Tales of Terror - 7

by Paul G. Jutras

The next installment in an ongoing anthology of petrifaction and transformation.


     "Nobody know he talks some of the most successful businessmen in the world into giving up their companies." The TV anchorman said on the TV as a man in a three piece suit picked up his car phone. Flipping it open like a Captain Kirk communicator, he started dialing.

     "Yes, it's me." The man said in a tone that would send chills up the spine of the bravest of people. "I want you to find what you can on a Jennings Leon."

     "Listen, if your father finds out I'll be in trouble." The voice of a young man spoke back. "I really think..."

    "You don't think." The man interrupted. "Unless you want me to turn you in personally, you'll do as say. Now see about faxing me the information that I want right away. Is that clear?"

     "Clear." The phone hung up. A few seconds later a  last came out of the fax machine. The top of the document simple read NAUGHTY 'N NICE.

      Meanwhile at the North Pole elves were busy running about making toys and keeping the workshop clean and safe. The boys were dressed in blue carpenter pants outfits and the girls in pink dresses and tights. Both wore winter hats and shoes that curled at the toes.

     All eyes turned on the front door as Santa came walking in to inspect the progress of his elves. With a belly laugh he went pass a blond girl in braided pigtails and a trio of young men who were tripping over one another like a group of stooges. "Now, Now Whoops." Santa said as he saw the fire crackers in his hands. "We're putting together for Christmas not the fourth of July. This is The North Pole not the Island of Lost Years. We haven't needed to visit their since that trouble Eon the Terrible gave us."

     "We could of use those rockets against him." An elf name Fristsroy said as he helped Whoops pack the fireworks away. "We'll take care of it boss."

    "The trees look nice." Santa smiled at Lesley and patted her on the back. "So are the stocking stuffers,  Nikki."

     As one elf went to check on the Christmas magic, he turned to see a receipt of the outgoing fax about a Leon Jennings for Santa's son. "Somebody's going to be demoted." He said as he took a spoonful of Christmas magic and carried it over to

Fristsroy. As he dumped it over his head the short, dark hair turned long, blond and braided.  Feeling like he was suddenly sitting on a pillow, Fristsroyl; now known as Flora, looked over at the head elf.

     "You were wrong repeatedly that the N.O.N files were off limit to you." The head elf said with a sigh. "Dealing with a man like Matterson. What were you thinking, Flora?"

     "I owed him a favor." Flora admitted.

    "Fristsroy owed him a favor." The new female elf was reminded. "Flora doesn't owe a thing and I don't expect to hear any more about this. Otherwise you might be spending Christmas in the stables as a reindeer."

      "Okay, Jennings are you ready to sign over your business?" Santa's son asked as he walked into the board room with confidence.

     "Taylor, we've known each other for a long time now." Mr. Jennings said as he paced about the room. "You know the company been in my family for generations. I'm not going to hand it over to you and that's final."

      "I know you've been robbing your own company to fill your pockets with spending money." Taylor Matterson said as he pulled out the N.O.N list. "You stole other people's products and passed them off on your own. You're selling toys that's been proven unsafe to children."

    "What do I sign?" Mr. Jennings asked. "I'm sure the contract is with you."

     A group of elves picked up the sorted letters from the post office. The postmaster muttered and passed back and fourth as he read through memos dealing with mechanical problems. "Another 9,000 letters today and the E-mail amount crashes our computer system. What ever happened to the good old days."

       "Excuse me," Snipes came in with a mug of coffee. "I figured you could use some help staying away with this over time we're putting in."

      "Thanks, Snipes." The postmaster said as he took a sip. "Is there anything else?"

      "We at the postal union think that you're taken for granted," Snipes said with confidence. "We do all the work and Santa takes all the credit."

       "You know, you're right." Postmaster Ambros said as Snipes took the troops to the workshop and kidnapped the elves. He then kidnapped Santa from the main house and took them all to the North Pole Post Office.

      Back in L.A Tyler Madison was at his office when he picked up the phone to call his North Pole source. After several minutes of ringing, the chief Elf; who was minding the office, answered it. "Hello?"

    "Where's Fristsroy?" Tyler asked.

    "Flora has been demoted and we have a bigger problem." The Chief Elf said. "We have everyone missing. Including Santa."

     "Did you say missing?" Tyler asked. "Was it a robbery. Are the computers damaged?"

    "Forget about the computers." The Chief Elf said has he hung up and continued the search.

      A short time later, Tyler Matterson was at the airport with his private pilot, Murry. As they climbed aboard, Murry held up the instructions written down. "This location doesn't make sense sir. We'll be flying in two directions at once to get there."

      "This is a need to know operation." Tyler said he was flown to Santa's village at the North Pole.  As Tyler went in to download the Naughty N Nice file onto a CD, the postmen grabbed him, Murry and the chief elf.

     "Is everyone accounted for now?" Snipes asked one of the postmen.

    "Yes sir." The uniformed man answered. "The fall of Santa and raise of The Snow King has come about."

    "Excellent." Snipes said. "All we have to do is load up the sleigh and we're off."

    "You don't know how to deliver the presents." Santa chuckled.

    "How hard is it to drop some presents at a bunch of houses?" The postmaster asked.

    "400 million houses in twenty four hours?" Santa asked.

      "I can help you." Tyler jumped to his feet. "You can't do it without me."

    "Son, no." Santa begged.

   "How tragic, your own son is helping The Snow King." Snipes said getting Tyler  out

of the cell and they headed upstairs. There Taylor laid out the whole time warp plan that Santa uses to travel so far in such a short time.

       When Tyler was sure he wasn't being watched anymore, he headed down the cells with the keys and let out Santa and the others. They were leaving the post office when Snipes spotted them. "Stop them!" he ordered.

     Taking the Christmas Magic, Santa turned the postmen into reindeer and Snipes into a donkey since he always was a jackass. Santa then sat Ambros down and talked out their problems. Straightened it all out.

        "Just one more thing." Santa said as he turned to Tyler. Throwing some Christmas magic on him, Tyler found the world getting bigger as Tyler got younger. He then felt the tickle of hair on his neck as he looked at himself and realized he was a girl. "You've been on my naughty list since you left home. Let see if you can start over right."

     "Since you've always been on my nice list, Murry." Santa said as the magic changed Murry into the exact lightness of the male Tyler. "You get the business and his playboy life if you want it.

     PAULA THE MERMAID (Photo from Jacquie Winsor  site: http://www.geocities.com/mutantab/)

      It was Christmas day and I was busy surfing the internet to the sound of my cat's singing electronic fish coming from the other room. I had just finishing hitting  my favorite statue and transformation story sites when I decided to check out some of the clubs that dealt in caption pictures. Ever since I came across my first, I  was hooked.

      "Not much going on today." I thought to myself as  the first two clubs I  hit didn't have any new items. I then hit the third one and came across some new pictures of girls in Elf, Santa and present wrappings with amusing captions that made me laugh enough to print out and add to my favorite collection.

       I then went to another site and found one of my friends from the story sites had new captions on her private web site. Six new ones to be precise. Each one got better and more enjoyable than the last.

       I moved from one site to another until I came across another site that had two image areas. "All right." I thought to myself. "I can always use another site of caption images for me to amuse myself with."

      Starting at the top of the list I went through the caption images on at a time. When I came across one caption which ending didn't make sense to me, I E-mailed the owner of the site of my confusion. I then continued until I finished with the first image location and moved on to the second.

    "That's strange." I thought to myself as I looked at the image and then below at the caption beneath it. My eyes followed the lines of a mermaid on a rock to that of a woman in a bikini. "This is odd." I said as I E-mailed my comment about mermaid to the owner of the site as I commented to her before.

     Logging out for awhile, I had Christmas dinner with my family. It wasn't until after the party and everyone gone home that I decided to check for any E-mail messages. As his fingers went to type his internet password, an electrical shot knocked me off the chair and across the room. "What was that?" I asked as a electrical spark passed between my fingers; which now felt all tingly. "Better let it cool off."

     Going into the bathroom, I started to run the water into the tub. As I ran my hand across the chin, I notice that I didn't have any five o' clock shadow on my face. In fact it felt smooth that I had remembered in a long time. "Weird." I thought as I stripped out of my clothes and climbed into the tub. I just closed my eyes and let the soothing warm water wash my worries away.

    That wasn't all that was happening. As I laid in the tub, my legs began to fuse together and take a darker tone. I didn't notice it or anything until my nipples expanded into full breasts being tickled by the water and water hair sinking into the water behind me.

    "What the--." I began to say as I found that I had been changed into a mermaid with a nail color turning to match my tail.

    The bathroom door opened and a woman stepped in with two men. The men helped me out of the tub, carried me to the bed and dried me off. When the owner of the web site I commented on introduced herself, she tossed me a spaghetti strap shirt to put on my new chest. I was more than a little bit surprised to discover that requests & suggestions are sometimes literally answered.

     "You were cycling through my web pages when you said my mermaid pic wasn't quite accurate." The woman snickered at what she had done to me. "Well now you're not only a rather astonished cutey-pie but also an expect swimmer! Bye now."

      "I've got to trade in this mattress for a waterbed!" I thought to myself as I accepted and to face my new life. Not that I had any choice.


    "Come on -- It's a beautiful day, and your a beautiful girl, Terri." Charles said as he sat down on the beach beside the young autumn hair beauty in a black bikini. "We've only here until the end of the week and it's back to school."

    "Easy for you to say - you don't graduate at the end of the semester." Grumbles Terri as she check her lap top for jobs. "If I want to be a high paying model, I need to find a place to hire me."

     "With a body like yours, finding a job after spring break should be easy." Charles said as he nozzle her neck. "Vacation is supposed to be all about surf and hot chicks like you. You are the hottest on the beach."

    "I told you I'm not going to have sex and risk getting pregnant." Terri said as she notice the time and logged off her computer before she went to meet her friend Barbie at a pool hall called THE PIER.

      "Terri, over here!" Barbie called from over at the pool table. "I'd like you to meet Josie. Her swim shop is putting out it's own magazine and she's looking for models. I told her that you two should meet."

    "I think I could use her as well." Josie smiled devilishly at the young girl. "Just remember our bet. I won the pool game and now you're mine. Our contract is even in writing."

     "I got no problem making some extra money." Barbie said as she put her cue stick away and the three girls headed for Sensational Swimwear to talk about what Josie wanted of them.

    "Hello Bob?" Barbie Brain said into her cell phone as she stood in a semi-transparent blouse and tan short shorts. He blue painted toes dug beneath the sand.  "I'm going to have to cancel dinner tonight. Terri and I are doing some photo shots for Sensational Swimwear's new magazine. Josie was talking about doing some night shots too."

        "I know I was suppose to have the day off." Barbie went on as Terri sat with her legs crossed behind her while Josie worked on her make up. "I ran into Josie while we were at the pier's pool bar and said we'd be perfect for her magazine. She made a bet that if she won in a game of pool, we'd do this footage."

"Barbie, we're ready for you." Josie said as Barbie took a seat beside Terri, waiting for her make up to be done.  Terri had the bottom of her bikini lowered and a dildo shoved up her sex. "This should allow you to have some fun while I fix your friend up."

     After Josie finished with Barbie's make up, She pulled aside the bottom of her one piece and slipped a dildo into her moist sex. "Your friend shouldn't have all the fun." She said as the girls did a series of poises.

     "Simply beautiful." Josie said as she shot Terri in a beach chair and laying on her stomach on a beach towel.  She shot Terri and Barbie playing ball at the beach and jumping waves. Each of the shots had a shinning smile in the girls faces thanks to the dildo pumping away inside their crotch.

     When the shots were finished in the early evening, they went to their hotel room to change for the dance clubs. Barbie was always into the erotic and knew just how not to loose the pleasure the dildo buried in her caused. She slipped on a pair of suntan pantyhose and stretched out in the tub with her hips jerking and her moaning to herself.

     At the same time, Terri laid on top of her bed with her dildo keeping her company while she waited her turn. As she rubbed her crotch, she hardly notice her stroking going slower and slower. "What's... happening... to ... me?"

      "Barbie?" Terri said with her last word before she lost her voice forever.

     She didn't know how long she laid their, listening to the television. After a while, the door opened and Josie stood over her. A hollow tap on Terri stomach told Josie that she was ready. With a knife, she cut off the bikini and gave her sexless crotch and erect nipples a rub. "I knew you'd be perfect."

     Going into the bathroom, Josie careful took Barbie out of the tub and pulled the hose off her legs. Taking some nail remover, Barbie's blue toes were removed and given a new polish of pink. "That's much better."

     Josie had just finished with Barbie's toes when the shipping people showed up with two crates big enough for a person to be carried in. As they were carried out, Josie paid the hotel bill for them and made it look like they ran off to become professional models.

         In a way they had become professional models. With rods up their butts, they were set up next to each other on the floor. Josie had a new black bikini on while Barbie had a blue and white bikini. Josie had to smile as one of the shoulder straps of Barbie's bikini was between two frozen fingers like she was about to remove it.


      A month had gone buy since the housewife was given the medallion of Zulo from a body swapper who didn't want to give up the body it gave her. Now she can see why.

 Mrs. Outback loved the power she had as a male on a business board of directors. She certainly taught her husband about how bad betting was. While she had spent her time with board meetings and parties, he was cleaning, cooking and doing all the wash. Not to mention getting dress in lovely uncomfortable clothes for the parties she showed him off at.

      "You going to dance with me?" Mrs. Outback said as she walked up in a her husband's tux while he sat body the bar in her body dress in a floral print dress and 2 inch sandals.

     "I'm just going to sit with my drink until the party is over and we can switch back." Mr. Outback said as he took a sip.  "I bet you didn't think I could make the month."

    "Did I hear bet?" Mrs. Outback giggled as he slapped his wife's forehead with her hand. "Damn! That means I'm stuck in your body for another month."

    "More like forever." Mrs. Outback said under her breath since her husband didn't know that she had given the medallion away as soon as she discovered she preferred being a man.

     The next day when Jack Outback went to steal the medallion, he found it was gone. As he stared at the empty box Susan walked up behind him in his body. "Thought you could change us back huh? We can make it on a single income so if you get me a job I might switch back."

     Holding up Susan's skirt, he finished pulling her hose up about the hips and stepped into the four inch black pumps that went with her back suit. He soon waited with a half a dozen other women for the job. Her wife, now her husband, told to be nice to the boss to get the job. What she meant as nice worried him.  It would be several miles in heels before he'd get a job a learn the medallion was out of his life for good.

   "This is too perfect." Sam chuckled as he stood before his old body with the medallion of Zulu between two red polish and well trimmed nails of one hand while the other leaned on the hip between his bosses white blouse and black skirt. "I can't believe the boss' partner would give an average worker like me such power. Now  I'm the female boss and security escorted that rich bitch out of here in my body."

      As Sam turned on the TV to see what the news station was airing, a four inch sandal foot kicked the door open. A woman with a name tag that read Amy was dress in a matching outfit to Sam except for white hose instead of black. She quickly pointed a shot gun in Sam's direction.

    Before Sam knew what was happening a group of female workers had his hands tied behind his back and ankles together as he was taken to the couch of an empty office. A gag was place in his mouth as a different woman as handed the shot gun as Sam had his head rested on Amy's crotch while her Sam's breast was played with. "We already sent the ransom to your father, Mary." Amy said as she made Sam's empty crotch go wet. "After we're finished groping you, you'll learn not to be such a bitch of a boss."

    "What's this?" Amy said as she saw the medallion drop to the floor. "It has some weird markings on it?"

     Sam started to make crazy sounds through his gag as his eyes went  wide eyed in panic. The medallion would be the only way they'd believe that Sam wasn't really the bitch he had gotten revenge on for the cruel treatment given the workers. "Maybe it'll fetch us so soda."

    Melody took the coin down the hall and put it into the machine. The slug did get a soda out of the machine only to turn around to find two police officers waiting for her. A dozen more were outside the building and a S.W.A.T team inside freeing the boss' new daughter.

     "H... How did you get here so fast?" Sam asked his new father who gave him a hug.

    "Lucky the cleaning staff came across the security tape showing the kidnapping and called 911." The father said as he took Sam home.

     The next day Lucy was getting a soda from the machine at work on her way home when the medallion came out of the return slot. "That's odd. I wonder if dad could tell me if it's worth anything?"

     As her father was looking it up in his coin book Lucy and her father Clark touched the medallion at the same. They felt dizzy and passed out on the floor. Whey they came to, Clark and Lucy stared at one another and screamed at the site of looking at themselves.

     "The medallion has to be somewhere." Clark said as it felt funny sitting at his desk in his daughters green dress, hose and six inch pumps. Clark found the desktop too high and the dress caused him to slide out of his leather chair.

    "I was reading that the medallion is a soul switcher, but witchcraft isn't real." Clark said as he looked around but couldn't see the medallion anywhere. He could see that the medallion had fallen through an air vent into the basement trash where only someone in the dump would find.

     "It isn't anywhere." Lucy complained on hands and knees when her father showed up and suggested that Lucy go to bed early for work the next day. Lucy reluctantly went to bed with her mother while Clark went to bed in her daughters room. It was a restless night sleep for both who weren't use to sleeping in such a situation. Clark let out a heavy sigh as he heard sex noises from the bed room.

   The next day Clark dress for work. This morning when he woke up, he had hoped the body switch was all just a dream. They had no choice but to let Clark go to Lucy's job and Lucy goes to Clark's.

     As Clark found being a secretary to be boring, he continued to get coffee, empty ash trays and type everything up that was put in his IN box.  By the afternoon he thought he was going to be board to death when Mr. Burns asks Clark to come into his office to meet with Josie from Sensational Swimwear.

    "I'd like you to meet the owner of a little swim shop at the beach." Mr. Burns said to Clark as she held out a mannequin of mannequins. "These mannequin models are part of her new catalog ads which she wants to take part of. I arranged for you to take a leave of absence."

     "You got the rest of the day off here with pay." Josie said as she let Clark walk ahead so that she could observe the sexy feminine body jiggle her way to the elevator.

    By the time Clark got to the beach shop, his feet was in such pain, the first thing he stated to do was unbuckle his daughter's shoes. Before he could,  Josie fired a magic bolt that put Clark in a trance. She stripped the former man and slipped a dildo into Clark's female pussy.  As the dildo pumped away, his skin changed into hard plastic. The perfect mannequin to model her swimwear for the magazine.


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