaching.  And then, she could hear two voices, deep ones, approaching as well, and getting louder.

“So, here we are.  What do you think?”

“Wow, that’s unbelievable!  I would never have thought something like this was possible…!”

“I assure you, it is possible, and very real.  A most amazing process, really.”

There was a bit of silence, except for the sound of the footsteps as they moved around her.

“Were its eyes always green like that?”

“No, that’s part of the metamorphosis.  They’re full of chlorophyll now, absorbing sunlight.  The skin will become more olive-colored as well, over time.”

“Is it…does it know?”

There was a chuckle.  “It’s aware, yes.  It can hear, and feel.  It hears what we’re saying.  Not that it cares, it’s like any other plant now, it wants for sunlight and water, and of course a little TLC.  Past that, it’s no more intelligent now than your ordinary run-of-the-mill houseplant.” Another chuckle.

“Does it matter where I put it?”

“Well, yes, this particular one needs full sun, and constant watering, like it has here in this garden.”

“You mean they’re not all the same?”

“Heavens no.  You can tell pretty easily though.  Look at this one, how well-tanned it is, and the swimmer’s physique.  That’s how you know it needs plenty of sunlight and water.”

“Amazing! And where will the flowers bloom from?” 

Denise felt something like a finger, touching around her mouth.

“The largest one will bloom here.  The color may surprise you, I’d guess it will be a mixture of pink and white petals.”  Then Denise felt the sensation move to her chest.  “Two more will appear here,” and then she felt a soft touch across her labia, “and the most beautiful one will likely come from here.  Those I know for sure, over time it may bloom in other places.  It is a perennial, I think I mentioned that on the phone.”

“Does it feel what you just did there?”

“Oh yes.  That’s one of the truly enjoyable parts of owning a plant like this.  You can ‘play’ a little with it, and the more attention you give it, the better-looking flowers you will invariably get.  That’s what I meant by TLC.  And yes, it will feel some pleasure, but it can never feel release again.  There’s no such thing as a ‘plant-gasm.’”  Both men laughed.

“Well, I definitely want it, it will look great in the center of my garden.  When can you deliver it?”

“This afternoon, if you’re ready for it.  The sooner we transplant this one out, the sooner a new flower will show up…”

“And they always show up, don’t they?”

“Without fail.  The allure of the beautiful flower is too much for most females to ignore.”  Denise felt something patting her on the head.  “Isn’t that right, honey?”

She wanted to respond, to protest in some way, but she couldn’t, and a moment later, as the water splashed over her, she forgot all about responding or protesting.  She loved the warmth of the sun, and the coolness of the water, and nothing else would ever really truly matter again.


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