Tales of Terror - 8

by Paul G. Jutras

The next installment in an ongoing anthology of petrifaction and transformation.


    It was way pass midnight when secret agent Alex Gallery and his girlfriend Goldie had arrived back in his apartment. They began to undress one another when the hot line started to go off.

    "This is Agent Gallery speaking." Alex said as he picked up the phone. "The Buzzard is reported  spending his nights at the 57th Bordello and you want me to bring him in. Sounds a bit simple for a agent of my talent."

    "We know that Buzzard knows your face." The chief agent said as he sat in his office with his back to the speaker phone. "This is the reason we've arrange a special virus that will alter your genetic make up and facial appearance. Dr. Evan Strange will aid you."

     "I'm sorry honey," Alex said, turning toward Goldie. He gave her a kiss on the lips before leaving. "I guess I've got to go, but you can spend the night if you wish."

     Taking his hover Jag  across town to The Agency, Alex went over to the front desk where Nurse Janet Max had the agent sign a consent form for any work that the government considered needed for their agents missions.

    "Thank you." Janet said as she looked it over and saw everything was in order. "Go to room 402 and change into the hospital gown you'll find on the hanger. Dr. Strange will be with you in a moment."

     Thanks." Alex flashed a sexy smile that made Nurse Max blush before he heading into the room and changed.

      A short time later, Dr. Evan Strange came in with a pad full of forms and looked at the handsome dark hair man. "The chief has told me what your mission is and I see you've sign all the needed forms for me to proceed."

     "I'm ready when you are." Agent Gallery said as Dr. Strange took a needle and injected it into his arm. As the drug took effect, the agent felt dizzy and found the room spinning around him before passing out.

      "Where the heck am I?" Agent Gallery asked in a high pitch female voice that surprised him. As he got out of bed his discovered the weight of his large pillowy breasts on his chest. Brushing the long brown hair from his eyes, he found himself dressed in a black lace bra, tight black leather shorts and four inch thigh high leather boots.

      He looked around the bedroom and saw a tape recorder on the dresser. His sculpted and painted nail pressed the play button and he listened to the chief's voice playing his mission.

     "I'm sorry for not telling you that you will be playing the part of Buzzard's concubine in this mission." The pre-recorded voice said. "The virus altered more than your face as you have now realized. Your mission is place yourself at the mercy of Buzzard so you can get close enough for him to confess. You'll then arrest him."

      "Oh, man!" Alex exclaimed as he thought of the pretty nurse and Goldie. "I hope the virus is reversible."

     Before he could think about it, a monotone voice came over the loudspeaker that sent a shiver up his spine. "Welcome to Dream Come True Brothel. You'll always leave with a smile on your face,:

     Hearing the sound of approaching footsteps, Alex said on the bed in a sexy manner. He watched the door knob turn and saw Buzzard come in. With a smile, he walked over, sat next to the concubine and ran his hand through Alex's long silky hair. "You are a lovely one."

    "Thanks." Alex replied as he rubbed Buzzard's cock until it was hard while he rubbed Alex's new big boobs that made Alex feel wet between the legs. He found it hard to concentrate on his mission as they pealed one another clothes off and made love.

    Alex could feel Buzzard's swelled cock inside his new sex as they the rocked back and fourth on the mattress. They both moan constantly until they both broke in the orgasm of a lifetime. Between orgasms they Buzzard spilled his guts and were quickly arrested with a life sentence.


      "Well Tom, there goes Samantha again." Vinnie said as the girl with shoulder length blonde hair hopped onto her bike and rode off in a red tank top and blue denim shorts. "I have been trying to date her since she moved into the neighborhood last month."

     "There is no way she'll go for someone like you." Tom snickered at Vinnie as if he was in on a secret that that nobody else was in on. "She's only goes for that special sort of someone."

     "I suppose you're that special type of someone." Vinnie said with a grin. "I may not know what you know, but I can see to it that I'll get a date with her before you'll ever do. I'll see to it."

   "That I'd like to see." Tom said as he went for a walk while Vinnie took off for his bedroom computer. He soon brought up a web site company that showed two bugs hugging one another. "I'm going to see to it that nobody will date her but me."

     "I just hope these Hugglebugs nanites do as advertized." Vinnie said as he placed an order for the eternal spray and hit send on his computer. "Tom, or should I say Tanya, won't know what hit her."

     For the next week, Vinnie tried everything he could think of to ask Samantha out for a date. He was waiting outside her house to walk her to the high school bus, and was the ice cream shop waiting for her to show up with her female friends to for banana splits. He even followed her to the movies to make it a date, only to have bucket of popcorn poured over his head.

    He was never so glad when the package arrived from the Hugglebugs company. He went over to the phone and called Tom up. "Hey Tom, I got a new magic kit and would like to get your opinion."

     "Sounds like fun, I'll be right there." Tom replied.

    When Tom arrived, Vinnie has a wide smile on his face. He lead his friend into the windowless den and took out a can with a picture of two hugging bugs on the can. "I do need you to take off your clothes so they won't get stained or ruin."

    "All of them?" Tom asked.

   "You can leave your underwear on." Vinnie assured his friend as he watched Tom strip down to his boxers. Seeing Tom was cold, he adjusted the temp and began spraying all around Tom's body. "This will only take a few minutes."

      "You have a funny look on your face, Vinnie." Tom said as he heard an unfamiliar voice saying his words. He then looked down to see a perfect pair of unsupported breasts hanging off his now feminine chest. He ran his soft hands over his smooth, hairless body as his friend laughed.

    "You should look in the mirror." Vinnie chuckled. "You're now a girl."

    "You did this to me with that spray?" Tanya said as she took the can and read the instruction about what had happened to her. "If you think I'm going to be mad, you're dead wrong. You see, I've always been transgenered. This is what I've always wanted."

     "You mean you weren't after Samantha for a date?" Vinnie asked.

    "I was after  Samantha alright." Tanya giggled girlishly. "You were so busy trying to keep me from dating her that you never even saw that she was really a lesbian and now she's all mine."

      "You're not serious." Vinnie said in shock.

     "Oh, but I am." Tanya smiled as spread a cross her new face. "Your mother doesn't trust the adult sites you could get into and saw your outgoing mail to Hugglebugs. She called my mother who was quite pleased that you paid for my chance to really be the person I am."

    Vinnie was so upset that he leaped on Tanya and pulled off her male underwear before shoving his cock into his virgin vagina. Tanya felt like she was being torn apart as she couldn't shake him and found his hips thrusting up and down in quick thrusts. "If you're going for this type of lifestyle, I think you should have at least a taste of a real man." He said before pulling out.

      A month later, Tanya was returning home from her date with Samantha went her mother was waiting with a worried look on her face. Tanya went and sat down, seeing her concern. "What is mother?"

     "Now that the nanites had turned you into a real girl, you should of had your period by now." Tanya mother said with concern. "When was your last period?"

    "I never had a period." Tanya said as she remembered her former best friend attacking her after the transformation. "Oh no, you mean you think I'm pregnant?"

    The next day was Saturday and Tanya mother took her down to the doctor to have her check out. As it turned out, Tanya was pregnant. She had to retake her final exams in the summer after graduation, but when Tanya and Samantha moved out on their own, they were going to make a happy family with the baby girl they'd raise together.


     "Don't be such a coach potato, Ed." Lesley said in a velvet purple dress with a low neck line that came just above her knees. Her suntan hose covered feet stepped into a pair of matching sling back shoes and her arm  reached for her purse. "You look good in a tux. It is New Years Eve."

     "I do like that dress on you." Ed said as he nuzzled her neck and kissed. She was careful not to ruin her make up as they headed over to the Steinfeild Research Lab. Lesley and her fellow scientists had worked long and hard to improve the government as best they could. Tonight would be the office party Lesley wouldn't soon forget.

      On the way to the lab it started to rain and the car got a flat. "Oh, great." Ed complained knowing what was next. Lesley remained in the car while Ed got out in the rain and changed the flat. His tux was soaked when he got to the lab and Lesley helped him change into a lab coat while the tux dried off.

     "That should do for not." Lesley smiled as she took a wine glass from the set up bar. "Can I get you anything.?"

     "None for me, and you shouldn't drink either, my sweet dolly." Ed commented as she hiccup from her first Mickey. "You know how you get when you drink to much."

    "What are you going to do to stop me?" Lesley giggled as she finished drinking it.

     "I think I can do something." Ed said as he remembered Lesley talking during the passions of sex about her latest invention being a shrink gun to move objects easily. He quickly checked the room and found it in a draw. "You know this don't you?"

     "Know what, dear?" Lesley asked as Ed turned the ray on her. At first she felt hot and bothered. Her skin became over sensitive to the clothing on her body; which made her crotch wet. Relief came when her clothes became too big for her. The smaller she got, the shinier her skin became. Shiny as the hard plastic that it had become.

     "Oh, my." Lesley screamed with passion as her breasts went erect and remained that way. Instead of her vagina getting wet, she notice the slit that was her vagina had sealed itself up into a smooth plastic mound. By the time she was the size of a Barbie Doll, she was totally sexless and laying naked inside the glass of wine she held in her hand only moments ago.

     "I warned you if you didn't stop drinking I'd do something drastic." Ed said as he helped her out of the glass and used the edge of her dress to dry her off. "You do make a beautiful living doll."

    "Edward you fool!" Lesley shouted. "We haven't perfected the reversal beam yet. I'm stuck like this!"

      "I'm sorry honey but now I'm sure you'll stick to a one drink limit." Ed said as he tried to shrink her clothes but found inorganic items wouldn't shrink. "That didn't work as plan."

     "We were afraid something like this would happen and went to Dolls R US for some clothes incase one of us got shrunken by mistake." Lesley said as Pete unpacked some doll clothes. First she tried on a white blouse with a mini skirt and spike heels.

      "Not good." Lesley muttered as her fused toed plastic feet wobbled drunkenly in the heels. She quickly removed the skirt and matching shoes to replace them with black slacks and a pair of matching loafers. As she pulled the pants up, she couldn't believe the pale tone her skin had took.

     The clothes on her hard plastic skin aroused her terribly and Ed quickly took her home so she could get out of them. As she stood on the dash and saw herself in the side mirror, she had to admit she made a lovely doll. It was always possible that the lab would one day be able to reverse the ray. Until then it would only take her husband's pink rubbing her body to send waves of organic relief through her new form.


     It was a cool January even where Sandra and Jasmine had finished a dinner of canned tuna. They hadn't had a modeling job in a long time and wasn't sure when their next meal would come from. As Sandra took a bite, she notice an ad in the paper.

                                                          MANNEQUIN MODELS WANTED

                                                          DURSHEER PANTYHOSE COMPANY

                                                          34TH STREET NEW YORK, NEW YORK.

     "Think we should give it a try?" Sandra asked.

    "With only $50 and a pair of pantyhose between us we can at least get some underwear out of the deal." Jasmine said as they  nodded in agreement. They did their hair that night and set out their finest clothes for the next day before going to sleep.

     That night at the Dursheer Pantyhose Company, Mr. Dursheer walked into the stock room where a young red headed woman struggled with her wrists chained to the wall and ankles lashed together. As soon as she saw him, she started to struggle and scream through a muffled gag.

     "Don't feel too bad." Mr. Dursheer smiled. "You'll bring some woman much pleasure. Casting a spell from a book, the woman watched as her skin took on an almost transparent appearance. As her legs rubbed against each other it felt more like fine nylon than flesh. As did the rest of her body. Her 2D wrists slipped out of its shackles as a pair of suntan pantyhose dropped to the floor.  She was then picked up and put in a box with a jet black pair. "You came out nicely."

      The next day Sandra and Jasmine were the first two girls to show up for an interview. They were surprise not see others waiting their turn. When Mr. Dunsheer stepped out of his office, they were surprise that still nobody had come by.

     "I see someone did answer my ad." The man said as if he was expected the two and only the two. "Please step inside and change into the pantyhose I laid out for you on the table. Just your underwear if you don't mind."

     A few minute's later, the two girls had slid the new hose up and were surprise that it didn't have a cotton panel. While they were on both girls looked completely sexless. "Oh, my." Sandra said as she rubbed her cult through the nylon. Just wearing them was suddenly making them hot.

     When Mr. Dursheer came back to find them in only their bra and hose, he found themselves tweaking each others breasts and rubbing one another sex through their hose. A smile spread across the boss' face as he put his camera on the tripod. "Alright ladies, shall we begin?"

     The shots went on for several hours. With the hours that pass, Sandra and Jasmine found themselves feeling stiffer and stiffer with each shot. Then when Sandra tried to move, she found she and Jasmine had to hold on to one another to keep from toppling over.

     "What's ... happening ... to.. us?" Jasmine asked as she slowly lost her voice.  When Sandra tried to speak, she too found she could no longer speak either.

      "I guess I forgot to tell you that the modeling job is a beyond lifetime one." Mr. Dursheer said as a smile spread across his face. "Of course we can't let anyone your know recognizing you. Forms do sell hose much better than whole mannequins."

    "Noooooooo!" The girls mentally screamed in a mixture of fear and the surges of pleasure the hose brought them. Course they had no way of knowing that as their skin turned to hard plastic, they were pleasuring the living nylon as much as it was pleasuring them.

    "I see it has already started." Mr. Dursheer smiled as he had notice their hair had already fallen out. He went to them before they got too stiff and posed their legs in the fashion he wanted. He them moved their feet into a pair of heels. When they hardened they'd remain forever ready for a pair of high heels. The mere touch of his hands sent extra bursts of pleasure through both the mannequins and the nylons they wore.

     For the girls the room got bigger and bigger. As their face faded away into their lower torso, they soon could not see anything at all. All they could do was hear the world around them and feel the fantastic pleasure the hose and anyone who touch them caused.

     "It was a fatal error to mix up what this job was." Jasmine thought to herself as she wondered how she could still be alive. "We thought they wanted models to pose as mannequins not mannequins for models."

     "Here is a little something more for each of you." Mr. Dursheer said pulling down each of their hose and slipping a dildo into them. For the girls it felt like the hard plastic object was shoved down their throat and filling their sex at the same time. Being only a lower torso, they weren't any way to be sure where there heads and mouths had once been.

     As Mr. Dursheer pulled the hose back up, he carried them each out to the pantyhose display and put them on a rack displaying the packages of nylons the company were having on sale that week. Each one being formally a girl who was brought to the brink of arousal before transformation so that the arousal would be trapped in change.


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