Tales of Terror - 9

by Paul G. Jutras

The next installment in an ongoing anthology of petrifaction and transformation.


     It was a warm summer do at the Tendo dojo. Mr. Saotome and Mr. Tendo was busy in their usual game of GO and Kasumi was busy cooking lunch in the kitchen. The rest of the group were just glad not to be in their hot school classes on such a nice day.

    "Greetings again Happosi." The dream fairy said as she appeared before the wrinkled midget of a master in his martial arts robes. "I have come once again to give you a special dream experience."

    Like the legendary Sandman of America, this Japanese counterpart blew dust through the air and put the old goat to sleep. The mist continue to be blown by the wind inside and slowly each of the family began to feel sleepy.

    "How can that fool be sleeping on a day like this." Akane said as she saw Ranma laying on the floor snoring. Then she couldn't stop a yawn and soon collapsed herself beside her boyfriend.

     "Where is everyone?" Ranma asked himself as he stood by the fish pond only to have Akane appear suddenly beside him. "Where'd you come from?"

     "How did we get here?" Akane asked. "You where sleeping in the dojo and now we are here."

    "Sharing a dream?" Ranma asked.

    "Who's is it?" Akane responded.

     Hearing the sound of laugher they entered the house to find master Happy surrounded by teenage girls doing a striptease before him. They took a hard gulp as the recognized this from a previous adventure. "Not the old man's dream again."

    "That's right," Happy said as Ranma instantly turned to his girl side. "In here you can't change back, remember."

     "How do we keep ending up in your dream anyhow?" Ranma asked.

 "I'd rather be in my own dream." Akane added as they both pointed their fist and poised for attack. They got themselves a running start and leapt through the air. While in real life they'd of had the strength to kick the old fart across the city, in his dream they could barely budge him.

     "At least Nabiki enjoys it here." Happy pointed to Akane's year older sister who was raking in the yen by the pound.  She keeps me happy and I keep her happy." He then pulled out a bra from thin air. "You wear this and maybe we can make a deal too, Ranma."

    "No way, freak!" Ranma shouted.

     "Too bad." Happy said he held up a matching panty to the bra. Akane then felt a breeze under her skirt and felt around her hips. Fire burned in her eyes as she stared at the old panty thief.

     "Those are mine, you old leach." She shouted as she grabbed her underwear away from him. "Give them back!"

     "Everyone has a hobby." Happy laughed and smoked his pipe. The smoke circled his head like a halo even though everyone knew what a devil the little monster was. Even a demon couldn't possess him because he was too evil to be control.

     "Here I call the shots as you can see." Happy said as Akane could feel her transparent stockings growing tighter and tighter around her toes and legs. So tight that she soon collapsed to the ground too rigid to move. Her dress faded away and her skin turned into transparent nylon that left the outline of her former body for a moment. Then all was left was a pair of pantyhose on the floor.

    "You monster!" Ranma shouted. "Change her back this moment!"

     "You want to be next?" Happy asked as Ranma backed away cringing at the thought of being party of the creep's collection. He might even give her to one of the phantom school girls he created to wear. That sent a shiver down his back.

    "Leave it to us, son." Mr. Tendo said and he and his partner dropped out of nowhere and started to stomp the creep. As Happy started to black out in the dream, everyone began to wake up in reality.

    "What happened?" Ranma asked as he faded back into the dream. He turned to see the old goat holding a bra in one hand and a panty in the other. Both formly his father and Mr. Tendo.

     "Got to use dream logic." Ranma thought to himself. "Or even cartoon logic."

    Using his imagination, a giant anvil dropped out of the sky and flattened Happosi as thin as a bed sheet. As Happy blacked out the dream weavers spell was broken yet again. Akane and the fathers were glad to be human once more.


    "That's right Miss Ino," Mr. Megabucks said to the beautiful actress with hair as red as fire. "I can make you and your teenage daughters even greater stars than you've ever thought possible if you sign here."

    "Fine now, the audition is tomorrow." Mr. Megabucks smiled as he looked over the contract and left the cafeteria of Ann's school. She and her mother looked at one another as Felicity figured this would be a great way to make her daughter a big star like her.

    "What did you say?" Melody asked as she sat in the bleachers at the football field. Wearing her cheerleading outfit, she tossed the pom-poms on the grass while her co cheerleaders performed on the field.

    "Miss Ino is trying to make her a big star like her." Derek the quarterback of the football team said. "Everyone is talking about it."

    "She could become more popular than me." Melody screamed. "I won't have it.  I have to get into that contest and stop her somehow from winning. It's sabotage time!!"

    The next day at the contest all the girls were staring at young Ann and her mother.  They couldn't believe that a famous star was hanging around back stage. Worst was the idea of competing against her daughter while she wore such a sexy bathing suit.

    "Dear, your make up needs fixing." Felicity said as she took her daughter into the bathroom. Nobody notice the agent take a container of tea and put some special tablets into it.

    "Thanks mom," Ann said. "I look much better now."

     "Here's your tea." Mr. Megabucks said as both Ann and her mother drank it down. With Ann in the contest Felicity was as nervous as her daughter about winning.

    "The competition is about to start!" An announcer called out. "Every get back stage and come out when told."

    "Better findmy heels and get seated with the audience." Felicity said as she stepped into her shoes without noticing a special chemical coated tack in each other. "Oh!" She cried as the tack drilled itself into the soles of her feet. When she tried to bend over to remove her shoe, she found her body as rigid as a redwood.

     As Ann moved with the other girls to the curtain, her steps got slower and slower until she wasn't moving at all. Mr. Megabucks picked up the young woman and carried her back to where her mother waits, equally stiffly. "You and your mother will be modeling for me for a long time, my lovely mannequins."

    Two large men helped Mr. Megabucks carry the girls to the back of a truck and shipped to one of his store windows. With two famous faces like them, his store of female clothing would be selling well this year.


     It was my 21st birthday and I had been out of the orphanage since I was 18. This year my roommate said she had something special planned for me. I could hardly wait when we both dressed up in our most fancy evening gowns and head out to dinner.

    After we shared a wonderful meal in a fancy restaurant with our nylon coated feet sliding off one another smooth legs under our gowns. The feeling made both of us want to cum in our panties.

     After we ate we returned to our apartment where we kicked off our shoes and began to slowly undress one another. We started with our earrings and worked our way down to our pantyhose until we were both totally nude.

     As both of our breasts brushed against one another our crotches became moist with scum dripping down our legs. She pushed me onto my back and held me there until she was sure I'd stay. She then got up and moved to my feet.

    At first I thought she would start sucking on my toes. Then suddenly I found like my toes were being pulled. It felt erotic at first and I just moaned while I rubbed my tits and vagina. I started rocking my hips when I felt the pull stronger.

     I screamed for help, but found my legs stuck between a machine's two giant wheels that looked like some kind of printing press. It moved up my legs over my hips and waist. I watched my wonderful breasts get squeezed between it followed by my neck and head.

     I floated lightly to the floor like a single piece of paper. She tells me that the magic

Chemicals she put in my drink should really be taking full effect real soon. That was when I felt my arms being pulled up into my shoulder blades and my head into my neck. My whole body slid into itself until I was nothing but a pair of hips and legs.

    When she looked down on my, she was staring at only a pair of magic never run pantyhose which she folded up and put into her dresser draw with her previous transformed roommates.

    From time to time she takes me out and wears me. I feel the most erotic feeling of my body against hers as she moves about. When she wears pants instead of skirts and dresses the fabric is especially devastating to me. I especially like it when she fingers her pussy through me and cover me in her juices. But I feel secure that she'll always be taking care of me and the others in her collection. Even the feeling of my nylon body against the other nylon ones is a feeling when I 'm waiting to be worn and washed.


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