TuckerÕs Wand XXX:  Happy Birthday Tucker Holmes

by Zero

These are all tales of hijinks that Tucker has with his magical gizmo, which take place in what will be known from now on as the 'Tuckerverse'. You may want to read more of Tucker's tales from the beginning, or catch up on the latest chapter before continuing; the lead characters are introduced in the first story. There is also a chronological index to the series as well as a comprehensive Tuckerverse Wiki! [Ed.]

Authors' Note: We hope you've enjoyed the Clockwork and Tucker series' so far and hope you will continue to do so in the Tuckerverse!

            "And I saved you for last," remarked Tucker, carefully dragging his frozen girlfriend Julie Vaughn down the steps of his basement to join the rest of his collection. While Julie's sister Kat had let Tucker know a few days ago that in a week or two they'd finally have a chance to, hopefully, recover the missing photo that was keeping Julie frozen, for now her mannequin-like figure was no different than anyone else he'd decided to keep in a frozen state. Julie was posed with her left arm bent at the elbow, palm up as if testing the water of a shower, her right arm at her side and her face neutral. Julie was dressed in a purple belly dancer outfit, the skirt only reaching halfway down to her knees with nearly all of her legs visible; her top was essentially a halter with transparent, loose sleeves. The main reason for the outfit was the veil that covered the lower half of Julie's face, also purple and a last ditch attempt to hide her identity if anyone came downstairs. Julie's hair was gathered up in a high ponytail, ultimately reminding Tucker a bit of Mileena from Mortal Kombat. Reaching the bottom of the stairs, Tucker placed Julie next to Rachel Xanders, who was dressed in the same costume, save for her outfit being scarlet, and posed with her hands behind her head.

            "I need you all to be quiet today," Tucker told the frozen women, all eight of them. The basement's main feature, besides having a rack for wine, was a pedestal that held Zoe Hollander, who was permanently-frozen, with no way to reverse it, by her own request. Zoe was currently wearing a toga and had her hands on her hips, a faint smile on her face with her hair framing it. The other five were placed between Julie and Rachel: Tatiana, Jennifer, Hitomi, Candice and Leslie. Tatiana was wearing a black catsuit and knelt down on one knee, her hands resting on her raised left knee with her forehead resting on top of them, her blonde hair back in a bun. Jennifer, who typically worked as Haley's assistant thanks to a Chip, was also being hidden today to avoid someone figuring her out, and was dressed in a white blouse and tan pants with a green sweater-vest, her hair up in a small beehive. Hitomi was likewise out of sight; a few people knew of her as just being Haley's realistic modeling dummy but it was decided to be more prudent to hide her so the Japanese girl stood at attention in the back, her raven-hued hair spilling down to her shoulders while she wore only the skin-colored underwear that was used to make her seem less realistic. Candice had showered with Tucker that morning, so she held a damp towel to her chest, her hair still drying around her head. In LeslieÕs case, Tucker had decided to put her in pink pajamas, even giving her a teddy bear to hold against her chest with her right arm while her left hand touched her matching eye, making her look like she'd just woken up as her hair looked like a mess.

            "I know, it being my birthday, you'd all like to give me a gift, but really, you being here is gift enough," Tucker told the silent statue-still crowd, then frowned when looking at Julie. Before ending up frozen Julie had started asking Tucker what he'd wanted for his birthday but now it seemed he'd have to wait until after the big day to finally find out what she'd had in mind. Letting out a sigh, Tucker kissed Julie on the forehead then started back up the stairs, flicking off the lights as he did.

            "Are they all taken care of?" asked Haley Leone, causing Tucker to jump slightly as she appeared next to him. Tucker's roommate had her hair in a low ponytail and was currently dressed in a basketball jersey and pajama pants, having only gotten up twenty minutes ago. In spite of her dumpy attire, Tucker couldn't help but feel a certain attractive warmth coming from Haley, one he quickly tried to ignore.

            "Yeah, I just need to make sure we've got the extra space outside," nodded Tucker, indicating the screen door down the end of the hall that would lead out to the backyard. "Can you believe maybe six people hung out with me on my birthday last year and now we're expecting like three times that?"

            "Well, you have changed a lot since when we first met," pointed out Haley, then giving Tucker a bright smile. "Happy birthday, by the way." Tucker decided not to pull back as Haley offered him a kiss on the cheek, enjoying the way it tickled against his stubble since he hadn't shaved yet.

            "So, you get me anything?" asked Tucker with a sly smile.

            "You'll see later; for now, go talk to our neighbor," ordered Haley, smiling ear to ear as she did. "I'm sure that's the last possible thing you want to do right now..." Sarcasm dripped from Haley's words as Tucker grinned and headed off. Tucker and Haley lived in the middle of a block but the house behind theirs was the only one whose resident they'd really gotten to know since moving in. Their rear neighbor was Karina Wiese, a gorgeous Swede that Tucker couldn't believe wasn't a model herself. Glad he was wearing jeans as they would hide any arousal, Tucker headed outside.

            It was a sunny morning in late March and the weather was very warm, though by night it could get moderately cold, or at least cold enough that wearing a bathing suit would be a bad idea. As Tucker had hoped Karina was already outside, clad in a white two piece bikini, the lower half more of a thong as it showed her very toned rear end. Karina also happened to be a redhead and possessed blue eyes, her conservative breasts also complimenting her shapely form quite well. The Swede was currently walking around her pool, which was twice the size of Tucker's and was equipped a nearby hot tub and wet bar; a margarita glass with salt on the rim and what looked like lemonade in it was grasped in her left hand.

            "Good morning Karina!" called Tucker walking over to the gate that separated the two properties. One reason Tucker and Karina even spoke was that his fence also served as hers; there was even a gate connecting their properties. As a show of trust they both had a key to it, Tucker currently carried his in his pocket.

            "Good morning to you too, cutie," greeted Karina, flashing Tucker a bright smile as she approached the fence. Karina was eight years older than Tucker and liked to call him cute, though he was sure it was more for her own fun than an actual show of interest. The fact didn't bother Tucker. "I hear someone has a birthday today..." remarked Karina as she reached the gate, leaning against it for a moment with her salted lemonade still in her hand.

            "Guilty," admitted Tucker, smiling and nodding. "I was curious what you're up to today? I've got people coming over later and wanted to make sure there wouldn't be any issues..."

            "I'm not even on-call today so I was going to lounge outside for a bit, then probably go inside and work out," revealed Karina, shifting her hips as she spoke, which was more than enough for Tucker to become aroused. Karina was an elevator engineer, the kind who worked on contracts and thanks to retainer fees made six figures a year easily, thus explaining how she could afford her own luxurious house and still have time to look great without being a model or actress. "I may open the fence later though, to help the man of the hour celebrate..." Karina then added, stepping back from the fence and putting her right hand on her hip while still holding her drink aloft.

            Tucker had been planning to perhaps encourage Karina to let them use her pool as well as theirs for the party but upon seeing her strike her current pose, decided to just go straight to plan B and freeze time with his wand. Karina became instantly rigid with her right hip swayed, her hand resting on it while her left hand held her drink to that side of her body. Karina's left foot was also pointing in that direction, helping to explain why her hips were even swayed, and her face had a big, tooth-smiled smile on it. Scrambling with his gate key, Tucker opened it and picked up Karina, using the wand to keep her frozen before doing so. With his face buried in Karina's firm chest, Tucker quickly stumbled back into his own place, passing Haley who was frozen mid-stride and knocking her body against the wall.

            "Sorry!" exclaimed Tucker he hurried to take Karina upstairs, deciding to hide her in his room's closet rather than downstairs with his collection.

* * *

            Guests were due to start arriving any minute but Tucker had the house all set up, Haley having helped quite a bit. Since the party was primarily going to be people just hanging out, Tucker had gone with a variety of snack-life foods, including mushroom caps, spring rolls, shrimp, nachos and vegetables. Drink-wise Tucker had also set up both his own bar and Karina's to be loaded with several kinds of liquor, plus there was two cases of beer and three cases of soda in the fridge. For appearances, Tucker had put on a short-sleeved dress shirt that he could quickly pull off along with pool shorts. Haley was also in the spirit of lounging around the pool, wearing a two-piece teal bikini that wasn't very conservative around the back, having let her hair down. Just as Tucker plugged in the flash-drive with the desired music to the sound system the door bell rang, indicating that the first guests had arrived.

            "Kayla, Ginger!" greeted Tucker, opening the door to reveal Haley's closest friends. Kayla was wearing a loose white T-shirt and a pair of jean shorts, her hair styled in a Dutch braid with a red cowboy hat on her head. Ginger's hair spilled down onto her shoulders, the dancer was wearing a curve-hugging dark blue outfit that looked like a modified jumpsuit, given the zipper down the front and the lack of sleeves and legs. Both women had objects in their hands, gifts for Tucker that, as per his request, weren't wrapped.

            "Happy birthday Tucker!" exclaimed Kayla, giving the birthday boy a quick hug before handing him her gift, the pair having become fairly good friends since he'd moved in with Haley. "Not sure how you want to use this but it might help with the atmosphere in your store." Looking at the present, Tucker saw it was a DVD case with a white label reading 'KAYLA'S COMMERCIAL.'

            "What is it?" asked Tucker, trying not to look worried. Ginger seemingly picked up on Tucker's expression and gave him a frowning nod, as if to confirm his worries.

            "A commercial for an energy drink I did last month," revealed Kayla. "It's a Japanese one, hence why I thought you might like it."

            "I'm touched," managed Tucker. "Haley's out by our pool, so go ahead and enjoy."

            "Thanks, you too!" called Kayla, hurrying off to see her best friend. Ginger then approached Tucker, shaking her head.

            "I tried to convince her to maybe not be so self-serving with the gift, but you know how she can be at times," remarked Ginger, looking at Tucker. "Happy birthday." Ginger handed Tucker an envelope. Opening it, Tucker saw it was a gift certificate for a video game retailer, one with a good selection.

            "Awesome, thanks!" offered Tucker, getting a pat on the shoulder from Ginger. The pair weren't exactly friends but Ginger was close to Haley so Tucker figured she'd decided to do what was needed to join the party and not look like a bitch.

            "Just be sure to spend it all at once!" laughed Ginger, heading inside. Shaking his head and getting rid of his grin, Tucker quickly ran upstairs to drop off his gifts, then looking at Karina, who was standing like a mannequin at the foot of his bed. The Wand of Kronos was sitting on his desk, ready to be used. Trying to decide what to do, Tucker headed to his window and looked out at the backyard. Ginger and Kayla had stripped off their outfits to reveal bikinis, both two-pieces with Kayla's red and a bit more conservative while Ginger's was dark blue like her odd jumpsuit. Haley was behind Karina's bar, making some sort of drink, while Ginger and Kayla both quickly got into the hot tub.

            "That will work," decided Tucker, grabbing his wand and tapping it five times to stop time. Pocketing his magic item, which wasn't easy with swimming trunks, Tucker picked up Karina by her waist and carried her out of his room, then downstairs and finally outside.

            Haley had a smile frozen on her lips and was pouring a martini shaker with her right hand, her left holding a glass that was half-full of a red drink, Tucker figuring it to be a Crantini. Ginger and Kayla were sitting across from each other in the hot tub, both leaning back with their arms up on the surface they were leaning against. Ginger was more relaxed, her head leaning back, her eyes closed and a relaxed smile on her lips. Kayla meanwhile was leaning her head forward slightly, her right hand touching the front of her hat, her own smile bright as she gazed at Haley. "Ladies... I think my date and I will join you," announced Tucker, walking Karina over to the hot tub before putting her down to pull out his wand. In spite of the time-stopped water appearing solid, Tucker knew interacting with it would reveal it to be more gel-like, but for what Tucker had in mind he didn't want to feel like he was in a hot tub full of jello. With two taps each the hot tub and the water inside it unfroze, at which point the magic wand was put aside so Tucker could lower Karina into the water, reposing her as he did so her legs were bent.

            "Ah, this is the life," gasped Tucker, getting in the water and looking at the three women around him. "Thank you for the gift," Tucker directed at Ginger, sliding over and running his hand up and down her bare chest before kissing her on the cleavage. "And thank you... for nominating yourself to once again be my frozen overnight," Tucker added, directing that comment at Kayla as he slid over to her. Kayla was given a couple of kisses on the neck before Tucker slid over her and to Karina's left side, her arm still raised holding an invisible drink.

            "As for you... I feel its only right to thank you for letting us use your place properly," declared Tucker, putting Karina's arm around his shoulders. Next Tucker turned Karina's head to face his and, after staring into her eyes for a moment, leaned in to begin kissing her. As she'd had a big smile on her face earlier Tucker needed to shape her mouth as he went, eventually ending up on her lap and lowering her bikini bottoms. Sufficiently aroused, Tucker got to business and removed Karina's top as he did, finding breasts that weren't huge but sufficient since they were properly proportioned and well-groomed, even sharing the engineer's freckles.

            "I think I've got Stockholm syndrome," gasped Tucker as he finished and pulled out of Karina's snatch, letting out a gasp of pleasure as he leaned back and enjoyed the hot tub's waters a bit, barely focused on the now-naked Swede in front of him nor the two clothed American girls on either side of him.

* * *

            After returning Karina upstairs, Tucker had decided to take a quick breather before restarting time, wanting to get himself back to a presentable state of mind. Finally Tucker recovered and unfroze time, then headed downstairs just in time to open the front door for two more guests.

            "Hey, nice to see you both!" exclaimed Tucker as his friends and business partners Nathan Lancer and Bianca Whitman both arrived; two of their employees were watching the store today. Nathan's blonde hair was slicked back and he was wearing a worn green hoodie, but he did have a present in his hand for Tucker. Bianca had her own blonde hair back in a low ponytail and was wearing a blue vest over an untucked white blouse with the sleeves rolled up, tan pants on below.

            "Well, Umiko and Krystal were fine with watching the store today so here we are," shrugged Bianca, offering her own gift, which was in a bigger box than Lance's. However, Tucker took Lance's present first and opened the box, then raising his eyebrows in surprise.

            "A... T & M Productions calendar?" remarked Tucker, surprised. The calendar had his production company's logo but the watermark indicated his currently estranged best friend Maggie Yen had made it.

            "Maggie had me make it just a couple of days ago and suggested I give you a copy as a gift," revealed Nathan, looking a bit sheepish. "Look, I know you two aren't on great terms right now but, she was thinking of you..."

            "Right," cut-off Tucker, opening up the calendar. Tucker noted it was for 2009, even though it was nearly April, but more interesting to him was the theme. Tucker only glanced at a couple of photos but saw familiar faces, including Maggie's girlfriend Cindy Vu as well as Lisa Collins, dressed in various kinds of schoolgirl outfits, including Japanese and Catholic.

            "Love it," announced Tucker, closing up the item and putting in back in the box, deciding it would be odd for some of his guests to see it since Lisa was one of models pictured.

            "I think you'll like this," Bianca assured Tucker, handing him her own box. Opening it, Tucker quickly realized it was a costume, specifically like one worn by the Green Lantern character Guy Gardner, who was one of his favorite superheroes.

            "How long were you keeping this one hidden away?" asked Tucker, grinning ear to ear as he looked at Bianca.

            "Only since March," admitted Bianca, the two friends then exchanging a quick hug. "Okay, lets go have a little fun!" With that Bianca dragged Lance off, the pair ending up pressed very tightly against one another as they headed down the hall. Tucker planned to follow but quickly saw quite a few vehicles start to pull up, thinking it might be better if he stayed by the door since a virtual parade of guests was about to arrive. Nonetheless Tucker did quickly run upstairs to hide the calendar, not bothering to stop time since he still had the time to do it without the edge.

            Chrissy Pak was the first to walk through the door, having apparently driven her truck by herself, which was odd given some of her teammates were also about to show up. The soccer player was dressed a bit conservatively in jeans and a long-sleeved purple blouse, her typically dyed hair faded to show a natural dark brown and even long enough to be in a ponytail. "Happy birthday, Mr. President," Chrissy purred at Tucker with a chuckle. While Chrissy and Tucker had been co-founders of the Decker State College Anime Club, quite a few people mistook him for being the president when no such title existed, thus Chrissy coined it as a nickname for him. In her hands Chrissy had a wrapped gift that she handed Tucker, one he quickly opened.

            "Oh!" exclaimed Tucker, seeing it was a copy of the anime Vampire Knight on DVD. "Awesome, didn't have this." Chrissy gave Tucker a slap on the shoulder and a grin before heading off down the hall, allowing the parade to continue.

            Kat Vaughn and her boyfriend Chris Pickett, whom he'd only met a few times, were the next to arrive, carrying a large box between them that looked fairly awkward. Kat was visibly wearing an orange bikini under a loose white short-sleeved blouse and a pair of black bicycle shorts, her hair loose; even getting in front of her eyes as she moved. Chris meanwhile was wearing a loose gray tank top and a pair of black tear away pants, suggesting he was wearing his bathing suit underneath as well. "Here, I've got the door," offered Tucker as the couple attempted to enter with the large box, which was promptly set down after their success.

            "I think you really owe us for this one," gasped Chris, rubbing his forehead. "Happy birthday man."

            "Thanks," replied Tucker, shaking hands with Chris before getting a surprise hug from Kat.

            "Happy birthday!" exclaimed Kat. "It should only be three more days," Kat then added with a whisper, referring to Julie and her lost photo before breaking the hug. "So I bet you're wondering what this is..."

            "Naturally," nodded Tucker, looking at the box that looked big enough to fit a person inside.

            "Well as it happens the museum had a display item they couldn't, well, display anymore, so we were able to get it for pretty much nothing," revealed Chris as they opened the box, revealing its contents. A wax mannequin of TV personality Kim Corrigan was nestled inside, standing with her hands on her hips while wearing a pinkish-red V-cut dress. The mannequin had exquisite detail, including silk-like wavy hair and a slightly paler replication of the P! News reporter's skin.  The figure was gorgeous!

            "Going to be interesting finding a home for that," remarked Tucker, grinning ear to ear alongside Kat and Chris.

            "We'll box it back up for now, just to be safe," insisted Chris, closing the box over KimÕs statue.

            "Happy birthday again," added Kat, then glanced down the hall. "Is everyone else outside?"

            "Yeah, I'll join you when everyone arrives," confirmed Tucker, indicating through the window that even more guests were now approaching. With that Chris and Kat headed off, leaving Tucker alone to think about where to put his new mannequin for only about a minute.

            "Oh my God Honey, happy birthday!" exclaimed Chi Ross, giving Tucker a big hug as her husband Aaron held the door open. Chi, like Haley, worked for Models Inc and, unknown to her, Tucker had helped her secure that position in the first place. The Vietnamese model was already in her own bikini, a pink-flowered lime one with a red sarong half-tied around her waist and her hair done Hawaiian-style, having a plastic orchid above her left ear. Aaron meanwhile was wearing a red flannel shirt wide-open, which revealed his shaved or possibly waxed chest and a pair of pink and navy swim trunks on below the waist. Aaron was offering Tucker a box.

            "I thought this would be perfect for my wife's Ôlucky charmÕ," remarked Aaron, grinning as he handed Tucker a small clothing box. "Happy birthday, you son of a bitch." Tucker brushed aside the second remark, Aaron being a bit lewd in spite of being a nice guy, but the first comment perplexed him.

            "Lucky charm?" asked Tucker as he started to open the box.

            "Well just this week I realized that up until you and Haley split, and I have to say its great you're still friends and even able to live together, you were at probably the most important shows of my career," explained Chi, almost seeming to bounce a bit. Tucker knew Chi sometimes drank too many energy drinks and figured it might be one of those times.

            "Coincidences can be funny," offered Tucker, obviously not about to admit that it was probably his wand that helped the shows go so well. "Oh wow..." managed Tucker as he opened the box, revealing a powder-blue flannel shirt, something he knew that would-be hipster Aaron had picked out.

            "Enjoy man, flannel's the best," commented Aaron, patting Tucker on the shoulder before heading down the hallway with his wife. "Man, I hope this party isn't as weird as that one at Cindy's..." Tucker's ears pricked up at Aaron's casual comment but the next guest arrived before he could dwell on it, a van pulling up outside even as the next guest passed through the door.

            "Hello Tucker," greeted Kathryn Summers, Haley's boss and very attractive in spite of not having what it took to be a model. "Happy birthday," offered the blonde, standing a bit provocatively as she offered Tucker an envelope. Kathryn's hair was down and she was wearing a very tight white bikini, with a blue vest the only other item of clothing she had on; her feet were bare.

            "Thanks for coming," replied Tucker as he took the envelope, opening it. To Tucker's surprise, it was a photo of Hideo Kojima, a Japanese game developer known for creating the incredibly-popular Metal Gear game series. The photo, as it happened, was also autographed. "Wow!" exclaimed Tucker, looking up at Kathryn with surprise on his face.

            "He was at a benefit I went to a couple of weeks ago; when I found out who he was, I figured you'd like that," explained Kathryn, looking a bit red as she seemed to realize just how good Tucker felt about the gift. Kathryn then moved in and gave Tucker a hug. The hug ended up last far longer than the few seconds Tucker was used to, going on for nearly ten before Kathryn finally broke it, slowly.

            "This is going to be a good one," Kathryn told Tucker, stroking his shoulders for a moment before slowly heading down the hallway. Tucker let out a breath, stunned at how aggressive the formerly meek Kathryn had become, especially with her little crush on him. Tucker's thoughts then faded away as no less than five more people arrived at the door, having all piled out of the van Tucker had seen earlier.

            "Hey, sorry we're late," offered Tess Vole, the Catholic girl bowing her head a bit as both she and the rest of her group entered. Tess had arrived along with four other members of the Lady Raptors, namely Ayane Nakamura, Britney Summers, Diane Cruz and Mel Donavan. Tess was dressed the most conservatively, wearing a blue sweater-vest over a light blue blouse with a knee-length white skirt below, her hair in a half up-do. Ayane had clearly just cut her hair at most two days ago as it had sort of a bowl shape to it in spite of parts easily reaching near the bottom of her neck. The Japanese girl was wearing a gray hoodie and yellow shorts that barely covered any of her legs. Britney looked a bit dolled up, wearing shiny pink lip gloss and her hair in a French twist, which seemed a bit elaborate for her. Brit's outfit was also a bit revealing, sporting a red thong bikini under what was essentially a robe-length white vest that was not done up. Diane's hair was completely up, sitting in a nice bun, and she was wearing a purple one-shoulder maillot with an orange towel having over her shoulders. Mel's tattoos were on full display as she was wearing a white sleeveless belly shirt and saffron kilt, her now fully blonde hair combed back. Tucker knew Mel wasn't exactly subtle about her origins but thought the outfit was a bit much, even for her.

            "You don't need to apologize; this isn't a test," insisted Ayane, elbowing Tess. "Happy birthday Tucker!" A group hug ended up happening, with Ayane starting before all the girls got involved. Given it was the first time Tucker had ever received one of these that he hadn't manipulated using his wand, it felt good.

            "We figured the way you were talking you weren't big on wrapping paper so, um, here," offered Brit, holding out a DVD case. Soon enough Tucker had a pile of gifts in his arms: Brit had gotten him season one of Savior; Ayane had gotten him season two of the same show; Tess had gotten him a dark-blue carpet she said was great for sitting on to pray or meditate; Diane had gotten him a black book and Mel had gotten him a bottle of cream liquor.

            "I figure you might need that these days," Diane told Tucker with a wink, indicating her gift.

            "Right, lets have some fun!" exclaimed Mel, practically running down the hallway with her fellow passengers in slower pursuit. Tucker moved his gifts to sit with the rest, surprised no one had commented on the big box yet. The lack of comments changed when the next guest reached the door as the parade was finally starting to die down.

            "Wow, someone must really like you!" remarked Lisa Collins, Tucker's old neighbor, entering the house and giving Tucker a quick hug while looking at the box. "What's in it, or do you not know yet?" Lisa had her hair in a Dutch braid and was wearing a light brown sundress, a hint of a pink bikini visible underneath.

            "A wax statue a museum had to sell off, so they got a good deal on it apparently," revealed Tucker, hugging Lisa back but pleased that girl he'd dated once didn't linger in the embrace like Kathryn had. "How are you?"

            "I'm great, nice to see you again and happy birthday," replied Lisa, offering Tucker her gift. "I figured you could use a digital photo frame, I heard from Maggie you're talking a lot more snapshots these days."

            "Maggie told you that?" asked Tucker in surprise as he examined the gift. "Well that is true... thanks a lot!" Lisa smiled and gave Tucker a quick peck on the cheek.

            "Don't hang around the door all day, people might think you're fooling around with whoever is in that box," warned Lisa with a devious smile as she headed down the hall. Tucker grinned a bit wryly; Lisa having no idea he'd once fooled around with the real Kim Corrigan using his wand, not that she even knew that the box contained a meticulously crafted Kim Corrigan dummy. Glancing outside, Tucker saw a taxi pull up as what he'd thought was the last guest to arrive reached the door.

            "Hey man, happy day of birth!" exclaimed James Hewitt, wearing a green tracksuit with no shirt underneath, a sword resting on his shoulder. "I've got a real beauty for you my friend... I spent a lot of time getting this one right."

            "Holy shit, really?!" Tucker practically shouted, getting a good look at the sword James was offering him. The sword was a wodao, a Chinese blade similar to the Japanese tachi. The blade lacked a real curve but was of Damascus steel, also featuring Chinese characters etched down near the hilt. Tucker's Mandarin was decent, given he'd lived in a Chinese household for a time, so he could tell it said 'Great Scholar.' The grip was also impressive, wrapped in fine blue cord with a faux ivory pommel, a small piece of amethyst set in the base.

            "I don't mean to brag..." began James.

            "Yes you do," corrected Tucker, admiring the work on the weapon, including the red-wrapped scabbard. ŌThis is wonderful.Ķ

            "Well... I still think its one of my best pieces, and even then it wasn't a bank-breaker for the materials," finished James, brushing aside Tucker's remark. "I know a bunch of Anime chuckle-heads that come into the shop asking about our katana selection and I always wanted to educate them, so I might make another just to give them their lesson."

            "Hey, if our expansion plans go through, you'd have your own workspace to do whatever you want," pointed out Tucker, referring to the upcoming plans to open a second location with their store. "Anyhow, go on in, I'll be right behind you..."

            "There's still that hot blonde back there with that giant teddy," pointed out James, indicating the window. "If she's single be sure to introduce me later by the way." Puzzled, Tucker glanced outside as James wandered off, surprised to see a familiar face approaching with, as James had said, a large teddy bear.

            "I had no idea you were coming!" exclaimed Tucker as he opened the door, letting Colette Landry in. The French-Canadian was a member of the International Temporal Enforcement Agency and Tucker figured she'd have been busy as of late, having heard about an incident in New York that he'd suspected she'd been involved in. Colette was wearing what was probably her favorite outfit, namely a black leather jacket over a red spaghetti strap top and blue jeans, her hair back in a ponytail. Colette was carrying a human-sized brown teddy bear by the looks of it.

            "Thought a surprise would be fun, plus I had some time off," explained Colette as she lugged the large object inside, standing the stuffed bear up next to the box that contained the wax mannequin. "Whew... so first up, happy birthday."

            "Thanks, great to see you," replied Tucker as the pair shared a hug, though a brief one as Tucker felt practically nothing for her. The issue for Tucker was that Colette had voiced her love for his uncle, and given she'd slept with Scott at least once in the past so Tucker felt too disturbed to ever mess with her again, in spite of having done so prior to that information being revealed.

            "So I figure you're wondering, 'why a bear?'" commented Colette, grinning at Tucker as she patted the furry objectÕs chest.

            "It had crossed my mind," confirmed Tucker, studying the stuffed animal a bit more closely. As he touched one of the bear's arms he felt it shift slightly but noted it felt more stiff than fluffy, also noting a crease around the base of the head.

            "You might want to use your wand now, then unfreeze me so I can introduce you properly," suggested Colette, continuing to grin as she crossed her arms. Giving into the prompt, Tucker pulled out his wand and froze time. Tucker then immediately tapped Colette with the wand, unfreezing her so she then lowered her arms. "Okay, have a look," prompted Colette.

            Putting his wand aside, Tucker carefully grasped the bear's head and slowly lifted, revealing it to be a costume after all. Underneath the head was a very hot, very frozen, redhead with ruby lips and brownish-blue eyes. "Tucker, meet Angela Schwarz, your birthday present," announced Colette, moving to step around behind the immobilized redhead. "German, born in nineteen seventy-eight. Real redhead too, and while you can't see it yet, she's got a pretty nice body."

            "So she's mine to keep?" asked Tucker in surprise, though he did like the idea. "What, did she do something bad?"

            "Attempted blackmail, the really dangerous kind," explained Colette, doing something with one hand while showing Tucker how curly Angela's hair was with the other. "I've overdosed her on Type-7 but you should probably permanently freeze her with your wand too, just to be safe. I picked her up a few weeks ago and thought you might like to have her. I remember you mentioning last time we talked you didn't have a redhead in your collection."

            "Well, Jennifer I did technically give to Haley," noted Tucker as he found out Colette had been doing with her other hand, namely unzipping the back of the costume. The bulky brown fur fell away to reveal Angela was clad only in a bikini underneath, the outfit navy blue with white fish images all over it. The bikini covered very little, essentially resembling a coconut top worn by hula dancers and then a thong, Tucker having to squint to confirm that the images were in fact fish. Angela remained standing like she had with the bear suit on, her arms raised away from her sides with her fingers spread apart. Taking Colette's advice, Tucker waved his wand over Angela's head, ensuring she wouldn't unfreeze even if the overdose somehow wore off.

            "Still, this one is yours; do not re-gift," Colette told Tucker sternly, the pair then chuckling as they shared another hug. "Seriously, happy birthday."

            "Thanks, you're the best," offered Tucker as the pair parted, Colette then glanced down the hallway.

            "Party out back?" asked the blonde.

            "Yeah, just let me move Angela and we'll get to it," confirmed Tucker, running his hand down the backside of his newest collection piece.

            "Are you kidding?" scoffed Colette, grinning as she spoke. "This girl, she's here for the pool! Lets take her outside!" Tucker was about to protest but then realized since time was frozen there was no harm in bringing the redhead outside with them, at least for a bit.

            "Follow me," nodded Tucker, picking Angela up under his arm as he led Collette outside.

            The party did appear to be in full swing, or at least that's how it looked at the moment it was frozen in time. Not far from where Tucker and Colette had emerged Tess, Chrissy, Bianca and Lance were all standing in a squared-circle, holding plastic cups while apparently in mid-conversation. Over in Karina's yard, standing by the bar were Ayane and Mel, the Irish girl reaching down into the bar while Ayane was leaning her back against it, resting her elbows as she looked at Tucker's pool. Tucker's pool, as it happened, contained James, who'd most likely just stripped off to reveal his tiger-stripe trunks; Chi, who was just dipping into the water, creating a flowery frozen splash after coming off of the diving board; Aaron, who was treading water near where Chi had landed; and finally Kathryn who floated against the side and was focused on the door Tucker had emerged from. Over in Karina's pool, Tucker could see Kat, Chris, Diane and Lisa; the couple of the four appearing to be snuggling on the steps entering the body of water. Brit, a bit surprisingly, had gone to join Haley, Ginger and Kayla, who were all in the hot tub, Brit only in up to her knees but had a Paralyzer in her hand.

            "I had no idea you knew so many good looking women," whistled Colette, giving Tucker a nudge as she moved over to the group of four that were nearby. Angela was placed down in between Bianca and Lance, the woman of the pair resting her left hand in front of her hip while her right held her up by her waist, her gaze on Chrissy with her lips parted. Lance meanwhile had a grin on his face and was holding his cup at his waist with both hands, looking at his girlfriend. Tucker moved to join Colette, headed for Tess who held her cup up near her chin while gesturing palm up at Bianca, her lips parted but her teeth together, her right knee bent. Chrissy was who Colette moved to, the Korean drinking from her cup with her right hand while her left touched the back of her neck, thus her chest was thrusting outwards.

            "I thought you were into guys, or at least my uncle," commented Tucker as he reached up under Tess's blouse to feel her back. Besides her commitment to modesty Tess did believe in the importance of cleanliness thus of all the soccer players Tucker had always thought she quite possibly had the best skin. Kat had once told Tucker that Tess showered in the morning, after practices and then usually had baths at night, having set up a TV so she could watch shows while cleaning herself.

            "Oh I am, just always liked Asian girls," revealed Colette as she removed the cup from Chrissy's rigid hand and put it on the ground, then proceeding to feel the girl's face. "Plus, there's something about people being all statuesque like this... Really I think everyone becomes a little bi-curious in these situations."

            "I never have," stated Tucker as he removed Tess's cup from her hand.

            "Never?" questioned Colette as her hands began to touch Chrissy's neck.

            "Nope," confirmed Tucker, reaching one hand down into Tess's skirt while the other went up her blouse from the front.

            "Weird," shrugged Colette, then proceeding to give Chrissy a kiss. "Oh, she's great... what's her name?"

            "Chrissy Pak; a soccer player and an Anime fan," revealed Tucker as he parted Tess's teeth and moved in, giving her a kiss of his own.

            "She is adorable," moaned Colette as she tipped the Korean girl over, laying her on the ground. "I was going to worry about wasting time but I keep forgetting itÕs under your control... So lets enjoy this."

            "Right there with you," chuckled Tucker, briefly breaking his kiss with Tess before returning right back to it. Colette and Tucker ended up spending the next several minutes making out with their frozen partners, Colette even wrapping Chrissy's arms around her while Tucker had moved to sit on a deck chair with Tess seated on his lap.

            "Whew... better save myself though, should wait until the party's wrapping up to go all the way with someone," remarked Colette, breaking the verbal silence as she sat up from Chrissy, breathing heavily. "Now who is that cute number over by the bar?"

            "Ayane Nakamura," answered Tucker, standing Tess back up and deciding to move on. "Another soccer player, also an art student." Tucker added that Mel Donavan was with Ayane and recalled he hadn't played with the Irish girl in a while. Soon enough Tucker and Colette were joining the frozen blondes by the bar, Colette casually putting her arm around Ayane. The Japanese girl's face was relaxed and her lips were parted, possibly indicating she'd been talking when time had stopped. Mel meanwhile had her left hand reaching for, of all things, a bottle of vodka, a move that surprised Tucker since he knew Mel took paying tribute to her heritage very seriously. Tucker then realized Mel might just be making a drink for Ayane, but nonetheless the patriotic Irish girl going for vodka first did amuse him a bit, so much so that he mentioned it to Colette.

            "Is it potato vodka?" inquired Colette, grinning. Looking down, Tucker saw that it actually was.

            "Yep," confirmed Tucker as he got up, moving Mel to stand upright as he did. "I swear if I ever go to Ireland she's going to make me look like an asshole."

            "Irish girl I work with is pretty normal, though she is a fan of plaid skirts and partying," commented Colette, starting to play with Ayane's hair so that a few of the tips were out of her face. "Funnily enough, I think she just started dating our resident Japanese analyst. Not sure how that happened..."

            "Who knows, some people just click," commented Tucker as he slowly ran his fingers along the tattoos on Mel's exposed chest, which looked like heritage lines. "You ever fool around with some of the Asian women you work with? Hui and Miranda are pretty cute..."

            "Not really, it can be tricky since I can't stop time on a whim like you," pointed out Colette as she began to unzip Ayane's hoodie. "Hey is that Madison girl you knocked up going to be here?"

            "No, I think between her girlfriend and me not being on good terms with her sister she decided to pass," revealed Tucker as he loosened Mel's kilt, causing it to fall to the ground. "Still we do talk a lot. I'm sure by the time the kid is born we'll have everything figured out."

            "Good, important to work that out when you've got the time, no pun intended," nodded Colette before she turned Ayane's head to face hers and began kissing. Tucker meanwhile lowered Mel to the ground, her kilt off revealing a right pair of saffron swim bottoms, and actually began feeling up her groin.

            "Oh... best party ever..." breathed Colette minutes later, having likewise lowered Ayane to the ground during that time, also having stripped off the girl's hoodie to reveal a white and black polka dot bikini top, which had in turn come loose to reveal her left breast. Tucker, feeling stimulated but not at the peak, noted that Colette's face was flushed and she had a satisfied smile on her face.

            "Enjoyed yourself?" asked Tucker, trying not to grin.

            "Definitely," chuckled Colette, slowly getting up. "Look, um, I know itÕs your party after all but, um, could I be alone out here for a few? I'll help clean everything up out here while I'm at it but um, yeah..."

            "No problem, I can put my gifts away," nodded Tucker, figuring he'd let the girl have her moment since she didn't usually get the chance.

* * *

            It took Tucker a while but he was able to find places for his stack of gifts away, framing the autograph, shelving the DVD sets, putting the clothes in his closet, hanging the calendar in his office, placing the sword on a shelf in his room and finally putting the Kim Corrigan mannequin in his office. His newest girl, redheaded Angela, was still outside; Colette having offered to bring her in when she was done, while the costume had been brought upstairs. A glance out the window showed that Colette was still working on fixing Ayane and Mel, Tess and Chrissy were still disturbed, so after giving Karina, who was stashed in his closet again, a kiss hello Tucker decided to wander out front.

            "Huh," muttered Tucker, noticing a delivery truck outside that he hadn't seen before. Thanks to congested street parking the delivery van was several cars down, right at the property line between Tucker's house and his neighbor Sunny Pierce's. Curious since it was his birthday, Tucker walked down to the truck.

            A deliveryman had just loaded a large box onto a gurney, one that Tucker saw had his name literally stenciled on it. "A delivery for me..." muttered Tucker, grinning a bit. "Oh, its from Tasia!" realized Tucker, seeing the senderÕs address. Tasia was a gorgeous redheaded Greek ITEA agent that Tucker had actually had a sort of love affair with for a few weeks around Christmas; the two were just not into each other romantically but still remained close and keen on a physical relationship.

            "I got this," Tucker told the silent time-stopped deliveryman, wheeling the large box away and taking it up to his front door. After returning the dolly to the deliveryman Tucker headed back and pulled the large box inside, curious just what Tasia had sent.

            "This should be good," muttered Tucker as he got to work opening the box, being careful as he removed the tape in case whatever was in the box, which was labeled as being fragile, broke. Tucker was in for quite the shock however when he parted the large cardboard flaps and was greeted with the sight of a large amount of foam that was holding a very familiar shape in place. Tasia Spiro, wearing a green one-piece suit with a big red bow on her breasts, was standing at attention with a grin on her face. Tucker quickly noticed that Tasia's hair had gone from red to a lighter brown, even having hints of dark in it, plus there was an envelope held out stiffly in her left hand.

            "This is new," commented Tucker, restraining his urge to just start making out with the frozen beauty right then and there as he pried the envelope from her grasp and opened it, reading the note.

Dear Birthday Boy,

Happy birthday (of course)! I've got some time off so I thought it would be fun to arrive this way. Miranda (remember her?) helped prepare and ship me. Behind my heels should be a container that has Type-7 and the counter-agent in it. To make sure I didn't wake up early, I overdosed.

Make sure you stop time before waking me up, because I'm hoping for some alone time...


Tasia <3

            "Huh," came a voice, making Tucker turn quickly to see that Colette was done outside, having Angela tucked under her right arm. "You mentioned you'd spent a little time with Tasia but I guess you're closer than I thought..."

            "I was not expecting this," confessed Tucker as he put down the note. "Actually... would it be good if she knew you were here?"  he asked with a nod to the motionless, grinning, Tasia.

            "No, that might be complicated; I'd rather not associate too much with you in case someone decides to probe your background a little more and wonders about the connection," replied Colette, glancing around. "Having Angela here will only make it worse; Tasia might wonder why she's my gift to you. You'd better freeze me too, to be safe, and hide me someplace with her..."

            "Right, basement should be fine," suggested Tucker, grabbing his wand from nearby where he'd left it. "Come on."

            Tucker led Colette downstairs, where she soon placed the spread-out Angela amongst the other human statues that were present. "She looks good with this group, granted there is another redhead," noted Colette, singling out Jennifer. "Love the hair. If I could pull one off I'd probably try to bring back the beehive."

            "Noted," smiled Tucker. "So you want me to just freeze you or do you want to pose or something?"

            "Well if I get a choice..." mused Colette, glancing around before settling on standing in between Rachel and Julie, putting her arms around their necks. "Between two Mortal Kombat ladies I should look pretty good..." Tucker smiled and raised his wand, waving it to freeze Colette as she smiled without showing teeth. Tucker did the motion twice, ensuring Colette would stay frozen even if time were released, then doing it again to Angela just to be safe.

            "I'll wake you up later... we need to get some gaming in if we can," Tucker told Colette, walking up and patting the now-frozen blonde on the shoulder. As Tucker stood close to the French-Canadian he did feel the urge to kiss her but the thought was quickly dashed as he once again remembered the little fact about her and his uncle.

            "Damn it, Uncle Scott," grumbled Tucker as he headed back upstairs.

            Arriving back at Tasia's box, Tucker tapped the now-brunette to unfreeze her from time before heading in to find the counter-agent, then quickly managing to load it into a needle. "Okay, wake-up-time beautiful," whispered Tucker as he filled Tasia with the serum, then carefully putting the syringe aside. Sure enough, no sooner than did Tucker casually put the needle down on a hallway table did Tasia blink once and casually step out of the box.

            "Hey there, why don't you unwrap your present?" asked Tasia with a grin, putting her hands on her hips. Tucker grinned ear to ear and was lost, as Tasia upon him almost immediately. The occasional lovers began to kiss passionately as they removed their clothes, Tasia having a far easier time doing it than Tucker. Heedless of comfort the pair were soon having sex on the floor, Tasia on top. The act was all very primal, the pair's inescapable attraction driving them to it.

            "Whew," gasped Tucker almost twenty minutes later by his estimate as Tasia cuddled up next to him. "So, good to see you. Gotta admit, wasn't expecting your arrival this way."

            "But you knew I'd come?" asked Tasia, patting him on the chest. "You didn't think I'd be busy saving the world?"

            "I figured if you weren't you'd find a way," chuckled Tucker, giving Tasia a kiss on the forehead as they continued to lie on the floor. "I gotta ask, what's up with the hair?"

            "Oh right, that," realized Tasia, touched her now-messy head of hair. "Well my natural color's actually a kind of copper, you know, a kind of reddish-brown? For years I'd been giving it treatments to bring out the red but lately I've been wanting to try other shades. I'm thinking I might go for chestnut later or even something crazy like blonde."

            "That will be fun to see, you should email me pictures," remarked Tucker, suddenly noticing how uncomfortable being on the floor was. "Okay, I think we should get up..."

            "Yeah, that was great but I think in this situation we can limit spoon time," confirmed Tasia, standing and giving Tucker a chance to admire her lusciously-tan skin, even running his hand down her backside. "Hey now, you up for a sexy shower?"

            "Yep," nodded Tucker, grinning. "Oh, time is stopped. Actually, I should ask, just how long have you got?"

            "A few days," revealed Tasia as she guided his hand away from her rear and up to her breasts. "Before Miranda boxed me up, I made sure we'd be on leave for a few days to pursue a possible case that's supposed to be in Cornwall. I was given the time and really after some recent events they just said that even if its regular time off they're fine with it. I still tried to spin the assignment angle though so my companion could come."

            "Companion?" asked Tucker, then realizing that the delivered box seemed a bit big to just hold Tasia and her small amount of supplies. "Wait..."

            "Yep!" confirmed Tasia, heading over to the box and, with a big gesture, pulled down the foam that had held her comfortably to reveal a second woman. Tasia was a bit taller than Tucker, having about an inch or two on him, but the second woman was even taller, easily being close to six feet if not over that. The woman was a blonde, having her hair's tips just reach around her impressive breasts, was clearly athletic due to muscle definition and had a farmer tan of sorts, the blue bikini she was wearing showing non-uniform tan lines all over. Tucker was in particular drawn to the blonde's face, though her chest was nice, as she had grayish-blue eyes and a mole between her eyebrows. "Tucker, meet security guard Yelena Nikitin," Tasia announced.

            "Security guard?" scoffed Tucker, finding it hard to believe in spite of the fact that the woman, even without showing her stomach, had clear muscle definition and no small amount of it.

            "The two easiest places to find attractive women outside of the media industries are politics and law enforcement," declared Tasia as she pulled the blank-faced Yelena free from her protective foam. "She thinks I'm using her as bait to lure out a guy who's been buying women. I figured you'd enjoy some time with her before we go home."

            "I'm looking forward to that..." commented Tucker, trying not to lick his lips as he fantasized motor-boating in between Yelena's breasts.

            "Why don't we have her join is in the shower?" suggested Tasia, squeezing the at-attention Yelena close so her buxom chest would press against her own.

            "I'm fine with that..." nodded Tucker, happy he didn't need to hide his fresh erection.

* * *

            Tucker had frozen the entire party with his wand before unfreezing time so he could use the shower, which was a good idea since it lasted at least twenty minutes, and his clothing was still downstairs. The man who'd tried to deliver Tasia and Yelena had probably come and gone, mystified at the signed waybill, missing package, and large tip but Tucker didn't care, he'd just had a great shower. Yelena was currently naked and leaning against the wall of the shower stall, her arms raised up above her head with her knees slightly bent, a big smile molded onto her face after Tasia had gone on about the woman's great teeth. Tasia and Tucker were currently curled up on the warm tile floor of the shower, kissing as the last of the just turned-off water drained away. "You are the best," muttered Tucker in between smooches.

            "Right back at you," replied Tasia, slicking back Tucker's hair in between kisses. "As fun as this is though, we should go check out your guests... they won't be here as long as I will be after all."

            "Works for me, we've always got later," smiled Tucker, giving Tasia one last kiss before helping her up. The pair quickly dried themselves, Tasia pulled her hair back in a ponytail before going downstairs to get their clothes back on and disposing of the bow that had been on her bikini.

            "I see a few women I'd like to know better," commented Tasia upon stepping outside, looking at the scene. The party was frozen like it had been for Colette but with time now moving and only the general area frozen the large bodies of water were now properly liquid, the piping systems not frozen and thus real water was seeping in. Taking Tucker's hand, Tasia led him past his own pool and into Karina's yard, where she promptly led him into the pool. "This one, she's familiar..."

            "That's Lisa Collins," explained Tucker, joining Tasia near his old neighbor. "You checked her out back when I lived at my old place." Lisa was currently standing with water halfway up her thighs with her right leg in front of her left with the matching arm forward, her hand rolled up as if holding a teacup minus the raised pinky with the left arm doing the same but behind her. Lisa had a relaxed and toothless smile on her lips but still looked very cute, something Tucker had always liked about her.

            "I think she'll be my first partner, I like visiting old friends," commented Tasia as she moved in, the taller woman touching the shorter one's back before lowering her hands into her pink bikini bottoms. "Speaking of old friends, did Erika and her clan RSVP?"

            "Erika?" asked Tucker, knowing she meant Erika Stone, but surprised to hear her mentioned. "No, I haven't heard from her in a while, not that we really keep in touch." As Tucker spoke he moved over to Diane, who was leaning against the side of the pool with her arms up on the side, smiling as she looked over at the bar where Ayane and Mel were.

            "So she didn't let you know I was coming?" realized Tasia as she turned Lisa around, starting to slip off her bikini. "I asked her to call you and consider attending, though granted she didn't really sound interested even after I told her I'd be in town..."

            "Maybe she's busy, she does run a company and didn't she get kidnapped along with you not too long ago?" pointed out Tucker as he let Diane's hair down and felt her sizable breasts through her bikini.

            "I guess, just seems a bit odd to freeze us out, if you'll forgive the phrasing," mused Tasia as Lisa's outfit was fully removed and began to float away. Tucker watched for a moment as Tasia pulled Lisa underwater before focusing back on Diane, finding a way to move the part of her swimsuit that covered her crotch and going to it while kissing the woman's neck and lips, though he didn't bother to reshape her mouth thus she kept her bright smile.

            Tucker ended up taking a bit longer to finish than Tasia, feeling a bit spent while the Greek had been frozen for a few days so she was ready for multiple sessions. The timing still ended up working out as by the time Tasia had managed to recover Lisa's swimsuit and put it back on her, Tucker was straightening out Diane's bikini as he pulled back, "So who are you thinking is next?" asked Tucker as he headed for the stairs were Kat and Chris were frozen while cuddling.

            "The hot tub looks fun, I see your ex- turned roommate is in there," noted Tasia before taking a quick dive underwater. "You up for that?"

            "Did kind of have fun in there earlier but I could join," shrugged Tucker as he came out of the water, heading up onto the concrete around the pool. Tasia was nearly out of the water when, to Tucker's surprise, she suddenly froze in place. Tasia was standing with her feet together, the water halfway up her calves, with her hands running through her hair. The Greek's eyes were half-closed and her mouth was open, looking as if she was in some sort of dream-like state.

            "Sorry Jumpy, but I just had to interrupt!" came a voice from behind him, causing Tucker to turn and see a group of people walking towards him who'd apparently just come around the side of the house. Leading the pack was his acquaintance Chloe Noi, someone he hadn't expected to see. The petite Korean woman was sporting red pants that looked like they were rip-away along with a white T-shirt with some fight logo Tucker didn't know and a leather jacket on top of that. Chloe's hair was often highlighted or possessed streaks, and in this case the streaks were purple. Chloe's first companion was Jamie Mosley, now Jamie Noi, who Tucker was a long-time friend with. Jamie was wearing a yellow sundress, underneath it Tucker was able to see bits of a black bikini while the redhead's hair was pulled back in a ponytail. The third person Tucker had trouble making out as she was wheeling a large box towards them, but he saw a flash of long blonde hair and feminine arms.

            "You could have had worse timing, its fine," nodded Tucker, waving as he moved to meet up with the trio. The blonde with the duo Tucker knew was now visible, the woman looking a few years older than him with curly blonde hair, brown eyes and an outfit that consisted of blue jeans, a white halter-top and a red leather jacket.

            "Happy birthday!" exclaimed Jamie, giving Tucker a quick hug in greeting, probably only the third hug she'd ever given him to his knowledge. "Sorry we had to freeze your guests..."

            "Oh actually, I..." began Tucker, then realizing Jamie still had no idea about his magic wand, even now after she'd married Chloe. "You didn't tell her?" Tucker whispered to the wearer of the magic ring.

            "Didn't think it was appropriate, given itÕs yours and I've got mine," shrugged Chloe, playing around with the Ring of the Haetae which, just moments ago thanks to a snapping of fingers, had frozen Tasia into a very sexy statue.

            "Hang on, 'yours?'" repeated Jamie, glancing around at the frozen party. "Wait... oh my God, you've got some kind of magic artifact too, haven't you?!"

            "This little number, the Wand of Kronos," revealed Tucker, holding up his wand, which had been left at poolside when he'd gone in the water but picked up upon leaving it. "Works a bit like her ring, can freeze stuff individually as well as stop time. Does a lot more than that actually, but I've only learned a few of its tricks."

            "He just says that because he hasn't learned how to destroy stuff, though I am a bit jealous that he can stop time indefinitely," added Chloe, offering a smirk.

            "Wow, this explains..." mumbled Jamie, taking a step back. "...those times Maggie seemed to vanish or appear out of thin air... those weird incidents where clothing was gone... that was all you?!"

            "Well, Mags did borrow the wand a few... dozen times," admitted Tucker, deciding to not mention that his estranged friend had a magic clock of her own. "I don't know if Chloe told you but I'm the one who originally froze your twin."

            "I was wondering just how she'd found her," chuckled Jamie, shaking her head. "So there are other magical artifacts like the ring... I guess it shouldn't be surprising."

            "Well a couple of groups online speculate that infusing objects with magic was the best way to exploit a spell without having to keep casting it," recalled Tucker, having done a lot of research, which had helped him learn a few new spells along the line. "For privacy's sake I won't say who, but I know that there's more than just my wand and her ring out there."

            "Whew... I think I'm going to sleep great tonight, not that I don't usually," breathed Jamie. "Actually this makes Chloe's gift make a lot more sense. I figured you just might be familiar with Type-7 given what happened in Hawaii, but I had no idea..."

            "Oh yeah the gift, and happy birthday and all that," offered Chloe, indicating the box and the striking woman standing beside it. "This is my Spydoll Mina Janssen by the way, in case you want to check her out later. Just be aware she was known for dealing Ecstasy and may have been into other drugs recreationally so... protection would be wise."

            "Not as big into the chip thing as you are so she'll probably just be frozen if I do go that way, thanks," nodded Tucker. "I must say I'm surprised you showed. I sent Jamie that Facebook invite just to be polite more than anything; didn't expect you to fly here."

            "Well she wanted to visit the book store and we've got a possible contact here for a contract we're working," explained Chloe, then tapping the box. "Besides your birthday, I was also looking for a chance to deal with what's in here..."

            "Mina, open the box," ordered Jamie, and Tucker stepped back to watch the Spydoll react as instructed. Moments later the box's flaps were pulled back to reveal its contents, and Tucker was not disappointed. A blonde woman that looked to be in her mid-thirties was resting in what looked like a plastic mold for an action figure, held to it by zip ties at key locations. The woman's feet wore black leather stiletto heels, though they had tips like cowboy boots and there were also spurs. Black booty shorts and fishnet stockings, the former also black leather, were worn over the woman's shapely legs.  A metal pole also reached up into the fly of her pants, said pole attached to a base at the bottom of the box as if meant for a mannequin, though the woman was definitely real. Around the human mannequin's waist were gun holsters with purple dildos visible inside them, the woman's hands were resting on her hips just above them. On her chest the blonde only had a halter-top that looked like it had been made from a blouse, being white plaid with buttons and a collar but no sleeves or space below her breasts. Finally on the woman's smiling head was a black leather cowboy hat; her hair was styled in sausage curls.

            "I'd like you to meet my – as of now former – stepmother Annika Ostergard," explained Chloe, grinning as she gestured at the costumed woman Tucker could only describe as a cowgirl whore. "I thought given my opinion of her and the fact that she isn't a fan of Texas, the outfit was appropriate."

            "I don't know what to ask first," commented Tucker, looking the well-packaged woman up and down. "I think I'm going to go with the question about why you're giving me your, admittedly very attractive, stepmother."

            "She was born in 1972 so she isn't even forty yet, by the way," revealed Chloe, now pacing with her arms behind her back. "Anyhow, without really getting too into it, she tried to screw over my father's company by selling company secrets, ones I was helping to protect as it happened, to someone else. Never liked her much to begin with but that sealed the deal. I froze her with my ring rather than just Type-7 and it might actually be a good idea to freeze her with your wand too so she'll never accidentally unfreeze somehow."

            "Great idea," nodded Tucker, waving his wand at the erotic mannequin, who did not look any different as she became frozen in time. "Where are you guys staying? I should get you to help double-freeze some other people in my collection..."

            "The Stilton; itÕs our favorite chain right now," piped up Jamie, who'd gone to check out the nearby group of four that included Tess, Chrissy, Bianca and Lance.

            "Right, so the mold..." Tucker then mentioned, indicating the plastic that held Annika's form so well.

            "Her niece helped me put that together, she's great at designing stuff," explained Chloe. "Now then... might if we visit some of your guests?"

            "Oh by all means, I think I'll give Mina a tour since you'll be taking her back with you," nodded Tucker, smiling at the chipped woman who stood idle. "Lets take, I dunno, half an hour? After that we should probably either stop time or get everyone moving again and save fun for later."

            "Works for me," commented Jamie, who'd now stepped away from the group of four.

            "Yeah, go ahead, just let us know when," added Chloe. "Mina, obey all of that man's commands."

            "Understood," replied Mina, sounding a bit more animated than Tucker would have expected, given his own experience with the effects of control chips.

            "Okay then, Mina, please follow me," ordered Tucker, making sure he had his wand handy as the pair left, heading into the house.

* * *

            "You know I'm surprised to see my ex- isn't here," commented Jamie Noi as she walked through the frozen party, heading into the connecting yard. Chloe had quickly stripped off her outfit to reveal a special Noi Industries bikini her cousin Kyla had helped her make, the outfit a wrap-around top and thong, both black with the company logo on them. Jamie herself was slower to peel off her own dress, revealing her own bikini that was more traditional.

            "What's odder is that mine is," remarked Chloe, indicating Britney Summers as the couple approached the hot tub that contained four motionless women. Jamie had a passing familiarity with all of them, Brit being Chloe's last real lover before they'd gotten married, Haley being Tucker's ex- and current roommate while Ginger and Kayla were Haley's closest friends.

            "Well Tucker seems to have gotten quite a few guests this year, which is good for him," complimented Jamie as she climbed into the hot tub to squeeze in between Kayla and Haley. "Surprised no one from my store is here, but since he quit..." Haley's mouth was open and her dimples helped make it look like she was squinting, her hands were raised with her fingers spread as she looked at Ginger. Kayla had her arms around the rim of the tub, with her left hand holding a half-empty glass that Jamie collected and sipped.

            "I just find it funny I never really knew him until I got my ring," observed Chloe, lowering Britney into the hot tub while taking her drink, ending up next to Ginger with the blonde on her lap. "If I had gotten to know Jumpy I might have met you sooner..." Ginger was grinning, her teeth flashing just how white they were, while she held a glass aloft in her right hand, her left in her lap.

            "Hey, we still ended up together so who are we to complain with results?" asked Jamie, smiling and then glancing over at Haley. Jamie had known Haley for essentially since Tucker had first started dating her, given she'd started coming to Persephone's Books while Jamie had been manager. During their trip to Hawaii together Jamie had always lamented a bit about not being able to at least get a better look at what Haley had when exposed but back then she didn't know that the girl was apparently frozen a lot by her now ex-boyfriend.

            "I'm just glad you didn't formally accept his Facebook invite, I love surprising people," chuckled Chloe as she let Brit's hair out of the French twist and began to kiss the blonde's neck. "So you want to meet in the middle or do one of these ladies strike your fancy?"

            "I think I'll go with this number right here," indicated Jamie, nodding at Haley as she pulled in closer and wrapped her arm around the frozen blonde. "Super-model, you know. Signed with Models Inc and everything!"

            "Right, I remember hearing that!" exclaimed Chloe, slapping the water a bit as she spoke. "I can't believe they broke up, though I seem to recall his new girlfriend is pretty hot herself. She out here?"

            "I think that's her twin over in the pool," remarked Jamie, indicating Kat with her free hand as she turned Haley to face her, then proceeding to lock lips with the beautiful mannequin-like model. To Jamie's surprise she found HaleyÕs lips very inviting, up there with some of the best she'd ever kissed. Moving her hand, Jamie felt Haley's chest and amazed just how perfect they felt, being the right mix of firm and soft.

            "Enjoying yourself?" asked Chloe, now in between the smooches she was giving Brit.

            "Lets just say you're going to regret deciding to go with your ex- first," grinned Jamie, deciding to just enjoy herself for now and let Chloe discover the wonderful facts about Haley later. Bathing suits were quickly lost as the married couple got themselves and their partners naked, finding themselves enjoying their little vacation just like that.

* * *

            "I don't know how much I've got left," gasped Tucker as he lay naked on his bed, with Mina next to him and equally nude. The chipped blonde had been frozen by the wand, which once again sat on Tucker's bedside table.  She was currently posed with her arms at her sides but bent ninety degrees at the elbows, almost like a sex doll. Mina had a smile on her face, with her lips slightly parted so Tucker had been able to effectively kiss her, and her legs were as far apart as her shoulders. In spite of exhaustion at already having messed around several times that day it had only taken Tucker around twenty-five minutes to finish with Mina, finding the new face to be quite stimulating even if she had taken a lot of drugs in the past.

            "Oh man," breathed Tucker, sitting up. "Best birthday ever... no idea how this could get better." As if to interrupt his thought, Tucker's landline promptly rang, causing him to scramble for the cordless phone resting near the wand. "Hello?" answered Tucker.

            "Hello indeed my boy," came a familiar voice. "We're out front if you'd care to tap your wand and then come and get us." With that the line went dead, leaving Tucker puzzled for nearly a second before he figured out just what was happening. Suddenly excited, Tucker quickly pulled on a fresh shirt, a black T-shirt with a Zeta Gundam logo on it, and a pair of purple swimming trunks. Wand in hand, Tucker quickly tapped it five times to freeze time as he headed downstairs, going outside.

            "Hey Jumpy, what's up with freezing time without a warning?" called Chloe as Tucker made his way over, getting a good look at what the girls had been up to. Chloe had Brit naked and floating on her back in the middle of the hot tub, her arms and legs stretched wide. Jamie was out of the tub, sitting in a cowgirl position on a naked Kayla, the brunette shaped like the letter T. Everyone in the hot tub except for Ginger were currently naked, Haley was slumped forward as if asleep while Chloe was putting on her top.

            "Sorry, but some other guests who didn't RSVP just showed up and asked me to," explained Tucker, looking away as Chloe emerged and straightened her bikini, deciding to be tactful even though he'd seen her naked back when she didn't have the ring and he'd been playing with his wand at Decker State College. "You know them so I thought you'd like to join me? Not like I can freeze you if you don't want to come anyhow..."

            "Eh, why not, was about to see why Jamie was saying I needed to check out your ex- so its probably the best possible time to interrupt," shrugged Chloe, not seeming to care what Tucker saw as they both began to walk around the front. "Why'd you two break up again?"

            "She was worried I was hurting her dream job and decided to focus on her career," revealed Tucker as they walked. "I'm amazed we've been able to stay friends, really."

            "If I had to guess, she probably regrets dumping you," offered Chloe, who'd finished fixing her bathing suit and even grabbed her jacket as they moved. "Probably got lonely at those gigs and didn't feel like joining the other team or banging the vapid twerps that pass as men at those shows."

            "Maybe," shrugged Tucker, deciding to not mention that he'd overheard Haley confess she still had feelings for him a short while after they'd moved in together. Coming around the front Tucker saw a truck looming in the street, a white moving vehicle that had a familiar driver.

            "Hey, that guy, isn't he..." muttered Chloe, gesturing at the truck.

            "Yep, that's my Uncle Scott," confirmed Tucker, hurrying over to the driver's side and, through the open window, tapping his uncle with the wand to unfreeze him.

            "Good, a few more seconds and i might have attracted attention idling here," observed Scott, stepping out of the truck's cabin upon being reanimated. Scott was looking good, being clean-shaven with his hair slicked back and wearing a decent-looking suit. The jacket, a blazer, and pants were navy blue while the shirt was tan with the top two buttons open. "So happy birthday, favorite nephew!" exclaimed Scott, patting Tucker on the shoulder. "Chloe, good to see you here too!"

            "Hate to be rude, but is your wife here?" asked Chloe, glancing around.

            "Ah ha, don't you worry, she never leaves my company if I can avoid it," Scott told Chloe, holding up a finger before looking at Tucker again. "I just wanted to let you know I was able to make another deposit into that account of yours, but looking at the house you really have been putting it to good use. Colette did describe it to me but seeing it in person... wow."

            "I am very grateful for all you've done, but I wanted to let you know my business hasn't seen any of that," revealed Tucker. "Otaku LA is more or less legit and is making a nice profit."

            "In that case the money's just for spontaneous trips to anywhere in the world," chuckled Scott, now leading the pair towards the back of the truck while taking out his keys. "I got into town yesterday, we got a room at the Soft Blue Loft Inn. Funny thing happened, I'll explain that in just a moment..."

            Unlocking the trailer, Scott pushed it open to reveal the contents. Two boxes were visible in the back of the truck, both easily big enough to fit a person. Five time-stopped women were also present, all holding on to special handholds like the kind on buses while dressed in white jumpsuits, making them look like movers. On the left Tucker could see his aunt Ryoshi, a very attractive blonde he didn't know and an ethnic-looking brunette he didn't know. On the right was an African-American woman Tucker remembered was named Torre and a muscular-looking brunette Tucker didn't know. "There she is!" exclaimed Chloe, jumping into the truck first and wrapping her arms around her frozen friend.

            "You of course know your aunt," began Scott, climbing up as he began to point. "Next to her is Adrianna Dashkov, whom I picked up in Spain along with the other one, Teresita Zuniga. I believe you know Torre Myers, since I got her last time we met in person. The last one, Ellen Morrison, I just got her this morning..."

            "This morning?" repeated Tucker, looking at the designated woman. Ellen looked fit yet attractive, having the frame of a woman who could pass as a mover or perhaps even a professional fighter, her eyes colored by what looked like light green contacts.

            "Ellen used to work with Torre, and when she checked in at the hotel she must of somehow found out," explained Scott, shrugging a bit. "She showed up at the front desk looking to speak to her friend. Before we chipped her she went on about how Torre had quit for no reason and she'd been greatly upset by it... I was half-expecting a confession of love."

            "Well, makes sense to chip her then," noted Tucker, holding up his wand. With two taps Tucker began to unfreeze the five women in the truck, starting with Ellen before ending with Ryoshi.

            "Hmm... feels like someone is wishing me a nice hello," commented Ryoshi as she unfroze, glancing down at Chloe, who was still hugging her from the side. "Chloe! Great to see you!" The two women then proceeded to properly hug.

            "You know I'm really surprised you guys were able to make it," remarked Tucker as Ryoshi and Chloe quickly spoke to one another. "Company good?"

            "Utopia Holdings is doing just fine," Scott assured his nephew. "We've made some good progress on making it an actual company now and, even though we've got enough to live in luxury until old age, we can now finance expensive trips like coming here. It's great having the money to fulfill your every whim, though I'm sure that wand of yours is handy for that too."

            "To a degree," nodded Tucker as Ryoshi and Chloe finished talking.

            "And a happy birthday to you, my wonderful nephew!" exclaimed Ryoshi, giving Tucker a hug he found a bit awkward thanks to the fact that while she was his aunt he still found the woman extremely attractive. "You're going to love what we got you! Not even your uncle has seen what's in my box..."

            "I look forward to finding out," added Scott, gesturing out of the truck. "What say we go inside and have the ladies bring those two gifts inside?"

            "Lead on, Jumpy," Chloe told Tucker, who winced a bit at the constant use of the nickname as he led his guests out of the truck. Behind, the four the chipped women got to work, using a pair of dollies to start moving the boxes. The group of four entered the house, kicking off any footwear they had on, and proceeded to sit on the couches in the living room.

            "This isn't bad at all," commented Ryoshi, glancing around. "A shame we didn't give you enough for a penthouse though..."

            "Don't need one, plus I'd never be able to explain that," shrugged Tucker. "You two were supposedly big-time entrepreneurs and Chloe's got her family money. I only just started running a store a few months ago, I still go to college and I've got an online calendar business. Even with a super-model for a roommate, a penthouse seems like a bit much."

            "He's got a point," noted Chloe as Ellen and Torre wheeled in the first box, with Scott's name on it. After stopping the cart, Torre came around the front and produced a retractable knife, using it to cut open the box.

            "Alright Tucker, I'd like you to meet Lara Zanella," announced Scott as the boxÕs flaps were pulled back. A gorgeous tanned woman stood inside the box, posed elegantly as if a mannequin on display. Lara, as Scott had introduced her, had brown hair with blonde streaks and dark brown eyes, her slender face held a neutral expression with a bit of pouty lip. The woman, who Tucker thought looked South-American, was wearing a white dress with a high collar but no sleeves that went down to her knees, gray horizontal stripes of various thicknesses lining it. Lara stood with her left foot forward while leaning back slightly, her left hand was on her hip while her right was hanging just behind the same leg.

            "Okay, that's new," commented Tucker, thinking about all the additions he'd gotten to his collection. Angela was nice since he'd have a redhead of his own again, Annika was pretty good too as while a MILF she could also be played with more than Miss Zoe due to his promise to treat her more like a statue, and now Lara who stood out amongst those in his collection just due to her appearance.

            "Born in 1979 so set to turn thirty this year, a former real estate agent from Brazil," explained Scott, appearing to remember the details from memory. "We crossed paths not too long ago and after deciding to collect her I thought she'd be a unique addition to your own group rather than my own."

            "No argument here," grinned Tucker, eager to really check out the new addition to his collection but restraining himself, knowing he'd have the chance soon enough.

            "Wow, I got you someone new, your uncle got you someone new, and if that box is any indication so did your aunt," observed Chloe. "You'd better go all-out on my birthday..." Adrianna and Teresita wheeled in the second box as Chloe spoke.

            "Open the box," ordered Ryoshi and the chipped women continued to move without so much as a moment to process the order. Teresita used a box-cutter to cut open the container, revealing Tucker's second big gift.

            "Now if you don't remember her, that is one-time super-model Anastasia Stephanos," explained Ryoshi as Tucker had to stand up, stunned at the woman in the box. Tucker remembered hearing that since Anastasia, a model he'd downloaded a couple of wallpapers of back in the day, had been kidnapped by the Paradise Foundation her demands for work had taken a nosedive, much more than nearly any other model involved in the incident. Anastasia, who was a brown-eyed brunette well under thirty, certainly looked like she'd hit close to rock bottom now as she stood in the box. The Greek-born model was wearing a grass skirt, coconut bra, pink lei necklace and an orchid behind her left ear, standing as if in the middle of a generic hula dance with her arms to her left and her knees leaning that way, a bored look on her face.

            "Where did you find her?" asked Tucker, stunned that a super-model he'd fantasized about was not only in his grasp but also a new addition to his collection.

            "Dancing at a used car lot in New Jersey; it wasn't pretty," revealed Ryoshi, her husband giving her a surprised look as was Chloe. "On the plus side, the cheapest car there was around four grand. They were nice used cars..."

            "I love them both," announced Tucker, moving to hug his aunt and uncle. "Thank you guys so much..."

            "I get the feeling Jumpy here might want some alone time," commented Chloe, Tucker noting she'd spotted that his pants seemed to bulging a bit. "Ryoshi, you want to join me outside? There's a party out there that I think we could have some fun with... Plus you can properly meet Jamie."

            "I would love to!" exclaimed Ryoshi, jumping up as Chloe also got up and led the Japanese woman outside, leaving Tucker alone with his uncle, both men now standing as Tucker continued to eye his new collectionÕs additions.

            "The girls will respond to your orders so if you want their help in moving people just say so," Scott told Tucker. "Now, I'm sure Colette is here... mind if I borrow the wand?"

* * *

            "...and I think you know Haley," finished Chloe, having just introduced Ryoshi to every frozen guest outside. Chloe had explained that Jamie had been the one to introduce her to everyone, having memorized the guest list from Facebook. As the tour had been given, Ryoshi was especially pleased to see Tasia Spiro, but was disappointed when shortly afterwords Teresita had come out to pick her up and bring her inside, apparently on Tucker's orders. Chloe's stepmother had also been taken inside, but everyone else had been left as is when the unfrozen pair approached a brunette and a redhead, the latter riding the former in a cowgirl position.

            "This lovely woman is my wife Jamie," Chloe then revealed, touching her wife on the shoulder as the pair came up to the frozen woman, who was clearly more than ready to orgasm on top of Kayla. "Nice that you can finally meet her huh?"

            "Well I did meet her indirectly once," commented Ryoshi, nonetheless admiring the redhead, in particular her hair and skin. "You know I don't think those photos you sent me do her justice. If you're in town for a few days the three of us should have lunch or something..."

            "Jamie was hoping to check out the store before we left, maybe make a couple more visits," nodded Chloe, giving her wife a kiss on the cheek before stepping back. "Okay, now we just need to decide what to do... You want to go right to fooling around with these people or playing a game of some kind first?"

            "Well, I don't usually get the chance to have so many people frozen and time along with it," mused Ryoshi. "I mean, I've got a big collection, but it would be nice just to do something crazy with these people... You a fan of romance movies?"

            "I'm more into action, but I won't deny there's a few titles I have a soft spot for," confessed Chloe, not looking sure as to what Ryoshi was about to propose.

            "Well like your company's name suggests, frozen people are pretty much life-sized dolls," pointed out Ryoshi, leading Chloe back to Tucker's yard. "What say we use that and tell a little story? Pick out a leading man and a woman that he falls for?"

            "Okay, handsome leading man..." muttered Chloe, scanning the crowd. "James over there looks like he'll work."

            "Certainly looks like less of a knob-end than Eric there," commented Ryoshi, nodding at the guy who'd been frozen near his diving wife.

            "Aaron, not that it matters," corrected Chloe, moving to enter the pool and get next to James. "Okay, we've got our male lead, but who do we want to pair him with?"

            "I like Kathryn for that," revealed Ryoshi, indicating the blonde further in the pool. "She's got at least five years on him so they've got an age gap to struggle with, they're both alone in the pool, and while she's attractive we can probably find someone hotter to offer competition in the looks department."

            "Wow, you really thought this out," noted Chloe, grinning as Ryoshi walked over to her by the edge of the pool. "Now, trick is, who to use for the female antagonist..."

            Just as Chloe spoke the pair heard a noise and looked up to see Tucker's window had opened and, surprisingly, out flew a woman. A tall redhead in a white bikini came plunging to the ground face first, hitting the cement hard while standing at attention. Ryoshi and Chloe both looked up at Tucker like he'd just gone insane. "It's cool; sheÕs frozen in time, remember?" called out Tucker with a wave. "Her name's Karina, she owns the house behind us. Hang on..."

            "Are you nuts?!" shouted Ryoshi, surprised that Chloe looked calm about everything as she went to pick up Karina. To Ryoshi's shock Karina was fine, her gorgeous face showing no signs of damage as she was stood up, a smile still on her face.

            "To keep it simple, when someone is frozen in time their core is frozen solid even though they're still posable," explained Chloe, moving around Karina's left arm to demonstrate. "Internal body bits can't be damaged at all. This can be a pain if you want to, say, inject someone with a needle though." As a demonstration Chloe suddenly moved as if to break Karina's arm but, in spite of applying visible amounts of pressure, nothing happened.

            "Good to know, means I can be rough if I want to," grinned Ryoshi as all of a sudden a second form came flying out the window, this one a blonde posed like Karina, who landed back first. Tucker waved from the window once more before closing it.

            "Mina, one of my Spydolls," revealed Chloe, standing up the neutral-faced blonde, who wore a halter top and jeans. "I'm thinking Karina and Mina could be friends and Chi is Kathryn's friend?"

            "Works; letÕs do this," decided Ryoshi, clapping her hands together. "Okay, you put Mina and Karina in position, I'll move Chi and then we'll get started." The two women quickly reacted; soon Karina and Mina being stood near the pool while Chi was moved to be next to Kathryn. Chloe, Ryoshi observed, had posed Karina to have a half-smile on her face and rest her hands on her hips while Mina had her mouth open and was gesturing as if talking. Chi was put to Kathryn's right and posed like her, save she was facing her 'friend' and had her mouth open like Mina.

            "Okay, I'll control Kathryn, you can have James," indicated Chloe, moving into the pool to be next to the smiling blonde while Ryoshi swam over to the handsome brunette. "Alright, and now to set the mood..."

            "It was a beautiful afternoon at his friend Tucker's, and James was enjoying the pool party," started Ryoshi, narrating the fictional story she was making up with Chloe. "As James waded into the pool, an attractive older blond caught his eye." Ryoshi began to manipulate James's body, making him waddle forward before turning his head to properly look at the blonde, forming a smile on his face.

            "Kathryn had only come because her best friend Chi had invited her along, so she was surprised to discover that the kind of guy she'd been waiting for all her life had just entered the pool and was looking at her," continued Chloe, manipulating Kathryn's eyebrows so they suddenly went up. "'I don't see why you aren't having fun,' said Chi." Chloe moved Chi's open mouth as she narrated the model's lines.

            "James flashed Kathryn a smile of his own," narrated Ryoshi, shaping James's mouth so he was doing what she'd said. "She looked like she had a few years on him but he didn't care, he liked the way she smiled."

            "Chi was going to say something else, but Kathryn muttered a magic spell under her breath and her friend suddenly froze like a statue," revealed Chloe, raising Chi's left arm and opening her lips before then moving Kathryn's. "The blonde then moved to get closer to the man of her dreams..."

            "Hang on, magic spells?" interrupted Ryoshi, frowning as Chi dragged a smiling Kathryn towards James. "So she's going to be a witch who can freeze people?"

            "Why not, its not like we need to be realistic," shrugged Chloe, pausing for a moment before continuing to move Kathryn. "'Hi there,' greeted Kathryn as she came up to James, who'd been approaching her as well."

            "'Hi yourself,' replied James, his voice the sexiest he could muster," replied Ryoshi, moving James's right hand to take Kathryn's left. The two frozen people now stood across from one another, their hands touching as they flashed big tooth-filled smiles.

            "Meanwhile, just outside the pool," added Chloe, quickly hopping out of the pool and over to where Karina and Mina stood. "Karina, who like Kathryn was a witch, was talking with her own best friend Mina."

            "Another witch?" questioned Ryoshi, then shrugged. "Whatever."

            "'Hey Karina, I think that ugly blonde is making a move on the hottest guy at the party!' exclaimed Mina," narrated Chloe, moving Mina's mouth and widening her eyes. "Karina turned to look at what was going on, her cocky smile that said she was too cool for the party turning into a jealous frown."

            "James meanwhile whispered something into Kathryn's ear and her heart instantly melted," offered Ryoshi from back in the pool, moving James's head so it was next to Kathryn's right ear before pulling him back again.

            "'That bitch can't have him, he's mine,' muttered Karina, then casting a spell of her own," returned Chloe, then moving Karina towards the pool. "The party went silent as everyone froze in place, even James and Kathryn."

            "So Kathryn froze Chi but now Karina has frozen time," noted Ryoshi, gesturing around as she spoke. "Witches won't be immune to freeze spells?"

            "That's not how most time magic seems to work," countered Chloe as she lowered Karina into the water, the redhead still frowning with her hands on her hips. "If was a couple of blocks away from the wand I'd probably be frozen even with this ring on."

            "I've been meaning to ask how your immunity works," commented Ryoshi, the fact having actually been bugging her for some time. "So if you're wearing it you're not frozen by a time-freeze spell... even if you take it off after time has stopped?"

            "Huh," said Chloe as she got into the pool next to Karina. "I never thought about that. I don't know if the ring would protect me like it does Tucker or if I'd just freeze..."

            Ryoshi grinned, now both curious and been for a bit of mischief if Chloe's latter suggestion turned out to be true. "Why not try it now?" suggested Ryoshi, moving up to Chloe. "If you freeze I'll put the ring back on you or ask Tucker to unfreeze you."

            "Well..." muttered Chloe, looking indecisive for a moment. "You know what, okay." Chloe looked at Ryoshi with a smile and humor-filled eyes. "You'd better unfreeze me if this goes wrong!"

            "Of course I will," Ryoshi assured Chloe, not strictly lying per say as Chloe did the movement. The Korean pulled her ring off her finger and, just as it slid off, she froze in place, her gaze focused on Ryoshi with a smile on her lips.

            "I just didn't say when," added Ryoshi, giggling as she poked Chloe and confirmed she was frozen. "Oh we'll still finish this little game, but I think I want to see what Karina's got underneath before we continue..."

* * *

            After getting some quick confirmation on how to use the wand and what room he could use, Scott had managed to collect Colette from his nephew's impressive little gallery in the basement and brought her into a guest bedroom, which consisted mainly of the bed and a bedside table, lacking the usual amenities like a dresser, though it did have a closet. Colette did look a bit ridiculous, with her arms up around invisible people, but Scott decided to not change her pose as he tapped her on the head with the wand, unfreezing her.

            "Ah, I was wondering when you'd make an appearance," grinned Colette, moving her arms to quickly wrap around Scott and press her forehead against his while he in turn put his hands firmly on her rear. "I can't believe its been this long... Good to see you lover. Ryoshi with you?"

            "Yes, a new hire named Parker is watching the company back in Brazil," revealed Scott. The blonde businessman just enjoyed the passionate embrace for a few moments before going for a kiss. Soon enough the two blondes were kissing vigorously and collapsed onto the bed, cuddling.

            "I can't believe itÕs been over six months," breathed Scott as he draped his arms over Colette as she did the same with him. "Then again the last time I saw you was right before you went to Hawaii and ran into Tucker... that was right when the ITEA was being formed."

            "Last August... feels like years ago," sighed Colette, rubbing Scott's chest and casually opening his shirt's buttons. "Then again Ryoshi will probably be your one true love... but I don't mind being second."

            "Does make we wish there was an easy way for me to get legally married to more than one woman though," grinned Scott, Colette, to perhaps the surprise of most but not him, grinning back. Scott had broken it off with Colette a short time before he'd left the Canadian Security Intelligence Service for the private sector but it had mostly been due to realistic concerns, not an emotional issue. If Scott had stayed near Colette he might have rekindled their relationship and married her, but instead he'd met and fallen for Ryoshi. Even so, their rarely connected love for one another had allowed Scott to earn her total devotion and she became his mole within the ITEA, though they weren't so much his enemy as just a potential threat to his own way of life.

            "You do seem to have a bad habit of hooking up with women where proper commitment is impossible," pointed out Colette, removing her own top as she spoke, forced to sit up for part of it. "Internal dating within CSIS was bad enough, but then you hit it off with a woman that became your employee. If you had a type, it would be bi-curious women you can't commit to."

            "Hey, I'd love to have you join us in Caxias, but you insisted you were going to stay with IT," replied Scott as he also sat up, pulling off his now-unbuttoned shirt.

            "Well I can't leave my friends, and I'd never be able to explain to anyone what I'd be doing with you," countered Colette. It was a conversation the pair had had before during their communication sessions, Scott being keen to have her around as she'd really help Utopia Holdings from a technical level but she declining for various reasons.

            "Jelena in particular would never understand, would she?" noted Scott, referring to Colette's best friend as both of them unzipped their pants. "You value her more than anyone, even your cousin."

            "She's the only friend I'd ever tell about all this," confessed Colette with a sigh. "I never thought I'd be able to love someone without being in love with them but here it is... Jelena's closer to me than anyone in my family. I can't imagine being away from her."

            "If you weren't both so sure it wasn't romantic I'd be jealous," commented Scott, interlocking his fingers with Colette as they both slipped their pants off. "So you won't join me in Brazil... can I at least convince you to join me at my hotel?"

            "I told the office I could be reached here, so you're not getting me that easy," grinned Colette as Scott leaned in, the reunited couple then sharing in a powerful kiss to begin their foreplay.


            Seeing that Tasia and Yelena were not his to keep, Tucker had decided to enjoy them first. As expected, he had a lot of sexual tension that he had to get out. The tension had been building up since Colette revealed the cute redhead to him. Then after his uncle and aunt had given him their presents, he could no longer hold back the floodgates; it was starting to hurt. When his uncle asked if he could use the wand, Tucker was happy to give it up just so he could have some time to relieve his building inner urges. Both ITEA women were naked with Yelena lying on the left side of his bed on her back. The gorgeous KazahkstanianÕs legs were spread wide and bent at the knees. Tucker had taken her aggressively; with her knee pits rested on his shoulders he plowed her into his headboard. Her head was pressed up against the headboard, bent at an odd angle and he was sure if time were not stopped there would be some pain in her neck for sure. Her eyes were closed and her mouth was opened wide with her lips greasy. After he had taken her from her sex, Tucker released any leftover sperm into her mouth. The blondeÕs hair was a mess thanks to rough sex and her arms were outstretched over her head in odd angles thanks to their acrobatic sessions.

            He was currently working on Tasia, his member still had a lot left and the sexual tension was still there, though not as painful. The Greek agent was on the edge of his bed with half of her body actually on the bed itself. She was posed in starfish pose with her face holding a sex doll expression with her mouth open and eyes wide in surprise. Tucker was settled between her tanned and muscular legs, his member deep inside of Tasia. Her body moved back and forth as he pumped his juices into her with each hip thrust from the foot of his bed. As he worked his sex in and out of the Greek, he took in her body and noted that she was one of the most beautiful women he had seen in his life. Strangely enough, he thought, she looks perfect as a sex doll. He grinned at the thought as he pulled his manhood free and let go of TasiaÕs thighs, letting her lower body fall to the ground with her naked feet keeping her upper body propped on the bed. Stroking his member, he was about to dump a load into the GreekÕs mouth but then remembered he had more than two ladies in the room.

            He turned around from the bed, his member still standing at attention, ready for his next target. He was surprised with himself and chuckled at the thought that the sight of these frozen women around him was more effective than any sex drug that he knew of. Angela, the redheaded German, had been standing behind him. He had stripped her out of her bear costume to get a closer look at her. Once the costume was off, he decided to remove the bikini she wore underneath too. The German stood naked with hands on her bare hips and cute smile on her lips. Her blue eyes, though vacant, stared directly at him and only made his sex throb with anticipation. Standing a few paces next to the redhead was Annika, who still stood on her display platform though her clothing was disheveled a bit as Tucker had opened the outfit a little to check out the womanÕs assets. The only things that were still in place were the womanÕs boots, hat and the pole, which he found out, was inserted in her rectum. Just by looking her opened outfit now, Tucker could clearly see her breasts and shaven sex. Lara was next in line and upon removing her from her packaging, Tucker thought the woman was bit over-dressed for his orgy. He had quickly gotten her dress off, along with the plain but sexy underwear she wore underneath. The woman now stood in her birthday suit with both hands holding up her breasts and her legs spread wide. Tucker eyed the black curls between the womanÕs legs as his gaze moved north to her smiling empty expression. She was surely going to become one of his new favorites. Finally his eyes moved to the last woman in the row; certain she was going to be his favorite for a long while. Anastasia was a more famous model then his good friend Haley. She was the fantasy of many and now she was his. Tucker had left her undisturbed, saving the best for last. He took in her pose and then her body, feeling his member throbbing he moved up to her.

            It happened fast, as he had left any self-control at the door once he had moved these women into his room. The Greek model was naked and in bed with Yelena and Tucker was working his manhood inside her snatch. He pumped hard until her felt like it was a good place to take a break. He pulled out and then moved the other women into the bed, including Tasia. It was a very tight squeeze with Tasia and Yelena nearly falling off the sides of the bed and Lara posed stiffly on her side. There was no room for him but Tucker didnÕt mind. He was going on top. ŌNow ladiesÉ let the fun really begin,Ķ he said, rubbing his palms together as he climbed in his bed.

* * *

            "Whew; house is finally clean," breathed Haley as she plopped down on one of the living room couches while wearing a white bath robe, Tucker taking the other couch dressed in a blue robe. It was half an hour to midnight but the party had ended nearly three hours ago, not going too much later since it was getting cold out and it had never been intended to last that long. After Aunt Ryoshi, Uncle Scott, Chloe and Tucker had had their fun, the wand-user and helped them set everything right. Ryoshi and Scott had then promptly left, not wanting to linger, Chloe and Jamie elected to leave as well and join the other couple for dinner. Colette however stayed, having been promised the use of a guest bedroom, and mingled as the party finally resumed. Having already gotten his gifts, the only real surprise had come when Tucker noticed Kathryn and James were getting quite cozy as they went to use the bathroom together. While he hadn't found anything Tucker had decided to wipe down the room later on.

            "Yeah, it was a good one though," grinned Tucker, reclining a bit and feeling extremely spent thanks to all the sex he'd had. Tucker had decided to leave his new collection in the basement for the night but left Tasia and Yelena upstairs, planning to visit them again either before bed or in the morning.

            "I know, though we need to figure out where to put that wax mannequin you got," pointed out Haley, indicating the statue that Kat and Chris had given the birthday boy, which was now standing in the middle of the living room. "Reminds me of that Jessica Alfa statue you gave me a while back..."

            "Well if itÕs bugging you I can put her in my office or something, though she might make a nice display piece right over there," replied Tucker, indicating a corner of the room that was a bit bare.

            "Eh, we can decide later," shrugged Haley, glancing around. "Colette go to bed?"

            "Yeah, though I think she wanted to use the Internet first, web-chat with her cousin since, thanks to the time difference, she'll just be getting up in London," confirmed Tucker, slightly regretting his agreement to let Colette stay with them since she remained very tempting in spite of the main reason he never fooled around with her. Colette wasn't the hottest woman he knew, but she was still very striking.

            "Well then, I suppose I should give you this," sighed Haley, grinning as she did since she'd managed to pull out a small gift-wrapped box from her robe. "Happy birthday."

            "Oh hey, I forgot you didn't get me anything, though you didn't need to," commented Tucker, quick to add the second part. Holding the gift Tucker quickly unwrapped it, stunned at what awaited him when he finished. In his hands Tucker held a gold-colored Nintendo 64 cartridge of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. The cartridge was in prime condition too, easily worth a couple hundred dollars in an online auction.

            "I figured that was something you'd probably love to have decorating your office, or your room," remarked Haley, smiling as she saw the look on Tucker's face.

            "This is amazing, thanks!" exclaimed Tucker, getting up after putting the cartridge down and moving to hug Haley. The roommates embraced and Tucker enjoyed the feeling as she pressed against him. The warmth of the moment ran though Tucker's whole body and moments later he was too enthralled to think about what was happening. Haley was kissing him, and Tucker felt himself returning it as they both collapsed onto the couch.

            Unknown to Tucker, his phone began to vibrate on the armrest of the couch he'd been sitting on just moments ago. A new text had arrived:

Hey B-Day boy! Just to confirm, 2 days to go! Meet me at dorm with Julie and Rach!


The End - until love gets a number...


Tucker Holmes - Drake Bell

Julie Vaughn - Katrina Bowden

Rachel Xanders - Amber Heard

Zoe Hollander - Ellen Barkin

Tatiana Zudovsky - Milla Jovovich

Jennifer Yates - Isla Fisher

Hitomi Maki - Fukada Kyoko

Candice Robins - Naturi Naughton

Leslie Schulz - Katherine Heigl

Haley Leone - Kaley Cuoco

Karina Wiese - Mini Anden

Kayla LeFer - Kaylee DeFer

Ginger Cladwell - Anna Trebunskaya

Nathan Lancer - Tom Felton

Bianca Whitman - Britt Irvin

Chrissy Pak - Jenna Ushkowitz

Kat Vaughn - Katrina Bowden

Chris Pickett - Matt Barr

Chi Ross - Lynhthy Nguyen

Aaron Ross - Sam Huntington

Kathryn Summers - Jennifer Morrison

Tess Vole - Lea Michele

Ayane Nakamura - Ayumi Hamasaki

Britney Summers - Ashley Tisdale

Diane Cruz - America Ferrera

Mel Donavan - Lena Gercke

Lisa Collins - Katie Cassidy

James Hewitt - Thomas Dekker

Colette Landry - Laura Vandervoort

Angela Schwarz - Lauren Ambrose

Tasia Spiro - Doukissa Nomikou

Yelena Nikitin - Adrianne Palicki

Chloe Noi - Jang Nara

Jamie Mosley - Kendra James

Mina Janssen - Becki Newton

Annika Ostergard - Valeria Mazza

Scott Dawson - Kiefer Sutherland

Ryoshi Dawson - Maggie Q

Adrianna Dashkov - Ksenia Sukhinova

Teresita Zuniga - Kate Del Castillo

Torre Myers - Kelly Rowland

Ellen Morrison - Nora Greenwald

Lara Zanella - Deborah Secco

Anastasia Stephanos - Rachel Bilson


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