Totally Mad Scientist

by Baobab

So it had been the big stumbling block with the machine for a long time, what to do about clothing?  The only remaining manual process in an otherwise fully automated experience had to be overcome.  Asking someone to remove their clothing certainly wasn’t an option, and the cost of the mechanics to do it by force was so expensive that the work had slowed to a crawl.

Otto had inadvertently stumbled upon the answer at a super market.  A new spray on depilatory!  The label included a warning that the product was damaging to most fabrics.  Of course the formula would need tweaking, but in comparison to the numerous failures and broken bones from attempts to mechanically removing clothes from his “volunteer” subjects, this seemed like a winning approach.

His initial experiments to determine strength and application methods were useful.  Due to odor and fumes, a short emersion was preferred to a prolonged spray.  Also the eyes - people will naturally keep their eyes shut for a brief emersion while people might try and peek during a shower.  The immersion was followed by a high pressure sprayer that easily removed any ragtag remnants of clothing or hair.  

And just like that, the last major stumbling block had been removed just in time for the Halloween season.

Nearly six thousand tickets had been given away for the Crazy Castle’s Halloween Experience.  The fire marshal was told three hundred.  Of course the Crazy Castle was in a warehouse downtown.  The bar across the street was setting up a band and drinks in the street to keep people orderly and entertained until their numbers could be called.  He had struck a deal with the owner.

Otto Van Diesel ran his fingers over the battery packs.  What looked like five feet of over sized rubber encased sausages carried enough power for a unit to work remotely for three days without a recharge.  He shifted uncomfortably in his seat when he thought of where they had to go.  The sacrifices he makes for world domination.  Everything was in place, everything was automated.  The monitors showed nearly a thousand people milling about in the street.  It was time.

Otto walked down the dark chute that would soon be sending groups of two or three people to the ultimate Halloween experience.  He was to be first.  Control functions were to be routed through the Prime volunteer; himself.  He heard the machines gearing up in the dark.  He reassured himself that this would be the most pleasurable experience of his life.  Otto had a real aversion to pain.  Years had been added to the construction time due to the knowledge that he would need to endure whatever he designed for his volunteers.

Outside, a mechanical voice began calling out numbers for people to line up.  Otto felt a little shaky.  He got the sudden feeling that he might be deluding himself.  He is crazy after all, he had the documents to prove it.  Well, maybe it will just sting a little?  Maybe I’ll just be a little soar in the morning?  No you idiot, you’ll be dead!  Better now than from the cancer!  Maybe I should take a little pill to take off the edge?  No shame in – humf!

The floor fell away and for a moment Otto was swimming.  Even knowing to keep his eyes shut it still stung.  A clamp grabbed him around the neck and pressed him up against a rubbery wall.  Clamps found his wrists and ankles as streams of high pressure water jets kicked on.  His clothes were torn away as was his pubic hair and eyelashes and everything else.  It felt like someone kicked him in the testicles, he would have doubled over if he could.  He feared his machine wasn’t quite ready after all. 

You couldn’t use drugs on people because the mind had to stay clear (drug users would be penned up for 24 hours).  But you could distract them, get them to not notice their discomfort.  Or better yet, get them to associate the discomfort and the pleasure together, that would come in handy in the future.  A bulbous-rubbery-tangle of hoses and electrodes slapped down over his groin.  A powerful suction kicked on and the tangle began to pump and pulse with a life of its own.  The machine let the contraption work its magic for nearly a minute.  Otto found himself enjoying the process against his better judgment. 

He realized he was thrusting wildly into the machine and decided to call it a success.  Otto even found himself moaning and making baby talk noises.  A mechanical arm found his open mouth and began forcing a rubbery tube down it.  Knowing what was next scarred him despite the joys coming from between his legs.  His stomach was pumped clean, rinsed, pumped again and then coated with a latex emulsion.  Bundles of lubricated wires and electronic components were then jammed down his throat.  Otto heard one of his teeth crack.  Not quite ready.

From the corner of his eye he could see the writhing forms of girl and her boyfriend, the next two lucky volunteers.  Their initial screams of terror had been replaced by confused but relentless moans of pleasure.  Now even the moans were silence by their gagging and gurgling of the machine’s pumps and hoses.

Without warning a similar set of hoses found Otto’s defenseless backside.  He had worked a long time testing this portion of the programming on both himself and a variety of volunteers, he wasn’t disappointed.  He was pumped and rinsed and pumped again.  He watched the lovers begin to convulse with pleasure to the same treatment a few seconds later.  His cock cried out for release but the machine wouldn’t allow it.  The emulsion filled him from behind and he felt his whole body warmed in response.  Otto saw the elephant-like trunk of the battery injector slide into view and broke out in a cold sweat.

Otto didn’t have long to wait but the lovers had a terrifying view and plenty of time to ponder their situation while they waited.  The hoses retracted from Otto’s backside with a spray of black latex as the more sizeable trunk-like appendage drove itself into place.  The couple watched in horror as a long series of rubber sausages were pneumatically driven into what they assumed was another helpless victim.  They were horrified.  The restraints barely seemed capable of holding the poor man in place with the machine hammering away at him like that.  They expected to see him split in half at any moment.

The boyfriend was treated to a second viewing of the spectacle as another machine arrived to service his girlfriend.  Watching the girl’s large breasts heave wildly up and down seemed to exaggerate the trauma of the relentless pummeling she was taking. The boyfriend had practically gone into shock by the time a third injector arrived for him. 

It was their turn to entertain the panicked and gurgling volunteers queued up behind them.  For a few minutes he and his girlfriend rode the machines in unison.  They found what their relationship had been lacking, they looked in each other’s eyes and found love.  They new nothing would ever change what they had found.  They would be together forever…and then she was whisked away with a charging cable dangling from her sweet ass.

At some point Otto wasn’t even sure where he was anymore.  He was having trouble seeing, his eyes had been sprayed with a clear liquid that didn’t sting.  He was sure he was having sex and it was fantastic.  He felt metal plates on his head.  His feet were warming up as he was being dipped into a hot vat of the latex.  His mouth and throat were still plugged with hoses.  His cock was screaming for release, the machine that had given him so much pleasure now only denied it.  He fought to exhale and something suddenly clamped his nose shut.  The warmth crawled up his chest as he was lowered farther.  He was running out of air.  The machine had to let him breath, it had to let him cum.

The warm liquid rose above his head now, he was submerged.  The machine released his nose just as it released his cock.  The latex rushed into his lungs as his cock exploded outward.  Needless punctured his veins and skull and a hundred other points on his body.  He convulsed in pleasure and pain and died.  Otto’s body was then drained of fluids only to have them replaced with a new and more reliable range of oils and chemicals over the next several minutes.

When he rose up from the bubbling black latex vat he was a rubber skinned immortal.  He was now safe from the ravages of time and disease, a gift they could all thank him for later.  Otto couldn’t help but admire the now permanently erect vestige of his humanity between his legs.  He thought he might make the boyfriend watch him try it out on the girl first…or maybe the other way around.  Either way, his new minions would only complain if he let them.  With a mental flick of a switch he checked the numbers.  Nearly three hundred being processed already.  By the end of the night they would be bringing in “volunteers” from all over the city, tomorrow, the whole east coast.

The girl and boyfriend were lifted from the vat still twitching as their brains surrendered control to their new master.  Yes, everything was running smoothly and Otto finally had all the time in the world to kill.


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