The Transformation of a Superheroine

by: Dr. Robo

The sound was unmistakable. He had heard it dozens of times before. This time, however, was different. A handful of jack-booted soldiers goose-stepped their way down a long, winding staircase toward the entrance to a secret, underground laboratory.  He watched eagerly from a bank of security monitors, cameras at every turn following their progress as they neared the lab.  In their clutches was easily the most beautiful woman in the world, and the most powerful. Or at least she used to be. Now she stumbled trying to keep up with her captors' pace, her legs shackled together at the ankles barely allowing her to walk without tripping over her own feet. Her wrists were bound behind her back by nearly indestructible metal handcuffs, reducing this mighty Amazon to a mere mortal prisoner.  The magical weapons and tools which gave her such fantastic abilities had been stripped from her and preceded her to the lab.  Even without them she was still every bit the superheroine, and it took a team of troopers and a powerful dose of tranquilizer to weaken the warrior princess enough to subdue her and bring her into custody.

The laboratory itself was oddly quiet, only a low hum emanating from computers and florescent lights kept it from complete silence.  A magnificent juxtaposition of state of the art technology combined with a "Frankenstein"-era sci-fi look and feel, the lab was the product of millions of dollars and years of research and hard work.  All four walls of the lab were lined with numerous computers, machines and other electronic devices of various shapes and sizes.  In the center of one wall sat what looked like a central mainframe.  All of the other machines in the room seemed to be connected to that terminal in some fashion.  Close to the middle of the room stood a large stainless steel table, about 7 feet tall and 4 feet wide.  It was angled almost vertically, resting on a hinge that tilted 90 degrees.  Connected to the tabletop were 5 thick steel clamps at what one could reasonably gather were the locations of a person's hips, wrists, and ankles.  Even more pieces of equipment encircled the table, and instruments hung from the ceiling overhead, connected by a mass of wires and cables to the surrounding walls.  The lab looked just like you would picture a mad scientist's laboratory should look.

As the scientist and his staff busied themselves, scurrying around the room checking and re-checking different pieces of equipment, the group of soldiers entered the room.  They stopped dead in the center of the lab, between the main terminal and the vertical table.  Three soldiers stayed with the Amazon, one on each arm and another a few feet behind her, pointing a loaded tranquilizer gun squarely at her back.  The doctor approached the listless heroine, looking over her perfect form and grinning with a slight hint of evil satisfaction.  She moaned a bit as the tranquilizer began to wear off, leaving her with a splitting headache, worse than the nastiest hangover. As she looked up at him she shook her head, trying to get her eyes to focus. He began to speak to her, delivering a long oration that he had practiced in his head for hours, since the minute he had learned of her capture.

"Hello, my dear" he began, speaking in English but with a thick German accent. He placed his finger on her chin and lifted her eyes to meet his. "I've been waiting to meet you for what seems like an eternity. Please allow me to introduce myself. I am Doctor Versklaven, and I have been watching your impressive heroic exploits for many years now. In fact, you can consider me your biggest admirer." He took the opportunity to get his first long look at the gorgeous woman. What an image she struck. At just over 6 feet tall, she would put any supermodel on the planet to shame. Her long, tan, firm legs were framed by a pair of sexy red knee-high and high heeled boots on one end, and on the other a pair of blue star spangled briefs that showed off her perfectly shaped behind yet still left a bit to the imagination. A familiar red and gold bustier clung to her tight, taught stomach, then opened up to reveal a deep mass of cleavage between two perfectly formed, heavy, round globes. Oh how many fiends, villains, and despots had dreamed of enjoying that massive bust, and how many had failed miserably. Her perfect body was topped off by an equally sexy face: red pouty lips, deep blue eyes, and a mane of long, silky, raven-black hair. Her hair was always impeccably manicured yet still kept a hint of a wild side just begging to be tamed.

"My my," he mused. "You are even more lovely in person that I could ever had dreamed". At this point she was starting to come around enough that she could now understand that he was saying and what was going on around her, even if she was still too weak to do anything about it. "I am honored to be the first to break the famous Mega Woman. This is going to be a pleasure, I'm sure" he cackled with glee.

At the sound of her own name she gathered up enough energy to speak, the effects of the sedatives still wreaking havoc on her body and mind. She looked at him and asked: "What... want..." knowing full well that she wasn't going to enjoy the answer.

"I'm glad that you asked," he answered, his demeanor returning to a more serious tone. "For many years I have been on the cutting edge of biological and technological research, trying to better the world through the advances of science and medicine. After decades of labor and sacrifice... the world's governments have decided that some of my theories and experiments are too 'risky' and 'unconventional'. They caved to political pressure instead of seeing the value of my life's work. So now they want to shut me down. Luckily, I had seen that day coming, and prepared myself". He gestured to the laboratory surrounding them, specifically to his loyal guards stationed about the room. "I knew they would try to stop me, and I knew that would send you to do it. So, I came up with a plan: how do you say... kill two birds with one stone? Isn't that what the phrase is?"


He cut her off in mid-sentence. "Over the last few years I have accomplished what others wouldn't even attempt: an advancement in biotechnology that even the world's most 'daring' and 'renegade' scientists were too unskilled or too righteous to try. I have, to be blunt, created a more perfect human being. Specifically an advanced soldier to help me carry out my plans for world domination." He called out to one of the troopers stationed near the back of the lab. The man stepped forward into the light for her to see. He was a genetic marvel: 6 feet 6 inches tall and 260 pounds of solid muscle mass. Not an ounce of fat could be found on this specimen. Unequivocally loyal and obedient, he had been enslaved by the doctor with the specific purpose of breeding an army of super soldiers born and trained to serve, protect, and obey without question. His face showed no signs of thought or emotion at he stood attention, staring off blankly into space. A metallic device coiled behind and into his ear, setting him apart even more from the other soldiers. This allowed the doctor direct communication with his slave. At first this was designed as a way for the doc to direct his charges in the field. Now, the evil scientist had other plans for his muscular servant.

"I thought I had already found the perfect soldier...perhaps even the perfect man for my purposes, until I laid eyes on you, my dear. Watching you in action gave me new ideas, new thoughts on how much more I could do, how much farther I could go. Just by looking at your perfect body I have become aware of where I could go in my quest to create and control the perfect human being. Since I already had the perfect man at my beck and call, why not the perfect woman too..." His voice trailed off for a second and he grinned from ear to ear.

She looked up at him, her expression betraying her lack of strength and power to him. "That's right," he continued. "I am going to take the next step in human evolution...I am going to mate my perfect man with the perfect woman...YOU. With your offspring conditioned by my breeding methods I will create an army of warriors with which I can rule the world!!!" He laughed maniacally as Mega Woman tried in vain to free herself from her bonds and the grasp of the soldiers surrounding her.

"Nooooo!!!" she whimpered. "You''ll never get away with this. It's madness." She struggled against her captors, her body still too weak to do much good.

"Oh, I think I already have" he cackled. "Bring her to the table," he ordered to the three men guarding the heroine. They firmly escorted her to the table set up in the middle of the lab. They turned her so she faced away from the table and placed her standing upon it, her feet resting on a small platform extending from its base.

"Remove her garments." he commanded. A fourth soldier approached her and began to unzip her boots, removing them and placing them on the floor. A sly grin came across his mug as he slid her trunks down her shapely thighs, revealing a matching blue thong. He slid the trunks over her legs without much difficulty and set them next to the boots. He then reached behind her and unzipped her bustier, pulling it away from her torso and exposing her now bare breasts to the cool laboratory air. Her large pink nipples began to harden almost instantly, extending from her bountiful bosom which seemed to defy gravity as her bust jutted out from her strong, supple chest.

"Stop it...please..." she begged. "Don't do this to me". He ignored her pleas and ordered the soldiers to restrain her to the table. She was held firmly in place as first her waist, then her ankles and wrists were bound to the cold metal slab by thick, hard bracelet-like pieces of steel. She was now practically immobile, and like it or not at his mercy.

"Begin the preparations!" the doctor barked to his subordinates. A handful of laboratory technicians in white coats scurried from once machine to another, typing commands at a computer terminal or reading results from a monitor. With a lurch the table began to recline until it was almost completely horizontal, leaving Mega Woman staring at the ceiling above, the ominous instruments dangling just a few feet away from her position.

"What's...going...on?" she groggily asked aloud as the techs moved in almost a blur around the table from one machine to the next. She tried to sit up or wiggle out of her bonds but alas without her full strength or her powers she was going nowhere.

"Well, since you asked," he answered, walking over and looking down upon her naked, prone body. "I am going to initiate the next phase of my experimentation. I am going to transform your body from a fighting machine to a procreating machine... turning you into a mindless, obedient mother to an entire army of super soldiers!"

At that same moment a lab technician injected the contents of a large hypodermic needle into her arm. A bluish-green serum drained from the syringe into her vein and soon was flowing throughout her entire body, including her brain. She winced in pain from the injection then immediately began to moan, the injection distracting her from the heinous news that she was just given.

"That's right my dear, you just relax." He smiled and petted her head condescendingly, as if she was a small child. Even though he knew she was unable to fully concentrate on his words, he told her of his plans anyway. "The serum now coursing throughout your veins is a special concoction that I created just for this occasion. When charged with a small amount of electricity it will cause certain glands and organs essential to the reproductive process to mutate and enhance, allowing you to become pregnant and bear offspring which are much stronger and more developed than a normal woman would." He stood back, watching as her pallor turned the slightest shade of blue from the fluid invading her cells.

"At the same time your mind will also undergo dramatic changes. Your brain will be altered by my serum to more easily accept orders and direction from my computers, just like my servant over there. They will be able to tap into your mind, removing your free will and reorganizing your memories, emotions, and personality as I see fit. Soon you will know nothing more than a life of obedience to me, your new master. You will become a mindless zombie, a robot-like woman compliant to my every wish and command. You will obey me without question, and serve at my side in helping me to achieve my goals and dreams... "he even became slightly aroused at the thought of controlling what was once the world's most powerful and independent female.

"Now, let daddy do his work, my sweet. Soon it will be all over, and your new life as my slave will begin." He nodded to the chief lab assistant, who began fitting Mega Woman's body with some delicate equipment for the process. First, he gauged the size and shape of each perfect tit, probably deriving some sick pleasure from fondling the bosom of the most famous woman on Earth. He slid a long, thin, electrode-like needle into her erect right nipple, drawing a slight gasp from the otherwise subdued Amazon. The needle extended up through her milk duct until it came to rest at her mammary gland, which by now had absorbed a sizeable amount of the mutation serum. He did the same with the other globe, the needles connected to wires which raced up to the ceiling and disappeared amid the mass of other wires and cables. The doctor nodded his approval.

Next, the assistant pushed aside our heroine's silk thong to reveal a neatly trimmed thatch of pubic hair. He reached for a long, thin, metal, phallic-shaped instrument and slid it expertly into her sex, ever so careful not to stretch or otherwise damage her perfect vagina. A set of wires and cables led from the device to the ceiling as well. She let out a soft moan, as much in instinctive reaction to the cool chrome cock as in resignation that there was nothing she could do, that her fate was sealed.

Finally, the tech walked over to a workbench behind her head and picked up a strange looking helmet-like device. It too was constructed of a smooth chrome exterior, save for a set of lights on the front that were currently inactive. The helmet was sleek and lightweight and lined on the inside with a set of thin metal contact pads. The pads were interspersed throughout the helmet with microchips and diodes and other sorts of computer technology. He gently placed the helmet on her head so that it fit snugly yet firmly, covering her forehead and ears, the metal pads making contact with her scalp, temples, and the back of her neck. She slowly shook her head from side to side, trying unsuccessfully to keep him from putting the device on her. He held her head still with one hand while plugging a series of wires into the helmet which connected to a computer stationed just a few feet from the head of the table. He stepped back and looked at the doctor, who again nodded and dismissed him with a wave of the hand.

The doctor stepped up, looking over his 'subject', taking in every inch of her restrained, subjugated body...her sex, breasts, and head now linked to his machines. He walked over to the main computer workstation and took a last look at the status monitors and readouts lining the wall in front of him. Everything was ready. He rested his hand on a large mechanical lever as the technicians and soldiers backed away from the table in a mixture of fear and anticipation. All except for one, the 'super soldier', who had only turned in place from his original position, and was now facing the table. The doctor closed his eyes, swallowed hard, and took a deep breath as Mega Woman rolled her head to one side. She made eye contact with him one last time as a tear trickled down her soft, supple cheek. He smiled softly and pulled the switch, sending the process into motion and changing her life forever.

The lights in the lab dimmed slightly as power from them drained into the apparatus surrounding the table. She gasped and moaned quite loudly when the electrical flow surged into her body. Her back arched as the power quickly coursed through her, her melons jiggling and quivering from the energy bombarding them. It ran throughout her body and dispersed into the metal table and to the grounded floor of the lab, conducted with ease by the serum compound that was now permanently imbedded within her physique. Before their very eyes her body started to change, to transform into the perfect woman for breeding an army of super slaves. Her mammary glands began to grow until they had nearly doubled in size. The skin on and around her breasts started to expand, as her bust swelled over two cup sizes and four inches, increasing from a 38DD to approximately a 42FF. Her nipples and areola stretched in ratio to the breast volume, and became hypersensitive and hyperstimulated. A tiny drop of milk leaked from one of the needle-pierced nipples, dripping down the side of her massive globe and landing on the table.

Inside her sex, similar changes were taking place. Her vaginal muscles were being strengthened to be able to receive all sizes of male members, especially the large shaft of the super soldier that awaited her. Her female organs were stimulated to increase egg production, and to increase the likelihood of having multiple offspring in the same birth.

At the same time her brain structure began to transform as well. The helmet scanned her mind, tuning in to the frequency of her brainwaves and turning
them against her, using them to transmit computer data back into her skull. The electricity buzzing about the helmet made it harder and harder for her to think or concentrate, until any ability for logical or rational thought was removed from her mind. It was as if the helmet was able to segregate the part of her intellect which contained her free will and block it, in effect erasing it from her consciousness. Her personality, memories, and emotions were also suppressed, allowing the computer to almost completely take control of her mind and feed it with new 'programming', instructions and commands which would shape her new life. In effect what made her a human being and an individual was being taken away from her. What was left of her was little more than an automaton, a 'human robot' incapable of much higher thought processes than obeying commands and following orders. She was becoming a mindless, emotionless living machine... 'created' for the purpose of serving her master's wishes.

After about a half-hour, the process neared completion. Her body, which thrashed about before in reflexive reaction to the transformation process, now lay rigid as the computers had gained full control of her mind. Her breasts, enormous and heavy, rested mightily on her chest. Her pectoral muscles had also been enhanced to carry the weight of the giant globes. Her face was now a blank slate, much like the soldier standing near her. Her eyes were closed, and an oddly peaceful look had come over her face. As the machines powered down, the room became eerily quiet, much more so than before. Mega Woman, or whatever she was now, lay still and silent, her only movements the steady rise and fall of her breathing and an occasional blink.

The doctor looked around the room, as everyone looked back at him. Did it work? He couldn't wait to find out. He approached the table somewhat cautiously, as if expecting her to leap off of the table at him. He looked upon her body, starting at her face and roaming all the way down to the tips of her toes. What to do now? With the soldier, it was easy...his simple mind made him an easy capture and conversion. This was Mega Woman, though, the greatest heroine of them all. Was it possible that she could be so easy as well?

He ordered his assistant to unhook her from the devices and restraints. He watched intently as the technicians carefully removed the diodes from her breasts, and the robotic phallus from her sex. She didn't flinch even the slightest bit, a sign to him that maybe, just maybe, it had worked. Even though he came across as powerful and confident in front of her and his men, inside he was unsure whether his methods would work on such a strong individual. Now, he would very soon find out.

Finally, the lab techs unplugged all of the wires from the helmet. The lights on it blinked with a steady rhythm indicating that it was operating at maximum capacity. Like his soldier-slave, the doctor wanted to keep a constant link between her brain and his computers. He decided to leave the helmet on her, though. Fearing that her free will and individuality could resurface with just a simple earpiece transmitter controlling her, he felt the need to make the helmet permanent. He knew that she was a strong woman, and that he was lucky to have found a drug powerful enough to disable her long enough to be brought to him. He did not want to take the chance that she could somehow break free of his control. Besides, with the plans he had in store for her, it's not like she was going to go out in public anymore anyway, so it did not matter what she looked like or what she was wearing.

The table lurched to life again, this time returning to a vertical base. The doctor walked around to face her, as his men backed away. She stood perfectly still, tall and rigid, arms at her sides as if at attention for inspection. Her breasts, while large enough to cover much of her torso, still had a bit of perkiness about them that could only be described as artificial, even though they were 100% flesh and blood. Her nipples capped her tits at a downward angle, a drop of milk leaking occasionally onto the floor below. Her facial expression never changed, she stood there, eyes closed, her mind doing nothing but awaiting the first command from her master.

Finally, the doctor gathered the courage to speak. Even though this day was a dream come true, the fruition of a lifetime of work and experimentation, he still had more to do to achieve his ultimate goals. As he felt a stirring in his trousers he cleared his throat, and spoke the first commands to his newest servant.

"Slave, awaken."

Upon hearing these words, her eyes jerked open suddenly. Success! They were quite wide, her pupils dilated, giving her face a very vacant look. She stared ahead blankly, awaiting her next command.

"Step forward."

After a second or so she took a step forward, off of the platform and onto the floor. It was kind of an awkward motion, as if her brain was still adjusting to receiving signals from the helmet and sending them on to her body. Her breasts bounced slightly as her bare feet made contact with the hard tiled floor. Her face never changed though, keeping that far away look the entire time.

A broad grin crossed his face. He knew that he had done it. Now the question was... what to do? Should he do what every villain the world over had dreamt of and have his way with her? No. He composed himself. That could wait. There was work to be done.

He ordered the soldier to come to him. Face to face they stood, the super soldier and the Mega Woman. Bound for the rest of their lives in service to their master. Now, their bond was to become deeper.

"Slave, kneel before him," he commanded the Amazon. Slowly and mechanically she dropped to her knees, her glazed expression now staring directly at his crotch.

"Remove his pants and undershorts."

After another pause she dutifully reached up and began to unbuckle and unzip his fatigues. The computer was searching its databanks for the instructions he had programmed into it, and was relaying them directly to her mind via the helmet. You could even heat the humming sound coming from the helmet as it processed each byte of data and turned it into commands that she could understand and follow. She pulled the pants down over his thick, bulging thighs and down to his ankles. She then did the same with his briefs, exposing his limp cock for all to see. And what a sight it was. Even unaroused, he was still quite large.

"Bring him to arousal, slave."

She reflexively licked her lips and reached up, gently grasping his cock in her right hand. She started to stroke it, slowly at first, then faster as his member began to stir. Instinctively she knew it would not take long for him to achieve maximum hardness, as he was being controlled by the same computer that she was. They were linked together in mind, and soon in body as well. As his staff began to inflate and extend she took him into her moist, hot mouth, her ruby red lips engulfing as much of his rod as possible. Up and down she began to suck, bobbing her head along his shaft like a piston. She was now almost literally a cock-sucking machine. After a dozen strokes or so she released him from her mouth and sat back on her heels, still staring ahead at his cock. It was now pointing directly out at a 90 degree angle from his body, just inches from her face.

"Stand, slave. Present yourself for insertion."

She rocked back, and stood up at attention once again. She then turned away from him, and bent at the waist, spreading her legs about shoulder width apart. She leaned forward and placed her hands on the table, bracing herself and giving him (and everyone else in the room) a full view of her tight, wet pussy. Her jugs hung from her torso like two massive udders, a little more than a couple of feet from the floor.

"Begin insemination."

Now it was the soldier's turn. He stepped forward and placed his massive left hand on her curvaceous hip. With his right he grasped his cock, now extended a full 9 inches and dripping with precum. He precisely drove the head into her waiting cunt, sliding fully in to her wetness almost immediately and filling her completely with some length to spare. She subconsciously winced (barely noticeable if you weren't watching for it) and drew in a deep breath, the only outward signs that she could feel what was happening to her. In fact neither of them showed any other sort of outward emotion. It was if they were performing a simple task, just doing a job that they had been told to do. He rocked back on his hips and drove his pelvis into her again, each thrust getting a little quicker and more powerful. She milked his cock with her enhanced vaginal muscles, her calculated movements designed to harvest his seed as quickly as possible.

It certainly did not take long. After a couple of dozen thrusts he was quite ready to give her his semen. A tightness filled his balls, quickly traveling up his shaft until the pressure reached the head of his cock. Just like that he exploded into her, shooting load after load of fertile sperm deep into her womb. He continued to pump himself in and out of her, ensuring that she got her fill of his life-giving fluid. Only when he was completely spent did he pull out of her, his manhood already starting to deflate and return to its limp hanging position.

The two drones froze in place, the soldier with his half hard cock hanging in front of him and Mega Woman still standing in her bent position. They were finished with their 'job' and awaiting new orders. The laboratory technicians quickly gathered around the motionless human robots. One half attended to the soldier, taking him from the lab to another room. Mega Woman was ordered to return to the table. She dutifully stood in the proper place, her giant breasts jiggling and bouncing as she stepped back up onto the platform. A lab assistant wiped a cloth over her strong, smooth thighs and perfectly round ass, removing any extraneous genetic material that may have dripped from her pelvic area. The table then reclined back to a horizontal position with the Amazon standing/laying on it. A technician took great pleasure in sliding a pair of sheer silk pantyhose up her long, tan legs and over her full hips. These tights were especially designed to help keep the nude woman warm and comfortable as she incubated the doctor's future troops. An odd looking monitor was placed over her tight, taught stomach, connected to the computer next to the table. It was essentially a sonogram machine, which would keep track of the fetus as it grew inside her.

Next the control helmet was reconnected to the computer mainframe. A three dimensional image of her brain appeared on the computer's main monitor,
detailing how the machine was able to take control of and enslave her so completely. It was important to keep an eye on her mind as she 'slept', in
case something were to happen and she was to regain some sort of self-awareness. All of the information gleaned from her reconfigured mind would be quite valuable for future research.

Last but not least a pair of silver metal bowl-shaped devices were placed onto her mechanically enhanced breasts, small attachments inside them connecting with her fully engorged nipples. Soon after the equipment bound to her flesh a steady stream of warm, fresh milk begin to flow from them through a pair of hoses into a containment unit in the lab. It was as if a dam had burst, allowing the sweet nectar to release from those massive jugs. The milk would be used to help nourish the army of slaves that the doctor planned to create and command.

The doctor stood over his 'creation' and broke into a devilish grin that stretched from ear to ear. Until this moment a small part of him still doubted that his plan could come off without a hitch, that such a woman could be captured and converted into his obedient slave. It had worked, though. Oh how well it had worked. Mega Woman, once the most famous and powerful superheroine the world over was now little more than a mindless, soulless, living machine; programmed to serve and obey her master for the rest of her life.

This story is inspired by my favorite authors and artists: Ray, Knyght, Laura, and Flambeau. I appreciate any feedback, positive or negative. I can be reached at I enjoy chatting with people about these subjects so please feel free to drop me a line anytime. Thanks for reading.

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