Thief Caught

by MadBirdCZ

Karin never thought about living a normal life. Getting a job and spending 8 hours a day in some office was a thought she was really not OK with. Why should a good-looking girl like her waste time working? YeahÉ why?

And exceedingly good-looking she was! She was also well aware of it and whenever there was a chance to use her good looks to help her to a personal or monetary gain she wasted no time and grabbed it. That is also why she was spending her life constantly on the move as the chances she took were not always totally legal, ranging from taking few dollars from a tip-jar here or there to spending a night with a guy or girl and leaving with their wallet the first thing in the morning. And so far she always managed to get away with it.

One day a driver she met at the motel dropped her off in the busy center of a quite large town. At first, Karin just stood there puzzled as the town was not on her map and when she checked the map in her new iPhone 5 all there was visible were clouds and fields. She shrugged and turned the phone off as this was for sure one of the great features of the half-baked new map application that replaced the old Google Maps. The other odd thing she noticed when she finally looked around.

Not only the square was busy and lined with expensive brand stores. But also the people were not the usual sort. Guys were muscular; girls were slim, fit and almost all sported breast sizes of C and above. One really weird looking town for sure.

Karin spent the afternoon relaxing in the various malls and boutiques and in the evening she hit one of the local clubs.

And that was where her luck finally left her. She was caught on CCTV stealing cash from a register when the bartender was looking away. The club security grabbed her when she wanted to disappear and justice was served the very next morning.

The town was not on any maps for a reason. In a lush valley west of the town there were research and manufacturing facilities of the local SUZEtech branch and the town was built for the employees of the company. Thanks to the close ties with government officials and certain nation-wide and global agencies, the law and justice was served on SUZEtech terms and use of very unique in-house technologies, formulas and procedures was normal when dealing with law breakers. This approach helped the town officials to keep crime next to non-existent, as everyone knew what was at stake. Sometimes however, justice needed to be served and this time it was Karin to serve as an example that breaking the law has severe consequences!

Karin's assigned attorney did all he could to lower her penalty and it needs to be said that he did a magnificent job as at first the prosecutor demanded Karin to be turned into lingerie and as such being sent for sale overseas. After several hours the judge finally found Karin guilty of theft and sentenced her to a mannequin transformation.

As the judge's gavel struck the wooden pad it sent a shiver down Karin's spine. And right after that she gasped in surprise as she started to feel the first signs of the transformation process washing like a Canadian avalanche over her body. The process was quick and in mere moments the living and breathing girl known as Karin was gone and a hollow plastic dummy was standing in the courtroom in her place.

The mannequin was quickly taken apart and reassembled roughly a mile away in a photo studio where the plastic figurine was posed to a final stance before its body hardened completely and pictures of the mannequin were taken.

During the next few days the mannequin was auctioned on the Internet and few days later it was delivered to the lucky buyer and the money received for the mannequin was given to the charity. 

Karin however was left in darkness. Well, at least until her new owner pried open the solid wooden box she was delivered in and put her down on an included stand in his garage.

Since that day Karin started to be really busy. The guy who purchased her turned out to be also an owner of a local Bikini Car Wash and during the summer season Karin was used as a free-standing advertisement, attracting clients for the Car Wash services. And during the winter she was modeling new lines of lingerie and swimwear for the coming season in local boutiques where she was loaned out.

If only she could turn back time, she would gladly settle for a normal life, for a normal job, for spending 8 hours in the office. YeahÉ If onlyÉ At least she kept her human form as if they could turn her into a hollow plastic dummy she could only imagine what would it be like if the prosecutor had his way and she was turned into a piece of lingerie or a swimsuit to be sold, worn, washed and discarded when new line hits the shelves. But regardless of what could happen to her, to the rest of the world she is nothing but a exceptionally good looking blonde plastic mannequin and this form she will also keep forever!

Crime does not payÉ That is what they say, and what Karin learned the hard way!



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