Tucker’s Wand XXVI – Going Hollywood

by Zero

These are all tales of hijinks that Tucker has with his magical gizmo, which take place in what will be known from now on as the 'Tuckerverse'. You may want to read Tucker's tales from the beginning, or catch up on the latest chapter before continuing; the lead characters are introduced in the first story. There is also a chronological index to the series. [Ed.]

Note from the Authors: After deliberation we've decided that yes, the Clockwork series and the Tucker stories are set in the same world. This world is currently being dubbed the Tuckerverse by the authors, since Tucker currently has the most stories that revolve around him though the Clockwork stories are quite large by comparison. We hope you've enjoyed the Clockwork and Tucker series' so far and hope you will continue to do so in the Tuckerverse!


               “I missed this,” gasped Julie Vaughn as her boyfriend Tucker brought her closer to a climax. The blond cheerleader was naked in her dorm room, her boyfriend on top and likewise in the buff. It was technically one in the afternoon but Tucker had used his magic wand to freeze time, so they were the only two people in the world moving and as a result were all alone; Julie’s twin sister Kat stood like a statue, frozen outside of the room.

               “So have I,” confirmed Tucker, grunting slightly. Since Christmas Tucker had discovered he’d fathered a baby with his best friend’s sister; Julie had been understandably upset at the news, consequently they hadn’t had sex since before the holiday break. Tucker’s moving in with his ex Haley Leone had also been a factor, but Julie had ultimately been okay with that, though she’d held out on him again for almost a week. Tired of waiting and wanting to surprise her, Tucker had stopped time during a class, grabbed her and brought her back to her room so they could get past the wait.

               “Get ready…” moaned Julie, feeling the beginning of an orgasm. “Now, freeze me now!” Julie screamed, but Tucker was anticipating and waved his wand, freezing Julie right as she felt absolute pleasure. Tucker let out a groan of pleasure himself before stepping back, leaving Julie immobilized on her bed with her arms in the air, reaching towards the man that was no longer there, her eyes closed and her mouth open, her chest thrust slightly forwards with her effectively perfect breasts pointing upwards.

               “Beautiful,” Tucker uttered to himself as he removed his condom and began to get dressed, deciding to wander for a bit before unfreezing Julie and setting things right. Giving his stone-still girlfriend a kiss on the head, Tucker proceeded to slip on his T-shirt and marvel at her beauty, considering himself lucky to be with her. It was true that Tucker and Julie were a bit awkward, Julie having liked him ever since they'd first met while Tucker, in spite of the love he felt, had trouble reciprocating at the same level of emotion and dedication. Julie's tastes were wildly different from Tucker's own; Tucker wanting to focus on creative works while Julie seemed equally left and right sided when it came to her brain, enjoying both creative and intellectual pursuits. However, in spite of recent temptations in the shapely forms of Tasia Spiro and Haley Leone, Tucker had decided to stay with Julie.

               Exiting the dorm room, Tucker nearly ran into the frozen form of Kat, Julie's twin, standing there in an orange tank top and yellow shorts, something Tucker knew she wore whenever she was heading to the gym. Kat was bent at the waist and her right hand was reaching out, seemingly grasping a knob that wasn't there, because when Tucker had frozen time she'd been about to exit the room she shared with her sister; now she remained frozen in that exact position.

“What do you say I rock you like a hurricane?” joked Tucker as he moved to lower Kat's shorts. Tucker was about to do the deed when he stopped himself, realizing that any kind of fooling around with Kat, even if time was frozen, was probably a bad idea. Physically Kat was almost completely identical to her sister, only a couple of minor details like a mole on her back set her apart visually, and Tucker told himself there was no point. Tucker had fooled around with frozen women for fun, but there was only guilt in going at it with Kat due to her twin status and the fact that she was the sister of his girlfriend. The problems stemming from his dalliances with his friend Maggie's sister Madison also stirred his morality, thus he vowed then and there to swear off the sisters of people he actually had to interact with.

               Walking away from Kat, Tucker considered what to do next. Ideally there was no time limit, since Julie was just as frozen as Kat in time, which he was bending to his command. Tucker decided he should narrate a list of ideas, finding that talking to himself sometimes helped when time was stopped as it kept him focused. “Okay, there's trolling around the campus, looking for some nice ass, but I've done that so much since the semester started, it's kind of getting stale,” mused Tucker, circling the hallway. “I could go visit Maggie, but since she's probably frozen she'll probably be pissed and I can in no way see that ending well. I could go see Haley, but that seems counter-productive to what I'm doing here, ditto with Tasia. Well, I haven't been to Hollywood in a while... wait...” Tucker stopped narrating when he suddenly got a big idea and rushed back into Julie's room.

               Julie was still on her bed, her face contorted in seemingly endless pleasure. “Sorry love but I need to move you, though I think you'll thank me when you see why,” announced Tucker. Working with gentle care, Tucker adjusted his mannequin-still girlfriend so she was simply laying on her back with her hands at her sides and her face more or less normally calm, her eyes open and her mouth closed with no real signs of a smile or frown on her lips. Tucker then proceeded to clothe Julie, even adding her underwear, as it would make his plans much easier to carry out, then electing to dress her in her cheerleader uniform. After he'd finished preparing Julie, Tucker carried her outside and left her standing next to his car, running off for one more errand before belting her into a seat and getting ready to drive.

* * *

               It had taken Tucker a while to find the movie studio he wanted but Tucker eventually pulled into the MGM lot, which currently had many productions going on, twelve movies simultaneously on the lot alone, as well as the best group of actresses for what he had in mind. Looping past the closed gate, Tucker pulled up to sound stage 9 where filming was being done on a fantasy movie that starred Angel Jenly and Kathy Beckinstaff, two of the hottest actresses on the planet. The stage had four sets currently ready, all of them ideal for Tucker's little idea, and equipment was set up to help with everything, including the cameras trained on each set.

               Walking inside, Tucker quickly found the two principal actresses at the first set, which was a grassy field with a river in the background. Angel was dressed in a full body dress, colored black; a purple jeweled necklace and several matching rings adding to the evil-looking wardrobe, her lips were a dark shade of green, her eyes colored yellow due to contacts and her hair clasped in a loose bun. Kathy was dressed in a dark blue dress with no sleeves and a great deal of back but tied at the waist with a hemp rope and caked with prop mud, indicating she was supposed to be poor. Indeed, Kathy's hair was carefully arranged to be very unkempt, creating the effect of looking like she hadn't bathed in a couple of days. “Okay, this looks like a good place to start,” decided Tucker, carrying Julie over to Angel, who was standing like a waxwork with her hands on her hips and glaring at the bearded man in the director's chair, then placing her next to the famed actress. “Time for a casting session!” Tucker then shouted in the time-stopped stillness, giving Julie a kiss goodbye before exiting the stage.

               A quick circling of the studio netted Tucker three more gorgeous actresses he'd been looking for: Hayden Carriere, Megan Wolff and Jessica Alfa. Megan and Alfa he'd seen before and even fooled around with, but Carriere was new, a talented petite young actress around his age who was famous for playing a short blond and tanned cheerleader with superpowers on the show Paragons. Tucker carted the three frozen women around in his Ford Focus, taking them back to stage 9 where he promptly carried them inside for a wardrobe change.

               Hayden was the first woman Tucker dressed, having not encountered her before. After removing the outfit she’d worn for the film he'd plucked her from, Tucker proceeded to dress her like Julie, using one of the spare uniforms he'd grabbed from the cheerleaders’ locker room before leaving DSC. Tucker hadn't been entirely sure of Hayden’s height but made a good guess, that being one of his minor gifts, thus the uniform fit her perfectly. Placing Hayden's hands on her hips and standing her with her legs slightly spread apart Tucker then carried her over to the set, removing Angel and Kathy.

               Tucker's next subject was Megan, a woman he, like most straight men, found extremely sexy. After stripping the black-haired beauty out of the corseted Old West style costume she'd been wearing for a film, Tucker couldn't help but go down on Megan, fine with it since she wasn't the sister of someone he knew. Tucker placed her on the floor in a starfish position and went at her, falling asleep shortly afterwards due to exhaustion and waking up at what he estimated to be two hours later. Following his time-stopped sex romp, Tucker proceeded to dress dazzling Megan like Hayden and Julie, using a second DSC uniform he'd collected and promptly posed her like Hayden, putting her on stage to Julie's right.

               Now that he had his three main actresses on stage, Tucker made sure all three were in the same pose and headed back to his car, producing a digital video camera he'd stolen from an electronics store a while back during a period of loose morals, though nowadays he tended to pay for everything he wanted and just occasionally stole money; most of his income came lawfully from the investments his uncle had made for him and the profits from the store. Returning to the set Tucker took up a position near where one of the main cameras was set up and trained it on the three frozen women in their matching outfits. “Okay, Lady Universe, scene one, take one: Action!” shouted Tucker, chuckling at the irony of the statement, since none of has actresses had moved so much as a millimeter.  Then he waved his wand.

* * *

               “Ooohh!” moaned Julie in pleasure; vaguely noticing she was resting on a very soft surface. The blond opened her eyes as a naked Tucker smiled at her, leaning down and giving her a lingering kiss. “How long?” Julie asked with a smile.

               “Hours, maybe a whole day,” grinned Tucker, stroking her left cheek. “I cooked up a little something for you while you enjoyed that.”

               “Oh?” asked Julie, then glancing around and gasping in shock. “Oh my god, oh My GOD! That's Angel Jenly and Jessica Alfa!” Julie screamed, jumping up from under Tucker. The pair was sitting on a bed on the fourth set of stage 9, which was designed to look like a queen's bedroom. The bed was massive, able to sleep at least six, possessing purple sheets and a black and dark blue blanket, ceiling high bedposts decorated in deep red. The entire room was a mix of dark colors, ideal since Tucker knew it was supposed to be Angel's room in a film about an evil queen. To the left of the bed stood Angel, posed like a mannequin with her left arm on her hip and her right raised as if to brush the side of her hair, the top of her head was leaning towards her raised hand; she had a neutral look on her lovely face. Angel was dressed in black underwear made of silk, the bra a wrap-around and her panties little more than a thong, thus no part of her exquisite derriere was lost on the people present. Jessica Alfa was standing on her hands nearby, completely upside down and almost looking like a human letter H, wearing underwear that was similar to Angel's save that it was a dark green and there was less material around the back of her bra; she held a broad grin on her face.

               “I figured they looked natural like that,” joked Tucker, walking over to join his naked girlfriend, carrying a while fluffy robe he'd found in a trailer while putting another one on himself. “Come on, I want to show you something.”

               “I think I'm going to like this,” smiled Julie, sliding into the plush robe. Tucker took her hand and led her from the set to a side room, a small screening area where a projector was set up along with a series of seats, essentially a small theater. Megan, Hayden and Kathy were all dressed in white robes and seated in the back row as a trio, Megan had been posed holding a bag of popcorn with a piece raised to her open lips while Hayden was sipping from a bottle of Coke and Kathy was gesturing at the screen with her right hand, her face contorted to look somewhat perplexed.  They looked like a waxwork diorama from a movie museum.

               “Nice, just how many starlets did you nab?” asked Julie when she saw the other guests.

               “Only those five,” revealed Tucker, gesturing for Julie to sit in the third row, which was her favorite. Tucker had stocked the seats around the one he'd designated for her with some of her favorite food, from fruit salad to iced tea, all of which had been collected from various craft service tables around the studio lot. “Settle in; I need to work the booth,” explained Tucker.

               “Oh, I can hardly wait!” Julie exclaimed with glee, sitting down and perusing the snack options. Tucker proceeded back up the ramp of the room and entered the projection booth, where he'd connected the camera he'd used earlier. Since the equipment had been unfrozen by his wand Tucker had no trouble getting it to play, dimming the unfrozen lights as he did so.

               The screen was black for a moment before a computer generated title card saying 'Tucker Holmes Presents Lady Universe,' appeared before going on to mentioning the cast credits, beginning with Julie's and ending with Angel's. Following this, the screen went black again before a scene featuring Julie, Hayden and Megan in their cheerleader outfits in the fake grassy set came on screen. All three stood with their arms on their sides, smiles on their faces.

               “Julie Vaughn and her fellow cheerleaders were practicing a secret cheer away from the school for an upcoming competition and didn't want anyone to see them,” explained a subtitle. “Julie had recently been made the captain due her winning combination of smarts and beauty.”

               The next shot zoomed in on Julie, who was now gesturing to her left where Megan and Hayden were still standing in their alert poses. “'Okay girls, lets do this!' exclaimed Julie,” read the new subtitle. The screen then went black and a new caption appeared. “Meanwhile, the evil queen Rachel watched from afar...”

               The new shot was Angel sitting in a throne room designed similarly to the bedroom set, with elaborate carpets and weaved silks covering the area as well as golden candlesticks that were as tall as the standing women. Angel was wearing the evil queen outfit from her film while Jessica and Kathy were dressed a bit differently. Tucker had given Kathy a revealing toga that only covered her left breast and she also wore a blindfold; her natural hair having been replaced by a fake snake wig, thus her character in this film was that of a gorgon. Jessica, meanwhile, was wearing a tight leather outfit that revealed her midriff and had no sleeves, essentially a halter-top and thong with stiletto heels; a long sword was strapped to her back. Both women flanked Angel's throne, their poses mirroring those of the cheerleaders while Angel held a mirror in front of her face. “'Those cheerleaders are going to defeat my own team at the competition with their special routine!' screamed Rachel,” read the subtitle. “'Nemesis, Medusa, I want you to capture them!'”

               The following shot was of Jessica bowing, revealing her cleavage. “'I will do as you command, my queen,' agreed Nemesis,” came the new subtitle. “'They are no match for my poisons.'”

               “'The same could be said about my gaze,' added Medusa,” came the next caption, showing Kathy smiling evilly, her tongue licking her upper lip in a very snake-like manner. The screen went black again with a new caption following, “Back with the cheerleaders...”

               Julie was dripping wet in certain areas, clearly from water that had been used to simulate sweat, as were the other two actresses-turned-mannequins. “'Good work girls, lets take a break,' suggested Julie,” read the subtitle. Julie’s character had a towel around her neck and her eyes were closed while Megan's right arm was resting on Hayden's left shoulder; all three women looked exhausted.

               Following the somewhat erotic shot, Hayden was shown in a walking pose, her arms spread along with her legs, with no one else in frame. Another quick shot kept her in the same pose with Kathy's Medusa character appearing behind her. “'Boo,' hissed Medusa,” read the caption. The subsequent image had Hayden turned around her, arms raised in alarm, for Kathy's blindfold had descended between shots as well. “'No!' screamed Hayden as she turned to stone,” read the subtitle. A close-up of Hayden in her scared pose was shown, with her arms raised to around shoulder height, palms open, her jaw dropped and her eyes wide, her body recoiling to the right in fear. A slow dissolve showed the actress seemingly turning to stone, which was simply her figure covered in veined gray body makeup. The camera had remained stationary however, so the effect appeared to be a sort of advanced CGI, even if the statue was an obvious fake.

               Cutting away from the Kathy attack, Megan was seen next, standing naked in the fake river with her hands running through her hair, her whole body wet and glistening. Once again there was an insert shot following this scene where a villain showed up, this time Jessica as Nemesis, Megan having bent over to dunk her head in the water while Jessica had appeared behind a nearby boulder. The next shot zoomed in on Jessica's left hand where she held a blowgun, then zoomed out to show the weapon raised to Jessica's lips. After a brief shot of a dart suspended in the air, it was shown striking Megan in the back of her neck as she stood up; the next shot showed her palms open and a soft smile on her face, her gaze unfocused straight ahead. “'Now you'll be frozen stiff by the dart's toxin!' laughed Nemesis,” came a new caption, which was followed by Jessica standing next to Megan in the water, the posed actress not having changed since the last shot.

               The next scene had Julie standing alone on the grassy area, her arms gesturing away from her sides with her face shaped in puzzlement. “'Where are those two?' wondered Julie out loud,” read the subtitle. Julie stood in the pose for another shot when Jessica’s character appeared in the background. The following one, however, featured Jessica reaching for her sword while Julie had turned around, now shown in a pose like the one Hayden had been in when she'd reacted in fear. “'Oh no, one of Queen Rachel's soldiers, I'd better transform!' exclaimed Julie,” stated the next subtitle.

               Cutting away from the plains, Julie was shown standing against a green screen, which had been altered to show rapidly shifting colors, akin to the type seen in anime shows were the heroine was transforming. True to the nature of the shot, Julie, who stood with her legs slightly spread, her arms away from her sides and a smile on her face, transformed from a cheerleader with a ponytail to a heroic woman wearing an elaborate outfit. Julie's costume had been heavily modified, her shoes changed to red stilettos, her skirt a short blue Japanese schoolgirl one, her blouse a white cheerleader's top with golden shoulder-pads, her gloves were long red ones that matched her boots and around her head circled a golden tiara. “Julie transformed herself into Lady Universe!” came a caption after the costume change was done, which had been done in a similar fashion to Hayden's dissolve from normal into 'stone'.

               Back in the grassy scene, Jessica's sword was drawn and held in both hands as Julie stood by, smiling with her hands on her hips. “'You're too late Lady Universe, the cheerleaders were teleported to our Queen's castle!' hissed Nemesis,” came the caption. The following shot had Julie raising her hands outwards while Jessica's character had moved a foot closer, her sword raised above her head, her face looking determined. “'Mystic Sleep Spell!' chanted Lady Universe,” was seen below the main action. An animated orb of orange energy then suddenly shot out from Julie's hands and flew towards Jessica, disappearing afterwards. The effect was crude CGI by modern standards but it had been something Tucker could do in less than an hour. The next shot after the orb effect showed Jessica laying on the ground, her sword dropped and her eyes closed. “The spell instantly put Nemesis into an eternal sleep!” red the caption while Julie had returned her hands to her side. The caption disappeared and there was a close-up of Julie, who was beaming. “'Now to save my friends from the evil Rachel!' announced Lady Universe.” Julie’s figure was then promptly shown rising off the ground while in the rigid pose, the work of a wire-based pulley system that movie crews used to simulate flight.

               The next scene depicted the throne room again, Kathy standing to the left of the throne while Angel was absent; Megan and Hayden were also present on the right side of the throne, both still in their frozen poses from their earlier scenes, Hayden still painted like stone as well. Suddenly in the next shot Julie was shown entering from an open window in the back, but Kathy's non-blindfolded head had turned slightly. “'Miss Universe, how nice of you to come,' hissed Medusa,” came the caption. “'That's Lady Universe, you monster!' fired back Lady Universe.” The next shot had Julie standing next to her friends with Kathy in front of her; Julie's eyes were closed while Kathy's were open. Kathy had her hands raised as if she was trying to cast a spell while Julie had her arms held out in front of her. “'Look at me and turn to stone!' snarled Medusa. 'Mystical Mirror Appear!' countered Lady Universe.” A large full-body mirror was inserted into the next shot, standing between the now open-eyed Julie and Kathy. Once again a dissolve effect was used to show a character turning to stone, though in this case it was both Kathy and Julie. “Oh no, while Medusa has been defeated, Lady Universe has become a human statue!”

               The next scene started showing Angel, now dressed in just the black underwear Julie had seen her in before entering the room to watch the movie. Julie was also in this shot, in the same pose as before and still appearing as gray stone. Angel had her arms around Julie's waist, and the pair were alone. “'You may have put Nemesis to sleep forever and turned Medusa to stone, but you're also a statue now,' laughed Queen Rachel,” came the caption. “'I have waited so long, as you're truly the most beautiful woman in the world. And now I have you to adorn my castle grounds, which means everyone will love me instead!'” The next shot portrayed Angel turned away from Julie, moving towards the bed. “'I will sleep now, but tomorrow I will put you in my garden!' mocked the Queen as she retired to her bed.” The next shot showed Angel in bed with the lights dimmer, but Julie appeared to be glowing. A weak effects shot had her continue to glow brighter until white filled the screen, and when it had faded Julie was standing in her same static pose but was now no longer covered in gray paint. The next shot had her lowering her arms and smiling. “'I guess the queen doesn't know how mirror spells work,' whispered Lady Universe, having only pretended to turn to stone.” Julie was then shown leaning over Angel, her hands raised. “'For trying to cheat us out of the competition, I will now turn you into what you desire most,' declared Lady Universe.” Julie's hands glowed white, similar to the earlier weak effects, and once again the screen went white. When the next shot appeared Angel was now standing like she had been earlier when Tucker had unfrozen Julie before the movie. Angel however was tinted and slightly glossy, as if her skin had become plastic. “'I've turned you into a mannequin, an object of beauty with no soul, which is what you have always longed to be,' explained Lady Universe.” Julie was then shown standing closer to Angel, her arms on the transformed actress's left shoulder. “'You will stay this way for eternity, as will your friends. It may be cruel, but Lady Universe cannot allow such evil to exist unpunished. Now to apply my magic to free my friends so we can get back to practice.'” The last shot had Julie leaving the fake room through a door, the screen promptly fading to black.

               Tucker turned the lights back up and exited the projector booth while Julie clapped downstairs. “Tucker, that was amazing!” exclaimed Julie, getting up and running to hug her boyfriend. “How did you ever think of that?!”

               “I figured since you've grown to like magical girl anime as well as these famous actresses you might like being in a movie where you save the day while fighting them,” explained Tucker, shrugging, momentarily interrupted by a kiss. “I know what you like Julie, and as cheesy as this little production was, that was it.”

               “Hey, I also like you,” pointed out Julie, moving her left hand down to gently touch Tucker's crotch. “Want to go fool around on that bed?”

               “As awesome as that suggestion sounds, we should really be getting back,” insisted Tucker, shaking his head. “I really just want to let time go forward again, because this has taken me nearly a day to film and edit. Plus I have to move everything and everyone back to the way they were...”

               “Yeah, that's fine, I will be thanking you properly for this though; count on it,” agreed Julie, smiling and giving Tucker another kiss. “I'll just need to change when we get back then.” Julie stepped back from Tucker and walked up the ramp, pausing by the three motionless young actresses that were sitting in the back row. “Sweetie, you know which team I play for, obviously, but I think I'll give you this as a thank-you,” announced Julie, moving down the row and stopping in front of Megan. Tucker watched, his mast suddenly going upright as Julie leaned in and planted her lips on those of the luscious model turned actress. Unable to contain himself, Tucker whipped out his wand and froze Julie while she was doing the deed.

               “Oh man, best girlfriend ever,” gasped Tucker, feeling himself wanting to orgasm just at the sight of the beautiful Julie kissing the equally beautiful Megan Wolff. “Julie Vaughn, I love you!”

The End? (Surely not!)

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