Tucker’s Wand XXXIII – Justice Doesn't Mind

by Zero

These are all tales of hijinks that Tucker has with his magical gizmo, which take place in what will be known from now on as the 'Tuckerverse'. You may want to read more of Tucker's tales from the beginning, or catch up on the latest chapter before continuing; the lead characters are introduced in the first story. There is also a chronological index to the series as well as a comprehensive Tuckerverse Wiki! [Ed.]

Authors' Note: We hope you've enjoyed the Clockwork and Tucker series' so far and hope you will continue to do so in the Tuckerverse!

Savior Studio 4, Hollywood, Los Angeles, California

            Tucker Holmes had been fighting the urge to pull out the Wand of Kronos all morning, as stopping time was something he'd wanted to do since he'd arrived on the set of popular TV show, Savior. The previous day one of Tucker's two girlfriends, Haley Leone, had revealed that her friend Kayla LeFer had gotten them passes to visit the set while they filmed a scene featuring her. While Tucker had visited a couple of Hollywood sets before using his wand it was a bit different to be welcome there.

            Tucker and Haley were standing off set, well away from the crew but still close enough to observe clearly. Tucker was wearing a yellow, long-sleeved, V-neck, collarless shirt and tan pants, a pair of red and white running shoes on his feet. Haley meanwhile was all in white, a sleeveless crop top and knee-length dress shorts with sneakers and pulled up socks on her feet. Haley's hair was left loose and framed her whole head, some strands going down past her shoulders. “It really will be cool to see her name in the credits when this episode airs,” whispered Haley to Tucker, referring to the fact that, starting with the episode being filmed, Kayla would be an official supporting cast member on the show. While Savior was just producing the last few episodes of this season, it had already gotten renewed so it could mean big things for Kayla's career, given the show managed eleven million viewers on average in a tough Monday time-slot.

            Tucker eyed the cast on the set, which represented a cafe. Kayla was in a classic yellow waitress uniform, a white collared one-piece with buttons down the front, her hair meanwhile styled in a Dutch braid that rested on her left shoulder. Four of the show's leads sat a table Kayla was serving food at, delivering scripted dialog as Kayla silently served. April Moon, who was only two years older than Tucker, was the star; the sexy brunette had a great body and was a decent enough actress, at least in Tucker's opinion. April's long brown hair was hanging loose and she was wearing stone-washed blue jeans and a black spaghetti strap top. Next to April was Elize Santana, a Dominican actress around thirty whose skin Tucker thought was the perfect shade of caramel. Elize's black hair was slicked back into a ponytail and she was in a white and green plaid blouse over a blue tank top, with white shorts on her legs. Across from April sat the starlet and recent box office sensation Megan Wolff, who Tucker knew had booked the show just prior to making her successful film debut in the Robo Force movies. Megan was in a fitted gray business dress, including pantyhose and a tight white blouse, her hair styled in a low bun. Next to Megan was Cole Denning, the show's male lead, who was wearing a dark blue mechanic’s jumpsuit. Tucker watched as Kayla put down the last of the prop plates, delivered a line, and then walked away.

            “Cut!” yelled the director, a black-haired and blue-eyed woman in her mid-forties Tucker knew as Melanie Barr. “That's a wrap!” The bell rang, signaling the end of shooting; the director, who was in jeans, a purple blouse and a big black jacket as she apparently sometimes had warmth problems on the sets, stood up as a sophisticated blue-eyed blonde in a navy business dress walked over to the set while the actors all stood up.

            “Good work people, that's a wrap for episode twenty; two more and that's the season,” announced producer Jenna Cavanaugh, another person Tucker had just been introduced to earlier that day. Jenna wasn't even forty but already she was a major television producer and she looked great; yet another temptation besides the gorgeous actresses and not-bad director.

            “How was I?” asked Kayla as she came sauntering over to Haley and Tucker moments later, grinning ear to ear.

            “You were super, I can't wait to see what else they've got in store for you!” exclaimed Haley as shared a hug with her best friend. “Seriously, congratulations.”

            “Yeah, you did great,” added Tucker, wanting to justify his presence as while got along okay with Kayla, he knew he'd only been invited because of Haley.

            “Thanks, both of you, it meant a lot for you all to be here,” replied Kayla, looking like she had a bit of an adrenaline rush. “I might finally be able to quit working at Sting after the next season starts production!”

            “Don't rush out of there though, you could get some great tips,” suggested Haley, referring to Kayla's job as a part-time bartender. Tucker meanwhile noticed Jenna was approaching, Megan along with her.

            “I hope you guys enjoyed the shoot!” remarked Jenna with a smile, putting a hand on Kayla's shoulder while using her other on Haley. “Haley, I was wondering if I could speak to you for just a moment?”

            “Oh, of course,” agreed Haley, as Jenna led her away, most likely so there wouldn't be any eavesdropping.

            “So how does it feel to finally get some recognition?” asked Megan with a smile; Kayla turned to look at the former model turned A-list actress.

            “Really... I'd have been happy if my role had been the same old thing for years, so this is just... wow,” breathed Kayla, clearly having a few jitters from getting to talk one on one with Megan Wolff. Tucker didn't think she was that good an actress but had to admit being face to face with Megan was still quite intimidating.  She radiated quite a ‘presence’.

            “Hey, you were with us since the pilot and have been in nearly every episode, the least Jenna could do was push for you to actually have a real character,” pointed out Megan, smiling and turning to Tucker. “Hi... so I'm guessing you know who I am, but I'll be formal none the less: I'm Megan.”

            “Hi... I, uh, I'm Tucker, a friend of Kayla's,” managed Tucker, only slightly stumbling over his words as he got to shake Megan's hand. “I enjoyed the show.”

            “Thanks for that,” offered Megan, and Tucker got a vibe that while the woman had had the urge to act a bit more stuck up she'd resisted, which Tucker appreciated. She continued, “So Kayla, you and your guests up for joining me for lunch? A friend of mine just canceled on me.”

            “I'd love to!” exclaimed Kayla as Haley returned to join the trio, eying Megan with a touch of jealousy since Tucker knew she'd seen him shake hands with her. “Haley, you want to join Megan and I for lunch?”

            “Sure, might have a lot to discuss,” revealed Haley, moving to stand next to Tucker and putting a hand casually on his shoulder. “Haley Leone, by the way.”

            “No need for the introduction, I've seen a couple of your spreads,” confessed Megan with a wry smile, shaking Haley's hand. “How about Tucker here? I have a table for four at my favorite place.”

            “Sorry, I've got plans already, but otherwise I'd love to,” admitted Tucker, kicking himself a bit since he'd promised Julie, his other girlfriend, to go to lunch with her.

            “Quite alright, I'm sure we'll be seeing you again,” Megan assured Tucker, though he wasn't entirely sure if she was secretly relieved he wasn't joining them.

            “Jenna was just telling me about next week's episode, how they want to use some models for a scene at a fashion show,” announced Haley with a smile. “She asked me; I told her she'd have to run it by my agent, but if everything is clear schedule-wise...”

            “Oh, finally an acting role you're made for!” laughed Kayla, having previously mocked Haley for her lack of acting ability. “Okay, what do you say we go get that lunch?” Kayla gestured away from the set, towards the door, and it was then Tucker knew that he needed to stop time. Tucker's longer shirt covered his back pockets, and inside of one was the wand. Carefully pulling it out, Tucker tapped it against his back five times and time froze.

            Grips had been running around the set, striking the temporary fill lighting and were now frozen in mid-motion, paused instantly as if Tucker held a magic TV remote. Megan had let her hair down and it had spilled down her left shoulder, her arms were crossed and a half smile was on her lips. Haley was looking at Tucker apologetically, a forlorn smile on her face with her arms behind her back. Kayla had actually started to half-turn towards the door, her right foot positioned forward as well as her right arm while her left leg was bent along with her left arm. “Yeah, I may have missed out on your lunch, but a late morning snack might not be an issue,” chuckled Tucker, giving Haley a quick kiss on the forehead before moving over to Megan.

            “You know the fact that you talked to me at all has already made this special, but I think we should do something together anyhow,” Tucker told the waxwork-stiff Megan, letting her heels fall off as he lifted her rigid body by the hips, easily managing to carry her over to an empty area with some nice carpet on it. Tucker stood Megan back up on her now bare feet and pushed the left side of her hair behind her ear, then leaning and enjoying a nice kiss.

            “I don't care if some people say you look too fake, you're still hot to me,” remarked Tucker, then casually pushing the mannequin-like actress onto her back. Moving around the sound stage, Tucker was sad to see that Melanie, April and Elize had already gone, but luckily Jenna was hovering near a craft service table, a cellphone held to her right ear with her left hand supporting her right elbow, a plastic-like tooth-filled smile was held on her face. Tucker quickly pulled the phone from her stiff grasp and placed it aside, letting the woman's pulled back blonde hair down.

            “I think you should join us; I have an idea for a little project I want to bring Megan and Kayla in on,” Tucker told the frozen producer, leaning her onto his shoulder and dropping her off next to a fallen Megan. Tucker then returned to Haley and Kayla.

            “Sorry love, but I think Kayla's earned a little celebratory prize, so I think she'll be the centerpiece for the threesome I'm building,” Tucker informed his frozen girlfriend, giving the gorgeous human mannequin another kiss, this one on the neck, before moving to drag Kayla by her waist towards the other two.

            “I really am proud of you; after a long time of trying to get your big break you now got it, so don't mess up,” offered Tucker to Kayla, giving the motionless brunette a big hug before quickly unbuttoning her waitress dress and letting it fall to the floor, her bra and panties soon following as Tucker also dropped his pants.

            “What say we tango?” suggested Tucker, reposing Kayla so she stood in the classic dance pose with her left arm out and her right behind his back, the act of bringing their hips together causing Tucker's manhood to enter Kayla. Starting to hum classic tango music, Tucker circled around the carpeted area with Kayla attached to him at the crotch for a full minute before letting her slide off so he could focus on Jenna.

            “You know, I appreciate the coincidence that after freezing my girlfriend for about a year now she gets an offer to appear on a show where the heroine gets frozen every week,” commented Tucker as he pulled down Jenna's skirt and pantyhose, revealing she'd gone commando and was pretty uniformly shaved while he also thought about the basic episodic plots of Savior. Tucker rose up and down atop Jenna for another couple of minutes, really getting his blood flowing, but after that he rolled over to Megan and sat her up, starting to strip her bare.

            “I may not have gotten it on with one with one of your super-hot co-stars, but settling for you isn't exactly settling!” laughed Tucker as he managed to strip Megan entirely naked without standing her back up, her dark hair was spread out behind her head now with her arms laying above them, as Tucker worked his way inside the actress and got comfortable on top.

            “Ah yeah... who knew Kayla would finally make friends with someone like you?!” gasped Tucker loudly as he felt himself orgasm a few minutes later, chuckling as he did while feeling Megan's firm breasts.

* * *

Western Los Angeles

            After taking a rain check on joining Haley, Kayla, and Megan for lunch and cleaning up from his ‘snack’, Tucker restarted time and proceeded to head towards his old neighborhood, with Haley grabbing a ride with Kayla. Tucker and Julie were planning to go to Shenanigans, a place Tucker had liked to eat at back when he'd worked at Persephone's Books, but soon after meeting Julie she'd revealed she needed to stop at a bank.

            “So Haley’s hanging out with Megan Wolff right now?” whistled Julie as Tucker drove them to a nearby Gold Standard. “Boy, you must hate being with me today,” she remarked wryly. Julie was in an orange short-sleeved blouse with the top three buttons open, her hair in a ponytail and wearing a green knee-length skirt, blue flats on her feet.

            “Julie, you know I love you; I'd never hate being with you,” insisted Tucker despite the fact he knew she was playing around. Tucker had been in enough mind game situations to know he shouldn't just go along with Julie's little rib, knowing how easily it could backfire.

            “Nice answer,” giggled Julie as Tucker found a parking space not far from the bank's entrance. “But you did fool around with her, right?”

            “Yeah,” admitted Tucker, not bothering to lie. While not one to brag about who he'd had some frozen-time fun with, at least to his girlfriends, Tucker wasn't going to deny it when they asked since they both knew his secret.

            “You get a chance with some of Kayla’s co-stars?” Julie then asked as she unbuckled her seat belt and got out of the car.

            “Actually no; they'd wandered off so I figured there was always next time,” revealed Tucker, getting out of the car himself.

            “True, I suppose if you explored too much you'd never let time start again and I'd be dating a pile of dust,” observed Julie as she closed her door, then glancing inside the bank through a window. “Oh my...!”

            “What's-” began Tucker, looking at Julie in confusion as she stared inside the bank, horror on her face.

            “Wand, now!” insisted Julie. Tucker quickly noted how serious her voice became. The street was fairly quiet but Tucker was still cautious as he carefully pulled out his wand, which had now been tucked into his side pocket, and tapped it five times against his car. Immediately time froze and Tucker moved to stand next to Julie, who was staring intensely at something inside the bank, her hands tightly gripping her hips with her mouth hanging open slightly, panic visible on her features.

            “What has got you so freaked out?” asked Tucker, putting his hands on Julie's shoulders as followed her gaze, only to then see what had Julie so scared: the bank was in the middle of being held up. “Well crap, I guess I'd better deal with that one, huh baby?” Tucker gave Julie a big kiss on her neck, similar to the one he'd given a frozen Haley earlier, and quickly ran into the bank, even though with time frozen there was no rush.

            The bank’s floor arrangement was fairly typical of its sort, featuring four teller booths, two automated teller machines and a general help desk, with some offices visible further back as well as the gated area to a vault. The first frozen person he saw, standing immediately in front of Tucker as he'd entered was Regina Brennan, an officer he'd seen many times over the period in which he'd lived in the neighborhood. Regina was in full uniform and had an intense look on her face; her gun was drawn and pointed in front of her. Next to Regina stood a woman Tucker didn't recognize, but a quick inspection of her badge and ID revealed her to be Maria Lacayo, a senior officer with the LAPD and apparently Regina's new partner. Maria was a brunette who was a bit short and easily in her forties, though she did have striking blue eyes. Like Regina, Maria was aiming her pistol in front of her, her legs squared and her gaze intense.

            “Huh... been a while,” remarked Tucker upon seeing who Regina and Maria were training their weapons on. Originally Tucker had nicknamed them 'The Smokin’ Hot Bandits,' though he'd later found out their names were Carly Goodwin and Rhayne Weber. Both of the eye-catching women were pale blondes; Carly was a cute, short and brown-eyed girl while Rhayne was a taller, sexier girl with bluish-green eyes, a beauty mark showing above her right lip. Carly and Rhayne both had their revolvers pointed at the police officers and were dressed in tan trench-coats; a quick inspection from Tucker confirmed that, like the last robbery he'd caught them at, they were wearing string bikinis underneath. The bandits were twenty at the most so Tucker figured they were just thrill-seeking types who didn't know what to do after leaving high school.

            “Well I can't have you two shooting up my favorite cop, so I'm going to have to collect these,” declared Tucker, carefully plucking the guns from the rigid grasps of the frozen bandits and sliding the weapons over to the feet of Regina and Maria. Not wanting his fingerprints to get on the weapons, Tucker used his sleeves to pry the weapons from the hands of Carly and Rhayne. Once the blonde duo was disarmed, Tucker glanced around to see who else was in the bank. One customer Tucker immediately singled out was Gloria Wong, a third-generation Chinese-American that he used to work with at Persephone's Books and, as of when he'd last checked, was the acting manager there. Gloria was huddled by a teller window, wearing a maroon blouse and black pants, fear frozen on her face as she looked up at where the robbers were standing.

            “Hey, its okay, I've got them frozen stiff, you're safe,” Tucker told Gloria, moving in to cuddle with his old co-worker, gently stroking her hair and offering a comforting kiss. Tucker knew Gloria couldn't hear him but it still felt good to reassure her, even if it was futile. Behind the counter where Gloria was at stood a very short blonde; Tucker pegged her as being no taller than five feet even. Hopping over the counter Tucker, saw her name was Ruth Sterling, a name which rang a bell. Ruth, who was wearing a formal blue golf shirt and gray pants with her hair up in a French twist, was a student at Decker State College, Tucker realized, remembering she was a friend of Maggie's friend Kansas.

            “Bad day for you, but luckily I'm here,” Tucker told Ruth, who had her hands up and a terrified look on her face, as did several other customers around the bank that weren't already huddling down. After giving Ruth a quick squeeze and deciding to help himself to a small amount of money on the counter, given that in the haste of the robbery Tucker doubted they'd count it all, he then moved on to an attractive older woman, clearly the manager, who reminded him of Kathy Beckinstaff. The woman, in her forties, Tucker soon discovered, was named Rue Garden; she was kneeling behind a desk, her gaze on the policewomen with her hands resting on top of her fine desk. Rue was dressed in a business suit, navy with white pinstripes, a brown blouse underneath and black pumps on, her hair intricately combed and resting on her shoulders. It was Rue's height, being about even with Tucker's own, and blue eyes that drew him to her, her fairer skin was just kind of a bonus.

            “You know what, I think I'll go with you,” announced Tucker, pushing Rue backwards and stretching her out into a starfish pose, then working off her pants. “Fishnets under business pants? Kinky,” laughed Tucker as he discovered Rue's little secret before moving on to feel up her nice breasts. Soon Tucker was naked, heedless of the frozen scene of danger around him, and working hard to give it to the bank manager.

            “Ah... I think my little soldier needs something a bit more exotic,” realized Tucker several minutes later, feeling stimulated but not to the point where he was confident he'd hit maximum pleasure. Standing up, Tucker had been thinking about going back to Gloria, or even approaching Ruth from behind since she had a nice and firm-looking rear, but instead he spotted an Asian teller and headed over to her. Valerie Soch turned out to be the teller's name as Tucker checked her wallet. Valerie was about average height for a woman, maybe an inch below, and looked about Tucker's own age, possessing incredibly cute features even as she stood frozen and terrified, mirroring Ruth's pose while being in a purple short-sleeved blouse and long black skirt. Tucker casually dropped Valerie's skirt and panties, deciding to go at it with her while leaning against the counter as he discovered from her wallet that she was Cambodian.

            “Come on, smile,” insisted Tucker, shaping Valerie's gasp of fear into a happy grin while working his hips against hers as she was pressed against the counter. Valerie did turn out to be Tucker's cure for full stimulation, the orgasm he achieved five minutes later all the more satisfying than if he'd stayed with Rue, though it wasn't the manager's fault.

            “Ah... best robbery ever,” chuckled Tucker as he looked around, trying to decide what to do. Ultimately Tucker redressed Valerie and Rue, posing them back as they'd been, though he'd decided to slip Valerie's panties into her skirt's pocket rather than putting them back on her. Pocketing the cash he'd grabbed for Julie, self-justifying it as money that would be 'lost in the scuffle' or as a silent reward, Tucker returned to the bandits and pulled their arms back behind them, then pulled down their trench coats and wrapping their wrists so that their arms were awkwardly bound.

            “Enjoy jail, again,” Tucker told the bandits, giving Rhayne a kiss and nearly caused her to topple over before heading outside.  He tapped his wand against the wall of the building as he moved to return next to Julie.  The police officers were first to move as they closed in on the pair of confused bandits.

            “Uh, hey?” burst out Julie, upon seeing Tucker arrive in front of her after just being beside her. “What did you... you did...?”

            “Yeah, everything will be fine; lets head to lunch,” Tucker assured Julie, guiding her back towards his Ford.

            “But I still need—” began Julie.

            “No worries, I took care of it,” Tucker again assured his girlfriend, opening the door for her. Julie gave Tucker a stunned look before smiling brightly as she entered the car; Tucker figured she'd gone with admiration over criticism. As Tucker moved to enter the car he did hear the bank door open and caught sight of Regina scanning the street as he buckled up and began to pull away. For a moment Tucker's eyes met with those of the patrol officer but after that he was in traffic and she went back inside. Figuring Regina was just looking for any suspicious types, Tucker let it slip into the back of his mind as he focused on enjoying lunch with Julie.

* * *

#7 Wilshire Area Police Station, LA

            It had been a tense situation, Regina recalled, as she sat on the bench in the locker room, ready to go off-duty. The blonde policewoman was now in civilian clothing, her shift over and the report on the robbery she and her partner had foiled filed, but the events were still bugging her. Regina was dressed in a sleeveless white blouse and light gray pants, with comfortable white runners on her feet and her hair left loose. Regina's partner, who was in a gray tweet business dress and a light blue blouse with pantyhose and heels, was leaning against the locker in front of her. Regina had always questioned why a senior officer like Maria, who was in her forties, hadn't gotten a promotion in so long, but that wasn't the nagging question in her mind. “How did that arrest actually happen, again?” came Regina's thoughts, vocalized as she sat with her head bowed.

            “They gave up, threw their guns at our feet and got stuck in their own jackets,” declared Maria, shrugging. “We made it out alive, Regina. Why question it?”

            “Because it just doesn't make any sense!” insisted Regina standing up and touching her temples. “I saw... something... but the adrenaline's making it hard to remember what...”

            “Hey, its the heroes of the day!” exclaimed a new voice, a uniformed officer walking into the locker room. The woman had dark brown hair, green eyes, was a bit short but quite attractive and, from what Regina had heard, one of the best hand-to-hand combat specialists the entire LAPD had. Tania DeWinter, a recently promoted senior officer, had apparently just come on shift.

            “Tania, are you on cell detail?” asked Regina, since the would-be bandits that had been apprehended earlier were still in the precinct lockdown at the moment.

            “Yeah, rotation's not for a while either, I just checked in with the last guy before I thought I'd see how you two were doing,” confirmed Tania, nodding and smiling ear to ear. “What's up?”

            “Regina seems convinced something weird happened, I'm thinking they just gave up,” explained Maria, shaking her head a bit.

            “Well they were muttering about not understanding how something happened,” offered Tania with a shrug. “Maybe some rational thoughts took over for a moment? I've seen some weird stuff... On a patrol in Koreatown once, I swear I just saw a guy's bike vanish right in front of me!”

            “Right...” muttered Regina, shaking her head again, and then she remembered: Tucker Holmes. The brown-haired geek Regina had met several times over the last two to three years before he'd apparently moved away. Regina had even gone to take him in for questioning once, only to have him somehow be cleared before she could conduct the interview and later the detective looking for him suddenly went on leave. Holmes's old apartment building had also had some strange things happen in it, Regina remembered. Now right after a bank robbery was mysteriously foiled, she finally recalled spotting Tucker Holmes driving away from the scene. Regina didn't know how, but she was now convinced that Holmes had been involved somehow in the robbers’ rapid surrender.

            “Okay, I've got a date; you think whatever you want,” sighed Maria, heading for the door, Tania also having disappeared.

            “No, I think I'm good, I just need to look up an address before I go home,” announced Regina.

* * *

Culver City, LA

            “Hello?” greeted the woman Regina had looked up, named Sunny Pierce; she was an editor for the magazine Main Street. Regina flashed the woman her badge despite still being in her plain-clothes, off-duty but not about to go home.

            “Good afternoon ma'am, I'm Regina Brennan, LAPD,” announced Regina, deciding not to cite her rank to help avoid possibly getting caught for what she was about to do, as she lacked any sort of warrant. “I have a bit of an odd request for you, if you have a moment...?”

            “Certainly, what is it?” nodded Sunny. The magazine editor was dressed down, in lime-green pajamas under a dark green robe, her hair loose and a mess. Regina noted Sunny looked like she'd been awake for a while so it was more likely the woman was just working from home or taking a sick day rather than having just woken up.

            “I need to use your upstairs window to observe one of your neighbors; we believe they might be inadvertently be complicit in illegal activities,” lied Regina, unsure of how else to present her problem.

            “Is it that Swede, there's no way she's an engineer!” accused Sunny, Regina raising an eyebrow at that. Before trying Sunny's house, Regina had tried to reach Karina Wiese, Tucker's neighbor behind his house, but it had gone to voice-mail.

            “I can't disclose the suspect; which is why I'll need access to all of the upstairs,” answered Regina, a special monoscope in the bag she had around her shoulder.

            “Well... I'm working downstairs, it should be fine,” nodded Sunny after a moment of hesitation. “Are these activities dangerous? How worried should I be here? My sister does security...”

            “It's nothing major, we're more interested in the people they may be connected with,” Regina assured Sunny, lying through her teeth. Nonetheless the scheme worked as Sunny led Regina upstairs, indicating the few rooms she could use to observe from. After glancing around her options, Regina found that the guest bedroom had the best view, giving Regina a look into Tucker Holmes's living room. Once Regina was sure Sunny had gone back downstairs she set up her ‘scope on a short tripod at the windowsill and looked across to the next house.

            Tucker Holmes was now dressed differently than Regina remembered from earlier, in a white T-shirt and jeans; the logo on the shirt Regina didn't recognize but it was three golden triangles. Tucker was sitting on a couch and, to Regina's somewhat surprise, a gorgeous woman was sitting next to him. The woman was a redhead, though the hue appeared to be due to highlighted brown hair, and she had a very thin but tall body, blue eyes and freckles included. The woman was clad in a metallic blue bikini and was smiling at Tucker, her left arm around his shoulder and his right around hers.

            Opening up a quick database she'd made on her CyPad, Regina confirmed the woman was the absent Karina Wiese. According to her profile, Karina listed her occupation as an elevator engineer and, looking at the slim woman, Regina could understand Sunny's skepticism about that fact. What was odd to Regina though was as Tucker leaned in to kiss Karina, she remained totally motionless, the same smile was plastered on her face as he pulled back. “Is that just some kind of realistic sex doll?” muttered Regina, glancing at the photo of Karina again and confirming it was she. “Kinky role-playing then?”

            Regina's questions were interrupted when a car pulled up outside of the house, then a blonde in pink emerged. The blonde woman was a bit above average height and had a sleek body not unlike Karina's, her pink dress having fairly conservative straps, a black belt around the waist and a skirt that stopped at the knees. Regina's database only had information on Tucker, his neighbors and his roommate, Haley Leone, which the woman did not appear to be. The arriving blonde rang Tucker's doorbell and he got up from the couch, leaving Karina remaining where she was.

            Watching intently, Regina saw Tucker lead the arriving blonde into the living room. What happened next stunned Regina: Tucker pulled out something that looked like a drumstick and waved it in the air; and all at once the blonde, who'd been gesturing at Tucker, stopped in her tracks. Tucker then pocketed the object and casually walked around behind the blonde, proceeding to drag her on her heels over to the couch like she was now just a mannequin. The word mannequin stuck with Regina as she looked over at the silent Karina. The image of the stick also flashed into Regina's head and she almost wanted to shake it in disbelief.

            “A magic wand?” muttered Regina, scoffing before realizing that was exactly what she'd just seen. Regina wasn't sure how, but somehow Tucker had cast a spell that had turned Karina and the blonde into human statues.

* * *

            Tucker carefully put Calista down on the second couch in the living room, annoyed that his former co-worker had shown up out of the blue. After lunch with Julie and a few other things she'd had stuff to do, so Tucker had come home and decided to fool around with his neighbor Karina, nabbing her from her place. No sooner than is he really getting into playing with the Swede than Tucker was interrupted by the Greek, who was looking for Maggie. Tucker naturally wasn't about to tell Calista that Maggie was currently permanently frozen thanks to her magic clock having been destroyed and since Calista had just forced her way in he'd decided to just freeze her too for now and be done with it. Really, the surprise was that Calista even cared where Maggie was; the two had not gotten along during their time together at Persephone's Books, at least in Tucker's memory. Last October, Tucker had gone on a date with Calista while he and Haley had broken up but it had clearly been about her moving up at work, so he had no other explanation for the blonde's arrival.

            “Ugh... I'm up for a threesome but now I'm just going to be thinking about the clock, so I guess that's what I'll do now,” sighed Tucker. Tucker was currently using the Book of Tempus to make a new clock for Maggie, thanks to her old one being shattered. Tucker did know what spells he'd need to cast, having discovered Maggie had recklessly bound herself to the clock which is why she was now frozen, but just enchanting each piece of a new clock was physically and mentally draining; he just couldn't do too much of it in a single day. Two hours was Tucker's limit, since he couldn't stop time while working on it, but he was confident it would be finished with the task by sometime in May.

            A ringing of the doorbell shook Tucker from his thoughts of working on the clock. Going to the door, Tucker was surprised to see officer Regina Brennan – out of uniform – waiting for him. “Can I help you officer?” asked Tucker, opening the door.

            “You know you can,” declared Regina, crossing her arms and frowning. “I saw what you did. I know you were at the bank earlier too. It's been you, all this time, hasn't it?”

            “What?” Tucker questioned, despite feeling a terrible sense of dread.

            “You... froze that woman that just arrived, I watched you, with that wand,” revealed Regina, stepping inside. Regina wasn't using force but Tucker wasn't about to resist the policewoman, especially given what she was talking about.

            “I...” muttered Tucker, but then realized Regina could now see both Calista and Karina sitting at the couch.

            “Yeah, its like they have been turned to stone, or plastic,” observed Regina, facing Tucker after glancing at the frozen women in the living room. “Okay, I want to know just what the hell is going on. Is this some kind of hypnotism, or some special new piece of riot technology? How the hell are you doing this?”

            “You... heh... oh boy,” breathed Tucker, deciding he had no choice but to risk it, as Regina was a cop. “About a year ago I found this... well, magic wand. It lets me manipulate time.”

            “So you use this... magic wand, to, what, take advantage of women and foil bank robberies?” asked Regina, glancing again at Karina and Calista, who both sat silently and very, very, still.

            “Well I can't exactly advertise it, people would want to know how it works or exploit it worse than I have!” insisted Tucker. “Look, Officer Brennan, I know how this looks, but I've probably saved your life at least twice in this last year. I've stopped robberies, helped put international crooks behind bars... Yes I do also tend to abuse the wand a bit, but can you really say you'd trust this kind of power in the hands of someone else?”

            “That's not for me to decide,” was Regina's cold reply. “Look, I believe you when you said you saved my life. The situation at the bank today... It was bad. You fixed it. But I can't just ignore this. Can I trust that Candice Robins really ran away from home? That Aisha Reynolds left? What about those strange people that showed up around Thanksgiving at your old place? That criminal I arrested in the park in December? I can't let myself forget those!”

            “Think about the possibilities; I could help you catch crooks that are getting away!” attempted Tucker, now realizing what he'd probably have to do.

            “Tempting, but no, I can't just let this go unchecked,” decided Regina. “You had to know this was coming sooner or later. Now please, I need you to come with me quietly.”

            “Alright,” sighed Tucker, then moving even as Regina reached into her bag. Out came her Taser but Tucker was faster, waving his wand and locking Regina in place just as she drew her stun-gun from her bag. Panic was frozen on the officer's face, genuine panic, something that didn't surprise Tucker as Regina had come off genuinely afraid of the wand as they spoke about it.

            “Dammit all,” breathed Tucker, starting to pace anxiously. Regina was going to be missed, Tucker knew, so he couldn't just leave her frozen. The confession about the wand had been reckless, but Regina had seen it already so he couldn't just warp her away so that would be the end of the confrontation either, but now it got worse. Tucker's land line rang, distracting him from his thoughts.

            “Hi Tucker, its Sunny from next door,” greeted a cheerful voice over the phone after Tucker answered it. “Hey did that cop come by? She said she needed my window to observe someone in the neighborhood...”

            “Yeah, she's upstairs, I think she wanted a look at Karina's place,” lied Tucker, removing the Taser from Regina's stiff grasp as he spoke, the portable phone held in his free hand. “She was pretty insistent.”

            “I don't think either of us could change her mind, I mean Karina's harmless!” sniffed Sunny over the phone. “We've been neighbors for over a year!” Sunny said some more stuff, about having played dumb in case it really was Karina that Regina had been observing, but Tucker had zoned out as he thought about the idea of changing minds. Tucker did know Susie Kim at Decker State College, whose magic necklace could potentially give him a way out of his current mess.

            “Hey, why don't you come over real quick, we can both vouch for Karina?” suggested Tucker, wanting to tie up some loose ends.

            “Good idea, I'll be right there,” agreed Sunny, hanging up. Tucker did as well and quickly dialed Susie's number, but annoyingly go no response. Tucker did have two women wearing the magic rings that let Susie control people in his house, but he was skeptical that he could use them to contact her since she'd have to be looking at what was currently going on with them mentally thus it would be based purely on luck. As the doorbell rang for a third time that afternoon Tucker realized he'd need to go to DSC in person.

            Tapping his wand five times, time froze. Opening his front door, Tucker was pleased to see Sunny in her loose pajamas and a robe, finding it quite adorable while also hot since Sunny was very attractive. Sunny stood with her left finger hovering near the doorbell, her right holding a cup of tea with the steam frozen in mid-air, her brow furrowed and her lips frowning. “Turn that frown upside down, I'm going to let you house-sit for me while I go visit a friend of mine,” Tucker told Sunny, giving his neighbor a quick kiss before carrying her inside.

* * *

Decker State College, Malibu

            Tucker lacked the appropriate parking pass to get any closer than a few blocks from the Phi Sigma Delta sorority house, which was a little frustrating since he'd need to unfreeze time. Susie would more than likely be around, Tucker knew, but her ability to swap bodies with those she'd ringed meant he couldn't just unfreeze her body and be done with it. Susie could be roaming the campus, possibly even in another body since Tucker had been pushing her to use her powers more, so to succeed in his little search for his friend meant he needed time to be moving. Regina was still frozen, now locked in the trunk of Tucker's car. In case Haley came home with company Tucker made sure to move Karina, Sunny and Calista into his room and lock the door.

            Getting out of his car Tucker started a quick walk towards the sorority house, not really paying attention to those around him. Someone else, however, noticed Tucker. “Mr. Holmes!” came a call, causing Tucker to turn and look. The greeter was Nadine Vargas, the head of the history department and a seasoned globetrotter; she got away from campus more than pretty much any other professor Tucker knew of. Nadine had taught Tucker a couple of classes but he'd finished his exams now, so why she was looking to talk to him he didn't know.

            “Hello Professor Vargas,” greeted Tucker, anxious to keep moving as he wanted to deal with Regina as quickly as he could. Nadine was gorgeous though, having a full, sexy frame that Tucker figured was due to how hands-on she was when she traveled. The black-haired professor was currently in a black blouse with the top button undone, a brown leather jacket and tan pants, stiletto heels on her feet with her hair resting on either side of her shoulders, the tips curled up.

            “You've finished your exams, its not a problem to call me Nadine; some colleges prefer being on a first-name basis!” insisted Nadine, smiling. “I actually wanted to talk to you about that. I know history is only your minor, but the school records show it really was your strength...”

            “Well I am helping to run a business right now so I couldn't really afford to make it my major,” admitted Tucker, indeed interested in history but also greatly enjoying running Otaku LA.

            “Right, but the other top-ranked ones don't seem to have the passion you do, and I really would like to have some students go with me on a couple of scheduled trips I have coming up,” revealed Nadine, giving Tucker a warm look. Tucker had taken enough of Nadine's classes to know she was the deceptive type, so the smile she was giving him was about as real as the one flight attendants tended to give to customers they had no opinion on: it wasn't masked loathing, but it wasn't the heartfelt smile some would wish it was.

            “Well,” began Tucker, then noticing the pair were alone, bushes hiding them from sight, bushes also where Tucker could hide Nadine. “Hey is that the Dean?” Nadine turned to look behind her, that being where Tucker had pretended to look, and it was then that he pulled out the wand and quickly waved it, freezing his now former professor. Nadine stood stiffly with her hands on her hips; her head and waist pivoted to her left, her eyes also looking in that direction while her lips were parted. Tucker smiled for a moment, looking at what a lovely statue Nadine made, but then realized it was stupid to freeze her and not time itself. The desire to not stop time so he could find Susie had made Tucker's instincts get a bit out of whack.

            “Hey!” then came a voice, Tucker now wanting to bang his head. The pair had been alone, at least from Tucker's point of view, but apparently Nadine's assistant had been concealed behind the nearby bush, using her phone's texting or ‘net service by the look of the fact that she had it in her hands but hadn't been heard talking.

            “Uh,” began Tucker, eying Nadine's assistant Morgan Russell. The blonde was around average height for a woman and had nice blue eyes and an oval face; certainly cute if not flat out hot thanks to her shapely body. The assistant professor was dressed in blue and white horizontal stripes, a light black coat and brown pants, her boots the same as Nadine's. Morgan clutched her phone in her right hand while it rested in a fist on her waist, her left doing so without a phone.

            “This is that Type-7 stuff you just gave her, isn't it?!” yelled Morgan. Tucker just tried to stop acting like a deer caught in the headlights of a car as the thirty year old woman yelled at him. “What the hell are you doing, using this on a professor! I—” Her accusation cut off mid-sentence as Tucker finally awoke from his stupor and just tapped his wand against his leg, freezing Morgan as her glittering eyes pierced his soul, her teeth were clenched. A very angry statue, indeed. Tucker was a bit surprised that Morgan knew about Type-7, but she had gone missing during a trip to Japan earlier in the year for a few days so Tucker now wondered if she'd gotten tangled up with it then. For the moment, however, Tucker's big problem was that Morgan had seen him freeze Nadine.

            “Great; now I have two women I need Susie to ring,” groaned Tucker, clutching his forehead. “This day started off going so well...”

* * *

Phi Sigma Delta Sorority House

            Susie Kim watched with her hands behind the back of her head as Beatrice Weiner, clad only in underwear, organized her closet. When Susie had first taken over the first floor suite, which was meant for the housemother, she'd had Weiner sleep on a cot in the closet since she had no opinion on comfort. However, ever since Susie had met Tucker Holmes she'd been thinking about changing things up, really embracing just what unique gifts her necklace and rings granted her. The large closet, essentially a walk-in, was being cleaned up so now a good chunk of the floor was free. It was Susie's intent to fill the empty floor space with anyone she'd ringed that she would enjoy possessing, thus treating her body-swapping ability a bit more like changing shoes. ‘Shoes’ was in fact going to be one of Susie's nicknames for anyone she ringed that would be acting as one of her bodies. Susie wasn't entirely sure on just who would be in her ‘shoe’ collection just yet, save one.

            “So you're going to work for the school after you graduate?” Leslie Chun asked behind Susie. Leslie Chun and her roommate Tami Tyler were set to graduate this year so Susie had needed to figure out what to do with them. Tami, as it happened, had been offered at job at Decker State College, while Leslie's plans were a bit more vague; she was considering going to work for her parents back in San Francisco until she could work out a business plan for whatever project she settled on. Tami staying around Malibu worked for Susie but Leslie leaving was no fun, so Susie had decided to capitalize on it: Leslie would become one of Susie's ‘shoe’ bodies. Leslie was a bit taller, something Susie had always wanted to be, and being in her body had always felt natural, so the choice seemed logical to her.

            “Yes, Elaine wants me to be her assistant coach for the squad next Fall,” revealed Tami, referring to Lady Raptors volleyball coach Elaine Burbank. Tami was clad in jeans and a green halter-top, barefoot as she stood in the center of Susie's bedroom. Leslie meanwhile was in a red silk dress, low-cut around the front, something Susie had worked on over the past school year. The dress ran down to the top of Leslie's knees and had been custom-made for her, thus why Susie currently had her wearing it. Leslie's tips also had some curl to them and she was wearing the black platform heels Susie had made her buy a while ago.

            “That's great, you'll make a great coach!” exclaimed Leslie behind Susie as Beatrice exited the closet, standing at attention. The older blonde was wearing white underwear that had yellow stripes, the panties riding up a bit at the back in spite of not being a thong. Since Susie had ringed her, Beatrice had lost roughly five pounds, which she could really see as she looked at the half-naked housemother's body.

            “Okay, time to see just how much space I've got,” declared Susie, snapping her left hand for effect. Susie's link to those she'd ringed was purely psychic but sometimes she enjoyed making a show of when she was actively using her powers. At the snap of Susie's fingers Tami and Leslie, who weren't even aware they'd been chatting in Susie's room, froze. Tami held a blank, almost bored, look on her face, her left hand on her hip as she leaned slightly in that direction. Leslie's right hand was resting in between her right shoulder and breast on her upper chest, her left hand holding her right elbow with the arm running across her stomach, a small smile still on her lips.

            “Okay, you first, since you're definitely going in,” announced Susie, putting her arms around Leslie's rigid waist and lifting her up, careful not to tilt her figure in such a way that the platform heels would fall off. The idea with her ‘shoe’ collection is that they'd be effectively mannequins when Susie wasn't possessing them, unless something ended up coming up that required their mobility, so Susie was forcing herself to get used to the idea of treating them as such. Leslie wasn't going to be a permanent closet inhabitant just yet, given she still had graduation and family to deal with, but any luck the only time Leslie would leave Susie's closet under her own power after May would be for the ceremony.

            Leslie was put in the far right corner of the closet, and after that Susie went to grab Tami. Placing Tami next to Leslie against the back wall of the closet put her close to where Susie and Beatrice's stuff had been moved filled the space so Susie saw she wouldn't be able to fit anyone to Tami's left, but she still had a lot of space in the rest of the closet. Weiner’s mannequin was put in next, Susie placing the blonde in front of Leslie.

            “Don't think I'm ignoring you, bestie,” Susie said to the other frozen woman in the room, one Susie hadn't been focusing on since she'd decided to reorganize her closet earlier that day, having even turned off her phone so she could focus on the project. Standing next to Susie's bed was Angel Mathews, the girl Susie had used in an experiment to try and make a best friend out of the originally anti-social Angel. Initially things had been going well, with Angel acting a lot like Susie did, but that started to wear thin a bit as the school year went on. Susie's first meeting with Tucker Holmes making her fully realize what was wrong. Angel had effectively become Susie, and while Susie liked herself, she didn't need a clone for a best friend. Angel now stood like a marionette, her arms raised in front of her stiffly and her knees slightly bent, her face blank. Angel's dark hair was wild and loose; the Wiccan girl was dressed only in a towel as Susie had frozen her that morning as she'd emerged from the shower.

            “Willing to change your personality, be the reason why sometimes girls randomly freeze, and act as a mannequin... You really are the best friend,” chuckled Susie in her signature way as she carefully carried Angel into the closet, putting her next to Beatrice.

            “Hmm... not quite half-full, but I really want to see just how many I can fit in here,” mused Susie as she looked at the large closet. Doing a quick mental survey of everyone currently in the house, Susie noted there were six more girls around and that should fill the closet up, or nearly so. Naturally though, Susie wasn't about to just trust her eyes alone as she summoned the first of the six. Having been naked a good chunk of the day, thanks to grabbing Angel after showering, Susie realized it was a good time to get dressed and thus also grabbed some clothes from the closet as she waited for the first of the remaining test mannequins to arrive.

            No sooner than did Susie finish pulling on a red T-shirt with a yellow S on it as well as jeans and black socks did the bedroom door open. Kelsey Wick walked into the room, the willowy blonde in gray jogging shorts with a matching hooded sweatshirt, white socks and runners on her feet while her hair was in a ponytail. Seeing how Kelsey was dressed, Susie had her freeze as if jogging, her right arm up and her left down with her hands balled into fists, her left leg raised off the ground. “Gotta keep up the toned body somehow,” smiled Susie as she dragged Kelsey into the closet so she'd be in front of Beatrice, summoning the next girl as she did.

            No sooner than had Susie emerged from the closet than the next girl entered and froze in turn. Jaki Newborn was dressed only in her underwear, which Susie noted was very tight and revealing as well as shiny black satin. Jaki's hair was loose and she looked somewhat zoned out; her toenails were freshly painted a rich purple. “Bit slutty, but you've always seemed a bit promiscuous to me,” remarked Susie as he ran her hands around Jaki's underwear, the bra barely hiding her nipples and the straps see-through while the thong had plenty of camel toe. Susie placed Jaki's hands behind the back of her head and dragged her mannequin-stiff body into the closet, putting her next to Kelsey. Susie was going to summon the next girl but instead looked at the occupied floor space, noting the closet was now over half-full, meaning maybe four more girls could fit.

            A knock at the door stirred Susie from her thoughts so she went to answer. Roxana Ruiz was at the door, a confused look on her face. The Hispanic girl was dressed in a black sleeveless shirt whose straps hung off of her shoulders, faded jeans on her legs and white socks on her feet. A golden necklace with several light orange fire opals on it looped around her neck while her hair was pulled back in twin ponytails. “What's up with Jaki? She just walked in here like she was in a trance...” commented Roxana, gesturing past Susie.  Her eyebrows raised in surprise as she glanced at the closet, seeing the still forms of the girls standing inside.

            “You're mistaken, Jaki didn't come in here,” Susie told Roxana, pushing thoughts into Roxana's head as she spoke.

            “I'm mistaken, Jaki didn't come in here,” echoed Roxana, lowering her arm and entering the room, letting the door close behind her. “I really came here because I want to be a mannequin...” As Roxana spoke her voice got slower and she leaned slightly to her right, her right arm raised to waist height while her left grabbed her leg. Roxana's lips were parted but her eyes were glazed over, the girl having gone stiff as the her stated desire came true.

            “Good girl,” chuckled Susie, moving Roxana’s immobile figure by the waist to be in front of Kelsey. There was a moment where Kelsey nearly fell over thanks to only being on one leg but Susie caught her before she could bump into Beatrice. Not wanting the fall to happen again, Susie sensibly straightened Kelsey's raised leg as she summoned the next soon-to-be mannequin into the room.

            Vanessa Marx was the next girl to enter, wearing a DSC tube top and a knee-length white skirt, the cross-country team member apparently feeling like showing school pride. Vanessa was barefoot and her curly hair was all behind her shoulders, allowing Susie to see her next mannequin had a pencil tucked behind her left ear. “You know having running shoes in the closet might not be a bad idea,” noted Susie as she posed Vanessa to have her hands on her hips before dragging her backwards into the closet. For Vanessa, Susie had decided to put in front of Roxana, and sure enough Susie couldn't see anyone else fitting in front of her latest mannequin, though she thought she'd try as the next girl was beckoned.

            As Susie wanted for the next girl, she thought about just how big her collection might get. With an apparent capacity of ten in the closet as it currently stood, slightly more if they all posed at attention, Susie wondered if it might be prudent to get more space. Beatrice could be moved but Susie was aware that with Tami and Leslie gone, a bedroom would be available upstairs for the pair in the basement, which meant the basement would be totally free. Susie could potentially move herself entirely downstairs, even have Beatrice formally quit as housemother so she could ring a new one in the fall term but let her stay in the suite. As the door to the room opened Susie decided not to get ahead of herself and just find out how many ‘shoes’ she was going to have first.

            Mercela Brennan walked in next, a cute girl with the big eyebrows clad in a light blue T-shirt with the words 'Mustache Critic' written on it in white, a tight light gray pencil skirt around her legs with leather boots on her feet and her hair in pigtails. “You are a quirky one,” laughed Susie, having not been expecting to see Mercela in the outfit she wore as the latest arrival stiffened instantly into a display figure. Mercela was posed to have her hands resting below her chin, a big and cute smile shaped on her lips before Susie walked her into the closet to stand in front of Jaki. Susie was now certain ten was definitely the closet's capacity and was half-tempted to not bother with the final girl, but then after seeing who it was through her mind's eye, Susie let her approach.

            Chata de la Toro, bodyguard to house member Lola Guzman, came walking into the suite, clad in a red business dress with a white blouse underneath, her hair in a low ponytail and aviator sunglasses over her eyes. “Get on that bed so I search you... thoroughly,” ordered Chata with a smile in her voice as the gorgeous bodyguard pulled off her glasses, casually tossing them onto Susie's nearby desk while kicking off her red heels. Earlier that morning, Lola had decided to go out with a couple of the other girls in the house and, believing the cover story that everyone was hypnotized to obey freeze commands, told Chata to do so. Susie went along with it and had left Chata standing near the front door to the house until now, eager to have some fun with the bodyguard.

            “Have I been bad?” asked Susie, trying not to chuckle as she sat on her bed.

            “The worst,” Chata practically purred as she let her hair down, shaking it so it spread out evenly. Chata then proceeded to bend over, cup her hands around Susie's chin and give her a big kiss, forcing the young Korean to lie down while the bodyguard got on top. Chata's fingers then moved to stroke Susie's shoulders as the two continued to kiss, Chata's knees straddling the girl's waist. Susie's jeans were start starting to be unzipped when a doorbell rang.

            “Ugh; it figures,” muttered Susie, then getting an idea. Her hands still on her pants zipper, Susie smiled and let herself drift, then finding herself looking down at her own body as she stood up and got off the bed, now in Chata's body. Slipping the bodyguard's shoes on, Susie also grabbed the sunglasses and hair tie before leaving the bedroom, heading for the sorority house's front door.

            Clad in a pair of aviators with a repaired tight ponytail, Susie opened the door as Chata and was surprised to see Tucker Holmes standing there. “What do you want?” demanded Susie, her voice gruff.

            “I need to see-” began Tucker, looking around nervously, seeing no one else.

            “I don't care, now get inside!” barked Susie, doing her best Chata impression to keep up the illusion. Tucker quickly hurried inside and Susie slammed the door behind him, then pulled him towards her while pushing him against the door.

            “What the hell!” exclaimed Tucker as Susie pressed Chata's toned body against his.

            “You're under arrest...” whispered Susie, leaning forward but then faking Tucker out with a kiss on the cheek. “For being too sexy, Kronos...” Susie then said into Tucker's ear.

            “Nice one,” gasped Tucker, Susie letting out her signature chuckle in response as she broke character, stepping back.

            “One second, I'll be right down,” Susie told Tucker, posing Chata to stand with her right hand on her hip, which was swayed, and then the bodyguard froze in place as Susie returned to her own body. Zipping up her jeans, Susie dashed downstairs and was surprised to see two more women standing in the lobby with Tucker and Chata when she arrived.

            “Surprise!” offered Tucker, indicating the two motionless women. Both were blondes, Susie was fairly certain she recognized both. One, who was dressed lightly and standing at attention with a fake-looking smile on her face, looked like Mercela's sister, and the other one Susie thought was a teacher or something along those lines. The teacher woman had a jacket on and had her arms rigid at her sides, her hands in fists, her teeth clenched and her eyes sparkling angrily.

            “Party favors?” asked Susie with a raised eyebrow, walking up and giving the frozen pair a glance. “Regina, right? I've seen her in a housemate's mind before... But never in person.”

            “Wait, seriously?” stopped Tucker, holding up a hand and starting to grin. “That's great! That'll make this so much easier!”

            “What easier?” questioned Susie, glancing at the second woman she couldn't place. “Oh hey, I know who this is now! Angel mentioned her! Morgan Russell, Nadine Vargas's assistant! Something about her going missing Japan for a while...”

            “Yeah, um, basically...” stuttered Tucker, Susie suddenly thinking she knew where Tucker was going, given how nervous he was about what he was going to say. “I need, to, um...”

            “Erase some memories, ring a couple of golden-haired ladies and let old Susie fix their thinking caps?” summed up Susie, a bit surprised at how mixed-up her folksy sayings had gotten as she said them.

            “Yeah, especially Regina's, I blabbed to her after she investigated me,” confessed Tucker with a sigh. “As for Morgan... Well she just saw me freeze Nadine, that isn't too serious, right?”

            “Too much to ask, you at least moved Nadine out of sight?” chuckled Susie as she pulled Morgan's jacket off and got a better look at the angry woman. “You know, she'd be nice to have around... Cute blonde, more than old enough to buy liquor, decent shape...”

            “Yeah after I froze Morgan, I stopped time and put Nadine to sleep back in her office before bringing these girls here and hiding them outside before you went all cop porno on me,” confirmed Tucker. Susie catching him looking Chata’s rigid figure up and down as he spoke.

            “Oh Tucker, we can always keep going...” Chata suddenly purred, raising her left arm into a V-shape before freezing again. Tucker burst out laughing at that, which made Susie laugh as well.

            “Right; so I think I can help you out, my only worry is how we get them to accept the rings,” declared Susie, already thinking of what she could do with Morgan, while Regina she knew she wouldn't keep as a ‘shoe’ or in the house, but might be useful to have ringed.

            “Well, if you've got Regina's sister here, that one should be easy,” declared Tucker, Susie liking the smile he was flashing, since it more than likely meant they were in for some fun. “First though, we need to freeze time, put Regina to sleep, and then wait until it’s nearly time for her to wake up. Any ideas on how to fill that waiting period?”

            “I think my closet full of beautiful women might be a start,” shrugged Susie, grinning ear to ear along with Tucker as he raised his wand.

* * *

            Regina felt comfortable, which instantly troubled her, though she wasn't entirely sure why. Opening her eyes, Regina found herself in a room with two beds, two desks and two dressers. The bed Regina was laying on had sheets he didn't recognize, but they looked to be from some kind of cartoon. The other bed had a familiar zebra pattern on it, and it was right when she noticed the yellow lava lamp on the second desk that Regina realized whose room she was probably in.

            “Sis, you're awake!” exclaimed Mercela, Regina's sister, who was sitting at her desk across the room. Regina was still trying to understand what was going on, as she'd been about to arrest Tucker Holmes, or so she seemed to recall, and now she was in her sister's room at Decker State College, and there was an odd feeling on her right ring finger. Glancing down Regina saw she was still dressed as she remembered, but her clothes looked a bit more worn and she was wearing a plain but nice-looking golden ring on her finger.

            “What... What did...” mumbled Regina, her head spinning a bit. The cop could smell stale booze, and realized it was coming from her clothes. Cheap Super Senter beer, the kind Regina liked, was soaked into her shirt.

            “I got a text from your phone and found you by The Coffee Pot just off-campus,” explained Mercela, offering Regina a glass of water as she tried to sit up. While feeling rested, Regina did also feel dehydrated, a sure sign, at least to her, that she'd been drinking heavily, but she wasn't sure why.

            “Found me?” asked Regina, taking a sip of water as Mercela massaged her shoulder.

            “You were in the alley sis, just about passed out... You were mumbling something about some guy?” continued Mercela. Regina appreciated her sister's warm touch, even if they weren't as close as some siblings.

            “He must have... run...” mused Regina, now remembering that she'd been wanting to arrest Tucker Holmes, who seemed to posess some kind of literal magic wand. Piecing things together, it seemed clear to Regina she'd decided to drink away the fact that he'd eluded her, which was something she'd done before after a purse-snatcher had gotten off on a technicality. Ending up over in Malibu was a bit odd, but given that bad days made her sentimental, Regina wondered if she had an unintentional urge to see Mercela.

            “Look, you just relax, take it easy, I'll see if I can get you something to help clear up the smell, maybe get you a turn in the shower,” offered Mercela, fluffing Regina's pillow a bit despite her leaning against it.

            “The ring?” was Regina's next question, not remembering wearing one earlier and noticing it matched her sister's.

            “Sorority policy; Miss Lord President demanded that you wear one so people woudn’t think just anyone can come inside,” grumbled Mercela. “Look I know its weird, but could you please keep it on for now? I think it’s a stupid rule too but just not something worth my confronting Amber over right now...”

            “Yeah, I can do that for you,” agreed Regina, smiling at her sister as the latter stood up and returned the affection. “Hey, I don't say this enough... Love you...” Regina wanted to say more but it was then that her mind suddenly froze, followed by her body; the blonde police officer stiffening in place as she sat up against the bed post, her left hand on her knee while her right held the glass of water. Mercela also froze, smiling down at Regina with her hands clasped in front of her waist.

            Regina's mind went blank, but slowly different thoughts entered it, commands she had to obey. The blonde quietly got up from the bed and placed the glass of the water on the second desk in the room, Regina now knew it belonged to Umiko Pine. Regina then exited her sister's bedroom and casually walked into the living room, where two couches faced a large TV. The room was in the basement, Regina knew, and she also knew all seven in the room. Sitting on one couch, naked, was Tucker Holmes. Tucker had a pale black-haired girl named Angel cradled in his arms and was making out with her while down below Chata de la Toro was working his member, both women naked, their hair down. Over on the second couch Jaki Newborn was grinning ear to ear as she cuddled in the middle of her couch with Morgan Russell and Vanessa Marx, again all the women were naked with their hair down. Standing near the TV with her hands on her hips and a big smile on her face was Susie Kim, clad only in a black bathrobe, the woman rigid and still like a statue. Regina abruptly came to know that Susie was frozen as her mind was currently in the body of Jaki, and that Morgan had been ringed earlier simply by waking her up in a room with the ring on and finding her more interested in trying to leave than take the ring off, thus she'd accepted it and been indoctrinated into Susie Kim's little Sisterhood of the Ring.

            “I'm giving her all the information she needs, its not like she's going to act on it,” Susie said to Tucker as she regained mobility; he looked up from Angel. Seeing Regina standing there, Tucker pushed Angel off of him and then held Chata's head away from his member, then stood up and left her to continue to loop, giving a blow-job even though he was no longer there.

            “So Officer Regina, do you still want to arrest me?” Tucker asked the blonde, who found herself amused that he would ask such a silly question.

            “Why would I arrest the best guy I know?” questioned Regina, then moving in and wrapping her arms around Tucker, smiling. “Come on, you can make that up to me with a little lip service.” Regina then happily kissed Tucker, feeling a warmth run down her body as she did before leaning back and running her hands up and down his bare shoulders.

            “Okay, wow, I am liking this, though definitely not something to do in front of the girlfriends,” remarked Tucker. Regina recalled that Tucker did indeed have two girlfriends, Haley and Julie, which caused her cheeks to go red with modesty, being thrilled that Tucker would compare her to them in any way, even indirectly.

            “It's cool; my work on tweaking Angel's persona made me want to really experiment more with the new personalities I create,” remarked Susie as Jaki. “Hell, I bet I can stimulate her mind just a bit and give her that spark of creativity that would suit our... Well, not needs, but fun centers, for sure...”

            Regina suddenly felt something in her head, a tingle. Regina remembered the events of the day, how the great and amazing Tucker had stopped time to save her from the two bandits, and that the cute Tania was now going to be working the cells at the police station. Regina also knew the two bandits were probably still in lock-up, and that they'd make great friends, if properly persuaded, though even if not they'd still make nice statues. Regina was also eager to show her friends her work place, since they'd never visited due to how chaotic it was, but with a wand that could stop time, it wouldn't be an issue. “Hey guys, I have a great idea...” announced Regina, happy to be sharing with two of her best friends.

* * *

            “So, you given any more thought to who you'd like for your ‘shoes’?” asked Tucker as he drove his car through time-stopped traffic, headed for Regina's police station. Sitting next to Tucker was Susie, only she wasn't in her body, but rather that of Leslie, wearing a red silk dress she'd been proud to tell Tucker earlier she'd made herself. Sitting in the back of the car with a frozen grin on her face was Susie's real body, still wearing the robe from earlier but sitting and belted properly, Susie having decided to temporarily return to her original body to make seating it easier. Regina was in the seat behind Tucker, currently also frozen since Susie had decided to let her newest 'sister' rest. The pair had failed to wash Regina's clothes, which they'd soaked in cheap beer to sell Mercela's fake story during the ringing scenario, and the cop was now beginning to smell a bit.

            “Jaki might make a good one, she gets a lot of male attention, might be nice to have a body I'll know I can get laid in,” chuckled Susie. “Morgan might not be bad either... I'd hate to give up her school access, but even as a professor's assistant she doesn't have that much access. She's about my height though, a very cute blonde, and has some knowledge in her brain I could access with ease when I'm wearing her. You know she knows Japanese?”

            “Yeah,” confirmed Tucker, having barely ever met Morgan before today but thanks to his classes with Nadine Vargas still knowing a tiny bit about her.

            “Got kidnapped by Yakuza in Japan the end of last month, scary,” added Susie, apparently still digging through Morgan's memories despite the girl being back in Malibu. Tucker hadn't time-frozen any of the girls he and Susie had been playing with before leaving, at Regina's suggestion, so even with time itself not moving Susie was able to read the woman's thoughts. “Hey, you know anything about this Interpol task force that apparently saved her?” Susie then asked. “ITEA, I think were the initials?”

            “Sounds familiar,” admitted Tucker, wondering if he should bring Susie in on that little secret he was privy to but she wasn't yet, then deciding today wasn't the day. Instead the pair pulled into the police station parking lot, narrowing avoiding hitting a frozen male officer who was clearly headed for his squad car.

            “Anyways, I'm thinking Rita, you know, the one you suggested I ring?” continued Susie, acting nonchalant as she exited the car, with Regina suddenly springing to life to join them. “Yeah; that Pocket Barbie might make a good pair of running shoes, if you get my metaphor.”

            “I got it!” chimed in Regina, smiling brightly as she stepped in between Tucker and Susie, the trio heading into the police station. “Oh hey, what should we do about my partner here? And my roommates? They might soon notice I've gone through this radical transformation!”

            “Hang on,” stopped Susie, Regina suddenly froze in mid-step with puzzled look on her face, Tucker and Susie moving to stand in front of her. “Dammit, I didn't even think about that...”

            “Stay cool, this isn't the normal ringing for you,” offered Tucker, not wanting Susie to get discouraged since keeping Regina ringed would be a potential boon for them and he didn't want to just throw it away. “Obviously she'll still never be able to remember the wand and stuff, that would be bad... Maybe when she isn't with us she's more normal, but just not paranoid and a major skeptic? Like, she loosens up a bit and isn't out to solve why the Hot Bandits were dealt with, but she's still more or less her old self?”

            “Right, but when she's with us, she's this much more awesome person,” agreed Susie, pointing at Tucker and nodding in understanding. “Might make her drop the word 'radical' though, it sounds very dated even if she didn't mean it like the cool kids used to.”

            “Agreed,” nodded Tucker, the pair resuming their walk with Regina moving up to join them. Entering into the police station Tucker was surprised to see it didn't look very chaotic, mostly just people frozen in mid-step with a few at desks and a lot of them doing paperwork.

            “Okay, the holding area is this way,” led Regina, taking Tucker and Susie through a few corridors and a couple of times needing a lock to be unfrozen so she could open a door. Eventually the trio found themselves in the holding cell area, having a desk facing the door and an officer sitting behind it. The officer was looking to her right, down the cell area towards the occupied one at the end of the row where Tucker could see the two familiar robbers behind bars.

            “Officer Tania DeWinter,” revealed Regina, indicating the woman behind the desk. Tucker found Tania a bit striking, even dressed in a conservative police uniform with her hair in a ponytail. The officer was facing her right, her lips parted and her right hand raised in the general direction, her left on the keyboard of her computer.

            “Nice, she looks great, like she could really kick ass and still look hot doing it,” observed Susie, moving in and casually letting the woman's hair down.

            “You know, if you like her...” began Regina, grinning, “You could probably ring her.”

            “Wait, what do you mean?” asked Tucker, curious why Regina would bring it up. “Won't she be missed? She's a cop!”

            “Tania did recently get promoted but has vocalized her frustration with how long it took, and so she mentioned to me at least once she wanted to go into private security,” revealed Regina, moving to stand behind Tania and casually play with her hair while Susie stepped back, listening. “All she'd need to do is resign and she's yours. Not exactly detective material either; I'm willing to bet if we just left a ring here she'd put it on.”

            “Hmm...” vocalized Susie, putting her hands on her hips. Leslie's body then promptly froze, a puzzled look on her face, Tucker taking it to mean Susie had gone back to her proper body since she probably had some rings in her pocket. Tucker had been given two, but only two, and they were for the girl bandits down in the cell. Given a quiet moment, Tucker decided to fix Tania's hair, resisting the urge to play with the woman and instead casually leading Regina away.

            “I really am lucky to have friends like you and Susie,” Regina casually announced as Tucker moved behind Leslie and started to drag her out of the holding area, with Regina following.

            “I'm just glad you don't think I'm a crook anymore,” remarked Tucker, trying not to get aroused as he moved Leslie in case Susie leaped into that body, though it wasn't easy.

            “You know while your neighbor Sunny I wouldn't mess with, given she's an editor to a major magazine, Karina it wouldn't be hard to collect,” suggested Regina as the duo exited the holding area. Tucker stood Leslie back upright and made sure she wouldn’t topple over.

            “Yeah I don't go out of my way to collect people, it just kind of happens,” insisted Tucker, his recent experience with his friend Maggie still hanging with him. Tucker was encouraging Susie to ring people, it was true, but the rings made the impact of a person just disappearing less traumatic as Susie could command a ringed person to leave messages and such, even trot them out if the situation demanded it.

            “What about those girlfriends of yours?” continued Regina, leaning against the wall and putting her hands behind her head. “I'm willing to bet-” Tucker had heard enough, now a bit troubled with the new personality the policewoman had been given, and waved his wand, freezing her where she stood, mouth open and her eyes looking up.

            “Was that necessary?” asked Susie as she appeared behind Tucker, approaching with rings visible in her raised hand.

            “I think she still needs some work, started to suggest I ring or permanently freeze some people for no real reason,” explained Tucker with a shrug. “Had enough trigger-happy freezing for a while... Might wanna just make her cool with it, but not so open to always suggesting it?”

            “Hey, this tweaking isn't perfect, that's the danger with influencing creativity that you're trying to not make like your own,” pointed out Susie as she headed into the holding area, placing the ring on the desk where Tania would see it after she turned back to face the surface. “So you gonna just unfreeze her from back there, or...?”

            “Right, I'll hide behind the desk,” realized Tucker, moving into the room as Susie exited. Positioning himself just right, Tucker used the wand to tap Tania's feet from under the desk, then getting extra low so she wouldn't see him. Tucker did have enough a view below to kind of peep up under the desk, getting a good look at Tania.

            “Ugh, they finally quieted down,” breathed Tania, turning back to her desk. “Blond bit-oh hey!” Tucker heard shuffling on the desk, what sounded like Tania picking up the ring.

            “Shiny,” giggled Tania. “Hmm... No name or anything. Then again its a plain ring, might be someone's wedding band... but it looks more for a woman than a man...” Tucker waited, wondering what Tania would do.

            “Screw it, no harm in trying it on!” exclaimed Tania, and Tucker heard her start humming as, based on what little he could see, she slipped the ring on. The humming stopped moments later, and Tucker risked standing up. Tania was holding her right wrist with her left hand, her right fingers spread wide as she held it up to her smiling face, her body rigid.

            “And that is how we ring two cops in one day,” declared Susie, chuckling as she casually walked into the room. “So Tania, would you mind giving us the keys to the cell?”

            “No problem, girlfriend!” giggled Tania, standing up almost like a robot, pulling a certain key out from her ring of them and holding it out. Susie quickly grabbed it and Tania was left standing there, Tucker coping a quick feel before following Susie down to the last cell.

            “So these are the hot bandits,” remarked Susie as she arrived at the cell, getting a look inside. “Okay, that nickname suits them...” Both women had their hair down and were in only the yellow bikinis, their trench-coats apparently confiscated or something. Rhayne was holding the bars and glancing down towards where Tania was while Carly was leaning against the bars, her arms crossed and her face bored.

            “I got this, you can hang back,” offered Tucker, holding out his hands to take the key and rings.

            “Yeah sure, just remember who controls the rings, Kronos,” warned Susie, handing over the requested items.

            “Ah my dear princess, I'd never forget,” replied Tucker in turn, the pair sharing a smile as Susie headed back to where Leslie and Regina were. Opening the cell, Tucker went inside and slipped a ring on each woman's right ring finger, deciding he'd be direct; no need to conceal the reason. The cell door open, Susie gone from sight, and the women now ringed, Tucker tapped both rapidly, allowing them to unfreeze.  To their eyes, he had just appeared out of thin air.

            “Who the hell are you?!” yelled Carly as soon as she unfroze, just moments behind Rhayne.

            “What's going on?!” demanded Rhayne immediately after, spinning around.

            “I'm busting you out,” declared Tucker, hiding the wand. “I just used some fancy drug on all the cops, they're frozen like statues! I just had to slip on those rings to protect the two of you. Now we can get out of here.”

            “Wait, what, a statue drug?!” questioned Rhayne, giving Tucker a strink-face while Carly glanced down the hall. “The hell is this sci-fi bullshit?”

            “That bitch over there does look like she's made of stone now or something...” offered Carly, raising an eyebrow.

            “Oh this is total BS; gotta be some weird ploy to get us to confess,” insisted Rhayne, quickly pulling off her ring and throwing it on the floor. “Come on Carly, let’s just wait for our court lawyer to arrive. I'm not falling for this fantasy crap.”

            “Man...” sighed Carly, clearly not as eager to disbelieve Tucker, but he watched her remove her ring as well. Tucker could have made a better pitch, it was true, or even try again under different circumstances, but he was secretly happy they'd not taken him up on the rings, as it meant more women in his collection, and if he was going to collect these thieves he'd rather freeze them than reform them, as the latter would more than likely mingle with society at some point and then there would be trouble if a cop recognized them or something.

            “The hell is—” began Rhayne before Tucker waved his wand, having just pulled it out. Rhayne froze with her arms crossed, an angry glare at Tucker with her tongue lashed in her open mouth, clearly about to say the word 'that.' Carly had her eyes closed and was straightening her hair with both hands, her chest puffed out and her mouth open for breathing.

            “What happened?” asked Susie, appearing down the corridor by Tania and walking back Tucker's way.

            “Bad news is you only get three new sisters today, good news is I've now got two more women for my own collection,” revealed Tucker, trying not to grin too much, lest Susie accuse him of messing up on purpose.  She carefully picked up the discarded rings before leaving.

* * *

            “Surprised I've never been to your house again until now,” commented Susie as Tucker pulled into his driveway. “Then again it's only been like two weeks, but it feels like so much longer, you know?” After loading Rhayne and Carly into the trunk of the car it was decided to put Regina in there as well, just for the moment, while Susie hopped back into Leslie and her real body was seated in the back seat. Tania was left to finish her shift but she would be quickly resigning, Susie making it very clear she liked the idea of making Tania one of her ‘shoes’. Tucker unfroze time for the trip back, taking his time, as apparently Susie had been having the unfrozen ringed women back at campus get something ready for them while they'd been at the station, and now with time unfrozen they could drive down and meet them, Susie had mentally given the address to her sisters.

            “Well, time manipulation and such, it can seem like more time has passed, since it kind of has,” pointed out Tucker as he parked, unbuckling his seat belt. “So no one is home, but I did leave three women frozen in the living room...”

            “No worries, we probably should stop time for this party anyhow,” Susie assured Tucker, her real body sitting silently in the back seat with a neutral expression. “Oh hey, you weren't expecting company right?”

            “No...” confirmed Tucker, glancing behind him. A black sport SUV was pulling into the driveway, and it definitely wasn't Haley's since she didn't drive an SUV. Confused, Tucker stepped out of his car and then quickly realized the vehicle was belonged to Madison, Maggie's sister. Sure enough the gorgeous Chinese-American emerged from her Porsche, still dressed professionally in spite of her bulging belly with a stretchy white collared shirt on along with a black skirt and blazer, though the jacket wasn't currently done-up. Madison's hair was in a half-bun and she was wearing nice black heels, which seemed a bit crazy to Tucker, given the extra weight she was putting on the shoes.

            “Hey, sorry to show up but mom would read me the riot act if I didn't speak to you face to face,” Madison told Tucker with an apologetic smile. Tucker noticed another woman, dressed similarly to Madison, though with straight hair and a red blouse, was sitting in her car, and a quick glance at her features showed she was Caucasian.

            “So your mom called?” asked Tucker, then making a big dramatic glance at the car. “Who's with you there?”

            “My friend Taylor from work,” explained Madison with a quick wave. “We were going to grab a bite when mom called so I'm just stopping in to check what you know. About Maggie.”

            “Mags?” echoed Tucker, wondering if this was about the fact that Maggie probably hadn't contacted her family in the last few days, given she was frozen stiff, and would remain so until he could replace her magic clock.

            “Yeah, Cindy gave me the run-around, so mom said I should hear it from you,” insisted Madison. “You know where she's at?”

            “Something about a journey of self-discovery; I'm guessing she went up or down the coast,” lied Tucker. “I think she packed her passport, so probably south...”

            “Great! Maggie in Mexico, that'll calm her right down,” groaned Madison with thick sarcasm, shaking her head. “Okay, thanks, I'll let mom know. Sorry to bug you and your... Um, hi?” Madison trailed off as Susie, in Leslie's body, had gotten out of the car. Leslie was a striking girl already but in Susie's dress she looked quite formal, which is what seemed to catch Madison off guard.

            “Susie Kim, friend of Tucker's,” greeted Susie. “Hopefully your mom doesn't bug you too much...”

            “Yeah, thanks,” nodded Madison, quickly getting back in her SUV, and Tucker for a moment thought he saw a hint of red on her cheeks. As Madison started to back up her car, Tucker noticed two vehicles pull up across the street.

            “Stop time now,” whispered Susie to Tucker, who'd now realized Angel was driving the van, with Kalania behind the wheel of the convertible that was the second car. Pulling out his wand, Tucker tapped it quickly and everything froze, Madison had not even backed out of his driveway yet.

            “Okay, gonna leave you for just a minute, gotta go see the mother of my child,” Tucker told a silent Susie/Leslie, giving her a finger-guns gesture before putting the wand in his pocket and moving down to Madison's car. It seemed while Madison's vehicle did have power locks they didn't automatically lock while in reverse, as Tucker was easily able to open the vehicle and get a look at the elder Yen sister. Madison's left hand was on the steering wheel, her right on the shoulder of the seat as she looked behind her, focused on the road. Taylor meanwhile was gazing straight ahead, looking almost hypnotized with her hands in her lap, the brunette none the less very striking. Unbuckling Madison, Tucker, with some effort, hoisted the woman up on his shoulder and carried her towards his house.

            “Ugh... Stupid baby weight,” grumbled Tucker as he stumbled into his home, quickly hefting Madison higher after opening the door. Karina and Calista were still sitting on their respective couches, Sunny having been posed to join Karina on hers, her frozen mug of tea sitting on the coffee table. Since there was more space on Calista's couch, Tucker dropped Madison there. Calista was a bit off-balance, her right hand gesturing towards Tucker while her left was on her hip, her upper body leaning forward with her face frozen in puzzlement. The impact of plopping Madison down on the couch rocked Calista from her seat and she ended up falling on the floor, but Tucker didn't care since people frozen from his wand seemed impervious to injury, or so it seemed.

            “Hmm... been a while,” remarked Tucker as he looked at Madison, turning her head to face him with her left arm out in front of her. Tucker moved the left arm to rest on his shoulder and, lost in Madison's eyes, quickly found himself making out with her. The kisses, in turn, prompted Tucker to start stripping, soon doing the same to Madison. Despite her baby bump Madison did look fantastic, her beasts nice and big and her body still more or less toned. Soon Madison was naked, her hair let down, and she was on her back, her arms up by her hair as she stared up at Tucker's ceiling. Hanging on to Madison's large breasts for a sense of control Tucker started having sex with the mother of his child, happy to finally have the urge to do that again.

            After Tucker finished he took a minute to rest before pulling his clothes back on but elected to leave Madison naked, though he did sit her back up properly, putting her arms at ninety degrees angles like that of a doll. Tucker then retrieved Calista from the floor and sat her back down, fixing her back so she wasn't leaning forward so much. Heading back outside Tucker formulated a plan, deciding to move the three women present without rings inside to serve as decorations for the party and then see who Susie brought before starting to unfreeze his guests.

            Opening up the trunk of his Ford Focus, Tucker pulled out Regina, whom he stood next to the car before retrieving Carly and Rhayne. Lugging the two bandits inside, Tucker dropped them on either side of the entrance to the living room, posing them so they were leaning on the walls with their backs against them, sultry looks on their faces. Next Tucker retrieved Taylor from Madison's SUV, promptly standing the brunette of a bit above average height in front of his coffee table in a Statue of Liberty pose. With the women all in place, Tucker quickly unfroze his music system before hurrying back outside, wanting to check on Susie's girls.

            The van, Tucker discovered, had quite a bit of space, Tucker not sure whose it was but it was large, white and was a full passenger van. Angel, now dressed in denim with her hair in a low ponytail, had been driving and was frozen getting out of the front seat. Next to Angel was Chata, who sat with her aviators over her eyes. Opening up the back Tucker saw quite a few girls, effectively everyone he'd seen earlier plus two new faces, Rose Mazza and Brandy Graves. Rose's hair was in a half-bun and she was wearing a powder blue fedora with a sky blue tight T-shirt, Tucker noticing a green plaid skirt below along with pantyhose and low-top stilettos. Brandy, who did kind of strike Tucker as hot due to her reminding him a bit of Haley, had her curly hair loose and was in a black T-shirt with no right sleeve and jeans, the shirt's left sleeve sporting rhinestones.

            Heading over to the red convertible, Tucker saw that Kalania Scholvo was behind the wheel, the blonde having turned to face her companions, one next to her and one in the back. Kalania was in a blue sundress, the fabric shaded a bit darker in the middle, and her hair down but behind her ears. Next to Kalania, Tucker was surprised to see Laura Blair, lead anchor for the Raptor Weekly's news program, whom he'd actually run into back when he'd first met Susie. Laura was flashing a warm grin at Kalania and had her left arm up on the seat's back; she was wearing a red, black, green and blue shirt with a very short and tight black skirt, her hair flowing free. In the back of the car was an Asian girl who looked Chinese, someone Tucker didn't remember the name of. She was leaning forward with her hair up in a high loop, the Lady Shark wearing a silver and gold striped spaghetti-strap top, metallic purple shorts down below.

            “Huh, no rings,” observed Tucker, taking a quick moment to look at the hands of Laura and the other girl. Kalania did also work at the Raptor Weekly so he suspected she'd just invited Laura and that Danielle had somehow tagged along. Deciding to not look a gift horse in the mouth, Tucker whistled as he removed both frozen women from the car, managing to get one on each shoulder, and hauled them inside. Laura and the other girl were each posed on one side of the TV, holding one arm up the side and the other down under it, their bright smiles still plastered on their faces and looking as if they were demoing the television.

            “Okay, that's everyone,” noted Tucker, heading back outside with his wand at the ready. Susie in Leslie was first, since just unfreezing Susie's body wouldn't get her moving.

            “Awesome!” chuckled Susie as she saw Madison's car had suddenly become empty. “They're inside?”

            “Decorations,” confirmed Tucker, opening the car and unfreezing Susie's body, who promptly started moving. “Hey, you know Kalania brought friends?”

            “Yeah, Laura and Danielle Luo,” confirmed Susie, back in her original body as she exited the car and Tucker moved on to Regina. “Danielle's a friend of Laura's apparently, she was invited after Kalania invited Laura. I figure a couple more mannequins never hurt...”

            “You will love it in there,” Tucker assured his friend as he unfroze Regina, who quietly moved to stand with Leslie, both women looking serious and at attention. Susie and Tucker started down the driveway towards the van and convertible below.

            “Danielle's the captain of the Lady Sharks at Malibu State College, so Laura does get some heat for being friends with her,” revealed Susie as they walked.

            “I thought the captain was Deidre Howard,” recalled Tucker, the Vaughn twins having taught him a great deal about DSC's rival school.

            “Volleyball, not soccer,” corrected Susie as they reached the van. Tucker promptly tapped it with his wand. “I kind of listened to Kalania chat with them on the way down, doesn't seem too bad. They mostly talked fashion. Kalania is a former model after all.”

            “Forgot about that,” mused Tucker as women began to pile out of the van, Jaki looking the most out of place since she was still clad only in her underwear. “Might have to... explore that frontier later...”

            “I'm already working on something for you, don't worry,” chuckled Susie as they headed towards the convertible, Tucker tapping Kalania on the head with his wand. “So the woman who drove up... Madison, right? The one you knocked up?”

            “Yeah,” confirmed Tucker with a slow nod as Kalania exited the car, the duo now heading back towards the house with several women in tow. “Due in July. We got confirmation it’s a girl.”

            “Well I'm sure she'll be cute; couldn't ask for a hotter Asian mom,” offered Susie, grinning.

            “Don't sell yourself short,” was Tucker's predictable reply, but not wanting to linger on such a remark, Tucker quickly changed the subject. “So whose van is that?”

            “We somehow got it requisitioned a couple of months ago, I had Weiner put in an application with the argument it would make it easier for us to go to sorority functions and for some reason the school just gave it to us!” laughed Susie as she told the story, Tucker hardly able to believe it herself. “They have problems with finding buses for sports teams, and they just give a sorority a passenger van?!”

            “Yeah DSC's administration doesn't always seem the most logical,” agreed Tucker, starting to hear some club music he'd set up on the house stereo as the pair approached the doors. “A shame I didn't know earlier, I'd have hit you up to loan it to the soccer team...”

            “Right, keep that in mind, I think they have a State tournament this year as well as the Tri-State one,” Susie reminded Tucker as the pair headed into the house, the music now audible but not up to club levels, where conversation was nearly impossible. “Oh nice!” Susie then exclaimed upon seeing the living room, Tucker expecting her to focus on the naked Madison but instead she hurried over to the couch where Sunny and Karina were sitting, happily plopping down between them. “This one, she a Swede, Swiss?” asked Susie, indicating Karina.

            “Swede,” confirmed Tucker, the ringed girls slowly filing past Tucker as he spoke. “Karina is her name. Sunny's the other one. The blonde by Madison is Calista.” Brandy approached Taylor and put her arms around her, starting to grind. Kelsey and Jaki paired off, Jaki grinding in Kelsey's arms from behind. Angel sat down next to Madison and started to stroke the Asian girl's hair. Chata began to snap her fingers and twirl, while Roxana and Vanessa meanwhile just moved with the music. Morgan sat down on Calista's lap, playing with the Greek's lips, while the Brennan sisters each copied the example of Brandy and started grinding against Laura and Danielle. Tami moved over behind Brandy and started grinding against her as she ground against Taylor, creating a sort of exotic three-way dance.

            “Oh yeah, they're for you,” announced Susie, casually snapping her fingers, which was a pointless gesture since Tucker knew her control was handled entirely by her will, but she had explained that she sometimes liked to do it to help visualize commands she gave her girls and such. Upon the fingers being snapped Tucker suddenly felt someone pinch his rear and turned around to see Leslie, Rose and Kalania all giving him big smiles.

            “What do you say we go upstairs and you show us your bed?” suggested Leslie, moving in and pulling her hands just under Tucker's ears, Rose and Kalania then approaching to put theirs on his shoulders.

            “Susie, what did I do without you...” grinned Tucker as he allowed Rose and Kalania to take his arms while Leslie led him away from the party.

            “Probably be in jail, while I'd be missing out on some Swedish meatballs,” called Susie as she reached up to work on removing the top of Karina's two piece bikini.

The End - until next time...


Tucker Holmes – Drake Bell

Haley Leone –
Kayley Cuoco

Kayla LeFer –
Kaylee DeFer

April Moon –
Brooke Adams

Santana – Dania Ramirez

Megan Wolff –
Megan Fox

Cole Denning –
Zachary Quinto

Melanie Barr –
Tea Leoni

Jenna Cavanaugh –
Andrea Parker

Julie Vaughn –
Katrina Bowden

Regina Brennan –
Claire Coffee

Maria Lacayo –
Jessica Steen

Carly Goodwin –
Olivia Crocicchia

Rhayne Weber –
Kate Upton

Gloria Wong –
Ming Na

Ruth Sterling –
Jessy Schram

Rue Garden –
Lauren Graham

Valarie Soch –
Ellen Wong

Tania DeWinter –
Sarah Michelle Gellar

Sunny Pierce –
Lindsay Price

Karina Wiese –
Mini Anden

Calista Suvari –
Brooklyn Decker

Nadine Vargas –
Sophia Vergara

Morgan Russell –
Elisabeth Harnois

Susie Kim –
Hyuna Kim

Beatrice Weiner –
Peta Wilson

Leslie Chun –
Shay Mitchell

Tami Tyler –
Deanna Casaluce

Angel Mathews –
Kristen Stewart

Kelsey Wick –
Hillary Duff

Jaki Newborn –
Emma Stone

Roxana Ruiz –
Francia Raisa

Vanessa Marx –
Jennifer Freeman

Brennan – Alexandra Dreyfuss

Chata De La Toro –
Tia Texada

Madison Yen –
Julie Ling

Taylor Channing –
Taylor Cole

Rose Mazza –
Lucy Hale

Brandy Graves –
Aly Michalka

Kalania Scholvo –
Doutzen Kroes

Laura Blair –
Ashley Hinshaw

Danielle Luo –
Erika Fong

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