Tales of Terror 5

by Paul G. Jutras


PROLOGUE:     It was Halloween Day and Paul had taken the Dreamland bus to the famous amusement park where all dreams can come true. As he got off the bus with a group of people, he noticed that a gorgeous dark haired woman in red six inch heels and a strapless evening gown was waiting at the gate.

     "Hello Paul." She smiled as she walked over and gave him a kissed the men on the cheek and shook the women's hands. He couldn't help but blush at the thought of such a beautiful woman paying attention to him. Especially a beautiful stranger such as this. 

     "Who are you?"  Paul asked.

     "The Devil!" She stared in his face while the pupils of her eyes glowed terrifyingly red. He backed up against the bar and wondered if he already had too much to drink. "This is Halloween, the one day I can use to make to make real dreams come true."

    "What... What do you want with us? Paul stuttered when he noticed everyone from the bus was as confused at the statement as he was. "What are you going to do to us?"

       "I just want your souls in exchange for your dreams come true." The Devil said as she lead the group inside. As Paul stepped through the gate, he found those who were ahead of him were gone and so were those behind him.

      "What happened to everyone else?" Paul asked.

      "They're in their dreams already." The Devil giggled, "Unfortunately you don't know exactly what you want. "I'll give you a few tries to find the dream you want before you're stuck in one of them."



       When Paul turned around and saw the entrance was gone, he knew he had to no choice but to go along and hope for the best. He did notice a amusement park type map and saw several type of worlds listed.

      "I suppose as a little kid I always dreamed of the medieval world I seen on TV. I could never decide between being a knight in armor or a wizard. Suppose we could try that world first."

     "That's the spirit." The Devil asked from behind the wheel.  As Paul stared into the wheel, he felt himself getting dizzy until he felt himself blacking out. When he started coming to, he found himself sitting up in a chair.

     Paul felt a silk cape brushing up against the back of his legs. At first he thought The Devil had changed himself into a wizard. That didn't go with the feeling on cold metal on his body.

     "What is this?"  Paul muttered as he opened his eyes and got up. He felt an odd weight on his chest and glance down to find himself with a sexy woman's body, clad in a metal bikini, and wearing the silk cape of a female wizard. The castle stone floor being cold on his now smaller bare feet. "This isn't what I wanted!" 

     "This isn't what I wanted!" Paul cried out to the room again. He turned to watch as The Devil appeared on the throne with her legs crossed in a matching gothic outfit.

     "What's the problem?"

     "What's the problem?" Paul repeated. "Look at me!  This isn't the look I had in mind when I came to this land."

      "You couldn't decide between armor or magic." The Devil grinned. "I only took you for your word. This was the first way I could thing of given you both."

     "You expect me to move about with all this weight?" Paul asked as he pointed to the armor plated chest.

     "This isn't what you wish for?" The Devil asked  as she looked her finger tip and ran it along Paul's breasts and under the metal bra to squeeze his nipples. Paul felt a surge of electrical pleasure surge through his body. "Easy to take care of."




     "I  probably could grant wishes better than you." Paul declared as another shot of pleasure shot through his body, making him feel dizzy as the reality around him shifted. When he woke up he found himself staring at the ceiling.

    "Where am I now?" Paul asked in a still high pitch tone of voice. As he sat up he found himself in a harem dressed with a purple veil covering his face, purple bra like top and Turkish trousers. His bare nails were painted purple to match his outfit as were his eye shadow and lip stick.

    "Your not just another harem girl." The Devil said as a naked woman went swimming in the harem's indoor pool. She stepped before Paul in a red hot harem outfit. "You are a genie able to grant your masters wishes as you wanted."

     "You like your costume?" The Devil asked. "If the color is a problem, I can always change it for you. A hot pink perhaps."

     "This isn't what I meant." Paul said as he saw two girls in blue and green get  naked. Those who tired of pleasing their master begin to strip themselves. They began to suck and milk one another breasts and then got into a 69 shape to lap the heat cum that built up into one another pussy.

    "You too can still feel everything a woman would fill." The Devil said taking a dildo out and  slid it up into Paul's vagina. She really had to force it, making him feel even fuller. "You'll bring your master many evenings of pleasure and will never grow old."

     "How can I be happy as someone slave!" Paul shouted. "I wish out of this world right now!"

     "Now you sure this is what you want?" The Devil asked as she leaned back with her legs crossed and started to file her nails. "As far as a Hellish eternity goes, this life isn't that bad."

     "Sure I'm sure." Paul said.

     "Well if that is what you want." The Devil blew on her nails dry. She then snapped her fingers so that Paul felt like the whole room was spinning again. Getting dizzy, he collapsed on the floor once again with a sick feeling to his stomach. 




    "I've got to get use to that." Paul stood up as he got to his feet and stretched his hairless legs. He found himself laying on his back in a hay pile. He was dressed in a checkered shirt and a pair of jeans cut up into a pair of super short shorts.

    "No!" Paul shouted as he found his long dark hair in braided pig tails. He was now a farmer's daughter.

     Paul rolled over and climbed out of the hay. He walked out of the barn and saw a series of cabins over by the lake; which reminded him of the FRIDAY THE 13 movie series he would watch every Halloween.

      "I guess you're not happy with this result either." The Devil stepped out from behind a tree. She leaned against it with the palm of her painted toe foot against the bark and a piece of straw in her mouth.

   "You're just trying to get me to use up my wishes so you can have my soul before Halloween is over." Paul grinned as he saw through her plan. "If I can pick a world, you have to let me go, don't you." 

     "Wrong." The Devil said as she put on some lipstick and fixed her face. "If you can't pick a world, then I get to pick for you."

     "Oh no you don't!" Paul declared. "I've had it with your promises."

     "No problem," The Devil grinned. "I'd be glad to pick a world for you. They can be a lot worse than those you've seen. Of course you can come to work for me since very few men wouldn't sell their soul for sex with that body."

     "Does that mean you want to make a wish?" The Devil asked as she fingered her pussy and shivered and moaned with pleasure while waiting to hear it. She then licked her own pussy juices off of her fingers.

     "I... I guess so." Paul said. "Let's just get this over with." 





     As the night wore on, Paul found himself anything but bored as he suddenly found himself on a roller rink. His jiggling back and fourth while the dildo in his pussy was giving him flashes of pleasure with his hips' movements.

     "Having fun?" The Devil asked with a smile at Paul as she came up in a red roller derby outfit, helmet and pads. "I've always loved goes of mindless pain like this, hockey and football."

     "This body can't take the slamming pain my old male one could." Paul admitted as he was body slammed  into the sink of the roller rink wall by the devil who just grinned with razor sharp, spike like teeth.

     The Devil smiled. "Perhaps you're not really as happy as you seem to be. I tried to make your wish of a dreamland came true with this being close to your life. You're not really enjoying yourself are you?"

     "I guess this type of life is no longer for me." Paul muttered as he held his breasts to keep them from moving. "I don't think I want to be in the world of action any more. I just want to be pampered I think." 

     "All is required is another wish you know." The Devil said as she stood in a red leotard, boots, fishnet stockings and plastic horns on her head. "I thought I'd try being myself this Halloween. What do you think?"

    "It's fine." Paul muttered. "Can you change my life now?"

    "No problem." The Devil grinned as his legs have out from under him and left him starring and the ground. Unable to move, he found a hand grab him from behind and held him to a mirror. He found himself a red teddy, which fused itself onto The Devil's body.

     Paul felt The Devil's lush figure stretching the fabric of his body. A body that got more aroused as her jiggling breasts brushed up the inside of his body. The Devil transported herself to a red painted bedroom and laid a top a red bedspread. As Paul's body began to pleasure his mistress, she couldn't help but play with her breasts and pussy. Her hips rocked as her body jerked about in screams of passion.

      Just when Paul's mental orgasm thought he couldn't take it any longer, he found his sight returned to him. Standing in front of a pane of glass, Paul found he could blink or move in the slightest. What reflected from the glass was the body of a beautiful naked mannequin.

     "Time to get you dressed, cutie." The Devil said as she tipped Paul back and slid a garter belt and stockings that slid smoothly up his plastic legs. The stockings made it hard to tell that his toes were fused together. A matching bra was put on his large round orbs he now had for breasts. Even without nipples his skin never felt so sensitive. He couldn't help but feel aroused from the clothes on him. He would only have to wait until the next time his clothes was changed for him to feel orgasmic relief once more. He could hardly wait, but this time he couldn't speak and complain about the Hell chosen for him. He'd be stuck in it forever. He'd have an eternity to decide if he should of picked one or another.



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