Tales of the Machine - Tale Three

by BethBot

Laura's next victim was a friend of hers she had once had a lesbian affair with, without her husband knowing.

Right now Maria was lying naked in her bed, wrapped in a a pleasant dream. As she dreamed she was fingering her pussy.

Just then there was a buzz at the door and then nothing. This caused Maria to wake up and she realized she was finger-fucking herself.

She wiped her hands off and pulled a robe on.


Outside, she found a box and brought it in. Inside the box she found a body suit that felt sheer like panty hose but was of some other material that didn't rip or get runs in it.

Maria had a pantyhose fetish so, she eagerly pulled this on over her bare skin. So eager was she that she didn't even put on any underwear.

As Maria sealed it she began to feel strange as her body seemed to stiffen.

As she stood there with one hand rubbing her clit through the hose and the other rubbing her nipple through the hose she gradually found it harder to move until soon she couldn't move at all.

She stood there for what seemed hours when she heard the door open and Laura cae in.

Laura came over to her and said, "You will be my perfect submissive lovebot"

Laura took something from a bag and from this extended two sets of wires one was plugged into Maria's left nipple (which had gained a small hole) and the other was plugged into her right one.

Then a large cable was stuck into Maria's pussy which had somehow become exposed but seemed to have hose inside it as well.

Then, to Maria's astonishment, Laura removed the front of her own torso and stuck the devices inside her own body where there were blinking lights and circuitry.

Maria felt a tingle from her erogenous zones where the cables were that built up to warm pleasure as she sensed data entering her.

As Maria stood there motionless and helpless she orgasmed internally as she was flooded with data.


Laura said into her mind, "You are MariaS01, a submissive sex robot designed to have sex; you are my slave"

Without thinking Maria said aloud, "Yes Mistress. I am your slave"

Laura then removed the front of Maria face revealing circuitry and made some adjustments then replaced it.

MariaS01 went blank as she rebooted then blinked as she came to and Laura removed the cables.

"What do you command, Mistress" MariaS01 said.


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