Touring Accessories, Inc.

by Northern Chill

Crossposted with permission from the Yahoo group . Image by M_B_CZ

                    Nicole  glanced at her watch as she waited patiently in the visitor's lobby of Accessories, Inc. She had been invited by the customer relations office of the company to visit the newly formed headquarters in her capacity as a freelance writer.  Flicking aside her jet black hair, she admired the tastefully decorated area she was in though previous experience had taught her appearance was not the only thing that mattered in today's business world.

                     "Ah, Ms. Johnson, sorry to keep you waiting.  I was just checking on how our latest orders were doing in the processing department,"  said a middle aged man who entered from the opposite end of the lobby.  Dressed in a dark blue business suit and carrying a thick bundle of folders under his left arm, he crossed the lobby to where Nicole was sitting and enthusiastically shook her hand.

                     "My name is Larry..Larry Towers, assistant director in customer relations here at Accessories, Inc. and I'll be taking you on a tour of our facilities today as well as answering any questions you might have along the way.  If you'll follow me, Ms. Johnson, I can start showing you our facilities,"  Larry said with a warm smile.

                    "Call me Nicole, Mr. Towers.  Thanks for arranging a tour for me on such short notice of your plant.  Judging by the buzz you've created in the retail business sector, I'm curious how you've managed to build such a positive response in the short time your company has been in business," Nicole inquired as she pulled out a small notepad and pen in preparation for note taking.

                    "A good question, Nicole. I would say that it would be our commitment to making sure each and every client who contracts our services is satisfied with the product we deliver to them.  That's why you won't see any sign of an assembly line anywhere in the plant.  All our products are  hand made according to our client's requests and are shipped in as little as 48 hours after receipt of payment," Larry exulted as he pointed towards a display window that showcased numerous display mannequin forms the company sold.

                    Nicole looked at the various forms in the display that ranged from 3/4 torsos to bra and panty forms before turning back to Larry.  "These are nice looking display forms but frankly nothing I haven't seen before at a plant that produces similar merchandise.  Would it be possible to see on your tour how exactly your company uses the personal touch when it fills its orders?"  she asked inquisitively.

                   A brief look of consternation crossed Larry's face before it was quickly replaced by the broad smile he had before.. "No problem at all, Nicole.  In fact, I was just about to show you the area where we begin the whole process," he said smoothly.

                   The two proceeded down a long, brightly lit hallway and made small talk along the way.  Larry paid several compliments to Nicole about her looks and asked her if she had ever considered modeling for a living.  Nicole, accustomed to having the subjects of her articles try and flatter her, brushed off the remarks and said she really had never given it much thought.

                  "Well, here we are, Nicole.  This is the room where we interview and photograph models to be matched up with client's requests whether they are for a blonde mannequin or bra form for displaying D-cup bras.  Each woman is tailor made for the client,"  Larry exulted as he opened the wooden door and ushered the reporter in.

                 "I see though I'm a little confused by your last statement.  Don't you mean that each display unit is configured for each client?" Nicole asked as she looked around the room and noticed the wide range of women there, from a pretty 20ish redhead to a dark haired Asian woman wearing a matching dress.

                 "Why..uh..yes, of course, Nicole.  I'm just so used to answering similar types of questions from prospective clients that I got my words mixed up," Larry replied looking a little flustered. "Next up on the tour is the area where we ready our products for shipping."

                The two headed back out into the hallway and down to where the building's elevators were located.  Larry and Nicole entered the empty elevator and Larry pushed the floor button for the area four floors down.  As they descended, Nancy mused to herself over Larry's earlier mistake.  He seemed a little TOO glib in his response... almost as if he was covering something up.

                When the elevator ground  to a halt, the doors slid open and Nicole stepped out into what appeared to be a very large floor filled with numerous boxes of all different types and sizes.  She spent the next twenty minutes or so being shown by Larry how each display item was wrapped in protective packaging before being placed in the appropriate box and shipped out on one of the company's fleet of delivery vehicles or by plane at the local airport.

                 Nicole was about to ask if there was anything else Larry was going to show when a loud beeping sound rang out. Larry pulled aside his blazer and checked the pager that he was wearing on his waist before looking at Nicole.  "Nicole, if you could wait here for a minute while I attend to a small matter, I would appreciate it.  I shouldn't be long in taking care of this," he said apologetically.

                 Nicole nodded in understanding and watched Larry hurry off to a door at the opposite end.  She spent the next few minutes wandering around peeking into various empty boxes and looking over sealed ones and the destinations indicated on them.  She had just wandered around a large stack of boxes when she heard two men come out of a nearby door, carrying a nude mannequin between them.  They didn't see her behind the stack as they walked towards a far corner with the mannequin in tow.

                Curious, Nicole peaked around the corner and saw that part of a cardboard box had wedged itself into the doorway preventing the door from closing completely.  Walking quickly over to the door, she noticed the electronic keypad next to the door and guessed that the area behind the door was restricted to a select group of workers in the plant.  Nicole's instincts as a writer took over and she quietly slipped herself between the door and frame into the hallway behind it.

                A blue and white tiled hallway stood before Nicole lined on the left wall by photos that dated back ten years at least.  Nicole walked down the hallway quickly giving only a cursory glance at the photos.  If she had stopped and looked for a minute or two, she might have noticed all the women depicted seemed to be mannequins... very realistic ones at that.

               Nicole stopped at the door that marked the end of the hallway and noted it was closed with the same type of keypad mounted next to it.  Disappointed, she peeked into the small window that was in the door for a look at what laid in the room beyond.  The scene she saw was such a sight of  horror that it shook her to the very core of her being.

              The woman in the black dress was in the room with a look of disorientation visible on her face.  A man and woman on either side of her were helping towards what looked like a standard mannequin rod in the middle of the otherwise barren room. The only thing different about the rod was the top seemed to be made of soft pink plastic rather than the cold steel like the rest of the rod.  Nicole didn't have time to puzzle over why the rod was constructed like it was before it became readily clear to her.

             The Asian beauty was lifted up and impaled upon the rod by the people on either side of her with no sign of struggle whatsoever.  After a few seconds, the look of confusion on her face gave way to one of intense erotic pleasure that was accompanied by the rod starting to vibrate noticeably. The vibration was accompanied by a humming noise that was loud enough for Nicole could hear out in the hallway.

             However, what happened next was a sight that Nicole never imagined could be possible.  The impaled woman's flesh began to slowly change in color and texture until it resembled shiny tan plastic.  Her breathing seemed to cease altogether and her eyes stopped moving or even blinking at all.  Her left hand and arm seemed to lock in place in front of her with her right hand planted firmly on her hip.  When visible lines started to appear on the transformed woman's wrists, Nicole realized what had happened.

            "My God, she's been turned into a..a Mannequin... a lifeless inanimate plastic dummy..!!!" Nicole thought to herself as she watched the two pick up the new mannequin figure and carry it out of the room to an unknown destination.  The rod beeped several times as if it was resetting before falling silent with a small monitor at the bottom of the stand indicating its "standby" status.

            Nicole raised her hand to her mouth in horror as she backed away from the door.  She was about to turn and dash out of the room and get out of this madhouse when a familiar voice called out from behind her.

           "Ahh, Nicole... This is most unfortunate; I am so sorry you've stumbled into this area .  I had hoped your visit would result in more clients but now I'm sad to say you'll have to join our other lovely ladies as part of the company's inventory."  Larry called out as he advanced towards her carrying what looked like an electric stun gun.

           "Well, Larry, I guess you've got me... NOT!!" Nicole snarled while simultaneously planting her right knee deep into Larry's crotch.  As the pr man tumbled to the floor, moaning in agony, Nicole ran around him and back out into the packing/loading area.  Unfortunately, she saw no doorway which would lead outside so she decided to retrace her steps.

            Nicole had managed to get back to the area just outside the interview room when she detected the strong scent of gas  in the area.  Unsure whether it was a remnant of what was possibly used on the women she saw before or was an attempt by the company to halt her escape, she held a handkerchief to her mouth and hurried down the hallway.

            She finally made back to the lobby where this insanity had all started from and spotted the door leading to the way outside.  Unfortunately, when she grabbed the doorknob on the door in question, she felt a sharp surge of energy travel up the  hand that was on the knob and quickly spread through her body.  Nicole slumped to the floor reeling from the electrical shock she had received.  The last thing she saw before she slipped into unconsciousness was Larry standing over shaking his head.

            "Sorry, Nicole, looks like your article will never be filed..." he said shaking his head. Nicole then slipped into darkness...

         When Nicole came to, she found herself wearing nothing more than a flimsy black mini-skirt with her upper body completely bereft of clothing.  She tried to sluggishly move her arms to cover herself but found her arms being held by the same two people she had seen before.  When she lifted her head to see where she was, she saw Larry standing in front of her shaking his head as he leafed through her notebook.

            "You know, Nicole, I honestly did want you to write the article you came here for but unfortunately you've seen too much of our operations.  I guess we'll have to add you to our inventory now for a future buyer.  The process which you observed through the door before will now be experienced by you first hand.  Unfortunately, this time, you'll be unable to take any notes about it!" Larry said with a voice tinged in irony. He signaled the two workers to proceed.

           "Noooooo..!!!!" moaned Nicole as she felt herself being picked up by the two workers and carried over to a waiting stand that looked very similar to the one she had seen before.  Before she had a chance to try and break free from her captors, she felt herself being impaled onto the pink rubber shaft that composed the top of the stand.  A few seconds later, a loud PING! was heard emanating from the bottom of the stand.

           Nicole had steeled herself for what she expected to be a most painful experience but instead found the insertion of the rod to be a most erotic experience.  She felt feelings of pleasure spread through her body and her skin seemed to tingle as if it was being touched by thousands of probing fingers all over.  She felt herself pulling on the skirt in front of her as a result of the sensations even though a tiny part of her was screaming to resist the feelings.

          However, whatever resistance Nicole might have summoned crumpled away as the sensations grew stronger by the second.  She became so overwhelmed by the feelings that she was completely oblivious to the changes that were taking place to her physical self.  Her skin was changing rapidly changing into smooth plastic with no signs of any humanity visible anywhere.  Thin lines became visible seemingly out of thin air around her wrists, torso and upper right thigh as one would see on any display mannequin. Her pussy disappeared altogether as it became smooth plastic much like the rest of her torso. Although Nicole couldn't see it, she could feel a metal plate forming around where the rod had been inserted into her anus.

          Nicole's movements slowed 'till they had halted altogether, much like her breathing had already.  Her thoughts slowly faded away into a sea of blackness as her whole body became a solid piece of incredibly lifelike plastic.

         With a much quieter PING!!, the rod stopped the process and the two workers moved off to another part of the factory leaving Larry alone to look on at the newest addition to Accessories, Inc.'s inventory.



           Larry was beaming at the sales figures he was looking at.  He had just concluded an arrangement with an overseas contract that called for Accessories, Inc. to ship 4 full-figure mannequins each week for the next month with the only stipulation that they have a wild and exotic look to them.

            He looked over at the latest mannequin that had been just brought into his office per his request. 


           Nicole looked stunning in the pose she was captured in as a woman slowly removing her clothes in the heat of passion.  The fact that her breasts, now firm plastic mounds, were a fair bit larger than his usual models meant to Larry that he might even have to recommend expanding the line to include full figure models if Nicole was as popular as he thought she might be.

          The ringing of his cell phone interrupted his musings and Larry realized he was going to be a busy fellow later that day.

           He remembered  that he had lined up another tour for a reporter later that day...

          "Hopefully, this tour will result in an article being written... otherwise, we might have to start a new line of display mannequins called 'Reporters'.. Ha! " he thought to himself with a small mental chuckle as he walked through the factory to start another day at Accessories, Inc.


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