The Ropes

by Johnsan


Sara stared at the note again for what must have been the thousandth time that week. It was just a few lines from a friend of hers but what it said was rather fantastic. Sara read it again

Dear Sara;

I’ve found I can now make good on all those promises I’ve given you before. I’m sure you’re finding this hard to believe but it’s true. I’ve already tried these out on another who like you wishes she were a doll too. I think you two should chat! So I’m going to give you her number and I hope you give her a call so she can show you the ropes so to speak.

Your friend,


Sara giggled “ He’s pulling my leg again! Always teasing me about being a doll! So bad!” she softly laughed to herself. Sara then saw the number at the foot of the page. It seemed to stand out in her mind. A stray thought came to her “Why not call her? I mean it might be fun to go with his little joke. “ she smiled to herself.

It was a week later when she found the time to make the call. Instead of a long conversation though it ended up being a recording telling her to meet this mystery lady at a certain address.

The next day Sara found herself at that address. She wasn’t sure what to expect as she rang the bell. Sara could hear soft footsteps as someone approached the door. The heavy door slowly swung open and a sexy perfume wafted over Sara’s senses. The slender tan manicured fingers that held the door led to a slender tanned arm. That in turn was attached to a strikingly attractive woman who was slightly taller than Sara. She smiled as her long black hair curled around her shoulders.

“Hello! Are you Sara?” she asked and held out her hand to welcome Sara.

“Why yes! You must have been expecting me!” Sara replied taking the mystery ladies hand and shaking it. Sara looked at this woman’s tan dark complexion that was complemented by her exotic look. She had a tall lithe form of a dancer that seemed to move with an unearthly grace. Her dark eyes seemed to pierce into Sara exposing every bit of her soul leaving no inch of her hidden from scrutiny. This woman was dressed in a form fitting outfit as well. It was like a second skin on her. It appeared to be leather or vinyl she couldn’t be sure but it was sexy.

“Yes I have been. As a favor I’m here to answer your questions and tell you all about what’s to come. My names Tina by the way.” she smiled at Sara. She extended her hand to Sara.

Sara took her offered hand and felt Tina’s gentle squeeze. “So where are these ropes you’re going to show me?” Sara asked with a grin.

“The ‘ropes’ as he mentioned are actually what you might find if you take him up on his offer. “ Tina smiled. It was then Sara noticed her dark skin tone had another facet that she’d missed earlier. It was like her skin had a sheen! One that was very artificial almost like plastic!

“So you took him up on his offer? He did say he’s tried it on you already.” A curious Sara inquired.

Tina smiled and nodded. “Yes he did after I agreed. It was wonderful to be changed like that!” she almost seemed to hug herself.

“So this is real? He turned you into a doll? A little plastic fashion doll?” Sara rattled off questions like a policeman grilling a suspect.

Tina laughed at Sara’s rapid set of questions. Tina could see this young lady was indeed earnest in her desires as she’d been in her own so long ago. “Yes as small as a Barbie but even nicer looking! I was a beautiful doll and in fact I still am!” Tina giggled. By this time Sara had gotten even closer and was able to see the faint seams on Tina’s skin. They too matched the pattern one would find on a fashion doll sold in any toy store.

“How did he do that to you?” a fascinated Sara asked.

“I’m not quite sure, I mean it was like he gave me a drink. I began to feel very good and I felt myself wanting to giggle for no reason. Then these sensations began to flow throughout my body. “ Tina grinned wide “I then began to feel so …” she gave Sara a look of utter lasciviousness “Turned on, like every inch of me was being touched by someone who was very good at making a woman feel good! Then as I looked my skin began to change. It became glossy and plastic looking. A strange hollow feeling began to rise within me. I then realized I couldn’t move an inch as well.” Tina closed her eyes and smiled as if she was savoring the memory of what had transpired.

Tina opened her eyes and smiled at Sara. “Sorry just remembering how good it felt! Well then the transformation to my skin went from my feet and legs and moved upwards. When it reached my little muff , well I came close to passing out. I think then time itself seemed to move slower as I orgasmed again and again. I then felt my pussy begin to close up which was quite a shock even as I felt so damn good. I mean I don’t think I really cared when it disappeared as it felt so good when it was going away. Then I began to feel something like a tickle around my ankles knees and an even stronger feeling around my waist as the seams and joints began to form. By that time my tummy had became plastic and those changes were rushing upwards to my breasts. I could also feel my fingers changing becoming hollow plastic as well.” Tina looked at her fingers “I do remember wishing I could touch myself with my plastic fingers. I was sure it would be an even more amazing thing than what was happening at that moment. Then my nipples changed as my breasts became mounds of plastic. Oh let me tell you there’s nothing like that feeling! It was almost as amazing as what happened to my little triangle. “ a giggle escaped Tina’s red shiny lips.

“Then upwards it continued till my neck and then face became plastic as well. I could feel my eyes changing too. I could still see through them but now my eyes were paint on the plastic of my new face. I could then feel the joints forming on my plastic hands and arms then on the shoulders. Even my neck had one just like you’d find on a doll. I could see out of the corner of my now painted eyes , my hair changing as it became plastic and took on that sheen of artificiality. I now thought that maybe it was over but was I wrong! As I began to explore my plastic body, feeling it as best I could I began to notice things changing around me. “ Tina related seemingly drawn back into this world she was painting for Sara.

“To my surprise the world began to grow around me. I could see everything growing larger and larger. I could hardly imagine that it was instead me who was shrinking. When it finally hit me I was sure I was now the same size as any fashion doll you’d find anywhere!” Sara could see the wonder in Tina’s eyes not to mention a glint of desire.

“Then I saw a giant walk over to where I’d been standing. I couldn’t look up but I saw the giant shoes and legs. I watched as an unimaginably large hand grabbed my naked plastic body. “ a sigh escaped Tina’s lips. “It felt so good to be touched. I could feel a rhythm of erotic sensations throughout my whole body!”

“He picked me up and smiled. He told me I was going to be the rarest and most beautiful doll he’d ever collected. I was then dressed and then shown in a mirror just what he’d made of me. I was indeed a very beautiful doll!” Tina grinned widely.

Before Sara could interject a question Tina continued. “I’ve spent the next few months.” she paused as if going over it in her mind “Or was it years? Hmmm it’s so hard to tell the passage of time when I’m in my display case.” she grinned. “Anyway I’ve been on display ever since till now but as soon as I’m through here he’s promised me something new and even sexier!!” she grinned again.

“So you’re seriously telling me he can change you into an inanimate object whenever he wants? Are you sure he just didn’t drug you or something?” Sara asked a bit dubious with Tina’s tale.

“Oh no, no drugs or hypnosis or anything like that! Look I even have photos!” she earnestly replied and pulled out an album. Sara took it and opened it looking intently. “See aren’t I gorgeous doll?” Tina pointed to a lovely dark skinned doll that bore a remarkable resemblance to her living form.


Sara stared at the picture and then at Tina who smiled back at her. “It does look a lot like you but you’re saying this really was you!?” Sara asked without looking up just staring as thoughts began to form, ones she’d been careful not to even think she could ever have seemed to coalesce in the back of her mind.















Tina nodded...

“Yes that’s me! I didn’t believe it myself but it’s all true!” her hand reached out to caress Sara’s “Trust me sweetie you’ll be a beautiful doll!” Tina giggled “He’s a sucker for blondes! You should have seen how he handled me when he made me blonde and blue eyed! That was fun too!” a sexy laugh came from her red ruby lips as she remembered.

Sara looked around the room her eyes finally settling on the rows of display cases against the wall. Then she saw the small group of mannequins each seemingly more beautiful than any flesh and blood woman. “Is this your home?” Sara asked as she got up to more closely examine the dolls in the cases.

Tina smiled and shook her head “No , well in a way I was kept in this case for quite awhile but no this is his home. My place is long gone I’m sure. Not that I’m sad to see it or anything from my old life go. My new life is here just a beautiful object to be owned and loved. It’s all I really want anymore!” a happy sigh escaped her lips.

Sara could tell just by the tone of her voice she honestly felt that way. Sara had to admit that same ethos had struck a deep chord within her as well. In a way this was the first time she had admitted it to herself. A decision had come to her despite her misgivings and the surreal aura that seemed to accompany this circumstance. “Would he be able to change me today?” she found herself asking.

Tina’s smile widened “Well that is good to hear. Yes he can do it today! Just return in about 5 hours. You‘ll never regret it!” she squeezed Sara’s hand.

A stray thought occurred to Sara “What about my apartment and things?”

“Oh he’ll take care of all that you won’t be needing them anymore will you?” Tina smiled reassuredly.

“Well, no but…” it then hit her this was a one way trip and in the end those things were from a past life that would have no more bearing on her future. “You’re right those things no longer matter.” she smiled “Well I’ll be back then tell him please!”

Tina walked Sara to the door “He’ll be happy to hear that and you’ll be so happy trust me!” Tina told her with a grin.


The door closed behind Sara and she looked out at the busy street. It seemed different somehow, brighter even or maybe just brand new to Sara. “This is new!” she grinned. It was as if a veil had been lifted from her eyes.

She found herself walking aimlessly occasionally gazing at her wristwatch then at any nearby store window. When she found one with mannequins in the window she found herself staring. “I could be one of them! He could change me into one and put me in a window like this!” the thought washed over her mind. A mix of shock and fascination crossed her mind then desire flowed over it all. She could feel her breathing coming in shorter gasps as the excited realization hit her how bad she wanted this. It had just been a game a fantasy she played out in her mind but now it was reality. “I’m going to be a doll! I’m going to be a sixteen inch tall plastic figure of a woman with joints to allow my plastic body to be moved and posed! My face will be something someone has painted on my plastic form! I’m going to kept in a display case!” these thoughts flew through her mind as rapidly as bullets through a machinegun.

Sara’s wanderings continued till she found herself in front of a small shop selling dolls. Again she found herself compelled to stare at the plastic figures in the window. “I could be one of them. I could find myself for sale in a store like this! For that matter I might be sold on Ebay!” this notion flashed through her mind. A shadow of apprehension began to form but then her desire and yes, an erotic warmth flowed in her body as she thought about her transformation. Sara remembered Tina’s description of how sensitive her plastic skin would become and how the erotic sensations would overwhelm her in her new form. A shiver went down Sara’s back as she anticipated this new world. Sara glanced at he watch and found it was time. She hurried back to the house she’d stopped at earlier.

Sara was at the door and knocked. No one answered in fact no noise came from within. She tried the doorknob and the door opened. “Hello is anyone here!” she called out. Sara looked around the familiar setting. She saw the display cases and the mannequins. Then she spied a box on one of the cases. It was one that held one of those inflatable sex dolls. It had the picture of a scantily clad darkly tanned blonde woman on the front. The woman was posed in a very lascivious manner. Sara focused on the woman and realized she knew her. It was Tina’s picture!! Then she realized the face of the doll in the transparent window bore an incredible resemblance to Tina! “Did he turn her into this?! He did promise something new and sexy for her!” Sara thought in amazement. “An inflatable sex toy?! What would that be like?!” she wondered to herself.

Sara then spied the note:


I’m glad you came now I need you to drink what’s in this glass then come to the back where I’ll be waiting for you!


She saw the glass and immediately quaffed it down. Almost as quickly it began to affect her she felt similar feelings as Tina had described. Before it got her completely paralyzed she made her way to the back of the house through a long hallway and then to a large room. Sara could hear him before she even saw him “Hello Sara, welcome to my hobby room!” he chuckled.

“Now come here and just stand right here doll. This won’t take long at all. My you’ll be such a hot little doll!!” he told her with a grin. He positioned her seemingly less and less responsive body onto a large disc.

Sara immediately froze, finding herself unable to move any part of her body. Her friend grinned and began to touch his new doll. Even paralyzed Sara could feel his touch on her body. Slowly he began to peel her clothing off. She saw him begin to regard her with a critics eye. Sara began to feel his fingers touching her skin then he began to move her arms and legs. It was then she realized he was posing her.

He began trying many different poses for his living life sized doll. He smiled at her as she began to feel changes to her body. Even though she couldn’t look down at her body she could see her arms when moved them. It was when one of them came into view she saw how different her skin now looked! It seemed to have a plastic sheen now and when his hand was touching it a feeling of stiffness in her skin went through her senses. Then it struck her, a faint set of lines were present around her wrist and then her elbow when she saw it! “My skin is changing and the joints are appearing! Tina was right my sense of touch is changing as well! It’s becoming much more sensitive! I can’t believe how good his touch is!” thought the rapidly changing woman as his hands continued to explore her frozen and now plastic form. “I think I like being posed!” she thought as he continued.

Sara then felt his hand touching her tummy and then reaching down to stroke her most private area. Instead of feeling him touching her normal anatomy though all she could feel was his fingers on her oh so smooth plastic triangle. “That’s just like a doll now as well!!” Sara realized “Still it feels nice! Maybe even nicer!” a sensual chill went through the now doll like woman. Another thought went through her mind as she realized that as he moved her limbs now she was moving as only the various joints on her plastic body would let her “I’m a doll, now a life sized doll!” Sara observed as another sensual thrill went through her.

Then another feeling went through her mind “I feel so light like I’m hollow inside now! I should be freaking out but now I feel so right so good like this is what I should have been my whole life!” Sara admitted to herself as a sense of happy satisfaction swept through her followed by another sensation of lust and pleasure as he touched her now plastic round breasts.

He smiled at her “You’re truly a lovely doll now Sara! Look at this!” he held up a mirror so she could see her face.

It too had changed now. A doll’s face looked back at the mirror. Painted features staring into space reflected to Sara’s senses. “It’s me! I’m a life like doll now!” She marveled to herself as she saw her perfectly painted lips and eyes looking back in the mirror. “I’m such a beautiful doll! He made so beautiful!” Sara thought with a sense of joy.

“Now to get you down to size!” he grinned.

Sara felt a twinge and then the world began to rapidly grow before her plastic painted eyes. In no time at all she became a Gulliver in a Brobdingnagian proportioned world. His giant hand then grabbed her. His giant fingers touched her all over her now hollow vinyl plastic body. The doll was overwhelmed by the erotic sensations of being held and touched. “Tina was right! Oh thank goodness she was so right!!” Sara the now tiny doll ecstatically thought as the pleasurable sensations went through her artificial form.


A dressed blonde doll now rested on a shelf in a display case. The living soul inside joyously watched the world around her including the box holding a living sex doll. She saw her owner gazing at her with a smile. The little blonde doll knew she made him smile just by her presence. She remembered what he said as he put her in her new home. “I’ve been waiting so long for this and so have you. Now I can use your other name, the one you should have had a long time ago. You are now Bambi! I’ll make sure you’re always lovingly cared for now that you’re my doll!”

















“Now I know the ropes. While they may not be nylon or hemp they’re so much stronger than I ever believed. They seem to have bound me now and forever to my destiny and my owner! I’m Bambi, a doll and always will be!” a blonde plastic girl blissfully reflected.








The End


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