Thee Wish

by: Commodore

Chapter I “Getting The Power

                  Retreating from the stage to the sound of derisive laughter after his latest trick backfired on him, John boldly stated the he would become the best magician in the world; then he left the talent show about 9:30 p.m. Friday.  Just like always he went straight to “The Lucky Aces”, which is his local bar and had his normal 3 beers, the most he would ever have on a night.

                  When he was done it was about 12:35 a.m. and just as he walked out the bar, there were a group of young men about 17 to 20 years old who were beating up on a man who looked like he was in his 40s; when John saw this he just jumped in to the man’s defense and without really resulting to violence he was able to turn back the attackers. He turned around and asked the victim if he was all right.

                  The man nodded, dizzily, then nearly collapsed. After a couple of minutes, he was able to get-up on his feet and told John that he was OK, thanked him, and asked if he was the magician from over at the talent show. After looking at the rumpled man for a few seconds John looked down and told him yes; he was about to walk off when the stranger he had helped told him that as a tradition, anyone who helped one of his kind was entitled to one wish that they wanted, with no strings or anything.

                  With the all the stress of the day, plus the fight he had he just gone through, John the magician said the first thing that popped into his head and told the man that he would like to be able to stop time on either everyone or just one person or anything, not really thinking that much about what the stranger had said to him. That is until the man nodded and told him “done; starting when you next wake-up, you will have the power to stop time on everything and everyone or just one person or one thing,” then said thank you and to have a nice night.  They then went their separate ways, with John not knowing that his life was about to change in ways that he could not have imagined, not only in magical talent but in personal power too.

Chapter II “The Discovery

                  When he got up out of bed Saturday, the day started out just like any other day had in his life; he got up, brushed his teeth, combed his hair, put on a T-Shirt and Blue jeans, then went into the kitchen to make his morning meal, which included toast. He had forgotten about the conversation the previous night when the toast finished; he turned around just as his toaster popped up his 2 pieces of toast, which startled him.  That’s when things started to change. When his two pieces of toast popped up, he jumped back, but when he looked at his toaster John noticed that his toast was suspended in mid-air just like he was seeing it on a picture, only the frozen scene was real.  As he walked around the toaster, he also began to notice that all the sounds around him were also gone, wondering just what is going on.  He looked out his kitchen window and saw everything and everyone was stopped just like in a still photo. When he walked out to check out what is going on, he noticed that indeed everything was stopped still; he even saw that people weren’t moving and began to investigate what was going on.  As he walked around the people, seeing that they were in fact frozen like statues, that’s when he began to remember what the stranger he had helped had told him last night. Remembering the strange bequest, he walked back in and just as he came back into the kitchen, everything resumed; the toast, the cars outside, the people, everything. After getting his still-hot toast, sitting down, he began to think about everything; when it sank in as to what his new ability meant, he began to smile and thought, “I could have fun with this.”     During the next week John went about working on his magic act for next Friday’s talent show, knowing that this time he was going to blow their minds; this time with help from his gift, that is.  He decided what he was going to do and smiled again.

Chapter III “Using It At The Talent Show

                  When next Friday came around, he’d had planned out his whole routine and surprised everyone when he showed up for the weekly talent show after messing up so badly last week. When he came in all the people there told him he must be a glutton for punishment; just as before he was informed that his stage time would be 9:00 p.m. like last time; everyone there expected him to stink, just like all his performances before. The show started at 7:00 p.m. and there were a wide range of different talents, tonight they were all fairly good; when 9 came around the announcer came on to the stage and informed the crowd that a local magician John was back and to welcome him, there was a chorus of boos and catcalls.  As the announcer left the stage, everyone back stage could hear the patrons giggling as John went on stage.  Just like before he asked for some young lady to come up to help him on stage.  This time, a young woman of about 19 standing about 5’ 5” and weighing 105 to 110 lbs. with long sandy brown hair and one green and one golden brown eye came up and joined him on stage.  He proceeded to tell the crowd the trick he was about to do would make a half-ounce solid glass ball magically go from his right hand across the stage and into hers, right before their eyes.  With the pretty smiling young woman looking out into group, he asked her if she was ready.  As soon as she said “yes” that’s when he turned to face the audience and thought “Stop”; all the sudden everything came to a halt again, just like before.

The magician turned to face the young woman on the stage with him and studied her, noticing her average C-cup breasts and the thin metallic silver dress that hung from her shoulders. After noticing her cleavage he could not resist the temptation to reach out and touch her nice firm round boobs, but the dress got in the way, so he looked into her frozen vacant eyes, said “sorry” and then moved the straps of her dress off her shoulders, revealing that all she was wearing underneath was a pair of panties.  This gave him a complete view of her chest and boobs, which he stroked his fingers lightly all over.  Once he was done examining her body, he took a picture of her just standing there half-naked and frozen before him with his camera phone. Then he put her dress back on her, brushed the dust off it, and placed the glass ball into her soft left hand.  Finally, he gave her a long kiss on her inanimate red lips, which were as soft as her hands and breasts were. Then he went back to where he had been on stage before, turned to face the audience and thought “Release”; all of a sudden time restarted and everything continued as if nothing had happened.  To them, nothing had.

                  The group looked on as he brought both of his hands up opened them; flipping them around so the audience could see he did not have the glass ball. Just as he did this, the young woman brought up her left hand and opened it, revealing the glass ball had magically appeared in the palm of her hand!  This was an unexpected feat that had everyone looking shocked; even the young woman assisting John looked bewildered trying to figure how the glass ball had gotten into her hand. Noticing the confused look on her face, he went to her and held his hand out so she could place the ball back into his hand.  He said “Thank You” and told her she could sit down in her chair if she wanted to; the girl turned and said “Thank You, that was a great trick,” in return as she proceeded back to her chair.

Then the magician asked for another volunteer; this time a well proportioned mid twenties blond came up.  He told her that he wanted her to shuffle the deck of cards he just handed her and then hand them back.  As soon as she did so, he asked her to pick out one card and he’d tell her and everyone watching just what card she had picked.  She did as instructed, showing the card to the audience so they could see what card she had picked, while he could not; then she turned to face him and asked “What card do I have in my hand.”   Once again he thought “Stop”; suddenly the world became a very quiet and still place.

                  With everyone frozen again, he again decided to check out the woman first; she was a nice curvy-figured woman of about 26 years, standing about 6’ to 6’1” tall at about 125lbs. with either C or D cup breasts.  She was wearing a white silk blouse and fitted paints that showed some of the contours of her upper legs; enough to tell that she worked out.  The young woman had honey golden eyes and nice peach colored lips that went well with her complexion. Just as with the last assistant, he checked her out, undoing her pants so he could remove her blouse then her lace bra.  He moved his fingers all over her upper body and as before he took a picture of her frozen with her upper body exposed before putting her bra and blouse back on her and re-fastening her tight jeans.   Remebering his act, he then looked at the card she was holding in her hand, placed her arm and hand back where she had it before, and went back to where he had been.  After thinking “Release”, he then proceed to tell both her and the group that she was in fact holding the ace of hearts, which was the card she picked out from the deck.  With a giggle, the woman revealed the card: ace of hearts.   This time the audience actually applauded; his performance was a success!

                  For the rest of his thirty minutes he did some five tricks more, each time with a different young woman, all ranging in age from late teens to mid twenties; he’d also gotten pictures of each of them, either topless or stripped down to their panties as well as the names and phone numbers of each of them. This time his performance took the judges completely by surprise as they were stumped at trying to figure out how he was able to do these tricks when the week before he’d barely made it onto stage without stumbling over his own feet.   John took first prize.

Chapter IV “John Meets Andrea

                  As he made his way back home, he frequently would stop and look at the pictures he had taken of the young ladies while they where frozen, and thought it would be nice to have someone he could look forward to being with at home. As he walked up to his floor and was heading for the door to his apartment, a woman about his age walked out of hers and bumped into him. She was still in the process of moving in and when they meet at first a day earlier she didn’t think that much about him due to the turmoil of moving and meeting many new people. When John saw her now, he felt drawn to her and watched as she walked past on another trip to bring up more of her things; he thought that he could just go in put his things down, get changed, and help her move in. After nearly bumping into the man in the hall, she looked up at him and really noticed him for the first time. He seemed okay to her, if a little clumsy-looking. While she was looking at him, he asked her if she could use some help moving in, which promptly shook her out of her daze; she said “yes” and from that point they finished moved her into her apartment together. 

During the remaining trips downstairs they talked and he found out her name, Andrea Jordan Steger, and she had moved here from France.  Along the way he also noticed her pretty face and body, thinking “It would be nice to have her in my life.” After they were done they were in her apartment and that’s when he had the perfect chance to get a good look at her and what he saw made all the other young ladies that came up onto stage with him pale in comparison.  He couldn’t resist temptation any longer and thought “Stop” so that everybody and everything froze in that moment, which gave him a chance to look her over closely without her knowing about it.

She was standing with a slight smile on her face, wearing a light blue tank top, tight leggings, and slip-on shoes. Andrea stood with a athletic build at 5’ 7” and 117 lbs. with firm C-cup breasts, hazel brown eyes and nice full lips that cried out to be kissed by him, and he did so without her ever knowing that he’d also felt up her boobs.

Then he straightened her clothes, went back to where he had been when time had stopped, and thought “Release”; as she resumed moving, he thought that Andrea was perfect.

Chapter V “Andrea Meets John

              Andrea had just gotten the key to her apartment and was in the process of moving in, making several trips to and from the moving van she was renting when she bumped into a man wearing a business suit and carrying what she could only figure as some generic magic stiff with him but didn’t give him a second thought at first as she continued moving in. About 10 minutes later, the same guy she had bumped into before had come out and offered to help her move into her apartment.  Figuring that it would be easier with two people instead of one, she accepted his offer and together they finished moving her into the new apartment; as they were finishing she offered for him to come in. That’s when she started to notice him and she thought to herself that how lucky it was to have someone so handsome help her move in and to be living in the same apartment building; over glasses of wine, they just starting talking.

While they chatted she liked how he seemed to be truly looking at her which made her feel good as a person for the first time in a while, but for some weird reason when he left her bra felt out of place, as if someone had just messed with her boobs, even though as far as she knew no one had, but the idea somehow also made her feel even better about herself and didn’t give it a second thought after that.

As she was closing her door, she thought that John was almost the perfect man and hoped to see him again or even go out with him if he wanted to.   She secretly hoped and prayed he would.

Chapter VI “The Relationship

                  Over the next four months John and Andrea had gotten closer; all the while she never knew that he had the power to freeze everyone in time with a thought, or suspected that she herself had been frozen many times.  

From Andrea’s point of view everything was perfect.  He was everything she had ever wanted and looked for in a man: he was thoughtful; he told her that he loved her frequently during the day and night; he was always their for her when she was down and he would take her out for long walks at night together.

From John’s point of view Andrea was perfect as well; soft, sweet, kind, and caring; he enjoyed being with her, both active and frozen.  Those frozen moments occurred once in a while, mostly after she decided to help him out during his magic act when he would either touch her frozen boobs and or giver a kiss on her frozen lips.

                  Sometimes they would also play poker and whoever lost the most games, normally out of 5 hands, would have to do something special for the other and from time to time when Andrea would lose, occasionally after he stopped time and cheated, he would ask her to stand over on a base in his bedroom like a model and pose for him. Also without her knowing it, he would wait until she was posed like a mannequin with nothing on but her bra and panties before thinking “Andrea Freeze”; that would only affect his girlfriend Andrea, trapping her in that endless moment either for a few hours or a few days.  During those times she was nothing more than a static doll for him to do with as he pleased.

Chapter VII “Telling Her The Truth

Over the past year both John and Andrea had gotten very close to one another and they even moved in together, sharing her nicer apartment as well as each other.  She had gotten used to his habits, even the strange one where he asked her to pose on a small platform in the bedroom; after those moments she felt the sex was even better.

Since their one-year anniversary was coming up, John was thinking about telling her about the fact that he could make time freeze at will, affecting everyone and everything around him, but he was worried about what she might think. On the day of their anniversary he decided to tell her, hoping that she wouldn’t leave him because of this confession.

Later in the day he turned to Andrea and began, “Andrea there’s something I have to say.  A little over a year ago I developed the power to make time stop, either for everyone or just a single person.” As he was telling her this, he watched her reaction, hoping that she would take it well but all she did was to just look at him like he was crazy and said “yeah right” with a chuckle.  She acted as if he was trying to pull a fast one on her and he kept trying to tell her his ability was real. After a few minutes she turned to him and said “If you do have this kind of power then prove it!”; he responded by saying “What would you have me do to prove it to you?”  Without really thinking about it, she said, “How about making me topless?” When John heard this he responded by asking, “Are you sure?” His easy confidence made her a bit uneasy, but she still gave a quick “Yes”; he shrugged and said “Okay”. Andrea started to say “No, Wait!” but didn’t get a chance to speak before he thought “Andrea Stop” and she just froze in place with her arms raised a little bit and her lips slightly parted.  He just walked up to her and told her, “If removing your shirt and bra is what you need to believe me, then that’s just what I have to do.”  He went about moving her arms higher as if she was a mannequin figure, removing her button-up tee shirt and her creamy silk bra; then he stepped back to get a good look at her just standing there with her chest and boobs exposed to him.  She looked gorgeous.  Whimsically, he said to his frozen girlfriend, “I could just keep you like this and look at your wonderful body forever,” but he didn’t and after a moment, thought “Andrea Release”. She came to life, blurting “No Wait!” but then she looked downward and saw that she was indeed just standing there with her upper body exposed to him, knowing that she had been wearing a shirt and bra only an instant earlier. Now normally, her first reaction would have been to wrap her arms around her upper body then slap him, but instead all she did was to just stand there, lowering her arms slowly as she said with wonder, “It’s true; you can control time!”  Then she asked casually, “So where did you put my shirt and bra?” He pointed over at the table next to her; after looking at the clothing and nodding, she turned back to him and said, “Considering you’re the one who removed these, you should be the one to put them back on me, but I want to see you do it so don’t freeze me this time.”

All John said was “Okay” as he walked over and did what she asked, slowly and carefully, with a lot of touching.  When their faces were close, he smiled as he pledged, “I LOVE YOU!”  She whispered something in his ear, then hugged him while kissing his lips.  He responded, saying a surprised “Really?!” before kissing her once more.

Chapter VIII “Her Reaction

                  The relationship between Andrea and John had developed to the point that they were very close to one another, but she had this feeling that there was something that he was not telling her.  Then there were all the strange things that had started to happen ever since they met, like her losing anywhere from a few hours to days; she never knew why or what had happened during that lost time. As their one-year anniversary approached, she had gotten the feeling that he was going to reveal something and was waiting for it; when the day came, he told her.

John said that little over a year ago I had developed the power to make time stop either on everyone or just a person.  As he was telling me this, hoping that I would believe it as well, but all I did was to just look at him and say “yea right” and act as if he was trying to pull a fast one on me while he kept trying to tell her it’s true. After a few minutes of this back-and-forth I turned to him and said that if he did have this power then prove it; he responded by saying what would you have me do to prove it to you and without really thinking about it I said, how about making me topless. When John heard this he responded by saying are you sure, which made me a bit uneasy yet I said “Yes”; a moment later I was topless, just standing there with my naked upper body completely exposed to him, the room air cool on my skin.  Normally my first response would have been to cover up, but he’s seen it all before.  Instead all I did was just stand there like a goof, stating “It’s true… you can control time.” He nodded, with a crooked grin, then I asked “Where is my shirt and bra?” He pointing over at the table next to me where they’d magically appeared. I turned back to him and said “Considering you’re the one that removed them you should be the one to put them back, but I want to see you do it, so don’t freeze me.” All he said was okay as he walked over and did what I asked, then he came close and said “I LOVE YOU!” and I whispered back, “Later on you could freeze me anytime you want.” into his ear.  All he could say was a gasped “Really?” and then we celebrated our anniversary.


Chapter IX “Their Lives Together” : John

                  Since the time I told her the truth and found out she’d okay with my power, we’ve had tons of fun playing games where if she wins I would have to do something for her, but if I win she will let me freeze her for an agreed amount of time, which is usually five days max.. When it comes time for my magic act, she appears with me as my assistant, wearing a cute little showgirl costume that shows off her body nicely, in which she will be frozen at least 5 to 12 times depending on what we decide to do that night. She’s got her say, too; we do sit down and talk about what we are going to do each time and agree, “Hey it’s only fair, or no.”  The act is going great.

On other occasions when there is an art showing going on, either Andrea or some of the girls she knows will get dressed up then painted gray with jagged faint lines so they would look like a statue with gray lenses over their eyes; then she will have me freeze either her or her friends solid so that they would become statues to be displayed during the show. Now, if it is one of her friends, I usually unfreeze her right after the show is over and everyone has left but if it’s Andrea being exhibited, I will just keep her like that until morning, by which time I take her into the workroom to remove all of the paint off of her body and take the lenses off her eyes.

Now even though you might not think so, but it seems as if every time I unfreeze Andrea, after she’s been frozen for either a night or five days, she seems to be more active with me than she would have been normally before, especially in bed; I don’t know, maybe it’s the fact that she’s been unable to move and as a result she feels our movement and touching more than usually, but what do I know?  You would have to ask her about it.

Chapter X “Their Lives Together” : Andrea

                  Since the time he told me the truth we’ve had tons of fun playing games in which if I win he will have to do some task for me, but when he wins I will let him freeze me for a period of time, up to five days.  Sometimes I stand on his platform, other times wherever we are.  Don’t tell him this, but I sometimes let him win…

When it comes time for his magic act, I will come with him as his assistant where I can be frozen at least 5 to 12 times each performance, depending on what we decide to do that night. We always sit down and talk about what we are going to do each night, but he kind of likes the tricks where I’m frozen; he says hey it’s only fair.

On a few other occasions when there’s a art showing going on either me or one of my friends will get dressed up in robes, then painted gray with different lines so we would look like statues, with gray lenses over our eyes and everything.  Then I will have him freeze either me or one of my friends solid as a statue and put us on display during the show.  When it’s one of my friends being frozen, I will hang around to make sure that no one messes with them during the show.  If I’m up there, John makes sure my statue remains safe.  Now if it’s my friend he would unfreeze her right after the show is over and everyone has left but if it’s me he usually just keeps me like that until sometime in the morning by which time he’s removed of the paint off of my body and taken out the contact lenses from my eyes. I don‘t mind it at all, because that makes it easier for me when he does unfreeze me, though he has ruined a few suits by getting gray paint all over them.

Now you might think this is weird, but it seems that every time he unfreezes me, whether I’ve been frozen for either a night or many days, that I get more aroused and sexually active with him than I would have been before, but he doesn’t seem to mind. I don’t know if it’s because I’ve been unable to move and as a result after that I feel sensation more than normal, or knowing he usually plays with my body when I’m frozen, or some other side effect.  All I know is that every time he releases me I feel the need to make out with him more and we can go on for hours, if you could imagine it.



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