Tucker’s Wand XII:  First Day of Class

by FreezAntix, with contributions by Zero

The next installment in the tales of hijinks that Tucker has with his magical gizmo, which take place in what will be known from now on as the 'Tuckerverse'. You may want to read Tucker's tales from the beginning, or catch up on the latest chapter before continuing; the lead characters are introduced in the first story. [Ed.]

Note from the Authors: After deliberation we've decided that yes, the Clockwork series and the Tucker stories are set in the same world. This world is currently being dubbed the Tuckerverse by the authors, since Tucker currently has the most stories that revolve around him though the Clockwork stories are quite large by comparison. We hope you've enjoyed the Clockwork and Tucker series' so far and hope you will continue to do so in the Tuckerverse!

Decker State College, Yancey Building, Rm. 321

            Tucker settled into his seat with a yawn, dropping his bag to the foot of his desk. It was his first class of the fall semester. The class was numbered Business 420 Management III, he already taken management one and two in previous years. Three and four were two of his eight classes that he had left that stood between him and his degree. He had the best summer of his life, he reflected, as other students started to shuffle into the classroom. The beginning of summer had started off slow as he was financially unstable. He was saved by a magical wand that allowed him to control time, freeze people, and even turn back time. He and Maggie, his best friend and now roommate, soon started a business making calendars and posters; the two quickly gathered a small fortune. Tucker also finally hooked up with the girl of his dreams, Haley Leone.  The wand helped in that as well but Haley now knew about it so everything was great. The summer ended on a rather dramatic note with Haley and Jamie, Maggie’s girlfriend, getting kidnapped in Hawaii by a crazed millionaire.

            “Oh hey, is this spot taken?” asked a gorgeous brunette; she had straight hair falling just under her shoulders, parted in the middle. Her hazel eyes were bright and friendly and seemed to twinkle when she smiled. She was a voluptuous girl who was clad in a tight-fitting brown ribbed short sleeved shirt, a tan plaid mini skirt, tan hosiery and a pair of brown heels.

            “No, it’s not taken,” Tucker replied, smiling at the brunette who he had been eyeing since freshmen year. The girl was named Nina Nichols and she was his age and she was in the same major and curriculum. In fact he had been in some of the same classes with Nina for the last three years. He looked her over as she pulled her laptop from her bag and got ready for class, taking in her sweet scent and her beauty.  She was a sight to say the least. She had an attractive face, great breasts and even sexy legs. Nina wasn’t one of those thin girls either, she had shape, not fat, but shape.

            She looked back over at him and smiled warmly, “I’m Nina Nichols,” she greeted extending her hand. Tucker looked at her, puzzled, he had introduced himself nearly three times to her before and she still had not gotten his name? How did she even get into this program? She caught the look at Tucker’s face and frowned in thought. “Oh my gosh, Tucker Holmes?” She then asked wide eyed.

            Tucker nodded and grinned. He had changed a lot over the summer. He no longer wore his glasses as often. He had a different hair cut; his brown hair was cut short and spiked up now. Even his dress appearance had altered, he wasn’t a GQ model or anything but he was trendier. “Yeah I had a good summer. How was yours Nina?”

            “You had a great summer by the looks of it. You look great Tucker! My summer was pretty good; I went to Europe with the family,” Nina replied, looking Tucker over with a new eye. “So did you go anywhere special?” She then asked as Tucker pulled out his laptop from his bag. His trusty wand rolled out and he quickly scooped it up with a smile.

            “I went to Canada and Hawaii,” he answered, booting his laptop up. He carefully tucked his wand under his leg. The class was getting more crowded, but he expected it would not be that full. It was a senior class. Once his laptop booted all the way up the background image of he and Haley filled his screen. The Italian blond had her arms wrapped around his neck from behind and smiled brightly over his shoulder. Tucker had a big smile on his face as well, it was clearly obvious that he had held the camera and took the happy picture.

            “Wow, Tucker, she’s gorgeous…” Nina said in awe looking at Tucker’s desktop.

            “Yeah, she is.” Tucker said in pride. “She’s my girlfriend Haley.”

            “Your girlfriend?” Nina asked, almost in shock, looking Tucker up and down again. She was intrigued. Tucker was an average guy even with his revamped looks; his girlfriend was something short of Goddess. “Congratulations Tucker,” she then said, the shock not completely gone yet.

            “Thanks,” Tucker said, smiling. The look on Nina’s face was priceless. I bet now you’ll remember my name, he thought smugly. Looking around the room he saw that most of the class had already come, as class was going to begin in five minutes. Of the thirty-something seats in the class, only about half were full. The students sat mostly spread out as no one really wanted to sit right next to each other. There were a few exceptions though, Tucker and Nina being one of those along with a few others dotted out throughout the room. Tucker assumed they were friends or even a couple as some had that same look that he and Haley had now. There were mostly girls, of the fourteen or sixteen students only six or so were guys. This was one of the main reasons why Tucker liked his major; the ratio of guys to girls was something like 2 to 4 or something. Maggie was a business major too, though her concentration was focused on finance more so than everything else. As stereotypical as it sounded she was into to numbers, and her curriculum had a good number of Asians in it as well.

            Tucker spotted only a handful of girls he was interested in right as Dr. Sandra Packlin entered the classroom. Dr. Packlin was one of Tucker’s favorite professors; she was straight forward with assignments and was a fair grader. The only thing that people hated about her was that she as boring lecturer. Tucker didn’t mind though, since she was definitely a MILF. Dr. Packlin was in her early to mid forties, not that old by modern standards, but she was still almost a good twenty years older than Tucker. The business professor was a demure woman, she mostly wore sharp-looking business suits to class an occasional colorful blouse in the mix was considered her walk on the wild side. She had brown hair that Tucker had no idea of the length of as it was always tied back in a conservative loose bun; she did however have bangs hanging over her eyes, giving her that cute look. She wore thin-framed glasses and smiled brightly as she dropped her briefcase off at the instructor’s desk and stepped around it.

            Dr. Packlin welcomed the class and hoped that everyone had a great summer. She stood dressed in a dark purple skirted business suit with nude hosiery over shiny black-heeled pumps. Her business jacket was buttoned up to the neck with gold buttons, the hem of the skirt sat a little past her knees, but it was enough to show that the professor did have a pair of great looking legs. She was as professional as usual, Tucker thought, smiling at the professor and feeling the wand under his legs. He also felt a stirring feeling in his pants as well as he eyed his professor, there were some pent up tension as this wasn’t the first time he had sexually fantasized about the respectable woman.  He shifted in his seat and looked around to make sure that no one could see the growing bulge in his trousers. Dr. Packlin began the class by going over the syllabus but Tucker paid no attention to her as he had other thoughts in his head. Aside from the good doctor leading the class there, was Nina sitting next to him who was actively listening to the lecture and going over her own copy of the syllabus, there was also four other girls in the class that he wanted to get to know a little more intimately.

            Sitting at the front of the class in the center was a blond who was named Friday; she always got Tucker’s attention being that she often dressed eccentrically. The blond was a local girl from what Tucker knew and she was a fan of retro clothing, her favorites being styles from the 70s and 80s. She always stood out and people thought she was crazy. Friday however had one of the highest grade point percentages in the school and she had an arrogant personality to go along with her smarts. With her crazy dress style and unapproachable personality she had few friends but the girl didn’t seem to mind, being that she was there to learn, nothing more. Today Friday was dressed in a flowered blouse tucked into pink bell-bottoms with yellow platform heels. Her blond hair was curled and held away from her face by yellow head band.

            Leslie Chun was a slender Eurasian girl; Tucker figured her dad was Asian while her mother was European or something along those lines. Leslie had high cheekbones, and almond-shaped blue eyes. Her nose looked European along with her full lips. She was also tall, at least 5’8 or so. Tucker thought she was one of the most exotic girls that he had met so far in college. Her wavy dirty blond hair was tied back into a ponytail, Tucker didn’t know if that was her natural hair color or if it was dyed. She was mixed heritage after all, so it was hard to figure out what was natural. Sitting next to her was her friend, Tami Tyler, another tall girl. She was a brunette with green eyes. Her skin was deeply tanned; she was on the beach volleyball team. Both girls wore red and yellow Phi Sig Delta t-shirts and short-shorts, Tami in denim and Leslie in khaki. Tucker had met both girls at a previous class a few semesters ago; he had helped them on a project but he doubted they still remembered his name.

            Sitting exactly one row from where he was sitting and a seat over was the hot Mexican American co-ed Fiona Diaz. She was fifth generation American, hence the odd first name. Fiona was actually the smartest student in their management program and upon graduation she was slated to be employed by Stone Enterprises as an entry-level manager. Knowing Erika Stone, Fiona had a good chance of getting far in that company, Tucker thought. She was also a double major, her second major being investigative journalism; Fiona also worked for the school paper part-time. The Latina was dressed in black pants suit with a red sleeveless silk top underneath that showed off sexy smooth tan arms. Her jacket was currently hanging off the back of her chair. Fiona’s dark curly hair just brushed her shoulders. Like everyone else, she was busy looking over her copy of syllabus and jotting down some notes as well.

            Tucker looked down at his copy of the syllabus, his mind blank. He looked around and tuned into what Dr. Packlin was saying. Bad idea; he had no idea what was going on. Looking over the syllabus, he understood somewhat what she was trying to say; he shrugged, knowing he’ll eventually figure it out. Slightly shifting in his seat, he slowly removed the wand from underneath his thighs and felt the relief of blood returning to his legs. He looked over at Nina, staring at her breasts, wondering if she had bra or not as he was looking for nipples. She moved a little in his direction and he quickly turned his attention back to his laptop. Tucker could see her grinning from the corner of his eye; did I get caught? he thought, grinning to himself. Just a little bit longer, he then thought while gripping his precious Kronos Wand.

            The room had a bunch of desks scattered around and he wanted to move them all around for space if he needed to. He couldn’t do that with the twelve or so students sitting in them, at least not easily. Tucker also wanted his attention focused on the ladies he had selected. With his time stop sessions he was easily distracted, what stopped him from exploring every woman? Nothing. It was about time, minutes till the end of class, when Dr. Packlin started to wrap up her intro lecture; first day classes never went the whole time. With the good professor still speaking, Tucker tapped his wand against his desk leg.

            Everything went dead silent, as the air sat still around him. It was a creepy feeling that was hard to describe but he had long gotten used to it since summer. Tucker looked over to Nina and was surprised to see the busty brunette glancing slightly at him with a curious expression. She must have heard the first tap, he smiled. Reaching over, he turned head back looking straight and adjusted her eyes to do the same and then leaned her head down so she was looking at her laptop. Her skin was silky smooth, he observed, rubbing her cheek with the back of his hand. He copped a quick feel of her large breasts before waving the wand twice over her head. Tucker moved carefully around the classroom and did the same to the other four girls before taking his seat and re-starting time.  He knew they all would remain frozen.

            Dr. Packlin ended class and turned around to gather her briefcase as the students got up and shuffled out. Tucker was the last to leave; he was glad to see that his little plan worked as no one had noticed the five unmoving girls. Tucker had turned all the girls’ heads downward to make them look like they were reading; Tami and Friday were already doing so. Tucker left the room and stopped time once more once he had cleared the door and made sure no one was watching him. He then re-entered the room, closing the door behind him. Dr. Packlin was still as she held her brief case in her right hand and was immobilized in mid-stride towards the door.  She had a concerned expression on her face and her lips were slightly parted as she looked down at Friday. The blond student had of course remained looking down at her notes with a pen in hand and her legs crossed. Leslie had been looking at the clock on the back wall when Tucker stopped time the first time; she was now looking down at her notes. The angle of her head was a little too steep though and the girl looked as if she had passed out. She sat with her hands on her lap and her knees together. Her friend Tami actually had been looking down at her notes so Tucker did nothing, the tall brunette sat with her left elbow resting on the desk and her cheek resting in her left hand, her right hand held her pen as if she was tapping it. Fiona had been leaning to her right, pulling something out of her bag when he had stopped time the first time. He had to re-pose her completely and was surprised that no one noticed when he restarted time that the girl went from leaning right to sitting back in her seat in the blink of an eye. He also had crossed her legs and stuffed her right hand down her pants. No one had even looked.

            Tucker dropped his bag off at his seat and made a bee-line through the narrow aisles between the desks to his favorite professor. He wrapped his arms around her waist and dragged her back to the front the classroom. The concerned look remained on her face as well as her mid-stride pose as Tucker slid her backwards on her heels. He pried the briefcase from her hands and then spun her around to face him, opting to leave her glasses on since he liked the look of them; very fitting for a teacher. With expert hands, he quickly removed her business suit; the demure outfit was on the floor in no time. Tucker whistled, eying his professor now clad only in a matching lacy purple bra and thong, along with the lacy purple garter belt holding up her thigh-high nude stockings. Pulling the pins that held her hair in place Tucker unraveled his professor’s conservative bun, letting her brunette hair fall to the middle of her back. He leaned in close, sniffing her bangs, which oddly smelled like strawberries. Stepping back, he molds her face into a more flirtatious expression with her lower lip slightly tucked under her teeth and her eyes natural and untouched behind her glasses.

            He moved her over to her desk, feeling a sort of awesome power of manipulating his professor as if she were a living doll; speaking of dolls, Tucker wished Haley was with him as she would love Dr. Packlin. Tucker smiled at the thought of Haley back in LA playing with Hitomi, her life-size doll, who had been long-term frozen with the wand. She was literally playing; Haley wasn’t into what Tucker and Maggie were into, which was to mainly use their life-size dolls for sexual fun and business. Haley was into them as dolls; every time she played with them it was like she was a little girl all over again. Tucker put Packlin’s hands onto her desk and bent her over in the position referred to by cops as the ‘assumed position’. He spread her legs wide, adjusted her head so she was looking straight at the board ahead of her and, glancing back at his frozen audience, he smiled as he forcefully ripped the thong from his professor’s waist. Being a thong with thin straps, it came off easily with just the right jerk. Tucker looked at the torn thong in his hands, “It worked…” he whispered. Haley had taught him how to tear thongs off of women; she had picked up the skill in high school with her friends. Tucker had only tried it once on a stiff Maggie; the results were poor as he only managed to fling his frozen friend right into his own face. Haley had gotten a good laugh out of that, which was the only good thing.

            Tucker stuffed the remains of the thong into his pocket and turned his attention to Packlin’s bare ass that was now in front of him. His trousers were feeling tight so he moved up behind the hapless woman and opened his pants. Junior was ready but Packlin’s backside was not so willing; he found the back door to be quite small but he was determined. Tucker lifted up his professor at the hips and pulled her hard on to his member. He ended up falling backwards, making Packlin’s nylon clad legs bend forward; her heels were kicked off in the process. "Now this is how you should teach!" laughed Tucker as he found a way to make the position work.

* * *

            Many minutes later, his time, breathing heavily, Tucker removed his soldier from Tami, whom he'd saved for last. All six women in the silent classroom were now completely naked, save for Packlin who still wore her glasses, everything else including hair bands having been removed. Packlin was leaned over the desk with her hands, palms flat on the desktop like Tucker had tried to pose her before falling over, Nina was posed squeezing the doctor's breasts from behind and underneath, her own tits pressed tightly against the professor's back. Packlin's face was blank now but Nina held a smile that looked extremely satisfied as she leaned there. Sitting on the other side of the desk was Tami, her legs bent and her arms out like she was pretending to be a chair, Tucker having been until a moment ago leaning into her. Looking for some kicks, Tucker had given the woman a temporary tattoo on her cheek of a blue whale while he was waiting for his stamina to return, having found the item in her bag and using Friday's water bottle to apply it. Leslie and Fiona were posed in a passionate kiss, Leslie grasping Fiona's rear while Fiona held the back of the other girl's head, Leslie's left foot was raised in homage to Hollywood movies. Friday's position was a bit more straightforward, on her back on the ground, her hands covering her breasts and womanhood with a shy smile. All six women had been glorious, and Tucker contemplated picking up smoking.

            "It really is too bad I can't keep any of you," sighed Tucker, thinking of his impressive collection of permanently time-stopped women he had at home. One day he'd pick up a brunette and maybe a Latina, but for today Tucker would just have to squeeze a little more fun out of the situation. Fortunately he had the key to Packlin's office, which was just down the hall, and he already had a plan.

            Having built up a decent amount of muscle over the past few months, Tucker managed to drag Friday while draping Tami on his back, delivering them both into Packlin's office without a change in pose, Tami was now sitting on the teacher's desk while Friday stood in the corner. Next Tucker dragged in Fiona and Leslie, keeping them together and putting them in another corner. Finally Tucker hurried back and retrieved everyone's clothes, taking all but the teacher's and Nina's and hiding them in the office. Grinning to himself, Tucker returned to class, still naked himself with his wand in hand. With fast hands he unfroze Nina and immediately froze her again, syncing her with time again, then taking a seat at a desk and tapping the wand five times, after hiding the key to Packlin's office. 

            "What on Earth?!" shouted Packlin, straightening up and spinning around as Nina jumped back and dropped into a squat, covering herself feebly. Seeing herself to be exposed, the teacher imitated the pose Tucker had put Friday in while he himself hid his lower body with as much as small desk would offer.

            "Umm..." muttered Tucker, managing to hide his laughter."What the hell just happened?"

            "Never mind that, please hand me my clothes and turn around!" ordered Packlin, and Tucker obeyed while Nina shuffled over to another desk to hide crouched behind it.

            "I don't believe this," whimpered Nina, her face soaked with a panicked sweat.

            "It's alright, here," offered Tucker, sliding the girl's clothes to her. With amazing speed Packlin was clothed while Nina was slower, barely having her dark silk underwear on by the time the teacher was done.

            "Not words of this to anyone; you both have A’s," declared Packlin, her face beet red as she grabbed her briefcase and headed for the door in a huff. Once again she never made it through as Tucker tapped his wand, freezing time once more. Packlin stood inches from the door in a mid-stride stance, her hair and clothing in total disarray to the point where she might as well be doing a walk of shame. Nina was worse, still fiddling with her silk bra behind her back as she remained hunched over. Satisfied, Tucker clothed himself, laughing all the while.

            Done with Nina and Packlin, Tucker left them in the classroom and returned to the doctor's office where he retrieved Leslie and Fiona. For them, Tucker ran off, unfroze an elevator, then grabbed a janitor's cart containing a large garbage can, placed them on the cart while still in the lovers' embrace with their stuff in the can, and took them to the college stadium, a good ten minutes away.

            Arriving in the girls' showers, Tucker was disappointed to see they were empty. Tucker was too early it seemed to catch the soccer team, field hockey team or cheerleaders post practice, the later two still in the middle of practice while the cheerleaders had the day off. Coming back to school, Tucker tended to make a note of these things. In the stall closest to the rest of the locker room Tucker dropped off the duo, then dumping their clothes on a bench where they could find them and hiding the cart in a bathroom stall. His work done, Tucker carefully synced both girls with time again, doing the same trick he'd done with Nina, and decided to hide in an open locker that could hold him. Silently wishing he could sync people without the risk of them noticing something was awry, Tucker tapped his wand against the locker door.

            "Argh!" screamed both girls, jumping apart in surprise. Tucker bit his lip that time to hold back laughter, listening intently.

            "Weren't we in Management class?!" demanded Fiona, confused.

            "Forget that, why the hell were we just–" began Leslie.

            "Don't finish that sentence," warned Fiona, agitated. "Just leave before we think about this too much. I'll follow a bit later."

            "Damn," muttered Tucker, hoping he'd get some action.

            "Did you hear that?" asked Leslie, having just exited the shower stall.

            "Ye-" began Fiona before Tucker cut her off, freezing time and kicking himself for breaking his own rules. He considered now replacing himself with someone else, but decided it was too much work and just left, turning the tap on in the shower for Fiona before departing.

            He waited till he was back next to Nina before re-starting time again. “This is the worst day of my life…” Nina grumbled as she quickly pulled on her panties once her bra was secured. “How could this happen?” she asked, on the verge of tears. Tucker was starting to feel sorry for the girl. He wasn’t around that much when he re-started time, now he knew why.

            “At least it wasn’t just you.” Tucker replied with a shrug, not knowing what else to say.

            She turned and faced him with a grin that quickly faded, “How did you get your clothes on so fast?” She asked, shocked, trying to pull her pantyhose on but decided against them and went for her skirt instead.

            “I work fast when I’m nervous.” Tucker quickly answered, cursing at himself at his second error of the day. A mix of being tired and morning sex wasn’t good. He had been up late the previous night after finding out about a spell for his wand via a Brazilian internet site of all places. It was odd that a Brazilian real estate mogul would have information about his wand. The spell was found under the miscellaneous section of the website where other ancient artifacts used to decorate high end homes were listed.  The spell was simple, jab the wand twice at the person, not touching them, followed by a clockwise circle and downward motion. The spell in question would render the target asleep for about four hours according to the site. He had wanted to test it on Maggie as soon as he learned it but for some odd reason Maggie was locked away in her room and Tucker thought he heard banging on something and chanting. She had been doing that for a few weeks ever since they got back from Hawaii. Weird girl, he thought. With Maggie unavailable he moved to his next target, Haley. His blond girlfriend was talking about something about work when he tried the spell on her. As hoped, it worked! Haley was out like a light and he had spent the remainder of the night trying to wake her with no avail. She was completely comatose. He ended his night by freezing her and having his way with her, he didn’t like them limp. Haley woke up that morning with no memory of what had happened, though she suspected something only because she knew about the wand. They had wild love, before Tucker realized he was going to be late and rushed off still tired and dazed by the night’s and then morning’s activities. Maggie had left early as well, with Jamie giving her a lift; she had an early class and didn’t want to wake Tucker, which was almost disastrous he was going to have to talk to her about that later.

            “I wish this was dream,” Nina then said, bringing him back to the present and seemingly buying Tucker’s lie as she slipped her heels onto her bare feet and stood. Tucker did the same with his footwear, stuffing his socks in his pocket. “How do I look?” she asked, smoothing out her blouse and straightening out her skirt.

            “Great,” Tucker replied, trying not to look at her impressive bust. She smiled at him weakly and sighed as she walked back to her desk to gather the rest of her things.

            “This is terrible. I may have to drop this class,” Nina said worriedly as she packed up her stuff. Tucker could see that her lower lip was quivering. “I’m sorry Tucker, but I think I’m going to cry,” she then sobbed, her eyes watering.

            “You want me to sit with you?” Tucker asked, walking over to his own stuff. He was starting to regret ever picking her to play with, if he had known she was this sensitive.

            She forced a smile, “That’s sweet Tucker, but I think I’ll rather be alone,” she replied sadly. Tucker nodded, shouldered his bag and left the room. As he left an idea struck him and his wand silently tapped five times against the side of leg as soon as he had cleared the doorway.

            Returning to the room, he spotted Nina standing next to her desk, her right hand clutching her bag, which hung next to her knee. Her right hand was held up to her face, wiping a solidified water droplet from her cheek. Tucker walked up to her; he was sucker for a crying girl. He knew if Maggie, Haley or any woman at that time shed some tears they would own him. Tucker moved Nina’s hand from her face and wiped away the tear; it felt like a gel-like substance instead of water. “I can’t make this a dream, but I could make you feel better,” Tucker said to the unmoving girl who remained with watered eyes staring blankly at nothing, totally oblivious to his words. Prying the bag out her fingers he then sat Nina back down in her desk, putting her knees together and then leaning her upper body over the top half of the desk with her arms folded in front of her. He then closed her eyes gently. Putting he bag on her lap he then jabbed in her direction twice followed by a counter clockwise wave and downward motion and the deed was done. Re-starting time he smiled, seeing Nina was fast asleep. Leaning over, he moved some loose strands of her brown hair away from her peacefully sleeping face. “I hope you feel better in a few hours,” he whispered, kissing her gently on the cheek. Leaving the classroom he turned off the lights and closed the door behind him. There wasn’t a class in that room till later in the day, he hoped Nina would be up by then. She might miss some of her first day classes, but it was just first day so she wouldn’t miss anything critical.

            Tucker got only a few paces from the classroom when he felt Packlin’s keys in his pocket and his eyes went wide remembering the other girls and Packlin. He looked around him to see if anyone had noticed his panic; no one paid him any attention. Tucker casually ducked away behind a vending machine and made sure no one was watching him before stopping time again. He looked at his watch, he would surely be late if he didn’t stop time, and he had an Anime club meeting in fifteen minutes. Making his way through the frozen sea of people that dotted the hall, Tucker edged his way to Packlin’s office. When he got there he was surprised to see her standing in front of the door. She was holding her briefcase up, with her head bent forward looking into it, her left hand held the briefcase up while her right dug inside of it. “Looking for these?” Tucker asked with giggle jiggling the keys in front of his silent and stiff professor. Packlin’s face almost looked panicked as she dug through her brief case. Her checks were flushed, and her eyes had a concerned look. “Well I can’t stand by while you are locked out, can I?” Tucker said as he unlocked the office door, dragging his professor in after him.

* * *

            He still had fifteen minutes to make his appointment with Chrissy Pak, the vice president of the Anime club. They were going to go over the semester’s events over some coffee in the Deck. Tucker was starting to feel a little tired from his morning’s activities already; a cup of coffee would be nice and a conversation about Anime was always a good thing. Looking at his watch to make sure time was indeed moving again, he sighed and looked back up. Professor Packlin was seated limply behind her desk. Her head was thrown back and her mouth was agape. Her brown hair hung freely around her shoulders. The demure business professor was stark naked once more, her sexy bare legs were propped up on her desk, crossed at the ankles. Her inert hands rested on her naked thighs. Tucker had to admit now seeing his professor naked, for everything she had to offer, he liked her even more. The mature woman had awesome breasts. They only sagged a bit and were capped with rosy nipples that stood erect once the bra was gone. Her mound was shaven clean, which Tucker loved and wondered why a woman her age would go that route. Of course then again she wore lacy underwear too. Mysteries, mysteries…. Tucker thought to himself. He knew he was going to solve them before the semester was over.

            Sitting in a wooden armchair in front of the professor’s desk was Friday. The honor student was just as naked as her professor and was also fast asleep as well. Tucker was finding this new spell handy. Friday’s head was leaned back, her blond curling hair falling over the back of the chair, her jaw was hanging open, but other then that her face was serene. Her arms rested on the arms of the chair, her legs were straight out in front of her with bare feet canted inward. The girl had nice body, but compared to other blonds Tucker knew she could use some work, grooming work down south to be exact. On padded leather sofa to the side of the office was Tami, the tall tanned brunette beach volleyball player, who was stretched out and just as naked as the other two women in the room. Tucker made a note to re-visit Tami; she was stunning, her snatch was clean-shaven, her body was just a work of art – period. Having round proportionate breasts with dark nipples, she was a naturally tanned beauty like her friend Leslie. Her midriff was toned and sexy and her smooth alluring legs looked like they went on forever. He looked around once more, kicking some of the scattered clothing around on the floor before looking back up and stopping time once again. “I’ll see you ladies around later; that’s a promise,” he smiled, opening the door, leaving, then closing and locking it behind him. Tucker didn’t restart time until he was out of the building so not to leave witnesses. Only about twenty minutes had actually passed since Tucker’s first class had ended. In Tucker’s time that was hours ago and it was only the beginning of many stops that he was going to have throughout the semester. What a hell of a first day, he thought, twirling his wand as made his way towards the Deck.

* * *

Philips Hall

            Philips Hall was considered the oldest dorm on campus.  According the college history the dorm was the first living quarters for the very first Raptors, which placed the building as being nearly sixty years old and clearly one of, if not the, oldest building on campus. As old as it was, it had only had three renovations: one in the fifties; another in sixties; and the last in the mid-seventies. The building housed 300 students, of mixed years and sexes; these students were there only because there was nowhere else to put them or they didn’t have the money to go anywhere else. Chrissy Pak was one of these unlucky students. She was from a poor family and they barely had enough to send her to DSC, let alone pay for a decent dorm. Of course most of the school’s sports club all roomed together in Raptor Hall, a state of the art dormitory with wireless internet throughout, bathrooms in each unit, an entertainment hall that would put an arcade to shame and a weight room. Most of the more popular sports clubs were housed there, particularly men’s sports. Chrissy and the other girls of the soccer team were housed all over and she got the short end of the stick by being the only Lady Raptor to be housed in the ancient Philips Hall

            The false redhead head quickly rushed from the women’s shower room on her floor. She was dressed only in a wrapped towel and pair of flip-flops. Her trademark red hair was slicked back and wet. She held a shower bag clutched against her chest as she walked past her other flat mates who were moving about, doing their morning rituals or heading to or from class. She reached the room at the end of hall and pushed opened the door. “I got hot water for like five minutes and then it went freezing cold and it never switched back,” Chrissy complained, closing the door behind her. “This place sucks, but at least I don’t smell like sweat and grass anymore,” she added, stripping off her towel rending her well defined tanned body naked. She dried off her hair was the towel before tossing it behind her. Moving over to her dresser naked, she began to rummage through her underwear drawer, “I’m going to the Deck; do you want me to bring you back anything?” She asked the other girl as she shifted through the articles of panties and bras.

            Diane West was Chrissy’s roommate; the two had been together since freshmen year and even though they did not consider one another as good friends they hung out together enough to the point where they were comfortable with one another despite their differences. Diane was a photography student and was employed as photographer for Models INC., a company run by legendary model Zoe Hollander. Diane was a fairly attractive girl, but she dressed like a tomboy most of the time and wore her ginger red hair in the most undesirable styles for a woman. Unknown to the Korean, the photographer had not moved or said a word since Chrissy entered the room. The redhead sat quietly on the edge of her bed, still dressed in an oversized t-shirt and baggy pajama bottoms. She sat with her back straight and hands resting on her knees, a wide-eyed blank look on her face as she stared straight ahead.

            Chrissy settled on a simple white bra, which she stuffed tissues into to make her breasts look fuller.  Unlike her teammate Ayane, Chrissy had small breasts; it was family thing and it only bothered her slightly. A pair of hot pink panties covered up her sex. She pulled them up to her hips, snapping the elastic band against her skin. Pulling her short red hair back, she turned around and began to say something, then stopped and looked over at her motionless roommate. Her heart beat skipped a beat. “Diane?” she whispered, stepping slowly towards the real redhead. “This isn’t funny,” she warned and waved her hand in front of her roommate’s vacant gaze.  As soon as she poked Diane and felt rigid skin, she knew that the girl was frozen.  It was as if somehow her vivacious roommate had been replaced by a Diane-shaped plastic mannequin.  Chrissy looked around the room slowly. Nothing was out of place and no one else was there. “Kat?” she called out weakly.  Suddenly her closet door flew open and she let out a short yelp before a bright flash overwhelmed her senses. Blackness followed afterwards.

* * *

            “You really don’t need this. You look great naturally,” Julie Vaughn said lightly as she pulled the tissues from Chrissy’s bra. The redheaded Korean girl was now sitting at the edge of her bed, clad only in her panties and bra. Her arms were at her sides and her face was empty of all emotion.  She could not move or speak.  Julie grasped the frozen girl’s chin, “You look good as you are and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise,” Julie added, pushing some strands of dyed hair from the Korean’s still face. “You’re pretty; that’s why I have to do this to you,” Julie then said, standing up and looping the magical Polaroid camera around her neck. She stuffed the two Polaroid pictures of Diane and Chrissy into her back pocket. “I’ll rip these up after I meet with Tucker and you guys can be free then. Until then, see you later.  Hang tight,” Julie said happily leaving the dorm room and the two waxwork-still girls inside, locking it behind her.

This was going to be her semester; it was the first day of classes and she was going to be first girl Tucker Holmes talked to.


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