Timestop IV – A Quiet Day at Work

by FreezAntix

The adventures continue. Read the previous part, or the first part here to catch up on what has come before.

Steve had been surprised that the two older women, Estelle and Margret who he had stood up on tables kept their balance when time had re-started. They both let out screams and quickly knelt covering themselves up quickly. The old man was shocked to what was going on all around him; all the women were all naked. He got up from his seat and left with a disgusted look, crossing right in front of Steve’s car. Vivian had let out a scream like the others and made a beeline for the ladies room. Michelle’s motherly instincts kicked in as she quickly grabbed her shocked naked daughter Brenda from the table and covered her up with her own naked body. Both mother and daughter looked around the panicked coffee shop with wide eyes while embracing one another. All three employees, Tammy, Christine and their manager, Anya like the other women, let out screams. Tammy and Christine quickly made their exit to the back while Anya tried to keep her composure and gather up their clothes while trying to cover herself up at the same time. Jose the mechanic and the laptop man, after quickly getting over the chaos that surrounded them, began to quickly gather clothing from the floor to distribute back to the terrified women all the while trying to keep calm themselves. Steve sat in his car chuckling unnoticeably right outside the coffee shop, taking in the scene. He was then almost hit backing out of his spot by a speeding sheriff’s department cruiser. The cruiser flew out of the parking lot with sirens and lights flashing.

By the time Steve got to the office park where he worked, which was just a mile down Fenton Street from the coffee shop, he found himself just in time. He parked his car in his usual spot within the parking garage and then made his way to the office with the coffees in hand. Steve bore an ear-to-ear grin thinking of all the fun he had that morning so far. The thought of having some more fun with his co-workers increased his pace. Steve worked in the small department with nine other employees, four of them being women. Ideas were formulating in his head as he entered the five-story building.

General Design Concepts was located on the fourth and fifth floor of the Fenton Street office park. The company mainly focused on engineering and design concepts for boats, aircraft and automobiles. They were mostly contracted by larger firms for design jobs. Steve had been working for GDC for the last two years as an assistant. He had been promoted to designer the week before and now was solely responsible for all the auto designs coming out of GDC. The fourth floor of the office was where the assistants worked; they mostly did copies and assisted the designers and engineers for the most part. It was nicknamed “the pit” and it was all right working there, the pay was great for what they mostly did and their hours were pretty flexible. Steve was glad he was out of there, though; even though they paid well, it wasn’t enough for his house and car. Also this was what he went to school for and his pay had almost tripled now.

The elevator opened up to the fifth floor and Steve casually walked off ,expertly balancing the stacked paper coffee trays. “Good morning, Meg,” Steve greeted Megan McCauley, GDC’s head secretary and receptionist. From what Steve knew about her she was a married woman in her late forties and had three kids. She had shoulder length dark brown hair that was tied into a bun and blue eyes with a light complexion. Megan mostly wore business attire either sharp looking pants or skirts suits and for a woman her age who had given birth to three children she was quite pleasing to look at. Steve made a note to examine her more closely later as he smiled down at her, placing the trays on to the reception counter.

“Cutting it kind of close there, Steve,” Megan said in her high-pitched voice. “Which one is mine?”

Steve looked down at the ten cups and picked up the one he remembered not to have too much cream and handed it to her. Picking up his own cup he announced, “Coffee!” Like rats coming out of the shadows the other GDC employees emerge from their offices and cubicles. “Good morning guys.” Steve greeted as the came up to pick up their coffees. They greeted and thanked him in return before heading back to their workstations.

Most of the designers and engineers were males, including their boss Mr. Art Howard. There were three main departments; automotive, aquatics, and aviation. Each department had an engineer and designer and all reported to Art, the general manager. Megan was in charge of the two secretaries’ who headed the assistants and assisted the departments. Megan herself took care of reception and was Art’s secretary. The engineer who worked with Steve was the only female engineer in the office and she was one of the four females, who were mostly secretaries. There were only two coffees left on the trays once everyone was gone. Steve figured one was Art’s and the other was Tina’s, the engineer who worked with him. “Is Tina in?”

“Yeah, she came in when I opened,” Megan replied, taking a sip from her coffee and reading a magazine in front of her.

“Anything special happening today?” Steve asked picking up Tina’s coffee. Art usually came in last, being that he was the boss.

“There’s a meeting later with Bellmore Aviation today; that’s about it.” Megan replied, not looking up from her magazine.

Steve nodded, looking down at the head secretary. She was dressed in dark blue skirt suit with nude hosiery. “Alright, see you later.”

“Yeah…” Megan replied just as he left her desk and headed towards his own office which he shared with Tina.

As Steve walked down the hall and past the aviation department he saw that Kevin Franklin and his friend aero designer Lawrence Tyler were busily working. “What’s up guys?” Steve said, poking his head into the office. “Heard you guys have a presentation today.”

“Not us, just Art,” Kevin replied looking up from his computer. Kevin was one of the older guys in the office, he was tall husky man was rugged outdoorsy look. Not the type of image for an aeronautical engineer but once you talked to him you knew he was really smart. He was also good at barbeques; Miho and Steve had been to his house, which he shared with his wife Betty, every summer since Steve had started working at GDC.

“Come on Steve, you been here for like two years already you should know that we do the work and even the assistants work but Art always gets the credit.” Lawrence added from his drawing desk. Steve had worked closely with Lawrence when he first started working at the GDC. The man was in his prime as a designer and should be working for one of the government contractors, making jets or something, if the pay was better. He was a smooth-talking guy who had built his image as the sharpest looking person in the office. The guy was as charismatic as they come and was practically everyone’s friend.

“I’ve been here for almost ten years, and never had a presentation to a client,” Kevin added. Part of the reason why everyone at GDC made so much salary was that they all worked hard and Art Howard would take the credit; he would make millions and in return pay his employees well, nowhere as much as he was making, but good enough.

“Well good luck anyway; make old Artie richer,” Steve said before ducking back out into the hallway. Passing the cubicles, Steve noted there wasn’t anyone there but the two secretaries, Jena Fisher and Karen James. The cubicles were usually filled with some of the assistants; Steve mostly hung out there up to a week ago. “Damn, where is everyone?”

“It’s such a nice day out today, if you were an assistant where would you be?” Jena asked looking up at Steve. Jena was the youngest in the office, not including the assistants, who were fresh out of college for the most part. She had bright blue eyes and wavy brown hair hanging freely, Steve guessed that she had a pretty decent figure but she never really showed it off. Jena was mostly dressed in conservative casual or business attire. She had on a knee-length dark colored wool skirt and a white blue striped dress shirt. Jena was the nicer of the secretaries, Megan would really not pay much attention to the assistants and Karen was just strict.

“Good point,” Steve replied.

“They should all be here. We’re paying them for something,” Karen then said not looking from her computer monitor. Karen was half African American and half Caucasian. She had long silky black hair that she wore in a ponytail. Karen had a tight body and she often showed if off with the tight fitting pants suits that she wore. She was in a black pants suit with a blue silk blouse underneath the coat. “If only we could write them up for this.”

“Karen, that’d be mean. They don’t do much as it is, anyways,” Jena added.

“Whatever…” Karen said coldly continuing her typing.

“See you guys later and don’t work too hard,” Steve said, leaving the two secretaries to their work.

As Steve entered his own shared office he could hear the aquatic guys next door laughing. Nicolas and Anthony Bareli were two brothers who were in charge of designing and engineering boats. The two were from Long Island and were the office clowns; when they weren’t hanging out in their office joking around, they were either bothering the sectaries or harassing the assistants. They didn’t mess with the other engineers and designers just because they were all equals, at least that’s what Steve believed. They were both big men, mob-looking fellows so no one would really stand up to them. Steve knew them well enough to know that they were jokers and assholes, not fighters. The only way to deal with them was to just ignore them and they would eventually get bored with you and leave you alone. They usually hung out in the cubicles after they have gotten their coffees, but today they were in their office. Steve figured the lack of assistants and the possibility that they had a project due soon deterred their traveling antics. This meant however that Tina and Steve would have to deal with their rowdiness for the rest of the day.

Tina Ly was the hottest girl in the office; period. Steve knew this after his second week on the job and he was glad he was married because if he wasn’t Tina would drive him crazy. She was almost five years older than he was but was still stunning nonetheless. You would think a girl that looked the way that she would be an airhead, but in Tina’s case it was the opposite. She was incredibly smart; she had graduated at the top of her class in high school and attended and graduated with honors from one of the top engineering schools in the country. Tina, like Miho, was tall for an Asian woman; standing at 5’9 with a sexy slim athletic body. Also like Miho, she had a natural tanned complexion as well but hers was somewhat lighter than Miho’s. Tina had dyed straight blonde hair that fell to the middle of her back. Her sexy body was wrapped today in a pink short sleeved dress shirt and a tight-fitting khaki mini skirt with the hem sitting at mid-thigh, showing of her slender tan legs. She stood in a pair of strappy high-heeled sandals that did wonders for her already sexy calves. Tina stood with her back to Steve, leaning over her desk, looking over some blue prints.

Steve checked her out real quick, taking in all that made her the spectacular looker that she was and fighting the urge to stop time; he had plans to do that later. He cleared his throat, “Good morning and welcome back,” Tina had taken a long weekend off and had come back into town the night before.

Tina jumped, turns and smiles at Steve, “Good morning, Steve.”

“Coffee?” Steve asked, walking up to her. “What are you working on? Megan said you’ve been in since opening?”

Tina takes the coffee and takes a sip before gesturing towards the blueprints spread out on her desk. “It’s the electrical system for that new hybrid we’re working on. That car show that I went to this weekend was too crazy and then the after party afterwards was insane. I spent most of Sunday wasted and the whole plane ride back I was out cold. So I didn’t get anything done,” Tina explained. “But I did stay up late last night and came in early today so we’re not in too bad shape. Thanks for the coffee, by the way.”

“Don’t worry about it,” Steve said with a smile, heading over to his drawing desk and setting his stuff down. “We don’t have a deadline for nothing.” He added sitting down.

“Yeah I know but I want this to be team effort, I don’t like you doing all the work while I get wasted on the weekends. Plus I don’t like leaving work unfinished for weeks on end.”

“Tina, really, don’t stress over it; we’re on top of our game and we’re not behind so really, just relax. So how was the car show?” Steve asked, leaning back in his chair. He could hear the brothers laugh next door. If they were going to chill and talk he didn’t see why Tina and he couldn’t.

Tina also worked and ran a modeling agency on the side. She had been a car show model all through college, in fact her modeling helped paid for her tuition. Tina became a popular model quickly thanks to her good looks and down to earth personality. By the time she had graduated college she had posed in every major car magazine and was even offered to pose in Playboy, which she declined. Modeling was fun but she had a goal of making cars. She eventually became big enough to start her own business and soon had other girls work under her, allowing her to focus on her engineering career. Tina still showed up to at least two major car shows a month with her girls just to promote her company. She was your typical engineer by day and party girl by night.

After the two talked a little about their weekends, Tina’s being much wilder and exciting than Miho and Steve’s. Art Howard made his appearance as he always did every morning. Art poked his head in the office said good morning and made some small talk. He was then off to see the brothers. Art was an awesome guy on the surface; he was a handsome wealthy businessman so he knew how to treat people so they would like him. Most people who knew Art knew that behind his Mr. Nice guy façade he was devious and would do just about anything short of murder to get to the top. Basically the guy was a fake and Steve knew that most of his co-workers really did not like the guy. Personally, Steve always felt awkward around the guy; that was just how fake he was, enough to make people feel weird around him.

Shortly after meeting with the brothers, Art and the brothers left the office loudly laughing and joking. Steve and Tina later found out from Jena, who delivered the daily memos that the threesome were heading out for a “business” lunch. It was only 11:15.

With Art and the brothers gone the office was pretty much silent and peaceful. Steve could hear phones going off outside and one of the secretaries would answer. The sound of office equipment would interrupt the silence every once and while, but other than that it was just another quiet day at GDC. Assistants were coming and going, checking in with the secretaries before heading off to some errand, from the voices Steve figured that only three assistants were working out of the dozen or so. Steve had wanted to stop time at some point but completely forgot about it. He was not a guy hungry to stop time at any given time; he knew when to be serious. Tina was so much into getting their present project done that Steve got caught up in it as well and the thought of stopping time never entered his mind.

It was about 1PM when Steve and Tina got hungry enough to the point where they couldn’t work anymore and decided it was time to take a break. They stopped by Kevin and Lawrence’s office to see if they wanted to eat. Both men were swamped with work, unlike Steve and Tina, they had deadlines later that day. So they passed and opted to get their project done instead. Megan had just left for lunch. Jena and Karen had taken their lunch at noon. So that just left Steve and Tina.

They decided to take Tina’s car, mainly because she wanted to show Steve a new mod. The main reason why Tina wanted to build cars for living was that she loved them. She was perhaps a bigger gear head than some of the guys that Steve knew. Tina drove and worked on a pristine hot red 1995 twin turbo Toyota Supra. Steve had seen it and ridden in it numerous amounts of times to know the car was just like, Tina super hot on the inside and outside. As Steve and Tina left the office park, riding in Tina’s road rocket, they spotted the Art and the brothers returning from their nearly two-hour lunch. The three men were riding in Art’s black-on-black Land Rover. Great timing; Steve thought as he hung on for dear life as the Supra shot down the Fenton Street.

It was about 1:30 when Tina and Steve pulled back into the office park. They had eaten at an Italian restaurant that was actually kind of far from their office. However thanks to Tina’s spirited driving they had made it back with time to spare. As they pulled into the parking garage an idea entered Steve’s head and he smiled to himself. “Hey could I take some pictures of your car? That new chin spoiler that you put on looks ridiculously hot.” Tina’s newest mod was a Japanese front lip that was not available in the US and apparently Tina was the first person to have one.

Tina smiled brightly and her face glowed with pride. “It’s about time you asked me that. I was wondering when you would realize the hotness of my baby. Much better than that box-stock Bimmer of yours,” she added, laughing.

“Whatever,” Steve replied laughing. “Could we stop by my SUPER SEDAN first I have to get my camera.” His M5 was considered to be one of the fastest Sedans in the world, one of the reasons why he had chosen to get one. A perfect mix of sport and luxury all mixed into one.

“HA! Super sedan…whatever…” Tina scoffed. Once he was at his car Steve gathered his trusty leather gloves and his camera. They then drove to the top deck of the parking garage, where there were no other cars; the sun light was perfect, and an ideal location for their small photo shoot.

Tina picked a spot and took time to park her car. Even though she wasn’t taking the picture, she wanted her Supra to be in the perfect spot. After about five minutes of moving back and fourth turning here and there Tina was finally satisfied. They climbed out of the car Steve set up his camera while Tina walked around with a rag she pulled from her trunk and wiped her car down of any loose dirt or dust.

Once Steve was ready and Tina felt that her car was clean as it could be, she stepped aside. Steve went around the car, snapping expert shots of the red sports car Tina watched from behind like a proud parent. Steve spent another three minutes taking detail shots of the car from every angle inside and out. “How about a couple with the owner,” he suggested, looking back at Tina.

“Why certainly,” Tina happily skipped and stood next to her car. Steve snapped some pictures as Tina posed seductively next to her car, changing her pose after every flash.

“Ok; last one. Give me something hot.” Steve encouraged. Tina leaned forward, putting one hand on her knee and the other one up to her lips in a kiss-blowing gesture. Steve smiled and snapped the picture. Right as the pressed the button he relaxed and concentrated. Dead silence surrounded him as the air became still and absent of any kind of smell. “Not bad,” Steve commented as he played back the pictures in his camera.

Tina remained time-stopped in her sexy pose, blowing a kiss in the direction where Steve no longer stood. He moved next to her, looking through the pictures and then passing the camera in his co-worker’s direction. She didn’t budge a millimeter and remained looking straight with her lips puckered. “I guess you can look at them later,” Steve said, putting the camera away. He walked around Tina’s stuck form checking out her sexy smooth legs and round ass. Kneeling in front of the frozen engineer and wearing his leather gloves, Steve takes a peek down her blouse. He smiles, seeing the pink lacy bra. “I’ve been waiting a long time for this.” Steve grinned, rubbing his gloved hands together as Tina remained silent with eyes shaded behind her sunglasses staring perplexedly ahead.

Steve smiled and snapped the picture. Tina was now only dressed in her matching pink lacy bra and thong. She stood barefoot with her hands running through her luscious dyed blonde hair with dumbfounded smile on her face. Her blank eyes remained covered by her sunglasses, giving her a movie star look. “Let’s show a little more skin, Tina,” Steve said, putting the camera in his pocket. Kneeling in front of his stationary co-worker Steve hooked his fingers around the waistband of her hot pink thong and pulled it down from her hips and down her smooth legs. As expected, Tina’s womanhood was cleanly shaven; Steve smiled at the sight seeing a single gold stud. “Well I would have been shocked but it’s not the first time I’ve seen something like that,” he said, looking up at Tina’s smile. He pulled the thong off the rest of way and tossed it aside; standing up he took time to admire Tina’s clean womanhood and perfect round ass. He smacks her ass, making a brief echo throughout the still world around him. Tina looks on as if nothing happened; to her, nothing has. Moving behind Tina, Steve unhooks her bra and then arranges her arms so that they were out in front of her and slips the lacy garment’s straps off her silky shoulders and naked arms. With the bra joining the thong on the pavement, Tina was completely nude, save her sunglasses.

Moving in front of Tina, Steve adjusts her stiff arms so that they would be raised over her head as if she was reaching for the sky. Standing face-to-face with his gorgeous co-worker, Steve fondles her round brown-nippled breasts. He wondered why he never stopped time before; Tina was absolutely a work of art. After closely examining her breasts, Steve determined that they were fakes but they were well done fakes. “Very nice Tina; I wonder how much these cost you?” Steve asked, staring into Tina’s vacant eyes shaded behind her large sunglasses. “Let’s take some more pictures for my private collection.”

Steve arranged Tina in a couple more sexy naked poses. He had her standing wide-legged in front of her bright red car with her right hand inserted in her womanhood with the help of some lotion and her left arm covering her magnificent but fake breasts. He then posed her lying spread-eagled on the hood of the car with her blonde locks pulled from her face, showing off her flawless complexion. He removed her glasses and molded her face into a seductive mischievous expression with eyes at half-staff and lips parted with her tongue protruding. Her body was fully visible with her tan skin tone shining in the sun. It was a great picture, Steve thought, taking multiple shots at different angles.

He had noted some shopping bags in the trunk of Tina’s car and decided to explore. Steve left Tina’s spread-eagle form on the hood of the car and opened the back hatch with her key. Digging around, he found nothing of real interest, just clothes mainly some lotions and bath products. He then found a nice pair of white knee-length high-heeled boots with a pink fuzzy lining. There was also some lingerie as well that Steve had plans for later.

Tina smiled brightly; it was an unnatural smile but a nice one on her pretty face. A result of the large smile, the engineer’s glazed-over eyes seemed smaller. She was still completely naked and stood right in front of her red sports car. She was slightly leaned over forward with her hands on her knees, her gaze looking straight ahead with her blonde locks tucked behind her ears. Her bare sexy legs were spread wide and she now wore her sexy lined high-heeled boots; the pink lining contrasting well with her tanned skin tone. Steve snapped his tenth picture of her in this pose, taking in her full nakedness. He now had pictures that hundreds men around the country could only dream of. “I got pictures of you from all angles. I think that’s enough for today,” Steve said as he scanned through the sixty something pictures that he took of his naked co-worker. He then switched from his card memory back to the camera’s internal memory, so if Tina wanted to see the pictures she would only see the few he took before he stopped time.

Steve added Tina’s lacy pink bra, thong and the boots back into the shopping bags inside of the trunk. He had dressed Tina in some see-through black lingerie and then redressed her back into her clothes make sure everything was how it was before he had stripped her down. The pictures he had taken of her before he stopped time were a great reference for this for him to repose her back into her last position. He looked over Tina’s stuck form, she was leaning forward as before with one hand on her knee the other up to her lips. Steve couldn’t mold her face back to the blowing gesture. So he just put her glasses back on and left her face neutral. Taking off his gloves, he restarted time.

“Not bad,” Steve said, looking down the camera. “I got a new wall paper,” he smiled, flipping through the images that were on his internal memory.

“Let me see?” Tina asked happily, shuffling towards him completely unaware that she had been standing outside in lingerie or less for almost an hour of Steve’s time. “You’re sweating already?” She asked reaching him.

“Yeah… taking pictures of you,” he replied, handing the camera to her.

“Stop it,” Tina said, playfully pushing Steve as she scanned through the pictures. “You’re a married man.”

“Just a compliment that’s all,” Steve said, looking Tina up and down once more; the image of her naked body more vivid in his head then ever.

“Awesome pictures, hopefully they won’t get Miho upset. She looks like the jealous type,” Tina said while handing the camera back to him.

“She’ll be fine with it,” Steve replied as they walked back to Tina’s car.

“I don’t know about that, Steve. I met her once and she seemed like the territorial type,” Tina warned as they both climbed into her car.

“Whatever; it’s not like I took naked pictures of you or anything,” Steve laughed.

“HA, very funny; you’ll probably the most popular man around then since pictures of me like that don’t exist or, well, not ever for the public anyways,” Tina replied with a laugh, “Naked pictures would get you in trouble with Miho for sure.”

“I’ll just have to be careful then,” Steve replied, with a smile as Tina drove them back to the lower level of the garage.

“Funny guy Steve, naked pictures of me? HA!”

It was only about 1:45 when Steve and Tina returned to their fifth-floor office at the GDC. In Steve’s time, though, they had been gone for almost two hours and he was eager to get back to work with his fill of fun fulfilled for now. Megan welcomed the duo and handed Tina some messages regarding family and her other business. The senior woman in the office was busy preparing for the Bellmore meeting later that day with various forms and documents that needed to be signed in the event of a deal. Walking past the aviation office, Steve could see that his two colleagues were still busy at work with Jena also helping them out with notes and such. At the cubicles, Karen was trying to work but the brothers had come out of their office and making it difficult for her to get anything done. Steve heard the end of what sounded like a sex joke with Karen looking up at the brothers with a disgusted look. Just then he was eager to stop time but Tina tugged on his sleeve pulling, them into their shared office. The brothers were so into their joke and laughing at Karen’s reaction that they did not even notice Steve and Tina passing by.

“Don’t give them an excuse to come in here,” Tina said seriously, closing the door behind her. “I can’t stand those guys.”

“They’re not so bad,” Steve replied, sitting down at his desk. “You just have to ignore them.”

“Too loud and too annoying, to do that,” Tina sighed, sitting down behind her desk and crossing her sexy legs. She then looked over her messages. Looking down her own shirt, she notices something unusual and pulls the collar open, looking down again. A puzzled look came over her face; she quickly shook it off, noticing Steve was looking at her. “It’s nothing… I’m going to make some calls look over the blueprints and make sure everything fits right. I want to finish this by the end of the day.”

“No problem,” Steve nodded, turning around and grinning. Looking over his shoulder, he saw that Tina was looking down her shirt again and even taking a quick peek under her skirt. He didn’t see her face but he could imagine the look was priceless. He smiled and got back to work.

The rest of the day was uneventful and Steve and Tina got busy after Steve found some inconsistencies with some of their numbers. Karen dropped by and assisted with some paper work and general notes. The brothers, strangely enough, got busy with work too in their own office and were quiet throughout the afternoon. It was almost closing time when Kevin and Lawrence dropped by, both men feeling more carefree with the weight of their most recent project off their shoulders. They were leaving early since they did not a take a lunch and were going to be down at the nearest burger place to unwind. They invited Tina and Steve, Tina accepted but Steve had made other arrangements with Miho already. With their project done, Kevin and Lawrence was out of the office by 4:30 and fifteen minutes later Steve and Tina were done with theirs. By five they had cleaned up everything and packed up to leave for the day.

Since Steve had made designer, Tina and he had been walking out of work together, it was mostly the peace of mind for Steve to walk such an attractive woman to her car at the end of a good day’s work. The two made small talk as they left the office and entered the garage. Tina asked if Steve would reconsider heading to the burger place with her offering to drive him there and back to garage later to get his car. He declined politely and told her that he would see her tomorrow. After she had left, Steve made his way to his car; it was then that he remembered that he wanted to stop time once more for the day. He thought back and remembered that Jena and Karen and possibly Meg were still in the office. Putting his stuff away in his car and making sure he had his gloves with him, he concentrated and waited for the familiar wave of silence and stillness to swallow him up and surround him.

Steve made his way from the garage and into the frozen world that encircled him. Putting on his gloves, he entered his office building. Since the world was frozen there was power to run the elevator so had to climb five flights of stairs to reach the GDC offices. He slowly opened the stairwell door and was welcomed by the dead silence of his office. It was an eerie feeling; he could not feel anything, not even air moving around him, the room was so silent the only thing that he could hear was his own breathing and his increased pulse rate from climbing the stairs. The staircase door was located in the back of the office, away from the main working area, so he really didn’t see anyone yet. Leaving the stairs he moved into the office, walking down a hallway that took him into the cubicle area next the offices of the aquatic department.

The door of the office was agape, so Steve opened it the rest of the way. The Bareli brothers were seated at their desks with their coats hanging off the back of their chairs. Nicholas, the bigger and older one of the two, was leaning on his elbows staring vacantly into his monitor, which for no surprise to Steve had porn on it. Anthony, the younger Bareli, was just a little shorter than his brother but who shared the almost the same width was leaned back on his chair was a set of headphones on with his hands behind his head. Some sort of cartoon was frozen on his monitor. “So this is what you guys do,” Steve said flatly before ducking up of the office shaking his head.

He turned from the Bareli office to come face-to-face with Karen who was still in the cubicle area. She stood at her desk, leaned over with one hand on her keyboard and the other on her mouse. Her face bore an unbiased expression with her brown eyes vacantly staring into the monitor. A leather black messenger bag was slung over her shoulder. Looking to the screen, Steve saw that she was in the process of shutting her computer down. “Looks like I caught you right on time,” he said into her unhearing ears, stepping behind her stuck leaning form. He ran his hand down the curve of her backside, feeling her round and firm ass. “Where’s Jena?” He asked the suspended woman, looking around the room. Then the thought of her being frozen in the elevator crossed his mind. Crap. Leaving Karen’s unmoving silent form behind Steve headed over to the elevator lobby.

Jena stood with her usual grin, looking up at numbers over the elevator. She stood with her weight on one leg; both her hands wrapped around the strap her purse which was slung over her left shoulder. “Whew…that was close. Thought you were stuck somewhere,” Steve sighed in relief approaching the brunette blue-eyed secretary. He rubbed the back of his gloved hands across her cheek while copping a feel of her ass at the same time. “Let’s move you over with Karen so the real fun can begin,” Steve whispered playfully into Jena’s ear. The stuck secretary remained looking up at the elevator numbers blankly with her grin as Steve dragged her from the waist on her heels.

Steve sat on Jena’s swivel chair with his arms crossed, thinking what to do next. Standing at attention before him surround by the cubicles were Jena and Karen; both ladies were now naked. Jena looked ahead with her blue eyes looking up and her lips in a grin while Karen’s face bore a sleepy expression with eyes shut and mouth opened. Jena’s wavy brown hair was tucked behind her ears giving a full frontal view of her nude body. She had cute round breasts with pink nipples, a bit of a love handle thing going around the waist, cleanly shaven womanhood, and sexy smooth shapely legs. Her fair skin tone was even throughout. Steve found it not surprising that Jena’s undergarments were nothing special being that they were a matched set of purple cotton bra and panties, the later being covered by seamless nude pantyhose. Karen’s silky black hair was tucked behind her ears, she had gorgeous round breasts with brown nipples, a flat and firm midriff, and her womanhood cleanly shaven into a landing strip. Her legs were more athletic than Jena’s, her thighs and calves having an attractive shape to them. Her olive skin was smooth as silk and was flawless with the exception of a tribal tattoo at the small of her back. Steve was surprised at Karen’s choice in undergarment, being that it was nothing but a lacy black garter belt with sheer black thigh high stockings attached. It was the second time that day Steve had encountered the commando style.

While spinning around on the swivel seat, a thought crossed his mind. Where was Meg? Leaving the two naked secretaries standing at attention in the cubicle area, Steve ventured off in search of the senior secretary. The reception desk was empty as was Art’s office, so that really only left one other place and that was where he found them. The conference room was the last place where anyone could be in the office; he had remembered the meeting with Bellmore Aviation. The room was the largest space on the floor right behind the cubicle area. It had a large shiny oak table that took up the most space in the center of the room. Around the table were twelve wheeled leather armchairs. At the head of the room was a whiteboard, which could be used with the ceiling mounted projector.

Old Art himself stood at the head of the dimly lit room, dressed in his fancy three-piece suit. The projector had provided an image of some kind of new passenger jet, Kevin and Lawrence’s hard work no less. Art stood with his pointer in one hand and his other hand in a natural speaking gesture. His face bore an odd grin and his eyes were at half-staff. Sitting at the table occupying the first two seats, across from one another, were two women. One of the woman was Meg, who sat turned towards the table with her legs crossed, looking down at her watch while her other hand held a pen over a note pad that was in front of her. Sitting across from her was the lady who Steve figured was the Bellmore representative. She was a black woman dressed in a grey pinstriped skirt suit; she was turned in her chair facing Art with a serious frowning expression, staring at the only male in the room. Her nylon-covered legs were crossed and she wore shiny black heels with white tip points. She was a slender tall woman with shoulder length thick black hair. She was not that much of looker, she had a very serious demeanor, and she kind of looked mean. Steve wondered why as he stood in front of the serious looking woman. Her hands were both clasped together on her lap and she did not look very impressed with the presentation itself. “So serious; let’s change that pose for now,” Steve said, grinning at the frowning woman who sat in silence.

Steve slipped off both her heels tossing them across the room. Her nylon-covered feet remained tippy-toed. He uncrossed her legs and pulled them straight out in front of her along with her arms and then leaned her head forward so she was looking into her chest. Steve smiled to himself looking at the serious woman who looked like something had just hit her in the stomach that sent her flying. “Why not?” Steve asked himself kicking the woman’s chair and sending her flying to the back of the room. The chair hit the wall and the woman came off it falling onto her side, still in her odd pose. Steve laughed and shook his head; he’ll come back to her later, he thought.

Turning his attention to Meg, Steve pulled her chair away from the table with her grounded heel dragging. He took the pen from her hand and tossed it away. “I’ve been waiting for a long time to do this,” Steve said into Meg’s ear as he lifted her into a standing position. He pulled her arms to her sides and leaned her head back so she would be looking straight up. Steve traced his gloved fingers around her slightly parted pink lips and stared into her empty blue eyes. “I’ve got something in mind for you and the other one now,” he said with a smile as he started to unbutton the buttons on her business coat.

The cubicle room was nearly bare. All the furniture and the cubicle walls were pushed to one side of the room actually blocking the doors to the aviation and automotive offices. It took Steve nearly an hour, his time, to move stuff around; once it was done he was pretty hot and exhausted. It was all worth it, though. The only furniture that remained was a single swivel arm chair. Meg sat with legs wide on the swivel chair, completely naked, save for her nude pantyhose and heels. Steve had stripped the silk panties that she had worn under the pantyhose. He found that the panties were stained which made him wonder what the senior staffer was up to all day. Her bushy womanhood that he found moist was clearly visible under the hosiery with the pubes pressed up against the nylon. The mature woman looked great in the buff, Steve thought; she did have a bit of belly and her rosy-tipped fairly large and round breasts sagged a bit, but all in all she was a looker for a forty-year-old-plus woman with three kids.

Meg sat with her smiling face and blue eyes staring straight ahead. Her back was straight with her legs posed wide. Her pantyhose clad legs were parted wide with her heel coved feet pointing outward. Karen stood in a wide stance to Meg’s right while Jena stood to on the left in the same fashion. Both secretaries were naked, except for their heels. They both bore the same closed eyes, open-mouth expression now. Karen had her hands cupping her breasts while Jena had her hands behind her head. Meg’s hands, which had both been lathered up with lotion, were reached back and partially inserted into both her charges’ womanhoods. Standing in front of the trio were the Bareli brothers; both brothers were naked from the waist down and each held their erect members with fixed expressions at the three naked secretaries before them. Steve found it odd that both brothers had an erection when only Nicholas was watching the porn and Anthony the cartoons.

Steve walked around scene, admiring the naked ladies and ignoring the brothers, once was enough for him regarding them. Taking off his gloves, he spent some time feeling up Karen and Jenna. Kneeling in front of Meg so he could grope her breasts, he finally said, “You ladies look great!” while looking at the trio once more before putting on his gloves and leaving.

As he had arranged the secretaries and the brothers and sinister idea came to him. “I’m back. Don’t think I forgot about you, wait and see what I have planned for you guys,” Steve said, grabbing the Bellmore representative from the ankles and dragging her towards Art. Once she was at the Art’s feet, he laid her body out flat and went to work on her suit like a wild animal. He tossed her clothing about as he forcefully stripped it from her body. Soon the representative was stark naked. Her dark skin gave her slender body a defined muscled look. She had small round dark-nippled breasts, her womanhood needed some work to say the least, and her legs were long and attractive with high calves over slim ankles. Now that she was naked, Steve started to pose her, bending her stiff limbs and contorting her tall frame.

When he was, done the representative was sitting on her knees in front of Art, who was now just as naked as she was. His manhood placed within her mouth with her lips closed over it. Her eyes were shut, but her face still held the frown. Art’s hands cradled her head while hers held his buttocks tightly. Art still bore his same expression. Steve surveyed the clothes-littered conference room before bowing to the frozen occupants and leaving.

Steve was already in his M5 when he restarted time. For a second he thought he could hear screaming, but dismissed it as him just being exhausted. It had been a busy day, ten times longer then it really was, with his time stop breaks. He had more than enough time stop fun to last him till at least next week. All he wanted to do now was go home and have fun with Miho the conventional way.


To Be Continued….

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