Tucker’s Wand XIX:  Match Maker

by FreezAntix

These are all tales of hijinks that Tucker has with his magical gizmo, which take place in what will be known from now on as the 'Tuckerverse'. You may want to read Tucker's tales from the beginning, or catch up on the latest chapter before continuing; the lead characters are introduced in the first story. [Ed.]

Note from the Authors: After deliberation we've decided that yes, the Clockwork series and the Tucker stories are set in the same world. This world is currently being dubbed the Tuckerverse by the authors, since Tucker currently has the most stories that revolve around him though the Clockwork stories are quite large by comparison. We hope you've enjoyed the Clockwork and Tucker series' so far and hope you will continue to do so in the Tuckerverse!



               The smell of disinfectant and a throbbing headache stirred Maggie awake. She looked around groggily. Where am I? She thought. A white sheet suspended by a metal rail surrounded the bed that she was laying in. The bed in question had bars on its sides and was slightly raised up to a seated position. Looking down, Maggie saw that she was dressed in a loose pink hospital gown; she wiggled around the bed a little and noted that she was naked under the gown. Reaching up to scratch her head in thought, her hand ran into resistance; clipped to her index finger was a plastic sensor that resembled a clothespin. “What the hell?” She asked dryly, looking down at the sensor and pulling it off her finger. As soon as the sensor left her finger her bed started to beep. “Yikes!” She panicked clipping the sensor back on.  The beeping stopped a few seconds later.

               Maggie jumped as the curtain flew open and a tanned Hispanic woman dressed in a white lab coat over blue medical scrubs stepped in. The woman’s brown flowing hair was tied back into a ponytail, showing off her pretty smiling face. The female doctor looped a stethoscope around her neck after closing the curtain behind her. “How are we doing Maggie?” She asked warmly, snatching up a medical chart hanging on the foot of Maggie’s bed.  “I see you’re awake; good.”

               “Alana?” Maggie asked recognizing the woman as her sister’s college best friend and roommate. Dr. Alana Herrera had recently moved from New York to the take the position of Emergency Room attending at Memorial View Hospital, Los Angeles’ number one trauma center. Maggie had gone to her welcome party a few weeks prior. “Am I in the ER?” Maggie asked confused.

               Alana maintained her natural warm smile as she hooked Maggie’s chart back to the foot her bed after making some annotations and signing it a few times. “You don’t remember what happened?”

               Maggie thought for moment and shook her head. “Was I in a car accident? She asked more to herself, looking up at the ceiling. Looking back at Alana she sat up with an eager look, “Was I in a fight?  I don’t remember anything…”

               Alana grinned, “You were electrocuted.”


               Alana nodded and continued explaining, “You were setting up a video game for your sister and she had too many things plugged up into the wall. The outlet shorted when you were arranging plugs and you were shocked unconscious. Your heart most likely stopped for just a moment.”

               “I was… dead?” Maggie gulped and looked away trying to remember. She was still drawing a blank. “How long was I out?”

               Alana looked at her watch, “You have been unconscious for almost six hours.”

               “Six hours?”

               “You absorbed a lot of voltage. Speaking of which, how do you feel?”

               Maggie sat in thought for second causing Alana to look at her worriedly. “I’m fine. I think. No tingling or dizziness that I can tell. I don’t really remember what happened but other than that I’m fine.” Maggie replied, sitting back in her bed thinking.

               “That’s good. You should be alright then; I wasn’t sure if you might have any brain damage until you woke up. The memory loss in such a trauma is normal, like I said you took in a lot of voltage; better your memory going than your heart.” Alana explained as Maggie nodded. “Are you up for some visitors?”

               “Visitors? Who’s here?”

               “Well you gave Maddy a good scare. She brought you in. I never saw her so freaked out before. She’s been here ever since, along with your mom. You also have some school friends that came a little while after too. They have all been waiting for you to wake up. I didn’t want them in here while you were still out. If you are ready to see them, I’ll send them in while I get your discharge papers ready.”

               “I’m okay to leave?” Maggie then asked.

               “You look fine; I mean if you want to stay the night for ‘observation’ it’s no problem but I’m going to have to move you upstairs though. We need the beds down here in the ER.”

               “I guess I’ll go home; where are my clothes?” Maggie asked, looking around.

               “Well, we cut them off of you when you came in but one of your friends brought in some extras for you.”

               “Okay I guess I can see them now then,” Maggie agreed. Alana nodded in turned to leave. “Oh Alana, just out of curiosity, there is no chance of me having super powers – is there?”

               The Hispanic doctor only smiled and shook her head no before leaving. Maggie only had time to sit up a little bit more before the curtain flew open again and three people rushed in with worried looks on their faces. Maggie’s mom, Ling Yen, followed them and crossed her arms giving Maggie a quick once over. She frowned at her youngest daughter after seeing that she was uninjured. Ling was in her mid-fifties but looked easily ten years younger. It was obvious that she was Madison and Maggie’s mother as she looked very similar to her pretty daughters. Due to the lack of smiling in her younger days, the woman was free of wrinkles on her face. The elder Yen was dressed in a rosy over-knee skirt suit that was trimmed with violet trim and decorative buttons. Her legs were clad in nude pantyhose and the well-aged woman stood stylishly in plum colored heels. She wore her long black hair in a high bun clipped with purple flower hair clip.

               Madison had led the group in; the older Yen sister was dressed unusually casual since she was off from work that day. The Chinese lawyer was simply dressed in a pair of designer jeans and a sky blue polo, her black hair hung loose past her shoulders and bangs sat over her eyes. Following Madison were Tucker and Haley. Maggie was surprised to see the later since Haley was Tucker’s ex-girlfriend. Haley, who was now a full time model for Model’s Inc., was dressed in a one-piece sleeveless dress with a white belt tied loosely around her waist. She stood in pink flip-flops and her blond hair was tied back in fancy looped ponytail. Finally Tucker was dressed casually as usual in a dumpy but vintage t-shirt and his favorite pair of torn-up jeans. He carried Maggie’s trusted bag over his shoulders.

               “Mags, are you okay?!” Tucker blurted, his eyes looking at Maggie up and down.

               “How do you feel?!” Haley then asked, also examining Maggie closely. “She’s not bleeding or burned.” Haley observed, looking at Maggie.

               “Maggie are you all right; do you need anything?” Madison then asked, feeling Maggie’s forehead with the back of her hand. Madison looked tired and relieved at the same time by seeing her sister awake. Never had she been so scared ever; she couldn’t even remember what had happened, it was all a blur, she didn’t want remember it.

               Maggie pushed her sister’s hand away, “I don’t have a cold, and I’m fine, guys. But thanks for coming,” Maggie said, smiling weakly.

               “They should not have even come.” Maggie’s mother spoke coldly from behind the others, crossing her arms and looking at her youngest daughter disapprovingly.  It was a look that Maggie knew well. Ling Yen loved her daughters as much as any mother would; she just did not show her love in the traditional ways. She wanted her daughters to be perfect, not only pretty but smart and clever as well. She and her husband, who was considered the weaker of the two, raised their daughters in an environment full of strict rules and verbal abuse. The verbal abuse was meant to push their daughters to make them fight for success. To make them prove to their parents that they were not failures and that they were better than them. It had worked for Madison, but for Maggie it was a different story; the verbal abuse only hindered her success as she easily gave in. She was an average student compared to her overachieving sister and she was not anywhere as focused as Madison. On top of all that, Maggie was a homosexual as well, Ling hoped this life choice was only a phase and it would pass soon before she ruined the family. “You should be ashamed with yourself, Margret. Worrying your sister and friends like that. For what?  By doing something that you were not supposed to,” the matriarch continued sternly, stepping closer to the bed. “When are you ever going to learn? When are you going to realize you are not a little girl anymore?” She asked, pointing at her daughter.

               “Mom…” Madison began but was cut off.

               “You have worked too hard to let Margret’s carelessness worry you like this. This is why you have been sick every morning because of her.” Ling said looking over at Maggie, who only looked down at her hands on her lap.

               Tucker stepped in and rubbed Maggie’s back, “Mrs. Yen, Maggie didn’t mean to cause any trouble. The doctor even said it was a freak accident,” Tucker explained.

               “But she did cause trouble; she never means to and it happens. You would think she’d learn,” Ling shot back, crossing her arms. Looking over at Tucker, she stated, “Tucker sweetie you are such a good boy. I wish you would distance yourself from Margret before she ruins your life.” Looking back over at Maggie, Ling continued coldly, “She just ruins everything – worthless girl!” The room fell into an awkward silence. Madison and Tucker both looked away; Tucker kept rubbing Maggie’s back but remained silent even when Maggie started to quietly sob. Ling moved closer to the bed and clutched Maggie by the chin bringing her face into view. “Are you crying? Why are you crying, you cause all of this!”

               Before she could continue, Haley stepped in and pushed her back. “That’s enough, Mrs. Yen! You really need to leave,” Haley ordered, standing with her hands on her hips staring down the shorter older woman. Both women eyes locked on each other like two fighting dogs. Tucker moved to pull Haley back as Madison did the same with her mother.

               “Come on mother, you need to help me fill out Maggie’s discharge papers; you have all of her insurance information,” Madison said quietly, guiding her mother out of the room.

               “Just get outta here!” Haley urged, the Italian fire in her personality coming out briefly. Ling just made it out of view before she could reply. She then spun around to Tucker, “How could you just stand there and say nothing, Tuck?”

               Tucker handed a tissue from a nearby tissue box to Maggie. “The woman almost raised me too, Haley…” he muttered, lost for words. Normally he would speak up for Maggie but not with Ling. Tucker’s parents had died when he was younger and Ling had volunteered to raise him even though she already had two kids of her own. Even though he only spent about a year with the woman it was enough for him to look up to and love her. The woman had loved him like a son and he looked at her as the mother that he had lost. They shared a bond that prevented him from merely raising his voice at her or even getting very angry at her. She treated him differently as well, being he was the only boy and really not her own. He was also at a good age when he came to live with the Yens; an age where he was easier to manage, so Ling took to him naturally. So in a sense he had enjoyed his time with Ling and her family.

               “Please Tuck, the woman was just your guardian; she’s not even blood and she only raised you for a year too!” Haley reasoned.

               “Haley it’s just how she raised me and a year could do a lot too…”

               “Whenever,” Haley said frostily, grabbing Maggie’s bag from Tucker’s shoulders. “Go wait outside for us.”

               “See you outside, Mags,” Tucker said quietly as he left. “In all honesty you did kind of cause it…”

               “Go, Tuck.” Haley ordered flatly. “Now!”

               “Thanks, Haley but you didn’t have to do that,” Maggie sniffed after Tuck was out of earshot, wiping the tears from her eyes. “I’m used to it; stuff like that always happens to me when I’m around my mom. Don’t be mad at Tucker, either, he always been like that around her too.”

               “You shouldn’t have to be used to that…no one should be used to that.” Haley replied disappointingly, looking towards the opening of the curtain that gave the two girls the little privacy that they had.

               “Why are you here anyways?” Maggie then asked, sitting upright and crumpling her tissue up. “I mean it’s nice and all that you came, but you and Tuck… aren’t you guys broken up?”

               “Just because we’re not seeing each other doesn’t mean we’re not friends. I was at your place getting back Hitomi… it’s sad I actually miss that girl; even though she doesn’t do anything at all, she’s still fun to play with.  I’m going on the road for a month and I figure she would be great company. Anyways I was with Tuck when Madison called.  Seriously Mags, you have to be more careful,” Haley said in the motherly tone that Ling had shunned, handing Maggie’s bag to her. “Get dressed; I put together some things for you. Tuck and I will wait for you outside, I doubt you will want to ride with Maddy and that woman.”

               “Thanks Haley; I’ll see you guys in a few,” Maggie replied, opening her bag and looking in. “Guys…” Maggie frowned seeing the Sailor Mercury school girl costume. “It’s not even a real school girl uniform… I’ll look ridiculous wearing this in public,” she whined.

               Haley grinned as she left, “We had to punish you somehow for making us worry. You’ll look cute! Hurry up, I still have to get home and pack plus get Hitomi for our trip.”

* * *

               Maggie stuck her head from the curtain that had concealed her hospital bed before stepping out, dressed in the brief blue and white Sailor Mercury costume. Amazingly, no one was looking her way and she saw it as her chance to make her escape, the main entrance and exit were in her view. She shouldered her messenger bag, which was practically empty but oddly felt heavy. She had taken only a few steps when a voice from behind stopped her in her tracks. “Isn’t that cute!”

               Smiling, Maggie turned and came face to face with Alana, who had just stepped out from the curtain-covered bed a few beds down from where she had been. “Hi Alana… it was Tuck and Haley’s idea. As you can see, I don’t have any real friends anymore.”

               “You look adorable,” Alana complimented, looking Maggie up and down admiring the tight top and short skirt more than anything else. She had seen the girl naked and she had to admit she was glad her own skin was tanned or her staff would have easily seen her blushing. She had seen her best friend Madison naked before as well and now seeing Maggie in the buff it was clear to Alana these two girls were indeed very close sisters. Maggie had the curves and the bubbly personality that was quickly winning her over and she had only met Maggie a couple of times. “Give a twirl,” Alana gestured. Maggie did so playfully; Alana was more focused on Maggie’s body and not the dress. Having seen the girl naked already, the doctor could clearly see all of Maggie Yen through her skin-tight costume. “Very nice.”

               “Thanks; I know a shop that sells them. If you want, I can give you the address?” Maggie offered innocently.

               “Oh, that would be nice – say, instead of just giving me the address why not just take me there sometime?” Alana asked cautiously, hoping not to cause an awkward situation.

               Maggie looked at the doctor for long second and then smiled, “That could work,” she said as she dug into her bag and found a notepad and pen. “Give me your number and I’ll call you some time,” she said, handing the doctor the pad.

               “Give your mobile number too, just in case… you can’t trust computer records any more these days,” Alana then offered, handing Maggie her cell phone and trying to not sound so desperate. She had been in LA for almost a month now. Her life outside of work was sad, to say the least. Madison worked too much and ever since that incident in her apartment a few months back the girl has been hesitant in going out with her old friend, at least alone.

               “No problem,” Maggie agreed happily, taking the phone and keying in her phone number. “Call me any time and we’ll work something out.”

               “Will do,” Alana smiled, handing the notepad back to Maggie as she took her cell phone back. “I have to get back to my rounds now but I’ll defiantly call you soon.”

               “Looking forward to it; I’ll see you around,” Maggie waved after putting the notepad and pen back into her bag. “Say, how do I bust out of this joint, without being seen?”

               Alana laughed, “It’s a hospital; there’s really only one unsecured way in and out and that’s through the front doors,” she pointed. “That’s where your friends will be, too. Just go past the admitting desk and triage center – no one should notice – it’s pretty busy. You’re too cute though,” she added, smiling coyly.

               “That’s the problem…” Maggie muttered as she walked away.

               “See ya later!” Alana called out cheerfully from behind. Maggie turned and waved once more as the Latina doctor went back to work.

               The curtained area where Maggie had been staying was the quieter side of the ER; as she moved towards the main doors the traffic picked up, with scrub dressed doctors and nurses bustling here and there from patient to patient. There were a series of examining rooms that encircled an oval-shaped nurses’ station in the center of room; a sign dangling over the counter read Admitting. Closer to the doors near the waiting area was longer counter with three nurses sitting on stools behind it. A small group of people waited impatiently on the other side of the counter. Despite the atmosphere being a sort of barely organized chaos, everyone seemed to move like clockwork, and everyone had a purpose. There were phones ringing constantly; nurses communicated with doctors in what Maggie first thought was a foreign language, but was only abbreviated medical terminology. She moved quickly and quietly through the traffic, glad no one noticed her ridiculous outfit. Maggie ducked her head low, seeing Madison and her mom next to the admitting desk filling out paper work. Just a little bit more and she would be out of this place and away from her impossible mom.

               “Margret! Yen!” Maggie’s mom’s voice called, out stopping her in her tracks. Maggie automatically winced at hearing her voice. She wanted to run, but something kept her still; that same something made her turn around and face her mother, who was fast approaching her with swift steps. Nurses and other ER employees had stopped what they were doing and looked in Maggie’s direction briefly. Most went back to what they were doing but others lingered over her comical appearance for a bit more and managed to cover a laugh before returning to work.  She’d be talked about at break time, for sure.  “What on earth are you wearing?” Her mother whispered harshly as she took her youngest daughter by the arm and dragged her towards the admitting desk. Madison managed to smile a little before looking away and returning to the paperwork, thankful for having that excuse.

               “My friends…” Maggie started to explain before she was cut off.

               “No daughter of mines is going to go walking around in public like that! You are not a child anymore; why must you wear these silly costumes?”

               “Mom this is LA it’s…” Madison began to explain but was cut off by the icy stare of her mother and quickly looked away.

               “This is not acceptable. You have already embarrassed our family enough today. Your sister just paid your medical bill. Did you know that your heath insurance expired? Of course not; you’re too busy playing around and shaming our family. You are a horrible daughter.”

               “Mom – that’s enough,” Madison quickly said, touching her mother on the shoulder. Maggie kept her head low and her face out of view. Her shoulders shook lightly as she sobbed quietly. “Not here, mother,” Madison then added in rapid Chinese, smiling awkwardly at the few nurses who were eavesdropping.

               “Pathetic.” Ling said dismissively, poking Maggie on the head before walking out into the waiting room with her chin held high, ignoring the looks from the few people who had witnessed the little spat.

               “Mags, the bathroom is down the hall; clean yourself up before you leave, you don’t want to cause a scene… more of a scene.” Madison said quietly, not looking at Maggie who only nodded. “Don’t worry about bill, I got you.”

               Maggie sniffled and whipped her eyes, “Thanks Maddy,” she said quietly walked down the hall that led to the public restrooms.

               “Mags, mom is right you know; you have to grow up and take care of yourself,” Madison added looking at her sister’s back worriedly. “She means well, just remember that.” Maggie paused for second without looking back before continuing.  Yeah, you would say that! she was thinking.

* * *

               Maggie’s eyes were now bloodshot and her nose was running. She sniffed hard and looked away from the mirror quickly. Her mom had never showed her any affection, never praised her successes, only complained. Was she that terrible as a daughter? she thought, turning back around and turning on the faucet. Leaning down she splashed the cold water on her face and looked back up at the mirror. Better, but she still felt terrible. Opening her bag she dug around pushing various items around before finding her jar of sleeping pills. Everyone would be happier if wasn’t around anymore. I’m only ruining everyone lives. Impulsively, she twisted open the jar and poured a handful of pills into her palm. Eyeing the pills, she brought her palm up to her lips. Just then the restroom door swung open, making Maggie jump and spilling the pills all over the floor. She dropped to her knees and began quickly gathering up the pills.

               “Oh; my bad,” a blond nurse whose nametag read Wendy apologized. Wendy had on a flowery print scrub top on with pink scrub bottoms over white sneakers. Her blond hair was tied back into a ponytail and she wore wire-framed glasses. She dropped down beside Maggie and helped her collect the pills.

               “It’s okay, I’m just clumsy…” Maggie quickly said and added. “Thanks.”

               “Hey, these are pretty powerful sleeping pills,” Wendy observed, recognizing the tablets that she was picking up. “You have to be careful with these,” she warned, handing Maggie the last of her spilled pills.

               “Yeah I know…” Maggie said quickly without looking up at the nurse and dropping the pills into the bottle.

               “Say, you weren’t planning on doing something stupid were you?” Wendy then asked, touching Maggie’s wrist, making her look up at the young nurse who was about her age. Seeing Maggie’s watery red eyes, Wendy took a closer look. “You need help; come on I have someone you can talk to right away.  You’re in a hospital.”

               “No, I’m fine,” Maggie quickly said, seeing herself being pulled by this nurse across the ER to talk with some shrink was going to be too much for this already crappy day. “I was just washing my face and these pills fell out,” she then said, quickly realizing how weak and crazy her story sounded.

               “Come on sweetie… those pills are very strong; you should take them only when you’re about to sleep. You having them out in a restroom and that many too is more than careless… you need some help,” Wendy said calmly but persistently trying to convince Maggie.

               “Really I’m fine,” Maggie replied, smiling and standing. She could tell Wendy didn’t believe her, the young blond nurse crossed her arms and looked at Maggie seriously.

               “I can’t let you leave.” Wendy said sincerely. “Not with the belief that I have right now about what you were thinking about doing. We can do this two ways: you could come with me calmly or I will have security and the orderlies come to detain you.”

               Maggie smiled modestly, her suicidal thoughts gone. “There’s not an option three?” Wendy shook her head no. “Okay; I’ll come with you, but could I wash my hands first?”

               “Sure but I’m going to watch you, though,” Wendy said, stepping closer to Maggie.

               “Deal…” Maggie kept smiling calmly and placed the pills back into her bag. She then saw her trusty clock; a home made device that she had made herself that could control time much like Tucker’s wand. The clock looked normal, like any old alarm clock, but worked like Tucker’s wand with a simple thought and a flick of one the bells. Maggie almost giggled to herself glad that she had always stuck it in her bag. 

* * *

               “So Tucker… how have you been?” Haley asked. She hoped she didn’t have to really talk to Tucker. Her whole plan was to stop by his place pick up Hitomi and that was it. But then Madison called and that changed everything. Next thing she knew she was rushing to the hospital worried for Maggie; the trip was silent and the wait was too. But now it was just awkward and she just had to say something.

               Tucker looked back into the car and smiled, “I’ve been good. How have you been?” He didn’t really want to talk to her, much less see her. Tucker still had strong feelings for Haley and seeing her again only made him feel depressed that he wasn’t with her. He liked the surprise when she showed up at his place earlier but seeing her was still hard to deal with.

               “Work has been crazy busy and this cross country tour that I am going on is going to be real hectic and that’s why I need Hitomi… to keep me sane.”

               “Keep you sane?” Tucker laugh making Haley giggle as well. “She’s gonna make you look like a nut more than sane.”

               “Tuck… you know what I mean. Every since the wand, playing with these dolls…”

               “Relaxes you,” Tucker finished her sentence, knowing what she was going to say only because she had told him before. “I know; I was just joking.” He smiled weakly.

               Haley couldn’t help but smile back. She still had lingering feelings for him and she still missed him. She sighed softly. She didn’t want to be alone in car with him. Where was Maggie?

               “So Haley are you….” Tucker asked, rubbing the back of his neck; he just had to know. The question had been eating him up inside ever since he started going out with Julie.

               Haley answered quickly without thought; “No, I have been busy with work and all. Have you…”

               Tucker paused for a moment, maybe I shouldn’t have asked. “Yes.”

               “Oh?” Haley replied, hiding her disappointment. Already? She was about to ask who it was when Maggie suddenly appeared behind them in the back seat, as if by magic.

               “Hey guys, let’s go! Miss me?” Maggie asked cheerfully. She was dressed in her mother’s conservative suit with pantyhose and all. “It’s uncanny how my mom, sister and I are all the same size,” she then said, inspecting the suit. “It’s such a coincidence and kind of weird.” 

               “What the hell did you do?” Tucker asked, looking back from the driver’s seat.

               “Isn’t that what your mom was wearing?” Haley asked, eying the outfit suspiciously.

               “You had your clock?” Tucker then asked, putting everything together. Turing back around, “Don’t tell me you left your mom naked back there.” He was feeling a bit of anger creep up but Ms. Yen did kind of deserve it though. Maggie had gotten into trouble but she shouldn’t have yelled at her like that. “Please don’t tell me you left her naked in there.”

               Haley laughed, “You go girl!” she exclaimed, giving Maggie a high five.

               “No Tuck, I wouldn’t do that to my mother.” Maggie replied smiling. Tucker let out a sigh of relief, until she continued. “I swapped her out with a patient that was going in for a colonoscopy, so she has a gown on.” As much as she disliked her mom she wouldn’t leave her standing there naked. She did however did leave some of the nurses that way. One particular Nurse Wendy who had tried to turn her in was now dozing comfortably in a curtained hospital bed, having swallowed one of Maggie’s pills.

               “Maggie!” Tucker turned.

               Haley only muffled her laugh. “Genius…”

               “What, Tuck? She was getting to that age anyways.” Maggie replied, “Now let’s go; I’m hungry.”

               Tucker sighed and turned around and couldn’t help but smile. That was pretty good.

“What else did you do?” Haley asked as Tucker pulled the Lancer from the curb.


Later that Night…

               Maggie checked the flowers as she walked up to Jamie’s door and knocked. The day had started out on an odd note with her almost dying and ending up in the hospital. It then went from odd to just bad with her mother chewing her out for not being a good a daughter; it was the story of her life really and she should have been used to it. But it still hurt. After that however things began to look up when Maggie found her clock stashed away in her bag that Tucker and Haley had brought in for her. She had some fun with some nurses and then got her mom back too. Even better was Maggie also ran into famous tennis player, WTA star Anna Karakova who was in the ER having a sprained ankle looked at. The blond Russian athlete got examined closely by Maggie. After all of that was probably the second highlight of her day as she got to have lunch with Tucker, her best friend, and his ex-girlfriend Haley. Haley had been out their lives for months since Tucker and she had broken up. Maggie missed the girl and seeing her again was great.

Just a while ago Madison, her sister who was strangely acting nicer to her every day, gave her call to her that their mother was stuck in the hospital for the next couple of days. It turned out the unplanned colonoscopy discovered a lump in her small intestine that was cancerous. If unchecked it could have gotten worse but since they knew about it and treated it early, now she was going to be okay. Maybe that’s why she’s so nasty. Maggie had thought. Karma works in odd ways… Tucker was heading down to the hospital again to see how Ling was doing after dropping off Maggie at Jamie’s place.

               Jamie threw the door open; the redhead was dressed in thin tank top and pink pajama bottoms. Her red hair had been tied back in a ponytail and she wore a pair of trendy glasses over her green eyes. Maggie smiled eying her girlfriend’s breasts; her nipples were clearly visible through the thin fabric of her top.

“Hiya!” Maggie greeted cheerfully handing Jamie the flowers and leaning in for a kiss. Jamie snatched the flowers from Maggie and moved away from the door to let Maggie in, but didn’t seem herself. “What’s wrong?” Maggie asked, following her in and closing the apartment door behind her. “They’re real this time honest, just how you like them.”

               “Where the hell were you today?” Jamie then asked coldly, dropping the flowers on the kitchen counter that divided kitchen from the living room. “I waited for you for three and half hours. You didn’t even pick up your damn phone. You promised you were going to be there you told me this morning you were going to be there!”

               Maggie was taken back her girlfriend’s tone; she had never been yelled at by her before. “Sorry… I almost died today…”

               “What! What the hell is wrong with you? Are you gonna stand there and just lie to my face? You told me, you promised you were going to be there!”

               “Jamie – I’m sorry; I’m telling you the absolute truth. I was with Maddy, hooking up some stuff, and I almost died.  You can ask her… or Tucker,” Maggie pleaded, stepping closer to Jamie.

               “Tucker, your best friend? Please the guy would so lie for you. And what the hell were you doing with your sister? She hates you, doesn’t she?” Jamie shot back.

               “That’s not fair Jamie… please tell me what I did wrong,” Maggie appealed, her eyes watering up.   This is turning into the worst day ever!

               “No, Maggie, you know what’s not fair? I waited for you for three hours today! I blew my whole day so I could spend it with you. You don’t even bother to show up or call and then you come here with these lame excuses and lies.  Maggie, grow up and just come out with the truth!”

               “Jamie…” Maggie began to sob again. Jesus – you little baby – pull yourself together Maggie, you been crying all day.

               “Maggie,” Jamie breathed, her tone of voice dropping. “I’m trying to make this thing work but you have to meet me halfway. I want a real relationship. Us; it takes two. I don’t like it when you run off and goof around whenever you feel like it. You’re number one in my life and I should be in yours too; screw your college friends and your sister who doesn’t even like you. It’s one on one, me and you. Do you want to make this thing work or not?” Jamie asked, calmly but seriously.

Maggie only nodded and sniffed hard, wiping her tears from her eyes. Jamie sighed and turned around. “I’m sorry I yelled at you. But you get how I feel, right?”

               Maggie had no idea what was going on. She thought their relationship was fine. Jamie had never yelled at her before. They got in arguments every once and while but they always made up. “I get it…” Maggie now lied, not wanting Jamie to flip out on her again with a wrong answer.

               “I’m still upset from earlier and I have a lot of work to do; actually I’m really behind because of today and with Tucker off for the next week at the store I don’t think I’m gonna have any free time for a while,” Jamie explained massaging the bridge of her nose. “I think you should go.”

               “Okay… I love you, Jamie,” Maggie said from the door, tears welling in her eyes once more.

               “See you later.”

               Outside, Maggie sat on the floor in the hall next to Jamie’s door and let her tears run free. She had failed at her relationship too. I am that horrible? She dug around in her bag for some tissues and pulled up her notepad that had Alana’s number on it. Sniffing and wiping her nose with the back of her hand, she stood up and began walking down the hallway looking at the doctor’s phone number. Fishing out her cell phone, she dialed.


Fun under a Jealous Eye

Two days later….

               “So Tuck, I have the most awesome day planned out for us,” Julie Vaughn said coyly, lying on Tucker’s bed. The blond cheerleader, who Tucker was finding out was more of a nerd than even he was, was completely naked. She was on her stomach resting on her elbows with her legs bent at the knees, her ankles crossed with her heels over her naked ass. “First we go to the library; they have the new volumes of 20th Century Business Law and Ethics, I can’t wait to see what Rhodes has to say about the business practices of All-Mart. Then we can eat real quick at that new sushi bar that Kat and I found last week. Then you could watch me practice. Sounds good?”

               “Yeah…” Tucker said absently as he sat naked on the floor at the foot of his bed reading a comic book. “Sounds fun. This is exactly why I took this time off from work,” he then added sarcastically.

               “Awesome, let me shower and we can go.” Julie replied, not noticing the sarcasm, she never picked up on those things. She in fact was really bad at reading his feelings, something Maggie and Haley were really good at. The blond cheerleader happily hopped off of Tucker’s bed and bounded towards the hallway bathroom.   He glanced up from his comic to follow her attractive exit.

               Once she was gone, Tucker made a gun with his hand and stuck it to his temple and pulled the ‘trigger’. He slumped over to his side for a second and lay motionless naked on his bedroom floor. “Okay that’s it; where’s my wand…” he muttered, sitting back up and looking around his messy room. He was digging through his dirty clothes when he heard a knock at his door, several knocks in fact. “What the hell…” he grumbled, grabbing his robe.

               There were two more knocks at the door while Tucker moved from his bedroom out into the hallway, passing the bathroom where Julie was taking a shower. He pulled his robe on and called out, “Yeah I’m coming!” as he walked into his living room. In the living room his long time live-in mannequin Rebecca sat – motionless as always – with her legs crossed at the knees on one his two sofas, dressed in just a pair of spiked black heels. The redhead’s arms were spread out at the top of the back of the sofa. Her green eyes stared emptily ahead and her lips bore a bright smile. Next to the door, standing with her arms bent at the elbows and dressed in nothing but a red thong was his second live-in mannequin Tatiana; the statuesque blonde’s blue eyes were opened wide and she bore a flirtatious grin. Hanging on her arms were Tucker and Julie’s book bags and Julie’s jacket. On her right index finger was Tucker’s keys. The third live-in mannequin, Candice, was posed in costume in the office; she had just been used for photo a few days prior. Reaching the door, Tucker opened it a crack and peeked out before opening it all the way.

               Standing on the other side of the door was Madison. Maggie’s older sibling was dressed in a nice white silk blouse that was unbuttoned at the top slightly, showing off some cleavage, the hem was tucked into a pair of tight-fitting grey trousers that hugged Madison’s legs and shapely backside very well. A black shiny pair of pointed-toe high-heeled boots finished the outfit. She carried a black purse in the nook of her right arm, her eyes were covered by oversized sunglasses, and her black hair was pulled back into a tight bun held together by chopsticks. “It’s like one in the afternoon and you’re not even dressed yet?” Madison observed cattily, pushing her way past Tucker.

               “Good afternoon Maddy, and yes you could come in too…” Tucker greeted, rolling his eyes, closing the door behind Madison. “For your information I went class this morning… so I’ve actually been up since six.”

               “Oh my God, what in the hell is that?” Madison gasped, pointing at Rebecca sitting on the sofa. She then jumped after turning around and seeing Tatiana. “And that?” she added, pointing at the European blond clothes-tree.

               “Oh. They’re just life-size dolls. You wonder where Maggie and I are putting our money… well there you have it,” Tucker answered quickly, lying through his teeth, trying to be nonchalant. Madison walked over to Rebecca, looked the redheaded girl up and down, and then reached out and cautiously touched the redhead’s soft cheek. She quickly pulled her hand back and looked at Tucker more in awe than shock. “Its synthetic silicone skin; it’s almost like real skin but it’s not,” he quickly explained, extending the fib.

               “You and Maggie should really invest your money, instead of spending it on whimsical crap like this. I mean both of these dolls must have cost you too much,” Madison said, stroking Rebecca’s hair, admiring its realness. “Isn’t this your boss?” She then asked turning to back to Tucker.

               “No, she’s just looks a lot like her. What brings you here?” Tucker quickly changed the subject, fearing he didn’t have another quick answer.

               Madison cautiously sat down next to Rebecca, crossing her legs and taking off her sunglasses. “I need your help.”

               “Is your mom okay? The doctor said she should be good as new in few weeks,” Tucker asked and reassured.

               “Oh mother? She’s strong. She left three hours after the surgery, complaining about their cold floors.” Madison glanced at her diamond watch, “She should be hosting the lunch rush right now.”

               “I see.  Ling should really be resting, though. She had cancer; if it weren’t for that colonoscopy…” Tucker said.

               “It’s weird you know; I don’t have any memory of her asking for one but she claims she wanted one. She said it was about time for her to get one being that age and all, said she had a feeling. I wish she’d told me sooner – I spent nearly an hour looking for her that day. When I tracked her down, she was just coming out of the procedure and she was completely out of it. They must have given her some heavy stuff. Anyways, she is doing fine and that’s not what I came here for. It seems that my little sister has a new love interest in her life: my best friend Alana and I don’t like it. Maggie has her own friends even her own dolls…” Madison gestured to the two motionless live-in mannequins. “Her dating one of my friends is just going to cause me only stress.”

               “Is it that bad, Maddy?” Tucker asked. “She’s your sister.”

               “Alana is my friend. I’ve known her a long time; we get along. She could hang out with me. Why does she need to hang out with Maggie?” Madison fumed.

               “Well maybe her and Mags have something in common that she doesn’t have… with you?”

               “I like…” Madison stopped and smiled suspiciously.

               “You like what?” Tucker asked, grinning, seeing that Madison had almost stepped out of the closet.

               “Nothing; I just don’t want her going out with Alana. She’s my friend,” Madison replied defiantly. “I want you to help me break them up.”

               “What? Maddy, you’re full of it. I’m not going to do that,” Tucker said, crossing his arms.

               “You have to – you owe me,” Madison shot back.

               Tucker laughed, “Owe you what?”  Had she found out about the calendar shoot?

               “Maggie almost died because of you,” Madison said seriously.

               Tucker’s smiled faded. “What the hell are you talking about?”

               “She bought a Playstation 3 to my house that day. I let her set it up so you guys could have some kind of tournament with all your friends; my place has the space and the big screen video. So she thought it was ideal. She was hooking it up to my stuff when it happened.” Madison didn’t want talk about the incident too much; the flashback of Maggie lying out cold on the floor made her heart skip a beat. “She was doing it for you.”

               Tucker let out a sigh and sat down on his coffee table, facing her. “I told her we could just do it over at Lance’s house, even though it was his parents’…” Perking up, he looked back at Madison. “Wait a minute, how is it that I owe you? I should be owing Mags.”

               “You owe me because I didn’t tell my mother it was your idea that got her into that mess. How would she feel if she found out her special little man almost got her daughter killed?  I mean she always acts like she hates Maggie but if anything happened to her baby girl I really don’t know what she’d do.”

               “Damn…” Tucker muttered. Defeated. Ling was the closest thing he had to a mother; to lose her trust would be too much.

               “Anyways, Maggie already has a girlfriend too, so if you think about it we’re doing her a favor as well.  Just that she doesn’t know that,” Madison added.

               “Fine, I’ll help; but not a word about the PS3 business to your mother though,” Tucker agreed, standing up.

               “What PS3?” Madison smiled.

               “I’ll get dressed.”

               “Wear something nice, too,” Madison called after him.

               Walking past the bathroom, Tucker heard the running water and his eyes went wide. CRAP! He had completely forgotten about Julie. There was no question though; he would rather help Madison than follow Julie’s schedule for her fun day. He quickly rushed to his room and continued his search for the wand. He had nearly cleared his bedroom’s floor when he found the wand halfway under a dresser and heard the shower stop. Kissing the wand, he quickly tapped it five times to stop time. “Whew…that was close,” he sighed, sitting heavily on his bed.

               He opened the door to the bathroom and saw nothing but steam, which had the consistency of cotton candy. He stepped in it and coughed, not being able to breathe. The suspended steam was too thick. Taking a deep breath, he stepped in again feeling around in the fog for his frozen girlfriend. He was lucky the room wasn’t that big and he found her easily with one leg in the tub and the other out. One of her arms was outstretched reaching for a towel. Tucker simply grabbed her arm and pulled her out of the steam-filled room; little wisps of it clung to her figure. He coughed once again after getting out. “Cool,” he then said, seeing the tunnel-like opening of steam that he had slipped through. “Nice,” he added, looking at Julie.

               The athletic blonde’s hair was slicked back and her body was covered in small droplets of water. Her legs were spread wide; one foot was on its toe-tips while the other was flat. Her left arm was reaching out with finger tips extended trying to touch an unseen object while her right arm reached with her palm flat as if it was on an invisible wall. Her eyes were shut tightly and her lips remained agape. Tucker squeezed the girl’s firm breasts. “You’re so hot this way,” he whispered, kissing Julie on the cheek. He then repositioned her pliable limbs so she was standing more or less at attention. Her feet were flat, while her legs were together. Her arms were at her sides but spread out a bit with her hands facing outward, palms down and angled out 90 degrees from her wrists.

               Tucker dragged the stiff Julie back into his room and stood her in the corner before waving the wand twice over her head to keep her immobilized that way when he restarted time. He then dried her off with his robe before raiding his closet for some nice clothes. Settling on a black dress shirt and a pair of pressed khakis with a silver-buckled leather belt along with his good pair of black shoes and pricy watch, Tucker was good to go. He unfroze the bathroom, vented the last of the steam and spiked up his hair before walking out into the living room, which had remained time-stopped.

               “Maddy what the hell…” Tucker laughed, seeing Madison leaned over Rebecca with her hand inserted between the redhead’s crossed legs. Taking a closer look he could see a faint smile on the lawyer’s lips. “Boy; you and Maggie are more alike then you think,” he said to the still woman, pulling Madison’s hand free. He laughed again, seeing that she had her index finger extended and hooked.  He sat Madison back upright and thought for a second before smiling at a wicked idea.

               He inserted Madison’s hand back between Rebecca’s legs and then stuck her free hand down her own pants. Backing up to the hallway, he then laughed as he re-started time, stuck his wand in his back pocket, and appeared to be surprised. “Maddy!”

               Madison let out a yelp, quickly stood up, causing Rebecca to bounce a little in place, and spun around, pulling her hands behind her. Her cheeks flushed redder than red and she smiled bashfully. “Hey… that was fast. I wasn’t doing anything, really!” Tucker laughed and shook his head. “That was really fast,” she mumbled.

               Still laughing, Tucker managed, “I’m fast – what can I say. We’re taking my car or yours?”

* * *

Bean There Coffee Shop

               “I don’t think I could wear that and pull it off like you did.” Alana giggled. “I’m almost thirty and my body, well, it’s not small and cute like yours.”

               “You’re still hot; you don’t need to be small to wear that costume, and Chun Li was kind of big.” Maggie assured

               “Chun Li is also Asian too… you’re forgetting that part.” Alana replied.

               “Small set back,” Maggie agreed. “You have the legs for it though; you have to agree with that.”

               Alana smiled broadly, looking down at her drink, “My legs are pretty nice…” The sexy doctor was dressed in a denim mini skirt showing off said legs and a black tank top showing off her impressive bust. Her luscious brown hair was let loose and it hung freely to the middle of her back. Sitting across from her, Maggie was dressed in a blue sundress along with matching blue sneakers. She too wore her hair loose and opted to wear contacts for the date to make her look more grown up since Alana was a good five years her senior. The two girls shared an outside table and were enjoying the sunny day. Both girls had large iced teas in front of them. The day had been fun so far. First they went out to Pacific Pearl Costumes, a store owned by Bianca, who is a good friend of Maggie and Tucker. They spend a good amount of time there just goofing around and trying on various costumes. Alana promised Bianca that she would be back later to get something. After that they headed out to the board walk and had ice cream while they checked out the girls on the beach. Now they were at Bean There having a quick bite and resting their feet. “Thanks so much for these couple of days Maggie, I really had fun.”

               “No problem Alana, it was my pleasure and I had a lot of fun too,” Maggie replied. She had called Alana the night of the whole Jamie thing and she had agreed to meet Maggie the next day for drinks after work.

They had some drinks and then watched a movie back at Alana’s place. Maggie was surprised that they had fun cuddling with no sex. The next day Maggie was in class all day, followed by an awkward few hours at work with Jamie, who was still giving her the cold shoulder. To her surprise, after work Alana called her and they met up for some late night Karaoke. Maggie fell asleep drunk at Alana’s place and was surprised again nothing had happened, but she was still having fun. She found that the doctor was quite fun to be with even if sex was not involved. She ended up skipping her classes for the day due to her hangover and she and Alana were having a great time so far.

               “Sorry you had to miss your classes today,” Alana apologized.

               Maggie waved her hand, “Oh don’t even worry about that, I’m way ahead on my assignments. Plus I’m having a great time right now, so it’s been worth it.”

               “Well I’ll make it up to you tonight?” Alana replied with a grin.

               “Oh?” Maggie asked with a raised eye brow. She could see the twinkle in Alana’s eyes and the tone of her voice that she wanted to move to the next level.

               “Well, I have a meeting later at the hospital… we had an – incident – a few days ago and let’s just say some of the nurses and patients are kind of upset. Aside from that, though, you and me at my place tonight; I cook.”

               “Sounds awesome….” Maggie replied dreamingly.

               “What sounds awesome?” Madison blurted out, snapping Maggie from her dreamy haze.

               Maggie turned around to see Madison and Tucker sitting at the table behind her and Alana. “What hell… how long?” she asked, frowning at Tucker who only shrugged.

               “Not long, little sister,” Madison replied. “Hey Alana!”

               “Hey Maddy! I didn’t see you guys there,” Alana greeted, standing as Madison walked over and the two friends hugged and kissed each other on the cheek. “Is it okay if they joined us Maggie?” she then asked.

               “No problem…” Maggie replied, flashing a fake smile, “No problem at all.”

               “Thanks little sister,” Madison beamed. “Tuck, sit next to Maggie,” she then directed.

               “It’s no problem Maddy,” Maggie replied, turning to Tucker who only shrugged at her once again.

               “How are you feeling, Maddy?” Alana asked once she and Tucker were seated.

               “Oh, I’m okay. Still feeling kind of sick in the mornings but as the day goes on I get better. I think I caught a stomach virus or something,” Madison replied, “Enough about me; what sounds awesome?”

               “Oh, your sister has been so nice to me these couple of days so I’ve decided to cook her a little something tonight at my place,” Alana answered.

               “How nice of you!” Madison said, looking over at Maggie she asked, “Do you have anything to wear for such a special event? I know your wardrobe is kind of, well, dumpy.”

               Maggie forced a smile at her sister, “I’m sure I’ll find something. What brings you here, sis?”

               “Oh it was Tucker’s idea; I was off from work and he invited me out,” Madison replied quickly, looking over at Tucker while smiling.  Back me up…

               Maggie shot Tucker a look. “Hey, could we get some drinks here?” Tucker called out looking for a waiter.   I’m gonna need one…

* * *

               Tucker opened the door to his apartment and hung his keys on Tatiana’s finger. He sighed tiredly as he untucked his shirt and walked into the kitchen, ignoring Rebecca on the sofa. The day had been tiresome. Tucker now regretted his assistance to Madison. Their little meeting had worked in Madison’s favor as after they had arrived the conversation switched to her and Alana, leaving Maggie out. Maggie tried to force her way back in but found it nearly impossible as the two old friends had lots to talk about. The whole charade thankfully ended thirty minutes later with Alana heading off to her meeting. She reminded Maggie about their plans for later, so in some sense Maggie came out of the whole ordeal not losing much ground.

               Afterwards, Madison offered to take Maggie to the mall to ‘help’ her out for her special date that night as a favor to Tucker, who was without his knowledge helping her out. Having no money for any new clothes Maggie agreed. Tucker had no idea what the plan was; Madison had simply used him as cover so she would not look so suspicious helping her sister out. Maggie however picked up on the ruse since Tucker had remained silent the whole time. Tucker found the shopping experience a waste as Maggie and Madison argued the whole time. Madison had tried to dissuade Maggie to not go to the special dinner with Alana without really giving a reason why. The talks eventually failed and Maggie went off shopping on her own. Madison headed off with Tucker to come up with a new plan. Tucker was tempted to stop time and escape but he wanted this scam to be over; stopping time wouldn’t end it. A tedious hour later it was over and he was tired.

               Tucker let out a yawn, opening the fridge and pulling out a bottled water. He gulped it down as he walked to his room and by the time he was in his room the bottle was empty and on the floor. Kicking off his shoes he crawled into his bed and collapsed. He lays motionless for a few minutes before sitting up and turning around. “I haven’t forgotten about you…” he smiled, looking at Julie’s naked stiff body standing in the corner of his room. Getting off his bed, he strips off his dress shirt and tosses it aside before grabbing hold of Julie’s bare hips and dragging her to the bed. Laying her down on his bed, he whispers, “I think I’ll leave you like this for a while. There’s been way too much talking today.” Tucker whispers and smiles letting his eyes wander Julie’s time-stopped body. He quickly kicked off his pants.


A few Hours Later…

               Knocking, turning into pounding, woke Tucker up from his slumber. He looked up from under Julie’s stiff body and gently rolled her onto her back. The girl’s blond hair was a mess and her face was molded into a funny smiling expression. Her hands were cupping her breasts and her legs were slightly spread. Climbing out of bed, he looked for his robe to no avail so he pulled on the khakis that he worn earlier. A few more pounds later he was at his front door. “This is strangely familiar,” he muttered dryly, opening the door.

               “What took you so long?” Madison asked as she pushed passed him. The lawyer was dressed in a black and white short sleeved dress with an open neckline showing off her cleavage. The hem of the dress sat high above her knees, revealing her fishnet hosiery-covered legs. She had spiked black heels on that not only made her calves look great but added nearly five inches to her petite height. She wore her hair in light bangs and loose.

               “This is familiar; oh please, come right in Madison,” Tucker replied, closing the door. “What do you want now?” he commented gruffly, scratching the back of his head as he followed her.

               “For you to put a shirt on,” Madison replied, looking at his bare torso with disgust.

               Tucker pulled his hands up to cover himself, “It’s my house and you’re intruding. I don’t have to.”

               “I’m not done with you yet,” Madison replied, taking a seat next to Rebecca. She then looked around and asked, “Is she home?”

               “No; you’re the only Yen to wake me today,” Tucker answered flatly. If Maggie was home she would have woken him up, she sucked at sneaking in or sneaking in general. A very loud girl, much like her sister…

               “Okay good, now to my plan…” Madison began, leaning forward eagerly.

               Tucker quickly put his hand up to stop her. “What? Why are you telling me this? You didn’t even use me in your first plan, if you called that a plan. You just took me around with you… No Madison, I’m not doing any more of this.”

               “Oh. I see. I guess we just have to call mother,” Madison grinned evilly, pulling out her cell from the small black handbag she had carried with her.

               “I don’t care anymore. Go ahead… tell her,” Tucker replied, crossing his arms and trying to hide his fear. The two stared at each other for a moment. Tucker trying to look serious and Madison trying to see through him.

               Finally she stomped her heels and shoved her cell phone back into her handbag. “I don’t want to talk to that woman…” She mumbled then pleaded, “Come on, Tucker, please help me out!”

               “Jesus Maddy, if you want to break them up so bad just tell Alana how you feel; I’m sure she’s not as hard-headed as Mags and she’ll back off.”

               Crossing her arms, she pouted, “I don’t want to.”

               “Why not?”

               “Because I. don’t. want. to!” Madison shot back, anger in her voice.

               “Okay, okay.” Tucker replied, putting his hands up in defense. “Relax.” He thought for a second, If I don’t help Maddy will keep bothering me. Maggie really shouldn’t be with Alana in the first place and Maddy looks like she wants to start something with Alana but she’s afraid maybe? Tucker smiled as an idea crept into his head, “Fine I’ll help you; let me get my shirt on then I’ll hear your plan.”

               Madison perked up and smiled, “Thanks Tuck, my special little man.”

               Tucker stopped and looked back at Madison, “Do you want me to help you or not?”

               “Oh, sorry,” Madison smiled apologetically.

               Tucker shook is head and mumbled, “Only one person can call me that…”

               Back in his room, he fished out his wand from under his pillow and stopped time. He gave Julie a warm kiss before covering her up with his blanket before heading back out to living room. Madison remained seated where he had last seen her. Her fishnet stocking legs crossed at the knees. Her left hand rested on her knee while her right was suspended in mid air as it reached towards Rebecca’s body. Madison herself was looking at the redhead with a smirk on her lips.

“Damn, Madison, you just can’t get enough of her!” Tucker laughed as he started to arrange Madison limbs so he could stand her up. Once she was upright and facing forward, eyes empty and with a smirk on her lips, Tucker wrapped his arms around her waist and dragged her frozen figure back to his room. “Don’t want Maggie seeing you when she gets home. She’ll be mad later anyway and this would just piss her off more.” Tucker explained, even though Madison retained her vacant smirk and heard nothing.

               Madison soon stood in the corner of his room, where Julie had been. Tucker looked her up and down. “That’s nice dress. I wonder what your plan was,” he asked no one in particular as he lifted the hem of the dress up and peeked under. He could see Madison’s naked sex through the fishnet material, “Going commando are we?” he smiled and then pulled the collar of the dress down, “And braless too! Maddy what were you thinking in that little pretty head of yours?” Tucker asked, patting Madison’s head.  He then felt his penis press against his pants, “OH!” he smiled at Madison, “You know what the means…”


A Change of Plans

               Maggie pushed open the door to the apartment, carrying a shopping bag which contained a cute pink and white dress that she had picked out from her friend Cindy’s closet. Maggie couldn’t afford anything at the mall without her sister’s help and was about to use her clock so she could borrow something until she ran into her friend Cindy who offered that she could borrow something of hers. At Cindy’s house the two had fun going through the girl’s many closets filled with hundreds of dresses and other type of clothing. Maggie even stopped time and used Cindy as model to model some clothes, being that she and Cindy were about same size. She had some personal time with Cindy too before deciding on the pink and white dress. Before she left Cindy also gave her some matching shoes as well.

               Maggie closed the door with her foot and then hung her keys under Tucker’s on Tatiana’s finger. “I’m home, traitor!” she shouted and then noticed that Julie’s bag was hanging off of the blond woman’s other arm. “Sorry!” she apologized guessing that Julie and Tucker were in session. She dropped her bags on the sofa next to Rebecca and wandered into the kitchen, opened the fridge and retrieved a pint size box of juice. Turing around after closing the fridge, she came face to face with Tucker dressed in his robe.

               “Hello Mags,” Tucker greeted.

               “AH!” Maggie shirked and dropped her box of juice. “Damn you Tuck, I told you not to do that anymore,” she reminded him, picking up her juice. “I’m still mad at you, by the way.”

               “For?” Tucker asked, sitting down at the kitchen table.

               “For ruining my date with Alana, you and Maddy,” Maggie replied, shoving the small straw that came with the juice box into the top of the box.

               “Date? I thought it was just a get together since you know you’re going out with Jamie,” Tucker pointed out.

               “Well it was like a date…” Maggie stammered. “Besides, Jamie is mad at me right now.”

               “Why is that? Is it perhaps you are, I don’t know, cheating on her?” Tucker asked.

               “Hey! I don’t cheat on her… I have no feeling towards the others,” Maggie explained, sipping her juice.

               “So you admit there are others?” Tucker asked.

               “Yeah, but I have no feelings for them,” Maggie pointed it out again.

               “How about Alana?” Tucker asked. Maggie didn’t reply as she drank her juice in thought. “You do have feelings for her don’t you?”

               “I may… but we didn’t have sex or anything yet, so it’s not cheating. Is it?”

               “Mags, you got to break this thing off. You don’t want it to get too serious and you’re still going out with Jamie, if she’s mad at you or not.”

               Maggie sighed, “I know…” she agreed, looking down at her juice box. “I’ll do it after tonight.” She then said looking back up.

               “Mags…” Tucker sighed.

               “No, Tuck. I will; I promise. I just want to end it on a good note,” Maggie pleaded.

               Tucker sighed and stood up, “Fine. End it tonight though,” he reminded, leaving the kitchen smiling.

* * *

               Tucker sat on his bed whistling the theme of Spiderman while he read said comic. Sitting on his left, completely naked, was Julie, a bright smile on held her lips. His girlfriend – still rigid – was posed with her hands resting on her naked thighs and legs crossed at the ankles. On his left was Madison, also in the same matching skin-toned outfit as Julie. She sat in the same pose as Julie as well but maintained the cute smirk on her lips. Tucker looked up from his comic, hearing the water in the shower stop. He smiled, “Show time ladies,” he announced, kissing both women on their naked breasts before hopping off his bed. After digging through the ruins he called his closet, Tucker pulled on a Green Lantern t-shirt and a pair of his favorite jeans.

               Opening his door a crack, he slipped out and closed the door behind him so Maggie couldn’t look in. That would just cause more problems. Not seeing Maddy in his room but Maddy in the apartment period. Not to mention Maddy frozen into a love doll. Right when he closed the door Maggie was just leaving the bathroom; as usual she was wet and naked as a mermaid. She slicked back her hair, causing water to spill all over the ground, when she saw Tucker. “Oh hey Tuck, you heading somewhere?” she asked, gesturing to Tucker’s clothes.

               “Yeah, meeting Lance for coffee,” he answered, looking at the puddle forming under and around Maggie. “You should really start using a towel, you’re causing damage to the floor and making a hazard,” Tucker pointed out. Maggie simply giggled and walked past him. Tucker followed her into her room. “So just tonight,” Tucker reminded, leaning on the door frame to Maggie’s room. He spotted her clock sitting on her dresser flanked by two Gundam models.

               “Yeah, yeah,” Maggie replied, drying herself off and then dropping the towel to the floor where she had picked it up from. Moving to a shopping bag at the foot of her bed, she pulled the pink and white dress on loan from Cindy out. “Isn’t this a cute dress?” she asked, holding it up for Tucker see.

               “Hey Maggie, the face of your clock is cracked!” Tucker pointed out. “What’d you do?”

               Maggie gasped in shock, tossed the dress to her bed, and quickly picked up her clock to examine it. “It’s not bro…” she began to say but suddenly froze as Tucker flicked one of the bells at the top of clock just as she picked up.

               “That was a cute dress, Mags, but too bad you won’t be wearing it tonight,” Tucker laughed looking at Maggie’s confused expression and kissing her full on the lips.  She made a pretty statue.

* * *

               Madison was dressed again; Tucker did the best with her hair but couldn’t get it to look quite the way it did when she first came in. He was lucky that she was so naturally good looking that any hair style would work on her. She now stood at the door next to Tatiana with a blank look on her face, waiting for him patiently as he grabbed a quick bite to eat before departing to Alana’s place. He was just finishing his bagel and lox when there was a knock on his door. “What the hell…” he muttered with his mouth full. He swallowed and then answered, “Coming!”

               Peeping through the peephole he saw it was Kat Vaughn and another girl who was really tall with short brown hair that had frosted spiked blond tips. The other girl was taller and bigger than Kat. Looking closely Tucker realized the other girl was Mel Donavan! Mel was perhaps the best female goalie in the country; nick-named ‘The Wall’, proven so after the Lady Raptors’ sweeping championship where Mel denied the other team any goals. After the season the 19-year-old headed back to her home country of Ireland to play professionally. The big question in the media was if the Lady Raptors could repeat their last season without Mel? If Mel’s coming back, they very well could, Tucker thought, opening the door.

               “Hey Tuck, may we come in?” Kat asked when Tucker opened the door.

               “Sure!” Tucker replied delighted stepping aside as the two girls walked in. Mel was a few inches taller than Tucker but she had a great body, very Amazonian. The Irish girl was dressed in a netted tank top over a white tank top, a denim skirt and pair of clunky motorcycle boots. The girl had bigger arms then Tucker as well as legs. Wow. Kat was dressed the way she usually dressed, a pair of jeans and some kind of soccer jersey, a yellow and green Brazil one today.

               “Oh hey Tuck, I want you to meet Mel Donavan. Starting goalie; she just got back this morning,” Kat introduced. “Lucky for us she decided to come back and finish up her schooling before going pro again.”

               “Nice to meet you finally in person Mel, I have only seen you on TV and in pictures,” Tucker greeted, shaking her hand. “My name is Tucker Holmes, but my friends call me Tuck.”

               “Pleasure is all mine, Tuck,” Mel replied in a thick Irish accent and smile. She looked around the room along with Kat, eyeing Rebecca, Tatiana and Madison.  “What’s up with these statues?” the soccer star asked finally.

               Tucker caught their looks and quickly explained the life-like mannequin notion to both girls, who still looked sort of confused but both shook it off as Kat got back to the subject. “I was going to surprise Julie too but she’s not back yet. So I figured I’d drop by to surprise her and take her back home too,” Kat explained looking around again then asked, “Where is she by the way?”

               “Oh – she’s dressing up, let me go get her,” Tucker replied with a devious smile as he turned around, producing his wand.

Match Maker

Klein Plaza

               Alana rushed around her kitchen cleaning up the small mess that she had made while cooking a small but tasty dinner of baked salmon over steamed veggies and white rice. The servings were already on the small dining room table set for two with metal lids over the plates keeping the meals warm. A single candle on the center of the table kept the room romantically lit. Satisfied with the cleanliness of her small kitchen Alana nodded, switched off the lights, and headed back out to the dining room to give the candle-lit table a once over, adjusting the silverware and napkins.  Perfect.

               Crossing from her dining room she moved through her spacious living room and then down a short hallway to her bedroom. Once in the privacy of her bedroom she stripped off the salmon aroma tank top that she had been wearing for most the day as well as her denim miniskirt. She stood only in a black strapless bra and a red thong for a moment, checking her out her reflection on her body length mirror. She smiled and gave a thumbs up to herself before stripping off the bra and then walking topless to her large walk-in closet to prepare for the night, a night that she hoped would be as memorable for her as well as for Maggie Yen too.

* * *

               Madison and Tucker stood out in the hallway in front of Alana’s door. Tucker, wearing a book bag, looked up and down the hall, it was empty. Madison stood rigidly next to him at attention directly in front of the door, that cute smirk still on her lips. “Show time Maddy,” Tucker said to his silent and stiff companion as he removed his book bag and pulled a bottle of whisky from it. He then leaned back Madison’s head, pried open her lips and poured a shot of the liquor down her throat. He only poured a little, hoping to just get her buzzed, not completely wasted. He made sure the amount that he had poured was all the way down her throat before he tilted her head back to normal. Replacing the bottle and putting his book bag back on Tucker quickly unfroze Madison and then stopped time before rushing to the other end of the hallway with his trusty wand in hand.

* * *

               Alana had just pulled on a slinky strapless black dress that did little to hide her exotic frame and excellent legs when she heard a noise at her front door followed by laughing. “What the hell…” she mumbled, leaving her room and adjusting the revealing dress as she walked. Maggie wasn’t due for another thirty minutes. Opening the door, she peeked out to the left and right, seeing no one; she was about to close the door when she heard some giggling. She looked down, “Maddy!” She gasped opening the door all the way. Madison was sitting on her knees, laughing. “Are you okay?” Alana asked, helping her friend to her feet.

               “I’m fine… I bumped my head on your door.” Madison explained, holding her forehead. “It’s so weird I don’t know how I got here… I don’t even know what I’m doing here,” Madison wondered stupefied giggling.

               “Its okay, sweetie; how much did you have drink?” Alana asked in a motherly way, smelling the alcohol on her friend’s breath. Madison leaned on her heavily as Alana helped her inside. Once inside, Madison stumbled and fell to floor and started laughing again. Alana quickly closed the door behind them and looked around, she thought she sensed someone else but the place was empty, just her and Maddy. She shook the thought away and knelt down beside Madison, helping her sit back up.

               Madison laughed, “Drink, I didn’t drink anyting, I don’t even remember coming here.”

               “Oh, you drank something sweetie; I can smell it. Let’s get these heels off of you before you break your neck,” Alana replied, unzipping and slipping the booted heels from Madison’s feet. “This is nice dress. Did you just come from a party?” She then asked, pulling Madison back up on her feet.

               “Party? What party? Could I come?” Madison asked sweetly as she leaned hard on Alana as she walked her to a sofa in her living room.

               “Maddy, you really should stay away from hard liquor,” Alana reminded her as she lowered Madison to the sofa. Back in college every time Madison would drink whisky she would get really wasted. The only good thing to come out of it was that Alana had really gotten know her roommate better during those times. “Just sit here; I have to call your sister and cancel,” Alana sighed, knowing she couldn’t have fun with Maggie with Madison like this.

               “Do cancel… it should just be you me, like real lovers,” Madison laughed and clapped. “Win for meee!”

               “What?” Alana asked, looking down at her grinning friend.

* * *

               Five taps from his wand and Tucker stepped out from Alana’s hallway closet. Moving to the living room, he smiled at the scene. “This will never get old,” he chuckled, looking at the two suspended women. Alana dressed very sexily in a strapless black dress that left little to the imagination stood with her hands on her hips looking down at Madison who was slouched back on the sofa with eyes closed and big smile on her lips. Alana’s facial expression was one of shock, her mouth open and her eyes wide. “Yes, Alana she’s has the hots for you, for a long time too,” Tucker said standing next to the Latina looking her up and down. He lifted the hem of the short dress up revealing a red thong, “Maddy came here commando; let’s even up the score,” Tucker said as he ripped the thin piece of undergarment from Alana’s hips, a skill he had picked up from dating Haley. Thankfully the woman was barefoot, so her rigid body only wobbled a bit from the action. Tossing the useless thong aside, he examined Alana’s landing strip, womanhood, and naked ass. “No wonder Maddy has the hots for you,” he observed, pulling the hem back down. He thought for a moment and then smiled, “Why not?” He lifted Alana’s arms up over her head and removed the dress completely, rendering the Latina naked. “Now that’s real hot,” Tucker remarked, groping both of Alana’s lovely breasts from behind and under her raised arms.

               He then moved the naked doctor to the table and sat her down at one of the seats. Returning to Madison and for the second time that day he quickly got her naked again. Madison was soon sitting at the seat opposite to her friend. Taking the lids off off from the meals, Tucker ate large chunks from both dishes. Alana is a great cook, he thought as he took turns eating from both dishes. The bagel that he had eaten earlier had long worn off so the salmon and rice was a sort of Godsend to his stomach. With both dishes in ruins, Tucker then leaned Alana’s head back and poured some of the whisky down her throat before retreating back to the closet.

* * *

               “I like you Alana, I like you a lot!” Madison replied, smiling brightly, not noticing she was naked and now sitting at a table.

               “What the…” Alana breathed, feeling dizzy as she slid from her chair and fell to the floor. Madison only looked over the table at her fallen friend and laughed. Then she picked up a fork next to her half-eaten dish and began to pick at it. Alana quickly got back up, “I feel so hot and light headed… what happened to our clothes?… how did we…”

               Madison ate some left-over salmon, shook her head and looked at her friend mystically, “I don’t know, I just don’t know,” she replied, wide eyed.  “But I like it...”

               Both women sat in silence, looking at each other for a moment before they both broke out laughing. “I was going to call someone…” Alana started to recall, looking up in thought and then back at Madison, “but then you finally said you liked me. You always liked me and I always knew it so why did I get so shocked when you said it?”

               Madison took a few more bits and shrugged, “I don’t know,” she replied as calmly as if she was sober. “I think I love you though and if I said we should be lovers, I was afraid you’d say no, so maybe that’s why?” she then asked, putting her fork down and wiping her lips with her napkin.

               “What?” Alana asked again, shocked, as suddenly both of them were in each other’s arms in her bed. “How did we…?” Alana looked around, confused.

               Madison smiled and put her fingers up to Alana’s lips. “Shhh…” she whispered. “Let nature take its course.”

               Alana laughed and pushed Madison’s hand away. “Shut up, Maddy you’re so crazy!  I would never say NO!” she exclaimed, sitting up only to be forcefully pulled back down by Madison who then mounted her quickly, straddling her at the hips. “Oh – Maddy!”

               “I want you, Alana Herrera. Every day since you got here I’ve been thinking of you. It’s been so hard to do anything without thinking of you,” Madison confessed, looking down at her friend.

               “Maddy… you’re drunk… I’m drunk and oddly, my ass hurts.” Alana replied, her face confused at the latter remark.

               Madison smiled, “My ass hurts too, but this is what I want,” she declared, leaning forward and kissing Alana hard and passionately on the lips. Alana returned the kiss and pulled her friend towards her, wrapping her arms around Madison.

               “Is this real, Maddy?” Alana then asked, taking a breath.

               “Whisky never makes me really drunk… just really buzzed and goofy. I know what I’m doing. I love you Alana. I have no regrets about this night, as odd as it is.”

               “But in college?” Alana asked.

               Madison stopped kissing Alana’s neck and looked at her with a grin, “It was just an excuse…” before she continued what she was doing.

               “I love you…” Alana started to say but was smothered by Madison’s lips.

               Madison pulled away to take a deep breath, “I’ve been waiting so long to do this…” she then said, her voice husky and deep as she slid down south between Alana’s thighs.

               “OH MADDY!” Alana let out a scream of joy, her back arching and her chest heaving.


Peace Offerings

An Hour later, real time…

               Maggie blinked and looked around and back down at her clock which was in her hands. “It’s not broken…” she mumbled. She was sitting in the living on one of the sofas, completely naked. Candice and Rebecca were seated on the other couch while Tatiana remained at her post by the door. Candice and Rebecca sat naked with backs straight, knees together and hand cupping their breasts. Their faces were molded into a wide-eyed, open-lipped smiles. Tucker stood in front of her, smiling himself. Then it all came back to her. “What the hell did you do!” she yelled angrily, standing, tossing her clock forcefully at the sofa; had it not been for the cushions the clock would have really been broken. “What time is it? I have to get to Alana’s!”

               Tucker was surprised at Maggie’s outburst and even more so surprised that her eyes were watering. “Mags… calm down… it’s over. Madison is over there; they’re together,” Tucker calmly explained.

               “What! Why did you do it, Tuck? I promised I would end it! You don’t trust me? You think I’m a failure like my mom said, like everyone?” Maggie asked, stomping her feet. “Alana liked me Tuck, but I knew it wasn’t serious… I just wanted one more night…”

               “Mags…” Tucker spoke softly, moving to comfort Maggie as she started to tear up. She pushed him away and turned her back to him. “Maggie. It was wrong for you to go there tonight. You knew what was going to happen. It was going to be a mistake. It was going to be something you couldn’t take back,” Tucker explained, keeping his distance. “Maggie, you’re not a failure and no one really thinks that and I trust you more than anyone I know,” he added. Never had he seen his friend so emotional; he was on uncharted waters. He wished Haley was there. She would surely know what to do. “I’m sorry, Maggie.”

               Maggie sniffed and wiped her nose and eyes with the back of her hand. She stood silently, looking away from her friend. Could I ever be fully happy and in control of anything important that is special to me? Will anyone ever take me seriously and understand me? No, this is my life. She took a deep breath and turned around and forced a smile. “I got you, Tuck!” She laughed vigorously. “Pretty good, right? I really had you this time!”

               Tucker wasn’t laughing as he looked at his friend in concern. “Maggie… I think we need to talk…”

               “No Tuck, I’m fine. You were right; I was going to make a mistake. Thanks for stopping me,” Maggie said, hugging her friend. “Thanks, you’re really a great friend.”

               “Are you sure you’re all right?” Tucker asked, not buying her act but he wasn’t going to pry.

               Maggie sighed, “A little bummed, to be honest. I really wanted to see Alana and I was going to end it with her, but like you said it’s better this way.”

               “Oh, ok Mags, but if you ever want to talk about it. I’m here.” Tucker replied looking his friend over.

               “No problem,” Maggie said smiling, “I’m gonna go get dressed before I catch a cold,” she then said turning away, her smile fading.

               “Wait!” Tucker quickly said, stopping Maggie, who forced a grin and turned around. Tucker rushed past her. “Follow me. I was feeling really bum about ruining your date and I knew you were going to be upset… not that upset; if I’d known that I would have done something more,” Tucker explained as he led Maggie back to their rooms. “Ready?” he asked, grinning ear to ear as he opened the door.

               Cindy Vu, Maggie’s modeling friend who she’d had a crush on since they met at a photo shoot, sat motionless and smiling on Maggie’s bed. The girl was only dressed in pair of baby blue cotton panties, her hair tied back in a loose bun. Tucker had found her sleeping, but from the molded smile on her face one could never guess that. Calista Suvari, their blond Greek co-worker, was dressed in a pair of black hot pants and grey baby-T. The blond stood next to Maggie’s bed with her hands behind her back and her head tilted to left with an unnatural smile on her lips. Her blond locks fell loose. Tucker had gotten her as she was watching TV back at her place. Finally, standing at the opposite side from Calista was Brooke the cook. Brooke was fully dressed compared to the two other ladies, wearing a red chef’s smock and black trousers. Her red hair was tied in a tight bun and covered in a hair net. A look of concentration masked the girl’s face. It was obvious that Tucker had picked her up during the dinner rush. The cook stood with one hand on her hip while the other was out in front of her in the shape of an open knuckled fist as if she was holding a handle of some sort.

               Maggie took in the sight and smiled naturally, feeling a little bit better, “Thanks, Tuck,” she said, hugging her friend.

               “Glad you like them, have fun with your living dolls tonight, because we have to return in the morning,” Tucker explained.

               “Will do.” Maggie replied, eying Brooke eagerly; it had been a while since Maggie had visited Brooke, she made a note to pay a visit to the sexy cook and roommates next time she is out with her clock.

               “Have fun, Mags,” Tucker said, kissing Maggie softly on the lips. She returned the kiss and patted him on the cheek lightly before he turned and left her to enjoy herself.

* * *

               Back in his room a naked Mel Donavan sat on his bed with her hands behind her head and a beaming smile on her lips with her green eyes staring ahead vacantly. The star goalie sat with legs wide, presenting her trimmed womanhood. Her body was covered in tattoos, normally not Tucker’s thing, but she was hot. Standing on either side of his bed were the Vaughn twins, Kat on the left and Julie, his girlfriend, on the right. Both girls were naked and stood at attention, presenting their athletically toned bodies to Tucker with neutral stares on their faces. Tucker looked over trio as he stripped down. “My reward for my day,” he chuckled, walking up to his bed. He was in for an amusing night. “Perfect end to a long day,” he sighed, crawling into his bed and settling in between Mel’s strong naked legs.


To Be Continued with: The New Business Venture

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