Tales of Terror 6

by Paul G. Jutras

Lois the Snow Woman

      It was a snowing heavily December 19th and ace reporter Lois Lane was trudging through the snow toward the Daily Planet. All the roads  were closed and she couldn't get a taxi to work. Unlucky for her they were all busy. Luck played a different part in what happened to her next.

     As she was passing the jewelry store,  the front window shattered and The Sorceress flew out with a sack of gems. At the same moment, Superman came fly out of the sky like a red and blue rocket. "Not so fast!"

     "I don't think so, Man of Steel." The Sorceress said as she aimed her wand at the young reporter. As the magic hit Lois, she stiffened, paled, and changed into a female snowman. "You're going to have your own problems to deal with in a moment."

     "Better handle her before she melts." The Sorceress said as she took off into the sky. Superman took one look at her frozen girlfriend and range burned in his eyes. Using his heat vision, The Sorceress' wand became too hot to handle. As she dropped it, she dropped into Superman's hands.

      "Don't worry Miss Lane, I'll be right back." Superman said as his super speed was used to bring The Sorceress to jail and return. When he did, he found she was gone, but footsteps in the snow left a trail for him to follow.

     "Great Krypton! It can't be!" Superman said as he peered into the building and saw a snow woman typing up the story at Lois' desk. Flying into the closet window, Superman changed to mild manner reporter, Clark Kent and headed toward Lois' office.

      "Great Scott, Lois!" Clark said, acting like he had seen her for the first time. "Lois, are you alright?"

     "I've lost a little weight due to the hot lights, but once I hand in the report, I'll will another award for my reporting." Lois said as she went in and handed the story to a shock Perry White. "I need to go outside and cool off."

      "You need more than that." A young James Olsen Jr. (Jimmy to his friends) said as he activated his Superman signal watch. Making sure nobody was looking, Clark backed up to the office window and fell out. As he dropped toward the ground, he changed to Superman and returned.

      "Superman thanks goodness." Jimmy declared. "None of the super / magic powers or Mr. Action stunts can deal with something like this."

      "This is beyond my league as well." Superman confessed at the living snow woman. "We do know if she stays here she'll melt by spring." 

     "What do you suggest... The Justice League?" Lois asked.

      "Just one...Batman." Superman said as he took out his JLA communicator. "Since he has dealt with Mr. Freeze in the past, maybe Victor Freeze can help. If Batman can locate him in time. "

    Scooping Lois in his arms, Superman took off for Gotham City, feeling the coldness of her snow skin. The cool breezes stir up by the super speed kept her frosted and a blind fold was use to keep her from seeing the location of the Bat cave. Getting up on a table, she had a skin sample exam by Batman. It did remind The Dark Knight of the sample he once took of Mr. Freeze.

     "Do you know what he is?" Superman asked.

    "Only that he's currently at large." Batman said as he got Lois a special suit to wear that would keep her cool in the Bat Cave. Meanwhile Superman and Batman started to track down every underworld lead.

      Hour after hour was spend talking with every underworld connection from The Penguin in his night club to the former owner of The Daily Planet, now leader of Intergang.  They went into the wee hours of the following morning before they found his hideout.

     "Freeze!" Batman shouted as he knocked open the doors. While the cold Mr. Freeze had set the room on was too much for the mortal cape crusader, it held no problem for the man of tomorrow.


       "I could have you arrested for breaking and entering." Mr. Freeze said without emotion as Superman grabbed both the man in one arm and his mobile suit in the other.

     "Get dressed, Freeze!" Superman ordered. "You're going to save a woman's life."

      A short time later, Batman had set Mr. Freeze up in a lab and Superman had brought Lois to  be exam.  It was well pass noon before Mr. Freeze finally came out of the operating room to see a concern Superman and a ridged Batman starring up at him from a waiting room couch. "Well?"


      "I managed to stabilize her and keep her from ever melting." Mr. Freeze said feeling the same failure he had for his wife Nora. "Like myself, I was unable to turn her to normal. She'll be a living ice sculpture forever."

      "That's not the worst thing." Lois complained as she stood in the operating room doorway. "Just image how I'll look when this hair and these clothes go out of style. It's not like I can change either any more now that they've become eternally apart of my body."


 The Fates of the Altered

         "Barbie, can you come in here a minute?" Brad Brain said through the office intercom. Barbie gathered her note book and pencil before she stepped away from her desk and entered Brad's office.

      "You wanted to see me?" Barbie asked as Brad raised out up from his seat as he observed her legs while she came into the room. She sat down and crossed her legs with the whooshing sound of her nylon legs brushing against one another.

     "Yes, hot legs." Brad said as he started to pace about the office and circled her like a vulture. All the while he stared down her shirt at her ample breasts that made her feel bad about herself. "Take this down:"

     "To the Air/Space division in Texas." Brad when on. "We will have your rockets shipped out to you by the end of the week. And... Oh you smell so sweet, you sweet thing you."

    "Mr... I  mean Brad, the letter." Barbie said nervously as he nuzzled her neck. "That medallion around your neck looks quite old."

     "It belonged to my great, great grandma." Barbie said as she twirled it between her fingers. I'm told it's worth a lot, but I'd never sell it. Would you like a closer look, Brad dear?"

    "If a may." Brad said as he took hold of it and started to feel dizzy. As a dizziness over took both of them they passed out on the floor. Brad's male body recovered first, and took the medallion off of Barbie. Going to the window it was dropped toward the street below.

     "What happened?" Brad came to and his vision cleared to the sight of his own body leaning up against his desk. "Looks like you're my secretary now, BARBIE." Barbie said to the former Brad. "Now why don't you bring me some coffee and then type up the letter you wanted me to write yourself."


     Brad studied the scribbles that Barbie had started to write in short hand and then realized he had no choice but to obey his mistress. After typing the letter along with the memos and letters than came from the boss upstairs, Brad found his feet hurt and he took off Barbie's heels for awhile. He knew with the medallion gone that he'd best get use to being a single female.

     "Barbie," Brad heard his own voice come over the intercom. "I just remembered that you wanted me to get your dry cleaning for the party tonight. You'd better go now and get it so you can be back in time to clock out of work."

     "Right honey," Brad sighed as he headed out of the office as nothing more than a piece of eye candy for every male she passed on the way to the elevator.  When he got out to the street, he had hoped to see the medallion, but someone else had already picked up the legendary charm and moved on.

     The 13th year old boy name Stanley flipped the medallion in the air and took it to his gothic friend Mike in the public library. "Hey, Mike," Stanley said as he slid the coin like object across the table. "This thing looks old, do you think it's worth something?"

    "Let's see." Mike said as he went to the library shelf and went through the roll until he found the item he wanted. He brought the book to the table and opened the pages to one with a picture of the medallion on it. "This seems to be the one we want."

    "How much?" Stanley asked.

    "It isn't a money coin." Mike replied in shock. "Seems to be a soul switcher."

    "No fooling?"

    "If you really believe in magic." Mike said as Stanley grabbed hold of his friend hand and pushed the medallion into the back of the two girls in front of them. They all collapsed in a way that looked like they were asleep. The medallion dropped out of Stanley's hand and landed on the floor.

     Stanley and Mike woke to the screams of their former male bodies. Stanley just grabbed Mike and pulled his friend out into the public library. "Why did you switch us?"

    "To get into the girls group shower at school of course." Stanley roes lipstick mouth smiled as he headed toward the address listed in his purse. He couldn't wait for school the next day. As he rubbed his new breasts he could only grin at Mike. "I think you're going to love being a girl."

       "I thought I'd find you in the library." Dora said as she found Dan reading a book on being bankrupt. As she heard her heel click against a medallion on the floor, she picked it up and glance at the a books opened page while two boys ran off with tears in their eyes. Talking about how nobody believed that they were girls. "You know dear, I think I have a way to save the business."

     With a wicked look, Dora took Dan right home. She had Dan take the medallion and touch it to one of her blouses. He simple shrugged his shoulders and seeing no harm did as he was told. The first thing he noticed was his brown hair stretching down his back to the base of his spine. His nipples stretched the fabric of a white silk shirt, gray blazer, mini skirt and hose. He almost lost his balance in his new six in heels.  "What the hell did you do this for?!" Dan cried out as Dora snatched the medallion from him and locked it in her jewelry box.

    "You won't be needing this anymore, Belinda." Dora said with a smile as she help her new girlfriend to the car and drove down town to the bridge. Pulling to the edge, they got out and pushed the car over into the water. "There, we're all set."

     "For what?" Dan asked as they walked down the street awhile and caught a cab over to the shop.  As the new Belinda start to go to work as Dora's secretary, she answered a phone call from the police about the car being found in the river. The body was assumed to of floated out to sea.

      As Dora had planned, she collected the insurance from Dan's fatal car crash and invested in the business with herself running her husband's business. As the store made a successful  come back, Dan found his new life included keeping the office tidy along with answering the phone and looking sexy for the clients. As Belinda, Dan couldn't let on who he really was so he had to take a small wage salary and live in the spare room rather than sleeping with his wife.

     As time went on, the personality that was Dan disappeared more and more each time Belinda's crotch moisten around a man. By the time the seven year limitation on their fraud had passed, only Belinda remained. With all of Dan's clothes sold to good will, there wasn't a way to use the medallion to change her back to Dan.

      With Dan gone forever, Dora took the medallion and sold it to a pawn shop. One which was soon bought by a pimp to give his most popular hooker, Melanie. She had been hired to be the escort of a young business man in town to make a few sales. She had stripped down to everything but the medallion that hung around her neck and as they pressed against one another things began to happen.

    As they swapped bodies, Melanie's penis penetrated and filled Mr. Scott's vagina completely. As she pumped away and filled it with her juices, he passed out. When he woke up, he found himself laying naked in bed, finding the weight of the jugs on his chest making it hard to sit up. A cell phone, some money and a business card was on the bed beside his naked form.

    "Come on Melanie." Mr. Scott's new pimp said as he came in and found the man putting on the woman's bra, panties, heels and mink coat. All any hooker really needed. What Mr. Scott needed was the medallion that the real Melanie took with her when she took his body.

      Melanie had taken Mr. Scott's body to the high school where Melanie's younger sister and brother went. She gave her sister the medallion and told her of the power it processed. It took some convincing of Melanie to convince her who she was, but it was worth it in her mind.

     After school, Jennifer took the medallion to Jake's bedroom. She always wanted to try to be a guy and promised the body swap would only be for a couple of days. Jake had to admit that he was curious and wanted to be as popular as she was in school. Figuring he might learn something, he agreed.

     The next day, Jennifer's mother was going through their rooms looking for something for a yard sale. She notice a medallion on the dresser that she never saw Jennifer wear and figured it was perfect for the sale.


      Utena stopped by when she saw the yard sale sign and bought it. She wondered what the written means and decided to look it up in the public library much like Mike had done before. This gave her an idea. Her boyfriend was always putting down her fashion sense and figured he should be taught a lesson.

     Going down to the beach bar where he worked, Utena showed up with her hair looking like they were still in curlers after they were removed, a black nylon blouse, wrap around skirt and a pink corset. "What do you think of my new outfit?" She asked as she walked in and ordered a beer.

     When he started to laugh at her appearance, she took the medallion and touched his hands to her clothes. He soon turned from her boyfriend to her new twin sister in a matching outfit. The former Jim Rock didn't know which was worst. The corset or the six inch heels. He did learn what was worst when his boss formed him to change into the skimpy waitress uniform dress code the bar had.

      At the end of the week, Jennifer went to get the medallion before Jake had to suffer from her time of the month, when she couldn't find it. The two soon turned the house upside down before Jake finally collapsed in his sister's pink sport bra, black spandex shorts and three inch wooden sandals exhausted from the search and thinking of the life he had ahead of him. It was hair clips, bracelets and pink nail polish for him from now on.

         "How interesting." A tall sexy blonde name as she made her way to the employee locker area. After Jim headed back on the floor in his new uniform, Winnie swiped the medallion from the locker.

      She had herself a good night sleep and the next afternoon met her boyfriend Larry at the church. She had overheard Larry tell his friends that he was doing to dump her at the alter and now had a chance for revenge. When the bridesmaid went to the bathroom, she went from her dressing room to his.

     "Don't you know it's bad luck to see the groom before the wedding?" Larry said as she held up the medallion and caused dizziness enough for Winnie to snatch the medallion out of her former delicate hand. "Marry me or stay this way forever!" She demanded.

     Larry's friends were surprise when their friend went through with the wedding. Larry found himself stripped to Winnie's underwear on the honeymoon bed when he saw his former body standing before him. "I just might change you back after a child or two." Winnie said as she took her body in her arms with a loving embrace. "You look so sexy as me."

      A year later as a housewife later, Winnie planned their second honeymoon. Larry first had to go to the beauty salon for the full treatment. First his hair was given a perm. As he ran his hands through his silky hair, he got a manicure and pedicure followed by a shiny polish. He got a leg and bikini wax before going shopping for a new outfit.

      As Larry had hoped to be the groom for this honeymoon, Larry found himself on his back once again. "I decided to get rid of the medallion and let you stay in my body forever. I like work and never cared for the joy of child birth."

     "Who did you give it to?" Larry begged.

    "Just some housewife who was passing through on her way home in another town."

    That housewife like so many others was tired of skirts and heels. Not to mention a husband who thinks women have it easy. When Carl swap bodies with her so she could take her own picture for a men's magazine. As Carl felt the crotch of his pantyhose getting wet, he couldn't believe how horn he was  by his own male body. Sitting in just the hose and a slip, he didn't know that the swap was a forever thing.


Mannequin Mix-Up 2

     Janet and Christine had always been into cars and motor shows. They always wanted a chance to work one of the shows and got a chance when they read in the paper than one was coming to their town. "Think we should try out for it?"

      "Why not." Christine said as she sipped her coffee and went to change into something sexy. Both girls slipped on shinny suntan hosiery with four inch open toe shoes and moon shape earrings. Christine wore a spaghetti strap blue and white go-go dress that barely reached her hips. Janet slipped on a white bikini over her hose covered legs as they passed the latest creations.

      "There's the sign we were told to look for in the paper." Janet pointed to a staff wanted sign and went in to apply.

       "You want to model the cars do you?" The woman inside the office asked.

     "Sure thing, Miss -." Janet said as she held out her hand.

    "Call me Cleo." Cleo smiled as she shook their hands and asked them to stand still while she took out a spray gun. "This will immobilize you and give your body a sheen like a mannequin plastic."

      "First lets make sure you really enjoy yourself." Cleo smiled as she pulled down their pantyhose one at a time and slipped a dildo and butt plug into each one before she rubbed their sex and pulled them back up.

       "Let's pose you." Cleo said as she had Christine stand with her legs two feet apart, her right palm on her hip and the left pointing toward a car. Janet was made into a reclining mannequin on the hood of one car.

      "I feel like I'm going to cum." Janet spoke her last words as Cleo finished working the spray over her body before moving to Christine. Christine had already made her hose wet, though it wasn't as notice under her 1960s style dress.

     "What about the display?" Cleo asked herself as she carried the two one at a time and place them before a different car.


     "Hopefully it will only be for a couple of days." Cleo said. Janet and Christine wanted to answer but couldn't speak a word. They eye balls were also frozen open so they couldn't blink and looked more natural like mannequins. "Unless the show goes over well and we need you longer."

     As the day wore on, Janet found she wasn't bored at all. The dildo and butt plug inside of her had vibrators that kept her unknowingly  entertained and unaware of those passing by. An hour after the store closed, the devices shut themselves off and Janet and Christine wondered why they couldn't move yet.

     "Have fun?" Cleo asked with a smile as Janet notice that none of the mannequin models hired were moving at all.  They didn't understand why they weren't release from the plastic at the days end for the show.

     "A lot more fun to come." Cleo admitted as she sat down, removed Christine's  shoes and rubbed her feet. Electrical sparks shot through her body as she was unable to notice her toes were now fused together.  "Hope you'll enjoy your life as mannequins models. The contract you signed allowed me to turn you into real mannequins. If you do good in the show, I'll sell you to Dixon Department Stores."

     "I've talked to Mr. Jordan Dixon, our branch manager, and you may have yourself full time jobs with us like those who aren't real mannequins." 

     The evening went by slowly as they could do nothing but stare at the moonlight shining off the fiberglass car tops. They were happy when the exhibit reopened in the morning. They were even more happy when the exhibit ended since they figured they would be restored to normal. Instead, they were packaged in boxes and shipped to one of Mr. Dixon's stores.

      Christine found herself stripped first. She was taken to the sleepwear department in a baby doll and had a display rod stuck up her ash. As it connected to the vibrating butt pug, she felt a surge of warm pleasure sent through her body.

     Janet was put in a pink mini dress and four inch sandals with straps across the top. She was then placed on a couch in the furniture department to give the living room set up a lived-in look. New lives that were just the beginning for the two girls.


Spells 'R Us:  Magic Potions

      On Saturday Morning Harold Hood and his twin brother Mark didn't have to work. While Harold spent the morning watching the playboy channel,  Mark and his friend Louis went to do some last minute Christmas shopping at the mall.

      "Look over there." Louis pointed out.  "A new magic store. We can get us some gag gifts for your brother and some of our friends."

    "Good idea."

    As they walked into the store, a bell hanging behind it signaled the store owner of a customer. A few minutes later, a old man with a long white beard and an old robe came walking into the front area. "Hello there. Strange how I was only expecting one this visit."

     As Louis went over to one of the mannequins displaying a super hero costume, Mark talked to the wizard. "How could you be expecting us when we didn't know your store was here?"

     "I'm a wizard." The Wizard said. "There's something odd about you that makes it hard to read you."

     "If you're really a wizard then you can sell me real magic spells that really work?" Mark said with a devilish grin as he looked over toward his best friend. A friend who he was tried of being a third wheel on his dates.

      "That's right." The Wizard said as Mark asked for a magic potion that would turn  his friend into a chick who like to look her best for him. He wanted to teach Louis a lesson about how dates were suppose to be like.

     "Here are two vials." The Wizard said with a warning. "The blue one is for you and the red one is for him. Don't mix them up.

          "I think I got the perfect gag gift." Mark said as he paid the wizard and they headed to Mark's house. Harold had moved to the kitchen to fix himself a snack when the guys came in the house.

     "Good, Harold doesn't seem to be home." Mark said pretending the gag was for his brother. "How about we test it and I'll be the subject. "You bottle will be harmless and mine has something special in it."

    "Okay." Louis agreed as Mark didn't know he had really mixed up the potions. Louis looked stunned as Mark turned into a beautiful blonde in a strapless black dress with slits up the sides of the legs.

     "Mark?" Louis asked in shock.

    "Who's Mark," Mark asked. "My name is Melody. I'll finish getting ready for our date."

     Pleased at how things at turned out, Louis decided not to say anything. Harold, the former Mark's bi-sexual brother watched from the kitchen and got an idea. Going out the kitchen door, he headed for the mall.

      "May I help you." The Wizard said as he came out after answering the door. "Didn't you already come here?"

     Harold then thought of a way to get the potion for free. "I dropped it on my way home and wondering if you gave free replacements?"

     "Of course." The Wizard said, sensing something was wrong with this situation. Not like being tricked, he took a torn scroll from off the shelf. "I'm all out of the potions, but this scroll will allow you to make your own."

     "Thanks" Harold said as he returned to the kitchen to find his sister Melody and her new boyfriend were out of there date. He got the stuff he needed onto the counter and started mixing.

      The mixture did more than he had could of dreamed as he ran his painted fingers through his long blonde hair as his breasts ballooned on his chest. He spun around in a white blouse with plunging neckline, floral mini skirt, thigh high nylons and two inch open toe heels. If he knew the wizard at left out an ingredient, he wouldn't of drank the potion. His thoughts of how many men and women he could get into bed with such a body soon changed to thoughts of how Heidi was unable to resist men. Heidi soon went out on a prowl for men with a top that showed off the puppies on her chest.


       Second Chance Gift

      Felix lost his job four months ago and was still looking. In the meantime, his girlfriend  was getting fed up with having to pay for their dates.   "Any luck today?" Trudy asked over Italian dinner.

     "Sorry Trudy." Felix said with a sigh. "I've been to interviews all day and those who has considered me said it would be six to eight weeks of checking my background before they decide. That'll probably be a reject too."

      "I guess I can count on my Christmas stocking being empty this year." Trudy said as she finished eating and left. Felix headed down toward the super market where he saw a man in a Santa suit moving from the employee area to the photo with Santa area.

        "You look a bit down." Santa said with a ho, ho, ho.  "How can old St. Nick help you this Christmas?"

     "Unless you're the real Santa and can get my girl her favorite gift, I don't think you can help." Felix said as he signed and picked up the food he could afford with his unemployment check.  He knew they'd be ending someday if he didn't get himself a job. "If only I didn't have to worry about work."

       That Christmas Eve Felix went to bed with a sad look that his girl would have nothing from him under her tree or in her stocking this year. As he drifted off to sleep, he heard the sound of sleigh bells and hoof steps on the roof.

         The next day, a couple was having a Christmas breakfast of waffles when a five year old Trudy came bouncing downstairs in her purple night shirt. Her mother handed her a present with green wrapping for her to tear into. When she opened the box there was a rag doll that had once been the adult  Trudy's boyfriend.

     "She's beautiful." Trudy cried as she gave her mother a hug. The aware Felix could feel his limp female body being pressed between Trudy's flat chest and her mothers DD breasts. "I love it."

     "Don't thank me, honey." Trudy's mother said with a chuckle as her dad and her winked at one another. Each thinking it came from the other. "The card says that this one is from Santa."

     Felix would never have to get a job again as her favorite Christmas gift. He would never have sex with her again, but her touch would always send surges of pleasure for his new form. While he sat on the shelf at night or when Trudy was at school he'd remain aroused, unable to pleasure himself until she came home to play with him.




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