Total Bullshit

by Baobab

“That is total bullshit, she is not real!”

Ron had a statue of Diana by his pool, one of the lab technicians, naked, on her knees and performing falatio (minus a partner) on a real banana that had been slid between her hands and into her mouth to dispel any confusion about what she was suppose to be doing.  There were three other statues in erotic poses but Diana was the only one David recognized.  The pool area looked like some bad grotto scene full of naked statues.

“Dude, I’m telling you, if you make a good impression tonight I’ll be able to approve your transfer to Sector Four,” Ron said excitedly.  “We are doing some serious crazy shit in there.”

“So now she’s made out of stone?  Bullshit.”  David touched the stone and it felt strangely warm and softer than he expected, more like rubber.  I guess stone-like was a better description.

“Actually a self growing organic polymer coating that comes with a healthy drug cocktail.  We can make it look like almost anything.  And it’s just for the weekend, mainly for the party tonight.  You’ll like it, it’s like getting your erogenous zones dialed up to eleven,” explained Ron.

“What do you mean I’ll like it?”  David looked down at his drink and felt a little woozy…he also noticed that he had gotten an erection without even noticing it.  Other things started to happen without David noticing, like Ron cutting his clothes off with a pair of surgical scissors.  David felt wobbly as Ron shuffled him over to lean on one of the columns that surrounded the pool.

“Don’t worry David, just remember I’m a doctor.”  Ron opened a bag and produced a large shiny bullet-like dildo and proceeded to lube it up.  He then pulled David’s hips and ass away from the column, positioning him perfectly for the dildo that would follow.  Don’t worry buddy, this thing is only temporary.  David could see Ron attaching something that looked like a tire pump to the dildo…he worried.

“Sorry David, you might feel a little discomfort.”  David did.  Not long after that Ron had pumped nearly half a gallon of organic compounds into his intestines where they quickly passed into his blood stream and went to work.

David felt like his skin had shrunk two sizes.  He literally thought his ass might snap that dildo in half.  Perhaps not far from reality, Ron would need two hands and some serious leverage to pull it out twenty minutes later.  He began to notice his cock and it felt like it was about to explode.  Then he felt Ron grab it by the tip and slid a smooth metal rod down it with surprising precision.  David tried to yell in protest but it was becoming so difficult to even move his mouth. 

“You’ll thank me for that in a minute.  This…well this, maybe not so much.”  Ron turned David’s head, pried open his mouth and drove a long thick flexible dildo down his throat.  Fortunately, Ron’s gag reflex had already shut down.  Ron then sprayed some eye drops in David’s eyes and checked his watch and waited.  David could actually hear his skin hardening.

“It’s all about timing,” said Ron to no one in particular as he checked his watch.

An alarm went of Ron’s watch and with out warning he pulled the metal rod out of David’s cock.  David’s mind shook with the most mind blowing orgasm he’d ever imagined.  His semen poured out the tunnel that had been left by the steel rod in his stone cock.  He heard Ron yell something about success and begin tugging mercilessly on the dildo in his ass.  He teetered on a second orgasm that came crashing down on him when the dildo finally pulled free.  He would have collapsed if he could have.  David was glad when Ron tugged the dildo out of his mouth and replaced it with his own penis… David knew Ron would have to approve his transfer to Section Four now.

Section Four

David couldn’t help but feel a little used and a little honored at the same time.  He had been made the “creative director” of Section Four’s Golem Project on his first day on the job.  It seemed only fair, the Golem Project was based on his under graduate thesis work from nearly a decade ago.  Folks at the “data scrubbers” division upstairs had found his college work interesting.  Legalities be damned, they then proceeded to hack into his computer, steal the research, and set up the Golem Project without him ever knowing.

Now, nine years later with the research at a dead end, the folks at Section Four had engineered the collapse of his last research grant and his marriage to assure his willingness to relocate and take a new job.  He’d never been happier, he was watching Diana getting ready for the test.  If he played his cards right Diana would be his personal lab assistant after today.  He was finally a big shot after all, he deserved to get what he wanted!  Besides, when they hired him they even mentioned that the lab techs and interns took their positions knowing that they were considered “perks” for the senior staff.

He had spent that first night watching Diana be used and abused in every way possible.  The same had been done to him but he was tricked into it, a sort of professional hazing.  She had welcomed in the whole world in, like a goddess.  Where he saw shame she saw joy.  He wondered if he would ever be able to understand her…

The Golem technology worked, ultra low frequency vibrations that would resonate inside your skull putting your higher brain functions into slow motion.  You were aware but not in control, an automaton, a slave, a golem.  The problem was that the resonator was the size of a split level ranch house and could only work when the volunteer was touching it.  The government spooks wanted something small that you could use to disable or control an enemy.  I was so excited by the challenge, I would become the mad scientist that I had always dreamed of being.

Easy solution right?  Slap a receiver on the target to do the dirty work?  Wrong!  The juice needed to move that frequency through the air would fry a bird and start forest fires.  I was proud of my solution, bury the transmitter in the ground and let the earth act like a big transmitter.  As long as the subject was touching the ground or touching something that was touching the ground…hopefully, success!  Sure it wouldn’t work on airplanes but come on, he wasn’t a miracle worker.

There were the three of us in the control booth, Tom, Frank (both intern lab techs) and I.  We were watching through the window with great interest as Diana finished disrobing.  I had informed Diana (Section Four’s favorite test subject) that the transmitter was a small ceramic egg shaped suppository that she would need to insert.  It sat next to a bottle of lubricant on the table in front of her, except the egg wasn’t small and the lubricant wasn’t very lubricating.  Tom and Frank laughed and congratulated me as they zoomed in with the camera’s to watch Diana huff and puff as she wiggled and squirmed to force the sizeable egg up her ass.  The room offered no privacy, there were cameras everywhere. 

Tom and Frank both knew that the transmitter material could be something smaller than a dime.  They were in on the joke.  Well, they thought they were.  I had slipped a small disk of the transmitter material into the seat of their chairs before they arrived this morning.  Diana gave a satisfied moan and the egg disappeared from sight.  The microphone was on only one way, Diana couldn’t hear Tom and Frank’s cheer.  The cheer had snapped me back from my daydream; I had been on my knees trying to suck the egg back out of Diana’s beautiful ass.  I was so erect that it ached, I was sure Tom and Frank were the same way.

I powered up the transmitter without giving my test subjects any warning.  Tom and Frank both moaned briefly before they fell silent into a permanent state of arousal.  Diana continued to wait expectantly.  I put on the specially insulated gloves I had made to load the syringe-like pneumatic gun with the tiny ceramic implants. They were shaped specifically to lodge easily and permanently into a person’s sinuses.  You could see the confusion and fear in their eyes but neither Tom or Frank could so much as lift a finger to stop me as I approached them with the injector.

The government spooks wanted control… they just didn’t understand.

With Tom and Frank now safely carrying their implant inside their heads I made them stand and we removed our clothes. Then I had them follow me down from the control room.  We present our naked selves for Diana’s approval.  I held out the pneumatic gun in my hand for her to see.  She looked like she was nearly ready to cry when she nodded her approval.  My hands were shaking as I slid the tip of the gun up my right nostril and pulled the trigger.  I felt a brief sting before the low vibrating hum of the Golem signal seemed to rise up in my ears.  Diana spoke, her words seemed distant, almost lost in the hum.  She said “I love you too.” 


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