Truly Timeless Beauty

by Epicaricacy

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The syncopated rhythmic clicking, induced by the fingers of his left hand on the liquid smooth surface of the plexiglas desk, went unnoticed by the man responsible for its creation. And while in many  situations the seemingly incessant noise would have drawn ire from anyone within earshot, the only other occupant of the room was also utterly indifferent. In the sparsely yet tastefully decorated room light spilled from an open doorway and lay in a moderately bright pool insufficient to entirely banish the shadows flowing over the crimson carpet from the table legs and expensive unlit stand lamps in the corners. Roughly half the room was lit only nearly imperceptibly by the ambient glow from the city far below and the runner lights on the outside of the residential tower. Those lights, designed to add to the majesty of the building itself, were never meant to provide light to the residents, only to aid in their aggrandizement. Though the apartment was not at the top of the tower, it was close, and therefore the rooms were appropriately spacious, given its proximity. The man seated at the desk, fingers still  rapping, wasn't prideful about the location of his residence as many in his place would have been. It wasn't an accomplishment to him, it was merely the inevitable, expected outcome of his work. His passion. His expression of intent scrutiny was directed across the desk to the center of the room where the other occupant stood. This tableaux remained unchanged for quite some time.

Jack was almost immobile, other than his hand, and the slow rise and fall of his chest as he breathed. Dark hair covered his head and ran thick and disheveled below the collar of his charcoal gray silk shirt. The blade of the index finger on his right hand made a dent in his lips as his eyes devoured the other occupant of the room. Unlike Jack, she wore no clothing at all. The light coming through the doorway did not quite reach her feet. The light's source was too high with the vaulted ceilings in the next room to illuminate her directly. She stood facing almost squarely towards Jack, her left hip warmly lit in the red tinted light reflected off the floor. She stood with her weight balanced on her left heel, right leg slightly bent as if she were thinking of taking a step, or starting to dance. Jack's eyes followed the satin-smooth line of her skin from her hip up to the curve of her sublime breasts. It was clear even from where Jack was seated that her left nipple was swollen in arousal. The shadow of her left arm,which was raised and bent so her hand was lost in the tangle of her hair, obscured the details of her right breast enough that its condition wasn't clear. Though Jack was doubtless it too was hardened. Her right arm was wrapped lightly across her abdomen both lifting and pressing her breasts together. Viewed in the half-light, collectively, it was one of the most sensual things Jack had ever seen. He continued to stare at Stephanie and felt a familiar stirring in his groin. She was a model, an exquisite beauty, in image as well as occupation. Well, former occupation. Jack had saved her from the hectic chaos and fleeting glamour of photo lingerie modeling, and given her something more permanent. Jack felt his erection throb and stopped tapping the table to adjust himself, his pants had become uncomfortably tight. He stood and strode over to Stephanie who hadn't moved at all. Upon closer inspection, Jack could see the familiar expression on Stephanie's face of surprised arousal. Her lips were parted slightly as if she were about to gasp or moan. Of course she did neither. Jack's smile was languorous, malevolent and lustful as he gazed at his newest acquisition. Stephanie was everything he had come to expect from models; beautiful, sexy, vacuous and greedy. Jack pressed his lips to Stephanie's and felt the tip of his emancipated cock slide across her smooth belly leaving a glistening trail of pre-cum in a jagged line.  

     Stephanie and indeed most of the other people had been blithely ignoring the drab, though finely accoutered, Jack at the party where they had met 3 days earlier. Compared to the cutting edge and garish clothing most of them had worn he had been a pigeon among peacocks. Until, as typical, a few of the more adroit socialites had put rumor together with innuendo and allusion then alerted the others with delighted exclamations that Jack was "That" artist. Then Jack had found, as many times before, that he was bombarded with ebullient people only too happy preen and jockey for his attention, and possibly, his endorsement. Jack had coolly participated in the fevered event. Praising where appropriate, demurring from overt slander of anyone, deserving or not. And Jack watched, hunting through the meaningless pleasantries and even less meaningful people for that undefinable quality he now looked for after a few years of experience. Jack had found it again in the form of Stephanie. She was not a brilliant conversationalist, but had been smart enough to know her limitations and let those around her handle the dialogue. Stephanie was nearly perfectly proportioned, being maybe a bit too chesty and curvaceous, to be a runway model. She was still lean and taught through the thighs and stomach. Her brow had been slick with a sheen of clean sweat. Most probably, Jack thought, caused by; coke, alcohol, or possibly just the excitement of being invited to an event like this. Stephanie was young, somewhere between seventeen and twenty, it was hard for Jack to tell anymore with as much makeup as is popular with even younger girls. And candidly Jack couldn't have cared less how old she was. Stephanie had what he was looking for. Jack had turned up his charm and passed off the other admirers and sycophants to each other as he could. Jack was always careful to fortify his reputation for helping neophytes network with the seasoned movers and shakers. Stephanie had dogged his heels with a barely leashed impatient exuberance for him to introduce her to some agent or producer who would see the star of Stephanie rise precipitously. Jack could practically feel her vibrating with excitement as he led Stephanie into the more exclusive areas of the party. Jack also felt her excitement become disappointment, wordlessly conducted, by the hand she had passed through his arm. Jack had passed off the only other nameless model that had accompanied him this far to a very powerful agency executive. Jack had smiled to himself feeling her frustration. Jack had known she was in nearly the perfect emotional state for his plans. Ever polite at such public forums, Jack had quietly escorted Stephanie outside, to a semi-private balcony. Jack felt Stephanie's disappointment turn again to a cautious hope. Stephanie's thoughts had been easy to discern. Her face had lit with greed as she thought that maybe Jack himself might be interested in her and she was obviously wondering what Jack would want in return for such a boost to her career. Jack had barely kept a straight face. He had said nothing for nearly a full minute, surely a slow torture to Stephanie, who was almost paralyzed with fear she would say the wrong thing and ruin her brilliant future before it got started. Jack had waited until Stephanie was practically squirming before he had broken the silence and asked her if she would be willing to model for him. Stephanie had positively gushed that nothing would make her happier. Jack suspected she had creamed her panties upon hearing the offer. At the time Jack had taken nothing more than a single brief, but tender, kiss from Stephanie that had left her blushing red as three sunsets. Jack had told her to wait by a certain public phone two days hence and he would call her with further directions to get to his studio. Jack had explained the reasoning for the wait and the call by telling Stephanie he did not want anyone to know where his studio was, and he did not want anyone to know she was to be modeling for him. Jack told Stephanie she would be his next surprise masterpiece. Stephanie had been so quick to assure Jack she wouldn't tell anyone what she was doing.

     Jack darted his tongue into Stephanie's partly open mouth and wrapped his arms around her, holding her in place. Jack's hips started to grind, pressing his hard-on into the gap at the top of Stephanie's thighs. Jack enjoyed the sensation of her smooth labia rubbing against the top of him. Jack sighed, remembering how nervous Stephanie had sounded on the public phone yesterday.

     Like other models before her, Jack had known Stephanie would go home and decide how far she was "willing to go" with Jack in order to forward her career. Jack also knew such decisions were, by and large, self deceptive bullshit. Given even the appearance of a decent opportunity most models spread like butter and Jack had personal video and photos to prove it. So the only real question was, what would Jack have to promise to get at Stephanie's sweet virtue? As it had turned out, very little. Stephanie had gotten nude with a modicum of prompting and stood, knelt, or crawled at Jack's direction with very little effort. That was why, after Jack's arousal had become obvious, Jack had been surprised to discover Stephanie had experienced little more than would be covered in a juvenile game of seven minutes in heaven. Stephanie had, with a little coaxing, blushingly described her abortive and brief encounters; limited to some heavy petting, one hand job and a brief licking by some girl at a party on her moist sex. Jack goaded her to describe how it felt, increasing Stephanie's general arousal, while he began surreptitiously to rub her thigh. Shortly he'd had Stephanie lying down, her neatly trimmed pubes tickling his nose, as he steadily lapped at her dripping wet gash. Stephanie had bucked her hips fiercely clamping with her athletic thighs as she climaxed on his tongue for the second time. Stephanie had only panted and moaned when he stood to run his cock through the length of her cleft wetting it with her juices. Jack had leaned forward to look Stephanie in the eyes as he slowly pushed the engorged head of his dick up against her maidenhead. Stephanie had quivered with expectation, excitement and maybe a touch of fear for pain. Jack asked if she was ready and Stephanie had wrapped her legs around him in reply. Jack moaned remembering the little squeal and mewling Stephanie had made when he thrust into her, breaking her cherry. Jack had not been patient or gentle, instead he concentrated on his own pleasure. Stephanie was as tight as Jack had ever felt, every stroke into her had pulled her outer labia inward and every time he pulled out her pussy gripped so hard it turned inside out. Under those circumstances even someone with as much experience as Jack could not hold on long. The rate of his thrusts had increased and Stephanie had started wailing and panting. When Jack felt his nuts tighten he pushed as deep into Stephanie as he could and held her bucking hips tightly. Stephanie had known what was happening and she started cumming just after Jack did. Jack had grunted and screamed a primal scream of conquest as he filled Stephanie for the first time. Invigorated rather than exhausted, Jack had proceeded to violate Stephanie every way he knew how. Stephanie had enjoyed most of it, from what Jack could tell. The little she didn't, like when he drained his bladder on her breasts and face, well Jack really didn't care if she liked it or not.

     Jack listens, enjoying the carnal sounds of the video they had recorded yesterday of him deflowering Stephanie playing from his computer on the desk. Jack ardently rubs his rod against Stephanie and gently sucks on one of her stiff nipples. Unlike while making the video, Stephanie makes no overt response to Jack's actions. Jack smiles around Stephanie's nipple and, straightening, picks her up, seemingly with no effort, and carries her, hands splayed across her ass, towards the well lit room through the doorway. Approaching the doorway, Jack is obviously pleased with Stephanie's appearance. She is still in the same position she was when standing in the middle of Jack's studio, though now she is slung under Jack's right arm like a football. Laying Stephanie down on his workbench, Jack steps back to admire his work. Stephanie has turned out beautifully.

     Telling Stephanie to re-do her makeup after their sweat-soaked sex-romp, and golden shower, Jack had turned away to grab his camera again. Stephanie had objected, as Jack had known she would, that she needed a shower to clean up before re-applying her makeup. Jack had made her do some simple poses so he could shoot the results of their tryst in high resolution. Stephanie's smeared makeup and sperm-slicked thighs had looked really hot on review. Jack had finally allowed her to go to the shower to cleanup. As Stephanie turned on the shower, Jack went into a small room that most people mistook for a closet. It was actually the control room for the various equipment Jack had set up to do his work. Flipping on the monitors, Jack watched as Stephanie tested the temperature of the water coming out of the shower heads. Jack loved that shower; he had designed it himself. Seven shower heads ensured the occupant was sprayed from every angle. When Jack used it, he got very clean. But if one of Jack's models or special guests was using it, it also made sure they were very evenly and thoroughly coated with his own special chemical blend. The agents would soak into the skin to permeate the other tissues of the body as well. A steady stream of gas from vents in the ceiling had whomever got in feeling very relaxed, and slightly horny. Jack watched for 20 minutes as Stephanie more and more slowly washed herself. Eventually Stephanie stopped cleaning anything but her pussy, which she was slowly rubbing and fingering. Stephanie was cooing softly. Her jaw was slack, and she stared absently. Rivulets of the liquid-compound streamed over her, carried inside her greedily sucking cunt by her slowly thrusting, slickened fingers. Jack left the control room to make a sandwich. He knew that Stephanie, in her drugged haze, would continue fingering herself slowly for the next 2 hours.

Returning later to the control room, Jack saw Stephanie was right on schedule. She had, according to his readouts, reached full exposure. Jack smiled and went in the bathroom. A side-effect of the  chemicals and gas was that, if not given direction, the subjects would stand idle and do nothing but slowly pleasure themselves until.... Well Jack wasn't sure, he had always moved them right along to the next step. Leading the dazed Stephanie back to his studio, Jack placed her in the center of the room under several rows of lights, which had been artfully concealed behind retractable ceiling panels. Stephanie, bovine like, just stood there, naked. Her skin had the slightly oily appearance typical after the shower. Jack had smiled wickedly at her and asked if she was ready to become one of his mannequin models. Stephanie had stared at the windows vacantly and said nothing. Jack had not really expected a response. Only three of his models had ever responded, they had been MIT students,  collected simultaneously from a sorority party and their' responses had all been something like "Whaaaaat?" in a slow drawl. The chem bath really fucked them all up mentally. Jack had flipped on the lights from his control room and watched through a concealed camera as Stephanie was bathed in light. Stephanie moaned like she was cumming and started to rub her hands around all over herself. Jack could see the changes start, Stephanie's skin slowly lost the oily appearance and her rubbing slowed down and became stiffer. After about 10 minutes Stephanie was moving like she was swimming through molasses. Her face, which was closest to the broad spectrum of "lights", appeared to have frozen in the look of surprised arousal she had made when the lights turned on. Stephanie slowly slid her right hand across her torso, lifting and pressing her breasts together. Her left hand rose to run through her hair, stopping as she reached the back of her head. Jack had smiled that her pose was so alluring, and left her there under the lights for the night and most of the next day. As it was now late evening, powering off the light emitters and returning the retractable ceiling panels to their original position had plunged the studio into shadows. Jack returned to the studio to recline in his ridiculously expensive Aeron office chair. Jack wished to regard his newest decoration while reviewing the camera records of their mutual exploits. It would take awhile for the changes to fully set. Jack's fingers began beating a tattoo on his desk as he waited.

     And now she was complete. Stephanie, his latest model. Jack had methodically cut into Stephanie's plastinated arms at the elbows, shoulders and wrists. Systematically cutting hollows to fit the artificial joints he had already fabricated to return seemingly natural articulation to Stephanie. Of course they could also do more, such as separate for ease of dis-assembly and transport. Jack had added similar joints at her neck, hips, knees, and ankles. A buffing had removed all surface blemishes and careful work with a delicate air brush had blended her skin's textures to flawlessness. Jack's work was seen in only the highest-end boutiques, and stores. Each mannequin he created was acknowledged as a work of art, more than equal in beauty to the artwork they exhibited for whichever designer was fortunate, and wealthy, enough to be able to obtain one. They were known for their realism, appearing anatomically correct even down to having sculpted pubic hair. Jack couldn't make enough of them! He'd lost count of how many he'd made so far. Oh he could look through his records, he'd kept every receipt of sale, if he really cared to... He didn't. Jack had changed since the accidental discovery of the process had converted his first victim years earlier. That one he had regretted, at first, but now Jack actually enjoyed what he did to them. Jack relished it, whether it was a vapid model, a high-school cheerleader, an indiscreet soccer mom or even a hot post-graduate working on their doctoral thesis. The only potentials he cared about anymore were their ability to sexually gratify him, and to become his next "artwork".

Jack smiled down at Stephanie, whom he had posed on her knees so he could christen her properly. He slid his erection across her smooth cheeks, lips and forehead before spurting one last ejaculation across her face and dribbling some on the taught globes of her breasts. Jack hummed contentedly to himself as he separated Stephanie at the joints to ship her to her new home in Miami. As Jack was about to put the lid on Stephanie's crate into place, he took one last admiring look at her. Even with her limbs removed, and the slowly drying remains of his christening on her, she was lovely. "Stephanie" Jack said, "You truly are a timeless beauty."


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