Tucker’s Wand XIV: The Calendar Contest

by Zero and FreezAntix

The next installment in the tales of hijinks that Tucker has with his magical gizmo, which take place in what will be known from now on as the 'Tuckerverse'. You may want to read Tucker's tales from the beginning, or catch up on the latest chapter before continuing; the lead characters are introduced in the first story. [Ed.]

Note from the Authors: After deliberation we've decided that yes, the Clockwork series and the Tucker stories are set in the same world. This world is currently being dubbed the Tuckerverse by the authors, since Tucker currently has the most stories that revolve around him though the Clockwork stories are quite large by comparison. We hope you've enjoyed the Clockwork and Tucker series' so far and hope you will continue to do so in the Tuckerverse!

Chapter 1

Lady Raptors Clubhouse, Decker State College, Malibu, California

            "Alright everyone, its team meeting time," announced Katherine Vaughn, known by Kat to her friends, standing before the six girls who were seated in front of her. The now-legendary Lady Raptors soccer team, famous for winning the championship the previous year, had assembled its veteran members to talk about the upcoming season. Those present were the five other remaining players from the previous year's team as well as Kat's twin sister Julie, who was a blond like her sister and had the better grades of the pair in spite of being a cheerleader. The other girls were a diverse mix: Chrissy Pak, a Korean defender with dark red hair; Diane Cruz, the gifted Latina mid-fielder; Tess Vole, the highly religious brunette and star sweeper; Ayane Nakamura, recently released from academic probation and a serious offensive player; along with Britney Summers, the third member of the Ayane and Kat trio who'd also recently returned to the team after being suspended. With the return of Brit and Ayane the Lady Raptors had a strong primary offensive line again but still lacked a truly strong defensive line or secondary offense, not to mention a goalie. At the very least Kat wished that Mel Donavan, their former star goalie from Ireland who'd gone on to play professionally, and Veronica Parker, a gifted striker who'd graduated, were still around.

            "Have you figured out the defensive line yet?" Diane immediately asked, directing the question towards team captain Kat and defensive leader Tess.

            "Justine Zimmerman will be our main left defender, we know that much," declared Tess with a hint of disgust. Justine was a freshman who had dreams of being a pop star, her hair was so blond it was almost white and her clothes always extremely tight, but she was left-footed and very good and slowing down attackers.

            "Sarala Rohit will probably be our other staple, I don't know which position yet," continued Kat. "She's new. I don't think all of you have met her. She is one of those Indian girls from England like in that one movie. Glenda was in England and saw her play; since we’ve lost Nicole, Irene and Lacey I guess she'd planned ahead. I haven't fully studied her skills yet, but I do know she can pass and juggle really well."

            "What about the goalie?" Ayane asked next.

            "That Chatty Cathy, Sunny Dakota, unfortunately," Kat sighed, not looking forward to having yet another girl with an attitude problem on the team. Ayane and Britney were bad enough, with Ayane's GPA constantly in trouble while Brit kept missing scheduled practices that never interfered with classes, but Justine would probably also have attendance issues due to her dreams of a singing career. To top it all off, Sunny was openly judgmental and, some suspected even a bit of a bigot given how she'd been staring down Chrissy and Ayane.

            "Unfortunate, maybe, but I think she's better than Mel," offered Julie, trying to be nice although she had already kind of insulted one of her friends by sticking up for someone she didn't really know.

            "Sorry Julie, I forgot you were here," offered Britney, looking at Kat's twin as if she'd seen her for the first time. "Rachel sent you as the cheerleader rep again?"

            "She thinks it’s convenient since Kat is the captain," Julie half-grumbled, actually missing a good chance to spend time with some of her other friends or even just study.

            "Right, if that's it for idle chat and questions about our defenses, we can move on to new business," announced Julie, the mid-fielders having been picked almost a month ago shortly after school had started thus the defenders were the only ones who'd been shrouded in mystery. "I have some bad news girls... the college has had to cut sports funding again, to all the clubs I should add, and our bus is completely totaled." Everyone groaned at the news.

            "It was bad enough the spare gave up the ghost after the championship last season, but now the main one too?" voiced Chrissy. "We can't afford to charter if we hope to have another championship season, or even make for the play-offs!"

            "I know, which is why we need to make some money," declared Kat, getting groans again. "Luckily with our school representation and our current budget we aren't doing that badly... we're only about eight thousand short."

            "Might as well be a million," grumbled Diane.

            "Umm... Kat?" Ayane suddenly said, standing up. "Actually, this could work perfectly. I was going to mention this later as a possible charity drive idea since that's coming up, if the college is going to be so tight-fisted with their money I guess we have to get a little selfish."

            "Oh, you mean that calendar?" piped up Britney, getting a glare from Ayane as a result.

            "Calendar?" asked Kat, raising an eyebrow.

            "Hear me out," insisted Ayane, raising her index fingers. "Sync Vision Images is looking for a calendar design for 2009. They're willing to pay twenty grand to whoever can design one for them!"

            "That's pretty pathetic pay when you think about it, since the company is going to distribute it nationwide if not further," grumbled Britney, having heard the idea earlier.

            "True, but twenty grand is more than enough for what we need," noted Julie, tapping her jaw with her finger. "You guys could take half for the bus and some road expenses and donate the rest – with no one the wiser. Ten grand is still a decent donation from a college soccer team, even if we are in Malibu."

            "We still have to win the design first," Kat reminded her sister and the others, who seemed to be getting fairly excited now.

            "Oh come on Kat, that part is easy!" exclaimed Ayane, practically jumping as she spoke, clearly having drunk a little before she came to the meeting. "We're a college with the biggest hottie-to-ugly ratio in California! All we need is a bunch of hot girls in bikinis, a photographer and a good graphics guy."

            "Hey, that one guy Tucker hangs out with another fellow that works at a paper place and makes calendars all the time," Diane recalled, remembering their friend Tucker Holmes and his own friend Nathan 'Lance' Lancer.

            "But wait, if we involve people outside of the team on this, we might have to give them a cut," pointed out Kat, once again the Doubting Thomas. "After all, we'll be showing ourselves in racy clothing in something that could be, as was pointed out, distributed over a decent part of the continent if not further."

            "Ah, but here's the advantage we have..." Ayane grinned. "We have you two and your special little item."

            "Oh no..." groaned Chrissy, covering her eyes and leaning back into the couch, Tess and Diane doing the same. "Brit, get Ayane out of here before Kat murders her for bringing up the camera again." The aforementioned camera was an authentic magical device the Vaughn sisters had recovered in Stillsville before the championship tournament. Originally it had been used to freeze the entire town's population into a bizarre tableau of waxwork-like statues, as well as most of the Raptors themselves when they were delayed in the town, but with the help of a local cop they'd stopped the criminals and taken the camera for themselves. With one flash anyone caught by its light would be frozen in time until the Polaroid photograph produced by the camera of the person’s image was destroyed. Any doubts about the camera being magical were cast aside when it was proven that it never ran out of film or flashes. However, the last time Ayane had wanted to use the camera she'd frozen Julie, Brit and Chrissy against their will and caused a lot of damage in spite of saving her GPA.   The camera was a sore subject, at best.

            "Come on, think about it," insisted Britney, supporting her friend. "We lure the best of the best in with promises of a pool party or something and then get some snap shots of them in poses after we chill them out with a quick flash or two. They'll maybe lose a few hours tops, and we can just liquor them up when we tear up the photos. Plus, Julie and Kat will be in charge of the camera since it is theirs now. The only people who can screw up will be them."

            "I still don't like it," protested Kat, shaking her head. "Ayane and that camera don't seem like a good mix, no matter what." Ayane said nothing, not bothering to weakly apologize for the fortieth time.

            "Actually, if you two are the only ones using the camera, that'll ensure it’s used right," pointed out Chrissy, surprising everyone. "Plus it’s all for a good cause...?"

            "I can't see anything in there that constitutes a sin," added Tess.

            "I just want to be able to compete again this year; I don't care what it takes," Diane announced adamantly.

            "That's five votes for," pointed out Britney, getting an evil eye from Kat.

            "Is this the best idea we have?" asked Kat, scanning the group and seeing no one else had any ideas.

            "All I have to suggest is a car wash, and that won't work this time of year," Julie sighed. "Alright, I'm fine with it if Kat is – but – no one ever asks us to use the camera without one of us around. Right, Kat?"

            "Yeah, that seems fair," breathed Kat, unable to believe she was allowing this scheme. Now Katherine was just happy she hadn't invited the new players to come and that Rachel had sent Julie instead of herself. "Okay, let’s find us some additional models."

* * *

Apartment 410, 286 Scorsese Ave, LA, California

            "Tucker, are you home?!" cried out Maggie, walking into the apartment she shared with her best friend. She'd just got off of a closing shift at Persephone's Books, a place where they both worked when not attending classes at Decker State College. Maggie's girlfriend Jamie Mosley managed the store so the pair tended to have a lot of shifts together. It had been raining so Maggie had a teal umbrella under her arm and was wearing red stiletto boots, unusual for her save when she needed the elevation, as well as a cream-colored overcoat that stopped above her pantyhose-covered knees. Looking to her left, Maggie saw Tatiana standing at the entryway rigidly, dressed today in a black two-piece bikini, her arms bent at the elbows and her fingers extended with keys hanging from her left fingers, her face neutral. Giving the silent woman a kiss on the cheek, Maggie hung up her own keys on Tatiana’s right index finger, then placed her purse and umbrella on the motionless model’s right arm.

            Tucker owned a magic wand that could stop time or freeze things, or people, in time. At present he'd frozen four women for various reasons and never released them. Tatiana was a tall blond woman with fairly short hair that had been extremely rude to Tucker and later briefly stolen the wand, with which she'd caused chaos, hence why she was kept in timeless limbo. Rebecca, Jamie's twin sister, had also been involved in the wand theft thus she'd been taken too and was currently stashed under Maggie's bed in her room. Candice, an African-American wanna-be model, had witnessed Tucker freezing some of her friends and Tucker had been forced to capture her too or risk her knowledge getting out. That girl was wearing a zebra-patterned one-piece bikini and was currently acting as a cup-holder behind the main couch in the living room, a bottle of wine in between her joined hands. A forth woman, Hitomi, had also been taken, but she normally “lived” as a decoration in the apartment downstairs that belonged to Tucker's girlfriend Haley Leone.

            Today, for some reason, two other women were sitting stiffly on the second couch in the living room, both frozen but fully dressed. It was a three-person couch and one frozen girl sat on the left while the other was on the right so Maggie decided to go between them. On the left was Kayla, Haley's best friend with reddish-brown hair, who was wearing a pink cowboy hat along with jeans and a short-sleeved white blouse that had western patterns on it, her shoes nowhere to be seen. On the right was Lisa, another neighbor from within the building who had a crush on Tucker; she was wearing her usual red top and black pants combination, this time a tank top. However Lisa was also wearing a denim hat with a fake rose on it, which framed her sandy-blond hair quite nicely, Maggie thought. Both women were staring at the TV blankly, casual smiles on their faces with Kayla leaning back against her hands while Lisa rested both of hers on the armrest. The scene would make sense if either woman was breathing and if the TV was on. "Tucker?" Maggie called out again after she'd finished checking out the two surprise statues.

            "What is it Mags?!" Tucker practically howled, stepping out from his bedroom down the hall. Maggie looked at her friend and offered an embarrassed smile. Tucker was standing there in a red silk robe, a present from Haley for some anniversary they'd had, and Maggie could tell he was naked underneath given how much the crotch area was bulging and how there was a lack of pants and slippers. Tucker wasn't even wearing his glasses or contacts which could only mean that he'd been getting busy with Haley when she'd barged in.

            "Sorry, bad time?" asked Maggie, cautiously walking forward.

            "I zapped her, but if you keep me too long I might lose it," grumbled Tucker, indicating the plain-looking wand in his right hand. "Make it quick, I'm assuming something's on your mind?"

            "Yeah, check this out," revealed Maggie, producing a flyer from her jacket. "Lance stopped by to show it to me so I could show it to you. Some girl at DSC came in earlier and told him about it, which is how he knew. Sync Vision Images is looking for a calendar design for 2009. They're willing to pay twenty grand to whoever can deliver!"

            "A calendar contest?" asked Tucker, raising an eyebrow as he took the flyer. "You got me out of bed with Haley for a stupid contest?"

            "Come on Tuck, its twenty grand!" exclaimed Maggie, making large hand gestures. "With your wand, we could-" Maggie was abruptly cut off as Tucker casually waved the wand at his friend, immediately freezing her in place. Maggie stood there with slightly damp hair, her glasses even a bit misty with an open mouth revealing teeth that could substitute as pearls, her arms up in the air. Tucker then proceeded to drop the flyer and return to his room. There on the satin sheets lay the blond beauty Haley Leone, immobilized while naked with her arms raised up as if hugging someone on top of her, her eyes closed and her mouth open, tongue extended.

            "You know, sex looks pretty gross when you see it from this angle," commented Tucker, removing his robe. Climbing back in between Haley's arms, Tucker positioned himself and tapped her twice with the wand to unfreeze her.

            "What did Maggie want?" Haley asked a minute later, breaking the kiss as Tucker prepared to make his move.

            "Nothing important, let’s focus," declared Tucker, grinning widely.


Chapter 2

Student Apartments, DSC Malibu, CA

            Ayane happily walked up the sand-dusted boardwalk that led to her ground floor apartment that was located on the west side of campus. The apartments were considered the best living accommodations on campus – second only to the mansions on Greek row – and mostly housed the wealthier students. She had shared the apartment with her friend and teammate Britney Summers since freshmen year. Both girls were sophomores now and were happy to be back on the school’s championship girl’s soccer team. The Japanese-American was dressed in a snug pair of low-rise blue jeans and a black tube top showing off her round breasts and sexy smooth shoulders and arms. Her dyed blond hair was let loose and hung just past her shoulders with bangs sitting over her exotic almond-shaped eyes.

            She slipped into the screen door that she and Britney used to get into the apartment, since it was ground level apartment the screen door had been very convenient for access. She stopped in surprise seeing Kat and her twin Julie sitting in her cluttered apartment along with Britney, her roommate, who was still dressed in her oversized t-shirt that she slept in, the girl didn’t have class till later that evening. She stood in their kitchen eating a bowl of cereal even though it was well past noon and smiled as her roommate entered. “Hiya roomie!” The false blond greeted shoving a spoonful of cereal into her mouth.

            “Hey…” Ayane replied then looking over at the Vaughn twins. She use to get along really well with both sisters but after that incident with the magical camera over the summer things have been awkward to say the least. Kat, her team captain and probably one of the best collegian female soccer players in the country, treated her coldly in practice and made her work her butt off every time. Julie remained distant after the incident and did not talk to her unless she had to; she was still being nice but Ayane could feel a difference from how she was now and how she was then. “What are you guys doing here? I thought we’re going to get together a little later?” Ayane asked, puzzled, hiding her nervousness; she spotted the magical camera in Julie’s opened bag. She slowly dropped her own bag on a lounger that had clothes piled all over it and casually stepped into the kitchen.

            The Vaughn twins were two of the most popular girls on campus. Both sisters were extremely hot and were the main objects of fantasies in the minds of many of their male counterparts. Julie was considered the hotter twin even though both girls looked identical; she was smarter and nicer as well. Kat was more athletic, her frame was a little more bulky than her sister in the legs department to be exact, and she weighed a good ten pounds more. She was also quick-tempered; a trait that often scared guys away from her and drew them to her nicer twin. Not that in mattered to the soccer captain; she was into soccer, school and looking over Julie. Her luscious blond locks were cut short as Julie’s hair remained long and full, which she often wore in a high ponytail.  She mostly wore high skirts and tank tops while her more athletic half wore mostly sporty clothing year around. “We just thought we drop by a little early.” Julie replied smiling a little suspiciously and looking over at Kat.

            “How was class, Ayane?” Kat asked in tone that was more bully like than friendly.

            “It was good… Kat my grades are going to be good this semester.” Ayane replied, moving closer to her roommate. Julie had pulled the camera from her bag and now held it. “Look guys… I’m really sorry for the last time, I don’t know what else to do to get you to forgive me.” She stammered nervously.

            “Who said anything about last time?” Kat asked smirking as she got up. Ayane stepped back a bit. “I really didn’t like the idea of using the camera for this calendar idea of yours.”

            “Uh… we can go with something else if you want. I just thought…”

            “No. We’ll go with this, since you thought it up,” Kat interrupted. “Did anyone ever tell you how photogenic you are?  Smile!”

            “No!” Ayane screamed just as Kat slid out of the way to reveal Julie aiming the camera at her. She managed to grab at Britney in front of her just the flash hit both roommates squarely. The laughing of the twins was the last thing she heard before her senses faded to black.

            “So I owe you and Britney ten bucks now?” Julie pouted, lowering the camera and checking Polaroid that had ejected from it. Ayane stood immobilized behind her equally still roommate, ducking low behind the girl’s shoulders with knees bent and shoulders hunched. Her hands held Britney at her shoulders. Britney was arched backwards; her hands held out in front of her from the force of her roommate pulling her, she looked back at Ayane with a smile on her lips as she knew what was going to happen.

            “Ayane is so predictable,” Kat replied as she moved towards the frozen roommates. “Maybe we should leave Brit like this too. It’s not like she’ll show up to practice anyways.”

            Julie frowned at her sister. “We told her we’d unfreeze if Ayane did this.”

            “Yeah, yeah, I know.” Kat sighed as she pried Ayane’s stiffened hands off of Brit’s shoulders. “If we leave her you don’t have to pay her.”


            “Alright, alright,” Kat smiled as she dragged Ayane away from Britney. The Japanese American had her face contorted as if in pain with her eyes shut and lips locked in an odd and unnatural position. Both sisters laughed at the sight before Kat moved aside and Julie snapped another picture.

            Julie then tore the other Polaroid up and Britney was back in a heart beat. She looked around and laughed, seeing her roommate in the ridiculous pose. “Ha! Did she do it?”

            “We’re ten dollars richer.” Kat replied as Julie mumbled silently and dug through her bag for her wallet. “So we can leave her here along with any other girls we get?”

            Britney walked around Ayane looking her up and down. Her heart was racing at seeing her gorgeous roommate immobile and helpless. Britney was into girls, Asian girls to be precise. Chrissy and Ayane were among her favorites since she was around them all the time. There was another girl named Maggie Yen, a senior, a woman. She was more of a dream. Chrissy was a lightweight when it came to alcohol even though she thought she could handle it. After a couple of beers Britney could get the Korean to do anything and after a few more the girl was in dreamland. Chrissy had ‘fallen asleep’ many times into Britney’s bed after a night of partying. The girl never suspected a thing. Ayane was different; she knew Britney’s intentions and used them against her, Britney didn’t mind. Unlike Chrissy, who was more athletic and muscular, Ayane was sexier and model-like and thus attracted Britney more to her. “Yeah, we could stash the girls in Ayane’s room. She won’t exactly be using it, at least as anything other than a statue,” she answered, looking away from her sexy roommate.  Her sex was nearly dripping wet and her nipples were rock-hard, if she kept looking at the hot Japanese girl she might lose it in front of the twins.

            “Cool, okay we meet at the quad at three. We still have to find eleven more girls.” Kat reminded as Julie handed her and Britney their owed winnings.

            “I may be a little late… I have to start on this paper for econ.” Julie said as she packed up the camera along with Ayane’s Polaroid, the frozen girl’s ticket to freedom.

            “That’s fine, just let me know and give me the camera if you can’t make it.” Kat said, “I’ll be in the gym.”

            “Uh…” Britney started to say but then stopped. She wanted to make up an excuse to spend some much desired ‘quality time’ with Ayane but couldn’t think of anything that would not make her sound suspicious. She smiled bashfully at the twins. “Oh it’s nothing; I thought I had a class at that time…”

            “You don’t have class till four this afternoon.” Kat shot, she knew Britney’s schedule to make sure the girl didn’t miss practice, it didn’t work though as Britney would always end up somewhere else.

            “Yeah,” Britney mumbled looking down at her bare toes. Kat was good at making her look dumb, but she had to admit she set herself up for that one.

            “Two hours, Brit,” Kat sternly reminded. Britney nodded and went back to eating her cereal.

            “See ya later Brit,” Julie said cheerfully, changing the mood in the room as the two sisters left.

            As soon as the sisters were out of sight, Britney ran around the messy apartment making sure the front door was locked and then sliding the glass door over the flimsy screen door and locked it as well. She squealed excitedly, returning to her roommate once the apartment was locked and secured from any visitors. It had only been a few months since Britney had any real fun with Ayane. She had just frozen Julie and Chrissy and as punishment Kat had done the same and left Ayane for her and Chrissy for payback. Chrissy did nothing but mess up Ayane’s hair and drew on her face. Britney had some fun that weekend that she would forever remember. She would have had more fun but Ayane’s parents paid a surprise visit that following Monday so she had to rip up the precious Polaroid, ending her fun. Since then, she had longed for another chance with Ayane and now she had it, thanks to Kat’s grudge.

            “I love you so much this way!” Britney squealed, hugging her stiff friend. Looking at the Japanese girl up and down Britney smiled, “Let’s get you out of those clothes.”

* * *

Johanna’s Hall, DSC

            Johanna’s Hall was named after Johanna Trevers, the first female dean of the college, it was one of the older buildings on campus and located a few paces from The Deck, a highly popular student cultural center and food court. Johanna’s Hall was the main library and research center of campus; it was renowned being one of largest in the state. As renowned as it was, few students found themselves working in it unless they needed to be there. It was one of the taller buildings on campus standing twelve stories tall; six of the floors were administrative offices while the other six housed over twenty thousand books of various subjects. Each of the six non-office floors had study centers for students, either individual cubicles or private rooms that looked out at either the Pacific Ocean on the west side of campus or Malibu on the east side of campus. The building was fairly deserted during the semester but during exam time it was hard to find a nice space or a room.

            Tucker and Maggie always hung out on the twelfth floor between classes to get homework done or just to relax. They sat in a private study cubby on the west side of the building that looked out at the ocean. It was the usual spot for them and anyone that knew them knew where to find them. The room was a decent sized rectangular-shaped room with a table in the center surrounded by four loungers. Maggie and Tucker sat across from each other, Tucker was looking out towards the window while Maggie looked at the wall with a dry erase board mounted on it; the doorway in and out of the room was to the right of the board. Tucker read a reading assignment that he had due later off his laptop while also answering emails regarding his and Maggie’s little company. Maggie took notes from a text book she was reading while eating some chips.

            She had been going for nearly an hour before she sat back and stretched looking across at her friend. “So what did you Haley do last night?” she randomly asked, breaking the silence in the small room.

            “Well after we knocked boots… by the way you almost ruined that. We just hung out.” Tucker casually answered as he typed up an email regarding Lil Chiyo, who was Maggie; the costumed character that he had made up one day was growing in popularity rapidly.

            “How was I supposed to know that you were getting busy? You didn’t just hang out cause I woke up in Haley’s room this morning naked and next to Hitomi. I know you froze me and probably slipped me a sleeping pill too,” Maggie said, pouting and crossing her arms. “I didn’t get any work at all done last night and I have like a hundred missed calls from Jamie.”

            “Speaking of Jamie… do you think she’s changed a little since she started dating you?” Tucker asked back, changing subjects, because after his fun with Haley last night they decided to have a little photo shoot; a couple of shoots to be exact. One shoot stared Maggie’s Lil Chiyo character being overwhelmed and seduced by Hitomi’s character Evil Maki. That shoot was a new type of project that Haley had come up with, a sort of live-action comic book. They had not finished yet so Maggie was going to have to be frozen and used again later. The other shoot involved Kayla and Lisa, who were dressed in just black wigs; those photos went into Tucker’s private collection as a little gift from Haley. Afterwards Lisa was returned home; Haley dressed her up in some cute pajamas and slipped her one of Maggie’s pills. Kayla was redressed and posed an in sleeping pose on the sofa before given a pill. Tucker and Haley decided to leave Maggie in the buff and leave her in Haley’s bed with Hitomi, a reward for her work that night; too bad she was rendered unconscious and not able to really enjoy it.

            “How do you mean, changed?” Maggie asked, taking the bait.

            “Well she’s been giving me dirty looks at work when I talk to you and haven’t you noticed that when we’re together, she is always nearby as if checking on you.”

            Maggie thought for a second, “I’m sure it’s just you. I don’t notice any of that. She’s sweet Tuck. I’m sure she just wants to fit in. She’s older than us and always feels weird about hanging out with us.”

            “Haley thinks she may be jealous of you and me.”

            “Haley thinks?” Maggie laughed but then stopped abruptly seeing Tucker frown at her.

            “She’s a lot smarter than you believe.” Tucker said seriously. Haley was a lot smarter then what many people felt. Tucker knew that if she just applied herself she’ll be just as smart as the next person, but for Haley her gorgeous appearance made things very easy.

            “Geez relax Tuck, it was just a joke. I know she’s smart; she can count without looking at her fingers.” Maggie giggled but then suddenly felt wetness all over the front of her t-shirt. Looking down she gasped seeing her nipples clearly through the shirt. “Tuck!”

            “Easy with the Haley jokes,” Tucker said flatly. “Kayla is still paying for them. You don’t want to wind up in the same boat as her.” Tucker warned. Haley loved Kayla like a sister but Kayla often made bad blond jokes that got on Haley’s nerves and just for that Haley allowed Tucker to do whatever to her whenever he could as long as it didn’t mess up her reputation or hurt her in anyway. “Why on earth didn’t you wear a bra today?” he then asked, smiling and shaking his head.

            Maggie covered her exposed breasts up, “I wanted to try it…” she mumbled. “It was alright up until a second ago.”

            Tucker grinned and rolled his wand over to her, “Get another shirt. Sorry.”

            “Thanks Tuck; so I’m not going to hear what happened last night?” She asked picking up the wand and standing.

            “Nope,” Tucker simply said going back to his typing.

* * *

            Julie held the two heavy books close to her chest. Taking a deep breath she knocked on the door of the study room. “This room is taken,” a familiar voice on the other side replied. She smiled and opened the door a crack and poked her head in. Tucker Holmes had his back to her and he turned around upon hearing the door opened and smiled. “Hey Julie,” he greeted smiling. The smile made her weak in the knees and she hoped her cheeks weren’t too red.

            “Oh hey Tuck, I thought you were up here. Could I join you?” She asked, secretly undressing the senior with her eyes. Tucker had been a T.A. in one of her classes last year and she knew he was special when she first laid eyes on him. He had changed a lot over the summer, his hair was shorter now and he didn’t wear his glasses too much anymore. His looks were just an added bonus to her, she liked his old looks just fine his new looks were good too but she was never into looks. She found him charming, smart, funny, and even caring. He had gone out of his way to help her with a project so that she would get an ‘A’ in the class.

            “Sure!” Tucker replied, standing up as Julie entered the room all the way closing the door behind her. He smelled her sweet scent of the same Victoria Secret lotion that Haley wore. The younger girl was dressed in a revealing top and a short skirt showing off those long tanned cheerleader legs of hers. She was very hot and had the same scent of his girlfriend only made his member stir. He pulled out the seat next to him and she sat taking off her back pack and putting the books down on the table. He wished he had his wand with him.

            “So what are you working on?” Julie asked as Tucker sat back down. The senior was dressed in a nice maroon polo over some vintage jeans, his hair spiked up, his new usual hair style his new look and style were defiantly working for him.

            Tucker clicked around on his laptop before answering, “Emailing and reading. What are you working on?” He then inquired, looking at the two large books that she had lugged in with her.

            “Oh it’s just a research paper on the rise of the Japanese Economy post World War II. It’s not due till later but you know,” Julie replied; she didn’t want talk about school they always talked about school when they met. “So did you see that episode of Sailor Moon last night?” She then asked. She was finding Anime very interesting, at first she had gotten into it to impress Tucker but now she found herself drawn to various Japanese cartoons.

            Tucker was about to answer when the door to the room opened and Maggie stepped in. At first Julie had thought the two were boyfriend-girlfriend being that they were always together but she later found to her relief that they were just good friends. Regardless of that fact, Julie still looked at the Asian senior as a threat. Maggie was cute when she first met her, but like Tucker she had changed over the summer as well. The girl use to only wear jeans and t-shirts, masking her shapely figure, yet she had a cute face so that didn’t really matter. Now however she was wearing tighter outfits, skirts that showed off her legs more and snug fitting tops showing that she was indeed a woman. Maggie Yen had gone from cute to hot. The change was more than obvious today. “Oh hi Julie!” Maggie greeted bashfully. She was dressed in sweater vest with a short sleeved blouse under, a wool mini skirt, a pair of black knee high stockings over black heels. Her hair hung loose at her shoulders and she had her usual glasses covering her face, all and all the outfit made her look like a cross between a Librarian and a Japanese school girl. Julie noted that Maggie held an odd stick in her hand but thought nothing of it as the senior girl took her seat across from Tucker.

            “I thought you were going to just change your T-shirt?” Tucker asked, clearly in awe of Maggie’s new outfit.

            “I was but then I saw this.” Maggie replied adjusting the vest and fixing her collar.

            “You brought extra clothes?” Julie asked puzzled.

            “Oh no,” Maggie quickly answered before realizing that Julie wasn’t in on the whole wand thing.

            “Maggie, what are you talking about, you always bring in extra clothes.” Tucker then answered to cover, giving Maggie a warning look that Julie couldn’t see.

            “Oh yeah that’s right I forgot…” Maggie said, shifting her eyes.

            “Maggie is so weird; she brings extra clothes to school everyday so she can change whenever she wants.” Tucker explained.

            “Yeah that’s me weird old Maggie,” Maggie agreed, now giving Tucker a warning look while holding the wand up so he saw it. She didn’t like being called weird, especially in front of such a pretty girl like Julie Vaughn. Maggie had fantasy about the Vaughn twins and now that she was back in school with the wand she was hoping to live out those fantasies.

            “Oh okay… so where are your old clothes then?” Julie then asked. Maggie and Tucker looked at each other for a second. Maggie clutched the wand but Tucker knew what she was thinking and signaled a silent ‘no’.

            “She probably brought them back to the car.” Tucker answered quickly.

            “Oh,” Julie smiled, accepting the answer. “So about that episode…” she began as Tucker and Maggie let out an unnoticed breath of relief. Tucker nodded along as Julie explained the anime episode and added his input as well on what he thought. Maggie also added her input as well, which Julie thought was very annoying, but she only smiled. Tucker often went into long debates with Maggie leaving Julie out every time Maggie predicted something of a vice-versa. Maggie’s knowledge on Anime was more superior to hers, Julie thought. “How do you guys know so much about this series; there only has been like five episodes?” Julie finally asked, stopping the debate.

            Maggie laughed and Tucker smiled at Julie, who felt her cheeks redden. “Come on Julie, they don’t make that anime show any more, Tucker and I have seen the whole series countless times.” Maggie explained.

            “Oh,” Julie replied with a smile and made mental note to look more stuff up; she was not prepared as she thought. Chrissy was a big anime fan she and Tucker were in the school’s anime club, so she was going to start hanging out with Chrissy or something. The debate continued and Julie began doing her research paper; she tried to follow along but Tucker and Maggie were deep in their own world. Maggie was becoming a bigger threat Julie thought, glancing over at the cute Chinese girl as she explained to Tucker her theory. She was pretty and Tucker seemed to be into her, she was smart as well and Tucker and she meshed perfectly. This was starting to look grim Julie thought flipping the page of the book angrily.

            Pretty soon Maggie and Tucker wound up their debate; nearly an hour later. Tucker went back to working on his laptop and Maggie continued reading her text book. This was it, time to strike up another conversation. “Hey Tuck that shirt looks great on you.” Julie complimented, reaching out to touch the sleeve and touching Tucker’s arm in the process.

            “Gee, Julie thanks. I picked it out myself,” Tucker said proudly, getting a scoff from Maggie. Julie continued to touch Tucker’s arm and he didn’t mind, her touch was soft and warm like Haley’s.

            “You work out?” Julie cooed more than asked, squeezing his bicep, making him jump. He was ticklish. Maggie scoffed again not looking up from her book.

            “Yeah I work out here and there when I have time but with work and school it gets hard,” Tucker replied flexing his arms. Maggie laughed and looked up at Tucker shaking her head.

            “You don’t work out at all, you wuss!” Maggie remarked, laughing. “You sit around and do squat as much as I do.”

            “I work out!” Tucker claimed. Maggie was right but he wasn’t going to admit that with Julie sitting next to him. Haley never said anything about Tucker’s muscles simply because he didn’t have any and she knew that. Having an attractive girl such as Julie compliment him on the muscles that he did have was a great feeling.

            “Please Tuck!” Maggie laughed. Looking over at Julie, “Your sister has bigger muscles than Tucker does.”

            Julie didn’t reply, it didn’t matter, Tucker and Maggie were at it again and she was the fifth wheel once again. She slumped in her seat and sighed, this was really annoying; she couldn’t get anything going, not with Maggie Yen around. The weird thing was the bickering reminded her of her and Kat when they were younger.

* * *


Later That Evening...

            The day had been a failure as Kat and the others found and selected girls to ask to be in their calendar, but it seemed that no one wanted to party with the soccer team so they couldn’t lure any of them to a pool party. They all had tried their own ways to pick up the prospective models, but they could only get as far as introducing themselves and getting names. Once they asked if they wanted to party with them the reply was always the same: No.

“Well, that was a big waste of time,” Kat grumbled as she, Tess, Diane, Britney and Chrissy walked down a palm-tree bordered path that led out to the beach.

            “Don’t forget weird…” Chrissy added. “I never thought that I would be going around asking girls out. That one girl, Nina Nichols, told me I was cute but she’s not into that sort of thing. I mean – did she think I was coming on to her?” Nina was a busty brunette who was a senior and Chrissy thought she would look great in bikini.

            “It kind of sounded like it, in a way,” Britney replied quietly. “You started out by saying you’re really pretty and then asked her out to the party.”

            “Well how was I supposed to ask it?” Chrissy shot back, looking over at her teammate.

            “Don’t ask me. I didn’t have any luck either. I asked those three sorority girls, and they just laughed at me and said they’re not into that team spirit stuff, whatever that means,” Britney replied, thinking back to the trio of blonds, Amber, Sandy and Kelsey. They were hot girls and she thought they would like to party at a pool.

            “They laughed at you too?” Diane chimed in as she chomped down a burrito. “Sorority girls are the worst. They’re self-centered stuck-up bitches, most of them. I asked two girls that were sunbathing if they wanted to party at a pool. I mean, if you are going to sunbathe on the quad, doing that at the pool shouldn’t be a problem,” she reasoned with her mouth full. She was sure she had found winners too; they were sorority girls so they liked to party naturally, they were sunbathing and she thought the looked pretty too. Both were tall girls with slender bodies, ideal for stringy bikinis. One was dirty blond and half Asian; her name was Leslie Chun, the other was a brunette volleyball player named Tami Tyler.

            “I talked to a sorority girl too, she didn’t laugh at me but she said she didn’t have time for things like that,” Tess added. She had asked the sixth Phi Sig Delta about their chosen one, a girl named Susie Kim. She was a well tanned Asian girl with brown hair and cute bangs. Tess thought she would look great in a bikini, being that she was tanned and her proportions weren’t so bad she would be able to fill any kind of swim suit. “I tried to invite Sunny too. That girl is terrible; I don’t know if I can trust her as goalie.”

            “We should have just ambushed her, like Ayane,” Kat said. “I tried to invite Justine and Sarala, no luck. I think Sunny got to them.” Kat had a hard time picking girls, so she decided to go with soccer players since she knew all of them. After thinking it over, she decided that Justine and Sarala would look great in bikinis she also thought Sunny would look good too but didn’t want to talk to her. Tess did however and the religious girl gave her a whole lecture on focusing on the sport not having pool parties. They were college students, not pros, sheesh…

            “Hey guys, wait up!” Julie called out from behind the group, stopping them. She briskly jogged up to the group. “How’d it go?” Julie had been stuck at the library doing her paper but didn’t get much of it done as she spent most of the afternoon trying to talk to Tucker. Maggie kept on getting in the way though. She had to get Tucker alone to make any progress.

            Kat and the others filled Julie in on their choices giving descriptions and such and who they were. They also told her about their failed experiences.

“Well I asked Rachel and, judging by your guys record, I’ll kept my result to myself.” By sheer luck Julie had run into Rachel Xanders on her way to meeting with the others. The blond cheerleading captain would have been perfect for the calendar; she had been in a rap video, and was one of the hottest girls on campus. Rachel’s reaction was surprising; she wanted nothing to do with the pool party nor would she allow any of the cheerleaders to be part of it, including Julie. The Cheerleading Team coming up with a calendar was illegal according to school rules –  Julie sort of knew that – but just Rachel being in the calendar wouldn’t hurt, she had thought.

            “I was so sure the bimbo would agree.” Kat cursed. “Well, ladies we have to figure something else out fast, cause as of now we’ve got one model and eleven choices who’ve turned us down. I was thinking we should go more than twelve so we could have more eye candy per month, but at this rate we can’t even get one for each month,” she groaned. The others sighed as the continued their walk towards the beach where the rest of the team was waiting for them for their evening jog. “Diane how are you going to run, you just ate that huge burrito,” Kat then asked.

            “I don’t know…” Diane said worried rubbing her belly. The others laughed, forgetting their troubles till later.

            Julie and Britney held back as the others walked on and laughing and joking. Julie only went to the beach to hang out and wait for Kat they usually had dinner somewhere after these jogs. She let out a sigh, thinking of her failed attempts with Tucker earlier because of Maggie. Lost in her thoughts she didn’t notice that Britney was walking beside her. “Brit!” Julie gasped in surprise. “Sorry I didn’t know you were there.”

            “It’s okay that’s happens to me too,” she smiled. Britney was a sweet girl; she was really scatter-brained, too scattered brained some might say, but she was a really sweet girl. Julie felt bad that Kat treated her so harshly so she was often nicer to Brit to make it up for Kat. “Kat tells me you were with Tucker Holmes.”

            Julie grinned, “I was with him, but nothing more came out of that.”

            “Was Maggie Yen there?” Britney eagerly asked. She had been dreaming about her math tutor all day long. She had even pretended Ayane was Maggie when she was doing her.

            Julie looked at Britney curiously, “She was with him. Do you like her or something?” Julie cautiously asked. Kat had once told her that Brit was a lesbian but Julie wasn’t going to say that without any proof. She thought Brit was as girly as the next girl. Britney nodded.

            “You think she’s pretty?” Julie then asked.

            The soccer player nodded again, “She’s my math tutor, and I can barely focus when she’s around.”

            “Are you…”

            “Yeah, I’m a lesbian, but into Asian girls only,” Britney answered, smiling.

            “Whoa, you’re sure comfortable with it,” Julie replied, amazed at the girl’s ease in stepping out of the closet.

            “Well not too many people know about it; only my family, Ayane and now you,” Britney replied, looking at Julie warmly.

            “Thanks for trusting me enough to tell me. I won’t tell anyone.” Julie promised, feeling a connection with the girl that she really only felt with her sister.

            “No problem, it was easy to tell you. You’re nice. You have always treated me good and when Kat chews me out you’re always there to cheer me up.”

            “Well I’m a cheerleader.” Julie joked and bumped shoulders with Britney who bumped her back. An idea suddenly hit her. “Say you think Maggie Yen would look good in a bikini?”

            Britney stopped as the same idea hit her and both girls looked at each other and smiled. “When does Maggie tutor you?” Julie then asked as they began walking again.


Chapter 3

Student Apartments

            "Why are you back at school?" asked Tucker on the other end of the call as Maggie walked down the hall of the building, looking for the right room. She'd met Jamie earlier for lunch thus she was still dressed fairly nicely in a sensible white-collared shirt and a nice denim skirt with flat red shoes, plus her hair was neatly combed behind her ears and she was wearing contacts for once. On her back Maggie was wearing her pink backpack that had various anime characters on it and her purse was around her shoulder, thus she had more than enough bags to carry everything she needed.

            "My tutoring job, remember?" Maggie told her friend. "Besides, I don't want you having the car right now. Too much temptation and you need to study."

            "Yeah, like Haley being around isn't temptation enough..." grumbled Tucker.

            "I should of cleaned house before I left I guess," realized Maggie, remembering she hadn't done her friend any favors. With the power to stop time Tucker had gained an incredibly short attention span, which was a problem. Normally to help him focus Maggie would hide the wand and any potential distractions, but she'd been running behind and for some reason the wand hadn't occurred to her. Ideally Hitomi, Tatiana, Rebecca, Candice and maybe even Haley would be locked in a closet somewhere but Maggie was a bit stressed.

            "Whatever, just be back by eight," insisted Tucker, hanging up on his end. Maggie smiled and buried her phone in her purse. Over the past few months Maggie had gotten into a few sticky situations, notably winding up frozen while the wand was taken, getting drugged by a lesbian billionaire at a party, and had her girlfriend kidnapped in Hawaii by a sex-crazed ex-boyfriend of Haley's. Tucker was getting extremely protective about the people he loved, which was sweet but a little annoying. Knocking on the right door, Maggie cast away the thoughts about her friend.

            "Hi Maggie!" exclaimed Britney a few seconds later, seemingly having been waiting by the door in anticipation.

            "Hi Brit, is this a good time?" asked Maggie, noticing her pupil was wearing a sweaty soccer uniform with very tight shorts. Maggie had to admit the athlete was good-looking but she was involved with Jamie, plus she thought Brit's thighs were too toned with muscle. Britney, while sexy, looked a bit out of proportion with modest arms and strong legs, most likely the result of flawed training on her part.

            "Yeah, I can just shower after this; what's an hour?" declared Britney, beaming a smile. Maggie faked a grin, secretly hating the smell of the woman's sweat mixed with fabric, but figured she could last the required hour. Walking past her pupil, Maggie put her bag and purse down by the couch and sat down, extracting a dog-eared a textbook from the former.

            "Where's Ayane?" asked Maggie, looking around the apartment.

            "Out looking for a dinner date; she's trying to save money again," sighed Britney, closing the door and sitting down next to her tutor just far enough away to not invade her personal space, producing a notebook from her side of the couch.

            "I keep forgetting your roommate moonlights as a hooker," commented Maggie, rolling her eyes. "Still, she is learning how to please men. She’s going to move back to her home country and try for the title of geisha?"

            "Nothing would surprise me with her," replied Britney, enjoying jokes at her roommate's expense and seemingly to inch just a slight amount closer.

            "Okay, so let’s go over pi and its irrationality," suggested Maggie, opening the textbook. Maggie was about to continue when there was a knock at the door. "Were you expecting someone else?"

            "No, probably just some guy looking to win Ayane back," remarked Brit, standing and heading for the door. "Huh? It's Julie... hang on, let me see what's up." Britney said, leaning back in after opening the door.

            "Hi Brit!" greeted Julie. "Oh, that's right, you have tutoring now... but can I steal a minute of your time?" Maggie glanced around and saw Julie standing there in her cheerleading uniform, looking much fresher than Brit, holding an old camera in her hands.

            "What's with the camera?" asked Britney, confused.

            "College scrapbook; we need some pictures of our players after games, or in this case practice," explained Julie. "Hey Maggie, since you're here, would you mind posing with Brit? The college gives you ten dollars per photo you appear in."

            "What the heck, we hadn't really gotten started," shrugged Maggie, not seeing any harm. Britney moved to sit close to Maggie, looking over her shoulder as she looked at her textbook. Julie went down on her knees to get a good picture.

            "That's great, now just hold... that... pose!" insisted Julie right before the camera’s flash went off.  Maggie continued to hold perfectly still as the bright light faded away.

* * *

            "Thanks for doing retakes," giggled Britney a few moments later, standing next to Julie as they looked at their work. Maggie sat on the couch, looking to her left where Britney had been with her left arm raised as if trying to add emphasis to a shapeless word on her lips. As with Ayane, after freezing the pair Julie had moved Britney aside and taken another picture of Maggie to keep her time-stopped before tearing the first one up.

            "I have to admit, she's pretty good looking as a statue," commented Julie, handing the new photo to Britney.

            "Oh most definitely,” agreed Brit, pocketing the photo.

            “I think I like her this way better,” Added Julie. "Maggie's great, but sometimes she can be a real pain in the ass..."

            "Right, and I'm sure you only want one of those if it comes from Tucker!" fired back Britney, giggling to herself as she removed the book from Maggie's stiff hands.

            "Careful, I still have the camera in my hands," warned Julie. "I need to go. We still need to pick up everyone else. I'm meeting up with the Rachel in a few minutes then we're going to raid a sorority house afterwards. Between the three players we've picked so far and the group at the sorority house we should be okay."

            With Julie just gone, having walked out the door, Britney grabbed Maggie and lifted the stiff girl over her shoulder, carrying her into Ayane's room. The Japanese girl was posed rigidly on her bed, on top of the sheets and dressed in a black two-piece swimsuit, her arms raised above her head. Chrissy had raided student records earlier and gotten measurements on everyone, Rachel and Ayane being the easiest, thus they'd found a good collection of swimsuits to use.

            Britney enjoyed stripping down Maggie to her birthday suit and even enjoyed the waxwork-like tutor’s firm assets a little before dressing her in a two-piece pink suit that had white clouds on it, which suited the Chinese girl's small frame.

            "I can't believe this is finally happening," whispered Britney, sitting Maggie down on the bed and then resting on her lap. "Maggie, I love you..." Brit smiled and leaned in, passionately kissing Maggie on the lips before pushing her down so she was leaning against Ayane. "How about an Oriental threesome?" She didn’t mind stripping to two silent and stiff girls again as it would be easy to dress them back up afterward.

* * *

Student Apartments

            "What's this about, Julie?" grumbled Rachel Xanders, standing in her doorway in a towel, having just gotten out of the shower. The gorgeous cheerleader showered at least twice a day, Julie figured, but as a result she stayed extremely clean as she was noted for not wearing perfume, an oddity since every other cheerleader did, including Julie herself.

            "I wanted to go over the pep rally plans with you if that's alright," declared Julie, hiding the camera behind her back.

            "Well, you came at kinda a bad time, but at least this isn't about that stupid pool party," Rachel sighed, shrugging. "Hang on, let me dry my hair. Go wait on the couch, Niki's over at her boyfriend's room right now." Damp, Rachel turned and walked back into her room, expecting Julie to follow. Her fellow cheerleader did, but then raised her camera and took a picture, the flash washing over the head cheerleader and locking her in mid-stride. Julie quietly shuffled over to Rachel and tapped the back of her head, just to ensure she was frozen. There was no question.

            "Alright, let’s hurry," hissed Julie, signaling Kat and Diane to enter. The two soccer players had a large carpet held between them, big enough to contain a person with ease. The plan was working perfectly: Tess had bought the swimsuits, Chrissy was watching the Phi Sigma Delta sorority house, Britney had gotten everyone’s measurements and delivered two of the girls since her place was being used for storage and Ayane was going to be a part of the calendar (whether she wanted to or not), and Diane and Kat were providing the muscle while Julie did the freezing. Now Julie was carefully posing Rachel to stand at attention before laying her down in the open rug that was promptly rolled back up.

            "I never knew Rachel was a bug in the rug," giggled Kat, shaking her head at her own lame joke.

            "So who's next, Sarala and Sunny?" asked Diane, known for being forgetful.

            "No, Tess is fixed that problem, remember?" Julie reminded the Latina. "She broke down and told Sarala the truth, avoiding the part about the camera. She'll convince the other two to come and then we'll just ambush them at the photo shoot. Our next stop is the Phi house..."

            "Wow, she's heavy," commented Kat, helping to lift up Rachel, the front end of the cheerleader on her shoulder underneath the rug. "Did she put on weight?"

            "No idea where it went if she did," shrugged Julie, a bit jealous of Rachel's well-toned figure in spite of her own stunning body. Unfortunately Julie had suffered from a weight problem during her early teen years and battled several mental illnesses as a result. Rachel seemed to beyond such cares.

* * *

Phi Sigma Delta House

            Bad techno music filled the air as Tess pulled the green van up to the white and black mansion. Upstairs in the window several girls were seen dancing in their underwear, including at least two of the targets that the Lady Raptors had come to collect.

            "Tess, not that I'm complaining, but I have to ask, why does John own a van?" asked Britney from the backseat. Tess was behind the wheel, Julie rode shotgun and Kat was in the back with Britney, Diane and Chrissy at the pool getting things ready. "I mean, he's in college. The average guy here owns a Civic or a ‘Vette, not a Caravan."

            "John's not your average guy," declared Tess almost serenely, which the other girls took to mean the girl's boyfriend was just as preachy as she was. The three other girls were naturally the ones in disguise, wearing green sweater-vests over white blouses and yellow plaid skirts, dressed more like the preppy photography club than the Lady Raptors, or cheerleaders in Julie's case. Tess had agreed to drive, but her moral code stopped her from helping with their deception.

            "Whatever – lets go get us some photo mannequins," hissed Kat, sliding open the side door. In unison the three girls moved, all three in their matching outfits but Julie was wearing a black wig she owned as well as glasses to avoid looking exactly like her twin, as that might draw attention. Britney, the most skilled at lying as it had been decided, led the trio, ringing the doorbell.

            "It's kind of late for photo club, isn't it?" asked Susie Kim after she'd opened the door a  couple of minutes later, wearing a red robe over her tan body and hidden underwear, noting that it was getting close to seven at night.

            "Sorry to bother you, but we were really looking to catch a sorority in action for our college life montage," explained Britney, flashing a perfect smile.

            "We aren't exactly... decent," insisted Susan, shaking her head and having a golden necklace pop up from under her robe.

            "Well, can't say I didn't try," Britney sighed, stepping to the left as Julie raised her camera. Susie looked at Julie in confusion just in time for the flash to blind her and fix her in place as she leaned out in between the door and the frame, her hands not visible from outside and her hair hanging loose.  With a little ‘whirr’, her photo emerged from of the camera as Julie grabbed it.

            "Lets move," whispered Kat, stepping up and carefully pushing the door open. Susie’s stiff body moved with the door and nearly fell over but Kat moved and caught her, carefully lowering the frozen girl onto the ground. Julie then stepped past her sister and quietly inched up the stairs, the party being mostly around the wall to her left. The loud music had masked the conversation by the door from the house's residents. Peering around the corner, Julie saw seven girls dancing in a mix of underwear, lingerie and party dresses, though all of it was quite revealing.  Carefully raising the camera, Julie took another wide-framed picture, the flash filling the entire party room. The music continued but all the girls had stopped in outrageous poses.

            "We only need six of them; there are eight here," observed Britney, coming up beside Julie while Kat deposited Susie in the van. The room was a big square with a wooden floor and white walls, a fireplace at the north end that was away from the stairs. There were four yellow couches along the walls and a big-screen TV against the wall next to the stairs, most likely a plasma one.

             Closest to Julie was the unmoving figure of Sandy, the sorority president with a powerful father, her long blond hair hanging free as she stood motionless in black lacy underwear, her arms raised above her head and bent at the elbows with her hands in fists, her knees bent and her head looking to the left, tilted low. Next to Sandy was Leslie, the Eurasian girl, a slender tall dirty blond with hair like Sandy's but who was also wearing big silver earrings and thin red underwear that looked as effective as a tube top that was two sizes too small. Sitting on the couch closest to the TV was Jaki, a brunette with blond streaks, who was wearing basic white underwear and rigidly held a red Dixie cup to her lips. Next to Jaki was Phoebe, the only redhead in the room, whose hair was also the shortest, cropped just below her ears but with a lot of volume that went well with her black underwear. Phoebe's arms were crossed and she looked mad, glaring at Leslie whose hands were on her hips and it seemed like she was about to do the splits. Closer to the fireplace was Amber, a girl that could have been Sandy's twin save for the white underwear; her arms were tucked in at her sides but heavily bent at the elbows and her fists clenched as if she was doing the last part of the chicken dance. Tami, who was tall brunette, was frozen next to Amber in almost the exact same pose, even wearing the same underwear. Finally there was Kelsey, whose hair had heavy hints of brown in spite of being mostly blond; she wore a purple frock and sat on the couch opposite of Jaki's with a Dixie cup of her own raised above her head. All seven girls also wore simple gold bands on their fingers, which Julie figured was a sorority thing.

            "Leave Jaki and Phoebe, no one suggested them," decided Julie, removing the cup from Kelsey's stiff fingers and sniffing. "Margaritas in plastic cups? What's wrong with these girls?"

            "No clue, but they are having an undies party at seven in the evening," Britney pointed out. "Parties usually don't get going until at least eight. They’re oddballs, but they're sexy ones and we need them."

            "Well said," sighed Julie, shaking her head. "Okay, we'll put Jaki and Phoebe to bed before we leave."


Chapter 4

Apartment 410, LA, California

            An episode of Bleach was blaring from his TV. Tucker sat on his apartment’s main sofa with a bored look on his face, eyes locked on to the large plasma screen. A text book was opened on his lap. He read from it every commercial break; he had only read half of a page so far. Haley, who had been frozen since he had gotten home from class early that day, was unfrozen now and sat cuddled to her boyfriend in nothing but a thin white tank top that was a size too small for her ample breasts along with a pair of pink hot pants. She had dozed off, being that Anime did not interest her, her head rested heavily on Tucker’s shoulder with her blond hair covering her face. Light snoring and mumbling could be heard from under the blond locks.

The mannequin that was Hitomi was posed in sitting pose with legs propped up on to the coffee table between the sofa and the TV. Her legs were crossed at the ankles, her right arm rested across the backing of the sofa behind Tucker’s neck while her left was bent at the elbow and rested in the armrest. The Japanese Canadian’s black hair was temporary dyed blond by Haley earlier out of sheer boredom; the girl also had blue contacts masking her natural brown eyes. Her attractive face bore a friendly grin, with her head tilted to the right. She was dressed in nothing but a pair of white cotton panties with pink trim and sun stickers covering her exposed nipples, the outfit – or lack thereof – had been requested by Tucker.

            On the second sofa were Candace and Rebecca, both live-in dolls were stark naked and posed in a lover’s embrace with the fiery redhead on top and between the sexy legs of the dark-skinned girl. Haley had spent some time waxing the two women from the neck down, another product of her slow day, so both now shined like actual wax figures. Standing next to the door, in her black two-piece bikini, was Tatiana. The former modeling assistant had been an attractive coat rack for nearly a week now, the roommates feeling no need to move her. She stood at attention with a neutral look on his face, her arms bent at the elbows with fingers extended. Tucker’s bag and coat hung on one arm while Haley’s purse hung on the other. A pink cowboy hat that belonged to Kayla was placed over the top of the unmoving blonde’s head. Kayla had forgotten the hat and Haley had placed it there so it wouldn’t get lost in the hustle and bustle of Tucker and Maggie’s lives.

            Tucker fished his cell phone from his pocket, stirring Haley awake. She sat up sleepily, stretching and yawning loudly as Tucker checked his phone. It was a little past seven, Maggie should be on the road home. He was about to call her but decided against it, remembering that Maggie was easily distracted when she was driving; she was one of the thousands of people that were the reason why hands-free devices were required by law when driving in the state of California. Looking over at Haley, who was fixing her messy hair he smiled, “Nice nap?”

            “One of my many today,” she cooed smiling and leaned back on Tucker’s shoulder. “I was so bored today. The highlight of my day was when I was reading and then suddenly was naked in bed with you, after like two mysterious hours had gone by.” Haley explained. Her uncle had hired a friend to work at his newsstand, cutting Haley’s hours severely, she only worked a couple of times a week. That would have been fine since she worked for Models INC. now. However there were no modeling gigs for her in the last week. She was still under contract though and was getting paid for her down time.  She was a proactive person though, and she wanted to do something.

            “Well with the waxing,” Tucker gestured over at the hot scene on the next sofa, “And the Hitomi makeover.” He added looking at Hitomi. “I think you had a pretty productive day.”

            Haley looked around and shrugged, “It was fun and all, but it was over pretty fast. I wish Kayla was around.”

            “Not everyone is as lucky as you to get paid doing nothing.” Tucker said, closing his textbook. He wasn’t going to finish any reading tonight, not with so many distractions around him. “You picked up the costumes from Bianca today?” He asked cuddling back with his girlfriend.

            “Yeah, there was a lot, it’s all still in my car. How come you guys ordered so many costumes?” She asked, her attention more on Tucker’s body, as her hands rubbed his chest and played with his collar.

            “We’re due for a new calendar soon; the fans are getting eager. I thought I went over this last week during our meeting?” Tucker asked, confused while backing away, Haley had been at the meeting and Tucker had a suspicion that she was not paying attention. Now it was apparent his suspicions were true.

            “Oh, you did?” Haley smiled nervously. “I guess it slipped my…” she began to say before she suddenly froze in place. She sat with one leg bent under her, while the other was on the floor. Her upper body was twisted to face Tucker, with her hands reaching for him, her right touching his shoulder while her left his thigh. She had been caught in mid-blink when the wand worked its magic, so her eyes were almost closed. Her lips pressing together as she was frozen as she was about to pronounce the letter ‘M’.

            Tucker looked at his wand and gave it a kiss before waving it over his girlfriend’s head twice and re-starting time. Putting the wand on the table, he reached over and groped both of Haley’s breasts. He could have done this when she was unfrozen, but doing when she was stopped in time was so much hotter for she did not giggle, move or react. She did nothing.

He looked behind him at Hitomi’s grinning face, getting an idea.

            He uncrossed Hitomi’s ankles and stood her up into a standing position, her right arms remained outstretched to her side while her left remained bent at the elbow as if still resting on the arm rest. After some skilled manipulation, Haley was also stood up at attention. Her face was molded to have an over exaggerated smile with her blue eyes opened up wide. Grabbing his stock-still girlfriend from around the waist, he hauled her off to his bedroom. There he laid her down and took pleasure in removing her clothing from her stiff form, something that he would never get tired of. He left her naked and laying straight out on his bed as he returned to the living room and picked up Hitomi. Tucker laid his ex-girlfriend down onto the bed and removed what little clothing she had on, rendering her as naked as his present girlfriend.

            Tucker considered himself an artist; he had gotten more use to posing suspended people since he had first gotten the wand back in late May. He now looked at his poses as works of art. Maggie and Haley were pretty good as well, but he turned the tables on them often enough to consider himself the best out of the three. With Haley and Hitomi now naked, he got to work posing them as living sculptures. He posed Haley to lie on her side, with legs together and slightly bent at the knees, her left arm rested sexually over the side of her left thigh, her right arms bent at the elbow and had her hand supporting her head. The Italian blonde’s face bore a closed-eyed expression with lips puckered. Hitomi lay on her back with an arm under her head and the other pointing at Haley’s puckered lips. The Japanese Canadian’s legs were wide open, exposing her bare sex and bent at the knees with her bare feet resting on the bed. Her head was turns towards Haley with the same friendly grin she bore in the living room. Tucker stood at the end of the bed, naked for his later planed activities. He stood behind a tripod bearing the high-end camera he used for his calendar shoots. He snapped a few pictures and smiled as he moved towards the bed to repose his two statuesque girlfriends.

* * *

Aquatics Center, DSC

            “We’re lucky we got to her when we did. It looks like she was going somewhere.” Kat breathed as she and her twin pushed the hand-truck with the last of their chosen models up the ramp leading up the Aquatics Center. Nina Nichols was a senior and lived at Reagan Hall , one of the new living facilities on campus. The brunette had been getting ready to head out on date when Julie showed up in her black wig, dressed as a preppy photography club member. Nina only had time to show some puzzlement before a bright flash put her out for the night. She was dressed in a black sleeveless top that showed off some impressive cleavage over a maroon knee-length skirt. Nina’s stuck form was now strapped onto a hand-truck that Kat had ‘borrowed’ from maintenance. It was dark out and the twins used longer routes to get to their destination so that they wouldn’t be spotted by anyone taking an evening stroll.

            Their destination was the Aquatics Center, a large rectangular building on the eastern side of the campus. The building housed three Olympic-sized swimming pools and was the only place on campus with enough space and lighting for what the Lady Raptors wanted to do. Diane knew an employee that worked at the pool and managed to get them to loan her the keys for the night, so her team could have a private ‘party’. At the top of the ramp leading into the main entrance of the pool was Tess, opening the door as the twins arrived with their still cargo. She quickly gesture them inside, “What took you girls so long?” she asked as they entered the wide lobby of the building. The large tiled floored room was decked out in orange and white banners; a series of brown double doors lined the far wall that led to the bleachers that surrounded the pools. Tess then led the girls to the far left side of the building, towards the athlete’s entrance.

            “Well we didn’t have a nice van like you guys did.” Kat replied and then gestured at the stiffly standing Nina and added, “Plus we’ve been pushing this heavy mannequin around.”

            “Did you guys get everything ready?” Julie then asked as Tess opened the doors the led to the pool. There was a long white hallway with doors that led to the locker rooms lining the sides of the wall on either side. Before the Kat and Julie had left, Sarala, Justine, and Sunny had arrived, expecting a pool party. They were confused at seeing that they were the only ones dressed in swimsuits. Kat – after some feeble protests from Sunny – had gotten the three girls to pose together for a photograph. In an instant the three rookie soccer players were frozen still as if they had become a life size photo. Justine stood in the center with Sunny and Sarala flanking her. All three girls smiled brightly and stood close together like true teammates. Their solid, stiffened, bodies were then moved to a storage closet while Tess, Britney, Diane and Chrissy headed out to pick up the others.

            “Everything is almost ready. Chrissy is borrowing a digital camera from her roommate and she has the shoot set up. Me, Diane and Britney are about finished dressing the girls. Tess replied as they entered the large space. The room was lit up brightly, easily highlighting how deserted it was, the orange and white bleachers were empty and surrounded the large area like silent soldiers. Everyone was gathered next to the closest pool, which was the diving pool, where the tall diving boards towered over them.  Maggie and Ayane were stood next to each other, both girls smiling brightly with glazed-over looks in their eyes. Their hair was sleeked back wetly and their bodies were shiny with moisture and glistened in the bright lights, Ayane’s more so due to her darker complexion. Maggie was dressed in a pink and white two-piece bikini while Ayane was in a revealing black one-piece suit. Standing rigidly next to Ayane was Susie Kim, the sorority girl who had answered the door when they had first paid their visit to the Delta house. The brown-haired tanned Korean girl was dressed in a white blue stringy bikini; she held a neutral look on her face though her wet hair was slicked back like the other girls before her. The sorority girls that followed, Tami, Leslie, Sandy, Kelsey and Amber kept the same theme as Susie, all being dressed in string bikinis of various colors. At the end of the line were the three rookie soccer players, still dressed in the swim suits that they had come in, with Rachel now dressed in a pretty hot pink one-piece wisp that was not practical swimwear even by the most provocative standards.

            “Looks good, girls,” Kat commented as she added Nina to the end of the line. Britney and Diane went to work in stripping the last frozen girl as Julie and Kat examined the others. Tess rummaged through a bag of swimsuits, looking for an ideal one for Nina, who had the largest bust in the group.

            “Hey Brit did you bring my bag?” Julie then asked. She had all the plans for the calendar in her bag, which she had left and Ayane and Brit’s place after they had frozen Maggie.

            “I didn’t know which one was yours so I brought all of them.” Brit replied as she removed Nina’s shoes and tossed them aside. “They’re over there,” she then gestured before going back to work.

            Julie wandered to where the bags were and picked through them, tossing Maggie’s book bag aside, failing to hear the ringing coming from it as she piled Ayane’s own bag on top of it to get to her own bag. As she went through her book bag, looking for the master plan for their calendar, her twin sister and Tess were arranging the frozen girl’s faces and making jokes as they did, talking about the airheads, dummies and dolls that were modeling for them. As soon as Chrissy returned with the camera they would get started; the Lady Raptors could already taste the prize money as their calendar design was surely going to win. Who else could beat them?

Tucker’s Time Frame 30 minutes later - DSC

            “Okay Tucker, we’re here; you could slow down now!” Haley pleading, clutching her seat as her boyfriend erratically drove around the college campus. It was nearly ten in the evening so there were not that many people out, but that didn’t matter as time had been stopped for nearly thirty minutes already. If it hadn’t been, they were surely be mortally wounded in an accident of some sort with the way that Tucker had driven from LA.

            Haley was unfrozen, from what she figured to be a couple of hours, she was eager to continue with some more fun with Tucker. She found that after her frozen spells she was rather horny. Tucker, however was flipping out, that being the understatement. Maggie had not come home and she wasn’t answering her cell either, which only brought more panic to Tucker. Activating his GPS on his phone, he was able to track is roommate/best friend down. She was still at the school. He then stopped time again. This time when Haley was brought back she was in her car with Tucker and she was now dressed as Super Girl. She thought the tight costume was really unnecessary and she felt like an idiot but Tucker insisted it was worthy for the situation since they were going to save Maggie from some unknown danger. He however felt that if he were to dress up that would just be silly, leaving Haley to look as if she was a loon if time was started.

            The ride up – even with the world stopped – was terrifying, Haley’s car was nothing like Tucker and Maggie’s racy Lancer; it was a little VW with soft suspension and felt like it was going to flip over with every turn and lane change. He was still driving fast, even though they had reached there destination. “Where to?” Tucker asked as he made a sharp turn narrowly missing a car, that if time had been moving would have a bad result.

            Haley looked at Tucker’s phone, “We’re here,” she said as Tucker slammed on the brakes, making both them nearly bang their heads on the dash. “I’m driving home…” Haley grumbled, sitting back. Looking over to her right she read, “Aquatic Center,” What the hell is Maggie doing at the pool at this time of night?” She then asked Tucker.

            “No idea; she doesn’t even like to swim for fun,” Tucker said, looking at the building and seeing someone by the door. “Let’s go, Super Girl,” he then said quickly, opening the car door.

            “Could I change – this feels really stupid?” Haley pleaded, opening her door. The red pleated skirt that she wore was too short even for her taste; she had great legs but the skirt and the shiny red knee-high boots made her look like a street walker. At least he had dressed her up in hot pants under the revealing skirt. The blue skin-tight long-sleeved leotard top was restrictive as well; if it had not been for the big Super Girl logo on her chest her nipples would be clearly visible. The flowing red silk mini-cape was just ridiculous. “How the hell did you get this on me?” she asked, following Tucker and pulling at the skin-tight fabric.

            “Lots of talcum,” Tucker replied, not looking back as he quickly trotted up the steps to the entrance. Nothing moved around them in their time-stopped world; it was very quiet and still. There was a redheaded girl woodenly holding the door open; she held a high priced digital camera in one hand while the other held the door handle. The girl was dressed in an orange sweatshirt with a pair of matching shorts, showing off her muscular tanned legs. “Chrissy?” Tucker said, reaching the motionless girl, who had a neutral look stuck on her face.

            “Oh cute, who is she?” Haley asked, looking the shapely girl up and down. Another Asian; Hmm, a possible new doll, Haley thought. She had been good. It was time for another doll. “Are you angry, babe?” Haley asked her boyfriend, hoping that Tucker was mad enough to freeze the girl and keep her. “She probably did something to Maggie,” Haley suggested evilly.

            “She’s a star soccer player; we can’t take her, people will miss her.” Tucker replied after a second’s pause, looking back at his girlfriend who pouted sadly like little girl who had just been denied a toy. “Plus, I don’t know exactly what’s going on yet.” Tucker added, sidestepping Chrissy with super Haley following him. As they entered the lobby Tucker looked back at his girlfriend and grinned, “After tonight, Maggie is not going anywhere for a while.  She keeps giving me these little heart attacks; I should just keep her locked away for peace of mind.”

            “What are you saying, honey?” Haley asked smiling deviously, knowing what was coming.

            “You can have Maggie as a doll for a few days. Just a few,” he replied, making an emphasis on the later. He cared for Maggie as if she was were family and if freezing her long-term would keep her safe he would do it, but he enjoyed her company too much so that would never happen.  But freezing her for punishment that he could do. Plus, it would give him some points with Haley. Not that he needed any. Haley liked Maggie as a doll. There was a certain live-action comic that needed to be finished too.

            “In that case,” Haley said in low loud voice as she jumped ahead of Tucker. “I see lights over yonder! Super Haley to the rescue!” she announced and was ready to bolt but then looked back at he boyfriend and smiled nervously. “Time is still stopped, right?”

            Tucker couldn’t help but smile and nodded. Haley took off and ‘flew’ towards the door that was wedged open. When Haley was excited about something she was always goofy, Tucker loved that about her he thought as he chased after her.

            At the end of the hallway the couple came to a stop and looked at the static scene in front of them, trying to figure things out. Tucker saw Maggie; she looked OK and was dressed in a revealing swimsuit, not her style at all. There were other frozen models in bikinis or one-piece suits as well, all standing in a row. Then there were five girls who were not dressed in swimsuits standing around immobilized in various poses. Katherine Vaughn, captain of the girl’s soccer team, was frozen in mid-squat in front of one of the bikini-clad women at the end of the row. Tess, another soccer player, stood next to a buxom brunette clad in a shimmering white one-piece suit. Britney Summers and Julie Vaughn, Kat’s twin sister, huddled together looking over a notebook that Julie was holding. Then there was Diane Cruz, sitting on folding chair, a burrito in her hand, the snack frozen in mid-air just inches from her open mouth. Tucker and Haley silently walked around the spectacle, inspecting, looking over the tableaux of girls as if they were wax works in a museum.

            “Looks like a photo shoot,” Haley observed, looking over the three sexy Asian girls that stood next to Maggie; she wanted one bad. Tucker stepped next to Maggie, waving his wand over her head. Nothing happened. He did it again. Same result. Tucker looked over at Haley worriedly.

            “They did something to her,” he said quietly.  She’s not just time-stopped. He could feel his anger boiling up.

            Seeing the distress on her boyfriend’s face and hearing his voice, Haley knew Tucker was about to blow. “Let’s get her home Tuck; we could call that Interpol lady.” Haley suggested. Tucker only nodded as they both leaned the rigid body of Maggie backwards and lifted her up, Tucker at her head while Haley wrapped her arms around the stiff girl’s bare ankles.

            Outside, they loaded Maggie into the backseat of the VW. Haley put a sweater on her and buckled her in for the trip back. Tucker headed back inside to get Maggie’s things. As he walked past Julie and Britney, he looked over their shoulders at the notebook and saw that they were looking at plans for a calendar. He then glanced around the room and the ladies not in swimsuits; Chrissy had a fancy camera with her. Then it hit him: that calendar contest Maggie had been talking about. An idea hit him. “You drugged my friend and brought her here for your shoot. Now you get to star in my calendar. This contest is mine,” he muttered to himself as he ran down the hallway back into the lobby to get his girlfriend.


Chapter 5

Aquatics Center, DSC

            "Nice job on the make-up," complimented Tucker as he admired the work he and his girlfriend had accomplished. What were once eighteen sexy women just standing around, several in bikinis, were now several women dressed up in cosplay costumes, courtesy of Bianca, that had been in Haley's car. Normally Tucker would of used Maggie, but with her as remaining stiff as a board and no way to unfreeze her, Tucker wanted to just leave her be and hope she would recover on her own. He had brought her back into the swim center and stood her up in the corner, still covered up out of respect and ideally as mobile as he and Haley should be, but no such luck.

            "Eh, I've had a lot of practice, it's nice when your subjects don't move," remarked Haley, having ditched the Super Girl outfit for her own photo shoot outfit, she being the eighteenth girl and the only one who would be mobile.

            One by one Tucker and Haley brought the girls out, like an assembly line, to do a shoot for the calendar that was going to be entitled the T & M Poolside Cosplay Special, the last part of the title because they were using eighteen girls instead of the usual dozen or less. Haley had agreed to appear due to her modeling contract not covering it.

            Going in order, January was first and Tucker rolled out a trio to open with a bang: Tami, Leslie and Brit, all three dressed as the Wedding Peach Love Angel heroines. Brit was the leader, wearing primarily what appeared like a one-piece bikini modified to look ceremonial: the body was light red, the breasts were dark, white silk topped them, a red heart gem was set in the middle, and a white frilled mini-skirt covered her private area, golden miniature shoulder pads were also present. For hair Brit was wearing a waist-length pink wig with a yellow scarf that had dual bows, one on each side. Around Brit's neck was a golden choker with a red gem in the middle, gold bracelets were around her wrists and on her feet were red high-heeled shoes. Tami's naturally long brown hair was left alone for her own costume, which more or less matched Brit's save for a few changes: her outfit was blue instead of red, her jewel was a blue ruby, a circlet with a blue gem in the center instead of a scarf, her breast area was white with no silk and her choker was just gold. Finally, Leslie wore a shoulder-length green wig and her outfit was more akin to Tami's than Brit's save a few changes: her shoes were white with yellow bows, her body area was yellow, her gem was light blue, her shoulders were curved and looked more bronze-like and her braces were white silk.  Brit was posed in the center of the trio, standing turned slightly to Tucker's right but looking at the camera, her legs apart starting at the knees and her arms away from her sides just a bit with her hands more so, a cute smile on her face that was slight in nature. Tami was on Brit's left in a similar pose, save her knee was bent back, her left foot on its toe and her left arm forward and straight as if being led by the hand. Leslie was on Brit's right with her legs spread, turned slightly to Tucker's left with her hands in fists and her left arm raised in a sort of tough girl pose. Tucker loved it, and Haley agreed.

            To follow up magical girls with something different, Tucker elected to make February Sarala and dress her up as a video game character. Sarala was dressed as Zhu Rong appeared in Dynasty Warriors 5, her naturally dark skin a decent fit and her hair covered with a silver wig. Around her chest she wore a brown and tan striped fur that was sewn together in the middle via a black strap that wrapped around her body, emphasizing her breasts. Around Sarala's neck was a necklace with gems that were red, green and blue respectively and a leather hair braid was fixed on her head, three large feathers on the left side. A light fur cloth was wrapped around her waist area, held together by brown leather straps, and similar wrappings covered her wrist and ankle areas white her feet wore sandals. She lacked her giant boomerang or body tattoo but still Sarala made a decent Zhu Rong, standing with her hands behind her head and an alluring smile on her face. Tucker snapped a few pictures before moving on.

            Returning to magical girls for March, Tucker decided to team up the Vaughn twins as characters from Maggie's favorite manga, Cyber Angels. The twins were dressed up as the Yellow and Pink Angels, who wore cloned outfits save for the obvious color difference and even had similar hair, Pink's shoulder-length tresses were light brown and loose while Yellow's was shoulder-length, dark brown and combed behind her ears.  Their feet were encased in leather stiletto boots that stopped just below the knees. Next was the waist, a flimsy skirt that barely covered the front and back with gaps on either side that revealed most of the lower hip area, though their private bits were covered by panties. Following the waist was the tube top, starting slightly above the belly button and possessing sharp peaks that went well up and over both breasts. Finally came the jackets, tight ones made of the same leather as the rest of their outfits that stopped just below where the top began, fully covering the twins' arms. A themed jewel was set in the center of the tube tops right below the cleavage. Tucker and Haley had posed them holding both hands and looking towards the camera, Kat as Pink winking with her mouth open while Julie smiled serenely. For that particular series of photos Tucker had to make sure Haley didn't see the bulge in his pants.

            To mix things up again, Sunny was dressed as Chidori from Full Metal Panic!This involved a blue Japanese schoolgirl outfit with the usual red neck bow and sailor cape, a waist-length blue wig with a red ribbon on the end being placed on her head. Deciding to mimic a popular image of the character, Tucker had posed Sunny so she was standing facing to his right but turned from the waist up to face the camera, a full smile on her face and her right eye winking like Kat had been, her right arm raised into a finger gun position, the index finger and thumb extended, her left hand at her side. It was simple but Tucker liked the pose.

            After a stint with schoolgirls it was back to video games, Diane was dressed up as Elika from the 2008 Prince of Persia title. Diane's hair had only required some spray to give it the thick and wild appearance necessary; her complexion was already perfect. Her top was white silk with golden lace that formed the elaborate tree pattern around her chest and it lacked shoulders or anything above her breasts as well as showing full cleavage. Several bracelets and rings covered her hands as well as a black choker around her neck but her pants were simple dark blue and tattered below the knees, plus she had no shoes. In spite of the bizarre appearance, Tucker found the outfit very erotic and even fashion expert Haley complimented it, though she questioned the lack of shoes. Diane was posed in a forward walking position, her left foot and arm back with her fingers fully extended and her right arm raised, palm open.

            After returning to games it was yet again time to hit some magic by dressing up Amber as Shadow Lady. The blond was wearing a white wig, which gave her the classic Japanese super heroine a spiked ponytail, the character's trademark. Tucker was however disappointed in Bianca's costume as it was very simple: A black leather one-piece bikini with extra neck but a cleavage hole in the middle, over the knee black leather boots, over the elbow black leather gloves and small devil wings on the back of the costume, though the left glove did have a white brace with a gem set in the middle. The boots and body could have been much better however, Tucker felt. Amber was posed against the wall, looking to her left at Tucker with a cocky smile on her face. Amber's left sole was against the wall, her knee fully bent with her hands resting on it, left on top of the right.

            Delving into a mix of anime and video games for July, Tucker had Chrissy, who was luckily a redhead as the costume lacked a wig, dressed as Misty from Pokémon. The costume was simple: short red hair with the left side put into a ponytail, a yellow sleeveless top that revealed nothing, Daisy Duke jeans, white socks pulled all the way up and plain brown shoes, a red backpack with straps the only part that wasn't non-essential clothing. The costume lacked a lot of useful props so Tucker posed her with her legs spread, her left hand on her hip with her elbow bent, Chrissy right hand raised to form a peace sign with her mouth open in a smile. Simple, but cute, and while there was no real breast imagery Chrissy's legs did look fantastic.

            For August Tucker decided to dress up the somewhat short Justine as a princess, specifically Pacifica from Scrapped Princess. Justine's hair was put into a bun though a single curl dropped down either side. The costume's main outer layer was an orange/brown sleeveless tunic that stopped right above the breast area like a dress, showing no cleavage but there was a blue round gem in the center. Underneath the tunic was a red top that also didn't cover the area between the neck and breasts but had large, peaked shoulders and elbow length sleeves. Brown underwear was under the tunic's flaps and knee-high blue socks were tucked under short brown boots that matched the wrist-length gloves. The costume demanded a simple pose, so Tucker positioned Justine with her left hand on her hip and that was it, her arm against her side and her legs barely spread, though she carried a faint smile.

            Video games once again appearing in the form of a costume, September portrayed Rachel in a toga, portraying Sophitia from Soul Calibur. The toga did cover properly, stopping above the knees with the bands covering both breasts, and a thick blue belt was worn around the waist. Brown leather bracelets and boot-style sandals were also worn, a wreath even in her hair. Rachel was wearing a wig as her hair wasn't waist-length, the blond locks woven together with a teal ribbon at the end. The costume included a plain short sword and shield so Rachel wore the shield on her left hand, held away from her chest, her sword raised above her head with determination on her face. Tucker liked it, but knowing Rachel it didn't fully feel right.

            Once again Tucker produced a magical girl costume, dressing Nina up as Corrector Yui. The outfit was a pink dress with thick shoulders, a schoolgirl white ribbon in the center that had a gem in it, long and thick sleeves and a white frilly skirt that stuck out for quite a distance horizontally. A curly brown shoulder-length wig was also employed, as was white shoes and a blue scepter with a red circular gem on the end, a white blue-tooth like communications device on her right ear. Nina's pose was a bit more unusual as she was facing almost completely backwards but looking over her right shoulder, a beaming smile on her face with the scepter behind her back, both hands holding it.

            Down to his last five girls, Tucker figured he'd do one for November and use the last four as a December group shot. Ayane was the lucky girl who got to be Yuna from Final Fantasy X. Ayane had never looked so humble, wearing what was essentially a miko outfit but with no shoulder covers, the skirt portion blue with a white flower pattern on it and a pink rose on the orange obi belt. Ayane also wore a short brown wig with spiked tips, two braids on the left side, and Tucker had even applied contacts so Ayane's left eye was green while her right was blue. She stood slightly to Tucker's left, facing the camera with an innocent smile, her hands out down low in front of her body forming a bridge.

            Finally came December, and Tucker went classical by dressing up Tess, Sandy, Susie and Haley as four of the Sailor Moon scouts. All four girls wore colored schoolgirl outfits, with heart-shaped centers, tiaras and elbow-length white gloves, though their footwear varied. Haley was Venus, thus her outfit was orange and she wore orange ankle-length heeled shoes, electing to not wear a wig but putting a red bow in her hair. The bow on the back of her outfit was yellow. Sandy was Mercury, wearing a short blue wig with a matching outfit and knee-length blue boots, her ribbon also blue. Tess was Jupiter, her outfit green with shoes similar to Haley's only green and her ribbon pink, her hair in a ponytail and no wig needed. Finally Susie was Mars, red being her color with a waist-length black wig, red heels and a red ribbon. Tess stood on the outside right, her arms forming a protective cross around her chest. The outside left was Susie, down on her knees with her arms pointing off-camera, her right one straight with her left fully bent at the elbow to mirror it. Sandy was the inside left, her legs only spread at the knees with her arms also only away from her body at the knees, her hands loose. Finally Haley stood with her left arm in the air, her right elbow raised to chest level. All four women had wide-mouthed smiles on their faces; Haley's managing to last in time for Tucker to snap a photo. With that, the shoot was done and Haley collapsed in relief.

            "Urgh... I could use a nap," sighed Haley, lying on the ground and curling up.

            "Take a few minutes, I need to unfreeze time and call Lance," Tucker announced, producing his cell phone and tapping the wand five times against his leg. Just to make sure nothing went awry Tucker had frozen everyone present before he'd started changing them, so when time resumed none of the girls moved save Haley.

            "Hey Lance, I know it’s getting late, but I need a favor," Tucker told his friend. "Think if I come over in a couple of hours you can get me a new calendar made?"

            "Dude, I've always got time for T & M!" laughed Lance. "Besides, I don't get off until midnight. This sucks, I don't mind telling you. What I wouldn't give to run an anime store..."

            "Yeah, Bianca's living the dream, though it’s technically a costume shop," agreed Tucker. "Speaking of, we used more of her stuff in the shoot."

            "Nice, I can't wait to see it!" exclaimed Lance. "Come on by when you can, I'll be here." With that, Tucker hung up and looked around.

            "Ah shit," he suddenly muttered, causing the exhausted Haley to open her eyes and look at her boyfriend.

            "What is it?" asked Haley, concerned.

            "How the hell do we get whoever I unfreeze to tell us what they did to Maggie without having to explain what we did to them?" asked Tucker, concerned.


Chapter 6

            “Well I’m sure you will figure something out. You’re a smart guy that’s why I date you,” Haley yawned, closing her eyes. She had full confidence that her boyfriend was going to figure something out; he always did.

            “Some help you are,” Tucker grumbled, looking down at Haley who was smiling with her eyes shut.

            “Exactly…” Haley mumbled as she fell asleep. Tucker stood for a moment looking down at his sleeping girlfriend and then at all the costumed women around him, standing like a life-sized set of figurines at a convention. He scratched his head with wand in thought. He then grinned – smiling to himself – as a light bulb lit in his head. Five taps were then heard throughout the quiet Aquatics Center.

* * *

            Tucker brushed his palms together and stepped back, looking at the sight in front of him. Maggie was now dressed as Sailor Mercury, her black hair tied up tightly and tucked under the blue wig that Sandy had worn just moments ago. The blue schoolgirl outfit, along with the matching boots, fit Maggie well; she looked good in blue. Maggie’s gloved hands were wrapped around Haley. Haley had been fast asleep, but with time stopped she was just as poseable as the other statues. She stood facing Maggie, her gloved hand wrapped around the smaller woman. They stood face-to-face with their arms wrapped around one another; their heads however were turned so that their cheeks were touching. Both costumed girls had bright smiles on their faces with eyes staring vacantly. “Ah, my two favorite ladies…” Tucker admired, running his hands down Maggie and Haley’s touching cheeks. “Now what about you guys?” he then said, turning around.

            Tucker had stripped down most of his statue-like models and returned the cosplay costumes to the box they had come in. Only a couple remained dressed, Ayane was still Yuna and Rachel was still Sophitia. The others were pretty much naked. He had gathered the soccer team together; he knew them well just like everyone else on campus, being that they were among the most popular group on campus, winning the college’s only sports championship. Katherine Vaughn stood front and center in front of the group, stark naked. Her short blond hair was tied back into a snub of a ponytail she had a determined look on her face with blue eyes focused, the look of a leader. She stood with her bare strong legs slightly spread with her hands on her naked hips. Her team just as naked as her stood at attention behind and flanking her; on her right was Tess, Chrissy, Britney and Diane, on her left stood Justine, Sarala, and Sunny. The only one missing from the group was Ayane, who he would add later.

            Nearby were the sorority girls. Tucker didn’t know them but figured out who they were. Sandy, Tami and Leslie were really the only sorority girls he knew and they each had a plain gold ring on one of their fingers, he noticed this on two other girls and concluded they were all sisters. They all were naked like the soccer team. They were on their knees at attention and were lined up like bowling pins. Sandy in the middle, while Tami and Leslie to her right and Amber and Susie to her left. All five girls had their eyes shut and mouths opened, Tucker was not quite finished with them yet.

            The other Vaughn sister, Julie, stood by herself. Unlike her short-haired twin sister, Julie’s blond locks were long and lush and cascaded well down to mid-back. Also unlike her sister, Julie was dressed; somewhat. The cheerleader twin was dressed in the skimpy pink and white bathing suit that Tucker and Haley had found Maggie in. Julie was a much fuller girl than Maggie. Her bigger breasts pushed her against the restrictive bikini top, begging to get out, her nipples were clearly visible and the elastic material that made the suit was pressing tightly into her skin. The bikini bottoms were just as tight; Julie’s shapely ass and clean-shaven mound were very poorly hidden. The blond stood with her hands interlocked in front of her and sitting just below her crotch. Her legs were together at the knees, with one leg slightly twisted inward and standing on tip of her toes. Her head was tilted to left and big smile on her face; her blue eyes were empty however adding an eerie look to her cute pose.

            Nina Nichols, Tucker’s crush for a longest time that he had finally tasted and explored a few weeks back, was lying on the titled floor. She was actually the last to be stripped naked, Tucker wanting to visit the busty brunette once again. Nina was on her back with her legs wide, pointing straight up with her toes pointed like a diver. Her naked arms were wide at her sides to balance her pose. Nina’s eyes were opened wide as well as her mouth; her lips were glazed with Tucker’s juices along with her large breasts as well as her womanhood and thighs. He looked down at his classmate and smiled. If Nina had lived in his apartment instead of Haley things would have been very different. It was either Nina or Haley. He was glad to be with Haley but Nina still had a special spot in his mind. Lucky with his wand he could visit that special spot whenever he wanted.

            Standing next to Julie were the remaining costumed women, Ayane and Rachel. Tucker had something special planned for them. He had also had a thing for Yuna and tonight was going to be his special night with her, at least her cosplay version. With Rachel, she was hands down the one of the hottest women in the school, captain of the cheerleading squad and was also a star on a rap video. Tucker had not had the pleasure with her yet, he kept her costumed just because Sophitia was Maggie’s character in Soul Caliber and Tucker had yet been able to beat her so this his chance to get back at Sophitia, even though she wasn’t real, Rachel in her costume would work just fine.

            He had re-posed Ayane to stand straight with her hands behind her back. The same innocent smile remained on her face. Standing in front of her he looked her up and down admiring the costume. Ayane was a soccer player, and her body was stunning and unlike Chrissy her teammate, the Japanese American had a decent set of boobs. “Well Yuna I have been waiting a long time to do this.” Tucker smiled as he wrapped his arms around the unmoving woman’s waist and dragged her to where Nina was, his sex spot he had named. Laying Ayane down, he stripped off her costume only leaving the boots on her. The Japanese American was naked under the costume so she was showing all to Tucker in seconds. Pulling down his pants, he entered her shaven mound and started pumping. Ayane’s contact-covered eyes only looked up at him blankly; her face still bore the smile as Tucker sucked on her nipples as he pumped.

            His sex drive was still high as he freed himself from Ayane’s womanhood and dragged Rachel over and laid her down next to the nearly naked soccer player. Rachel was stripped completely naked and her legs were spread apart and junior Tucker was inserted into her mound and he went to work. He pumped his load into Rachel a few times then switched back to Ayane and pumps her a few times. Feeling energized, he returned to Nina and pumped her few times. Feeling another load come he stopped himself and quickly pulled his member from Nina’s wet pussy and rushed over the sorority sisters with his member still dripping and rock hard. There he visited each of their mouths shooting a little bit of his load in each, leaving the five girls with a mouth full of Tucker. He loved sorority girls.

* * *

            It had to be well past midnight Tucker’s time even though the big clock over the pool still read 9:30; time had been stopped for several hours. Haley and Maggie still stood embracing each other in the corner. Tucker had cleaned up Ayane and added her naked wax-figure-like body to the group standing next to Sunny. He then took naked pictures of each of the girls individually in a couple of poses and then a full team picture of all them together. The Lady Raptors were slated to go far this year and having naked pictures of the team and the stars was a good thing if he ever needed extra funds. The sorority sisters were now standing in their bowling pin formation. They all stood with bright smiles, cupping their breasts, they were a group good looking girls Tucker observed looking them over. Nina now was standing at attention with eyes closed and jaw hanging open with her brown hair slicked back from the small shower that Tucker had given her. The bikini could barely contain her buxom figure, Tucker made a note to visit her again later, it was still early in the semester and there was always time for fun with Nina. Tucker left Rachel naked, just cause she looked stunning naked, that girl could give Haley a run for her money. The cheerleader stood by herself with her hands behind her back, toes canted inward and touching. Her head tilted to the left and a sweet smile on her lips with eyes shut. Her hair was also wet and sleeked back. The girl’s breasts were still erect and she looked ultra sexy with droplets of water covering her body, like a sexy sports car.

            Tucker moved over to Julie and looked her up and down, the micro bikini looked great on her even though she was practically naked with it on. He ran the back of hand down the side of her face. “You’re going to tell me what happened to Maggie,” Tucker stated seriously to the silent girl. Between Julie and Kat he like Julie a lot more, she was sweeter, had the more girly hot body and she was a cheerleader. Who didn’t like cheerleaders?

            Before he unfroze Julie, he went over to Haley and tapped the wand twice over her. The Italian blond crumpled to the grounding taking Maggie with her. They landed in a heap with Haley shooting up in shock. “What the hell, Tuck!” she shouted sleepily rubbing her eyes. “I told so many times don’t do that, I’m going to break my arms one of these days,” she warned, looking around and seeing the naked groups around the pool. “I see you have been getting busy,” she said flatly, walking past him and looking at the naked women standing in groups. Tucker walked over to Maggie and stood her back up at attention before walking over to Haley.

            "Since Julie looked like she was running – or at least helping to run – this I'm going to unfreeze her and get her to tell me what she did to Maggie," declared Tucker. "I want you to flank her, make sure she doesn't try something stupid."

            "Fine, let’s just get this over with and go home," sighed Haley, clearly exhausted. Standing in position, Haley waited as Tucker carefully tapped his wand on top of Julie's head, causing the cheerleader to blink and scream in surprise a moment later.

            "Tucker?!" gasped Julie, clutching her chest and breathing hard before looking around in confusion and fright, taking in the silent scene around her. "What in the hell?!"

            "I'm going to ask a simple question," declared Tucker, glaring at the cute blond seriously. "What did you do to Maggie and those others?"

            "Wait, you don't know, but Kat is..." muttered Julie, perplexed. She seemed to have an easy time telling that everyone was frozen but noted Haley was giving her the evil eye as well. "If you don't know, why are they frozen too?  What’s going on?"

            "Answer our question first!" shouted Haley, annoyed. Unfortunately Tucker then saw Julie glance at the clock and gasp since she'd clearly noticed the second hand wasn't moving. The water in the pool being completely still didn't help either, nor the lack of sounds.

            "Did you... what..." stuttered Julie, trying to figure it out.

            "I'll explain, but I'm a bit more concerned with Maggie," insisted Tucker, crossing his arms.

            "Alright, go get my backpack in the locker room," explained Julie, motioning for Haley and Tucker to follow her. "Bring Maggie." Shrugging, Haley grabbed Maggie’s stiff body and carried the petite Asian woman under her left arm while Tucker stayed close to Julie, watching for signs of betrayal. In the locker room was a backpack, as Julie had claimed, and next to it was a Polaroid camera. Digging into the bag after getting permission from Tucker, Julie produced a picture of Maggie sitting on a couch at school with a textbook. Haley had set Maggie down in front of the bench.

            "A picture?" asked Tucker, confused, but Julie smiled weakly before tearing it up.  The result was immediate.

            "Tucker?" Maggie suddenly asked, moving instantly and raising her hands to her head. "Ugh, for some reason I-" Maggie didn't finish the sentence as Tucker waved the wand at her, in front of Julie and Haley, and Maggie froze up, her hands not quite at her face.

            "A magic wand?!" exclaimed Julie in surprise.

            "Yeah, and what's yours, a magic camera?" asked Tucker, grinning as Julie waved her hand in front of Maggie's frozen expression.

            "Sure, let me demonstrate," offered Julie, picking up her camera and pointing it at Haley.

            "Wait a minute!" protested Haley, raising her hands in front of her before the flash went off and Haley was standing as frozen as Maggie, a Polaroid of her printing out.

            "So the flash freezes people, and tearing up the photos releases them," deduced Tucker. "Pretty clever. Where'd you get it?"

            "We swiped it from a pair of twins in a town called Stillsville right before the championship tournament after they'd used it on pretty much our entire team, turning them into waxworks for the town." explained Julie. "Their parents, supposedly real-life magicians, made it. They're statues themselves now, back in that town. What no one but our team knows is we took the camera instead of destroying it. It's come in handy now and then."

            "Except this time it made you cross paths with a guy who owns an authentic magic wand that can freeze time," grinned Tucker, holding up his wand. "The Wand of Kronos, manipulates time as humans perceive it.  It also has a few other handy tricks. But now that we've told origin stories, why did you kidnap Maggie in the first place?"

            "I'm really sorry; we just needed her for tonight and we were having bad luck with volunteers," confessed Julie, looking genuinely sorry with her eyes even a bit watery. "We just... we're the defending champions, and the college can't afford to get us a new bus! We needed to raise money, and we heard about the Sync Vision Images contest that had the twenty grand we desperately need... Oh god, Tucker, I'm sorry!" To Tucker's surprise, Julie practically jumped into his arms, giving him a massive hug after casually putting down the camera. Tucker, a bit stunned, none the less awkwardly returned the embrace before parting with her physically.

            "Hell, if I'd known that I would of helped you!" laughed Tucker, shaking his head. "I might as well come clean too. When I found out what you'd done to Maggie I froze all of you with the wand and made my own calendar for the contest using you as models. I even used Chrissy's camera."

            "Wait, you mean an anime calendar?" asked Julie, her eyes widening, looking at Maggie and grinning ear to ear. "That's genius! LA has a huge market for that!" Julie then saddened when she realized that it meant their own calendar was a flop.

            "Its cool, the prize is twenty grand, right?" asked Tucker, gently touching Julie's arm reassuringly. "Would seventy-five percent of that be enough?"

            "More than!" exclaimed Julie, now actually starting to cry tears of joy and giving Tucker another hug, this one which turned into a sort of happy dance. "You're the best, Tuck!"

            "Well, I think given the circumstances I can forgive you," relented Tucker, glancing over at Haley. "Okay, here's what we'll do: We unfreeze Haley and return everyone since time is frozen at the moment. One by one I'll unfreeze them but put them to sleep for a few hours and then I'll drop off the pictures with my friend Lance who can make a killer calendar design for us after I've unfrozen time."

            "Put them to sleep?" asked Julie, perplexed. "And what about Maggie?"

            "My wand can do a sleep spell that lasts a few hours," explained Tucker. "As for Maggie, she's been a pain lately and since it’s the weekend she's going to be staying like that for a few days as punishment."

            "A bit harsh, but I'm no judge," shrugged Julie, relenting. "Okay, lets go to work!"

* * *

            Kopy Kingdom, Los Angeles

            "Nice shoot man!" exclaimed the blond, mullet-wearing Lance, who stood behind the store counter in a decent purple uniform, examining the pictures on the memory card Tucker had given him. Julie and Haley were at his side, both dressed in regular street clothes, Haley having borrowed some from Kat since they were the same size, Julie's being slightly too small for her. All the kidnapped girls had been returned to their places of residence, save Maggie, all sound asleep on their beds. Julie planned on telling them they'd made the calendar and then had a few drinks to celebrate, which was why they didn't remember.

            "I gotta say Haley, you look as lovely as ever," continued Lance, looking at Haley's contribution. Lance, his real name Blake Lancer, was a very old friend of Tucker's, one of his first male friends. He was one of the few people in the world that could pull off a mullet and not look like white trash, especially since it was natural blond, and he had a thing for growing various chin beards like soul patches and goatees, today it being the former.

            "Watch it," warned Tucker playfully, and Haley merely smiled and blushed a mild amount.

            "No Mags though?" remarked Lance, carrying a long-standing crush on the Chinese girl in spite of knowing she was a lesbian. "Whatever, its still one of your best yet! If I ever make my store a reality, you can bet I'll be ordering a lot of your stuff!"

            "You should talk with Bianca," suggested Tucker, mentioning one of their mutual friends. "I hear she's looking to expand."

            "I'll keep that in mind," grinned Lance, getting to work. "It'll be ready tomorrow, I'll give you a call."

            "Great, thanks man," offered Tucker, sliding Lance a twenty before heading out the door, Julie and Haley in tow. In the parking lot are both Tucker and Haley's vehicles, the latter containing Maggie and the borrowed Bianca costumes. Haley had driven her car, Tucker his own with Julie.

            "So what now?" asked Haley, glancing with a hint of disapproval at Julie. Before leaving DSC she'd asked Tucker if it was a good idea telling Julie about the wand but he'd figured there was no choice.

            "I'll take Julie home, you head back to your place with Maggie," explained Tucker, motioning to the cars.

            "But wait, what about-" began Haley, before getting cut off as Tucker tapped his wand against his leg, freezing time. Haley stood idle with her hands hooked into her waistband, her face a mask of puzzlement with her lips parted in a question. Julie stood by as well, her hands behind her back with her left leg bent at the knee, looking at Haley innocently.

            "I don't think I'll get used to this," remarked Julie, blinking and stepping back after Tucker tapped the wand twice over her head. Tucker then casually did the same to the Lancer and got in, Julie next to him.

            "I'll drop you off in your room with your sister, and contact you tomorrow when Lance has finished the poster," declared Tucker as Julie strapped in.

            "Sounds good," agreed Julie. "Thanks again for forgiving us, Tuck. I really didn't mean to cause you any trouble," continued the cheerleader, offering Tucker a smile. Tucker smiled back but then made an extravagant motion with his wand, causing Julie to instantly slump over, her eyes closed.

            "Sorry, but I like my drives to be peaceful," chuckled Tucker, then reaching over and touching Julie's face. After glancing over at Haley and seeing she was still frozen, Tucker smiled weakly and gave Julie a quick kiss. "Now lets get you home so I can get back here and help Haley sneak Maggie inside..."


Continued in... A Day With Haley

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